The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1934
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Served by the United frets VOL. XXXI—NO. 17 BIYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS m * «>«W*»T NKWSPA..KK OK NOK'JUXA ^J^ ^i*. ^"^,*" * -L 1 iJ . IT kU HOME EDITION Blythevllle Dally News Blythevllle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald BOUTHEABT MISSOURI ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 193.1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Action Taken Yesterday to Meet,Critical Local Situation. A plan for the financing of local relief expenditures aiid the purchase;'of material .for work relief projects through trie issuance of self-retiring scrip was approved yesterday afternoon at a meeting of directors of the Bly- Ihevilie Chamber of Commerce with County .Judge Zal B. Harrison. Mayor Cecil Shane, and other Interested citizens. A committee, named to work cut ihe details of the plan, will probably meet tonight. It consist', of Mayor Shane. Judge Harrison, C. A. Cunningham, C. R. UaLcock, A. B. Kairfleld. B. A. Lynch. J. J. Daly, George Greb, Russell Phillips, and the president of the Business and Professional Women's club, the carpenters' union, and the painters' union. While acting to meet, so far as possible, ihe situation created by the recent drastic curtailment • of federal relief, the meeting went . on record "in protest at tin withdrawal of federal aid from all persons classified as "unemployable". As a result of the meeting numerous letters, and tele- Crams were sent to Washington late yesterday and tojlay asking liberalization of the 'relief pro- .gram. i Situation Is Serious The meet ln» was called at the initiative of Mayor Shane and Judse Harrison, who explained the . situation. resuitin^Irom the. change Aprtl-i~ In the federal Belief ool- M*amK*. * ~ ~ - - -*.—— ^ing"^^ sponsibilitv to nrovido f «her »nrk _,__.* ^rectors authorized Prest- sponsibility to provide either work or direct relief to persons whose Inability . to support I hemselves it attributes to the depression, has withdrawn all help from the aged, the sick, ihe crippled,' widows and classified as "unemploy . care of such persons, the others able", , government now declares, must -be recognized as a purely local responsibility. to be met out of local (ax funds or through private charity. As a resu._ of the withdrawal of federal relief from such county judge and been besieged by penons the mayor have tcores of applicants for help. Many of them, it is believed, can be provided for by relatives'or can find means of supporting themselves, but among them are num- siang erous pitiful cases. Hunger haS thei " already made its appearance in a number, of homes.-some of them having small children, "and the ^ situation Is' rapidly growing more critical. Neither ihe city, the county, nor any private relief agency has at present the funds to meet this j situation. The scrip plan for raising money was chosen as the . ri ri i«r.nrn« i , , one likely to produce the great- t? 0 n ^ * of local Ki possible revenue for relief pur- , ° , the Pcrre st City peach fes- poses. Thai It will produce enough to meet even ihe most pressing needs, however, seems doubtful, and it was for this reason that urgent appeal tor a change in lire federal policy was made to Washington. SUmps Will Kedeem Scrip Seek Woman in Mystery at Indianapolis SLAY OFFICER, KIDNAP ANOTHER INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., April 6. (UP)—Bert Callahan, 45-year-old affluent real estate operator, was mysteriously. m>rdered in his luxuriously Jurnished bachelor apartment today. He had been shot in the body and death perhaps had been hastened by "smothering. A beautiful woman figured in the case. Trie woman, dressed In while. was reported seen In front of the apartment shortly before his body was discovered. Police immediate, ly wete , confronted. . with many cluesj ;Jt>uf each of them seemed to point fin a different direction. A tBree carat diamond ring, valued at $2,000. was missing from the. dead -man's finger. Callihan was fully clothed when his body was discovered. Around his head was wrapped a Turkish towel, knotted at the back An expensive orienlal rug was "thrown over his face. Chamber Creates Committee to Investigate Donation Solicitors. Directors of the Blytheville Chamber of Commerce, in a resolution yesterday, called upon all business houses and the citizenship generally to refrain from the making of cash donations and from the purchase of program or other complimentary advertising except when fhe cause for which thr money. Is sought has been invest!? and approved by a special :r of commerce ,committee To place the scrip plan In operation will require agreement by •• majority of local business es- to accept as cash | certain quantities of the paper. U will be used as money locally until It has passed through a certain number of transactions— possibly so—after which It will be redeemable in cash by the issuing organtestlon. Funds for redemption of the scrip will be obtained by the sale of stamps, one of which must be affixed to the back of the scrip for each transacllon H is probable that stamps to the value of two per cent of the face value of the scrip will be required for each transaction. Thus the plan involves, In cfTect. a two per cent sales tax on each transaction In which the scrip figures. Just how much revenue the plan can be made to produce remains to be determined, but it Is believed lhat, with little hardship upon any of the business concerns co-operating, it can be made to meet a large part of the local relief needs, some of It must be used for the purcliasc of materials, to assure maximum benefit from the federal work relief program, and Ihe balance will be available for direct aid to those unable to work, Judge Driver Files Pledge for Reelection LITTLE ROCK-Any doubt that may have remained as to Congressman W. J. Driver's Intentions concerning the approaching cam- pa gn were apparently eliminated *ith the filing yesterday of his Corrupt practices pledge as a candidate for renomination from the First congressional district. Chicago Corn open hlfh low close May « 1-4 48 5-8 4! 1-4 43 1-2 July 50 5-8 50 7-8 50 1-2 60 3-« dent Russell Phillips to appoint k secret committee of three, to whicJT the secretary of the organUallon will refer ihe request* of all organizations seeking approval for :helr money raising efforts. The committee will make an investigation and if. it .finds the cause worthy win authorize the issuance of a Inter setting forth the chamber's approval.. H merchants Insist upon presentation of a chamber of commerce letter of approval before making contributions of any kind :hey. will save considerable sums n the course of a year, it is be-•••& by advocates of the plati :h is particularly designed to ilnate promoters and profes- mohey raisers who exact as fee a large, proportion of le money they obtain for causes nd institultons 'which in them•Ives may be worthy. The board formally rejected an nvitation to endorse the naming of a local "queen" and attend--- - compete for Mid-South In the Memphis and also indicat- sifiira IIT SPII Joseph Cannon Taken Seriously III at Hot Spriiws Hotel. ,,™ HOT SPRINGS, April 6.' (UP) -Joseph P. Cannon, wealthy North Carolina texllle manufacturer, is seriously ill at Ills hotel suite here tod! >y- Cannon suffered a second heart attack late last night but has"lm- New Cotton NEW YORK. April 6 (UP) Cotton closed firm. May July Oct Dec Jan March open 1196 1208 1222 1233 1236 1248 high 1210 1219 1229 1240 1242 1252 low close 1193 1209 1205 1218 1218 1223 1228 1238 1234 1242 1241 12« 10. Spots closed steady at 1230, up New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 6 (UP>Cotton closed steady. , r °P< n high low close Ma y 1201 1208 1197 1208 •My 1207 1216 12M 1215 001 ' 1222 1227 1219 1227 D" 1230 1238 1228 1238 •Jan 1234 1234 1234 1242u March 1243 1247 1242 1252b Spots closed steady at 1223, up 7. Chicago Wheat PUCE IS in Moll ^ "T EtreCli ° f 5laid CemMa ^. M ^-. "re being echoed we,r '.arte^'^ri^LTnward 11 ^' 1 °' """' *"* """"'" """ '" ability-the film expei.s say she has them all*' And"!!!* pktilre g™! iai ' ow »>''' tearing »p their lavish r „ annon is confined to his room at the Arlington hotel. Mis daugh- Mother of B. G. West Is Dead at Little Rock Mrs. Mary West, 70. mother of her home in Little 'liock tills .morning at 11 o'clock following day when her condition became critical. ( Mrs. West, who nas a member ,of the Episcopal church anj well known in Little Rock, Is also survived by another son, S Y West, of Little Rock, and three daughters. Mrs. S. J. Newcomb 'and Miss Mary Brodie West, of Little Rock, and Mrs. Abbott Kone of London, Eng, Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon, 3 o'clock, from the home of Mrs. Newcomb, 18 EdgcroacT. Bitler Word:; of Yoslerclay Arc All Taken Back by WASlIlNCiTONT Api II «; (UI>) --Hiiu-y I.OIIR 'lull tik'liiln;; ' todny and n .MKlilni ralin di<.>ci-i'idi-d 0:1 , in U]e K i.j,. nlo. Wllh words or regret from both sides Si'imtur iiomu-tl Chump 'k (D.-m.. MH i , UK | L<, IIB uijui. for remarks m ;u le yesterday during u tuilinlenL .sennu- .session.'s flgiitlii!,' for (he (| m c '•'•liiE at ]f»st— w»s vciniincd to a I'll with mi old ixjllllcnl enemy dinner f!ov, John M. PniXei- of liOiilslann. As a result of llic ixr.ce gesture »y Clark and I.oni; u,,, pcrsonnl rtiniirks made yesterday were wiilidiawn uiriclully mui blotlcd from Ihi' congressional record. Full -I'xt.s of their speeches were print- . J'd and distributed thLs mornlni;, nc however, nnd were read with muc iiili-rest nroiincl Washliujtoii. •I'wliiy's rcnml showed that Clark, in a furious exchange wll«. Umg lust niBlit, sold: "1 should like to surest to him 'Long) Umt the ctiMrsl wny to keen finin bctns rani;:clli'd lo de- ftnd libel suits is to stop lying jbonl iwople." Clnrk aiwioaized for Hint and t-lher remarks. Lony, siiylng he would "BO a Brent deal more thnn lialf way." aL=o obtiUned )»rmis- slon lo Imvr his own remarks .stricken from Ihe recoul. Another Necktie Party for Huey Women TjuitratejjSreak ' DE WITT. API, n <u[>> - - TWO women frustrated a jail break here .ate last nl^lu, u was levealcu .cday. Mrs. John McGraw, wife of the jnller here, and her daughter slummed a door to u cell, holding prisoner John Poudrr and Sid Ellis IJutclic-r, nfler die pair had knocked John McQraw unconscious with a brick. While McQraiv's daughter stood by wllh a gun Mrs. McGraw ran for help. German Evangelicals Seek Union With Rome BERLIN. Apr. 6. (UP)—Six hundred pastors of the strife-torn aerman Kvangelical church hnvc ncliiioiircl ilie |x>pe for admission io the Roman Catholic churcl) a source which is usiiully reliable I mid today. ;ral days ago, having recovered from a nervous breakdown. I Since that time, however, n nurse lias been wilh her constantly. Mrs. Smith rarely leaves her Hotel suite. lr. Leonard Kills told United- I'rcss today that Cannon was "desperately ill Thursday" and that the towel manufacturer had two •evero heart attacks yesterday but rallied. Ellis raid: "Cannon's condition Is serious but not necessarily alarming." i will attend the ser- New Discoveries Will Delay Utilities Report WASHINGTON, April 6. (UPt— New and sensational discoveries by the federal irade commission ulalton until the next session of lC """* PrCSS lear " Cincinnati Man Traps 200 Fighting Sparrows CINCINNATI (UP)— Washington has had its starling war and Cincinnati has bom having its sparrow battle. Tlic "brnins" of the "war" hns been William Calla- naii. retired real estate nsent, who has found birds as gullible as people when it comes to liking a nice property. Callnhnn's stunt for capturing the bird pests wns simple.' He rcorned all the complex systems the city hud devised and set about to devise an elaborate "model home" for his feathered enemies The "home", with plenty of entrances so Ihe birds wouldn't fight over celling In. KIIS placed on the fourth ncor landing of the Chamber of Commerce building lire i-s- capc. It was made large and commodious. Then, one day. Callahan pulled from the street fcelou- n string which he had (l:\cd to control the entrances. Jammed in the box only four feet long, two feet wide and (hree feet high, 200 sparrows r.ere caught, " , ommlsslon , ,„„„„, „„ been underway since 1928 it was 'losing Slock Prices 30. New discoveries "as Ihe inves- 120 Iligatlon entered its final pluses 16 3-t will delay the reporl. It was jnid. Chrysler : ""..~7".. '.'.'.'.'.'. 5-11-2I-. ~ ' Si!? *[:"* ,''-« Methodist Women In 1H 1-i ] £ • _^ ... Session at Russellville A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copper Bethlehem steel May July op«n high low close 86 M *6 3-4 86 1-8 86 3-8 M 1-8 86 1-2 86 86 1-8 Coca Cola General Electric General Motors ........" 22 3-8 International Harvester -II 3-4 Montgomery Ward 32 New York Central .... 30 1-8 Packard Phillips Petroleum ...... St. Louu-san Ftniicisco Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S. Steel ......'.....'. RUSSELLVILLE. Ark., April S. 'UP)— Mrs. E. Q. Downs of Moun- ,tatn View was eleclcd superlntcn- , 5 1-2, dent of the Young Woman's clr- 20 jclcs at the North Arkansas con- 33-4|ference of Methodist missionary « 1-4 1 women here today. 27 '- 2| Newport was selected as the 1935 51 7-a convention city. Trio Quils After 30 Vein . BERLIN, Wis. iUP)-Three Berlin rural postmen. Seth Parsons, Frank Xotn, and John Ciimmlngs, have retired after having served for more than 30 years and covering a total distance to 32 times nrouml ihe world All three used horses ami buggys at the start and were the first to use automobiles In this section. MILWAUKEE IUP) — %frs. Alex S. Golankc was worried when she couldn't find her diamond ring and became frantic when she noticed her 2H-year-o!d daughter acting strangely. An X-ray at I county emergency hospital con- I firmed her fears. Doctors assured .her lhat both would be saved I without harm. The flair for hanging fluey LOUR ID eflig> Has tpreail from l.oiilHlniia to Keutucky. Here ia a dummy Huey liariiiiiij from a tree ID Louisville, placed Iliera by admirers ol K. K. Bradley, liro:ulutmt turhnaa. target of Iluey'a uioat recent attack, with BOiue pleased speciatorc (he City Liquor Case Appeals on This Afternoon; Boling Trial Monday. With (lie stage set for trial of the major case of the current trrm, that of S. L. Doling of Manita. slayer of Paul Coday. accusec of second degiee murder, the first week of the term was tapering off with misdemeanor apjwals from the city division of municipal court this afternoon. The Indictment against Bollnff wns the only murder Indictment "turned by the recent grand Jury Bruce rvy, Osccola. attorney, has trcn retained by Interested parties to assist Denver Dudley, district prosecutor, and W. Leon Smllh. deputy prosecutor, while Claude F. Cooper, Oscar Pendler and po?slbly a Walnut Ridge lawyer will form tiie defense counsel. Sam Manatt. city attorney, had three liquor cases Io crowd Into the city's brief allotment of time Ihls afternoon unless some of the defendants elect to have judgment of the municipal court affirmed. This has been the course In several other liquor cases since Juries early In the week meted out fines of $190 and $325 to Jimmi' Jones and Bradford Chitwood. P. P. Bramlett, former Burdette farmer, charged with obtaining money under false pretenses by giving a number of worthless checks to local merchants, lins entered a guilty plea Judgment has not yet been passed on him. Bramlett was arrested in Kansas City, Mo., and returned here several weeks ago. Virgil Greene, local attorney, arttt! as judge for several hours Wednesday during absence of Judge Killough, who was stricken suddenly ill. Judge Killough was back on Ihe bench yesterday bill Marcus Feilz. court stenographer, became 111 and Charlie Parllow, stenographer in Judge Q. E. Keck'.s division of circuit court, took his place for a time yesterday and today. l!lan H. Williamson was fined $10 for cssauU and battery yesterday, ffe Imd appealed from a municipal court conviction. Futrell Silent On Racing mid Liquor Queries MTTLE ROCK, Apr. 0 (UP) — 'Jiiltctl Press was Informed today Jy u telegraph company that de- Ivrrcd a (["eEilonalre Io Clov. J. M. Kmii'll nl CaraeoiiW llml (he ;iivernor suld: '•Time will be no iijiswf-r." The qiiesllomilii', siitmltleil t& Jnllcd Press by a client news- •tiper, WHS relerred to the' governor 0 unbwer. Two mn]or questions were usk- iL Tln'y were: I—Will you ask In you!' cull for 1 special session thut<-belling »n lorsi: jnci-s be legalised? ', '•' 2—Will you Include In your call i bill to legalize and control the ale of liquor In this' slate? The legislature meets In special essloi) Moiidny, April 9, at neon. Governor Pulrell luis not Indicted what liu will do as re- Jiu-ds these questions. A rnoiilli's -aclng incel WHS held at Hot Springs during the pnst month. Fitly windows handled bets in delation 1 of U»: Inw'. I.ltnior Is Jtlng sold openly nt Hot Siirinas, Lllllc Rock, mid elsewhere. ELLIOTT'S MRS HELDILIIEJ05 Roosevelt - Astor Fishing Parly Breaks .Silence Io Defend Prowess. MIAMI. Fla., April 6. (UP)—As-' persions-or libels—on the 'president's fishing ability today brought a reply from Mr\ Roosevtlt'f party-the-Mm of what m«y'be-"*n official wiiM.of buliil^u iraui the yacht rJourmahal, reporting on the actual catch. The party reported good luck and superior skill on the part of the fishermen. "Arrived at Cay Sal, 1 ! the report from Vincent Astor, head of the presidential party, said, "after a fine morning's catch of many amberjack and two broken rods, handled remarkably by Kermit, Roosevelt," Kermit, son of the former President Roosevelt, is' a guest on the Nourmahal. It was Elliott Roosevelt, returning scofTingly from the Nourma- hal with a report that his father wasn't so hot as a fisherman, who brought about the president's Indignant demands for an Investigation of the libel. Elliott toK: Lowell Thomas, who broadcast Ihe reporl, that Mr. Roosevelt's luck had been "terrible." Thomas' remarks were heard on board the Nourmahal and the president wirelessed to Marvin Mclnlyre, in charge of the temporary White House here, bidding him to appoint a special investigating committee. The president also reported that his luck had been much better since Elliott left the party. The Ada petrified forest in Okla- hoima Is to become the site of commercial garage, having been sold by its Indian owner. Cabinet Aide Has Famous Names Meadowbrook Dairy at Hot Springs Bums HOT SPRINGS. April 6. (UP)— Fire of undelermlned origin destroyed (he Meadowbrook dairy, near here, causing damage estimated at $15,000. The dairy, one of the finest In the south, is owned by Hill Wheat- Icy. Fire started in a feed loft. Livestock was saved. Ona newcomer In tlie "liulir cabinet" brings two great names to Its roster, wllh llic nr- rival of Thomas Jefferson Copltdge of Boston lo act as specfal assistant to Treasury • Secretary Morgei.tliau. Owl- idge, shown here «> lie begun liij dutl«t, ft * dlrcc: ctcs.-cnd- »nt of Thomas Jefferson, but no •( CtlTIn Ccolldgc. EE IDENTIFIED Fear . Is Meld for Life of ' Abducted Oklahoma Police 'Chief. . : MIAMI, "bkln., April li. (UP)~ Bandits, believed to be Clyde Haru\v, dls iLv:oclulo, Raymond Hiim- Iton, mid their girl companion, tilled one Oklahoma officer • and dna'ped' another they, had wouiid- :d near Commerce today. The'slnln officer .was Cal C:tmn- bell, 65. constable at Commerce, *hlch Is u' few miles north of Miami. He was shot several times wilh n machine uun, the sheriff's office was informed. ;'• The kidnaped oificer was Percy ?oyd, chief of police at Commerce. low seriously he wns wounded was not known. Olflcials feared that Boyd had been killed. A fanner who en- countcitMl the fugitives in the rood eight miles west or Commerce was "orced aside with this threat: •••" "We've killed two oltlcers al- •eady and we will kill you if you Jon't get out of the way." Tlie officers were shot when they lopped io aid three persons whose automobile was stuck In mud on highway a short distance from Commerce. Tile bandits, two Identified from' description sns Barrow and his girl friend, Bonnie "Suicide Sal" Parker, forced other persons in .he section to push them out of the mud,, and then escaped with Boyd. . , They .- were believed Io have crossed into Kansas. The Kansas line is only a short distance north of • Commerce,' Grind Jurors "Citfed for Criticizing Judge CROWN POINT, Ind., Apr. 6 (U P)— Criminal Court Judge William J. Murray, bitterly scored In' the report of Ihe grand Jury investigating John Ulllinger's escape- from the county jail here, lo;lay ordered the grand Jurors to appear in court Monday and show cause why tlrcy should not be cited for contempt. '. Judge Murray, in issuing warrants for the' six members of me special grand jury which returned its report and two indictments last Turatay, called the- • report "scandalous and contemptuous -in its language." Predicts Consolidation! of Wire and Air Companies WASHINGTON. Apr. e (UPt— Consolidation of wire and radio companies Is likely if congress permits, Walter M, W, Splawn, special Investigator, reported today to the house Interstate "commerce committee. . ,,. Splan-ifs report, detailing phases of the massive financial structure of communications utilities, urged enactment of the communications commission .bill anil 'simt wderal cmil<Jl over ivtre . and radio company officials' salaries' as u-ell as- over holding companies. The report was the second suo- mittcd by Splawn. : King Phillip's War Monument Preserved SWANSEA. Muss. (UP) —'The John Mylr.? Garrison Monument, erected In 1912 to commemorate events of King Philip's War In colonial times, will be maintained permanently under funds being provided by the stale legislature.' The monument Is near the spot wlurc stood the John Mjlcs Garrison house, meeting place of'co- lonial troops who marched to me relief of Swansea at the opening cf Hie war with Kinj Philip, famed Indian warrior. A bronie tablet mounted on a huge boulder bears the names of 11 settlers who fell at the hands :t ih" Indians. The settlers were Nchemlnh Allln, William Cahoone, Gershom Cobb. John Druce, John Fall. William Hammond, John Jones, Robert Jones, Joseph Uiwis, John Salisbury. William Salisbury, WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, colder tonight. Saturday generally fair. Memphis and vicinity—Shoireti tonight, cooler. Saturday fair. The maximum temperalure here yesterday was 82, minimum «1, partly cloud? with a trace of rtln, according lo Samuel.P. Mortis, official weather observer,

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