The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUNft 25, BLYTIIUVILUO, (ARK.) COUR1KU NEWS i CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecu- Hs'e Insertions: One time p«- *"»> I0c I Two limes per line per day .. 06c | Month rots per lino Wo i Minimum charge Wo 1'nrec times per line pa dny . Me Blx times per line per <ia: .. 95c Attb ordered i-Jr tnree or six thnrs nml slopped belorc expiration will be charged for the number of limns tlie ml appeared and Mjuatnient o( lilll made. ill Classified Advertising copy Eubmitlcd by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cosh. Kales may be easily computed from abovs table Aaveriiiini oracrect for irreeulai Insertions late tlic one time rale No jcsjrjnMDimy will oe token lov more than one incorrect ln- lertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Investigate our budget plan for Home Improvements. See E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Lost Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN Mrs. J, J. buyu — apoitcer Corsctlcre Call 421-w tor appointments POCKETHOOK containing $! & driver's license. Howard for re- lurn to Courier News $5 -'REWARD for return lo Hotel Noble of man's \uUch loot in washroom Tuesday. Especially valued because it was a glfl. Wanted KXPEU1ENCED STENOUHAl'llKU cuul Bookkceiwr \vunl.s viaslllon. Good references. Eleanoi HtnUi, 1315 W. Main. Call 335-W. 13p k2) For Sale CAFE—Good location, on division between Main and Asli. Walter Lewis. 25-p-k-a Paying coal and wood yard. Cheap rent. 118 S. Railroad. 23-ck-lS My home foi 1 sale Cheap — 818 Chickiismvba, 1 rooms and Imli. gurajc, servant, house, garden. 1 block from school house. W. 13. Cade, 818 Clrickasawba. 22p k23 Or tratle for portable mill, sawmill and planing mill at Huffman. Stnnlon Pepper, Huffman. 20-l>-k-27 FOR SALE—5 Room House, bath large Int. Cheap taxes. Wor.der- ful location. Cheap for cash. 8CO Chickasav/lja. dh t FOR SAIjE-Used Ice Boxes and Electric Refrigerators. Broadway Sales Co., Ill S. Broadway. 30-c-l:-C-30 We Make AH Sixes of. Airplane Type Fans A few used desk fans for sale cliea)) Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 10 TRANTHAM TBANBP1SB CO. Moving 50c room up. Pianos $1 up PHONE 984 WANTED — ALL KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 lo SS ton Aluminum, lOo Ib. Brass, 2c to 4Vic II). Copper Wire, 4c to 60 Ib. Radiators, 4«o ib. HICKS & J7UHS WOLF AI1IAN PHONE 17G 128 E. MAIN BUY CLOTHES NOW! Pay out of your bonus. GEO. niUIK, Tailor 201 N. 2nd ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS— 3 Kelviuators, 1 cold np°t. 1 Scrv- el. CHEAP. TERMS. Wiggins Electric Shop. 119 S. Broadway. 15-ck22 Used Trucks 1034—1',; Ton Ford IDSS—jj 'fan Torn Tick-Up 1931—IJi Ton Chcvrolcl 1031—Ui Ton International have Gcod Klnkc liodlcs . TERMS Delta Jui piemen I L.o Shoe Repairing QUALITY SHOE KHOl' Men's Half Soles COc, 75c, $1 Men's Rubber Heels 25c, 3ac, 50c Men's Full Soles and Heels Ladles' and Children's Half Soles 50c and C5o Quality Materials Laces any color. Free delivery service. 3 FREE Shines with half sole FREE GASOLINE 4,000 GaHqns to lie Given Awa; I'KEIi To Our CiislomcrsJ Kvcry menjlicr of our G.isolini Dividend Clnl) can uiii from lo 25 Gallons, \\hcn you buy ga ill Bailey's ask [or :i nieinbershi] card. It costs nothing. HARRY BAILEY'S At Missouri Slale. Line GOOD LIVE SALESMAN WITH CAR—Liberal commissions, cx- luslve territory. Excellent proposl- ion. See Hubert Simmons ut Glen- •oc Hotel before 1) A.M. Friiiny. Real Estate WAllMN'Ci OHBKIl Tin- dctairliinl.s, Mrs. Minnie I, '"•mi mill Wncliovia liauk & 'll'usl C'oin[uny, iis llic co-cxccutm's or! Indices In o'imi'Bc of llio esl:il3 of W. !•:. (ih'nn, dcceasci), are ln-ro- by warned |o appear In the MII- 1»1 Court of lllythevillo, Arkiui- fus Mississippi County, within tlmly ila.vs mid niiswi' Hie coin- plaint of (lie plalnlllf, W. M. Hums. V,'l!in'.-u my hund, as clerk of sutd coiivl. niul (ho seal ('hereof on I Ins third clay of June, I£BO, 1-Yank WlilUvortli, Clerk. 4-1I-IS-25 'or Sale or Trade—My home at BID W. Main. Bargain. Mrs. S. S. Slcmbcrg. Call 081. FOR SALE C;;kn.t>—HOUSES lit 700 W. Ash; 337 & 3IS!> S. DI- iilon, with paying tenants. BAK)AIN for quick sale. Part cash vill handle. Mildred E. Cox, R. R. 1, Bos '21-A. FOll SALK—Three Itcal Bargains One 3-room house within block of Sudbury school, lights and wat- , $425. One 3-room hoiiso and garage, lights and water, S225. One 5-room house, complete with rath, by Sudbury Softool, $300 cash, Bal., $10 monthly. Taxes paid on nil, rwitc Box 05. Blylheville, Ark. l!)-pk-2U & 'PUB jjuviTiiivteiil :il Uneiios •' Aires, in I7M. senl seven tarn- ilXi across the river 1'lala lo found 1110 cily of Monlevidw. later capital of Unujuay. from ainoni! tln'sc svltlors arose Jose Aiti^ay, iiowoi'fnl, intrepid leader nl a ratis'.eil people who v/erc I'C'iHiiuuiUy heio^ otiprcssed by Ihe Spanish atul Pui luyucse. When n'viill sliui.-l; Houll'. Ami'i-iea in IIJIO, Arlii-as, then •!!>, led a:i jinny :.i;.iin:,t Munlcvldco, heiid([iiarl(;rs i>f the Spanish jjov- cinor. Kvt'iywheri.' |i]s country- I men acdaimcd him. nnci his army | increaMd in sixe. hul when the I'oi'tUfitK'^c 1 came lu help the Spanish rout Ihe rebels, Arli;;as lied. Tlu-ii IM'HUII a [irand exod-is o£ J3,0!U1 men, v.'onH'ii, and children under- Aiiigas, across the Uruguay j river In Ar^M'sliiiii, whcru for live | years he ruk-d a:; their jirotcctor. j \Viicn UK; l J o: - tiiKUL'se iurnod agaiiuit tfi'.- Spanish, they o])cned liie \vjy for Arli;;as' reliirn. But his Itc'uU-iuiiils Icjh-ayed him, his' Albcrla Taxes lliljh's t [people and In:; army were pov- CALGARY. Alia. (UP(—Biblasl crly-slrii-ken, and the rorluguesc ccst 'i per cent more in Atfcerlu' today than they rlld a mnnth n^o, It is aiiuoimced Hint Bibles nivl bcoks cf a rcliLiiou.s nature, if purchased for Indivldrnl use, are subject to Albert; 1 .'s new '2 perj cent sales lax. I'hi' moon's iKitpcraturp IK l«> I'ttcl to reach '259 decrees nlxiv no in (ho sunlight, and auout ni ilciirccs below ncro in llie liiule. , B v ti Canada Builds Largest Steam Locomotive MONTUHAli (UP)--Tlii- world's largest streamlinrd itenni locomotive, 04-fecl IOIIB. tti>l«l)lii K G50,- 000 pounds, and capable of attain- ng n sliced of 100 milti an liour, 'mis been completed la-re. The eiiglno Is o»u of four being ron.struetod for Ihe Cmm.iinn N«- lloiml Hallway, ami will lie the ".streamliner" placej In oper- nllon in Canada, it L S known as tlie No. (MOO. The desisn follows a streamlining plan devduiiert i )y Hie Na- llonal ijesearch Couni'il a| Ottawa HOT COFFEE si;iivi:i) WIIHIII: n-s cooi, Iliivn your mld-mornliiB In the A1H CONDITIONED Colfeu l«ioi> at HOTEL NOBLE OKDERS TAKEN FOR "DERNAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FREE Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. C. llnlcy 1109 Chlckasaivba Phono 792 and llio Motive nsyarlmeiil n( lluv C. N. II. It was selected after an exhaustive Mi'lcs of wlnd-timni'l mid oilier tests. Alexander Oraluun Hell Invented the leli'iilionc In 1II7U. ; Drs. Wert OPTCmKTKlSTS Over Joo Isaacs' Store "XVI! MAKH 'EM SEK". Phono 5fO Wrecker Service - Gas OPEN A1J, NIGHT mm.ui'K vSKRVICl'J CKNTHR M Wilts 717 - 810 Swimming Pool l''nriiirrly .Mill 10 & 20c (ncluding tax) $4 private parties Ojlfll 9 "I'll !l MONDAY— "PAI, DAY" Fresh Wilier G'oniiuuuu.slv Opcralcd by Mr. and Mrs, Oills fXi FOU (JIIICK SBUVICK ON WASHKl) ONE STOP SHHVICK STATION [•'OH VOlIll CONVENIENCE 1 SINCLAIR GAS AND 1AUWICATION WYSK' I'KKUY in clinrt'o <>!'• Service Dcinirlmcnt. !,. 1 J.JOHNSON in cliargo Huily Department. i:i,i-CTuie AOKTVI.ENB WELDING AT BEST Places PhOMPT SEHVICK Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 RADIO REPAIRING A Complete Line of Tubo inrt radi HUBBARD TIRE * MA'l'TIllV CO. GRAVEL IMIONE 701) Snpoiinr Coal & Miniiiff Co. Ami we biindlu all U'adhur llranit.s of High Grade Coat— Now Ixicated at 101 North Seconil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAKIlS, I'roprielor All makes ot relulll Typewrllcrs, Adding MacnlnciL «nil Calculators— Rcpalrint—1'orts—lUblwni .Suiiilil, Oreal llcarl, llrllllunt, etc. : T-BATTJillV SKKVIUli —UAUIATOK Klil'Alll —HODV \VOKK —I ; KNUI!K VVOH1C — (il.ASS —AUTO I'AKTS W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES"" llodsc ft' Myuoutli i i 11 Dealer PHONE 8S8 HEAR ? HEAR! If you Imvo n bui'iiil nasociation ccrtificntc of any kind on your loved OHM when they puss iiwuy, wo will fieecpl it ;it full v'itlue on tho ftinnral, providod you buy as mudi fis ?GO ci- more in COBB FUNERAL HOME 'HONK Always in the Market fo SCRAP IRON ' WOOL Rags, Metal, ., Hides & Bones Blythcvillc Iron & Metal Co. tor Renl Mcrtcrn rive Room House. Fin- nrshed. To Uesponsible person. See J. E. Hardin, South Highway 61. '25-p-k-23 CCOL BEDROOM acijoinir.j bath. Mrs. Fay McHaney. Call '194. c If i room modern house, month. Phone 9M. $15 per 24-ck-lf 5 and if room Furnished Apart ments. Cheap. E. M. Eaton, 713 Chicknsawba. ' 23p klf Three Room Unfurnished Apart - inent. Reasonnbl2. Call 5. !!3p k30 Fur. Apartment in Stianc Duplex al 1114 West Ash. Call 107 01 571 23-c!;-U •1. IK cl rooms or a. two room furnished apiirlmcnt. Rcasonalile. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hcarn. '**' Six room unfurnished house. 111)3 E. Cherry, phone 23'). 10-ck-U Cool front BEDROOM. Reasonable. Been Hall. Call 'J30. CcMI 3 room furnisher! apartment wilri hath. Niwly decorated. Telephone & water free. llr;;. Belle Wood, 120 Doiijan. Call ISo-J. 17-ck-tf 3 FURN1SHFO Rooms, modern Siiih in kitchen. !>M Hcani. INOHAM aparlment, Inciuire Parkhurst Co. 28-ck-tf Koom /ipartment, 1 rooms fur- niched. J. H. Knu,rt. Ciiil 805-J 2c ktl s, Poultry troops liieked \vcnk L sntiw PRETTY ? BAH .'THAT'S WHAT THIUK - BUT I AWT SO HOT ' ABOUT IT - AM' VWMEM 1 AIMT If HOT ABOUT SUMPIM, SUMPIW'S ' LIABLE T'BUST' ' MOW, LISTEN - IP YOU MUGS WAWTA 5TAV OUTA TROUBLE, YOU'LL 5TAV RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE-'CAUSE MM GOIM' IN AW'TEAft THIS COUNTRV OF V YOURS UP BY ' ROOTS/ 5O KINO WUR'S MAKE OOOLA HIS QUEESJ-AWD ME HIS SISTER'S HUS6AMD,EH? OR US- WE'RE YOUl YezziR.OOP- VOU MOOVIAWS ARE SURE SIT- TIKI' PRETTY/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIKS . AWO.VMWE.M \ GtT WVfrt VOO, S7H-\_ VASONi'Y \4MOW 'bo«Tix vow ON UMOtR Of- "VW "\\ME MfXMV VOUi'b vooovo WOV\CE v v^ 221 W. Cherry Call 4J8 Keep Kool With HuiUer Electric Fans Hubbard Hdw. Co. Wall Paper SALE 1936 PATTERNS TI1EARRMO LUMBER CO. i'honc 40 STOVES eroiisrj FOB SUMMER Local Hauling My" Coal is Black But 1 trea You White JOHN BUCHANAN—1'IIONE ~i« GUARANTEED ELECTRICAL WORK, reasonable. Frank We, Phone 218, Ooccola. Salesmen Wanted AtENWANTED.for Rnwleigli Route of 800 families. Reliable hustle should slart earning $25 weekly an increase rapidly. Write torln Rawlcigh. Dcpt. AKP-21-S, Mem phis, Tcnn. BOX IT'S A5 PLAIN A5 DAY, THAT cAM3LER, IS IN LOVE WITH LILA PICKET, BUT BOTH FATHER AMP BROTHER OBJECT - TO HIM /SO ME FIGURED TO BLIMPOr-F THE FATHER AND BROTHER, M/VERV THE GIRL AMD GRAR j THE OIL H6LP SHE'P INHERIT, i Galleries Baby Chicks DAY OLD & STARTED any dny MAHlbYN HATCHERY Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry V.I E. Main Barber Shops HOLT'S KARBGK SHOP 101 South 2nd St. HA1RC1TT 20c. SKAVE ISo Bath—Close 3 p.m.—Shino BETTEIt UATreUY SERVICE! Call J. B. Clune At Tom Jackson's Service Station Male Instruction AMBITIOUS MEN: Nn criminal record, 21-15: who wish to (|iinl- Ify at once for a S175 a monlli government job. Wrile Box "H' 1 Courier News. We will select mechanically Inclined men \vlUi churacler references, miii; ;ic cm|.:o>T.c:, re::a'j;e with fair education, who wish lo heller themselves by training in their spare time for Electric Refrigeration nnd Air Conditioning Industries. Write fully. Utilities Er.% Insl. "A" 7» Courier News. ALL WE HAVE TO DO,PDPMEP IS PIN TflE GOODS ON HIM. ;>J6 BY IJfA FFRV1CE. INC, r. M. REG, U, 5. PAT. OFF. /SPEAK UP, ZARA.T. WHERE \HAOA ' you THE NIGHT) "•" JEFF PICKET KILLEP? FRECK(,KS AN'O HIS KRIBN'DS HELLO,P3LICE r/T,' ^bUWGESr 93M V/AS JUST' PURSUED BY THAT STPAWGE Af-iiMAL WHICH E/ERYoflE IS LOOKIMC3 TOR. IS y ... ) taaajba^a-A^sBBES^c I'M GLAD YOU PHOKED, . MRS. M'GOOSEV! 1HAT ANIMAL HAS IHE V/HOLE TOV/M in A om-iER, AND SOr-ETHIWG'S GOTTA BE DOHE'ABOUV IT' SHE CKUTAIM.V WIL r ! ?.LL RCUWD UP. ALL ; IHE MEN i CAM GET; |AMD GOME OVER IHERE! j HAVE ^tOU AW IDEA WHERE THE: AKIIMAL U^ is b40W ? f By. Uloss>» GS4Lm__ THE BOYS SAID IT CHASED THEM OOV^I QTvRK AVEWUe. 1 THEM' CAME INTO THE HOUSE SCARED TO DEATH, ,AK!D HAVE BEEN SHAKING EVER SINCE .' r I HAVE WO IDEA WHERE L THE ANIMAL IS NOW, BLff IF I SEE rr, I'LL CERTAINLY LETT You KNOW .'.' • •

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