The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—NO. 2f>l THE DOMINANT NEWSl'APF.R OP NOHTHKA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS HOME EDITION * Blythevllle Courier, lilythcvllle Daily Ne'vs, I>| VTi|l."Vtl M. 1 MM.'VV<5A«J Wi-iivi-um \- II'VT-MIV n in.n Blylhevllle Herald. Mississippi Valley leader 1.1. . i JIAJLI.h, AKKAAbAb. \\ r.l» KSI)A\ , ,IAM,Att\ 7, 1 flit I SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO'/' tLfW « ¥1 7" • flt$ V "Trade WmeP In i Severe Blizzard/Sweeps j Upper New York State j PLATTSBURG. N. Y., Jan. 1 (LJP> — One of the most severe, blizzards of recent years swept! northern New York today. ; Snow has fallen almost inccs- • santly over a great part of the' rectjon for more than 2-i hours und there were few indications Ih: 1 Will Conlinue Tonight to,^™ rctc *' n "J cr J^'Vaniete Azores On Next Leg of! Lake Placid region and other parts rp'li i n • of the Adirondacks. Might to Pans. | i liUFFALO. Jan. 1 (UP)—Heavy HAMILTON, BERMUDA. Jan. 7 snowstorms and high winds kept (UP)—The ."enplane 'Trade Wind".| traffic in western New York al- raiTving Mrs. Beryl Hart and!most at a snail's pace today. There Lieutenant William S. MacLarcn. j were 18 inches of snow covering Jr.. on a projcctrd flight from Ne\v highways along the northern bor- Man and Woman on Atlantic Ycrk to Paris, arrived here P. M.. from Norfol];. The cabin plane, carrying the red haired widow anil her fly- inj instructor, made a quirk und easy flight frori Norfolk which it left at 6:09 A. M.. eastern standard time, toilay. The Trade Wind started its -fltulit from New York last Saturday and fle\v almost to Bermuda, but was unable to make the is- iLinci and relumed to Norfolk. Mrs. Hare and Lieutenant Mac- L-nren planned to refuel tlie Trade Wind at once in preparation for an over night night to Horta. Azores islands. the state. Jonesboro Bread License j Ordinance P.uied Void . JONESBORO, Ark.—A decree was entered on the records of Chancery court here yesterday setting aside the section of the" recently Identify Picture as That o Woman Seen There Sunday Night. OSCEOLA, AUK., Jan. 7—A new clue was unearthed in the sirango disappearance of Mrs. Blythc Thompson Lon;, 24 year old Memphis society matron, v.-hen two Oscoola men reported to Memp'.lis police that a young woman ol her description visited a rilling station Ihere Sunday night. Justice Edrlngton, manager, and adopted privilege tax ordinp;rse, 1 W. H. Beebe. employe of ths Gulf i for Jonesboro which provided for I Refining station, Immediately rec- a $23 a year license for grocers 1 ognizsd Mrs. Long's picture as distributing., bread manufacutredi closely resembling thai of a wo- outside of Jonesboro. - man ^n a . car. which slopped Jat . -The-.-desre6.--was-entered.-in--tJ"!!.«B!x-^si»Uon Sunday nlghc betv;eeni suit of Fred Hamilton, locai grco:v,|7:30 end B o'clock. ' against the City of Jonesboro, May- The incident was especially not-1 or Herbert Hosier and Police Chief; ed us two nic-u left the car and ' W. C. Craig, seeking an injunction to keep them from collecting the license fee. The decree sets the Kttion of the ordinance aside and declares it null and void which means that other went back of the filling station for j a few minutes after inquiring- the price of gas. Two young women wer: in the car. Neither wore hat, ccat or gloves but were nicely dressed. According to the station j 'EBRTHIKDUCrOR CCMPfiss Action by Lcacier Forecasts Rebuff to t to Bermuda Lumber Mill at West Memphis Destroyed WEST MEMPHIS, Ark., Jan. 'I I lUl'i—Klre which bcunn chirliiB tlie I noon hour swept the uniln |il:intl of Ihi- /, T. Ilriigit Lumber company lii'ie, cnusliic !ii.;ivy damu»i> j lo slci'k. Chemical companies from Memi phis und nil available equipment I In this clly roiponded lo the call. I'.Qffkvis of the company were vi ! nwiiy from lhe clly inu; no'cKllmnle IxCW O f (i,,, dnnuBc WHS available. The mill \M\S operated wllh a skel/jtou i eri'W of 150 men, who probably will WASIlIN-GTONTjim 7 IU)>) - j ^ " 1IWV " °" L °' Work by U ' C ""' i Senator Robinson. Arkansas. Demo- | ; rrntlc lender of the sonuK 1 , (otlayj 1 n&sutiKvt leadership of (hi.' fluht tO| remove (hre* members of Ihe new! federal power commission. i Hh ncMon lends strength lo the I niovrmriK (o oust President Hoov-1 cr';; niHHiliitces whoin liberals in • conuiCM runsildcr fricnilly to the. E0-<:nlli'd "nowcr 'Inlercsls." I ft I Cl If r »« 'I 1 it the rest or uio Democrats foi- Lhavles ohnltnev o{ Manila low Robinson's leadership passage ! cf a motion to reconsider the con] flrmatlon of commissioners Qcorge Oils Sinltli. Marcel Garsaud anil Clnmlo L. Draper, would to likely. The deadlock between the houfe and sctmtc over mi additional $15,- COO.OGO appropriation for food loans to lhe drouih relief bill continued. Must Pay for Highway Accident Jury Decides. Decision on Location of, New Penal Institution' Expected in Few Days. The MIssL'sippl County Quorum Court In special session at Osceola this inornlni! adopted a resolution aullicvi^lni: ?.al B. Hnrrlson. 1 county judge, to purchase and place In operation n urlFon farm. I [or cuunly prisoners. The resohi- -J (ton provided for 1111 appropriation ./' of Slo.OfiO '"or fa much thereof "| as may bo necessary" lo carry out [ lhe provisions of the resolution.' * How It Is proposed (o finance tliB : .< umkTlaklr.a was mil made clear',; ut this mornihu's . court session;-.i] The- appropriation of JIO.OCO ls-'6b'- - : viously Insufficient to acquire clear '.' title to a suitable tract of land. It ;. i« Generally understood lhat the. '-', 310,000 appropriation will cover a i small downpaymcnt on the farm '•• and the Improvement and cciuip- menl of the fiirm for operation Mils Representative La Gunrdln, Repnb- Itcnn. New York, again blocked ac- Ark.. Jan , (U ,,- Appropriations nmiually for years will be necessary 'to Charles Schattiier of Manila till! suit of R. E. McCullough In vs. Morris Block and Charles Schaff- tlon by.Insisting the bill be sent ™' by a Jury In civil court here back to committee lor the conclu-1 yesterday. The suit as to. Morris Mon of provisions to nld clly dwell- Dlock WBa dismissed upon his ers as well as farmers, I Wmcnt of O.GCO In 01 The cause ot the food loan ad-! McOulloughs clnlm for damages for vocates was strengthened when personal.Injuries which ho sustain- Robinson i,?cclvud u telegram from: ™ automobile the governor of Arkansas aklnB federal alii f-r hungry farmer. ' the Blychsville-Manltii road in 1928. 1TBIBIRE Evidence in tho case established MBCullough's claim that he wns | Injured while alulm; Schafiror in Ihe repair of n. truck Bch'affner was driving for the Manila Slave Company, which broke down on eluded, shows Mrs. Beryl Hart and Captain William S. CucLaren, co-pilols, as World Dignitaries Partici- nate in Honors lo Dead Hero of France. jthc side of the ! vlp.-s ' youkl business man, accordlnp to lhe evidence, recklessly drove his Packard automobile Into tho truck which was parked to the right of the rond but on the pavement, and which carried no tail light." Me- Ciillough. who lives at rvfanllo, wns your. me linanclnK plan. ^'| The special session, called byi_j Jiulcc Harrison to consider dlspo- .^ of county prisoners, foltow->j;i lug the expiration of u contract L : ; wllh operators of a private farm, '•'' Instctl only a few minutes. The ..v resolution ottered the court was ' prepared by a committee, eloclecl, : to advise with Mr. Harrison .In';the selection of a county farm. • The resolution, passed practlcuU ly without a. dissenting vote 1 , give Mr. Hurrlson authority to-._ carry. ; out the principal promise:'.upon,' which he made' his successful rate for the county judgeshlp: " , Committee Is Continued ' -Although- the , KMhitionjrt^.tho.y court p'lilctd ntithbrltj? for the piir-~' chcse of a farm with Judge Harrison, the newly eicctcd county • JBdge. whose administration began last week, stated that any . purchase he might mnkc would have to bear the Approval of nt least a • PARIS. Jan. 7 . (UP) — France Youths Confess Theft j young woman on the rear seat, who i grocers in the city also will be freei mcn " n ll members of the party aad I Ne ^' York on a scheduled flight for Paris, \vith slops at Bermuda and the Azores. The 'diagram j from the tax. j apparently been drinkinc and the; shows the interior and construction of their Bellanca seaplane, "Trade Wind," which Is equipped I to carry cargo and 400 gallons of gasoline, 230 of which go in the large fuselage tank and the rest in the wing tanks. The fuselage tank is equipped with a quick-operating dump valve for empty- j'^'j of'Jjj",, generation's outstanding ing ihe load in an emergency. The seaplane has a 300-horsciw.ver nine-cylinder Wright motor, a j heroes, wing span of 48 feet and eight inches, and a length ol 29. feet and nine inches. i resembled Mrs. Long, is said to | have been almost unconscious. Mr. fro mWalpole Market I Edrlngton and Mr. Beebe say they __ i remember the blonde in Ihe front' City police announced this morn-: M!lt endeavoring to talk to thej Ing that a signed confession had | s . econ , d ?*"* wom!m ' whn made ! teen secured from cjecil Haines j ' lQ L '' e|) y - driving down the highway and see- majority of the nuoi mil court com-. Ing the truck In trouble had slop-imillce. ped to help Schaffncr In Its repair. | jjy unanimous vote, lhe court i He sustained Injuries to tils' right n n | s morning nt t''ie request ot .i mourned h«r savior Marshal Jos- j , h , , wns lima ] led i,, the col- JudKD Harrison agreed to continue I oph J-ffre with all the splendor due i „/,„„ wlth Block's Pncknr d, | ihf same co.nmlttee to advise- The plaintiff was represented byj tt ., tlx tnc colln |y cout t which has , „ , u i , , , i J T - C05t o» of Osceola and C. M. n i,. C(u |,- b"en functioning with him. .loffrc's body was placed In a clr-- nilck of Blythevllle and Jack Ap- [ The commUttc Is composed ot..'G: and Os'en (Jim. local youtlis, ad-1 The automobile \vns dark and j raitting the theft of five dollars'In I of „" mcdlum size with Mem P hls I cash from the Herman Walpole and Tennessee licenses en it. market Sunday night. I The yob-h were arrested by Po- i Pj re L as t fjiffht Guts i Mccman A. D. Gwj-n, assigned to | the case, and later wrote out llicir confession. Chief Goodwin stated today that A residence at Oak and Lilly the pair would be turned over to streets, owned by Lucky Hamner,' the state for prosecution on fel-1 W as gutted by fire of an unknown j ony ch;..-ges. _ j origin about"o o'clock last night.' According to reports occupants riilar sacristy Inside n squrre tent. ix , rs .. n of th .-- nrm of Me t c nlf nnd township^ i Gas "Cracking" Patent Sold for $22,000,000 Lilly Street Residence: Ouf of Town Concerns Retain Counsel for Fight on City Ordinance. CHICAGO, Jan. 7 (UP)—The sale for more than S22.009,000 of an oil "cracking" patent which long I had been regarded ns worthless iciiay rcsiorcd Mrs. Lollta Sheldon Armour to the commanding position in American finance once held by her husband, Ihe late J. Ogdcn Armour. Apperson of Memphis appeared tor chairman: R. L. Mcknight. Chicka- remaining marshals ot i Henri Petnin, Tlulwrt I.vautcy. and I Louis Franchelcd 'Esperey. with Yiplrl rf fi4 34 RIK(IP!« PPV : Unltcd slnles ambassador 'Waller GI of.Jt Dusneis i ei E Edoc tore [he mars]ln ,. s fun( . r . Acre . in Drouth Year ft " pa«. township. ment late yesterday afterncon. A| In his opening remarks to the verdict shortly before noon today ] assemblrd justices of the peace, gave Mrs Glb-on damages of $!.-• Judge Harrison staled that he had 250 and Mr. Gibson $500. '. hoped to be nhlo to submit a pr07 Bruce Ivy represented thejposal for a definite tract of land (»., n • ],, u i - ! of the dwelling- were awav ai'fi- Ti1at fore « n bakeries definitely Atlanta apecwl" Hauls ?Le the S«^l-as discovered and P' a " to ««'. the ™! idit V of ,^ n i. rr p D Uni,- n t nn . r--^»c nf h n ,, P .h«i;i r,,. new city ordinance that goes into time the fire was discovered and P lan to tK ^. the va : i(Jiti ' of , lhc le?EfirS tO U S Pen cn * a fcw F ;ec « ot household fur- nra ' Cll >' ""Imance ">"t %<** ™° Ji> * . ! niture were : , re saved. CHARLESTON. W. Va., (UP) — i With 80 men aboard, the "Atlanta I Sroctal." faid to be the only train \ of its kind to leave any federal! court district in the United State's.' pulled out of the Chesapeake and! Ohio railroad station here recently • bound for Atlanta penitentiary. ! All but four of the men on the', tr.iin were sentenced to the penl-j iontinary for violation of the MqiHrl laws. Sentences of the prisoner.^ were estimated to aggregate 168 years. Departure of the "sp?cial" mark- i ed the establishing of a new record in Charleston for sentencing persons to federal prisons and reform- . effect this year placing a S250 nn- nual privilege lax on wholesale salesmen of bread manufactured . outside Blytlieville v.-as revealed , today when C. A. Cunningham, lo- i cal attorney, admitted he had 'been retained as counsel to- foreign bakeries. i An agreement, has been reached : between Capt. Ivy W. Crawford, 1 city attorney, lieid, Evrard and • Henderson, special counsel and Mr. o, . ii I Joffre's body will remain al the; wfts nssoc | nlc(1 w | t - n Llnntm c.j fcr th.o farm, but that it had been 1P.VCS OtatC Honors, i Inrnltdcs until a mausolsum isi Rff ^ Q[ uu](? Rock , n (h( , d , fcns( ,. impossible to moke the necessary ; constructed on his country estate I . Th( _ cnsc 0[ w y Wroteni cl „(; investigation of all the proposals ; USUEOLA. Ark.. Jan. 7.—The sil-| ne " [ ' aris ' ' vs J R Hyatt, et al, appealed from : that had h "" ••"- 'vophy cup which the Arkansas! worl[| prominent princes, gen- nrobatf , court xvns !Cl f or hearing,plained tl: Bankers Associatlcn has awarded i K'a's ami statesmen nmrcf.ed in tnc [0(J Tli/ 1 suit Involves a contest! committee rvimnllv for cmi production since! proresslon. Tho marsha.'s todv nic(1 uy llel| . s o[ t h late J. L. Wro-' on the FI: carried on a gun carrmgc soldiers and men and women : Ihe third time since the award \vns' w'v> lost relatives in the wcrid I 1024 returns to Mississippi County f-r tl« second consecutive year and i ^ ' ir.s'ituted. Tlie cup was officially I pre-scnterl to Godfrey I,. White, Os- knelt in tribute. A million persons w ' a wll| and thal , m(Ju , lined (he streets. . Hyatt, et al, appealed from : that had been submitted: He at the quorum court named to advise him by heirs of th late J. L. Wro- on the subject -iad urepared a of Joiner, who seek to have his; icfolutlcn plncin; ruithority ; for set aside oil the grounds that ihe purchase -.vlth the county judge, mentally capable ot Tllc rCEO , ut | on wls re!!d to tho . court by Justice Waddell. chalr- ' T-x I. .^. , ^«t.TU,m.ll tu V.J 11C 1 ollCC Uuestion Salt Lake I ccola planter, at a luncheon held In conrecnon with the meeting ofjp errv School Flffms nti'orc Aceri^t. , * Co City Husband Concerning Triple Shooting. d ,-, , —, • jicuuti suti, ajjeuiui ^.vuiwci tiiju ini. ; Companions ret--Cunningham lo continue indenn-j U Natal; Will Prc '^ a p ° !ice ca " llivalvini M °*~> ' ceed to Rio de.Janeiro. the Arkansas Serrl Growers Associ- . ., . . Hclv a pojice case involving ed al Natal; Wl Pro- t C d 'violation of the ordinance. atton in Little H-ck Tuesday. Hlsj yield was 84.34 bushels of seed corn per acre. . ! In addition lo the cup. which . fluence was exerted by his house-, m(m of „ comn . i[t((C . On mo . I keeper, Mrs. Lula Garner, who was, ,, on Q , Jnsac( , Tflm Halfi jj d ot i chief bcnoflciary under teniis ot „„„•„,„,, tcwnshlp. seconded by Prnoram the will, which bequeathed a fourth • Alexander of Chlek- rrogram of ),| S estate, crnslstlng of 150 acres : , of land near Joiner, to the Masonic :aMwba lowllshl „,„ resolullon .\P nr NATAL. Brazil. Jan. 7 CUP)- of the case C. Brown, salesman -._ Memphis bakery, was agreed Ahlander, 25, \vas hold by police; by the Chilean Nitrate in by counsel, to detfrmine what en an open charge. '' ~ J " - " ear Joner, o e a A a|mos , un! , nln , Qusly . mnl from, lhe action of the : Orphans _ Home at BaUisvlllc, and. ^ j KS ti f ^ 5 Present Evirt<nce of Interest In the so !cn nn^ the oroposnl to provide Mississippi county with a county of Soda. ! Educational Bureau in the contest! u u tul i« «^^ ....... ^ ....... ^ _________ =- ___________ ..................... - ____ «•Brazil feted Air Minister Gen. n- ' prccscdurc"'woiild''be' V followed in a X!rs - Elizabeth" Ahlander had which is conducted annually under! ' . a!o Balbo today and the crews lian |hr> ordinance It Is pos- ljee ' 1 f!l °t twice, one bullet pene- ausnlces cf the seed growers court here. Claude P. Cooper, of Alexander' one 1 Cooo:r. \r. attorney for Perry . Fchoo! ('istrict. vhich seeks to prevent the consolidation. Consolldattcn ui the two trlcts would rcsul den of debt now lodged against, the „ i c 1 L owned and operated farm was Barns and amOKCnOUSes shown In Ih2 large attendance of members of the court. Thirtyfour Justice. 1 ; of peace from all Jnn (ns'.v) Jan loW) Mar Mjy Jill Oct ficc 1005 1015m 1023 990 1015 . 1010 1024 1008 1035 1C57 1072 10S5 1071 1083 1089 1101 1080 IOM ady at 1025. up 10. and WOM brought hire by Italian warships stationed alonR the mute.! 1052 ITO5 1050 I One was picked up by the destroy- AiTlC''r3n Victim of 1075 1057 1073 ! •"• »"»/."!„ s^=-n ih« ntv,^ i™.,j f mini ui Neic Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 7 (UP) — Cot:on clti-cd steady. • Oarn HlBh Low Cl'se .1," .... MO 1005 090 1005 Mar ... 1015 1026 1011 1026 M SV ... 1040 1053 1036 1050 >„;' . 1002 1016 1060 1013 C;! I "4 lOm 1074 1080b Dee — Spoti closr;! nt 980. up 8. •who span-: sj!j , e that the case will'be tried In tratlng her heart. H;r body ciation and the Chilean Nitrate ' ' -•• • •• Educational Bureau In. co-operation with the agricultural extension ror- vire of (he University of Arkansas. Mr. White's yield, while much lower than the record of 115 bush- '' -tA hls : 'Is mad e by W. T. Beall of \V1lson .-..., , .,, 11U ,,,, aiid thon m tl-e same competition last year, the suit, the dlst hot herself. The husband notified Is conceded a remarkably high yield separate. 'authorities. H.~ was hvstmcal under the dr-Mith conditions which; —— — I when police arrived at the' prevailed during the past season. [ hree Killed RovnH n;»c' He Calmed Mrs. Ahlander obtnlued The yield was nn average per acre: I\eV01t DIBS a j-evoKei-, fired thro > buliets at tlie *' lelrt frnm a fiv ^ »«e Mock grown sleeping children and two at her-' vnA " the supervision bf County ,:!!. 'Agent S. D. Catpentcr on Mr., ; P'llce said Ahlander I wife shot the children and COOTER. MO.—Thetl and robbery aro .becoming very prevalent ports of the 1 county an=wcred the ... , „ ,„, , 'n ih!-. section acnoVillin to locr.l • roll call by Paul .Cooley, county "'in \ hc"vy buv'cffieers. who are kept busy chjs- • auditor.' ' J • hi" and making the thlcvss return R . E . L . Wilson, principal landing placed also on sto ' cn Ecods/ . • owner In the.' ccuntv ^nd official Perry district, Cooper con'.ends. : H ° es Pending fln i er Antonio Moslo, the other land- i ed neAr the Island of St. Paul, 475, ' mites northeast of Natal j The squadrrn will remain here PANAMA, CITY, Jan 7 (UP)— three days and then proceed to' Harlwell F. Ayers, Alabama news- Bahla and Rio de Janeiro where; paperman wounded accidentally In ,, . | the plants will be delivered to the ; the recent revolution here, died to- i'.t. LOUIS Gangster Biazilian 3o|'trnment. .day. • I Ayers mad; a remarkable fight for lite againU heavy odd'. He was wounded In the neck, abdomen and hip. Provisional President Harmodio „ arc bein? stolen, carried O f the Mtfsljsippl County Taxpay- nl do'e-min'at'on' cfi to 'hei nelds and butchtred; houses crs Association, atfnded the meet- districts' will remain I»« broke » '^ lfu °" td K' 0 '" 1 " ^ but made no comment. J. W. i token. A • thief, not so hard spann of Luxora, another member :hearted, tore his way Into a neigh- O f the taxpayers' group was'pres- . T ' | bor's smokehouse, carried awayi cn! as Ka3 Henry Lutes of near in 16X38 |t»-o middlings and left two hams.. Blythevllle. A ftw Osccola clti- TI J v jlt is reported "that a fnrnur ofj;, e] '-, s attendsd the session. Roy lUuay ,1,15 scc tion securely locked his Brinkley of Brinkley ; tarn, only to have thieves enter, whose contract to Brothers, work county ,,.,...„, „,„,,.„„„ .- , ,„ „,: MARSHALL-. Tex.. Jan. 7 (UP)-' through the roof, butcher a calf .prisoners on their farm expir:d Whites plantation Just north of ; Thnee p,j rsons were miA whcn a d hnn( , lt ou[ . at a l]me/ 3l n;so nt '' : 't ' nn y WBS • Lockheed- Vega plane In which ; through a ^M opening th;y had S Pr0llnC ' l *« o ™ '" ' S ' German Steamer Sinks F/M,nJ M,,,J 0 Korl TilD " rst vclr thc na " kcrs AR50 ' a rainstorm eight miles northeast rOUtld Murdered elation trophy was awarded, it was of s they were riding en 'torm e! today. to ' .n«<ie for the purpose'. I LONDON. Jnn. 7 (UP)—The Ger- I man steamer Sari sank after a col- Arias and Foreign Secretary Fran- the latest victims in Mlslon with the Swedish steamer 1 ' ' " I Tic-nils, In Swinmundc today Lloyd's agent at Stettin reported Casualties wer.? unknown. won by C. U. nhodes of Golden ST. LOUIS. Jan. 7 OJP) - T>vo Lake with a yield of 55 bushels i KANSAS CITY, Mo., (UP)—Sixty! gangsters were found shot to death : ,„ ,,- i-,,^ wpr j, required to dj-' on o rcad«itto north ofV.-r- !r-i:iv.. For applying decorative slrl- 1 - j| ver gjoo basket containing fc-M • I a series of '•> • ...... - •,,--•,!.,. his to needy families here on the day] MEXICO CITY, Jan. 1 (UP)- ! Mfixican Flyers Killed , o i . 1« trash at Tr , nedhtelv cttcr , he ^t^nc ^ Judge nm , ^.^ ^ m ^ n ^ ,„„ cow> . ty farm commltteo started en an (Continued en Pa^e 3) WEATHER Rain and warmer Thursday partly cloudy

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