The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 20, 1949
Page 5
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" WEDNESDAY, .IDLY 20, 1949 iharing A-Bomb iecrets Debated U.S. Officials Talk Of Deal with Canada And Great Britain Bv Oliver W. TJeWolf WASHINGTON, July 20. (.'Pi—A :co»d high level closed door con- ;ronee on shnriiiR Hie nation's Jucr-scciel atomic weapon '•Tjite! Hill buzzing today. dfjm the administration propose i share hilly the ration's liost- 'ar ntomic secrets anci "know how" •ilh Great Britain ami Canada Will such n slcp, If undertaken, p done through executive agree- i ient, or by action of Congress? Is there a "squeeze play" on !n- olvino tlie nation's uranium sup- ly—tlie litcblood of the atomic en- ?rprise? anci other (|iiestimis cir- ulated freely -is the joint Senate- iouse Atomic Committee prepared i sit down with state, military ud atomic leaders to explore the rnntlnuiiiR problem" of relation; BIATHEVTLLE (ARK.7 COURIER NEWS PAGE FTVB Flies and Raw Sewage May Be Factors n Causing Epidemics of Poliomyelitis Proper sewae* disposal, fly' con- rol and general cleanliness appear o be three niatu factors known to nodical science today as safeguards against poliomyelitis, it was disclosed by the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture in cooperation with the united States Department of Agriculture. Mrs. Gertrude Bond Holiman home agent lor North Mississipp yesterday called attention lu ,.,„ precautions suggested bj the polio researchers who stressed and that such food can carry the virus Into the body. ( "Good screening, covered dishes, |; an ice box or refrigerator for food , storuge. washing the hands thoroughly with plenty of soapy lather before eating or preparing food arc obviously sound preventive measures. Avoid Crowd* "Probably the most common!^ means o[' transmission is by the ; < respiratory route, children should !'; be kept away from crowds, part- ;< epiilemic stage in tins county. "Infantile paralysis, or poliomy- is a hot Extension "There is no weather Service disease, staled, of preventing ctetu Truman's home district, and two other men were charged in an accounting petition with diverting funds from a laljor union. Irving denies the charge. <AP Wirephoto).- i Dry Forces Win I Two Elections in •South •ith Britain and Canada in the tomic field. The conference was announced r"tcrday by Chairman McMahmi n-Conril as a scci«el to the Blair louse meeting last Thursday night Rrcrecy Partially l.Hlccl Mc.Mahon partially lilted the FC ' rccv veil on that rued ins by say" that the 16 state, military. oncre'ionil ami atomic leaders ".' ""' AssoflalrcT Press ° d li' hat ,So» rtl'cussert with I Dry forces Wednesday had a •resident Truman British-Cnnad- i lour-to-nnc rcl K c- over the "wets' :i.s <n~ relations I;- the atomic field i rcMilts of local option elections in Bvt neither McMahon nor other! M''r!-.iiis»> this year. 'oiiErcss members who took narl in > They .seoicd two victories Tues- he discussion would disclose the j flay whr-n Scvicr County and the e [ a lj_ t town of Strong voted to prohibit And none would elaborate on (he I liquor and beer sales, are announcement that imjay's Sevier, vUiich has had leynl lo- lecting would be a discussion ral option prohibition since Dec. bout "the problems which tic j 31. 1!M8. voted. 1.0S6 to 818. to con- in our relatirms with the i limit- it. Kingdom and Canada In County to tlie _tio i-eseavchet's who stressed be kept *......» •- i tlie sanilalloii angle, anci the pos- iciilnrly swimming pools and pic- sibility tliat faulty teclli and Ion- Cure shows during an epidemic Mis also my tw factors which make Frequently polio strikes shortly for susceptibility to polio, which I after the victim has engaged in in recent weeks has readied the strenuous, sweaty exercises to Ilic .-..t—;_ ^i— u. n.i.. ,..ti,.\»u point 01 exhaustion and has tur- } (her aggravated matters by plunging into cold water to cool off, 01 by taking A colrl shower. This olten happens at boys' and girls' campr and should be watched by the leaders. Here (he factor Involved is probably a lowering of resistance which gives the virus present in Ihc body, (he beginning it needs to get in its deadly work. It will be remembered that the late Fvank- lin Roosevelt's polio struck immediately afier he had spent an exhausting afternoon helping to beat out a forest [ire under the hot sun. lie ivad. followed this by su turning in a cold bay near his home. ••Precautionary measures to take when there i. s polio in your com- I numity arc summed up by the Nai - J ..~.^'. in wet Union County, vot- *!alomic) field." ed 84 to 46 to adopt prohibition. The joint committee threshed Previously this year Union Coun- ver the problem for an hour and n tv i, a( i voted to allow legal liquor yesterday, following which s!11( , s ,„ continue: Greene County •IcMnlion told reporters only (Hat , l!il<( vo i-jrj dry in a challenged elec- he committee "discussed our in- , , ion] alu | gc-arcy voted to continue etnational relationships and policy< d ,. y ;kh regard to atomic energy." I Meanwhile, the administration \ ,, . I .'as reported to have sounded out] lYlaVTiage Licenses xwnuikers on the question of sbar- atomic secrets with Britain by | xecutive (presidentiall agreement. Certain In Brins Fisht Such s course would (a* bypass I ollgressional action and <b> un- oumedly raise a furious row The following couples obtained man-iage licenses at the oliice of Miss Elizabeth Blylhe, county clerk. polio like vaccination against small pox. At present, one's cluincc of preventing It is to follow certain measures which the researchers agree have defensive value. Dental Cire Advised "Have children's teeth filled when cavities are present'. Why? Because the iwlio organism is a nerve loving virus. It chooses to travel over nerve pathways. Dental pulp is richly supplied with nerves. :\(fording easy routes to the brain and spinal cord. Dental cavities call expose Ihc dental pulp and leave a route for tlie polio virus. "Six cases of infantile paralysis ; studied developed polio within ten days aflcr a tooth extraction. Therefore, it is likely that exposure of raw nerve areas offers an inviting ficlrt to the virus, just as a tonsil removed leaves a similar raw area in the throal. For this reason, doctors generally advise against a tonsillectomy during a time of epidemic polio. "What is the connection between summer or hot ueather and the hundreds of eases oj polio during these summer months? A possible factor may be insects which arc more prevalent in hot 'weather. It has been proved that the polio virus is found in human excreta and sewage. H. is eliminated from tiie alimentary tract through which it may also enter—the month and throat as well as the intestines belonging to this tract. This suggests the possibility that the virus may be acquired from contaminated food, and the house-flies, ah OF AM, SPRING AND SUMMER tionaf Foundation for Infantile Paralysis as follows: "Call tlie doctor if there nre such symptoms as heaache. nausea, a cold, upset stomach, muscle soreness or stiffness, or unexplained lever. "Don't get chilled or overtired. Uon'l swim in polluted waters. "Keep clean, wash hands below eating. Keep insects away from toocl. Don't leave crecL "Consult, your doctor as [o Uic advisability ol either inoiuti or Ihroat surgery during epidemic nonths. yesterday: Dcwey c. Bailey aurt Mrs. Mary . . Louise Bailey, both of Blytheville. Ernest AtUry and Mrs. Beaulah Waldo, tanth of Blytheville. | lapilo) Hill. Congress members are xtretnely jealous of what Ihey re- ard as legislative prerogatives. Indicative of the feeling is that u IJ 1~. xpressed by Senator HicXenlooper j rorrrter nela Tor R-IowtO. ranking GOP member jj n 0 ea fh o f Neighbor f the joint committee. He insists i hat tlie present atomic energy act j >ans giving away secrets to anyone >y anyone. Mr. Truman was reported to have I aiscd the question at the Blair louse meeting. A Democratic offi- ial emphasized that the President vns not threatening to move wtth- •ut consulting Congress officially, nit was merely "sounding out" the MOUNT IDA. Art:.. July 20. lil't— Jefferson Davis Tackett. Moiitgom- Couniy farmer, has been held to the Brand jury on a charge of manslaughter in connection with ' shot gun slaying of n frieiuL TaektU sakl he auU Elmer Diggs were scuffling playfully over n shotgun when knew (he weapon, was loaded. . which neither ' Although both Britain and Can- di ^ m ' ic ^;, JlIt , Re Max Witt held fr^^Ki: c^-kett Uie ,and Jt ,ry after a •ation between the three was : lu - lim = >CMCHI.I>. AT Some 1,500 tons of sleel wire j rae .sold annually for hoop skirls I vhen they were the fashion In 1860-70. | nought (o a virtual halt 946 atomic energy act. the j Zroom, 91, and Bride, 80, •foneymoort in California LOS AN'GELES. July 20—f.-Ti—A ] bard. With the Courts I il-year ofd g r e a t-g r R a •rancifather j s honeymooning with | ii s 80-year old bride. "I've been wanting'to marry tier or a long time." said Albert R. I tUtmmel, "bul she riichi't know. ] r mally she says yes. So Monday I ,ays, 'well, wp might as well get | t over with.' We riici-" The couple rode a streetcar to [ rity hall where they were wed. Asked how she liked beinB trmr- •ird the former Elizabeth R. Euri- leke patted, Huuimel's check and ;aid: "1 love him. He's mine. I wouldn't ,rade him for anything in the I .vorld." Cliatircry: Annie l.otuse Hubb.irrl Abbott, n minor, by her father. R. A. Hub- vs. John Thomas Hubbard, . . snit for divorce. Elvie Marine Brewer vs. Robert R. Brewer, suit for divorce. R. B. Crews vs. Gcncvieve Douglas Crews, suit for divorce. Knrtrnn P;uis vs. Raleigh Paris. suit for divorce. undatit in hot \veathcr, may be Die carriers or agents of contamination, though nol the original source of the virus. Flies Miiy Be Carriers "Lii 1044 and 1948, the North Carolina epidemic offered a chance to test this theory. The epidemic occurred in a rural region where outdoor toilets were general and at a lime of year, June, when the weather was hot and (lies abundant. Doctors wciiL into tlie area They bought bananas [rom (he local stores. They sliced \\\R fruit into dishes and plated Uu'm in the kitchens and back port-lies of the homos of the polio victims. v 'P!ic.s swarmed upon the dishes of sliced bananas. They were tare- fully protected from other sources of contamination and then fed to . two chimpanzees, the species closest I to man in polio susceptibility. The lumps diet not become paralysed, he virus, however, was abundant | ti their excreta. Although not developing polio immediately after Mting the fly-speaked bananas, hey \\eie quite capable of spread- ng the virus. This state continued for more than a month. Moreover, t h e virus recovered from the chimps 1 intestinal wastes pir,.., _ cha racleristic polio when cd into monkeys. •'A logical conclusion from these 5cimlific tests is that at times of polio epidemic, [he virus is present Ui seawaye and human wastes, that Hies can spread the virsis to food. GRIFFIN LIQUID WAX SELF-POLISHING Shines and re-colors the leather Uim without brushing or rubbing. In brown, tan, ox-blood, black. Read Courier News Want Ads CHILLS & FEVER DUE TO MALARIA Read Courier News Want Ads 666 with QUININE NOTICE VETERANS Blytheville Business College Is Now Approved to Train Veterans Under the G. I. Bill. New classes bc.n'ui Thursday nifilil a* ~i o'clock ' with ennillnicnl any lime lliercafler. You may also register for day school at thai lime if vmi prcfcv to attend day school. The following courses are offered in liolh day and nighi sessions: Hookkecpinjj and Accounting: principles, prop- SOctovship, i-nrporatinii, cost, tax, higher acc«untniK 'and C. 1'. A. problems; luisiness law; lyping, office machines; Business Knglsh. Stenographic Course: New Simplified Rrocrjr Shorthand, SO-lOO w. p. nu; typing. Kl-.'ill w. p. m.; business Knglish: filing and indexing; spellinc and vocabulary building. Blytheville Business College 209!/z W. Main (Above Guard's) Phone 2415 ALL SPRING & SUMMER DRESSES REDUCED — NOTHING RESERVED Come in and Select Several at this Great Clearance. We have a good selection but urge you to get here early for your choice. ALL HATS AT ONE HALF PRlST Special Table OF SLIPS §3.98 to $5.95 values Special Table Of PLAY SUITS Slightly Soiled $1.98 Don't Pass This Opportunity To Save! "'or those who love the elegance of richly ornamented Sterling we offer Watson's Meadow Rose. In all iVie fine points of craftsmanship you'll find this is truly "Modern silver with the bcauly of old masterpieces." Each cluster of roses in knife, fork and spoon handles has been cvit in exquisite detail. Graceful hordcr scrollwork sets off the satin sheen of the plain center panels to perfection. We invite you to see this outstanding Sterling silver this week, FITZPATRICK JEWELERS 122 West Main Street Blytheville, Arkansas Your Authorized Dealer for Walson Sterling, Duncan Miller and Tiffin Crystal, and Franciscan China. "H Takes Only 3 Minutes To Open a Charge Account" Assortment CHILDREN'S BATHING SUITS Odd Suits—Odd Sizes Slightly Soiled — Your Pick — $1.98 A Lot of CHILDREN'S DRESSES GREATLY REDUCED COMPLETE CLEARANCE of ALL i Spring and Summer Dresses at Both | Stores — Blytheville and Steele! | A I.I. SAI.KS CASH AM. SAI.KS KIXAI, SMALL CHARGE FOR ALTERATIONS

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