The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on February 28, 1972 · Page 27
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 27

Provo, Utah
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Monday, February 28, 1972
Page 27
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TV 4 - THE HERALD, Provo, Utah Monday, February 28,1972 Children's Show Begins Woodrow Parfrey Makes Change June Reig comes well prepared for her role as producer and writer of "Watch Your Child-The Me Too Show," Channel 2's new dally children's program service. The series began Monday, Feb. 14. Since her first association with NBC in 1962 she has been writer, director or producer — and in many cases all three — of numerous outstanding specials for children including "A Day With Bill Cosby," . "Pets Allowed," "As I See It," "Little Women," "The Enormous Egg," '"Hie Reluctant Dragon," "Rabbit Hill," "The World of Stuart Little," "The -Heart of Christmas" and "Kristie." Before coming to television, Miss Reig was a teacher. For three years she was on the faculty of New York University in the department of dramatic arts and speech, specializing in children's theatre. She also was director of the New York University Theatre for three years. Before that jhe taught in high schools in Schenectady, N.Y., and New York City for seven years. For the New York State Department of Education she wrote and produced "People Through Puppets" on Schenectady's WRGB-TV. For the same station she was commentator on a women's feature program. Miss Reig received her B.A. degree (summa cum laude) from the New York State University in Albany, and her M.A. from New York University in New York City. She continued in the latter university for her doctoral work. A lifelong lover of animals, she is a member of the Friends of Animals organization and The Audubon Society. She has written on the subject of animals and received awards from the Humane Society. Numerous awards have been given to the television programs "she has worked en: the Ohio State Award and Christopher Award for "As I See It"; the Peabody Award and Prix Jeunesse for "The World of Stuart Little"; the award of the American Library Association for "Rabbit Hill"; and the Brotherhood Award by the National Conference of Christians and Jews for "The Reluctant Dragon." "Quillow and the Giant" and "The World of Stuart Little" received nominations for Emmy Awards. June Reig resides in New York City with her husband, composer-conductor Robert Maxwell. Allen Ludden Marks 2,000th Password Anne Francis and Arte Johnson will be Allen Ludden's guests on Channel 4's "Password" the week of Feb. 28 at 10:30 ajn. to help him celebrate the 2,000th edition of the popular game show. "Password" premiered on Channel 5 in October, 1961, and enjoyed a seven-year run. The show bowed as a Channel 4 daytime presentation on April 5, 1971. The 2,000th show airs Tuesday, Feb. 29. During the week, Miss Francis and Johnson will be joined by two other contestants in attempting to guess the passwords from one-word clues. TV Cinemascope Movie schedules are presented on a tentative basis by TV Studios. Deadline for publication is Friday noon prior to the week of publication and Movie titles are printed as noted at that time. The Daily Herald cannot be responsible for changes made by individual studios after date of publication. MONDAY , 8:00 2 "The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County," Dan Blocker, Nanette Fabray 8:00 4 "The Blue Max," Part II, George Peppard 8:00 5 "Four for Texas," Frank Sinatra, Anita Ekberg 11:40 5 "Man Without a Star," Kirk Douglas, Jeanne Cra in 12:00 2 "You Came Along," Robert Cummings, Lizabeth Scott TUESDAY 2:00 2 "The Young Doctors," Frederic March, Ben Gazzara 2:00 5 "Battle at Apache Pass/1 John Lund, Jeff Chandler 7:30 4 "The Eyes of Charles Sand," Barbara Rush, Peter Haskell 10:40 5 "The Trace McCloud Story," Larry Pennell, Audrey Dalton 12:00 2 "The Young Doctors," Frederic March & Ben Gazzara WEDNESDAY 2:00 2 "Dead Ringer," Bette Davis, Karl Maiden 2:00 5 "The Redhead and the Cowboy," Glenn Ford, Rhonda Fleming 8:00 2 "The Hellflghters," John Wayne, Katharine Ross 8:00 5 "Is Paris Burning?" Kirk Douglas, Leslie Caron 10:55 5 "At Gunpoint," Fred McMurray, Dorothy Ma lone 12:00 2 "Dead Ringer," Bette Davis, Karl Maiden Pink Panther," Nlven, Peter Pink Panther," Nlven, Peter THURSDAY 2:00 2 "The David Sellers 2:00 5 "The Perfect Furlough," Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh 8:00 5 "Harper," Paul Newman 11:00 5 "The Great Imppster," Tony Curtis, fdmond O'Brien 12:00 2 "The David Sellers FRIDAY „ .. „ 2-00 2 "Yellowstone Kelly," Clint Walker, Edward 2-00 5 "One Foot in Hell," Alan . Ladd, Don Murray 6:30 2 "Speedway," Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra 7:00 4 "Some Like it Hot," Marilyn Monroe 8:30 5 "Heat of Anger," Susan Hayward 10:30 5 "Journey to the Center of the Earth," Pat Bodne, James Mason 11:30 4 "Godzilla'.s Revenge. 12:00 2 "Yellowstone Kelly," Clint Walker, Edward Byrnes SATURDAY „ 1:00 2 "Black Horse Canyon," Joel McCrea 7-30 4 "A Very Missing Person," Eve Arden, Julie Newmar 11:00 2 "Night Gallery," Joan Crawford, Barry Sullivan 11:'45 5 "Signpost to Murder," Joanne Woodward, Stuart Whitman SUNDAY 4:30 4 "Women of the Pre-Historic Planet," Wendell Corey 5:30 5 "A Fine Madness," Sean Connery , „ 6:30 4 "In Search of America," Vera Miles, Carl Betz 8:00 2 "55 Days at Peking," Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, David Nlven 9-00 4 "Fireball Forward," Ben Gazzara, Eddie Albert 11:30 2 "It Started in Naples," Clark Gable, Soph la Loren 11:30 4 "Lilith," Warren Beatty, jean Seberg 11:30 5 "Trog," Joan Crawford 2:00 2 "Rio Grande," John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara 2:00 5 "Submarine Command," William Holden, Nancy Olsen Brockbank ••i ollortonai F'°™ Mechanic and PO W f o Acfor n^ By the time the war was over This week's "BYU During World War II, a young Devotional" assembly features Jewish-boy from New York an address by Elder Bernard named Woodrow Parfrey was Brockbank, an Assistant to the a™ 1 * ™ GIs who served Council of the Twelve Apostles of' the LDS Church. Television •=£^*V« KAWJS& Saturday at 7 p.m. on Channel automobile mechanic. "• ... The Army tested him to find a Elder Brockbank's principal Suita bi e occupation and the assignment is that of supervisor resu its were surprising. They of the South American Missions, indicated Woody should become He has been managing director of the Mormon Pavilions at the New York's World Fair, Hemlsfair '68 in San Antonio, Texas, and Expo '70 in Osaka, "I don't play a scene for the audience. I play it for me. The thing that I'm concerned with is what my life character force is in a given situation." On Tuesday he guest-stars as Reese in "The Tangled Web" on Channel 4's "The Mod Squad" at 6:30 p.m. Reese is a security guard in a building that is robbed. As played by Woody, Reese is not one of those guards who stands around and doesn't do very much. You have never really seen a security guard until you've seen Woody play one. No matter how he states it, what Woody gives to a role is himself, a real person recognized and accepted by the audience. Japan. In the peak whaling year of 1846 there were 729 Yankee whaleships at sea, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica. an actor. He did. During the last 25 years he has been entertaining audiences from the stage, motion picture and home screens — a familiar but nameless face. "You were that actor in that picture," is the usual comment. "I remember the scene where you looked so scared." A scene like that, according to Woody, "is where my neurosis shows. »••• We Can Repair It {Reception Problems? WE GO TO YOUR HOME KBYU-FM Programs for Week Al LHAUPT Radio Highlights for The Week of February 21 March 5,1972 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28 "Concert of the Week," National Public Radio presents a concert from the National Gallery, DublinMendelssohn: "Quartet In E minor, Op. 33, No. 27" 7:30 p.m., KBYU-FM 88.9 Stereo "Foreign Press Review," editorial comment and opinion from the pages of leading British Newspapers, 5:45 p.m., KBYU-FM TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 29 "Tales to Warm your Mind," host David Jensen presents short stories and other excerpts from the world of literature, 1:30 p.m., KBYU-FM, 88.9 Stereo "Foreign Press Review," editorial comment and opinion from the pages of leading German Newspapers, 5:45 p.m., KBYU-FM (M 0 AAHz WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1 "Focus," eighty minutes of music, news, and Interviews of interest to Utah residents, 4:10 p.m., KBYU-FM "Five Centuries of Music," selections from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and Modern eras of musical expression KBYU-FM Stereo 88 THURSDAY, MARCH 2 "Open House," host Lee Stoft blends music and words to bring the homemaker an interesting and pleasant morning, 9:05 a.m., KBYU-FM, Multiplex Stereo "The BYU Report," a daily summary of activities and events at Brigham Young University 7:15 a.m. and 12:20 p.m., KBYU-FM, 88.9MHz • "Foreign Press Review," editorial comment and opinion from the pages of leading Arab Newspapers, 5:45 p.m., KBYU-FM FRIDAY, MARCH 3 "Newsday, the Noon Edition," International, National, and Utah news with Bill Nichols, the BYU report with Bruce Seely, the morning stock market report with Bill Walker, and sports with Dave Jensen, 12 Noon, KBYU-FM, 88.9 MHz "Crosscurrents," a unique program presenting the best of all •possible worlds, 10 p.m., KBYU- FM Stereo SATURDAY, MARCH 4 "Readings from the Book of. Mormon,' 7 these readings are presented, .Jn:. sequence at the beginning of our broadcast day, 6:55 a.m. KBYU-FM "As You Like It," devoted to listener's requests, call 374-9707,14 p.m., KBYU-FM, 88.9 Multiplex Stereo SUNDAY, MARCH 5 "Adventures in Learning," Richard O. Cowen of the BYU Department of Religious Instruction discusses the "Doctrine and Covenants," 1:45 p.m., KBYU- FM, 88.9 MHz "BYU Devotional Assembly," a rebroadcast of the weekly devotional assembly at BYU, 9:00 p.m., KBYU-FM, the radio voice of Brigham Young University, Prove, Utah. DON BECKETT Blur? Hai«? Snow on your semen? It's not your eyesight. It's the TV tot. Wo havo tho parti, tubot, and skill to remedy every make. Our roputation it based on year* of experience. "MODERN TECHNOLOGY WITH GOOD OLD FASHIONED COURTESY AND INTEGRITY" PHONE 225-8344 \mencan 1032 SO. STATC. QKfM. UTAH MOS7. Service PHOHC ISO 11 1X-S344 | The standard deduction is up this year. But maybe you should itemize. • Water Heaters • Water Softeners • Garbage Disposals INSTALL NOW CALL THE EXPERTS CRAGHEAD PLUMBUOEJITWC PROVO DIAL: 373-1003 56 North 2nd Woit Your best buddy Lenny might have told you to itemize your deductions because it would save you more tax dollars. Your neighbor possibly suggested taking the standard deduction because you'd pay less taxes that way. And .Frank down at the office ... he helps everybody with their return . . . what did Frank recommend? .. If there's some way to save you money on your income tax, H & R Block will know 'how to do it. Itemized and standard deductions are nothing new. We've been r preparing returns for years !• 1 using both. We'll figure out your situation both ways and then prepare your return using the method that's best for you. You see, for only a few dollars more than it costs to do it yourself (with advice maybe from some other amateur), you can have your tax return prepared with complete confidentiality by a specially 'trained member of the H & R Block team. There are thousands of them in over 6,000 conveniently located offices. Each member of H & R Block is warm, friendly and anxious to help you. A visit to H & R Block usually takes just a short time. Once in our office, you sit down over a free cup of coffee and possibly learn things about your income tax that you never knew existed. Things that we know, because income tax returns are our only business. H & R Block's fees start at $5 and the average cost was under $12.50 for over 7 million families we served last year. Furthermore, if your return is audited we will accompany you, at no extra cost, to the Internal Revenue Service and explain how your return was prepared, even though we will not 7 act as your legal representative. -- It means that H $ R Block also offers you year 'round tax service for just one low fee, with no extra charge for audits and estimates. Yes, it's true. The standard deduction is up this year. It's one of the many things we'll consider when we do your return. DONT LET AN AMATEUR DO H*R BLOCK'S JOB. H&R Block. 9 A,M. - 9 P.M, WEEKDAYS 9 A.M.. 5 P.M. SATURDAY ,1051,300$.. PROVO AMERICAN FORK OREM , nia 24 f. Main - «i. 756-4617 704 S»uth Stolt - Ph. 2JM01I SPANISH FORK SPRINGVILLE ' 31 North Main- Ph. 7M-3501 • 139 South Moin-rMI9-734J STMENT NECESSAI

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