Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 8, 1943 · Page 9
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 9

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 8, 1943
Page 9
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Attack on De Marigny That Evidence May Fingerprint Hints Have Been Faked By E. V. W. JONES NASSAU, Bahamas, . Nov. 8. (JP) Oakes was bludgeoned and burned (not. The defense ran into rough weather today in an attempt to establish an alibi for Alfred -de Marigny, but quickly took There was something about a a new course and attacked the fingerprint offered as" evidence that the accused son-in-law killed Sir Harry Oakes. The Marquis Georges de Visdelou, De Marigny's long - time friend, swore that the defendant was at home five . miles from the estate when Oakes was slain Previous witnesses have estimated that the millionaire was bludgeoned and burned, to death between 1:30 ' ands3:30 a.m. on the same morning. But Special Prosecutor A. F. Adderley opened fire on De Visde . lou's statement by bringing forth a signed statement .given to police ' by the marquis in which he said "I actually did not see De Marigny ' from midnight until the following morning." - REBUKED BV JUSTICE V Once De Visdelou left the witness 'stand, after a sharp rebuke by Chief Justice Sir Oscar Bedford Daly, Capt.:Maurice B. 0Neil of the New Orleans police attempted to snow that the fingerprint . in. evidence against De Marigny could not have come from a bedscreen in the death- room. -; There was no background any place on the screen, he said, to ac-, count for three circles shown by the Dhotoeranh of the lifted print. The defense has suggested thta the print was faked. ' "I am French and very emo tional." De Visdelou had said in of fering an explanatign of his police statement. -"I was very nervous then." The marquis swore that Alfred de Marigny was at home at 1:30 a.m and at 3:15 a.m., July 8, the early morning during which Sir Harry ADVERTISEMENT ' n Da you Tiavt poor digestion T t Do you (eil headachy aftar eating? Do yon get sour or upset easily ? , Do you feel tired listless? -. Now everyone knows that to get the good out of the food you eat you must digest it properly. But what most people don't know ii that Nature must produce about two pints of the digestive juice liver - Mheacli dsy te help digest your foods If Nature fails your food may remain undigested lie sour and heavy in your digestive tract. Thus, it is simple to nee that on way to aid digestion is to increase the flow of liver bile. Now, Carter's Little Liver I'llls start to increase this flow quickly for thousands often in as little as thirty minutes. When bile flow increases, your digestion may imprpve. And, aoon you're on the road to feeling better hich ia what you're after. Don't depend on artificial aids to counteract indigestion when Carter's aid digestion after Nature's own order, when 'taken as directed. Get Carter's Little Liver Pills today at any drugstore-only 251. You will be glad you did. to death five miles away. . Nervolus and excited, De Visdelou said he talked to De Marigny at 1:30 a.m. when the latter came to hi whether his apartment and asked friend wanted him to take blond Betty Roberts home. About 3:15 .a.m., De' "Vtsdetojrj con tinued, he returned from driving Miss Roberts home, and De Marigny called to him and asked him to take his cat, "Grisou," out of his room. Adderley, one of Nassau's fore most Negro attorneys, noted differ ences between De Visdelou s testi mony about the cat and De Ma rrgnys. .', De Marigny had said that De Visdelou came to his room to get the animal, and 'that he and his friend talked. ASKS ABOUT CAT "Tell us exactly about this cat," Adderley aidto De Visdelou. "Was it in the dining room?" "As far as I can recollect, I opened the door and let it out "Then you did not go to the room of the accused for the tat? "I may have gone to the room for the cat. If I did, I don't recall.' "Did you go into the room of the accused and speak to him?" I do' not recollect it. He spoke to me. ' "You cannot say If the cat was between the Venetian blind and the screen as he testified? "I cannot." Addeley read from a statement he said De Visdelou gave to police. Nancy and De Marigny seemed unsympathetic toward her father. the statement said. Nancy is De Marigny's wife, Sir Harry's eldest daughter. ; . HIGGS VIEWS STATEMENT "De Marigny was not keen on his wife .going to the States. He pre ferred that she stay here." Chief Defense Counsel Godfrey Higgs demanded to see the state ment which he said had not been shown to him before.. "In- this very important state ment," Adderley told De Visdelou, you say that you did not see the accused from midnight until 10 a.m. Now you testify differently- I have a different recollection, explained De Visdelou. De Visdelou paled visibly as Ad derley read a paragraph from the statement which he said was given to Maj. Herbert Pemberton of the Nassau police July 11: I actually did not see De Marigny from midnight until 10 the following Jnorning" . I was very nervous then," said De Visdelou. Adderley read another paragraph: "De Marigny was dressed in brown, but I'm not sure." "Whati.1 said then I am not sure," De Visdelou said, "but here in the Supreme Court I took an oath on Bible and what I say stands. READS ANOTHER PARAGRAPH Adderley read another paragraph: "While at Westbourne July 10 De Marigny reminded me he had called to me about the cat I didn t recol lect this until he reminded me. ; don't remember whether De Ma- rigny called from the bedroom or cat." Adderley handed De Visdelou the statement and had him identify his own signature on each of the several, pages. - "Tell us if any of this is correct?" said Adderley, reading the first page which told of De Visdelou's mar riage in London and De Marigny's marriage in Paris and De Marigny's divorce at Miami- , "That part is correct," said De Visdelou. i . . The chief justice interrupted: "How can you go through all that about Paris and London, but become vague on happenings only a couple days old?" De Visdelou remained sirent. "I now give you an opportunity to explain, how' your memory became vague on the happenings of July 8," said the justice sharply, I cannot explain, your honor, said De Visdelou. ", Previously, a former prison physi cian testified that he had found no burned hairs on De Marigny, July 10, two days after Oakes was slain. Dr. Ulrich Oberwarth testified at De Marigny's trial on a charge that he murdered his millionaire) father in-law. Crown witnesses have contended that singed and curled hairs were discovered on De Marigny's hands and arms July 8, and that they were evidence he might have been present when air Harry was bluo geoned and burned to death in a bedroom of his seaside estate. West- bourne. Doctor Oberwarth, now district medical officer at the Bahamas Hos pital, was the Bahamas prison physician July 9, the day of De Marigny's arrest. He was the first witness of the fourth, and probably the final, week of the trial. Doctor OberWarth, testified that he examined De Marigny at the prison July 10. and found no signs of burned or singed hairs or reddening of the skin. Scores of Jobs Are Open to Women 25 PHONE GIRLS WANTED FOR JOBS ON YUKON HIGHWAY An urgent, call for at least 25 telephone switchboard operators, to keep communications open along the newly opened Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory, was made today by U.S. Engineers in the Arc tic. - Girls who have been wondering where all the men na.ve gone, the appeal noted, will find themselves outnumbered at least 50 to one, but the job will require plenty of applicationin keeping communications open so that fighting machinery can be transported over the road to the Northern theater of war. .The well-dressed woman in the Arctic wift wear ski suits and moc casins, with parkas handy for the dash out to luncheon. Other Gov ernment-approved clothing in the wardrobe will include sleeping bag. ski mitts, rubber overshoes, toque caps, jacket, duffle and dunnage bag, the announcement said. Only women over 21 will be ac cepted-. Transportation will be a Government expense. Those interested are asked to contact Miss Alice Mosier, North west Division, U. S. Engineers, 465 California Street, San Francisco. FHA Will Pay. Housing Taxes ALAMEDA, Nov. 8. The city of Alameda will receive payment of 1943 property taxes on its FHA war housing project in lieu of local taxes lost through Government supervision of the property, Fred J. Croll, city auditor and tax assessor, 'Market Boys' ; Meet. Tomorrow West of Market Boys of Oakland will honor members born in the Watts Tract, tomorrow at 8:30 p.m in the" Danish Hall, 11th and Madi son Streets. ' Watts Tract, One of the older sec tions, was .8 busy and thriving community entirely separated from Oakland proper in the early days. The boundaries that once separatd it now have disappeared. A committee in charge of arrange ments includes Fred Fontes, chair man, Patrick McDonough, Super visor Cliff Wixson, Judge James G. Quinn, Judge Joseph A. Kennedy, Judge James G. Quinn Jr., An thony Travis. Thomas H. McLaugh len, Mark J. McDonough. Cliff Wix son Jr. and Edward J. Cashman. T Aftep-'a survey of the eight hous ing projects this week with Zura E. Bells, representing Fred D. Prakel, regipnal tax analyst, Croll was as sured the FHA would pay its share of the taxes in accordance with the city's assessed valuation of the property. - The decision will result in pay ment of estimated $12,500 in funds made available through the Lan- ham Act. This initial amount covers taxable property on only the Woodstock project, the only one completed - last March whn the Lanham Act went into effect. Payment of the in-lieu taxes by the Federal Housing Authority will affect the city's 1944 tax rate, np ticeably, Croll said, in-estimating the assessed evaluation of the eight housing areas at several million dol lars. Nine Convicts Up for. Parole Application for parole of nine Al ameda County convicts at Fols'om prison, to be considered by the Board of Prison Terms and Paroles this month, include that of John Eugene De La Roi, 75, ex-Univer-sity of California janitor and poet, convicted on a charge of grand theft. The aged janitor distinguished Oakland Tribune, Monday, Nov. 8, 1943 D Hink to Receive Service Award BERKELEY, Nov. 8. Berkeley's imittee, gives a history of the bien-. service clubs will present theirlnial recognition of the city's "most eighth Benjamin Ide Wheeler gold useful citizen." Young will award medal award at noon tomorrow at 'the medal. President Frid Star-Hotel Shattuck te Lester W. Hink.lrett of the Service Clubs Council merchant,, civic leader and former will preside, with James Briggs, member of the Board of Education. I president of the Exchange Club, Samuel J. Hume, associate of i host organization -of the day, ex-Hink in the Berkeley Diamond ! tending greetings. U 1 J. ."- Jubilfe Festival member of Last Rites Held For Josephine Ryan Last rites have been held for Miss Josephine Ryan, 67, of 551 Vernon Street, who served for many years as organist and choir director of St. Leo's Church- She is" survived bv a sister, Mrs. John & Waggott of Oakland, and by a brother, John Ryan of Fresno. A requiem high mass was. said Let's ration beefing I Jy cooperation helps. v 1 ONT beef when you don't get your favorite food. No one's to blame. It's the war. Don't find fault find substitutes for things the war makes scarce. Cheerful p. v "B win I Clear hxidt cfceej Colvtrf" Sponsored by tho makers of Calvert Tbi wtiisktj with the "Happy Blending" BERKELEY, Nov. 8.-With, 801 placements made by the Berkeley Office of the U.S. Employment Service in October, Mrs. Marjorie Walker, manager, declared today that, scores of positions, open to t : . :n , women- requiring no skiiis, ore imii , ci t Phurrh untuiea. Of the 801 placements. 633 were channeled into Berkeley industries and 168 sent outside tne city, Mrs. Walker states. Local womanpower must solve oour worker problem," Mrs. Walker tated. "Scores of orders for work ers now on file can be filled by un- killed women willing to work full or part-time. Jobs are available in war plants, laundries, factories, res-laurants; stores and other places. Both the war effort and civilian liv ing demand that women forget the standards which formerly made jobs 'socially acceptable." All Jobs which help directly, or Indirectly to win the war are not only ac ceptable' but vital today." Legion Post to See Commando Tactics BERKELEY. Nov. 8. Commando tactics wil be demonstrated for Berkeley Post No. 7, American Le gion, at a meeting at 8 p.m. tomorrow at Veterans Memorial Building. Henry Stone, wrestling coach and associate supervisor of physical training, University of California, will be aided by two students, Fred and Bud Volberg, in demonstrating instruction now being given on the, campus for uniformed men. ' himself with poetic outbursts dur mg his 29 years on the campus, championing the cause of "down trodden" freshmen in the hands of the upper classmen. He claimed he was once "a. reporter, but I saw there was nothing in it compared to janitor work. . De La Roi. violated 10 years pro bation given him in November, 1938. after pleading guilty to a miscon.. duct case involving a small child He was on probation after hundreds of students and friends, remember ing his poetic recitations as he scrubbed and dusted the classrooms, flooded the probation officer with letters demanding leniencey. ...The board also will consider parole for John Midgley, Oakland character actor nd mail robber, convicted in 1934 for. robbing post-office boxes' of Northern California corporations of more than $1,500,000 in securities. During his '3-year robbery career, his wife worked in an Oakland department store to Sup port their 12-year-old son, records show. a pioneer family, will deliver the principal address after Richard W. Young, chairman ofthe award corn- Tho piBiiontatiau luncheon, to ba attended by approximately ;300 guests, will ba broadcast from 1 to 1:30 p.m. over KLX. Don't try to o r '4? J r t t r l r mm mm M l m m m M hide n Vallejoan Honored For U-Boar Valor The Navy Cross has been awarded to Lieut.-Comdr. Rusell Kefauver, of 544 Wilson Avenue, Vallejo, for outstanding service in submarine duty. Secretary of the Navy Knox announced in Washington. J GIVE.Y0UR CCIIL this cold-relief used when QUINTUPLETS CATCH GOLD e y s y A.., L .: Boys Admit Starting Fires While at Play WALNUT CREEK, Nov. 8. Two 10-year-pld boys have learned about matches the hard way. Fire which destroyed a storage shed and part of the kitchen at the Frank Mc-Mann estate. 2021 Buena' Vista, was traced by Deputy Sheriff Norman Wilson to a game of "stamping out matches" in a field about a half block away. The youngsters ad mitted lighting miniature fires. Their parents will probably be held responsible for- part of the fire's cost, exclusive of $500 property damage covered by insurance, Wil son said. No one was in the home at the time. 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Nurses were among the first to dis cover how effective Noxzema Is. Today thousands of women everywhera use it to help heal skin blemishes ! .Try Noxzema today! CJeaase your skin and apply Noxzema, leaving it on overnight. Use it during the day, too. At all drug counters. 35c", 50f and$l. 'externiUr-ctiued WiJIkie, Kieran Win Service Awards CHICAGO. Nov. 8 P Dorothy Thompson, Wendell Willkie, Walter Lippmann, John Kieran, H. J. Has kell, editor of the Kansas City Star, and Goodwin Beach, Hartford, Conn., investment banker, have been awarded citations "for meritorious and distinguished service in behalf of the humanities in Amer-iriin lifp," Ihp Amprirnn riassirfil League announced' today. S.FOfficer Wins Promotion to Major Capt. Clark Leon Boe of San Francisco has been promoted to the temporary rank, of major, the. War Department reported today. His home js at 2209 Steiner Street, San Francisco. Officials also reported that First Lieut. Walter Mun-Fay Wong of San Francisco has been ordered to active duty. Calvert Distillers Corporation, New York City Women more than men apt to suffer SIMPLE If Weakened From Lack of Iron Due to "Monthly Losses'' You girls and women who suffer from simple anemia or who lose so much during monthly periods that you feel tired, weak, "dragged out" due to low blood-iron Start at once try Lydia E. Pink-ham's Compound TABLETS ' (with added Iron) . PinJcham'sTablets Is one of the greatest blood-Iron tonics you can buy to help build up red blood to give more strength, and to promote a blood- more refreshed and robust stream In such cases. Taken as directed Pinkham's Tablets is on of the very beat and quickest home ways to get precious Iron Into the blood. Just try Pink- ham's Tablets faithfully for at Uat 30 days. Then see If Vou, too, don't remarkably beecf.t. Follow label direc s tion. - Well worth trying. . END THIS UITAHIU DOUDT! Why wood- If yn mrm poin your- n .-Mini 6 '' "nMOt nr f . ?fn. O .nd NlACIN-with item and livsr iraciKW " j VITAMINS Hear DR! ' -RADIO , SHOW Every Monday 6:30 p.m., KPO ROSE-WATERMAN DRUG CO. Dispensing Chr mists 1K Frtnklin SI. at 1?th Gl. tnrt MM HVt llh St. at Adclina HI fhiaU WM4 SO t. 10th XL 3rd Art. TW inaakl tot ani r,r SI. at aaih St. PItdmant MM Have a Coca-Cola What's the good word ... or how to get along with folks Your American' soldier carries the keys to comradeship wherever he goes. Have a "Coke", says he to the eager youngsters at home, and it's like saying, What's the good word? It's a phrase that's understood irfNew Zealand or Newport, at home or in far-off places. Around the world Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes, has become the gesture of good will, saying Let's befriends. . IOTTIED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA.COIA COMPANY if COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA It's natural for fxpular names to acquire friendly abbreviations. That's why you heat Coca-Col. called "Coke". -X .t14ST1C-e'c.a

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