The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1930
Page 6
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M:;E six which a jury of 10 luschal! writ- 1" 5 rTehose three all-slar teams. ono I »'« to te American league, one for I P 1 " he X»llon™l""d >n Jll- lar l,nth I r «" ' 1 (cam. whirl. « n b low: •Rig League All-Stars Grhringer, Users Terry, Giants Simmons. Athletics WiiMin, Cubs Ruth, Yankrcs Cochrane, |Atlilctirs HarlnrU.Cubs l.hnKlrom, Giants Jackran, Giants Ferrell, Indians Grove, Athletics Lyons. White Sox Die world tu their posititms. iC voting on several of the places showed opinions widely dlf- femil. Simmons, Wil.soi\ Coch- 1 rune and Ftrrcl! were the onlv four chosen utiaiiimously for [heir jobs. liabc Iluih got fight voti". Cuylcr and Klein netting one j|. i apiece. II. j The contest at second base and If j third was close. OclirliiKCi ( .f' \vo:i at second with flve vote.s: r f l Fri*:h of tho Cardinals was str- t • ond ^ith fo'.ir, and Iluyhie Grit? ( i of the Giants goi one. 3b i At- third Ijindslrotn W':is chosen ss' over Pie Ti aynoi, .six lo lour. There was a wide (llirerencc of opinion about shortstop, too. Jnck.son get- Img t<i'.ir voles, while Joe. Crnln til By WILLIAM llKAl'Clir.ll NKA Service Sprls Editor (Copyright .1930, NEA Service. Inc.) An nil-star team lor the. bi • leagues is shown above, an nll-slnr, team with a batting average SCO and with "three"pitchers wlv-i Street altogether have won 71 Bimicsims (line of the b NOTICK All owners of real property will)-, in the following described territory to-wit: if. at the Intersection of of I ihe west line of North Franklin with year. All the pitchers, selected by llr jury of 10 'baseball writers, are American Leaguers. A catcher Is taken from each league. The infield is National League, three to one. nnd the outfield !• American League, two to one. Aside from the pitching, the division of spoils gives the National League a slight edge. Taking the whole the north bomiclnry City or B ythrvil e. i hence run East nlotis the north boundary line of the City to t'.ie Northeast Corner of the Southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of Section Ten. Twi>. Fifteen north and Riuifie Eleven East, thence tun smith a'ting East line of said SW'i of the SE", Section 10-15-11 10 the intersection with the north line of Section 15-15-11, thence ronlinulni; along line between the team, pitchers nnd all. the Ainerl- |j;ast half of t'.ie Northeast Quarter can League predominates, seven to five. Leave out the pitchers and the Nationnls get five places to the American l,easue's four. The 12 players named above avo In the Mississippi Chancery Court, Chicknsawba District American Building and Loan Association and W. L. Delouey, as Trustee. Plaintiffs vs. No. 48H L. M. Ross, et a!. Defendants. WARNING OBDF.R The defendants J. C. Thurmond. H. N. Essary and Union Planters Bank and Trust Company, Trustee, are warned to appear In this court within thirty days from this date and answer the complaint of the and the West half of the North- minrter of said section lli-15-11 to the quarter section HUP. be- •ween (he Northeast quarter and the Soull(east quarter of said section 15-15-11, Ihence West on cnfd Quarter section line to the enst side of an alley running North nnd South and being the East Line if the Barron-Lllly Addition lo Blylheville. thence run south nlong ihc cast line of said alley to the inlersc-clicn of said line wilh the 'Ins between the North half of the Southeast Quarter and the South lisuf of the Southeast Quart- "r of Section 15-15-11. thence run West alone said line to the center -f Clark Street, [hence run south Intone svr.atuts KOI throe; Glenn Wriijhi "I 'hi- Xoblivs. two. and Cliiirli'y Oi'llji'il of '.he Cards.'ne. Nine uf ihr- writi.'r.s named 1)111 'IVny. ill' 1 oihcr vole EOi'H' to l/.-u "Ohr:» of '.lie Yanks. Volr 'in Mutlcryjupii Kadi \vri'j:r unh asked to nnm< Iwu rMdu-i.s :it]d ihree pitchers. Here >> Hi!' remit of the vote usi faldiu.i: COL'hrane. 10: Ilartneti. 7; .Iimir:y Wjl-.oti of llv Cavdinyls. 'i: Shanty H<;gan I Uic Ciiunis. 1. Ami lliis h how the 10 Millers voted 0:1 p:'.f!i*'Ls: Tfrrrel], 10; Grove 9; Ly('ns. .^: Pa! Malono of tlie Culjs. ^; fii-cvijr 1 Rtirnshav; of Uu 1 A's. •>. and itay Krcraer of l\i? i'lrnli-s. '-'. Tin 1 bai!::ii! averages of the all- star.s, iitrriMiitiy lo recenl averages, urc: Tcn'y. .407; Sitninons. .:tl)5; I.liKislrom. 307; Coclirtine. Iliilh. ,3GO: Harlnetl, .a5l; Wilson, .Ml: Jackson. ,347; O;h- inger, .'J20. In the balliiiR average ns given nlove. Hack Wilson was ilaccil in the cleanup vole because he Elorty little Cub center fllielder fails t:olh leagues In the matter of runs driven in. a habit, in which Is mos'. consistent. ,('ronln N'osn! Out Joe (Jronln wns named at shorl- op luKtnnnously in the American :.caguc all-stur team which appeared in this newspaper yc.-ler- iay. In tho NiiiloiKil League team, printed l!ie Key before. Jackson wns named by a close vote over Wvight an:l Oelbcrt. However .vhen the writers who voted for Jackson in thii National League team named their all-Slav team for plaintiffs, American Blinding and »\ m * cl >" "'"f ° r , lllc J I( ?! lll « t1c . Loan Association, and W. L. Dclony. R1 " 01 "' 0 , AlI(11 Io " lo Blvthcvu c o as Trustee c Solll!ui Corner of Block six In witness whereof. I have here- ^/ said Hoiitpctcr >t Shonyo Addt- nnto set my hand and the seal . of the above court this'2 dny cf llmc ."' Sent.. 1930(SEAL) W. W. • HOLLIPETER. both leaKius. they stuck to son, as auainsl Cronin. Gi-lirli; was unanimously chospn iv; tl'.e IX-M (list baseman In '.h" American I-eague. hut only on" >•' the writers thought him beiii-i (lian Terry when tlie all-star |(j: Ixiih leagues was chosen. Wutf.t Left Out The bailie for third haw w.ns entirely a Natinmrl League afl'ai' hi'tween f.lndstrom and Traynrj:'. The American League tliird ba.-c man was O=.s!e IJluc-tje of the B?::- ators, but lie dldn'i receive n vol.-- for the nil-star. The iKUlinu or<lcv. pvinto! al»ve. Is the arbitrary arrano.!- mcnt of this writer. It Is left r>;i»r to dispute, of courr.e. Ijia wlien yo-.i sathiT n learn of swatters-like the above, you don't have- lo be so p;u- Icular about ilie order in which hey bnt. They're all lough. And it looks lo be a pretty hnrd earn to beat. All-Slar Jury Tin.srrjall writers who selected TOMETHEATRE Monday and Tuesday Clerk of the Above Court. By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. Jesse Taylor, Atly od Litem. S,?pt. 2-9-1G-23 In the Mississippi Chancery Court. run west nlons south said Addition to the line iunniiiL r north nnd south through ihe center of Section 15-15-11, 'hence north on snld line to the Southeast Garner of Northeast OuaHer of the Southwest Qunrlcr ot Section 15.15-n, thence west K|OI>T south line of the Northeast Quarter of the Siulhwest Quarter to the East Right of Wnv line of Cliickasawba District 'he St. 1-ouis and Snn Francisco American BuiUiinc and Loan As-jlallwnv. thence north alons enst soclatlon and W. L. Deloney, ns line of said rishl of wny to its Trustee. PlatnllfTs <nter.=ertion with Ihe south line of vs No. 4815 "he rl»ht of way of the old Jones- L. M, Ross, et al. Defendants. ixir". I.nke Citv and Eastern Rall- WARNING ORDKIt road, thence in nn ea.iterly direc- The defendants Chicago Trust I'ton nlong the foulh line of tho Company, Trustee, Illinois Standard hnid J. L. C. & E. R, R. right of Mortgage Corporation, Southern | ir nv to the Northeast corner of NEA's are: Stuart Jl»ll. Clrvclaiscl Pre.-.s. !>aniol M. Daniel. New York Tel- n:ram. Ilalpli Davis. J'lilsbiirch IV.-ss. Hill D:;o!y. rhila<!el|)hia Kecord Kenneth E. Try. Chiiai'O Post. Nick Flalley, Boston Auujrlcnn. Sam {iri-ene. Detrnil News. Sid Kffi'.ci 1 . Kt. Ixjuis Stnr. John O'Rourke. W a s hiiiKlwi N T P', 1 .S. Tom Swo]>o. CliK'inniili Post. Dewey Ford Here After Good Season on Diamond llcwey Ford, wel known lly chaser and OIK' of the leading batsmen uf the Cotton Slo(p. : ; least- the season, is visiting here. De'.vey 1ms wintered here tor several si'asoas heiitR employed as :i Ho'.hine .':il<"jmsiii for a Ir.cnl .store. nr-ai] dinner Newn wont Atls Philadelphia WasllilljitU!! .'••'eiv Yurk . Clavelancl .. Beli-iiii St. Ltilli.s . . . Clitra-^o .... Ucsion L. 47 54 03 60 74 85 (tl M National Brooklyn ... Si. Louis ... Chicago New York .. Pittsburgh .. Ho'ildn Cincinnati .. Philadelphia W. 84 82 82 78 74 G7 L. CD GO fil C5 CB 7R 85 91 Pet .58: .517 .571 .545 Crucial Scries Opens Today; Cubs Soiil Two and Lose Ground. NEW YORK. — The St. Louis Caiu'inal;, idling yesterday before ll ( open 11 crucial series with Ihe ki ue leading Robins of Ihe National circuit loday. sal in the Mauds a! Brooklyn Monday and watched tin; Robins' half game ad vantage increased to a full game i;. Ihe Cincinnati Reds bowed J3 lo •i. In the moan nine the third [)!ace Cubs were dropping still further behind, their game dibadvan- iiige of Sunday having been ex- :-'iu!cd ;o a game and a half yesterday when they divided a pair with the Phillies. Tlu- Dodvr.s smiickcd the offerings of the Red hurlers for 1* bingles as the Robin luirlors held the Red;, lo 11 binglr-r,.! anc lU-iliminn of the Reds crashed homers but ilicy tailed to overcome !hi- advantage gained by Ihe Dodgei sluggers. Thf Bruins lost a fine chance U -.weep hack into th? thick of lln pennant flght yesterday when the; Jivided a dcuble heaiier wilh th I'hillis'.s. 12 lo 11 and 0 lo 4. / lOiiiL- run by I^efiy O'Doul in Hi; ilinh Inning decided the first '• SljJ^TI^MligU 1 ( >. I'M. rani's frhlle in the sixth inning of thr? second same, won |jy die Cubs, he Hnck Wilson secured his sOtfe-l lion:.:i' of the season. Talc Weilds Klg Bat Tlie Pittsburgh Pirates were held tr> three hits by Fred Fiizsimmons and New York Giants rode 10 victory. C to 1. Billy Terry wilh a triple, double nnd two singles carried the dynamite of the Giant attack. The Washington Senators beat '.he Chicago White Sox 14 to 3 in the series at Chicago as the Ath':?tics, American league pace setters idled. Jones, although relieved by Burke, was the winning pitcher over Te-d Lyons of the Sox. Cronin hit a homer for the Nats and Benny Tat.? get four safe blows for the Sox. The New York Yankees boat ih? Detroit Tigers 5 to 3. The Yank.s bunched their blows in ihe .second inning for four runs which prov«l enough for lliem to defeat Vic Sorrell. Shcrid was the winning pitcher. The St. Louis Browns and Ihe Uoston Hed Sox divided a douhle- hcacter with th? Browns winning .he first game 3 to 1 and Hie Hed Sox the second In 11 innings, 2 tci i. Cioslin goi his 32th homer ol .he season. Today American League Philadelphia at Chicago. New York at St. I/niis. Boston at Detroit. Washington at, Cleveland. .National Lcagui- Cincinnati at Boston. St. Louis at Brooklyn. Chicago at New York. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. with Hicanlo Covtc/—Win. Colliers, Jr., and Almn Bennett. Comedy—Admission 10—25c Night. N T o ^hitince—Today— Slates Securities Corporation, J. C. Thurmond. Union Planters Bank and Trust Company, Trustee, H. N. Essary. are warned to appear in this eaurt within thirty days from this date and answer the complaint Lot 1. Block Addition. Ihence west line of nllcv between "F", Darron-Lllly north nlong Hie I,nk-e inlcr- Mnln south Street and Lilly Street to section wilh south line o! street, thence west alone; of the plaintiffs, American Build-1 line of Main Street to the west ing and Loan Association, and W.j'ine of Lake Street, thence North L. Detoney, as Trustee. [line between aforesaid Sections 10 In witness whereof, I have hero'-1""M '5. Ihence west on snid line unto set my liana 1 and the seal I'o west line of Franklin Street. of the above court, this 2 day otl r ! lollc e N'orth to point of beginning. Sept.. 1930. (SEAL) W. W. HOLLIPETER. Clerk of the Above Court. By Eli?abeth Blvthe, D. C. <Jes<e Taylor, Atty ad Litem. Sept. 2-9-16.23 WARNING ORDER Chancery Court. Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. S. P. Grimes, doing business as in the City of Blvthevllle. Arkansas, ire herebv nolified that a petition | has been filed with the City Clerk if Ihe City ot Blvlhcville. nurnort- nc lo bo signed by a majority in value of the owners of real prop- erti 1 within said territory above de- 'Cribed. which petition prays that local Imurovcmrnt district be tormcd. embracing said territory for the purpose of; Constructing nntl building a sani Grimes Lumber Co., PlJitntitf- .vs. No. 4808 B. B. Glass, doing business ns Blylheville Recreation Co.. Defendant. The defendant, B. B .Glass. Is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption Mondav and Tuesday 1 0 TIMES as funny as "THK COCOANliTS" tary sewer system with the neces- ^ary laterals to serve the territory embraced above, of nctnilr- 'ng rinhts of, wav for the sewer lini' and of providing an nrtequatc outlet fcr Ihe snld sewerage system even beyond the limits of said dis- "rict if deemed advisable bv the hereof and answer the complaint ' of the plaintiff, s. P. Grimes. Dated Aug. te. 1930. W. W. HOLLTPETER, Clerk. By Harvey Horris, D. C. J.rsse Taylor, Atty ad Litem. Held. Evrard and Henderson. Attorneys for Plaintiff. board of improvement, the line of Aug. 26, Sept. 1-8-15 he said sewerage system to begin erminate. bo located and constructed in the places, in the manner nnd of materials and with such disposal plants whether located within or without the district Hint the board of improvement of said district, hereinafter to be appointed may WARNING ORDF.R Chancery Court. Chlckasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Myrtle Serter, Trustee for Neda Ho Thompson. Plaintiff vs. No. 4302 E. R. Jackson, ct al, Defendant The defendant. Marble City Bank oAn Announcement of Importance to Everyone in This Community,Municipal Telephone and Utilities Company One of Whose Operating Subsidiaries Serves You With One or More Classes of Essential Public Utility Service OFFERS YOU FOR THE FIRST TLV1H AN OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME A PART OWNER OF ITS VAST ENTERPRISES Municipal-Telephone and Utilities Company, one of whose operating companies serves you in this community, owns and operates a group, of well-diversified public utility properties in Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Kansas. These companies serve 220,000 people with essential utility services including telephone, electric light and power, ice, water, and natural and manufactured gas. These Companies Embrace Every Important Phase of Public Utility Operation Companies jn the Municipal System operate in those branches of the utility industry that have proven mostjprofitable to customers and investors alike— ASSOCIATED UTILITIES, INC. r operates principally in the rich Mississippi Valley district of Eastern Arkansas, the most highly developed section of the state. Electric light and power, water and ice are the principal services rendered. Some of the towns served are among the most important in the state. KENTUCKY STATES TELEPHONE COMPANY, recently acquired by MUNICIPAL TELEPHONE AND UTILITIES COMPANY, serves 40 towns and communities in the rich and prosperous Blue Grass section of this state. Many of (.he towns ore county scats, and their populations run from 1,000 to 15,000. An expansion and development program involving a half million dollars in improvements is now under way in these properties. SOUTHERN KANSAS UTILITIES COMPANY serves a group of prosperous Kansas communities with telephone and other utility services. It also controls the natural gas properties of the Municipal System secured by recent acquisitions which marked the entry of the MUNICIPAL TELEPHONE AND UTILITIES COMPANY into this profitable and expanding branch of the industry. CONTINENTAL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF OKLAHOMA operates telephone propertiesin 17prosperous communities in one of the richest sections of Oklahoma. NORTH CENTRAL TELEPHONE COMPANY in Missouri supplies telephone service to 8 rapidly growing communities in Missouri. INLAND TELEPHONE COMPANY operates telephone exchanges in 17 substantial mining and agricultural communities of southeastern Missouri. OTHER PROPERTIES, which will materially increase the Company's earnings and permit a further rounding of operating territories, are now in the course of acquisition. your Murs j n buffoonery J Slinre-bpnt ant sure-bet fn r l.iuglis arc THE deem for the best Interest of snlcl district. The cost thereof to b? assessed and charged uj>on the real property above described. All the owners of real property within said territory are advised that said petition -z\}\ be heard nt the meeting ol the City Council to be held at tho of seven- thirty P. M.. on the H'.h day of BROTHERS Animal Serves customers of 220,000. The Municipal System at a Glance in territory with a combined population Services rendered include telephone, electric light and power, ice, water and natural and manufactured gas. —Owns properties with a combined valuation of over $5,000,000. —Has increased its holdings over 17 times and its earnings over 4-1 times in the last year through additional acquisitions. —Operates in the most prosperous sections of Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. The Municipal Telephone and Utilities Company Invites You to Become a Partner in the Operation and Success of These Public Utility Properties With this brief description of the Municipal System in mind, you can appreciate the importance to you as one of its customers in its offer to include you now among its owners. Believing that customer-ownership of those companies which render essential public utility service is the safest and most profitable "prosperity insurance" for company and investor alike, the MUNICIPAL TELEPHONE AND UTILITIES COMPANY is offering the customers of its operating units this opportunity to purchase its Crackers lf |j ...v ui.cmum. Diaruie uny mnK thirty P. M.. on the H'.h day of SPECIAL h ^^ncd to sppear wuhln thiny o,^^ !m 3r( , ,,,„ a t ^ School Children,' ^&^^<££.^»££^ IS^. ^mission Grades 1 to 7-lOc' 7 and over—2oc ...openy and Regular Matinee 2:00 ad mis- S °?,' . A A ™ what majority: n »d at said meet- sioil lOc and 30c Dated Aug. 22, 1S30. Ing a n owners of real nronerlv W. W. HOLLIPETER." Clerk, i within said territory who desire ,„ ^ By Harv(! >' iforfis. D. C. .win be heard upon the ouestlori W. D. Gravett. Atty Ad Litem. S C CRAIG Aug. 22-29. Sept. 5112. c.ty cl^rl,, I Vight 0:-15 and 8:45 admission 15c and <10c 7% Cumulative Preferred Stock and Class A Common Stock THE 7% CUMULATIVE PREFERRED STOCK pays 7 percent, per year in cash dividends, or $1.75. Its book vnlue is over $600. Earnings at the present time arc equivalent to over 28 limes preferred dividend requirements. It holds those two prime investment qualities every investor is seeking— safety of principal and maximum yield. THH CLASS A COMMON STOCK has n book VK luc of better than $25 per share and pays 87}-^ cents a year in cash dividends—or better than 6 per cent.! The yield basis is even . SAFETY OF PRINCIPAL IS ASSURED more attractive at present levels. Earnings available for the common stock at present are at the rate of 2^-4 times Class A dividend requirements. So far this year e.rfra dividends aggregating 37J-2 cents a share on the Class A common stock have been declared—making total distribution for 1930 $1.25 per share. WHEN YOU BUY the Preferred and Class A Common Stocks of the MUNICIPAL TELEPHONE AND UTILITIES COMPANY you purchase securities where— . MAXIMUM YIELD IS ASSURED Von Recmc Your Dividend Checkt Every Quarter — Four Times a Year Those Who Know the Company lies! ll'ill Tell You of the Attractiveness of Its Securities The tmpioyees of the opeinling companies of MUNICIPAL TELEPHONE AND UTILITIES COMPANY, those who know the system best, and who are respected citizens of this community, will visit customers here next week and extend a personal invitation to them to become part owners of the Company through purchase of the preferred and Class A Common stocks. The customer- ownership campaign begins in all MUNICIPAL properties next week. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION MAY DS'ODTAINED FROM LOCAL EMPLOYEES IN THIS COMMUNITY OR FKOM THE LOCAL MANAGER. IF YOU PREFER, MAIL THE COUPON BELOW DlRhCT.TO THE OPERATING OFFICES IN KANSAS CITY. MUNICIPAL TELEPHONE AND UTILITIES COMPANY MUNICIPAL TELEPHONE AND UTILITIES CO. Seventh Floor, Pioneer Trust BUj. Kantas City, Mo. Please send me information on the Preferred arid Clou A Common stockj mentioned above. No oblis«tion. Optraling Officts: 1'bncer Trust Building Kansas City, Missouri Em-uhVe Offitft: 105 West Adams Street Chicago, Name ... Addreu. 1 City and State

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