Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 7, 1944 · Page 21
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 21

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1944
Page 21
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E CHURCH NOTICES , C-LOST 12 MEN WANTED 12 MEN WASTED 13 WOMEN WANTED 13 WOMEN WANTED 13-WOMEH WANTED Oakland Tribune Friday, Jan. 7, 1944 C21 fContlnuedl CALLING ALL MEMBERS OP THE BODY OF CHRIST 3rd Ironside United Campaign Rally h irst Methodist Church 24th and Broadway - Oakland, California Sunday, January 9, 1 944 3:00 p.m. ... DR. NORMAN B. HARRISON --Speaking on "If Christ Came to - Oakland!"-1 -: GabdMstew" Wajm Fellowship tme:One! ."..,,CQroe....AJli.r.-. Power of God Revival DR. BEBE PATTEN EVANGELIST OPENING SERVICE Sunday, 7:45 p.m. "WILL AMERICA LISTEN TO GOD?" Services Every Night 7:45 Great Musical Program! Borne of America's foremost Musicians Radio Broadcast Daily KLS, 6:30 a.m. ELIM TABERNACLE 1522 8th Avenue, Oakland JOHN K. HUBBARD, Pastor Market Street Church" ... Seventh -Day -Adventist 34th at Market Phone HU mboldt 8700 The church with a mission. Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy. Exodes 20-8. Sabbath SchooJ 9:30 a.m. Every Saturday Morning, Church Service, 1 1 :00 a.m. Young People Meeting . 3:30 p.m. Special Music Every Sabbath The Church where you are always welcome. Elder H. D. Dobbins Pastor Residence phone BE rkeley 4 139 J Written and arranged by the scribe, J, w. o. A SPECIAL NOTICES WAKE-Ud phone service. "Estab lished over year, $2 special. TEm- ptenar Zhno, B PERSONAL! v ANY girl m trotmie. needing a friendly adviser, call or write Mrs, Ruth Pagan, Salvation Army Horn, East 28th and Garden Streets. KEPogg 2-3345. NOTICE I am responsible for no debts or obligations contracted by my wife, JVIargaret Stelndecker Howell, on or after this date. Signed, Asa C. Howell. Dated, Jan- linrv 3, 1944. NU'i'iCE 1 am lespons,ible for no debts- or obligations contracted Dy my wife, Dorothy D. Larsen, un or after this date. Signed, William Allen Larsen, Dated, January 3, 1944. - NOTICE I am responsible for no debts or obligations contracted by my wife. Serene Craig Spansike, on or after this date. Signed: Lawrence L. Sparukle. Dated, January 5, 1H44. NOT1E I am responsible for no debts or obligations contracted by my wife, Marjorie E. Nelson, on or after this date. Signed: Roy O. Nel-son. Dated, January 6, 1944. NOTICE I am responsible for no debts or obligations contracted by my wife; Myrle H. Wright, on or after this date. Signed, Marvin S. Wright. Dated, January 3, 1944. NOTICE I am responsible for no debts or obligations contracted by my wife, K.UU.V M. Correa, on or after this date. Signed, Robert Correa. Dated, January 6. 1944. NOTICE I am responsible for no debts or obligations contracted by my wife, Gertrude Downie Wood, on or after this date. Signed, Carl c wooq. Datea. January 6, 1944. NOl ICE I am responsible for no debts or obligations contracted by my wife, Helien E. Aahley, on or after this date, signed, Charles . Ashley. Bated, January ' 4, . 3944, c lost . BLACK purse, January 4th, around 8 a.m.. incoming San Leandro bus or Franklin Street; Important keys and ration book; return G.W.; reward. SW eetwood 0190; 218 Garcia Avenue. ' . BLACK cloth purse, vicinity 19th and Broadway; please return gold butterfly earrings, red and white stones; sentimental value; reward; LA kehurst 2-1500, Extension 17. BLUE Indian com pur: e containing child's charm bracelet; vicinity Telegraph and 20th; reward. TR inland 1206. BLACK wallet containing chauf- T T' R"l"ri I i-din BLACK wallet containing gas ration books and other papers; reward if returned to 679 31st Street. BLACK leather wallet, owner ,ir dire need of papers; reward. AS b- berry 7023, BUOWN wallet with gas ration book. etc. Return to T. Siponovich, mi romnna, Ainany. BLACK and white, male springer spaniel; 3 years old. Name, pepper. Rrward, LA ndrnre 5-0135. COCKER male, red, age 3 years; answers to name Little Boy; reward. 365 Bowling Green. San Le-andro, LP ckhaA'en 8-1426. CflAlHS, two, upholstered, gold rose; Mandana Boulevard; reward. Piedmont 9407. COAT, Kelly green. Wednesday. Vicinity Eastlake Bowl. Reward. Sweet wood 8200. COCKER, .black; answers by name Prince: handcapped child's'"" pet. KE llocff 4-1826. COCKER ..spaniel, gold in color; male. . Vicinity Wisconsin, Maple Avenue. Reward, KE llogg 2-6523. DARK fox fur probably vicinity of Washington Market; reward. GL en-court. 4993. FINDER of brown alligator purse, lost at Y.W.C.A. January 3, please ..return purse, compact or wallet to Betty Keck. California Hotel, Oakland. Reward, no questions. FIVE W. E. ration Lewis, books, Number 1717 Myrtle. 3's. FUR handbag, small, containing eye p 1 asses, TrJ mplebar unit, newarq. GIRL'S coin purse, vicinity Hales; contains 2 weeks' pay; oaoiy neea-ed; reward; LA kehurst 3-1229. GAS book A. George Poteat, 22nd Street, TW inoaks 5411. GAS ration books, A, B, of John Souza. 2920 Adeline. IDENTIFICATION badge. S, P. of E. O. Tuohey, number lounn, vicinity 35th Avenue, MacArthur Boulevard. TH ornwall 6762. Reward. IRISH Setter, answers by the name of Peggy ; reward. w eeiwooo 1222. "JOLLY," nine months black and while springer spaniel, female. Lieutenant Cadwallader, TE mplebar 96S0. LADIES' small L.L.T, tan overnight bag. Phone AS hberry initials 8767. LADIES' white gold Hamilton wrist watch; engraved keepsak live. ; reward. GL encourt 085$. ; LADY'S black leather purse, containing glasses, gas ration books. iTyrone Coolidge, Thomas Bayley). Reward. AN dover 6357. LADY'S wrist vetch. Tavannes, white gold, vicinity Hales, Tuesday, between 12 and 1: keepsake; reward: TH ornwall 1689. LADY'S black suede purse, containing keys and other articles, in downtown Oakland, Monday TR inidad 9614. .MALE, red Pekingese, white front paws, black face. 1 year old: vicinity 10th and East 24th: reward. KEJlQSg 4.-4223. MALE Fox terrior, white with black spots; wearing a collas, TH ornwall 10356. Reward. PURSE, small coin, leather, containing change, alse diamond ring, which she has had 47 years, keepsake; reward. Call R. H. Kinney, 617 EstudiUo, San Leandro; TH inidad 757ft- PURSE, black, containing two war bonds, ring of keys; return to Harrison, 809 Hutchings Drive, San Le-anoo: reward. s PURSE. black.CChristma eve. .vi cinity .,13th and -Broadway: white ' gloves, 2 keys; reward. -142 " Moss '-Avenue, HU mboldt 1630. Wilson. PURSE, small, black, vicinity Laurel Theater. Contains 12 food ration books and A And C gas bucks. Re. ward. KE llogg 2-2223. POCKETBOOK containing ration books, papers. Earl A. Ellis, 1651 Adeline; reward; TE mplebar 0360. PURSE, 8 ration books, watch; reward. Zoggas, 5481 Parkside Drive, Hayward. PEKINGESE, female, red ear tips, black, medium sized; reward. TE mplebar 7683. POINTER dog, white: reward. male, liver and AS hberry 7619. PURSE. patent, left on street-HI ghgateB704, car Monday. PEARLS, 3 strand, genuine re- ward, HU mboldt 4479, RATION Book 3, Doyle I). Poulson, Doyle D. Poulson Jr., Naomi J. Poulson; Ration Book 4, Doyle D. Poulson, Naomi J. . Poulson, H. George Baxter, 615 Folsom Avenue. Hayward. REWARD Two cats lost, Rolling-wood Tract; large black, brown and tan mixture, and Bmall black and gray tiger; both female. Persians. 3045 Avon Lane, Richmond,. RATION Books 3 and 4: issued to Jocelyn, Jacqueline, Edward A.. awara f.t rtora cenoit, sjuo wra Avenue. RATION books, one 4, two 3's, Mary s. Scholz. Mrs. Mary c achoiz. Ronald S. Heier. I747A Mooreshlp court. Oakland. RATION book number 3 and 4. Margaret H. Shepard, 1505 Union Street. Vicinity Moore Shipyard. rtnder please man; RATION Books 3, 4; Lewis McCrav. Sledge Arroment. Reward. 1656 7th Street. TE mplebar 0497. RATION Book "3". chain store vicinity of Foothill and Frultvale, Ella Simmons. 3223 East 17th, RATION books, 3, 4. Mathew Ben nett, Squire Minneweather, 1335 Adeline Street. RATION Book number 3, cembcr 15tht downtown. 2-8911. lost De KE llogg RATION Book number 3. vicinity 8th Street and Peralta; William MoClanahan, 846 Peralta. RATION books No. 3 and 4. B. Marie Lynch. Return to 36C5 East 12th Street, Oakland, ROSE shape breast pin. gold leaves, set with amethyst; SWeetwood wma: rewara. RATION books, two sets, Helen Marie Willingham, Christine Wayne Johnson. 4114 East 17th Street. RATION books, four: 3 and 4. Roo- ney. , Write 335 Ohio, Apartment 1-A. Flrhniond. RATION books, numbers 3 and 4, of John George Reese, 1371 13th Street: return 708 Center Street RATION Book "3". Lulu Belle Gentis, 2003 West Street, HIghgate 0669. RATION" books, fi' i 3s and 4s; Daniels. 1390 Freeman, Ingram, seventh street. RATION Books 3, George C. Lowe, Llbbie M. Lowe, 756 Alice Street, Havward. RATION books. 2 number TiTor Gertrude, Barbara' Kavelman, 25th Street. RATION books, 6; 2-3; Margaret Moran, Peter Paul Moran, James Ambrose Moran. 155 8th Street, RATION books, 4-4's, 4-3's. Gloden. McKane. TE mplebar 8075. 872 MeM Avenue, RATION Thomas books number 4, Orville Comer. Else A. Comer, 3225. Frultvale. RATION Book number 3. Mayle B. Wheat, Gladys ones. Tfc mplebar 5853. RATION books number 3, Marion Levi, Annie Poindeyxter, 2046 Willow. RATION book number 3 of Dorothy Elliott. 2532 De mer street. RATION Book number 3, Mrs. Anna Clark. HI ghgate 6498. RATION Book number 3, E. L. Hnelps, 321 Chestnut street. RATION Book number 4. 846 Pi alia Street, Millie Rogers. RATION book 3: Iks tied to Victoria Street. tlnU. 90fl Mvrllf RATION bank No. 3. Walter IF. Himnsnn, 71fi Market Str.pt. RATION liook 4. Alice Cheatham, Chestnut Street. Oakland. RATION Book 3 issued to Stephano Bassettl, 836A 29th Street. RATION book 4. Darnell Ward, la ndscape 5-7004. RATION books. 3 and 4. William James Klnes, 709 Washington. RATION books 2 Ho. 3 s, 3 No. 4's. HIghgate 3335. RATION book, number 4 or 3; re- ward. 511 Brush Street. RATION books, 2 sets 3's and 4' E. Petersen, 716 25th Street. RATION book' 3, Helen Sussman, 1077 18th Street. SIX ration books: M. S. Collins M. V. Collins, T. E. Collins, J. L. Collins. J. E. Collins, KE llogg 3-2348. A. E. Collins, SPRINGER spaniel, male, brown and white; reward; BE rkeley 79K9W. TAN wallet; keep money, return wallet, papers and gas books. LA kehurst 2-1841; H. Freeman 1240 Sherman Street, Alameda. S 1 At. I. hn.lli.-.tf i-milanimu n Keys, ration books. Mrs. M. C Sage, 830 45th Street, HU mboldt 5405. TWO number' 3 ration books, 10th Street Market. L. and R. High- tower, lion 7tn street. . TWO Ration Books number 3, Normav:Jean Rosenauer, Carol J. Hosenauer. 1022 Klrkham Court THIRTEEN ration books 3's and 4's. Belton, Cooper and Agnes Martin, Mil Htn street. WRIST watch, man's Loneine. en graved Rose to Bill: keepsake; New Year's, New Shanghai Terrace Bowl. Liberal reward. TE mplebar 0676. after 5. WALLET, vicinity Berkeley post mire; black, containing money; Mrs. Corinne Lewis, AS hberry 6326; WALLET, containing many valuable patters and ration book. William H. Russell. 831-24th Street, TE m- pipoar .i:j.j. Mpwnrfl Bulova gold iady s, with ii diamond; lost New Year's Eve, downtown Oakland: Keepsake; ward. KE llogg 2-7373, WAIXH, lady & white aold. vicimty 12th and 14th on Broadway, New .lear s five. ttE Jlogg 3-47ia. Ke-wa rd. WALLET, brown. contHininc draft card, driver's license, valuable pa- t. rewara, i n miaaa M8y. WALLET, brown leather: imnoit ant papers; reward. BE rkeley 8786, 0 FOUND KEYS, on 13th near Broadway. Tribune. See Cashier, 2nd floor. o wris watcn, owner may hava by properly identifying and piu ,ns ior an. a3 15th Street, TE ir-nlebar 5973. SMALL black ALL black puppy, white streak i head, tip of tail, white speckled est and feet. PI edmont 461 3 J. on chest and feet. PI edmont 461 3 J, - ----- , -.-innruij-uT-njij 12 MEN WANTED Auto Mechanics' and Body Metal Men Permanent work with essential Industry; top wages and overtime. Val Strough Chevrolet $330 Broadway PI edmont 4700 Bridge and Building v . Carpenters $9.02 per 10-hour day " Carpenter Helpers', $7.15 per 10-hour, day, Water Service Maintainers " $9.35 per 10-hour dy Tunnel Miners $8.22 per 10-hour day Western Pacific - Railroad Apply to nearest Western Pacific Agent; or 1904 "J" Street, , . Sacramento. '-' - : Machinists High grade, all-around, ' recent experience. Experimental type of work following variety of original blueprints. High Priority War Work " Prevailing rates, overtime and 10-15 extra for night shifts. 60-hour week. ' . , Apply Personnel office. Donner Laboratory, northeast .section of Berkeley campus. ' University of California a.m. to p.m. Announcement! Sonotone Corporation of Elmsford, New York has opening for man with sales ability Car necessary. Guaranteed territory. Established Clientele 1212 Broadway, Oakland A Post-War Opportunity A major rubber company has at opening for two men to start train inn on our service floor, tire Chang ing, etc., to learn the business. We expect to open a number of new stores and we are starting now to train personnel to run them. We want men for permanent jobs with a definite future with us as store managers, service managers, commercial salesmen. An interview will he crnnled to all anulicants. Held strictly confidential. Box P 47849. Tribune. ACCOUNTANT to assist controller of well-established women s cessorles business operating stores on the West Coast; age, between 38 and 45; our employees know of this advertisement. Apply by letter, stating age, ex Derience. noma address and tele phone. Personal interviews will follow. Box M12557, Tribune Bushel dP man am resser for men's alteration department, Roos Bros Broadway at 15th, Oakland Bookkeeper-Man, $200 Automobile experience preferred permanent; 9 days, 0-12, 3-5. 3500 Broadway, FI enmont 8712. BOY for store work .shipping and receiving, 8 to 12 mornings. Thomas supply company, 430 gth btreet. TE mplebar 3:169. i3H.KKr.LEr and Richmond house framing, $89.76 per week. TH orn-. Wall 1-0232. BAKER wanted: all around man good wages. 1641 Solano, Berkeley Carpenters, Laborers Fifty-three hour week on U.S. Naval Hospital project. Call at job site. Skvline Boulevard phove Oak Knoll, Oakland. Phone SW eetwood 0452. Monson Brothers 475- 6th Street - ', San Francisco CARPENTER and plant maintenance man, must be able to plan and Jay out work, steady lob through Win ter to man who can get things done, 1459 3rd Btreet, Oakland. CAKETAKER wanted: small coun try place; single man; good home to right party,Box Ml 1396, Trib une. Chrysler products mechanic; must be experienced; 'top wages, overtime. TH ornwall 2212. FULL time janitorial help, also part time janitorial neip Saturday after noon and Sunday: Berkeley Y.M.C.A.. 2001 Alston Way. Berke- jey: inrerry wmnj. FUKNlTUitE packers and van drivers. Lyon, 3400 Broadway. HU m- ttnldt 3404. GUAHDS; men in good phy-sira! salary ?185 per month; essential industry. Apply personnel office, East Bay Municipal Utility District, 512 Kith fitrpet, Oakland. GUARDS for East Oakland com oanv:: night shift: good Da.v: pleas ant working conditions; opportuni ties for permanent positions witn local company, Mr, Junanson, KE 1- logg 2-7070. Guards Uniform' plant police, average $200 per month; plenW of overtime. Room 329. 1419 Broadway. GHOCEHY driver or clerk; full or part-time; experience unnecessary; uniorv wages and overtime. 348 Highland. ' ' GREEN purse; please return glasses and wallet. AS hberry 0H)5, Alice M. Osier. HATTEK; hat cleaning' and blocking business in heart of thriving eity of Richmond: lifetime opportunity for right man with experience in this line, and capability of directing help. The propesition is share in profit with top wages guaranteed. Write or apply to S. Shulster. 625 Macdonald Avenue, Rir-hmond, California. HOSPITAL porter, excellent working conditions; uniforms furnished. 2 meals. See Mr. Baker, Merrltt Hospital. Hawthorne and Webster. HOUSEMAN; white. Oakland country club, room and board, 8100 month. PI edmont 1000. HANDY man, nights, 10 p.m. -7. room 601. Franklin Building. , IF you like to draw, skeicn or paint, see Talent Test ad in instruction column. JANITOR, Oakland Public Library; salary open. Call at 634 14th Street between 9:00 and 5:00, TAWlTfiR whit. steady. 203 Med ical Building,. 19th and Franklin Streets. ' Lot Boy $100 Used Cars g hours daily: may be more for right boy: errands, cleaning and starting. 3500 Broadway. Real Estate Salesman ar.ni.rf hv .vn.ri.nr.il broker to assist in sale and development of rinwnlnwn anti Investment proper ties; excellent opportunity. Write qualifications to Box C133372 Trib: REFRIGERATOR service man, ex perienced only; call LA xenurst 2-9625 for appointment. Receiving" Clerk Warehouseman Also Window Trj$jmer No experience necessary Top Wages. Daytime Work Only Overtime over 40 hours S.- H, Kress & Co. - 1 4th and Broadwaym Men Wanted : We npw liave the fpllow ing' positions open: . Stockman To handle customers orders for pipe. Starting rate 85c, merit raises to 1.05. Stock helpers; Boys between the ages of 16-18 who are going to continuation school 4 hours per week, to work 40 hours in our Mail Order Stockroom. , . Assistant Stockmen . Men between the ages of 18-55, Starting rate 80c, merit raises to 5C '- Apply 4. ' Montgomery Ward 29th Avenue and - East 14th Street Rubber Man Wanted Top wages for man with experl ence; critical war production. Re-liance Rubber Company, Emeryville. REEK1G ERATION mechanics wanted; essential war work with peace time future. Call 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. KE llogg 4-2900. 1430 14th Avenue. Oakland. Shoe Salesmen Top Weekly Guarantee Pay B',h on all sales Rocsil's Shot Co. 475 14th Street Shipping Clerk Office stationery, experienced preferred, ftood salary, permanent position with advancement. Apply 320 13th Street, Saturday, January 8, 10 to 12:30 a.m. or Monday, January 10, 7 to ft p.m. Two Men One full time man for general warehouse work. Opportunity permanent connection, One part time man, 8 hours dally; stock room, warehouse work. Apply personally. J. R. Wat kins Company, 4512 Hollis Street, Emeryville. TRACTOR mechanics, - good pay. good hours, Arthur C. Day Implement Company, International Tractor Dealer, 645 Watklns Street, Hayward 837. THREE reliable men, in essential Industry; permanent after war; good pay for good worker; Interviewing between 2-4 p.m. at 638 lflth Slreet. TOOL and dye makers; machinist; defense plant. 2416 San Pablo Avenue. Young Ex-Service Man or young fellow just out of school wanted ior wareroom and general business work. Opportunity for training. Permanent position; ex-nerience unnecessary. Apply be tween 12 and 6 p.m., 375 13th Street, near rrankim, unkiand. YOUNG married man for hatchery work: not over 35: mechanically Inclined; experience preferred, but not necessary i good waKes and apartment. Overpack's Hatchery, Sfin Leandro, 13 WOMEN WANTED American Trust Company Openings for Presently Unemployed Women as Bookkeepers Typists File Clerks Messengers Proof Machine Operators Inexperienced employees paid full salary while learning. Pleasant working conditions, convenient hours, opportunity for rapid advancement. Apply in person to 14th and Broad way oitice 'Oetween iu a.m., a p.m. American Trust ipany Attention Girls -Women Essential laundry needs permanent help. Power machine operators also; Saturday afternoons off.- California blnen supply company, van eist Street, near Ran Pablo. Attractive Saleslady Young saleslady to sell phonograph at Radio Margo, 7320 MacArthur Bou- levard. ASSISTANT cook, middle-aged white; high pay, no nights nor Sundays: steady job. 2:180 Tele- graph. Berkeley. ' AN understanding woiiian to help in general care of 6 older people: room, board and salary; TH orn wall 3010. ALL around beauty, operator, man ager s license, m gngate i7i. Bookkeeper Assistant make-up" payroll, etc. "Some typing. opportunity for advancement. Good Starting Salary Box M11379, Tribune now employed in essential in- riustry, do not apply. - BlALTY operator to manage Mar. arets Beauty Salon; too salary. fiTtt-nttrg Htft.t, rtnute 2. Box K?8. BAKERY salesgirl, some sales experience, no night or Sunday work, see bakery manager, 407 14th Street, BEAUTY operator; all arond; top salary.. 2122 ruitvale Avenue. AN dover 9847. BEAUTY operator; part or full time: no night work. Call 8-5. LA ndscape 5-(l7:!.1: BEAUTY position. operator wanted, steady BE rkeley 088. Clerks Dry cleaning stores Good Pay No experience necessary Marshall-Steel Co. ' 5427 Telegraph Avenue CHEMIST'S assistant for essential 1117 Webster. GLen- laboratory, court 7432. Help Keep the Lines of Communications Open Interesting Work for Tlirls and Women" s ::::::TIephoTTe Operators ' Paid While. Learning If Not Already in ' Essential Industry, Apply 2337 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley 1545 franklin Street, Oakland The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company Inexperienced Single or Married Women for full or part time work as desired. Day or evening shifts. Clean light work in essential war industry. Ideal working conditions. Cafeteria service Freetransportation to and from car line Rapid Advancement ' Loose- Wiles Biscuit Co. 851 81st Avenue If now engaged in war work, do not apply. I. Magnin &c Company Broadway at 20th Street Oakland ' has permanent position available for Elliott Fisher Operator Will not consider anyone now employed in or whose last employment was in essential Industry, Elevator Captain Experienced Permanent Position Cars Attractive Hours Good Salary No Sunday, Holiday or Night Work Large Downtown Business Box Mil 154, Tribune Collection Assistant Money Back Smith, men's furnishings store, 12th and Washington Streets, wants experienced inside credit and collection girl. See Miss Carno. n Corsetiere Full time work In exclusive specialty shop in Fresno, California. Good wages, excellent working condi tions. Inquire MisSimpllcity Cor st'l Shop, 1711 Telegraph, Oakland. Colored and White Women Wanted to learn laundry business, Apply AmDassador Laundry com pany, 1188 38th Street. CAFETERIA helpers; industrial cafeteria, Emeryville; 10:40 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Satur- nay; neuriy wages pius luncn. OLympIc 5810. CAPABLE woman to take charge of pay roll, reports, light typing, small plant, Aiameaa, gooa salary; LA kehurst 2-1073. COOK for boarding home, white live in optional; lMrdays off each week: good location; close to trans, portatlnn. Box M11910, Tribune. COLORED cook for chicken fry. Call at 3228 Telegraph Avenue, Tuesday between 10-12. DANCE partners, Paiomar, over 21 years; week-end or steady work average $50 week; $1 hour mini mum guarantee. 708 Franklin, Oak- Innrt: TEmplnhnr 8(145. DKLICATKSSEN Kl'l, to mnnaKH; references required, excellent sal- 433 San Pablo. El Cerrlto. East Oakland War Industry needs women, age 18-60, for light machine and inspection work. No experience necessary. Residents of Fairfax, Seminary district preferred. No telephone applications, personal applications only, between 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Apply Ferro Enameling Company, 1100 57th Avenue. EXPERIENCED woman lor ' ull round work In dry cleaning shop. Good job for right person. Rivoli Cleaners, 1945 San Pablo, Berke- ley. r rueiey wtsu. EXCHANGE for light services: widow offers comfortable home to reliable woman. KE llogg 2-5078. Call 2171 41st Avenue. Experienced Woman To manage millinery store. Top salary, liv Telegraph Avenue. EXPERIENCED alteration lady wanted; good 377?. salary. HI ghgate EXPERIENCED waitress, good pay, 5240 Telegraph; PI edmont 9483. EL.DEitL' lady, light housework for couple, HT t'hgate 4809. FOUNTAIN girl, no experience necessary, union wages; uniforms furnished. 2941 Broadway, Oakland. r.aimor ureaniery. FIRST class all-around beauty oper- aior ior Dusy aowntown snop; steady, good wages; Monday off; TE mplebar 9548: HI ghgate 5082. FOUNTAIN girl wanted; Rose Way Fountain. 1346 Grove. BE rkeley i. FLORIST, experienced or wishing to learn; call 6 to 8 p.m. Flower nnop, r-ayiess jviarxet. FLOOR girl o r cashier. Apply Berkeley Bowl, phone calls. 2777 Shattuck; no General Office" Work. Good typist, able to do some work on dictaphone; pleasing appearance, ability to meet public. Apply Western Laboratories, 353 30th Street, 2 to 4 p.m.. except Saturday, Sunday, $150 per month. Girl Over 16 Part or full time. Anolr Cardlnet Candy Company. 2172 Market Street, Oakland. HI ghgate $143. Be a Key Collector Key System has a few places for responsible women to work as ground collectors. ... These are among tKe" most interesting ' of jobs. Act at once for a real opportunity. See Mr. Penso :Key System 1 106 Broadway HIghgate 4127 Women Safe, clean, inside, ' well-paid employment in a Permanent, Essential Industry . No Experience Necessary Apply Qwens-Illinois Glass Co. 601 36th Avenue, Oakland Fountain Girl Experienced or inexperienced, for Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda; day and night shifts; good wages, meals -and uniforms furnished. See Mr. Stewart or Mrs. Robertson at Borden's, 2743 San, Pablo. Girls Women Get Paid to Learn Beauty Culture If the war ended tomorrow, would vou have a ob? Tram now for a permanent career after the war. Be ready I rug money In Beautty culture now and after the war. We guarantee you a good paying po sition. .J3sc((Im41s, BAUTYjCAMrnrV Comer 14th and Washington TW inoaks 2155 GIRL" or woman for full or part time work in high class florist shop. Apply riogan and jsvers, 2Udu leie-graph Avenue. GENERAL housework; white; three adults; references; salary open. GL encourt 0101. GIRL to work days, fountain lunch Frultvale district, Mae Kusmaul, 3.114 East Hlh Street. G1UL lb-21 us fuTl time factory work: 55c-80c an hour. 31st Avenue and Fast 10th Street HOUSEKEEPER, white: 2 adults, 2 children; no cooking; Bendlx; private room and bath; 100, piedmont 8734. HOUSEKEEPER wauled for hotel in Hayward. Phone TE mplebar 2242 or n enmont hiw. HOI EL maid; good wages, working conditions and nours, Box PM862, HOTEL desk clerk, P.B.X, experi ence necessary; top wages; apply wew uaks rlotel, iiH7 t:itn Mtreet, HOTEL inaid, union apply eet. Clartdge Hotel, 034 1! INFORMATION clerks, nights, women up to 45 years; Key System, 11 0B Broadway. INSTITUTIONAL cook and helper; board, robm, salary; white; refer-ences desired, HU mboldt 1718. IF you like to draw, sketch or paint, see Talent Test ad in instruction column. Janitress' Capable of doing good cleaning job: day work, good salary; apply retail personnel, secona noor. . Montgomery Ward 29th Avenue, East 14th JANITRESS, day or night work, (ull or part time; hours arranged at your convenience. Box M13714, Tribune. JANITRESS; white; short hours; good pay; doctor's office building. Apply 411 30th Street, Room 218. JUNIOR bookkeeper, good pay. De-lanes Jewelers, 1212 Washington, Mr. Griibpr. "Laundry Help in All Departments White Star Laundry 3923 Broadway LIGHT housekeeping In; care of two children: Dimond district. TE m- I pie bar 8067. MIDDLE-aged woman with some nursing experience desiring a nice home, to care for man 75 years old; must be willing to share room with patient; $75 month with board. Call HU mboldt 060 1. - MIDDLE, unencumbered white woman; care of two children and assist housework; salary and good home; working mother; call between 6:30-8 p.m. all day Sunday. TH ornwall 81120. Mills College Kitchen helpers and maids; permanent position. Telephone . TR inidad 2700, Local o. MIDDLE-aged woman, fountain lunch: experience unnecessary. Phone TR Inidad 8957 between 2-1 p.m. MARRIED woman to work in S small hotel; $r0 month and 1 room apartment, call IE mplebar into. MIDDLE-aged woman companion to elderly lady: good home; light duties, rsnx I'l.liilll, Trinunp. NURSE for doctor's ofiice; experi ence not necessary; steady em-pioyment. Box P45730. Tribune. Office Clericals Accounts Payable Clerk Statistical .Clerk Comptometer Operator Apply Capwell, Sullivan 6c Furth 14th and Clay Streets Office Clerks General office experience preferred, knowledge of bookkeeping. Good at figures. Good opportunity and steady position In essential industry. 5"a day week. Apply. Doughnut Corporation of America, 1255 H7th Street, Emeryville. PI edmont 6022. PANTRY girl: will furnish board and room. Apply Providence Hos-.pital. 378 80th. Wanted .. Young Woman f or Secretarial and Record WorF .eeping - in Advertising Department Permanent position, pleasant wo'rklng conditions; 40-hour week, 8-hour day, 8:30 to 6:30 p.m.; no work on Saturday. Apply Advertising Department, 2nd Floor, Oakland Tribune Western Union Needs Women and -Girls ' for Permanent, Interesting vand Essential Work Paid While Training i See 'iWells, "" :.' " Employment Supervisor 409 13th Street Ground Floor Tribune Tower Buliding Woman Wanted Train to be optical technician, get into essential industry with a postwar future. American Optical Company 130 Latham Square Building Mr. Bromberg Laundry rielp Wanted Feeders Folders Markers Distributors Garment and shirt press operators No experience necessary Peerless Laundry 4701 Grove Street Office Help Typing, no shorthand. Call TE mplebar 4K'0, 9 a m, to 5 p.m. OFFICE clerk; ability to operate comptometer and typewriter preferred; steady position' in estab lished concern. BE rkeley 1832, ask for Mr. uavts. PBX Operator Office experience absolutely necessary. Ideal working conditions. Salary $132.25, five-day week; perma nent position in essennHi inuunii.v. Blake. Moflett and Towne, 6th and Webster. - PART time, general office work, morning or afternoon, essential industry; good transportation, 28th and Myrtle Street: call Mrs. Btew-ard, TE mplebar 2711. PERMANENT maid for cleaning service in fine apartment building. TEmiilebar 4H87. I PRACTICAL nurse; 8 hour night duty; O. B. only. KE llogg 2-3345. READ "Employment Preparation." (Class 1021 and be sure to look your best when applying for work. Read "Beatltv Aids'' (Class 139.) Saleswomen Hosiery and Bags ' Top Salary, Commission Excellent opportunity lor eapable person to take charge of department, Box Ml 1377, Tribune. Shoe Saleswomen Top Weekly Guarantee Pay tl on All Sale Will train you If you have any selling; experience . Roch.Is Shoe Co. 475 14th Street Secretary Insurance Broker 38 hours; well established, pleasant two-girl office; $180 yp, depending upon qualifications; good know! edge of automobile, casualty insur ance necessary; prefer girl 25-40 HI ghgate 5551. ,. Sailors' Uniform Operators; experienced sewing ma-rhtne-': will teach; good pay, steady. 373 12th Street. SALES girl, permanent position ; pleasant working condition; also cashier. Roos Brothers California Shops, Telegraph n Berkeley. Mr. Kinn Telegraph near Bather uate, ney. SALESLADY, experienced; piece goods; perfect working conditions, good salary. Box B1II195, Tribune, SEWERS on children's cotton gar ments. Apply in person. Essential Industry, Room 41, 300 12th Street, tl.I lri A r v .i in.....-,, -I enced; steady position. Jeannette shop, 1711 Broadway. SECOND cook for sorority house. Phone TH ornwall 3631 or BE rke ley 8i0. Waitress $5 shift, 3 meals, good tips; uniforms lurnlshed; pleasant working conditions; day and night shifts. Apply in person, Mayflower Restaurant, 1317 Broadway. WANTED, typist to transcribe from dictating macnine ana perform rou tine office work: four girl office East Oakland. Dewey and Almy cnemical company, aw dover zmu WAITRESS, full or part time; bed- room cleanup woman: nours b a.m. 3 p.m.; no experience necessary. women s Athletic Club, 025 Belle-vue Avenue. WOMAN; care scnool child, light housework; room and board, good home, $40 per month. KE llogg 3-4841 after 9 p.m. or Sunday ll day. day. WOMAN to share apartment, care for 2 year old child of working mother. Piedmont 8984; salary. WOMAN to wash dlsues, must live in Melrose; apply 4745 East 14th, rrnr'-' Hr-Jlnninnt. ' WAITRESS wanted. 11-7 p.m., no Sundays, good salary; apply re-da's Fountain, 579 14th Street. WANTED, experienced knitting instructress. Call or apply at Hale Bros, San Jose, Calif. ' 13 WOMEN WANTED Wanted : Waitresses And F&mtain Girls Good Wages Apply Edy's : 3276 Lakeshore Avenue Southern Pacific Company An essential Industry in the war effort needs for work in San Francisco office, women and girls General Clerical Work Comptometer Operators Key Punch Operators Day and Evening Shifts Typists-Billers (Evening Shift Only) Men for General r : Clerical Work ' Boys as , Office Attendants Southern pacific , Company 15 Market Street, Room 220 , San Francisco Women for Steady Work 16 to 40 - . Essential Industry - Shredded Wheat Bakery 126744th Street WANTED, experienced, all around beauty operator. Telephone LA kehurst 2-7700. WAITRESS wanted. 18-30. (35 week; apply from 11 on. Busy Bee Foun- taln, Q'lB lvtn street. 3 good beauty operators - to go to Alaska; transportation paid from Seattle to Sitka. Box M13072, Tribune. ' 13 DOMESTIC HELP A Second Maic White, home; adults; with references; for modern private room, bath; two good KHlary. F'l edmont 77H0, ASSISTANT housekeeper; guest house. Oakland. 8 hours, o days; $100 monthly; no cooking; live out or in. TH ornwall 2iVift. A colored airl for housework; fam- ily of three; go home nights if you wish; no Sunday work, 120 per Week. AN dover 0117. ABLE woman for general house work; private room, service mans wife acceptable; salary open. TE m- p.ppar AFTCUNOON work In guest house, cleaning, no cooking. TE mplebar 6RX1. COOKING and general work, good salary; one in family, sunny room and hath. Pleaw write Apartment flol, 402 Staten Avenue, Oakland: telephone after January 9th, Hlgh- pnte 1041. COOKING and general work, apart ment, one In family; good- transportation, sunny room and bath. Please write Apartment 801, 492 Staten Avenue, Oakland. Telephone after January 9, HI gngate mil COOKING tasid downstairs, white, $100; upstairs maid, white, sou; two adults, three children ages 13, 11, 4; private room and bath. HIT mboldt 1132. CAPABLE woman, white, light housework and assist witn cooKing, private room, bsth, board, good wages. HI ghgate 8883. 3601 Lake-shore, Oakland, COMPETENT care of two children; upstairs work; white; so monm: also experienced housekeeping, cooking, $80 month; new Piedmont home. Piedmont 8411 COOK; white; temperate habits for boarding home; live in; pieam surroundings; liberal time off; good salary. Box M 12953, Tribune. COOKING and housework; three in family; live in: reterences; l"J"-nent: wages satisfactory. Hum-bo Idt 2101. ' COOKING, general hmlsewoVk , room. TE IT ! Jew bar 0883. COOK and also general kitchen helper, good wages to right party; BE rkeley mm, COOK, some housekeeping: Alameda: 3 adults; references, LA kehurst 2-0113. COLOHEO .maid, experienced, with references: adult lainiiy; auu. TH ornwall 9302. COOK; experienced; general housework; small family; nice home; live In: snlarv $1110. TH ornwall 1-0848. EXPERIENCED white woman; general housework; four adults-; Monday and Wednesday; references; $50 month. PL ymplc 1330. GOOD cook wanted for 2 adults 1081) Ashmount Avenue; GL encourt 0409. GENERAL ' housework and plain cooking for family of five, live in, $85 to start: AS hberry 4793. GENERAL housework; room, board; salary open. HIghgate 7R20. HOUSEKEEPER; small family uicnnaiii niiiiunjiicic, new ,,u,,u-, handy to transportation. Frultvale district; a-day week; 2 days iu-cju; 3 days 2-11:30; sleep ire or out, whichever you prefer; help with plain cooking and housework: no washing; salary mpen. KE llogg 4-WI hi i-wcrii .'i-7:30 p m. HOUSEKEEPER for working couple one 8-year-old child, full charge of home, good wages ana gooa noine; call in person at Exchange Diner, 2057 Webster Street, Oakland HOUSEKEEPER. for motherless home l.isht work. Monterey County. Take complete chan-.e of house. Clean, dependable and ex perlenced. Box M1I24H. Tribune. HOUSEKEEPER, for three school children. 8-12 p.m., Sundays off. 80th, Telegraph preferred. Piedmont 4979W. " HOUSEKEEPER for family of adults: state experience and wages desired; live. In. tiox P4U9B4, irio-nne. HOUSEKEEPER, middle - aged or serviceman's wife who can drive for elderly lady living in country. TH inidad 854(1, HOUSEWORK, part tn.it school girl; .board, room, KE llogg 3-3318. high salary. HOUSEKEEPER tor two adults, wife semi-invalid: homo privileges, snl.-irv; live In. KE lines: 3-irtl. HOUSEKEEPER and cook from 11 am. to 3 p.m.; references. KE llogg 3-2488, evenings. HELP wanted, general house work. a days week; OL-yniptc iuhi. 13 DOMESTIC HELP (Contimiedl - HIGH school girl, housework, Pied mont, sunny room, salary, ul ym- pic 0384. LADY, care for s-year-old girl evenings; room, board optional; Sundays off. AN dover 8508, between LIGHT house work, plain cooking; room and board, salary open, KE 1- logg 4-1028. LAD V fur light housekeeping and care ot babyV -room,- tjoard, 3r per month. AS hberry 8304. MOTHER'S helper, light work, private room; salary open. GL en-court 8289. NURSEMAID for 2 children of working mother; no housework; live in. 60. AN dover 28fi, after t n.m. RELIABLE woman with references for housework and cooking: three adults, one child 2 years; live in or out: salary open. One block from College Avenue cars; BE rkeley 3507. RELIABLE person to assist with baby. Girl preferred. BE rkeley 0828. SIMPLE cooking, assist with house work, modern Piedmont home; 2 school girls, salary open; references. TE mplebar 4488. SCHOOL eirt to serve dinner in guest house; also woman wanted; no cleaning or cooking. TE mplebar 8515, SERVICE man's wife needs reliable person for part time care of two-mont Hs-old baby; HU mboldt 6279. SCHOOL girl, " mother's helper; room, board and salary. KE llogg 3-3283. WORKING couple want lady to care for two- children, room, board and salary; preferably white; phone TE mplebar 8524, after 6:30 phone KE llogg 3-1417. WOMAN for cooking and general housework; two adults, three children; no washing or ironing; good home for someone; $75. HU mboldt HI88 WOMAN for housework and assist with children o ranch' near Danville: convenient ' trs-nspgrtation good salary, Danville 513, WOMAN to care for two children: room, board, salary. u mDoiai 8088. sion COOK and housekeeper; S adults; references required; live in or out. TE mplebar B175. 14 MEN, WOMEN WANTED Essential Transportation Industry Needs Men and Women to Clean Pullman Cars also Painters Mechanics Electricians , Upholsterers Office HelpAll Kind. Time nd one-half for overrun. . Vacation with pay. . Apply H. Wendling, Foreman The Pullman Co. 2nd and Pine Streets. Oakland Railway Express-Agency An Essential War Industry WANTS Men and Women Men, 17-55 years, for full-time and part-time wors.. Women, 18-45 years for full-time work. As Assorters and Drivers Good Wages Apply Employment' Office - 16th Street Depot (FOOT OF 16TH STRIET Oakland Men and Women Wanted Steady work near horn Mi overtime; experience net isry; essential was wofh. Auto Lite Battery Corp. 1128 8th Avenue, Oshhss4 We are also poetwn tssttsftor. 20 Women Buss Drivers 23 to 45 years: experience) preferred but not essential; also women of fice clerks. Men Truck Drivers Experienced Auto Mechanics . Experienced . For Treasure Island: essential fn- ri,itrv Phone KE ltnffg 4-1964. mornings 10 to 12, evenings 5 to 1. COUPLE as caretakers of club in Berkeley, three room apartment, salary: box P454B8. Tribune. COUt-Liii, io woik on ctucieii ranch house furnished. Baker Brolhers, Roiilo 1. Box 230. PctKl'imn. DRIVE truck, service vending ma chines; good pay. LA kehurst 3-3501 after . DISHWASHER; The Hacienda, Phone after 12, 4-11 o. $7 day. Orinda Crossroads. Orlnda 4211 EXPERIENCED couple wanted to manage and maintain apartments; salary open, rnone vauejo .inouj. If no answer phone Vallcio 37984. VIRST class tailor, coal maker ore' ferred, also first class finisher on naval uniforms. 2817 'ieiegrapn Avenue, Oakland. GOOD salary and worKing cuncli-tlons imd central location; hotel clerk. Boc P-1R'1"7. TriHune. huTLL ciem .warned; must be sober. OL ymplc Hotel, East 12th and 2nd Avenue. Laundry Help In all departments: no experience necessary: no age limit; ideal working conditions. Victory Laundry Co. 2839 East 9th Street, East aOkland, formerly New Process Laundry. Laundry Workers Experienced or inexperienced Half blockCar 3 Troy-Manhattan Excelsior 1812 Dwtght W.iv. Berkelev MIDDLE ased Chn.-Uiun man aiui wife for cooking and general housekeeping. General handy man: live in. References. Phone KE UokUi 071. REAL estate salt-woman: part o establtshfd firm. -tiiAii or sales-r full time; v' TE nr.lel.e 1- - VIOLIN teacher want." em California and A1 lent Income. Pot PI ,

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