The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1938
Page 3
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BLYTHJSVJLLE- (AUK.) COURIKK NKWS St. Francis Valley Mood Control Project Dooms Greenville, Mo. BY ROBERT TAU.KY Nt'A Service Special Correspondent UREENV1LLE, Mo.. April M.— Ui order that a million ana ;i luill fertile acres of the St. Francis Valley in Missouri and Arkansas may Iw protected from flood, this whole town faces H compulsory "moving day." Wliou the miters buck up to full depth behind Ihc- Wappaprllo Dam, Greenville will be fur under water. Not only this drowsy little town ilsclf, with Its 800 people, but between 3000 and 4000 others in (lie Jicarby rallry niiisl seek now 1 i . True. the government. is buying mil nil these people al iigurcs generally rrgurdc'd as fair. Bui it is not so easy to pull up. lock, stock mid barrel anil seek a new life elsewhere when most of a Jong life tins been spent in n iiuiel JilUc town like Greenville, Three Ycari: Grace The $I6,COO,CGO Hint is yoint in- fu the Wappapello Dam will &lart flowing (his .summer, but it. will lie almost, three years before Uic new lake covers tlie valley witli ;i 20-mile sheet of water that will viva) the Lake of the Ozarks 115 a rccrcnlio- spot. This gives thu people^ ."rcenville plenty of lime lo.-c'-..-' , -•!' whal (o do. Bj 1 • .here is a further problem. MUCH of the entire county ol Wayne will be flooded, and Greenville Is the present county scat. A new town musl be chosen for Us place, or possibly what. remains ol the county may be annexed to oilier adjoining counties. The nearby town of WJDiamsvJllc. 12 miles away, is attempting t o persuade the Gveenvillians to move there in a body. Greenville is proud of ils new centralized school, built for $tlli- 000 witli WPA help only a leu- years ago. Cut water from the new dam will rise above the present level of Us roof, making jt useless before the $20,000 in bonds on It Imvc been paid oil. Materials from (his building and the $60,000 brick courthouse may be salvaged and used in relocating Ihc buildings elsewhere, font lliis hus uol yet been . delimlely decided. ••• *lwsl,pj; jtiic. Routes in. the arca_ lobe (loaded \vill be simply" razed for junk lumber. More Problems Houses and land can be paid lor. but. thai is again not lh c whole problem saisttl by tueh projects as Wappapello. Whal of l)r. John Wagner, who for 28 years has ben ministering lo the community's s jck and delivering its • babies? When Ills patients scatter in miuiy directions he Is faced with rcbiiilclini; his practice. What of business men like !•'. H. Kllinghousc, publisher of Ihc local paper, who has been building It up lor 'Jo years as an integral pan, of the community? })j,s subscribers and bis advertisers will both vanish al once. What nljoul Mrs. Sii.sii- Scott Watson, wlio luis run the local hotel for 30 years? No more (raveling men will come (o Greenville, because there won't be any more Greenville. There is little complaint about, (lie prices the government is offering for town property, but some of Hie fanners- in the "richer bottom lands which produce coin crops as good as 100 bushels lo the "Moving Day" Soon At Hand For Them "There'll kc plenty of irater soon/' Mrs. Ed C'liilcull, wile ol the court ho use janitor, seems (o lie railed tug:, above, ;IK slic draws walcr from ;» well which one day \\Mt be completely inundated. On Hie right, Joe L^tvis and his \vlJc yml son art 1 "just waiting" until Iht walcr COMICS- lo cover Ihoir nealtici -beaten home. Joe ii j. carpenter. uml f here's nu carpentering to be done in Greenville.these days, o ---7- \VATER LEVEL .'"—— — acre, arc dissatisliwl. A few of llicm arc fnciii't- condemnation suits alter lo sell al the price pro- Aliieh of the 25,(|(KI acres of farm land in the reservoir area will not- be contimially under water. When water is lowered at the dam, the river will scarcely be over its banks ill- Greenville. But when water is lieiiiK .stored, it will gradually ri si; ,,1,1,11 ,'(, reaches (lie level of the second floor ,of Ihr- ram 1 bouse, and a point, now well above Hie .school rool. So (lie govcrnnienl. is taking no chance* of later suits for damaBcs. but is simply buying all tlic land in the area. One More Harvest Practically all fanners are pulling (ml a cro» for 1038. Knowing thai they are sure ol at least out more harvest, before the water bc- ' is to lisc. Dili (lie town itsell, a -sleepy backwater lor many years stopped any lorwiuxl progress in 1920 when lalk of a dam .started. Nobody wanted to undertake new; in a ,-om- mmiify which might vanish .sliorll.v But, nothinj,'. not even certain doom, can paint, an entirely bluvk picture. Certain rcsidcnUs arc tilan- ning lor Circcnvillr this fall ; , Kantie "liojue coming. 1 -' ineitint; all former rcBirtmls to come back for a farewell look at tbc old familiar scenes before they vanish foicvcr under the rfeint; waters of 'ttie I pent-ii|) St. Francis. lien Causes 'J'raJllc Jam BAKERSF1ELD. Calif. (Ul'J— A country hen hitch-hiked on the iiimiingboard of o. E. Thomixson's car for a (lirec-mile ride to town. Onto in UK; eily, (lie hen waiKlcic:! olt. janimrd clicslec avemic ,-uicl held up all iriilfic lor a few minutes. .. -,,,,,, uir, paid jy the Cliiw I rail.,,„,' , ,' l,.;X l! ! lr ' s ih "~"V i mummied to 5WC,!I-M,B»5. ' "Glittering Gems" Sold; Match Box Is Boiighl OMAHA lUI'l—Till' old tixioiii, "ho who hesiliilcs is lost," si ill runs true to form—al. least it did in the caw ot Mrs. rear) Colicn, it widow, who, when approached hy Ihrcc confidence men, was fleeced uf $017. The 11 In ".sold" I lie- rldcily woman u mulch box full of tiliUci'iiij; diamonds which they valued sit f'j - IKiO. Mrs. Colicn withdrew I lie money from a bank and paid Ihoin-heV reward was a box lie»pc<t witli maleh .slicks. PAGE F1V1 -agio Deaf-Mute Triangle lotnists In Yellowslouc. •Still ersisl In Leaving itv WILLIAM i>,\vt;rn: Vmlnl I'rrss StulV ('unr.'.piimh'iit VKU.OWSTONK I'AttK. Motil. UH'i -'Die "loor.-, lai'C.s" U'l'R- (jinnloni: a ; :o, hit tlii-ii names .still adorn public place:, lu-i'e. aloni; ttilli reiu-iled poetry, his tnk.-n\ and murks of vaiuhllsin. Vi-ilri,', ainiiiallv enter Hie lull;, li'> h> i;fl lliclr name:, In a:, many dilU'icnl places us pfj.-i.-JMr. throw ln«.; in llu- Ki-yser:. lo KIT Wow up. and lake pieces ill fi--Hi:ili«ns lor (In- irmnlclplem ttjlh (tie diitc lllKfJ still MTU , brm-alb tin- (lilii r,c.v:;erili- imtnre UM-.S In :>luune. many nl them in boalitlllll formations (it IIIH.V III' cm:!:, iu hide hi-r ill,' mini I he- valley. In .-"me c.-iM'N, chilli- uc.VKer cono.- Iwvr (llMi|i|>rarnl. lilmvn out "V a load of iwk or ln» ln.v;i'(| In to inmiM- the tourist vvlm demand.; actu>n, »r luheu home in smidl eliimks tn prove lo (In- npluhtois tlml "we really wen- there." 'l.i\ Tolfni.s Cast lulu I'mil.v filiiiiini; tax tokens »\v Ihi-ovn Into geyser pools fnr no apimienl reason, uml park uUendimls li-,h (hem out at the risk ol dumiigiin,' (idic.itc I'unmitlons. is iiiilliin,; n c .«-. A S early as I07;i, one year alli'r appointment ol N. 1'. l,;ins(ord us lli'i't tiark Mi|)rrlntenden(, it lunl liei'omc 1 nUjeftloiuibli-. "The parallels of sinter of the 'Dec Hive'," lie wrote lo the (hen sccvclury ot nie Interior, "have been mueli defaeed by vlslloni tu tlie ]iark." He even sum;esli-<l leasing parls of Hie park so lessee.", would liirc protiTttuii to sufeisunvd Iheir inleresls. A tlescrl|)licn lypk-al nl lailuj-'s vaixlnls was written by C.ipl, Wll- Iliiln Ltullow of lhc u.'.S. ininy en- (iinceis more than SO yean; aijo. Crater Kim lli'Taceil '•The only WenilshWi on this ar- li'itli- luniiliwiirk." he repuiled, "have been occasioned by the mile hand of num. 'the nrniimi-nbl work abciil (lie vraler and pools of l-Mlthful liiul lieeu hroki-n and delace<l in (fie most, prominent places by visitors and |icl;l)|ps were mscribed In pencil with the names ot tlie mom undlslinsulshed persons. ,3nc,h practices lilioiilil ho .slopped at once." Thai, was more than a hu!(-ccn- . tury ajo. and tin- praelice;, haven't been slopped .vet. Park. directors, howevui, Iliul coiisoliulon In the alttlude nl Iho inajurily ot visitors, who report, vandalism and frequently use loice lo nwke ainbllioii;; name carvers and sample-Kellers slop. Ami, us Joe Julie, a: h si,sla)il- U) the slii/jimk'-.Hlent puL-i il, "we sltll have imjic natural wonders llian liny place else In Hie world." j,' Some meteorites ale so mid when I hey slrii.i; (hi; em th dial I they arc covered with frost. Un-c- led llnx-c Clilcano clcnt-imilcs lo n lm»lu end in a blumc tri- unnle (hut ivMdtcd In n murder attempt. Mrs. Bnrali Wulil, to|i, and Jiifk dM-ivr. lower led, were mvcclhi'm-ls before her nm'rrlnau' to l.ouls Wuld, lower right. Tliroiijiwotu iicr mnrrluge, the two ro- mnincd .sweethearts. (hey lol.l police. Seven years n li c r her wed- clliiR, -she asked Wnlil lor n divorce, lie refused/ Determine.! thul nnlliln.., should stand in the wny or their love. Glitter and Mrs. Wi-ld iniiilc n murderous hummer uUuck on the luislmwl, »ccorrlh> 3 lo police. I'tiyslelans .say the deaf-mute liuslmml may not recover Water Tumblers 'J wince Ijlowu (! l=.i;; s Water Tumbl'.'r.s, illii.s- ti'iiliou is one-hitlf actual size. Regular 5c Value 8 For SHOUSE-HENEY "THE PROGRESSIVE STOKLJ" J. M', Sliuusc t'hone 35 Wilson past n K h< nVItH'lv a I'HK-lOASTKJl [n>|iii>ii| w «rsU-il suits. These , m a l,i R hcr price ra,, K e. Smarl- c'llnrfnl puderns in smonlh iinish and .uihl.y Iweeils IvarU of vi-d in „„,- sUue— din-ct fnnn the inaimractuiYr— nilhin tin' lour weeks. DON'T \VA1T! (IKT 1IKKK KAIU.Y! Tlie RUST GHOUr is made ii|i fcdiM a liard, sinnntli Iinish doll) in a liylil yrey color «il!i a neat nvecplaiil. Sitliile- hreast—snort-bat'li. \\V lia\e «ne eacli i>f :<i/,es :!.">, l!li, :{7. :K anil ;}.')! The TllllW (.'UOUC is ((u. conserv- afively styled, sin«;le-l)reasl, plain- hadi moilcl. A tine Inisini-ss or dress soil, ml from a .sturdy faliric i>{ fi.'ird finish, p!;;ti:nim «rey. One each or SIXES :«>, :{?, :js, :!<i, in and n\ I KUDUt'KI) TO Tlu> SKL'ONU (iHOUl' ninsisls of licMiifi fully Mi-ndwl )ia(lcnis in niilj- Tvin )i,-ickj, r n>iiml )]>- jr|- t .y ;, |, ,| ( ; | „_ i-t-;(s| .— .s|iorl- l].-ii-I(. Our tvu-li ill (ho (ircvH in si/,iis ;jg, ;{{;, Ti, :),s ;ii)/l :(!!-—and in UK- T.-ICIS, SI/.KS ;;«, ;js itiid .'!!!! w W Tin- rOUIi'l'll (JKOIH' is thiit .sporty '£ (ik'ii I'laiil—liiird linislv worsliMl. ^ The i-uiil ufives ynn »n iiilililiona) H sport cntit to \ye;ir wilh ntld |>;in|s w —which is tin ("••scitlinl | () Du- sum- ^ incr w.-irrlrohc. Three onlv of in SIXKS :j!i, :i7 itiid .'!S. week-end wi<li lelatlvw »ud ftJtnds.' In unite Rock and Conw»y, Arfc,-, Mls« JeiinettH Phillips returned' homo Sunday nlglu after i'w«k'!. »P5cn« oi\ account of the dealh 9f her fulher, Mr. Plillllps, In Con- Mrs. W. J. Ludv,| 8 ami children eft Wftlnosctay mornmg to spend the Eiiitcr )ioll<lsiys In Omn, Mo. Mrs, 8. A, .Jicgcjiolc) led Tuesday for Commerce, Mo., nnd Cairo 111. lo visit reliillve.'i over the Easier holidays. < • Balloon Used T v o Count Deer at jirmy Camp I.AWTON, OXliT (UP> _ MHJ ; WiHtnm C. Furnum uiid SerKl'^ I?lllU>ll Illllr.1. ,, n 1 ^v»6t. _ ivkii/cn jmitK used a inolori/xxl army Imllooii lo count the deer on' 1'ort Bill inlJllaiy rescrvHlion. riicy believed their %ure ot Wl head was "almost 100 , K[ cc .., corcvct." fiend Courier News Waul Wilson Society—Personal \v. m. 11. m«<iin R 'I'lic Uiiplisl W. M. U. met at (tin clina-h Muiuluy niu-moun wllli twenty-lour members present. Mm. Albert Cm-mvell had clmritR of the Royiil Service piognim "Sliciivr.s with liejolelni; In Atricu". Pluns were inude to wiul u liox id the Mi \\\ XI. S. Alrrlliij; Mis. <J. W. Hoover was hostess I" Ihc Mcllwtllsl Mi.vilonary tiuc;- Ict.y HI hrr lioino on Moiultiy aller- iioun, ivilli !cu members present, '"Hie World Onllook" procmiu wns lu-ld, nller which tliu mcim lo 3eiv«. Hie Lions Ohib nest Monday cvcnliiB. A dolldons sHlad plute wiw served by Hie hus less, r Miss Knlhryn. coulter .spent Ihc HOT WliATUKH AHKAi) BE SAFE HAVK VOUH (X)OJ-IN(; SYK't'KiM CI.KA KU1SUKI) NOW. new «|ui|i- incuL we offoi- the hcst s.vKlem service in city. SPECIAL OFFER vo verse flushing and cooliujj. system clcuu- ser (us illustrntotl) SH.50 Complete Phone «33 TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Ml Walnut 1'hoiie BM Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGKKY & GUAUANTKKU 8»fe, 'inre «na with h«« dhcamrort, AU dlM««e» iini) conditions »f ncrr»n» origin, foot allmmls »nd gkln cmctra lr t «it SD d cured «l our clinic. DRS. NIES & NIES , 514 Mult, Otttopathlc Phone M nijthevllir, A new of nien's, »»• eliildrcii's <V II 1 'I' !•; iS— JUST AHRIVKI) . . . 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