The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 25, 1959 · Page 13
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1959
Page 13
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a) irf if rfVT.irf 'v A., a m i BURNING TORMENTS OF FIRST LOVE! V- 'for tr0 1 A WARM SENSUOUS TAIE IDES OF 'ASSION IN COLOR Three caught In a . whirlpool of bewitchment and betrayal! I V ' V f , " , " ; l" -M ' j;t5jiv RELAX ENJOY A MOVIE TONIGHT ON A PANORAMIC SCREEN HEATERS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR COMFORT mi ABC On Hostj On Host (W tnMit BLUE DELL 3-iD.fl CAMP H0RNE t . Klfiit 4-4127 COLONIAL t. 51 Soft 5-07 Gr. Pittsburgh It. 50. v4 Mi frt ( ftti. nt?hM IF1. Villtf 4.3; HARMAR KENMAWR etlc'il. 10577 MAPLE n. ?1. UilMfMII 5-55i 10 Ml lot ;!l;HHir ROUTE 19 V Min nn Mr Uftmi SILVER LAKE wiikin ciry. , U. fin F'.n.ili.n. I (. HI. Mill SOUTH PARK SUPER 71' ti !. 51 li 71 i.ii, v.".n 711 TWIN HI-WAY .,, v W,if lit M .4fl RfR 2 HI. nl tl CnlHf Wexford Starlite , 19 mm fiwi Vim. Wt. 5-2731 FOK YOUR FAMILY'S PLEASURE FOR Gallitiin, Pa. ERCULIANI'S 00 Tvnntlhill St. LOCANTE'S Rxtairint 1 lfng 2no Wnt Llberry , 1 Ml. Iniith at Llturlv Tiln LOCANTE'S NEW WALNUT ROOM flit Idtal SeMInq For Tour, lonquet, Wtddleq, Biti,nnt intnn lowlinq Porty or Buinest Meetinq. Just 10 minu- 2)00 Wilt llbirty An. tti From Downtown 1 Mt. fnith of ilBfrtv Tvbtt ftourlnq Music By BUDDT MARTIN, Nittly SENECA LODGE Chd'l Special Wednesday & Thundar wMv"f.iNn fii T-BDNE STEAK DINNERS5 LO. 3-1 233 Muili Every frl. t Sot, by "THREE OF A KIND" EL CHICO FEATURING DELICIOUS MEXICAN FOOD RESTAURANT I LOUNSE TEQUILA (with lemon and salt.l 2700 s miii Km mt. America'! Newest Sensation oiti U soith Exclusive at El Chico'i MONA LISA LOUNGE A RESTAURANT Whitehall Shop. Center ru. i-itif PAT McBRlDE'S Supper Club 2199 Bobcoclt Blvd. MrCnDCY)C MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW restaurant 5 EASTER SUNDAY DINNERS Cliililrrn't I'orlniin Available lortl Hllli Vllligt I'lmtT free Parkinr ShoiDlna Cmtir McKnlaht M. MUSIC NIGHTLY BT JOE LESCSAK CHARLOTTE BOWER'S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE 2310 Bobcock Blvd., N. Hills TA. 1-9871 TA. 1-2222 Aloi Delicious Chmti Steaks. Served Noon 'til 9 P H. MEtl HORIZON ROOM GREATER PITTSBURGH AIRPORT -i.-li- - . t-il. ' L-t. . tv J 111 l'l I I I Powerful Drama Of Violent Emotions! HARD-HITTING SHOCKINGLY REAUSTICifi CKOWVtNDfD FOR ADUTS f VTF' EA'CIVC.' ,.f V ifcl S ClrtrmarrP'l rrhnfrrjtnr Hitit "The Hunters" R. Mitchum, R. Wagner "The Bravados" Greg Peck, J. Collins "BELL, BOOK & CANDLE" Cine.-Tech. itmrt Mmart, Kim Novak, Jark Lrmmon BULLWHIP" Cine.-Tech. Guy Madison "OLD MAN AND THE SEA" Tech. Hlrntr Tracy "Jet Attack" & "Suicide Battalion" "PARTY GIRL" Cine.-Tech. Hnbrl 1ilor. Jd ( bariaic, l.rr J. t nhk J'TORPEDO RUN" C.-Tech. Glenn Ford "Never Steal Anything Small" Tech "TARAWA BEACHHEAD" Julie Adams "BELL, BOOK & CANDLE" Cine.-Tech. JimM Strwirt Kim Nri'.ak Jark I'mm'iB "Man ttntn ituti t uittrt 1 i h. (.f. Montiomrt T "SNOWFIRE" Tech. Mill Mil, iimn Jnhntif (irm "THE LITTLEST HOBO" "MARDI GRAS" Cine.-Tech. fat Ronn. Sanil. f.arj ( rnb "THE FLY" Cine.-Tech. Vincent Price i Tfrh lt Khnw " 0 "HURRICANE SMITH" J(hn IrrtinH. Vrunn Dr-f arlo Tjy&ufi" Kitk lii,un, Anthun? Qulnn Etrtha Kitt. himrnf Davm. Jt, "ANNA LUCASTA" "Orefon ptntar1 " ' 'inf.-Th. John Frl"oa Mriln ui)ior "Bti Mp" i inf -Tffb. "HOME BEFORE DARK" "THE MARK OF ZORRO" Tyrone Power "LONELY HEARTS" Montr'imirf lift. Robrrt Kan "THE TRAP" Richard Widmark "OLD MAN & THE SEA" Tech. Sprnr t 1 r if? "SANTIAGO" Tech. Alan Ladd li-nT Prfnt f Tarker in "LIGHT IN THE FOREST" Tech. "from ll-rr In ltfrnil" I rank Sinatra Kurt I anratpr. li'horah R'rr VFriM.MUV. MARCH IS. lUDanMMaHH A TREAT AND A THRILL tt'l (rciiiini'i lar I Ma fim.iiii from Cnit hi Cnit. fila-ir itrvM ttn 4ii ar nrnrv faOftlti. flnril food, it 9di trout errtilnitr tali UrM (inn la ynir Mn at mmorlw. Wrtl, far Complrti Mnm una uirrctmni Dinner, Dili, 5 t a It 10 I . Snai it l I I. . nvilin. Phoni Gllltrin ar finllltrln 281. BRING THE FAMILY FOR A $1.50 REAL OLD-FASHIONED COMPLITI ITALIAN DINNER SERVED EVERT WED. THUR5. Spec'olii'nq In WEDDINGS BANOUETS PARTIES RECEPTIONS Make Reservations Now Accommodations (rom 4 to 400 Speclaliilnq In Wtddlnqs, Banquets and evenlnn ot fine entertainment. Open dally 2 p. m to 2 a. m., Sue. 1 to I p. m. Tayler 1-2182: mln. from Downtown Plttsburqh EASTER SUNDAY SPECIAL OLD FASHIONED DINNER BAKED HAM 0 75 Complete ROAST TURKEY A Dinner runnfillt e PnRTinili tl IS OINING COCKTAILS DANCING Co-terlnq To BOWLING BANQUETS Parties Banquets Open Sunday --H1-lJ',lT'-''ii: r- Loaan vaKes rircn For 'Fanny' Stars By IIKDDA HOJTI K t HOLLYWOOD, March 25 When Josh Loan hoard Joanne Woodward had a nice sinking voice he made a pitch for her and her husband, Paul Newman, to co-star in "Fanny" on the screen. Natalie Wood tins our producers bidding for hT -"ur outside pictures a year year away from Warner Hros. Klia Kazan wants her for the William Inge story, "Splendor in the Crass." ' I asked (,jr Young bow Ids fatherinlaw, Robert lonti;onierv, accepted him as an actor. His eyes twinkled when be replied: "The first picture hob . w after I married Elizabeth was 'Teacher's Pet.' I was very nervous about his reaction but he was quite generous and .said, The only other actor who could have done a: well, because it was a comedy part, is Robert Montgomery'." That's our Rob. Thank goodness all those trips to Washington haven't dulled his .sense of humor. Anita and Ruddy Adler are warming up the Crystal Room April 4 with a dinner for Ingrid Bergman and Lars Schmidt . . . Kim Novak won't wear lavender an' lace to the Oscar show, but pale beige to match her hair. I caught Harold Hecht as he was leaving Cedars of Lebanon Hospital after a checkup to ak if there's any truth to the rumor that he's pulling out of Hecht-Hill-Lancaster. He said: ''Thar rumor comes regularly, tw ice a year. We'-e putting eight million dollars into Ttleayvresr-TIoes that look like a separation?" Sh ows To See And When PK'.'" "lnelih-arti" .S!--';-l--,; if.-y (; Mv-ruj aj Fea-l..- b-.; r: a- . : ;o, 1:35, 3 40. b 4i 7 00. 10 01) SI AM KY Kio Beaso" J'.'.ii Wivir, Iiian Mr"n Fa'-e t-ermt ti il 15., 4 30. 7:. 5, Si 05 fV. in. "The Mlht ot Iht Quarter MiKiq ' J;.n- l.rtr.-i.n. Jrr.n r-ew Be'-rpo-e. 'nrilre 1 :a a' :l,3j, 1.45, 3.ii5( 6 o'j. s :.-, ;o :. BAi'P.iS "The Trap" H. 'j.a-fJ V..-rr.sra. T'r:e Iyi"le. Pt-lure tn-c.rn a! U IS. 1.00. 3 4S. 4 li 6 30. S 25. 10 70. NIXON Halt tlFwr "Aleeplni Beantv" feature br.ns ' 11.45. 1.45. 3.45, 5 -15 7 41. tt.45 PI.AVK TAKlt'M "faster, The Anaken- lOf" &. tt 3 H, t SO. WARNT.P ".South Aeat Adeentare" i in'rarrit. i-raiure pt-yim ai 2 00, .10. BQ' 'lltP.K!. HILL "lln Doclor't Uilrroma" lst-.e Crn. Dirk R j:,"ie Feiojre O'ru.a at 4 15, ;o, 10 ('" PLAVHOL'Sfc "Marv atuart" Hat STc-t ' Hope Irth'rre'tr tp- s'irs Cu"a,n 8 30. !1A!.VS!DE "Inn et the Biitb Hap- pl llf-M" f e-a'ure her-t a? S 40 0 IS. Also ' 'A' tt.. :. rm" at ft I'j G"l! T "fnsleat l.irl In Paris" M r'.., a ni .".:.: a a. - Fea- I. re DikMiS ai o 2':. e. ." o'i. APT CINfMA Sins of" A . i.a:j:eni i.i ' . -ii fve :e t . a' I ' 1-0 '. r.o 4 -i" .-,'i. ; ii : s r i. s ' I as. .-n al iO, 3 .0. 6oo y ' new yorK i THEATER TOURS by GREYHOUND'! Featuring t CHOICE OF HIT SHOW! ? NIGHTS HOTELS I e SIGHTSEEINQ or a) low it 33'5 FOR INFORMATION CALL COURT 1-S0 I Tour once does not Include transportation to N.Y. end tax. niim min Ml SKF'III taieaeiea mm , . . ono frmt ot running out through bullet o i e i of RIO tRAVQt JOHN WAYNE DEAN MARTIN RICKY NELSON TECHNICOLOR SQ. HILL HAZEL l-4?0 2nd Witty . wist Weil! VUcKaW TiT'WAN "ill 'tp Sheridan Sq. F.a Liberie EH. 1-3315 Tot Acad. Award Show', WM. NOLDI N "STALAG 17'' ELUAiik l H TAILOR 'A PLACE IN IHfc SUN" IGRi rT 81 miMAN "INN OF THE eth HAPPINESS'' Color STRAND Oakland ML'. S-M991 t 'HAMIkL, F RUN I It R' 2 Color, CintntaScopi Hilt! MANOR Sq. Hill HA. 1-1 HOLLYWOOD Dormont LO. 1-10M r. Flvnn, liltrlti Griro HOOTS OF HEAVEN' Jlvni Menteelil -SNINliF OF IKACIUKED JAW 2 Bit Color Hill! J. Catiney. Shlrtiy Jorh Hill STEAL ANYTHING SMALL" 1 Wilt Dliney Release "MISSOURI TKAVELLtl" 2rii(i coioR mtsT Jeanne woodward, Paul Newman, loan Collins "RALLY ROUND THE FLAG BOYS' Walt Duniy Heleaie "MISSOURI TRAVtLIR" 2 T op" CoToTHItll-" John Warm. S. Hvii-d "THE CONQUEROR" Ipenrer Tracy, R. Widmark "BROKEN LANCE" WHITEHALL Brentwood Tl'. -307 Fret Farklnl KENYON North Bide. . t fA. 1-1 00 2 Colar, Clmaintott Hits! I Flynn, JlHeltl Creea 'ROOTS OF HEAVEN' Brian Keith, Rill (tin SIIRKA BAHON'' ARSENAL IawrtneeTlltti Mt). S-SS4. I I M ill' rVi I : Its J I J I ' I . a dono r. I t.J "TTZa I RITA ATLANTA l0WlU klSgT KAY McNAMARA THEATRE FN:pfet "WILD IRISH ROSE ' ; fffTS3 ty-l - HiPII a 4 m'r . 3 , i TtjRiwii v .. 'i w TECHNICOLOR' 'silMII'r- OK rilU U HH J.iH" f."l' "Mill r- ( r AMTHIMi ViW ' i X Mi Kill it ' "HF Him: TlXlV THl Hr""1' K THE tMI-IKV. ' ! I- Till ..-: nv THF i i Mr- - fafd "DOH T GO KM THE TU ' rfl-fn's'p THE WKSS Of flGLtS' LIBERTY E. Ubwif VI). 1.7820 Dormant 1.4 1 i -1 1 no CENIS Ml. lbansn I.E. 1-l.lnO PERRY TK. 1-S700 Another emotional SHOCKER from the passion-) (lipped pen of ROBERT WILDER, author of ';.''- i. . 4 ( t 1 f s s Il5str!t :1 1 -. aXv.a . hi - -,' J.1 I r WRITTEN OX iki a!- THE cos!3r':rg SANDRA DEE CHARLES COBURN JUNE ALLYSON JEFF CHANDLE MARY ASTOR-PETER GRAVES CONRAD NAGEL 1 . vl.. Qn and . . " . x Rlt n turn n is iBvwwtnk ''rf' X. V I lrv.T ftrl f- C m In "ss. Ii tt IVn il ts , .. dr" r I v IB" Ea na m -M ''H, . I V XSSF Ef U U laJBl EuXa i v - Jt- -erianej(rji Mm,-,-rr- -... "a. i. . -'JS' UNITED ARTISTS has selected fhe finest coffee available to be served FREE to the patrons in the lobby of the FENN Theatre Only One Dance At R0yai this week- Vilkinsburg's-Rpval Kail- ro,m nrr-sents 'tVcn-act? (lancing this pvonlng. Thurs- "The Itst Plor ta Go for Omner or Jliow" HORIZON BOOM At th Greoter Pgh. Airport Reservation Phone SP. 1-3533 or AM. 4-8000 AIRPORT lf.rf.ilrr Pth. Airpnrt - AMhrrtl t I - 1 -MiV I'll:!.! iv . iviin t.f.iih in ' Pi'ilect luriuuK.'i' i jnus si.'.. i. ARI AIlK isoulh Slrifl Dib'Tah K-rr In "Hi-hV-n KrmWS Mr ".n " 2 30. . U5. t-Jh; 'N.giit I'luu-e '' 1 OU. 4 JO, .05. nll.MVI K (Ki-llrvur) --"Tl.f OM M.-M A- Ti. lininri. t.OO A: !l 00 'Hi. mi- B-.'orp llnric." . 7.40. Kkiu.f Sim Sat. 1 P. M- I Hi I.M 4 K i ll(.mrnod l Paul Ni-W. rr.;in -1'innne toooward. In "Ha;;7 'Hoond Tli! HuVs " co. or mo w i.ij. a Vmi.n! M r.i. " I C4VII H tl'IIOSK' ( T ibfrlvl ( KiK Hi-.' -Il.o Hr t Han Ki-fl': ' Bi'l .M.ioldinv, -Up Kroof and . Hie raev. Gun Alive " j C4l'noi. iAllriiUni Haul nw. man In "Rail Huisnd The Flan J Uovs," co.or. "Thnnderlnf Jet." j , ... ... ...u- - ... v- Hh.swicK him) , A ood. Kail Maiden in ' BooiDpu i B"5" ' ((pRAoroi.IS (Caraopnlli) Wit. j iiain ll.i.tlni in "S'aiat 17"; pi"i 1 Kuhe-n 1 trior lu "A Place In 1 "" ' CRAHOV r ('ration I Marlon ' B.iiiolo 6i Kul Bi"ons !n ; vooara' iC' ,)-'. ei n i. piijt Doris IDa v In ''Ca.autrv Ja.--.f." j ' FtSIWOOII ilrarikn.ivin Rd ) r .v rr.v :ri r..iir ' ri.uc ' i: Kn-i.i '-n Mar.ow In "The YOui.ij Cy Hi"! " fll!4sv ( 4.pinall 1 Victor Ms-' ire- In "Ct:.i a O'.l' : ao "r'O e RatltVr A- 't,e I i.M CIV of (told " lioluri. KM Sal. 2 P. M. (itROIV (N't.iih idei 1st Pifh. i shoair. b' lau: HawKli-.e in "The , Two Headed 8tiv" a loo "Gunman li'.rn I aieoo" (Oior. I ie - - - we - - - - pr - - r - - - - - e - - - w - - LAST DAY "NIGHT OF STARTING S a I- - r r 4 , ' .7-' ;;' . Via 5 ., i4 1 f . - ; i"' r"- " 1 1 ! ; i e . ....... a . Eii Ti Tii u , 'I'm as J assho I Isl" - , . aa v ' J , ?? ' ' ' ..- ': , ? ft -It IB- ? , , i y S4 VS. 1 Nv -j tier) (i day's rrjul.'ir adult rlarr lms born cancc 1'od this week noiy-w . 4 1,- t,. t mncing resum.--, ixe lowir.R Thurs.lny with I-co Helton's orchestra on star TONITE & ALL THIS WEEK! . u, - n STAR OP RIP TAYLOR comeot itou rum it Singing Star sin it a s! inn Mun'col Comedy Donee Team GUS DOLFI ORCHESTRA flRM ICarnr(ir) 2 C;r"al II. ! Mni.'cmi'iv I..:' In "A I l'::,.p In lo.Uta in I the Sun ' plus William Ho s i II i I'PODRO ME INnrlh Sldp) f H.'lid-c! lucid In Naii-'i ha-h" L :'. ('.inn-run Mm hes j., "i.oih.a f t. Lnrite - .''.-.I. Mai. 5 Car-.-io: .. i I K) ,111) . hi ml -Tain ll-r- ' I or .SI'iiW. Blm-.l o: it VJ!l!i:i- " ' Mni.-'nr v!, thm Cll.pu ' K.J. J';;i:-- "t. 1 P- Mr. I'R ( Broii nivillr Kirk l"':e:s. li.T.y Curiis :n "The VI-i::iit;s ' iroiini ti'.ri'r Niii:ur in "1 .'-e fk'v-p- ijn.M union. MtV . H A N 4 1) A l I'plowo I Tonv (,,,,,, ,n ..Th, p,,;, j-iiiilouuh" T-iTT si-u Vlnfe TdwaViis In "CUT cf pear" M'W 1141 I.WOOO (Ha. !-) 'ivrrllii- ll:.nrian 8(w..w. 04KS Oakmntl ' Franrlj In Hit Navy ', 4S. "Mi A' Pa on Va- frition " '-2w. Abboii A; CosUllo, . K(iS1(1,1( K .. ,j ,,0 3 B(WI.e ,. Vi Oltl'HMM IMiKr, Roiki) All Sur .: Hi -War Urtmil" and "llnni-r- Wi-h Me, llenrv.-1 bk.fnt m) (l'drond) -IrerM Curt .taritnw in "The In;' ' th" ' Happiness." cine.- 'r. 6 4j. 9 49. ROOMitH.T (IHi.'! Center Ave.) Jamns IVan J'oip Harris In ' Kii.i ot r. ' in... or: oius Onv Maiiiaon in "The Com itiuiid." ' KIIMtV (MiKer Rorksl ll.rr.n 1- i i 0 in ''ihf irriP'-imiao' nr. h. une i- pi'ia Knhi In "The I.a- A- JKe W ue" ith.. SIVSKKIIV (Senifklet) H import--: Biitart in "I lit- Earc'uot I ulii. -s- n. i -e. h I. 7 00. " 1 he VVl h Tt'e UflJen Arm." 9 30. IfSll'l.f iSberidan)A:l Slar Cavt In Tokvo A'ter Dark": plus "Morip.. Women and Gu::s " ae'aee - - - p THE QUARTER MOON" THURSDAY ' m 11s 'WET . JliltJI !, -. IT. -rlT i it fill wljir'i' - il" li 'Wiii 'i r j Just much a woman v ' :'V'v;'?T?l eVfSiilC v.Vi.i'.iawi'e".' FA Makes Good Coffee me Pittsburgh Press, Wednesday, Has Featured Role HOLLYWOOD Famed actress iu urn Konni has 1 W SHOP THURSDAY 10 TO 9 Terrific Mfjr's. Coseout of First Quality 6-PLY FINE QUALITY RAYON FAILLE DUSTERS 'All-OccaMon' (loats IVrfpct fr Kaxlr r Make oiir (fmii EnspmMe hi Drei 1'us.h l'p or Turn Hack Cuff SIppvps Tuxptlo and Rutloit (!loiii; 8Ip Crpasp, Slain KpsiMant Watpr-Hpppllpnt Hlack, Navy, Rpipp, Atpia or I'ink SiPs 10 to 1 Use as a RAIN or FAIR WEATHER COAT! I J-my-ria l'..-lSia-iSM. lkw"-- Boys' EASTER SUITS Kayon Acetate Flannel Smart Three-Button Coat Solids or Stripes Charcoal, BroKii or Grey Sizes 6 to 16 "Some Like It HOT" Starring MARILYN MONROE with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon Beginning Tomorrow at the PENN THEATRE March 25, 195? 3 hPpn signprl for ,hP fratumd ro!p of Mrs- Harr.blc, a dow- aeer, in A .summer P moo." k U Jf S L t? '. VI i " rtf te5' V If 4-3 - - - 'T. H .-t.? Tir-en3 Girls' DUSTER And HAT Set Du-tcr of I inp Six-Ply HAYOM'AII.I.i; Has a Contracting lioK Hack. Linpn-Like Hat villi How !o 3Ial Ii. HIup, 1p(I, Pink. SiPs 7 to 12. ilFiV.'.'I'iylt-" i'' 1 ' '-.J s, 4 tit ! kl' ' I sia.ce H.iaala.ii t t s. " t V -1 f ' 'i - ' 'Mr .v'Bw t -' -X WS fy ;: a- I. II i ! 2' iV' . " i CsOC C MOOOOOsSOCKsSOOCs-CKXKO-Cs so I 'wi essjtwi.w ,i A ,es w m t ie,i i,lka.e i a m j flisiM.AaTaA

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