The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO t WEDNESDAY, JANUARY.<K Society Calendar Bits c Mo^y Thursday Mrs. O. P. Moss Is hostess to the Mld-Week Bridje club. The Young Matrons club Is meeting with Mrs. Victor Bray. The Elliott Fletcher chapter ot the United Daughters of the Confederacy will meet at the home ot Watson today. Mrs. J. R. McDaniel Jr., with Mes- ' Mis-'s I'*-)' iind Vlrsliilu. D'.mi tivant spin'- :• ft* days In Osceola • liui'i: 1 ijv M:-. -:Td Mrs. Harry DIIII- •—J • r.var.'.. Kv.,'.l/\. Ti:.- r.- li;.-. Aid met Will Mrs. Qiceola? Society—Personal FULL mom IB SELECT SHE {Continued from page one) l Inspection (our of several tracts 'offered for'consideration. Although the propubals under Voluntary Loss ot Trick U: Hearts, Q, 10, 5, 2; Diamonds' [ 4, 3: Clubs, 10, 3| Siiiith h Declarer, playing i( y, iHfrrtn P-«ii-*svr. D^.r.1- R ^r.,-1 «• i Trump contract (one No Trump V. VJIlCn -DllllPS iDCSl IXCSUltj Auction, three No Trumps at con- O I Uact Bridge). Ihe cards played n ! the first trick arc: West, tlr .\ of Four Bridge stars of tlic first Mnal scheme would not work out. | Clubs; North, the 5 of Clubj ti'' magnitude played nil extremely in- 'in Mr. Work's uwn words: "She \vi ' 10 of Clubs; S:uth, the j a; i „"[ terestlng hand a 1 - the seventh oficalk'il upon 10 make a play which: Clubs. To the .-rcond trick s^uri Milton C. Work's radio broadcasts,: rarely arises am! w!-.lch few would ; leads the Ace of Diamonds nnd -iil heard from station WMC, Tuesday. I have the ability to recognize when i follow suit. Mrs. Guy U. Purdy, Omaha, Neb.,i It.appeared, it Is a Bridge gam- 1 on—innii WI-T ••! tii, ,„ « T. P^-.d I, . l._ T^__l-_ l.-IJ . «„.' i ' t i. 11 . .r . . ._ . . . I VJU^^.IUUII 11 ..J., .3 IJ| J ( Ol I'lll'i none; Hearts, A. K, Q, J, 9, 7, 3; j necessarily In order to sain more i Q 1 4tio'i '-Win 1 F-'-.H filft mentis. A, Q. 10, 3; Clubs, A! K. | thiirTa trick as u result of the sac- ' trick four? ' , . John T. Stade, Boston, Mass, as'rificc. I' Mrs. Carrol Watson, of O<ceola,l T ' : - '•' 1|; '." 1 ,,'"„„, Is the ems: cf Mr. and Mrs. J. o.- 1 lv ' v " :r ••""•"•' •'"«."?OP; dames James H. Brooks, A. Wert, I The \V.iI U Fred Matthews is attending <to! Mnn ' I:>! '- ! conslderattcn by Judge Morrison West, had: Spades, A, K, Q, 6, 5, 4,! "After ill., nist Inimn irirk M«'«» n-\ IT __^= | an(1 tllc ccmmutc i> were not re- 1 3. 2: Hearts, nor.e: Diamonds, 9, 7; ' Purdv co- d "e hat if Ip\Y,'ti "£'"7 to Mo'.'O , ,„-„,„„., Mis. W. M. Hland of Marlon, Ark.; veclrd m the court session liic CHibs, 8, 1 3. Mrs. Warren !-• all ol tte advmc triin ns n« CJ ««,. n R '< j' met wllii Mrs. CCcU'j' chairman cf. the department of, cd->Courier News was informed from i Oeffekcn. Jacksonville, Flo., as ; her Ac^'l.^^^ of S" » w^! ^tore to Owen By.sMiBf business in Carullicnsvlllc Raymond Schmuck and Miss Cora Johnny Pjpp is n business Ms-' Lee Cowman as hostesses. i itor in Memphis today. The Lsdles Bible class of th; ! E. C. Pulton, whose arm was ills- Second Baptist church will enter-1 located several days aco, Is able to tain the Men's Bible class and of- be out. fleers of the Sunday school with a i Mr. and Mrs. R. J, Pierce and party at the home of Mr. and Mrs.! family, of Hope, Art. arc. visiting '• '• all of the adverse trumps, next ucalion of the Forest City _ Mr a IK' Mn. Dim Chandler and ^deration, was guest speaker, ch'ldrti. ar.- vhltlng in Kcn'.i^y . ^a regular monthly meeting Mrs. Clou- Crakctt visited'her, O'«<"a Woraens Progressive- Mlf t 'if r ^'IJ'tH V [lftCril0Oil ' sClfty WnCn COnilty ICCCrtiLiiji] j t/vi-uia «mi** mi-a miiimtu iu*ui- w^«ui- J, •*, i t tn in 13, i-u f u, i, uia- i JC5;* tJlfCP Mr uin'ii'cV"'Shaw vlbltc'd his ils-i worlt was stressed and members of able comment was submitted by j monrts. K, J, 8, 0; Clubs. 10. 6, 5, 2. i ma 'j< c n ep ter M'^s Mliiu!: Bell Shaw I'.tre other clubs In the rounly were Roland Green for his father-In-1 Mrs. Purdy, South, wllh a hand on | u w as c i cai . ; | u W. M. McParland. j relatives hew W^sffetSl'-day,'*They Mrs. R--SS D. Hughes Is having; formerly lived hi Ulylhcvllfe.' ' . the Tliursday Luncheon club. i ,E. ,1. Heaton wa> a business.vis- victory -*eri Friday I !t§r Ijj Meftiphls >'l*ffi«y/ ' ' ' f.9"V- The Dorcas Sunday school class j'-'Wi-T. Barhell 1 altshiled to busl- of the First Baptist church will I ness In Clarksdale, Miss.,. Tuesday. have its monthly meeting at "•-' Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ivy of Occ-' Tola wt-ro Kclsei visitors Sunday. guests. j law, M. B. Maxwell. Tiic tract, of: which slic planned to bid t/> five; comiMt of five Heatl« I W|U move lo Mr - «<"«!'--3-i'= "J^:W- by making an ^: two blocks cast, 'lin Nc-v.- ihe could obtain Ecollc »«y -hop formerly cocupicu | , T _ _ |i>"iij'iij>_ximLmjia**v vjuiu UUlillll . - v ,. M approximately SCO acres is situ-] Hearts, opened with o:ie Heart ra-' tsvo ,ji scnr( i s on Dummy's Oiir-i' thls locallcn. of High-way 01 j (her than a pre-anpiivc four, as! nml Jack of c,,,^. and also ^f.,! <rlv, kola wt-ro Kciser visitors aiiimui. ,••<••>. I'-" Caui-rj and Its Cure," Mrs.UteO cue mile north ' I Mlfscs Minnie Lee Chllds and n ' ninn discussed not only poverty ot-nt (he flnl curve below I.uxora.! she felt tha'. if she bid her Hearts Ihe' Mr. and 1 Mrs. Fn?d Snnclc- liome of Mrs. T. H. Haynei at 7:30 ! fur have as Iliclr 6«cs'.s for n week o'clock, when Ihs offlcers will be | -Mrs. J. E Bufonl anil daughter, Vir- hostesses ! tyi\ a '- ot H°E'-is, Ark Mrs. C. W. Afflick will cntcrtntn i ' C. • E. Atkinson wiv t- business ... .j. >!M1S5 finine Kclser visitors Sun-, purse, but poverty of mind nnd of: Any part : spirit and urged club women tin H.-!lc:i West entertained j thrriujh united efforts to work to-j Judge get a! The building is lirinj r.:.!-ik;e:i toward the Ace-Queen of Dla-|with an apartment in '.I'.;- ie;U' „„„„. „ ^ii-l friends with n' wards elimination of crime, extra-'lee weie to Inspect a section ot j portiuvUy for a profitable redouble. party Saturday nllihl. Games wore; vaganee, wnslc nnd Illiteracy, all;land west oi Osccola today. Jim| Mr. Sinde. West, bid en? Spade. He ,• part ol the tract Is ottered in ernJually in case Spades were; llKnds in clcsc(! i, nnci . SD (hat by v /hero Mr. and Mrs HeiC: aivl l):p proiiosnl. |Ud against her, she mlKlit be dou- 8lV | Ilg up one tr | fICr slle would j,,, 1 family will reside a» scon u the urige Harrison and the commit-; Weil, which would c:v>n!e Jic op- sur n to gct t , vo i n return and have work is completed get 11'.? nilditional possibility of a Diamond finesse, which might produce o:;c more: Therefore the sacrifice pinynl iinlil a Sate hour when ilc-i factors in the condition of pover-1 Ixjvell, owner of :ialf of Hie sec-lalsi would have been justified In lldous n-fr«.tmi?nls were served by ty- '. lion has submitted a proposal, as] making a pre-emptive bid but; lvas Eut . c to rc j u | t j,, a Ba j n To thu hosier. 'Hie guests were Miss-j The meeting opened wilh greet-] hns J - W. Edrlnglon who poss«-1 made altc1 ' opponents have dcclar-! carl . y olll (Ws lllall| Enc shifted *. Uclli Kay. Vcra Keck, Nunnii 1 ; m?s cxteml:d visiting clubs IJJ 1 Mrs. ECS the remaining 320 acres of the j f d usually do not prc-impt. ^ j f rom [rump; ,o=tabllsl:.?d Dummy's! ••"-.r-" •""•." v";""V""i vWlnr 'n ri«rli"lale Miss vcner-! J " ri » Moorc.'Jnmlt Nichols. Eihslij. Wv'EOrlngton, President of "tlje rcction. the Fidelis Suiidcy school class \'™°r '» ClaiK^luic, Mis.,., jc.tei , Ke} ^ n![W] ^^ Kn( hryn , O :ccola Club to which'Mrs Har- L Other offers include: 1W acres of the First Baptist church (it 3!° a JVt •• , ^ . ,n 5,-^ , vey H Tlmnp'on of Wilson Ark .near Kclscr by Federal Land Bank; o'clock when ofilctrs ot the group llfeccc Cratlon returned yestcr-1 Y -,^ s p »i, oh as bscu very - ' 'ncmp.on oi wnson, «rK.,,___ , , „ „ omplet Head (JouriL'i- Nea-» Ncnh nnd East piE-cd; South! Clubs, and lhe:i led a small trump said two Hearts; V.'«a iwo Spades ; to trick 5. overtaking In Dummv. Nrrth and continued to pass, Mrs. Traver, East, was helpless. are urged to attend. Saturday day from n business anna. Cotton Plan ii , Mm- ! president of Ihe Mississippi Countyi335 ncrcs west of Osccola by G. S.i and South and West continued she refused the offered gambit, Jor some lime, will be removed to i federation, made response- A short! Battle and C. D. AVITC; 29V acres raising their suits the bid she would t? throwing away There will be a tree story hour Memphis. He was away nt the Blythoville library at 10:301 days. :y nlu ]i Baptist Hospital Tuesday. i talk was also made by Mrs. Jordan west of Osccola, by E. S. Slilp-1 stood at four Hcarts by South; ; trick and lead Clubs immediately-1 several | Mrs loe \villlams nnd children | O f vvilson on comity .fcdcrailou pi;>- i r^";- BO lo 320 acjfs In the R.iiney | which West pissed. North passed, I She made Ihe best play possible : A. M., tor children from six trn. years of ages. '"i ':*-.^.?'^« h '. tain '' u -i.sis;r^.o: ore vlslllsR Mrs. William's parents I acting business here today. 1 Miss Belle wnlUett will leave MU&lonary Society Metis Friday for Now York city whei-: she Members of the-woman's ml'sion- will spend two weeks buying stock ' ary society of the Flr?t Christian ''r the shop, church were entertain*! by Mrs. | Dr. F. W. Cantrcll Is leaving this Miss Minnie Bell Shaw spent !he Christmas holidays In Osccola: from here attended tl:a . and Mrs. Hnrvey Crej-_| L. L. Ward and Mrs. E. M. Easl- r.ujrnoon for Oklahoma City, after w i t i, n |, nr [y a i her home Friday biirh Monday afternoon Ward home. In the business session plans were formulated for tlic Woman's Day program, to be.glv.:n at the church January 17. Mrs. J. C. Ellis was leader of the devotional period and Icr a program on India Mrs. W. H. Stovall was in charge. During the social hour the ladles enjoyed viewing the hostess' attractive home. A dainty salad with cheese straws and coffee was served. * * t Ua> Club Mrs. Edgar Borum and Mrs. G. E. K£Cfc were guests of Mrs. C. R- Babcock when she entertained the Tuesday Contract club this week. In the "bridge games Mrs. J. Nick Thomas wen hosiery for the club . award and. the guest prize, a deck ql cards, went to Mrs. Keek. The hostess served appetizing refreshments. • » » Club Enttrlaintd' ' Mrs. J. E. B?l! and Mrs. J. W. Bader were hostesses to tV.e Tues- at the ; an extended visit v.'ilh Ills daughter, Mrs. K. Saphlnn, and faintly. Dr. L S. Driscoe, who hus been at Hie Memphis Methodist hospital slur.? Saturday, will be removed to Ccntcrcillc, Mtrs., the last of the week. Mrs. nrlscor, who hns been with him, U jcturnlng tonight for a brief slay before taking him lo his mother's lion:.: for an Indefinite rest. Their daughter, Miss Lillian. who went to Me today, wlil . , return with Her mother lonleht be- Member of fore going to Mississippi. Ross D- Hughes returned ycslor- day from Memphis and Haynci, Ark., where he visited his father several days. Miss Margaret Mahan and Mrs. Elton W. Klrby spent yesterday In Memphis. Mrs. Clarence Vollmer and Mrs. W, J. Wunderllch are spending today lu Luxora with their parents. I Mln Agnes Balloy hi%s returned I to her horn? in Seymour, Mo:, after spending two months with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. J./W. Bader, nnd her father, W. A..flalley. Cl.irence Vollmer is atlenriln? to jects, the lalks being' interspersed' Colony community by Mrs. Ed. | but Mrs. Traver. East, realizing with vocal renditions by t&ti. RalphjQulnn. BO. to >320 acres near that Mr. Slade, West, had a very Ranoy of Pecan Point who':sang Burdelte by . C. O. Snilta of! strong Spade suit and a hand thai "Pirate Dream," and "The Mission ' ~ ' '"" of R Rose." Tlvfte States Lnmbrr Compuny. Most of the tracts Other guests Included Mrs. John: lain both wooded-land nnd culli- I Merrill, Mrs. Victor Mnnn and j vatcd land. cnterlnlDOd| Mrs El , H Cgen old. nil of Wilson. | D ne tf Ihe innrrailv; need ol UY t'. WOl.l-'K llio N.itlennl Clni ! Auction Team »-!il5 deal undoubtedly invites cons Id fr able- variation in the auction bidding- With a two-suited hand of equal length, the higher valued suit is mentioned first. Hov- e\cr, wllh such yrcnt strength In hearts (the lower valued suit), thai suit should bs selected first. , Following the 'program delicious. a farm to place prisoners now be- refreshments were served by the. [ n g nc i ( i ^j comity Jails it Is an- under the circumstances when she: took tlv; trump trick." j" ., - r — . For bidding this hand at Con- probably could take eignt trices, | tract Bl .i dgCi Mr . W crk recommend- followlng hostesses: Mcsdnmes W-lticiputcd that Ji;dgc Harrison wi T. Ramsey, R. H. Jones, J. W. complete the purchase of a tan Rhodes, A. S. Rogers, Claude Perrln and Q B- Segravcs. will inn In the next Rw day?. One mem* ber of the special committee eo.; operating udge Harrison The -Vomnns Missionary Society- s , ntcd t)) , s nf ' n ,; ni that the tract i( :hc First Methodist church mcl 0 ^ W rc\wta '.™;iid probably bo nnd confident also that he would have, doubled the four-Heart bid had he held the defensive strength rocessary,'made ft deliberate game- saving overbid of four Spades. Mrs. Purdy, South, bid five Hearls, which the other tnree players passed. Mr. Slade, West, opened the play by hading the King of Spades,. The North hand went down for Dummy, and Declarer played from italic 8.,., n ;, 2na , n g i 0 OKI lour iicaris n cf Spades. East followed with the 9Ur orth answ ercd with two Diamonds, tthe start gf a high-low signal 1°, the Weakness take-out of the art!-' hi lerncon tor the regular moi business anil Bible study meeting. Fourteen" irfcmbcrs were present and determined Monday. Trie resolution passed by the mm cclir . authority chnsc of fai , n n . ith Judge Mrs. Eh Myers lead the Bible studs j Har ^ son Io ,| ov5: for the afternoon. . . | [(^SOLUTION Mrs. R. H. Jones entertained members of the Baptist Womans Missionary Union Monday afternoon. nt her Ten "Whereas. :he contract for keep- Ing the County prisoners expired ,.' ,|on December 31sl. 1930, and no nun., i .. 0 , nroviS | 0n has to foreign missions dontri- o[ praycr l and "Whereas, the cost of keeping day Rook club for a party at the [Business In Cape Olrardeau, Mo. Bade.r home when these ladies were also guests: Mesdamcs Herman Cross, Margaret H. Minor. R. L. Reeder, R. N. Prtest, James H. Brooks, Horace T. Gulp and Marsh M. CaYlaway. Red berries and holly made effective decorations with the snme color motif seen in (he delicious salad served -with fruit cake and coffee. Venethh Paintings Studied by Dtlphlans Venetian paintings were interestingly studied at the Delphian pro- Mrs. J. A. Li3ech and Mrs. HMSscll Phillips are visitors In Memphis today. • Marcus -Evrard Is spending today j In Hector on business. J. A. Leech and C. W. AffllcU motored to Memphis today. WEST S-4 H-K-7-32 D-J-107-3 C-K.J- !0-2 S-K-Q-9-6-2 H—A-a-J-10-6 D-4 C-7-4 EAST S—10-B- 7-0 . H—None D-A-K. rj-9- E-2 C-0-5-3 SOUTH—DUMMV S-A-J-3 H-9-8-5-4 ° D—8-5 C—A-3-8-S . East's two diamonds bid is niivl- ci:s. So'.itli is too strong for a Mrs. S. S. glernberg is ill at her 1 jump assist and should bo content home on West Main street. I with n bid o! two hearts. West In December was reported. The Christian Workers met Mori-, day at the home ot Mrs. W. T. n.miscy. ''Following-- a short -,fius,l- ress session-n lesson-on the life jrf Christ from ''Trr.lnlng for Service," un» lead by Mrs. Geo. Dlckerscn. ed what is called the Ccmmon i Sense System. South would opsn j with two Clubs, over which W?st- probably would bid three Spados,! trj'ini; (o shut out a bid from Nnrth; and to put the biding to a height; which would make it difficult, lor'. Scnth to show the two declarations | which the two-Club b:d indicated.. Soulli, however, would have been 1 to bid four Hearts if! . partner, indicating ability to ruff the third lead of the suit), and Mrs. Purdy, the Declarer, ruffed with the S of Hearts. Declarer then led tho Ace of Hearts, expecting that the thrri? adverse trumps would be divided 2-1. She planned to lead two trumps, then the Ace and Kins of Clubs, flcial two-Club bid. Scuth's intend-j ed seccnd bid would show the exact. character of her If-:-art holding;. I but of course North would not know • that and would piss West's : three Spades. East, on the strength of her King-Jack of Diamonds, would jump W-isfs Spades to four. South would then bid five Hearts, att,?r which she intended to put which would end -'the bidding. Dummy In with a trump to lead the North has no justification for muk- Qneen'-Jack of Clubs. This ing a slam bid. ' ' said prisoners in the County Jails i is prohibitive in view of the financial condition of the County and some other provision must 'of necessity be made; "Therefor!-. Be H.nesolvc'il,) that the Coanly Judge -be - and he is „,„ ,..,„ „, _-. - 1'crcliy -,uitho:lzed to purchase In Delicious refreshments were served. | the name ai:d for the benefit of • • • . the roiinty. t tract of land, not to The Presbyterian Lsdlcs Ausil- exceed six hundred and forty Ir.rv mot Monday In circles. Circle seres, upon the best available give her discards ot two losing Dia-1 Allrth( , r wnv . whlch ' Mr _ Work monds from the closed hand, and | sl] g ges(cd ns ^ bidding , leave her in position to try the Dla-1 ConU . act WQU , a ^. smith _ mond finesse. But when West Hcarts 01 .| s i nEUyi tollowed by R. N. Ware, Jr.. will return in-'should assist Ills partner with a bid day from/' a business trip to liel-iot three diamonds. North Is'now quite content lo conceal Ihe iwo- r. of Memphis, was a suited character ol his hand and business visitor in the city yest?r- bids three h:.nts. East encouraged day. Elton Klrby is ?pei ly franv la. / Jake .Wiv I by ills void lii'^rt suit nnrl his p.irt. tctl".y in- ner'3 aid carries on to four diagram today when Mrs. James B. Pnragould. ; usonds and Ecuth Ls none too timid Clark was leader of a meeting nt Fred Sar.dcfur motored to Jonrs-.!» bidding lour henr.s. West rightfully refines lo double I* bccr.'.ise the edits are in favor of his four hcavu Uein<r cap- the Hotel Noble. Along with tlic uoro Tuesday for the day. discussions copies ot the original Mr. and Mrs. Even-Si B. Gee. Mr.; ]l!: paintings, in natural colors, were No. I was entertained at-thc licmc. terms, iaking into consideration of Mi-s. Maggie Hale. Ten mem- j u, 0 financial condition of the Vers were present and took part hi. counly, and lo make the neces- lh> Hible study lesson from the, sar y mi]?rovcments ihiireon, p»r- fourlh and fifth chapters of Ko- cn; ,' se n le r . C ces£ary equipment and lead by Miss Blanche Clcere.I to ma j; C suc ,, contracts ol employ- refreshnunts were. ErrV-i |ucn . Delicious cd follr.\ving the le.sson. arc necessary for the | prnpcr operation of said prison Circle No 2 mot/n't the country j farm. )Ki:nc cf Mrs. R. A. Grower. Eleven/ "Be It Further 1 iicsolvcd members \ivrc prcscnl. The Ulblc; there is hereby appropriated out lesson from (he fifth and sixth; c f tlic- County General Fund the chapters of'Romans wns lead By j siif ofi T:n Thousand Dollars l$10.; Mrs. F. L. Phipps following which; 000.00' or so much thereof as m;Cy refrKhiiieiils were served by the be necessary, to carry out the pro- hostess. •• visions of this resolution." played the Deuce of Spades on the first Heart lead, Declarer realized hrtr plan would not work out. To this trick Dummy played the Device of Heatts; Easl the 4. Abau _ . ... Declarer, to tricks three and four,! west—Spades, J. n. 3: Hcarts, J, 7, led the Ace and King of Clubs, all | 3; Diamonds, 8, 2; Clubs, A, Q. 1, five three pas.'i3S, For problems 11 and 12 in his Bridge Handicap Series. Mr. Wcrk announced these hands: South- arts; East tile 4. Spades, K. 10, 8. 5; Hcarts. A. K, 8; ndoning her first plan of play,. Diamonds, A, K, 7; Clubs. K, J. 8. following with their lowest j 4, 2. North—Spades, Q. 2; Hearts, Clubs. To trick five Declarer led 19. 5, 4; Diamonds, Q. J. 9. Q, 5; the Trey of Hearts; West played I ciubs. 9, 8, 5. East—Spndos, A. 7, 0. Mrs. F. P. Jacobs l;tt Tuesday I n i • e pr • p . i nr Virtim morning for a week's visit with nOlfJ OefVlCCS I0r VlCUm California Accident Vassari's Life of Titian" follow-in night here cnroula home from he thcrefoio bids live di;i:ronds as George W. Dillahunty's subject. closing, Mrs. G. G. Crvudill review-. - ed the study ot pictures by Titian, returned (o tliclr h:mc in Jonesboro B^e Tintoretto and Veronese. " alter visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. R- Mr and Mrs B W Holt have bill his holding and the bidding | S p e . u Monday and! ' ' ' '--- '-'"• -' absolute awir--,^ nix-k. wl-.c-ro they were guests him almost ance that North Tlca i 29lh. and aonlh cnn' 0 [ ( hc Arkansas Seed Growers AS-1 Youn^ Ciiiuford. wiio was the Trey of Spades; Dummy 6 of Hcarts; and Fast t!-..' 10. Mrs. Traver, East, was then in a quandary as to her Iced. Realizing that a Spade would no^ be effective, she led the a of Diamonds, hoping j that her partner might hold the I Ac?, or Queen. If South held br.Vi| these cards, the boldness of the lead might induce her to refuse the I .... Queen finesse. I3nt Mrs. Purdy. sce-i d Dollars l$10.- ing her contract assured regardless | thereof as niiCy of t'.io location or the Diamond Kins, and wishing to make a small] flam, played the Queen. West play, cd Ihe 7; and Ihe Deuce was played from Dummy. Declarer then !?d Ihe.7 of. Hearls from the closed hand; West discarded the 4 of Spades; Dummy, North, won with the 8 of Hearts;' and East played the 5, her last j Irump. Declarer then ku the good | Queen and Jack of Clubs from closed hand: nfler which she spread | her hand, claiming -the remainder j of (he tricks, which adversaries j conceded She scored 48 trick! points; 80 for the four honors in cm- j one hand: 50 lor the small SJiim.' In his remarks following the close of Hie play Mr. Woik pa<jc,ularly emphasized Mrs. Purdy's clever handling cf Ihe play wh?n she realized, at trick two. that he.r orjg- 1 1 j 5 ; ; , '_ Our patrons will :;p- p^cciatc 'our c-.'.vcful attention to detail which is so c-scnt:."! in giving- full G:;;?.:J.S- siou to each iiuliviuu- ;ii porsonality. ! W e \vclconic y o u i : palronagc and eordi".i- lj- invite your inquiries on the advanf:.™cs of on r pers.Tiiaiity service in hair cutting, finger v.'aving and pcnnaiient waving. Elois Beauty Shoppe lioru m's L'.ilcony .|| nionc 503 _..^g^ Grinding Valves and Cleaning Carbon . i and Mrs. Erbv llorigc • and South can score five hearts but. conducted j;i !s Ho'ient: Hco'qc sy:nt Sa'ur- ; (he play is more dillic:i',;. Against! , , , ^ .- immediately H-igli Craig and daughter, sent t[ , UMf I(cc; . r ,, r „,..,, CXAm . included i;\ the ?rriain Webster. ich is t:crc£rx} b, ffiid thr ccromr.ny iinitlr,c lu msr Active pallbearers are: Jerry veil. White, Jake Ungar. Joe Isasio. J.i Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Huey a:'.-. x ot th and Soulli hold c:fhl sp.idcs H. Fisher, Vance Cartwrighl andji Osorge Edrlngton. Honoraiy pal!-| bearers ?:e Jim Bunib. T.j; Mfthaa." ,1. H. Elklna, J W. Bidcr. Hblaiid X3reen, Fintey Robinson; .C. J. Kv- rard, J Nick TnomtErv.oiid -Otto •- | nounce th 1 ; birth of n son. all( j oli i v f j x chilis, th: iirst or sc-r- Bo<v Riehard.>cii \vcs ti'? <ii"""i"!ond lead fro \;cn O f Gcrdon Mtlnin. Suiirtay. ' tllc p nr p~.; C O f fiiic^si-i" tlr hc. -- : - .should UP the ciub. T«-,i Uails The earliest forms o! c«rds \vc:f ispa( j cs W0 ii!d bo dcinaeroiis ami "sheet dice" and began to this deal the second 1-ail woii'.t 1 hi' ... . '">•' ria^o lli-lhoit Diinkin nnd rt ls'? Jackson, b'th ot Etowah. Read Courier MM Want Ads. jtury. Head Courier News iWs . i roi '•Ztr.tits, cic. NCT/ n^mcs anJ .ccs ire listed such Consunlly improved and kept up lo date. NEW INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY Gct The Best TJic "Suhrciiii! Ai4thori(j" in rs.-,r/[, o(7f v c.v, j.-t-^^/'. an;l ainc::^ &:,-r':.~'.nt bot!i F;.!:r.:l ir.J •rilrics ir.clu ,, 32,;lxr- subject. 1 2,000 H:£,r.i£>;i*itl entries. Ovci 6,000 ;llx:rj!i:r.s t and 1001.-/- sjfliutla. . StxJfcr Fm, Kca 1 , r!M> illmiraul pjr-.flj'a emtamis sixfli (.:&* ff Ikt iNV :c Ir.tirr.atl:r..-.l G. &. C. Mcrriam Company SprlngGcld, Masi. Drive your now Kuril in- ' to the clean, wnll-ciniip- pul shop—toll us when you-\vanl--it—and -.)>'f','} • ••' h;i\'(j it ri' Onu-'ol" 'Hie licst invostnitnls you c:iu make. Vpti will bs. .sin p.ridcxl liow much it improves the performance'of yotnvcar-, PHILLIPS'MOTOR COMPANY I'fione RIO Authorized Ford Di'iiki's Kentucky Small Egg §5.75 S6.25 S7.50 MontnvailoCsenuiiic 12.00 BILLIHGS Phone 76 . New e Phone 196

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