Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on January 23, 1957 · Page 10
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 10

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1957
Page 10
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f 0 Reno Evening: GazefQ January 23, 1957 f "ft. .3. . a ( , til t " - June In January: 500 bay v area Rotarians, 75 Ahepans and a few thousand legislators had . the Riverside overflowing during '' the weekend. But wait until RIert VVertheimer brings in Jackie Gleason, Art Carney and the entire national membership of the Raccoon Lodge next winter. Winter is when we need a f . friend. Signs of Spring: Riverside Upholsterer Ernie S t e i n e r reupholstered the wealthy bellboys' bench In the lobby. Found a penny! And lot of Signs of Springs. Also new springs and mattresses for many rooms installed in the " hotel's Spring redecoration. Riverside Theater Restaurant has a "family-type" show always. Requires all comedians to send their jokes to Chuck and Vince Gollck at the Riverside Cleaners in the Arcade before using them. George Johnson, reporting to the Ahepans meeting, stated that the '56 Ahepa convention at the Riverside "was the most sue cessful, both for finances and fun, the organization has had in 25 years." Elvis Presley WW va , cation at the Feather River Inn, at Blairsden, above Portola ' Secret of the Riverside Sunday Buffet's success: personal recommendation of those who have been '"Round the World on Plate." . . Dishes from 11 for eign countries . . . Morgan Ang- , lim said: "How long has this been going on?" . . . Harry At ' kinson: "Finest I ever saw in my life." . . . M. Villoudy, world traveler, of Paris: "I never saw a buffet as extravagant. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanson of Town & Country Market: "It's a must.' " Gali-Gali, (name means "Quickly - Quickly") Egyptian magician appearing, with Shecky Greene, at the Theater Restaurant, was born Mah-goub Mohammed Hanaf i, learned prestidigitation from his father, also billed as Gali-Gali, starting at age 8, is a devout Moslem, prays a half hour facing Mecca every afternoon when he gets up, has used 24,000 baby chicks in his act without killing or injuring one, keeps the little "peepers" in a box In his room, feeds them corn meal in a drawer, changes them once a week because they get too big to handle easily, gives away the "used" chicks to a maid or waitress in the hotel. Tickets still available for Wednesdav. Jan. 30. when Dragnet's Ben Alexander ad dresses the YMCA banque with Bill Cashill, M. C. . . Dum, de dum dum . . .Bill Kunce, of J. A. Hogle & Co. stock brokers in the Riverside Arcade, soon will have a world- shaking announcement, but not about our proposal to put a little Reno publicity on the ticker along with the Dow, Jones Av- erages: Wall Streeters would love to see them come out this way: 30 Industrials up 2.03 The Sierra Nevadas you should see! 20 Rails down four tenths per cent When you move to Reno, buy, don t rent! 15 Utilities up point 09 Reno is gorgeous, the weather, Sylvan Green (means "green forest") found greener pastures at bright and shining, all-new KWRN. The King of Insomnia is on from midnight to 6 a. m. Late, late arrivals down by the Riverside: Maury Friedman and T. W. Richardson of the Royal Nevada, Louis Manchon and Ralph Lamb of the Last Frontier, John P. Yo-der of Getchell Mine . . . The Newcomers' Club meets at 12:30 p. m. tomorrow in the Redwood Room. George W'ingfield, Jr., has returned from DenVer and Colo rado Springs, where he bought six choice quarter horse mares for Spanish Springs ranch . . . Maybe that guy did damage the Mona Lisa, but we got prettier faces here: Mahlon Brown, Vegas; W. D. Embry, Henderson; Walter Duncan, Ely; Ray Gar-teiz, Elko; Art Schellang, Bishop; M. C. Emery and Virginia Sells, Las Vegas; Floyd Lamb, Alamo; Warren Monroe, Elko; Thomas R. McCulloch, Tonopah; Donald Quilici and Homer J. Marcucci, Lovelock; Mr. and Mrs. Ted Gardner, Bishop; Imel-da and Gloria Germain, Winne- mucca; L. M. Hose and Walter Duncan, Ely. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hunter, Elko; D. J. Liles, Vegas; Speaker William Swackhamer, LeRoy David, Nye county; Jimmy Ryan, Charles Catt, Harley Leavitt, George Von Tobel, William Byrne, Mayor C. D. Baker, all of Clark county .. . Dr. and Mrs. John Becker in NT on a well-deserved vacation. John S. Sinai, who cleared Israeli troops from the Sinai Peninsula by demanding they "Get off my property!", is now working on the Suez situation. He tele-phoned Gali-Gali, Egyptian magician appearing in the Theater Restaurant: "Be a pal and clear that canal!' Adv. i - ! -T. .... . - 1 . ! I CHARCOAL DRAWING by John Mariani, formerly of Sparks, is part of downstairs lounge display during current Reno Little Theater. run of "Bus Stop" at Valentines In Harrah's Glamor Spot The Stage Bar, Harrah's Club's glamour spot at Lake Ta- hoe during the winter season, is now featuring The Valentines, musical trio. Two of the three Valentines actually hold bachelor of science degrees in music education from Westchester College and the trio specializes in unusual three-part harmony. Their engagement is a return to Nevada for Roily and Esther- mae Kneller, who taught music in Reno and Tonopah schools before they teamed up with Oz Wehlander to form the Valen tones. The trio first met in the choir of the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Reno, where Roily Kneller was the director. In addition to their vocals, the Valentines hold forth with piano, drums, trombone,' electric bass and guitar each doubling on at least two instruments. Other entertainment at the Stage Bar includes the Wally A 7 Holmes Trio and Noel Boggs and T.i t : a . rrti tt i ine i lie-1 uners. nanan s t.aKe Tahoe Club offers continuous musical entertainment from 6 p. m. until 6 a. m. nightly. $5,000,000 Worth of Screen Entertainment Comes to Reno Today On the Screen f c,lDS,! ifL 1 ADVICE FOR PARENTS Information and advice for parents of teenage youngsters is given in Lawrence and Mary Frank's new book, "Your Adolescent at Home and in School," now available at the Washoe County Library. Numerous other helpful books on the adolescent can also be obtained at the library. J 35 WEST 2nd" STRECT if "Be$l Picture of th Yar" ... acclaim San Francisco critics "LUST FOR LIFE" Screens At 12:30 - 4:00 7:25 - 10:50 last Complete Show 9:30 CONT. FROM 12:30 OPEN 12:15 The Most Revealing life-Inspired Story Ever Filmed! KIRK DOUGLAS V .V M Audrey Hepburn Henry Fonda Mel Ferrer Anita Ekberg Starts 1:20 - 5:00 - 8:35 NOTE: To accommodate- weekend crowds ... Early and late shows Friday and Saturday 11:00 a.m. 2:50 - 6:25 - 10:05 P.M. Hit "SWAMP WOMEN" wi ANTHONY QUINN . JAMES DONALD PAMELA BROWN CinemaScope MeiroColor Wide Screen Color -2:35 - 6:05 - 9:35 GUEST SPEAKER WTNNEMUCCA. Guest speaker at the Winnemucca grammar school unit Parent-Teachers Association meeting Wednesday in the music room, Major Ray Arnold gave a detailed talk on "Civil Defense." He screened two films on "When the Atomic Bomb Strikes and Survivals," to illustrate his subject. ENJOY OUR SPECIAL HOLIDAY LUNCHEON ONLY 2 HOURS OP PARKING ... 25c Vl a witt him srjiii Tj W PHONK FA 3-0992 Sfaris TODAY . . . Here's Banditry that Changed History! the year's most exciting thrill adventure VICTOR MATURE ' ANITA EKBERG "ZARAK" In Technicolor 1:00 - 4:10 - 7:25 - 10:25 P.M. 2ND HIT-EDMUND PURDOM "STRANGE ADVENTURE" 2:30 - 5:45 - 9:00 P.M. 1 WHrli X PHONE FA .i-4SZ2 M Doors Open at 6:45 P.M. NOW! SPECTACLE fJP Thrilling Vt i ACTION Tender JpW ROMANCE jff . V MW9 Mt prtunw J-f MAIZETTERLING fa m m tuun mmt mm tm I fccK fc VH GUCSTJhEASTMM COLOt at 7:43 - Screens 9:46 Vj 124 SIIII. frtAIKS V GARY COOPER SUSAN HAYWARD "GARDEN OF EVIL" TOM TULLY SYLVIA SYDNEY "BEHIND THE HIGH WALL" DIIBIDIHHD I i &E:jf . X r f r Till 4sjk 1 l Liili -rfS? - H 1 pens? .m INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS SONG STYLISTS "TAP-ROBATICS" SHOWTIME: 9 p. m, and 12 p. m. Saturdays 8:30 p.'rru 11:30 p. m. Dance to the music of Eddie Fitzpatrick with the Mapes Skylets a Joy Healey production with singing M. C Dick'Merritt . - lf:jf.i'w. a,, MiJ"i j mamI- r'fofrry - inr , tift 'i 1" ' r " TIIE VALENTINES, three-part harmony group appearing , at Harrah's Club Stage Bar, Lake Tahoe, consists of Oz Wehlander, left, and Roily and Esthermae Kneller. IRS Glad to Help Caution Note Sounded By District Director The Internal Revenue Service is glad to provide all the help it reasonably can to taxpayers dur ing the 1957 filing season on 1956 returns, but District Director Vaughn W. Evans sounded a note of caution on one phase of such assistance that gives the agency subsequent difficulties every year. When we or anyone else help a , such that Brother Victim Of Suffocation ELKO. Word was received from Oakland, Calif., that Walter H. Martin, brother of Mrs. Robert Anderson of Deeth was apparently the victim of suffocation. According to information Martin and his wife Madelyn went to bed in their Oakland home with the stoves on and all windows closed. Mrs. Martin was taken to an East Oakland hospital. Funeral services were held in Oakland Tuesday afternoon. S SAVE $ LIQUORS CUT RATE PRICES SPARKS Nevada Trading Post SHi and "B" STREETS RENO WAGON WHEEL 116 E. COMMERCIAL ROW taxpayer prepare a return, assistance is to guarantee the return is accepted as correct and not subject to either preliminary check or later complete audit," Mr. Evans stressed. "Ev ery year taxpayers come to us for help and appear very disturbed to learn this. Some go away without completing their forms or seeking further aid. They tell us they'll be back and sometimes they say they want to go over their records for the past year again. "No matter who prepares a return, the taxpayer or taxpayers who sign it are responsible for its accuracy. They must be prepared to back up all entries, to prove ail claims. To us, returns prepared by our assistors, in whole or part, or by outside sources, are no different than those on which the individual taxpayer who, inci dentally, deserves full credit for his effort has worked for hours, perhaps, to do a thorough and accurate job." It is essential for taxpayers to keep all records relating to their returns for at least three years after filing, Mr. Evans reminded. P CANTONESE and AMERICAN CUISINE OF RENO 5 MILES OUT SOUTH VIRGINIA $4,500,000 Is Offered For Stardust LAS VEGAS. A $4,500,000 offer by operators of the Las Vegas Hacienda, Inc. to take over, complete and operate the sprawling 1000 room Stardust hotel had been made to hotel trustee Paul McDermott. Richard Taylor, manager of the Hacienda, said that Warren Bayley, president of the Hacienda, made the offer in behalf of Hacienda stockholders. Taylor said that the, four and one half million dollars would pay off all of the creditors, as well as protect the stockholders for the full value of their shares. McDermott, appointed trustee of the Stardust under a federal court reorganization, said that the offer was the last of four received Monday. Midnight was the dead line for submitting reorganiza tion plans for the hotel. McDermott said that other of fers came from a group composed mainly of former Stardust officers. He said that three of them were Louis Stralla, brother of the late Tony Cornero Stralla, who originally promoted the spa, Bill Papyania and Dr. Erlich, a per sonal physician for Cornero. The second offer was from M. D. Rynkoptfs and Frank Hofues, jr. Rynkoptfs is a former member of the Stardust board of directors and owns a nickelplating company in Los Angeles. Another offer was from the Bank of Las Vegas, apparently on behalf of the Sheraton Hotel group. Mcuermott said tne oner has not been studied. A recommendation from Mc Dermott will be made to the U. S. district court here on Feb. 5 when it is expected that a decision will be' made concerning the future of the multi-million dollar hotel. Dairy Farmer Problems Aired TONOPAH. Guest speaker at the Tonopah Rotary club luncheon meeting last week was Elmer Bowman, prominent Pah-rump rancher who operates a modern and efficient dairy In southern Nye county. Mr. Bowman discussed prob lems of the Nevada dairy farmer, pointing out that surplus milk from Utah is cutting into the Nevada dairyman's market. He said that although . the last 10 years have seen important strides made in the state dairy and ranching program, "some protection" is needed to assure a fair return to the operator. During the Rotary business session it was announced that Dr. Harold Boyer of Las Vegas will be a guest at the Jan. 29 meeting. r 1 A X. tf'all- MAGIC CHICKS AND FANCY TRICKS niMTiuiM starlets AMoao-turt iwo shows imT-im MKINC FROM ( UTt SHOW U1MMT ha Clifford. AWiinwKHistu rrfV MERT WCBTHEIMIR J in Ui cocKUil lounge HANK PENNY With Sua Thompson THE DIZZY DARLINGS lovTtll lnwrk. t Tut () aw In Liberal United JlA III I Trading Stamps Q lip I GIVEN WITH EACH VJU W I JACKPOT Ql I Redeemable For j Ml III1 VALUABLE 1 '111 lift I GIFTS ( UU Ask For Your Full Color J ulj M Gilt Catalogue I 7 V V FREE! JL While They Last rJSlffifiS ' AT OUR illiM I CASHIER'S j I l I COUNTER jyjjjjl Tonopah Cubs Look at Stars TONOPAH. Thirty Tonopah Cub Scouts were taken to the local airport one evening last week to observe the stars through a telescope at the CAA installation. Dave Sudweeks of the CAA acted as host and answered questions. Accompanying the boys were their den mothers Mesdames Mar shall Robb, Eva Van Camp,-Ralph Pillers, John Martinez, Jay Howard and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Downs. FREE SMORGASBORD EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT BIG HAT Moana at S. Virginia FA 3-8868 iJiplutnaKe I I NEVER A TRACE OF 1 IQUORTASTfJ M& 1 I' Q-I Since 1721... "The World's Most Honored Vodka to II 100 Proof. Mad from Crtl by LReliky Cl, Cocktywlllt. Md..U.tA

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