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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 2
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 2

Reno, Nevada
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RENO EVENING GAZETTE PAGE TWO TUESDAY, AUGUST 9-1927 OH, SO COMFORTABLE WOOD'S FUNERAL" TODAY'S BASEBALL SPIDER BITE AUGMENT NAVY BY 8 CRUISERS 101 E. SEXTON DIES ON COAST AMERICAN LEAGUE IS MPRSSNE Rain at ntrn1r. i (Continued from Page One) time that parcels post shipments be Mary Irene Futweider, fifteen-Yeur-olcl daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wrlev D.

Fulwelder or Sparks, dim! this afternoon as the result gan to increase and Sexton found the mall car of his train filled with par eels post matter for which he con an infection caused by a spiuer bite. tended he was not receiving sufficient payment from the government. The DETROIT, Aug. 9 yp) -Boston at Detroit, postponed; rain. Yankees Smothered PHILADELPHIA.

Aug. 9 (JPy Rube Walberg nearly had the distinction of being the first pitcher to shut out the Yankees this season when he hurled -the Athletics to an eight to one victory today. Walberg stopped the New Yorkers with six hits, one of which was Lou Gehrig's thirty-eighth homer in the ninth. Score R. H.

E. New York Js 1 6 3 Philadelphia 8 13 1 Ruether, Pipgras and Collins; Walberg and Cochran. Senators Break Evea warwtnoton axib. 9. UP) The post office department declared that he had to carry out the terms of the IUEEN OF YUKON contract and he informed the depart declared that he was one of the most charitable men in the state and assisted many poor families.

Shaughnessy said today that Sexton did a great amount of charitable work every year and could always be counted upon to help a worthy cause. The road from Palisade to Eureka was built in 1874 at a cost of $1 355 -000 by a feompany In which Edgar and D. O. Mills. William Sharon, A.

Harmon. John Shaw and Isaac Requa were the principal stockholders, the Mills brothers owning half the stock. Shops were built at Palisade and in, 1875 the company acquired the Ruby Hill road and 'made it a part of the main svstem. In 1880 the road carried 41,723 tons of freight which was not as much as had been carried in previous years. It owned a farm of a thousand acres near the railroad during the '80s.

ROA REORGANIZED The original bonded debt of road was 1,000.000 and in 1900 it defaulted in payment of interest and other debt amounting to $409 000 The road went into the hands of a receiver and the bond holders" took over the property and reorganized under the name of the Eureka Palisade Railway Company a $500 000 corporation. In 1910 a special master was appointed by the circuit court and directed to sell the property to satisfy a judgment. The sale was made and George Whitteil. who with his associates owned more than half of the original $1,000,000 bond Issue then repurchased the read for $86,345 and assigned all their interests to the (Continued from Page One) Frank Mclntyre, Erig. Gen.

McCoy and Frank Parser. Cols. Charles E. Kil-bourne and E. H.

Humphrey and MaJ. Burton Y. Read, he chief of army chaplains. Col. John T.

Axton. was Cesi-ned to conduct the services at the grave, assisted by Chaplain W. H. Watts. The burial pot selected at the direction of Mrs.

Wood was a plot close to the grave of Admiral Sampson, a hero cf the Spanish-American war In which General Wood also gave bril- Eureka Nevada Railway Company, which owned the road originally. This transaction took place following the April flood of 1910 and plans were ment that' he would not. It was said at the time that a postoffice inspector was sent to Palisade to see that a (Continued from Page One) for this ship would be three times as larre as the Los Angeles. Mr Wilbur is refusing to accept a contract on a cost plus fixed price WILBUR'S STATEMENT The only firm which has submitted an accentable plan for the gigahtlc ship is insisting upon this contract and the secretary will leave it to congress to decide whether such a contract will be accepted. Mr.

Wilbur issued the following statement in connection with the navy's plans: "We expect to go ahead with the building and replacement plan of ship building for the navy as authorized by the general board for our needs. There will be no changes In the plan because iof the inability to reach an agreement at Geneva. The exact details to be presented to the next congress have not yet been determined and will be arrived at in the usual shipment of mail was carried to LOST NEAR ELY Eureka. The inspector took tne man from the Southern Pacific cars and leaded it Into; the passenger coach of the Eureka road, climbing into the Senators gained an. even break in a fourrgame series with Cleveland by taking today's game, four to two.

Score R- H. E. car with it. Cleveland 2 9 3 Washington 4 11 1 Buckeve. Levson and Autrey: The train started for Eureka In a few minutes but coach, inspector and mail were left behind.

Sexton had disconnected the car from the rest of -i uiuB io renaoiutate the road. Thurston and Ruel. NATIONAL LEAGUE Waner's Double Wins prmmrmoH. Aue. 9.

UP) Paul Waner's double, scoring his brotrfer. LUMBER Wrecking lumber at exposition grounds, 300.000 feet of first class materials, all sizes, at a big reduction. Call Joe Shelley. 231 street. Phone 2857.

Lloyd, in. tne nintn, enaDiea nns- Anxiety Is being felt at Ely for the safety of the "Queen of the Yukon, sister ship of the "Spirit of St, Louis Col. Charles A. Lindbergh's trans-Atlantic airship, according to word received here this afternoon. The ship hopped off from Elko at 8:40 a.

m. for Ely and had not arrived at noon. The trip usually takes an hour and half. aviators familiar with the plane as well as the country between Elko and Ely do not fear serious confluences because of the delay. They believe the aviators may have become lost and that as soon as they find their bearings again, they will arrive in Ely.

The plane has been flying In Reno for the past several weeks and left lor Elko on the way to Ely Monday morning. burgh to nose out tne uianis toaay by 7 to 6. ti Score R- Moor Vnrlr 6 12 1 manner." NO DELAY While he would not amplify this statement, it Is understood the general board's plan call for construction of probably twelve ten thousand-ton cruisers with eight-inch guns in addition to the eight cruiseds and ten thousand tons now under construction. Mr. Coolidge emphasized that the regular program of the navy which had been mapped out before the Geneva conference would go ahead.

He considers that program, it was said, moderate and adequate for the defense of the nation. Pittsburgh .7 13 2 Grimes, Henry, Fitzslmmons and Taylor, Devormer; Meadows, Hill and Gooch. Cubs Still Winning PHirAno. Auer. 9.

UP) The Cubs the train, loaded the passengers in a box car and the train went on. BI TTER MELTS A shipment of butter came by parcels post one day when the mail contract fight was at its height. The butter was loaded on the coach but was placed within a few inches of a red-hot stove. The fight waged merrily for several weeks. It was during the time that Postmaster General Burleson was in charge of postoffice affairs.

In th end Sexton won and secured a new contract. He was a very warm friend of Emmet D. Boyle, former governor, and of J. F. Shaughnessy, chairman of the public service commission, but' carried on many fights with the commission and the state over rate schedules.

During the World War. it is told, he was attending a rate hearing at Carson when the question of purchasing Liberty bonds came up. Someone mentioned to Sexton that he should acquire a big block of the bonds and it was said afterwards that he ordered $50,000 worth at once. ran their winning streak to nine straight by capturing the first part of a double-header from Brooklyn today by 2 to 0 before a crowd of about 32,000. The Cubs, however, lost the A big day for "Lizzie," queen of the elephant herd at the Philadelphia zoo, was the thirtieth anniversary of her enforced sojourn there.

While her cage mates looked on enviously, she trunked away a sumptuous vegetable There was a note of hope still Lin PROBER COAST gerlng about the summer White House today that another limitation cake, garnished with sweet hay, and then had herself a dip in the pool, second game, 4 to o. Srnrp R. H. E. pictured here conference might yet reach an agree ment, but there was nothing to indi Brooklyn 0 6 2 Chicago 54 cate that the president had changed his announced views that such a con ference is not now in prospect.

Petty, Ehrhardt, Clark ana Mennne; Carlson and Hartnett. Second game- R. H. E. Brooklyn 5 10 0 There 'are now ten cruisers of 7500 tons.

ILAST TOO SOON AND ONE KILLED EXECUTION STAY DENIED BY JUDGE Chicago 4 18 0 It is not believed possible to get CHARITABLE MAN the additional eight in commission Doak, Clark and Deberry; uusn, Erillheart, Jones nd Hartnett, Though he had the reputation of oeing a nard man to transact busi before three years. PLANS ALL DRAWN With the failure of the Geneva par ness with, those who knew him best ley, it is anticipated that the six QUITS OFFICE WASHINGTON. Aug. 9. lff3.

C. Wacklell, who has 'been Investigating prohibition conditions on the Pacific Coast, has submitted his resignation to Commissioner Doran. Waddell, a native of Indiana, has been supervisor of alcohol and brewery control but when that position was abolished he was sent on a special mission to the West Coast. He said he would enter business In Washington. WASHDAY BLlS cruisers soon win oe unuer construe BODY tion.

All plans had been drawn for (Continued from Page One) them before the Geneva conference Congress appropriated $150,000 for experimentation and beginning of ROBBINSVILLE, N. Aug. 9. (JP) One man was killed, six were seriously injured and two were entombed today by the premature explosion of dynamite being used in construction work in a tunnel of the Tallahassee Power Company's project on Yellow creek near here. SALE FOUGHT PROVED SAFE construction of the Mammoth lighter-than-air ship, but, the complications over the contract will delay progress on this work for another year.

Mr. Wilbur announced himself today as opposed to tne cost plus contract and congress has indicated it opposes this IMPALED IN HEART IN AUTO ACCIDENT Take without Fear as Told aiso. in "Bayer" Package i TO BE CUT OUT VERY BAD CASE OF DANDRUFF I CLEVELAND, Aug. 9. (JP An application of three minority stockholders of the Fisher Body Ohio Company for an injunction to prevent the sale of the company to the General Motors Corporation was denied here late today by Judge Harrison W.

Ewing in the common pleas court. collIeIer PUT OFF TEAM JFILORSHEIM SHOES If you haven't made this saving on a pair or twov. don't wait obey that impulse do it now. university to throw the switch on his execution." SEEKING EXPLOSIVES BOSTON. Aug.

9. (IP) Police Captain Herbert Goodwin said today that state police had been sent to a camp thirty-five miles from Boston and to another place nearer this city where he had reason to believe explosives were stored. The information, he said, came through the questioning of two men arrested as suspicious persons. LAST MINUTE APPEAL BOSTON, Aug. 9.

(JP) Counsel for Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco today filed with the clerk of the state supreme court an appeal from the decision of Supreme Court Judge George A. Sanderson denying the condemned men a writ of error. Judge Sandersons' decision was rendered yesterday. BOMB IN LONDON LONDON, Aug. 9: (P) A bomb wag exploded in the Aldwych station of the underground railway, at Jten o'clock this one was injured.

The bomb caused no damage. Some newspapers made a sensation of the explosion, connecting it with the world-wide demonstrations over the Sacco-Vanzetti case. COOLIDGE'S IIAS'DS OFF RAPID CITY, S. Aug. 9.

England, Aug. 9. (Pi Much, of the dreariness: and blues" of the family washday will be eliminated for housewives by Birmingham's municipal laundry, largest of its kind in the world, in which a washing which ordinarily requires a whole day will consume less than two The cost of "Washington for a family of five will be about one silling and sixpence, or about forty cents, including soap and soda. Birmingham's laundry will open in the fall. A housewife will be able to place her soiled clothes in a power-driven machine, then Into a hydro-extractor to remove moisture and finally into a drying closet.

Her only work, besides bringing her hamper Does not affect the Heart A few styles $9.85 SUNDERLANDS' LOS ANGELES. Aug. 9. JP) William Wright, eighteen, lived eight hours with a wound in his heart made by being impaled on a broken guard rail. Wright was driving an automobile and was believed to have goni to sleep at the wheel.

The machine crashed into the railing. y. Gas Cut In East NEW YORK, Aug. 9. (JP) The Standard Oil Company of New York today cut gasoline prices two cents a gallon in Greater New York and Connecticut making the new tank wagon the Communists after one of the demonstrators had been permitted to file a protest with the American consulate.

FORD'S VIEWS DETROIT, Aug. 9. (TP) Regardless of the fairness or the unfairness of the trial of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, they should, not; be executed, Henry Ford said today in reiterating his disbelief in capital punishment. INFERNAL MACHINE. Aug.

-9. (fP) A dynamite bomb with an electrical timing device set to cause an explosion at eleven o'clock tonight was found today in a delapidated building adjoining the sub-postoffice. The infernal machine was found by a hobo who heard the clock ticking. He informed the police. Aug.

9. (Jp) Boyd Smith, one of the most spectacular open field runners ever developed at St. Mary's College and a threat on the 1926 undefeated football machine, has been ruled lnellg- Unless you see the "Baver Cross" Scalp Itched Constantly. Kair Fell Out. Cuticura Healed.

I had a very bad case of dandruff. My scalp itched constantly and I scratched until it became very sore and pimples broke out. My hair fell out badly, and became lifeless and dry. The trouble lasted about four months. I tried many different remedies but none of them helped me.

I began using Cuticura Soap and Ointment and they relieved the irritation. I continued the treatment and in about two months I was completely healed." (Signed) Mrs. J. M. Hoffman, 4673 McCaffrey PL, St.

Louis, Mo. Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum are all you need for all toilet ustf Soap to cleanse. Ointment to soothe, Talcum to powder. Soap 25c. Ointment 25 and 50c.

Talcum 25c. Sold everywhere. Sample each free. Aridrefti: on package or on tablets you are not getting the eenuine Ravr a. INCORPORATED II BJii Good Shoes for Fifty Years II loie ior tnis season's play.

Brother Gregory said that Smith had failed of eligibility by a scholastic pirin proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians over twenty-five years for technicality. He. was looked upon as or laundry, will be pull two levers and turn two taps. Motor-driven mangles an electric Irons will also Colds Headache Neuritis Lumbajo Toothache Rheumatism Neuralgia Pain, Pain Each unbroken "Baver" n.irknc luuiusiay oi wns year eleven. SEVERAL NEVADANS GOING TO DENVER "-r i (AP) It was reiterated at the summer White House today that President Ooolidge considers the Saceo-Vanzettl case entirely a matter for disposal by Massachusetts courts.

RIOTS IN BRUSSELS BRUSSELS, Belgium, Aug 9. (P) Communisls," parading" in favor of Sacco and Vanzetti, today collided with a police force before the United contains proven directions. Handy boxes of twelve tablets cost fw Nevada will be represented at the Colorado River conference In Denver cents. Druggists also sell bottles WIGWAM Now be available, as well as special facilities for clothing likely to lose color in Llndy Loafs Irf Air LOUISVILLE, Aug. 9.P) Col.

Charles A. Lindbergh hopped off from Bowman field here In the "Spirit of St: Louis" today. He planned to "loaf around in the air" a while and appear over Indianapolis, his next stop, at two o'clock. WORTH WHILE FACTS Of more than 2700 miles of railways 'Cntaenra Laboratories, Sept. Maiden.

Maaf. or 24 to 100. on August 22 by six and possibly Cuticura Shaving Stick 2 Sc. States consulate. (Advertisement) ven men, according to announcement made todav hv vrori Police used their clubs to disperse Balzar, who will be one of the representatives.

Others from Nevadfi who will attend the meeting to which representatives of the wmn nnin- rado basin states have been Invited Include George W. aialone, True Vea in timana oniy 1,11 miles are double Men black as pitch and wilder than the jungle's worst denizen! A strange world that snarls at civilization and hates the white man The earth's most savage retreat where thrills, creeps, chills and fascinating adventure are woven into a background for this strange tale of two white lovers who fought it out for an entrancing white girl, and a girl who loved one man and was fascinated by the other. cm, benator Kep Pittman, C. P. Squires.

Dr. Roy Martin and possibly Charles B. Henderson. STARTING TOMORROW Evening only 7:00 and 9:00 6'clock I tracked. All railways of Haiti have only twenty-three locomotive s.

88 freight cars and thirty-one passenger cars. Airships of the Royal Air Navigation Company of Holland flew 863 miles in 6611 flying hours last year. For the first time In 125 years a born -in a family at Woking, England. For allowing his chimney to be" on me, a chimney-sweep was fined in a Leicester, England, court recently. London's unemninvoH nmv.

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