Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 9, 1943 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1943
Page 6
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6 d Oakland Tribune, Thursday, Dec. 9, 1943 FIRE SWEEPS WIDE AREA, PERILS RESIDENCES HERE; CMS ROUTED OUT;, GARBAGE DISPOSAL -PLANT WRECKED Continued from frags 1 three hours over an area of some 80 quart miles. As residents ol the bill area Watched It warily, .others In East Oakland saw tha second blaze erupt - and xover. what-seemfrrt to them to be two square blocks. Many persons thought it was the Oakland Airport that was turninc. In the meantime, half a dozen mailer fires broke out In the Oak land area. Fire departments from surrounding cities, preparing, to - answer the Oakland alarm and give aid, found themselves involved with fires in their own localities. WIND Or QALt FORCE leiWlnd blew in gale propor- Hons over Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco Counties. Win dows were smashed, trees were felled and power lines draped over the streets. One of the worst hazards of the night was the grounded power lines. Residents of San Francisco and the Peninsula could see the Alameda County flames from their homes and the Bay Bridge was filled with, traffic as curiotiity seekers headed for Oakland. Oakland police were so busy with 'their routine fire traffic they had to call in auxiliary policemen from the Civilian Defense force. The auxiliary police were mustered at local stations and then dispatched to the places they were jneeded most. - ; Hundreds of residents 'In the hill areas were aroused by the auxiliary off'-ers and told to pack their clothing and get out. At that time, the fire threatened to sweep all of the homes above Mountain Boulevard. FIREMEN DRIVEN BACK The Berkeley Fire Department rushed companies to the scene and Streets long after daylight ai they rushed assistance to tha men fighting the blaze in tha hills. The garbage disposal fire was brought under control by 5 a.m. but only after it had wreaked damage The Walnut Crecld'"1 nal ?VllonATvf who directed operations from the city hall, said his men were eanai-csDced because the fire in the hills jumped from one area to another with the SDeed of lightning. Roads and streets did not serve as fire' breaks, he said, because they were filled with tree limbs and branches thrown down by the wind. the Orinda Volunteer Department came in as the blaze moved over the hills. The Orinda firemen were forced to withdraw before the flames, and called for help from -Walnut Creek, department started for the blaze, but was called back when a four- acre grass fire broke out near the edge of town. Oakland sent out 11 pieces of equipment, including fire engines, tank wagons, a ' hose wagon and supply trucks, and then called on St. Mary's Navy Pre-Flight School for help.- Fifty-three cadets were ordered out to help the civilian fire-fighters. Fred Echstein, 50, of 2525Richie Street, a fireman, fell exhausted as the blaze swept through the pine-needled hills and was treated at Merritt Hospital. Stanley Kinsman, 82, of 4Z9-B 41st Street, an auxiliary policeman, suffered a heart attack while di recting traffic and was taken to Merritt Hospital. FEW INJURIES REPORTED Other than these, few - injuries were reported. The odor of burning eucalyptus hung over the city for hours and jittery firemen rushed to answer alarms that rang in constantly throughout the day. Oakland teople. who spent nan the night watching the two bie fires, started fo work this morning through streets littered with broken glass, torn awnings and damaged business buildings. TRAINS HALTED A roof blown off a house at Yerba Buena Avenue and Hollis Street held up San Francisco Key trains for more than an hour. . Fire engines roaued through the Martinez" Power Is Cut Off by Wind MARTINEZ, Dec. 9. Martinez was without electric power eariy this morning as one of the direct results of the heavy wind storm which swept this area. The sheriffs office received re ports of scores of trees blown down and a number .of power failures, including one between Martinez and Port Costa. . Ono power pole which was blown down started a grass fire which was put out by the Martinez Fire Department. Soldiers, Sailors ";r": ? Aid Fire Fighters RICHMOND,-Dee. 9. Scores-e-f soldiers and sailors atationed- near Point San Pablo fought aide by side with three companies from the Richmond Fire Department early today to subdue a brush firej(at Point San pa bio. The fire, whippeUr high winds, burned over a large section of the hill area for more tnan three hours, according to Fire Chief William P. Cooper, No one was injured, and there are no homes near the burned area. . Wind Blows Flames from-fire-Across-Road MARTINEZ, Dec. 0 A Wind-fanned fire in the city dump, in the tule land we:t of the Associated Oil Co. refinery tt Avon, was battled by firemen for two hours before it was brought under control last night. At times the fire was blown across the highway, threatening to spread. St. Mary's Cadets Battle With Fire St. Mary's Pre-Flight cadets responded more than ISO strong to aid in controlling the threatening hill-district fire. f . In crews of 50, the cadets, under command of officers, were placed at strategic points, armed with shovels and picks and serving as auxiliary aides to regularly-manned fire equipment . Along the Upper Broadway Ter race district, they worked at dig ging fire trails in preventive meas ures to stem the spread of. brush and timber fires to residential areas. In addition, the Pre-Flight boys cleared highways of blown-down trees. Including, many huge eucalyptus. ' CITY STREETS LITTERE D WITH GLASS; DUCKS DESERT LAKE MERRITT HAVEN Chattered ilete glass windows, dismembered trees, .leaning high-voltage power line poles and pancaked billboards littered East Four teenth Street from San Leandro to Lake Merritt this morning as one result of last night's gale. Lake Merritt itself was a minia turt racjflC iea, high waves pound ing Ufa Twelfth Street dam, wind. whipped salt spray lashing halfway acifcss" Twelfth Street, and small Included in the freak damage along East Fourteenth Street was a badly battered hew automobile which caught the full force of a splintering window in the Dana-Frane showrooms at 29h Avenue. One chain store grocery window had been shattered, spewing apples, oranges and pear? out onto the sidewalk. Another large market's heavy, sliding metal doors had and neatly turning on a water faucet alongside the meat counter. boats derelict onjthe shore. The Kwn m,: hi-eaiting - fltepiay t?ws only signs 01 lire on the Jake were the- White swans riding out the storm at anchor. A "nature's" storm warning was noticed at 9 p.m. yesterday after noon when flights of from 80 to 100 ducks began taking off from the Lake Merritt preserve and heading in a southwesterly direction. Storm Warnings Up LOS ANGELES, Dec. 8. UF The Weather Bureau announced that storm warnings for the next 24 hours were hoisted today from ?oint Conception to San Diego. 1800 Acres Burned, In Marsh Creek Area CONCORD, Dec, Fire of Unknown origin in the "heavily Wooded Marsh Creek area burned for six hours over 1800 acres of Mature and brush land before it Was Drougm unaer control. No buildings were burned as tha fire swept across the Keller, Bet-tencourt, Ward and Crocker ranches,. Three fire departments, from tinez, battled it. and a large detachment of prisoners from the Marsh Creek jail farm were sent to help bring it under control..: - The fire was brought Under con-. trol shortly before midnight. First reports of the fire were Made to the Solano sheriff's office which in turn notified the Contra Costa sheriff's office.,.' Looking for GIFT IDESP Come in, Write or Phone for the Schwartz & Grodin Gift Book . . . Tilden Park Area Swept by Fire; Soldiers Aid in Fight Approximately 250 acres were burned in the Tilden Regional Paikl1 hi the Wnddat Canyon area before - Berkeley firemen, the Park Fire Department and 155 soldiers were able to control the blaze. ' Two companies of the Berkeley Fire Department remained to extinguish embers while two other companies were sent to assist the Oakland department. RESIDENCE MENACED ' The fire in Tilden Parle centered near Lake Anza, in almost the same location that the flO.OOO.OOOfire of 1923 started. The residqjffal district near the park was threatened by fires started from falling wires, but no serious damage was done al-i though residents left the area. Assistant Chief Laurence Buch-enery and Deputy Chief Bert Le-Strange conducted the firefighting in the Lake Anza area, and Fir Chief William Meinheit dispatched Companies to Oakland. At 1:09 a.m. a fire from inciner ator sparks set fire to a lumber pile in the Hummel Manufacturing Company, at Seventh and canton Streets, causing $1000 damage. FIREMAN INJURED Lieut Emmett Lampson of the Berkeley Fire Department was treated at the Berkeley" Hospital for cuts sustained when he broke through a window of the building, At Sixth and Gilman Streets the wind blew over a wall of the Fed, eril Public Housing Project supply building, blocking the street. Fallen trees and broken wires blocked many other Berkeley streets tern porarily, and a eucalyptus tree which fell on the home of Howard M. Leggett, 7 Columbia Circle, was cut away by firemen. New Fire on Mount Diablo ;..' Area Is Raging Uncontrolled CONCORD, Dec. 9 A second outbreak of a grass and brush fire on the shoulder of Mount Diablo sent, firefighters again in that area this morning after thfey had brought under control last night the largest blaze in the central Contra Costa County section. The fire was burning in the direction of the Nortonville-Somer-ville area. Concord had : eight minor fires between 2 a.roi and 7 a.m.; the largest in the basement of the Mock Drygoods Store on Mt Diablo Street In' the center of the eity melted copper was spattered : by storm- loosened live wires near the Guy & Blackwell Mortuary. Planes at the Concord Army Airdrome were anchored to ground bolts in concrete runways to secure them from the high winds. It could not be .determined whether there was any damage to them. ,.. At Walnut Creek a four-acre grass fire swept within a few feet of 16 homes in the" Walnut Heights section before it was brought under control. The burned area was between Carmel Road, the railroad track, city sewer farm and Redwood Avenue. The fire broke out at 9:25 ajiw was extinguished by 7:30 am. Quick repair work prevented any damage from power wires blown down at Pacheco. WIND GROUNDS ALL COMMERCIAL AND MILITARY PLANES Commercial and military planes remalnded grounded at all Bay area ports today until a reduction in the velocity of last night's gale made operations safe.Turport officials an, nounced this morning. No landings were made, after 11 o'clock last night at the Oakland airport where the. wind whipped unobstructed across the Oakland tide flats, at times reaching a 65- hmileper-hour velocity. Military planes were severely buffeted, occasioning damage to at least three planes. One lost a wing float another had a wing broken and a third suffered a smashed pro peller when driven into-a revetment wall. Naval and Army personnel managed to secure all equipment With sandbags and tractors. One freak occurrence at the port came when a plane was blown out of its hangar, spun in a half circle and neatly blown back into its stall without scratching its war paint Frequent interruptions in the electric power service at the port, of brief duration, were followed at 6:25 a.m. by a complete blackout Of all facilities. Auxiliary equipment failed to function for more than an hour. Naval. fire-fighting facilities were dispatched ffom the Oakland air port to the Oakland scavenger dis posal plant fire two miles away, but was unable to augment city fire- fighting equipment due to the lack of water. Broken power lines to the disposal plant disrupted the pumping station: Wind Blows 85 Miles FARMINGTON, Utah, Dec. 9. 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