The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1C, 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS 'ITO cents B word for first in- scrllon ond one cent & word lor eaca tubsequlut Imer- tion. No idv^rttaeinent taken lor less than 60c. Couui the worth »nd send the Phone 306 HtATHlSVILLE, (AUK.) COUKIKR NEWS LAURA LOU BROOKMAN AUTM01?OP"RASU NEA OUR BOARDING HOUSE ,pmr By Alieru INC. FOK SALE FOU SALE—PruoUcally new Singer scvtliuj machine, cheap lor cash. 210 \Vcst Davis Avo. xx Ul-XilX HRIll-J TODAY CIU.I.V IIOCKUS, lui-kliiK aan month of lirliiK IS nnJ jusl uiil ul hli;Ii »r!u>ul, alirmli a Jiul mid \vf.-tr> July (In) 1 limiting fur n Jotj. Hi.- mother. M.VUIi.MIMT HCII.- I.'HS, in H \-.lil<nv und cnllil^j i-il •riir) li Im'nilU 1 , (V1l:i FOR SALE—Hold about tliirly miles Iroin Ulythevllle 20 r>M- rcoms, ki'.chcn, dining and wail- j inn rooms, completely lurnlbheU. Guild locution, $6500, S1IWO cash,! bulauuu SlH) monthly, 1'. Stein,' 1157 Aubui'lr Avc., St. Louis, Mo. llpkn FOU KENT Furnished apiuinwn. Jmimic lyjiioutUT btoio. Icr rent. Scu . i l-'OH KENT- Four room luruishca oc uiituruishal iipuiiiucm, Luth Earaac. McUntlc AIHS. UIJKK*. l-Oll RENT— Furnished '2 rooui upartiiirnt, steam heated. 201 So. Luke . Call 413. . liijklti FOR KENT—Two story house, nine rooms, two baths. Main si. Phone COD and OiiU. L. L. Ward. FOR RENT—One of Shan; apartments on West Main street. Telephone l'J7 ai:d 571. 13U. FOIl RENT--Housekeeping rooms cheap. OH Heain. !5;>k22. FOU HENT—Sleeping room adjoin- in'.; bath. Steam heated home. Ganiye is desired. HOC West Main J'liune 1H. ' IScklB. FOR RENT—G roo:n house, 232 Dougan. Phone 334. IGc-Y FOR RENT—Splendid Iiome, 2 bath rooms, newly decorated on I Wiilnut St. Rent 545.00. Thomas Land Co, IGc-KlO WANTED WANTED — Housekeeper, Frisco Rooms, opposite Elation. apply Frisco llpkll Cotton pickers wanted. Car. furnish houses, uof.on above average. Will furnish teams to inov.; a reasonable distance. Lee Wilson! Company, Am-.o-el. IC'ckll WANTED BOARDERS—Owing to nn ovcrsupply of miik and butter, fryers, veal and pork trom the tarm can give special rates to couples. 112 East Cherry street, Phone 602. OpSilV WAMTED — Family \Yaslilnsjs. WasireTand Ironed by competent, white woman. Mrs, Brown, TO! S Lake St. rick-it WANTED—Three or four-room lur- nishcd apartment, private, long term, desirable lecation. Address R. R., Courier News. IGp-KlO WANTED to rent, lease or buy three or four-room lie-use, modern. Gocd condition. Price right. Box "H" Conner News. lGp-K18 The GOFF HOTEL wishes to announce a few vacancies available to ncrmancnt guests fcr fall ami winter occup.incy. Spccul rates have been arranged, v:ith the assurance of Uu v fittest aceonimoOationb anil service in the city. NOTICE With our recent partnership ivilh Mr. Oce^ Carney, we now have the best rrpiinpcd independent shop in towti. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Jiuilding "We know we know how" —Auto Parts— We bd! tibfid parts at one-half price and less. JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at 2Ist Call UU Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 62 Ingrarn Dldg. Blythevllle, Ark V. K. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rales on carload lots. Local Phonu 851 Memphis Phoi-.o 3-Lli' Iti uioVi- nnJ Ilif arc fhi-ir only ti unsu<-cc»*'ul IIL IIIT for ivurtt. Mr*. ltoi:rri nrrUvx IIUIIK; ivltli n Icltrr lOilrli hilt- cmK'i-nlfc from Ihi' r'rl. Tlie li-llcr. iJKlird Jllll.V MITC'llUM.. It tin orttr to iiruvlilc Oll:i nltli v\rry nilvnutnuc of rdiu-nllou, frnv:-l mill MH-lnl iHnlltun If liiti iiiiillu-r Mill Blvi- hi-r mi. Alnr- (Ylln (riiri fiir n drive v Hi'*! iltiur. Shield* klMC-s till; «lrt ami lrll« tn-r hi" Jovca lirr. 'Ilii-y dUcitit jiKirrl^irc, lull n^rro It mutt 111- .-i l"iur Ilini- i,n'. X.-vl .In)' I'rlhi vnnllnui'M licr Arlirfh fur norli. Sill' u«r» (11 llu- »hnjl i\lirrc lirr nmtli;*r 1^ rniulnvi-il ant\ Iprtrni Mr«. Hofft-r-i Iini Ijmi MM"'t;i>'nx WITH TIIR STIIIIY (JHAl'TlCll IV n is she —my inolht'r Oh, has anything happened? Celia demanded, ber voice rlsiu hysterically. Tho doctor held up a warnin hand. "Quiet!" he Insisted. Then, eye lug the girl kindly, went on: "Arc you -Mrs. Rogers' daughter? She's renting quietly hut you must not dislurb her! N'o cause for alarm. Your mother Is suffering from a brat ii It ack—brought on, 1 should say, by exhaustion. "Can't—can't I just coo her?" tlie girl beeped. "After awhile." ' Dr. Williams turned lo one n( Ihe woiitcu who seemed lo be in charge r.t tin: fitting roa!!i. "There's nothing furlher I can do." ho said. "K!:e'B comfortable. Let her rest she is as long as you can. By 5:30 her daughter can taho her home. What she needs is rest und (jiiiot for a few days—particularly it this lint weather lasts. Ought to slay home tomorrow by all means. Well, I'll be on my way—' Cclia raught tho doctor's arm. 'Tlease," she begged, "tell me's happened!" Patiently llr. Williams reviewed what ho hnd paid. Tho intense heat had caused Mrs. Rogers to collapse. Emergency measures hail been applied with Eat is factory re suits. "Just keep her quiet and com forlablo," bo bald. "She'll probably feel weak for some lime. Don': let her worry about anything. 0 course she'll havo to be very care fill to avoid hot sunlight tho res oi tho summer. Ought not to ex crt herself in the least during ho wc-alher. You look to mo like pretly £03i3 nurse. Take care her!" j me around here any longer!" She would liko to Inivo him slay, Cclhi adntllti-d, but It prob.tbly waa esl for him lo go. For a moment niirncy Shlelda iphl livr floyc'. toudilng her llpa vlth a qnkk Klj!'. Then ho let her Barney's trig/if smile flashed at tier, bill immediately IK. s<in> somc- 'liiig mas u'rong. >reozc from an electric fan swept | a folded nowstianor. She was hot, he icora. I lired and still frightened. Tlie Cclia crept bilcntly to llio only early afternoon seemed years away, chair and sat down. ... It seemed incredible. Cella could | •pUKSENTI/V Bbo arose, found dear," ho said, a-'id dla- iptv.ii.-il iluwu Hie hii-ps. Cilia ltn;;ers had j:oue Inlo Mar- EOl's dress thop (hat eventful dny ivith exciting newn. it was uflcr- noon ut llio followini; d:iy befovo ,he lunlidtd tills news to her molh- ci'. True lo itariiey'B prediction, Mrn. Horns avi-oku tho next morning lo pronounce lu-rselt rcsled ami entire-- ly rccovercil from (hu colhiusc. A |i:tlo fnro helled thcso wortla nml Cclia Insisted on krcrdiii; lief mother in bed, bringing her ffwcl Hut was tfniiillni: anil nnnrlahifig mid ECiier.illy iinliilglni: her. "Hut how," JiIarBiiret nal;cd bhorlty after lunch, "did you h'apiii'u to drup iu at tho Kbop tenby 1 ;" /^ICI.IA remembered tho ilorlor | i:iiil Ilieri. 1 .should hy no and t:u excile:nent. Htio uas cau ttOt!!'. "Well, 1 wanted to sco you." "\Viintcd lo seo 1110 about what?' "1 v.'auled to trll you It was—well, I know wliero 1 can get n Job." "LVlia! What kind of a Job?" IVIiy didn't you lell me?" it bad really been tbo most urn- yelouii luck. Cella's eyen grew wide as Bbo talked. It bad all happened so suddenly. Hue- hnd been on her ^s•ay to fieo n prosi!eelive emijbyer tho day before when she met Sally Hnbcrts oil llio Effect. Sally had finished Western tho year before and Btu|i|icd lo ask whin Cella \vaa doing. As soon as Bbo heard Cella was looking for a Job she. volunteered to belli. Sally was ono of llio stenographers In tho oflko ot tho HldRcway not remember when her mother lad ever been ill before. Onco Margaret Rogers moved restlessly. Her lips twitched but sho did not open her eyes. Tlie slow rise aud fall of ber chest coa- tinned regularly. TIio dress shop closed at five o'clock but Mrs. Foster aud one ot the other women stayed after that. Presently they told Cella that a cab was waiting at the door. They helped her rou« Mrs. Kogcrn, helped the woman to rise aud £Ct ready to go home. "Cc-lla!" Mrs. Rogers whispered -- With a smile Dr. Williams flc-1 s°f">-. That was all she-said until parted. He had hwm called in be-1 after they sot into the cab and Ce- causo his oHiee was just two doors from the dress shop. He had done alt Ihat ho coaUl for the sick woman. As he strode into the street the doctor shnok his head, muttering something unintelligible, and paused to wipe perspiraltou from his forehead. Tho other women who worked with Mrs. Rogers were sympathetic. They tried to comfort Use girl and Mrs. Foster, who was really "Margot" and owned tho shop, catno in to tell Cclia her mother should remain home next day. "PIXALLY the halt-hour was up. -*- Celia tip-toed down tlie hall way and peered Into tho rest room. Her mother seemed to be sleep ing. Sho looked little rmd tired and her face was pale as sho lay on the low cot. An ico bag ccvcre Margaret Rogers' forehead. H5 clothing had been looscnerl. The had given tho driver tho ad- ircE3. Then tho mother leaned back against her daughter's arm and gave a long sigh. "So tired," she murmured. 'tilad —you're here, d.irllns;." The driver ot llio taxicab helped Celia lake her mother up the two flight? of stairs leading to llio Hat. Lying on the bed before the open window Margaret Rogers looked up into her daughter's face nud aged a vrau smile. "I'm—all rigiit now—dear. Seo about your dinner—I'm all right." She refused to ha waited upon. Cclia pushed the windows as high as possible', brought ice wrapped in towels for her mother's head, hut nothing llio girl could do could keep tho loom from feeling like a bake oven. After Mrs. L cold food and nibbled at H. Sho lad no appctilo aud soon cleared away Ihc dishes. At elsht o'clock sho heard foot- slepa on Ihc stairs and linn-w they were. ISaruoy Shields'. Celb hurried into tho hall to mod him. Carney's bright smile flashed al her as he reached the lop of ho stairs. Immediately he saw something was wrong. "Oil, I'.arncy." (he girl raid Iu a ow voice, "I'm glad you've come. It's—I've been en frightened!" The youth was beside her, his face as grave as hers now. "What's happened?" he asked "What's llio matter?" C'(',ia told him. They stood In the hallway talking in whispers so as not to disturb the woman In the bedroom. Darncy tried to comfort her. "But, honey, don't cry! Every- Ihing'll be all right loiaorrow. I'm sure it will. Gosh, on a hot day like this anyone's Jiablo to go to pieces!" "Oh, but—I don't know—!" Ho slipped an arm around the girl and patted her shoulder. "Your motber'li feel belter iu tho morning," ho said reassuringly. "I'm sure ot it." It was good to confide in Barney. Ho seemed so protective, it was wonderful, too, to sec the =anie ten- Rogers closed her eyes ar.d seemed to doze Celia went into the living room. Sho sank into a ckair, fanning herself with der, worshipful look in hia eyes they had held last night. Cclia, remembering, brushed a hand across her misty lashes and smiled back at him. "That'B HiB girl" said Barney. "Well, I lupposc you don't waul Ciialracllng company. Ono ot the other girls in tho ofucc was leaving to bo married In 10 days. No one clsa bad been hired yet to tako her place, "Well—I went right over to seo Mr. I'orlcr—he's the man In charge. — :mil Sally told him I had a rood record Iu school. Jlr. I'orlcr talked to uie a whilo and then he nskcd mo to lake some dictation. Thank [tooilncss. I got It right! After Hint ho t=aid I could have Ihc job. Isn't It wonderful? I'm to get ?20 and hccln work n week from next Monday!" Mrs. Rogers agreed that it was wonderful. Her strength seemed to rally with Celia'a enthusiasm. Later in tbe nllcrnoon site insisted uiicn dressing and even went downstaln for a stroll iu llio cool ot the evening. "Our luck's changed!" Cclia sanj; otit as she was undressing for bed. "You'ro well again and I havo a job aml--oh, I feel so happy!" Uarney Shields' name bad been on the lip of her tongue when cut her words short. Cclia was not finito ready to tell even her motlicr abou I Barney. Next morning Margaret Rogers Insisted upon returning to work at the dress shop. Sho refused to listen to her daughter's cautions and departed at llio usual hour. Sho went again tbo next day and tho next But on that third day, nn><wn to any of her co-workers, Margaret Itogeis visited a doctor's olllce. Tho physician eavo his ultimatum bluntly. (Tu So Continued) A MRS -Ih LEAVE. /wp WHY LcvTa'P PRACTICE. Voo i AV/e SfcitJ Like A Af H -TALKING WITH MV Mew Af-iP LOWER PLAtfeS TrlEM \AletL SO -THAT' I CA^i "TALK MR. SCQRM MQUJ wriejU Q'FMY IW AFRICA PRrVT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THE UKSCUE By Martin WANTED-Second hand wardrobe or chtfTorolx 1 . Plione 560. 12ckt!l. WANTED—Two furnished room; suitable tor light housekeeping. Audreys X Courier News 13pkl7, AT ONCE--SOUTH AMERICA OR j UNITED pTATES. Pcrintllicnf, i positions, clerical, mcchatiical, sale^- jmanrhip; experience unnecessary. Salaries SJ5—S100. weekly, trans- uorlation furnishcil. BOX 1175, Chicago, 111. We ofTcr the best auto repair service in lowti A. H. JKNKINS I'honc 273—818 In I'ickwick Bus ntiihliiiff WANTED lo buy Furd car.rli or touring car 1029 or 1030 model. Must l;e a bargain. Address Box "D Courier News. locklG. PEuSONAI. Mrs. L. M. B'.ivnetle announces the cpcniti;,' o! her classes in Gregg's horlhand. Ixwkkecping and typc- writiug. Reasonable rates. Call 824-W. lOck-tf i. ntsiroi' EASTIiOUUNE. Ells;. (UPl—The Bishop of Johannesburg admitted to l:l.s congrcaiiiion hr had fallen as':cep diiriiig [lie intrrpretation ol his own sermon while in South Africa. WERT Ho Makes 'Em Set i)i-:.\u:s SIIK HUDAPERT. i UP i—On arrival r liiidnpe^t Vilmn nanky. the Hun- Eiivliiii movie star, denied that shr h;is rclirr:! from tlvj liims anc* stritid thai Fl'.c i-.-ttirned frnnt America only lo visit :iev pnrcn'.s and tti take a rest anto:i-; l:cr own people a":! :v. licr own country. FRECKLES .AND H5S FRIENDS r \>;osi-T Co, UJU? SSS! KlOVJ VJHAT PROTECTION! VJvu_ By BIossci DOMT 1 _.-•/ ABOUT TUESE TVllriSS ^ To SET 'Et.\ STAftTEiO rtdur ~m= ^s^'~^- £^J%^liI:^3iS:^S UEV-VNCL.u7'""" ; PS^tt^U- -Xr-i'i"^ " -^ TWEaes o.o_v f — pgr;";-^". <; ilS-'.; (--—t^—, ONE TUlMS /: h!OT BOTH OF OS..--Jusr MS-.-You QyjLDtJT &TAUD THE V!A l _i4...Too FAR.:,.. Vou MIONT HWE To HEC6S A SOU---SIX BULLETS w IT.--YOD IMSV.T VM*!£ To \JJAIT WERE ALL UiSW AM' IP Yo<-> DO You CAM SLEEP IN THE PLAWE...BUT I'M Suae ILL Be M-M6 SCAHSD? HOH'.'l SHOULD SAY NOT'.! I'LL AUOMS ^** \\ f±d li \ ^ \ ^"—^ ii /NL*^ 11 i^:^^ -K IF T. DID HA~-J£ To USS THIS I'D PROBABLV SO SCAE.EO "L ' MOMJ TO Jm j jjj ' MOM'N 1'OP C!.l:.\U LOUltT IIOCKETS nUDAPEST. (UP)-To relieve cnni'e^tion in the I'onrls in various pails of (i;o coun;r>- ;!:? | H-jng.iri.-in ;o«rnir.C'ir. has :.p- jpointCi'i K2 .Ui!,ti:co oi tlie puart to I deal with uiuior inlrinsemcnts of j the law. VWAT rV-Ot. ^OU V 1E&.CW1W KELPT MC \ 5O LfVTE 7 / M^ltVt SCHOOL TOR STICKING UP FOR c Vjr_RC / •HG'. / #: • " ^ l^Sv - ^ WF^^^- IHfe^~^o ~^g£ .<S;>^-y - \_\\\\\ ^/'f3 \±± ••~<&^-+±--~~ \~3 { t '\gL- '-S RIGHT AND WKONT. By Cowat •.•L^r:- '• ^t\r> ' ///sv\)n -•.-• ' '/'&s ^l_ o , /v^^^^T -\g'-l wy&ip* |> '& ( m i) V TOLD HCR YOU SMD THE. WHOLE. WOULD CRbOKtD \ I

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