The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE tWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 19-17 ina) Rites Today For Henry Ford More Than 100,000 File Past Bier or Auto Manufacturer BY ROY 'J. FORREST ' »Unitb,l Press Staff corr*sj>on<J«»t DETROIT, April 10.—The body of Henry Ford wns "!irrled N quietly D .<H Paul's Cathedral ,for final iervcles today ns industries hushed for a minute's tribute to,the pio- *ncer "of mais production.. .'"• • Silent ciouds H»«l the streets to glimpse the funeral cortege. Tlie services \\ere set for 2:30 p.m. Only p (cv> hiuiclreil could crowd Into the t-itliwlral to vutiies.s the last rites for the innn »hose techniques vey- blutidnecl American Industry.-. > ' More than 100.000 persons, rich nd poor, filer! past the bier where 'Ford's body lay in stale:yesterday |-in the Recreation Hall of Grcen- sfield Villrige, his Musunn of Early [America. r At-10 p.m., the scheduled dosing liriKVllncs six to eight abreist ex- liondcd blocks from llv ucrcalloi tall nailing to file pft-it the simple Lbroiuc casket. The mnuinm «eic [jet liirougli until, 10:30 ind ther I Stopped. 1» Traffic -"was jammed foi mile 1 Ifnromid the Village, and sonic Per hsons parked as far ns three mile Ijawayto walk to tho hall Guard l'"kev>t the procession i« orderly Hues K The entire automobile ind ri'h ijcr industries will halt for a mo i sit 2:30 p.m.. and Ford plants Canada Pays Churchman ^Alarmed by U. S. Policies 'ATUANTA. Ou., A;ril 10. (UP)— Charles P. lioss. Jr., s|H,l:.sman for ; ouEttont the nation will be cloi all 'day. Virtualls nil iiulustr Michigan will stop biicfl\ {tribute. . i lii Detroit, all Buses vicl street 'cars will stop momentarily at the •isthrl of the funeral. The' Common l-Cbiincil . asked that all motorl Us also.- City cmplojM will liavc ' liiiU-holldny. , suburban Dearborn will observe bi'30-day period o{ mourning for I" Klvst citizen. Black diapes Mil hang .Ifroin the City Hall he helped build iJaiid tings will .fly at half s aft I)-The 35-niinntc.sevMi.cs it, down- rtown St. Paul's were to be comjuci lod by tlie Very Rev. Kirk B <7rw- Irall. dean of the cathedial Ami the l-Rfcv.' Bedlcy O.-Stnccj " c t°L,°; lithe Dearborn-Church which Pom \lfo often attendeti:. Aflcr Hie services a funeral cor- cgo will carry.the body Southwest I'across t.he":clty':'lo .tlie small WBI Tl-.orn Cemetery -where Fords son and iiarents arc buried Just across hhe"'"iS- 'Is'the white frame house .in which the industrialist \vns born L8S vears ago. . Only members of Ihe familj im" [a few close friends : will witness the jirervices at the grave f " *Tr»n/ Scheduled for Man ilHe/d for IFxiWife's Death 1 J.tTn^E- TiOCK. Ark April 10j pl—Tlie Ilrst deKiee murder trial ,i Cdell namick will take place it\ 1st Division Pulaski Circuit Court B. li. Temiileton of .Wolliaalou Texas, a-member of the HOIIRJ e Renrescntalives, is the only one <j the. .veteran legislator.'; who receives disability pay 'from a fur cigrivcountry. He enlisted In Die ROAP In IB41 and flew for Caniul; In'England during Die cnifir.1 v, yeais of 1D42 4J till) 1344 I umu back to tht U S mil du to u juries suffered In numerous crnsh- es v-.bcgan recelvtnsj conipensutlou front the Canadian government. He'-.Is. also the first American to get.,educational benefits under llui Canadian bill of light:;; laifiulluK the.V. University of Tiixas for two yettrs. nl.-the exiwnse of the Ciinn- clian'"gbvcrimiciit. (NEATelepliolo.! evlla'ile." OSoss is execulive secretary the commission whose members representing 17''Methodist conferences, conferred here on world peace. •lioss sakl that we face "one world or none." He urged that the niilion's policy k«>p from BOlna down the "road of a new "American imperialism." He said that peace rests with the United Na- p( | Sergeant, Who Married Here, Gets Army Honors filal'f Scrs-t, George W. Selford, lormerly stationed at the Army Air Base here and huiband of a Blythcville girl, will receive two letters of commendation Saturday at t!ie Indoctrination Division, Air Tralnlu;; Command, San Antonio. Texas, Hie Army announced today. Uons. iB:>5S siikl ' thai the commission favored United Nations supervision the CMniilsslon on Work! l j eai;e of Hie MftlHidist l-:.)H:o;;al Church expressed alarm Unlay orer tlie United ' Stntrs policy tuwnnl JiU'i- j n economic rehabilitation of Oreec" sin which IK.' said is dlvldlnu tlie ,, m | t|, c estoWlslunent of a coalf- world InUi Kistcrn and Western n on g&venunent ol- all political blocs. parties ^enclini: an election 'In The division. 'Boss caiil, Is lav- i Greece under United Nations sii- K tlio j:i<niiniwoi-].; lor another prrvision. var. lioss suitl lii:tt \v;ir \vith nin-j Is "iii'ithiT immJiH-nt iior in-S ,,, . . , llcail Courier News Want Ads, Hie tion will receive the commenda- for suggestions made by him C. o/ C. Splits With Council On Road Deal PAYETTEVILLE, Ark., April 10 (UP) _i The Fnyettevllle Glininbcr Of Commerce and thc'Citv Council today were on opposite sides or proposed re-roullng of Hicliwny tHroiigh .Pnyettevillc. The board yesterday drew up '> resolution urging the eoiuiull to Investigate all angles of Ilnnncliu: such a plun. bill Mnynr Ocorgc Sanders curlier had announced thai the city could not pay Its two- thirds of , tile cost of buying tlie right-nf-Wny for tlie re-routins project The chamber of Commerce; rcso- lullbh • asserted Hint unfiiv'ornbfc traffic ; .cpnditlons would be cltmt- IjMuy IfPrcs y 8, a dale set jcslcrdny cuting vrttornc\ Fd«m Dtma- niited by the aim pointed ou that,, two people died in dents on Hie highway last month. Rnmick -is at llue/ty. on $10.000 I bnntl, accused of slioolinK his_ fpr- j irn-r wifn lo"d<Tath in-thn front; door of her home -last Oct., IS.'-Mrs.'Bni- ma Dell Alie.y. who. had scparnled from Ramick and re-married, was fr.tally wojinderi as she passed ...taie I door, and 'neighbors later identified iRarntck as the man that ran down I the street -after tile shots -were fir- I ocl. '.,..-•. . . Mrs. Alley's seven - year - .old [daughter readily told police, V.Odcll 1 Ramick shot niy 111 other." She was in the robni at 'the time of the | tragedy. •--,-',• Ramick con'endcii all along that Ll>n was not'iri little Rock when the [shooting took' place,. He was rc- 1 leased froni Pulaski County jail on I bond, after being held two months. Cardinal Sees Changes In His Native Southland NASHVILLE. ' Teiin.. April 10 (UP)—Samuel A. Cardinal Strilch Chicago, has a yearning lhat his native Southland hark back to tilt oitl days, he said in an interview here last night. "This Is a better south thnn in the days of the old plantations :in< big estates," the Catholic, churchman said. , "Something fine and breathing is taking place throughout Ihe modern South. Young men are going t-J lake use of tlie nd vantages and esource's lo the betterment of all : >les," he added. I Difference - ; t Mast hemispherical maps . give 1 I the dvision -of the eastern and I western heniiiliheres at the meridi- I ans 20 W. and 163 E.. while some 1 give, it at 15 W. and 1G5 E. Read Courier News Want Ads. NOW at— Liberty Cash Grocery for Improvement of office procedures which are credited 'jy the Army with saving 00:0 man-hours the first year of use. Sergt. and Mrs. Sellord were married whilo ho was statiomd here. She Is tlio former .Miss Harriet Payne, daunhler of Mr. ancl Mrs. William II. 1'iiyne of III. \S, niytlwvllle. SHow Was It Named? Some say lhal jolinnycakc, tin; hard-i;aked . cornmeal food. cri;si- natly was called journey cake, because it could be carried as sustenance on long trips, while others Bay the Bhawnee Indians made such <akes of pounded corn, and that our .lohnnycake is only a cor- uiplion of Bhawnee crke. Clerk. 413-10 One person ill three can handle poison Ivy. without any ill effect;;. NOTICE Notice i s ^herein' given that Homer Slarnes has inada apiilii lion to remodel, a buikUnn on the rein 1 lot of 13 Hacltr Addition to tin: City of Rlythey'll!). 1 , and said Imlldlng as a hock ht<.;'e. ^ protest should be in wiilin;', and liled-in Die office of Hie Uily JOB CARNEY, City Engineor. WAHNixo OK;;;,K In (lie Chancery Court, Chirka- sawb.i District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Maltie Jackson ,1'laintlir, vs. No. 100:10 Walter I,ec Jackson Delejidam. The defendant Walter Leo J:ir-k- fxin, i-i hereby warned to appear HEADACHE within mimed thirty days In the onui in the caption hereof nnil answer the complaint of ilia plaintiff Halite Jackson. DuUid this 9 day of April, lt>4V. HARVEY MORKIS, Ok'jk. By Dorothy Cunley. I). C. C. F. Cooper, Ally, for pit. Gene -E. Bradley, Atty. acl Lllein. 4110-1J-24-511 inzrcJi.c ' hci.Jjchf dti«tiot Do you suffer MONTHLY FEIMU PUN? This trimi medicine Is ftimous to relieve pull), nervous ilistress and wejik, cranky, 'iliu^f-jcd out' fo;l- Ijigs, of such duyfi--wncn tlutt to (o- ::mle fmiulLuoiil monthly dlstur- Ijiinces. Also liui! sutinnrtjlc loiilcl Meat Baiis lit Chili Gravy The Marvelous New Suds Discovery large size box 3Tall or 6 SniaU 37c - - - case Win a New Servel Refrigerator Enter Swansdown Contest Today! Large Size Box Only 37c 1000 Sheet Roll - - only 1 MAKE THE WASH GO FASTER... EASIER.' 33c Mix together bread crumbs nnd milk. Let stand "> minutes. Add meat, ^nton, sale and pepper. Mix thoroughly, shape into 4 balls. Brown all ever in hot shortening. Add mixture of chili sauce, water, celeiy, Jiorse-radiih and lemon juice. Cover; simmer 20 minutes, turning balls occasionally in 1(19 sauce. Serve hot- Makes 4 servings. fcUw beef, veal, lamb or purk. you Will A : £-ei7:' • , ' Pet Milk .... 13c Ground Meat, .35c Chili Sauce ... 25c Bread •..,. 15c NO. 2|/j SCOTS UMII.AK 1 CIGARETTES in Heavy Syrup AI.l, POIMII.AK KiKANDR Carton 1,99 IHIR10 LARD 4-lh. Ctn. 1.38 8 Ibs. 175 OI.l) KASIIION 1-11) IJrown or Cont'c-ctioncry, Lb. lie. Pure White 5 Cone Ibs. CllTKITIi J25 ft. roll OCEAN SI'KAY CRANBERRY SAUCE-."- Hi EXTRA STANDARD TOMATOES No. 2'/ 2 can SUNSWEET TENDEUI/KD PRUNES * 25< 2 Ibs. 47? NO. 2'/ 2 CAN PEACHES in light syrup 25? JACKSON NO. 2J/2 CAN SAUERKRAUT en. OHIO VAI.M3Y HOMIHY No. 2!/2 can 2 for GKIFFIN LIQUID WAX SHOE POLISH Assorted Colors Bot. 2 BAUS CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP Cleanser all for OCTAGON I'KVEI/V OR JACK SPRAT Tall cans Case N1LK $£.49 '5 KUOOKS' 11 OZ BOTI/LE TOMATO CATSUP ea. Sec Our New Display Produce Department FRESH FRUIT and VEGETABLES Pascal Bleached Stalks Large Jumbo Heads each •x- Downuflake DOR1UTS Glvt th« family lomcThing To grow on. glow on. between meali. DOWNYHAKE Oonuli ore rich in honeiMo-goodnen nouriihmcnl -raiTc like dr«om doauu, ino. The DOWNY- f IAK& machine molei 'cm rig^f bttore you -frt *iond hoi I . SK TNEMMADC AT. .. Plain Donuts Dozen >.-... Sugared Dpnuts Dozen ' ....... Glazed or Frosted Dozen 30' 35 C 40' LETTUCE GREEN ONIONS G °"*" RADISHES GRAPEFRUIT SWEET YAMS SQUASH TOMATOES CABBAGE POTATOES CARROTS ORANGES GRAPEFRUIT ASPARAGUS APPLES Fresh Crispy Fresh Bunches Pink Meat Puerto Rican Fresh Tender Yellow Red Ripe Fancy Texas Green Heads U. S. No. I Red Triumph Garden Fresh Bunches Florida Large 54 Size each bch. Bch. each 3 Ibs. 1* lOc 50 Fresh Green Tips York Cooking n>. Ib. Ib. 10 Ib. bag each 8-11,. bag 10 Ib. bag Ib. Ib. 7H 25^ 29< 290 ROUND OR LOIN 39? 45? 28? 10? 2 POUND ROX AMRUICAN CHE ROUND OR 1 VEAL STEAK FRYERS HENS SI.ICKD BACON ENDS GRADE "A" CHUCK BEEF ROAST IN IMKCK BACON EXTRA SKI.KCT OYSTERS PURK HEEF GROUND BEEF END SLICES TENDERIZED HAM HRISKET OR R1I5 STEW MEAT Armour Star HOME DRESSED Ib. Ib. Ib. pt. Ib. Ib. Ib. LlBJERTY

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