The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1938
Page 2
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THURSDAY, APRIL M. 1938 PAGE THREE Jfsse Jones Granted Full Aiilhonly in Spending i Program BV t'narler News Washington ('one sporulcjit WASHINGTON, April )3.-Con- erfss has given evidence tlmt il trusts RFC Chairman Jesse Jones the lender, more limn Raosf.vKh. the spender. i This is especially Interr>st(nn ^B)MI you consider Jesse's well- Known presidential ambitions. The Ug white-haired Texan has just br-Hi handed $1,500,000,000 which .lift ran lend anyone in any amount far any length of time. All the important, previous statutory safe- (fiinrd.? on RFC loans are off. Only .six votes from among 531. members of Congress were cast against this remarkable grant of financial jwwer. The RFC loan bill, once talked of as ti measure to help small htisinesi—although tlmt phase had practically been /orgottcn by the time it passed —whizzed through both lioiuscs with remarkable speed at a- time when Mr. Roosevelt was fixing to ask for about $2,000.000,000 WPA money and $1,500,000,000 public works money in n new pump-priming, spending-le n d i n g program. Mr. Roosevelt, will have much more trouble getting bis money than Mr. Jones had. And there will be slrlngs tied to it, It's All Jones The RFC is Jones, and Jones is MR RFC. There are four other Members of HFC's board of dircc- ' tors and Jones always lets them know about It when he has made an RFC decision. Recently there were a 'couple of vacancies and a plot was afoot to get at least one independent-minded director appointed. But Jesse nipped thai one with a quick trip to Capitol Hill which resulted in an amendment culling the number of directors from seven to five leav- . ing no vacancies. Hard-headed, able, efficient and conservative operation has popiir larized tlie chairman. One group criticizing Ihe new loan bill complains that turning nil Mini money over to Jesse won't do any good because he will be so tiRhl-listecl with it. No Strinss RFC has operated mostly in secret, usually concealing the names of 11.* borrowers, the amounts and circnm.stiinces "and such' ~ : cohsid-" crattons as whether its own ex- perls approved the loans. Heretofore its loans have been limited ' yi industrial and commercial corporations, but the new law .says ft. can lend to "any business enterprise." Previous limits of five years on the life of n loan ami of $500,000 to any industrial borrower have teen wlDCjl out, as have provisions that loans be made only where employment would thereby been maintained or increased. Past requirements for adequate security nre abandoned and loans can now be made when RFC feels "reasonably" assured or repayment. Also, RFC may now buy stock in -) COURIBR NRWS Going to Sea"— By Automobile i , , , , rr y now. snirk mid ,,,'f you come In and IK,.,, ,, s HAHCA1NS OAl.OltK! Domino I'mv (•...,(.. (;| ( .il. ID l.ljs :"..'(<•• 2, r ) (Jin SI..'in Pound Paper Eag P,oud ml.ecl are the drivers of the cars socn in th, photo above, because they are umontj the motorists ever to drive their cnr.s over the Atlantic Ocean. The roachvuy, shown appmvnllv disap- i pearmg over the horizon, i.s Florida's t ,e«- overseas l.ridue connect!,,,; Mi,,n,l ami Key West' liuilJ over i,n ntamlom-d n ilro»a viaduct, the new road connects many coral Mamls smith of Miami itsi " ovcrmiicr span | W |,, B seven miles. Considered ,m milstancliiu; cnRlnecrhic; fi'iil. ihr bridge' cost S7.-tOO.000 and has a capacity of MOO cars n day. == Weekly Sunday Si'hno) lesson— The Victorious Servant I'.Y \VAI. K. GII.KOV, 1). 1). tiditor of Advance This It the lesson for Enster Sunday, and as one would expect, it i.s filled with a note of joy and triumph. It i.s .1 part of the great, sermon tbnt Peter preached upon the Day of Pentecost, when he so powerfully told the story of Die life and death of Jesus and brought so directly home to the consci- encc'S of those who listened their responsibility for His death that they turned by thoii.snnds in rc- pentence to accept the Christian way of living. * * * Here IVter informs those who had participated in Die crucifixion of Jesus or who had consented to it that despite their cruel and evil action, God has ordained some- compnnlrs. Mr. Jones migiil, if he So desired, invest lens of millions in the business of a friend. That shows how much Congress trusts him. Till' nouutos I'lau Those who fear RFC won't, lend money where they think it's needed arc still, plugging for the plan of SEC Chairman William O. Douglas for a' system of regional, industrial "tanks. These banks would invest and assist, private houses in imdnnvrUIng. The Douglas theory holds that [overnmcnt spending can't be tapered off unless private capital is -vailnblc to put into the business system. Advocates of the regional ndustrial banks think Jones won't, furnish the equity money which small business requires. They would have joint contributions from government and private sources to set. up Ihe hanks, with loans based on .studies of regional needs. Nominees representing the private capital would have nil the voting power. Rut ifovornment capital and private capital would share the risk. better, and tlmt He has raised tbls crucified Jesus from the dead in newness of life and triumph. Peter is speaking mainly to those who urc acquainted with the Old Testament Scriptures and tradition; and he (hat turns to Ihc promise of David tlmt . the Holy One should not sec corruption and tlmt the Messiah should sit upon the right hand of God, to speak ol the fulfillment of these Scriptures in the Resurrection of Jesus. "Net all the house of Israel therefore know assuredly that God hath made him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom ye cnicilled." The title of our lesson is "The Victorious Servant," and the title suggests what, must impress- us more than anything also us we read carefully this final verse of llm lesson. The Resurrection of Jesus meant the vindication of humility and service. The man who had cared for nothing bill His mission or love in the world and His purpose to bear witness to truth was done to death by the bigoted, and I tie sordid, and Ihe self-seeking, but rose in triumph over these enemies and over death through the power of God ami Ihe slrciiRlh of Ills iglitemisness. * ° • . What meaning and application has tliis lesson for today? We live ain in an age when ruthlessncss ami violence nre rampant, and when the faith of men is largely in the .power of the sword. Can we find hope as we read the story of Jesus, the Victorious Servant., lhat. will give us a new confldenrc in humility and service, in goodness, and love, and unselfishness? The story of the Resurrection 1ms little meaning for us unless il does deepen our faith in (he things (hat ciinnot be deslroyed, even though those who preach and practice them may be persecuted and cru- ;ified. While millions of our fellowmen ire .suffering from violence and tyranny we cannot hope to hn- 1 prove Die world by uddltig to Its violence. It may be our duly to do all In our power to curb the violence of ruthless aggressors nnd rescue those who sillier; but nn Immediate duty is to free our own limKs from liatu and evil, and overcome evil with good. Temperatures of H8 degrees have been recorded in the smut (limes of the Suhnrn HELP 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES To Fluid out Aci.l, »„,! Puiionou* VVailu [es Tomatoes Muriel KID Si/o, Do/. • ii ii. I'Vosli 25c •••i 11 ••.,,„ 71c > run u.-|»in», !,. K ,,„„„. [,,..,„(,„, ....... , ,' Ki 1 i^Mfc ,;,vfe -""'"— •-• GRAND DADS Peaberry COFFEE Always Fresh Buy a Package Today '•'olik'ii Uijit' I lo/cn 15c 1-:H' I'OTATOKS jU'ti Triumph, ;! Ill: MliwMOs 10 34 Pineapple Pie Cherries Coffee - 53c Corn Flakes Coillllry ('lull )f O/. 5c RflDISHES '-^.g- 5' LIMA IIMANS> '' rMh (irt'i'ii, 1,1). CARROTS 10 (.'recn DFJII1O Tender DCAIlO i,i). ASPARAGUS NOW...WHOLE WHEAT JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT CELERY sSrv?. TEA I>k(t. ORAHCES 20- SQUASH ™s. 5 C I;KANUT IHJTTRR, sm»w. -trc Kit. Iv While Misses, 10V, o/.. Kit. doz. 16c 3 for lie Country Club 3 IKK. or 6 Small Cans ackers Comilry , 'ns'|), 2 II,. |{ nx , 2 LI). 20c 15c « Lli. Can $1.08 I.I). Can 57 TO1I.CT TIKSUIC.. (551) Sliccl lii'lls, :| for Shinihinl No. 2 Cans, 2 for 15 PEACEHS5i;'S'W 15 HAKlNtt I'OWDKR c, 2;> O-/.. Can Little FLOUR 21 Mt 77c HllR f I iia£ .... $l/ia (Cimrantceil) MILK I'et or Carnation 'i I,RC. Cnns or 1 ftmnll Cans IIIV FLAKIOS L K . llox ....25c VUA .Small Ho.v .......... |()' c "f LUX SOAP Never before a ready-to-eat cereal so convenient and delicious as Shredded Ralston Don't miss eating Shredded Ralston, the new kind of breakfast cereal that millions are praising. Your whole family will love it. 'Add Shredded Ralston to your shopping list now! NO MUSS,..NO CRUMBLING LIMA BEANS, 1 1 / 2 11). Hoxes. r> foi No. 2 Cans, Each . . 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