Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 18, 1941 · Page 24
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 24

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1941
Page 24
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, FRIDAY, JULY 18, 1941 OAKLAND S TELE NEWS THEATER :SCHEDUl:Eb TO OPjEN TONIGHT 24 1 New House to Complete Chain Sensational World History to Be Served Hot on trie Screen 1 Keeping pace with theatrical ad vancejnents throughout the Nation ; Oakland tonight will have Its own . - Telenews Theater. Opening at 7 p.m., the Telenews Theater, on Franklin Street near I5th, will complete the Nation-wide chain of Telenews Theaters, prin cipal units of which are now .in NewJork, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles and San Francisco. . The Telenews noliev will be harp departure in screen entertafft- jnent, according to the management, stressing above all the news of the world, presented as only,JAie combined resources of the press, the radio and the newsreel can lup-ply it. , Recognizing that in newsreels today the. drama of fact affords the theater-going public the most ab sorbing of interests, providing stark realities of outstanding historic importance and satisfying every desire for information, education, smusernqnt and recreation, the Telenews Theater comes to Oakland at the most critical time in history, its backers point out, Timing Its appearance when news of the world appears to be approaching the most, sensational in history, the Telenews Theater completes nere the trinity of press, radio and screen. By seeing and hearing history ,as it is actually , made the : public will be able better to reach its own -conclusions. , Information Please, March of Time, Regan. ("Tex) McCrary's series entitled "Ringside Seat to World War Two" and John Nesbltt's Passing Parade Series will be part of each Week's program, In order to maintain this policy, the Telenews Theater, like its sister THIS WAY, PLEASE GIRLS n ,. '-,:ti lt'-.Ht":H If r ( ' 0 &fvt f IM a1.aalMaaU.l.l.t il 'Sports Events Are High Ljghts Highlights in the world of sports, covered by newsrlel camera men, cdmprise a goodly portion of each Telenews program. Each week, a great variety of action scenes flash across the ' scene: Baseball, tennis, yachting, horse - racing, log-rolling contests, every imaginable sport comes within the focus of he news- feelman's camera lens. I TELENEWS WILL COVER FOOTBALL Football enthusiasts will thrill to the re-eriactment of the high lights of important games on the Telenews screen as a result ol arrangements whereby action pictures will be shown a few hours after they have been taken by the Telenews' QWn camera stair. : Through the facilities of lightning fast movie cameras equipped' with telescopic lenses, remarkable close- ups of the action will be available to Telenews' patrons often minutes after a game is completed. John H. Tobin Head Of Telenews Editors John H." Tobin,- newsreel editor and commentator for Pacific Coast Telenews Theaters, will head the staff of news experts in charge of assembling, editing and programing the weekly parade of news events at Oakland's new Telenews Theater. Tobin is known to radio audiences for his summarizing of news high lights and his lectures before various organization in the San Francisco Bay region. He is an authority on the theme News." FREE -PARKING AT NEW THEATER - Free parking - for "all Telenewsl Theater patrons will be a ' special service arranged through the Telenews Theater management with the Downtown Merchants Parking As sociation. ' Telenews patrons may park in the entire block bounded by 13th Street, 14th Street, Franklin and Webster, without any charge. Their tickets Oakland. Warmly Welcomes Telenews - Ellis W. Levy, Pacific Coast direc- tor of Telenews Theaters, Inc., which j operates the Nation-wide chain of ! Teler.ews theaters, has directed the ! opening of three units of the chain, including theaters in Cleveland fA j San Francisco. -9 "Of all the ooenines in which l have participated, the reception accorded the coming of the Telenews Theater to Oakland is the most impressive," said Levy. "I really, have of "Propaganda In the will be validated by the "Telenews tion extended by the people of f 'Theater box office, day or night.' Oakland." i Thi young ladies male up the usherette staff at the new Telenews Theater. They will seal the first patrons toniaht. d s Telenews Theater itrSan Francisco and other metropolitan cities, will maintain the clo.st collaboration with press and radio news services. It will have its dwn radio broad casting studio from which KLX and other radio stations will broadcast news at periodic intervals The lobby' of the theater will be , virtual "clearing house" for news, coming out in rolls on the teletype machine, through wire- press photos, in, telegrams,, through radio spot news flashes, all comple menting the work of "the Telenews camera staff, which will capture local spot news events. To aid the public to keep tab on the ever-changing news of the world the Telenews Theater will maintain progressive war map, changed from day to day and Indicating the ebb and flow of battle. Programs at the Telenews will be changed every Friday at '6 p.m., and will be added to from time to time as . the timeliness and news value of subjects received warrants. Programs Different From All Other Shows "Our programs are' hot like other bills in the motion picture theater the public has come to know," said Ellis Levy, PacificCoast director of the Telenews Theaters, Inc. "We have 60 minutes to tell , everything we can about world events. We edit our own bills. We get all the news reels and compile them into one bill "Some times we have as many 60 subjects-JThat means we average une a minuie, dui reaiiy H means that some last only a few seconds while others may run two or three minutes." 0 MAP WILL SHOW WAR'S DAILY PROGRESS JS "--"" - - w t -mm t , i m J5 1 V r -r mm' On the lobby walls of the theater will be proaressive maps such as this, being Installed by Edith Sfurges. will, show the day-lrday, hour-by-hour changes In the European wtr.. rrairmTnnnfTiriiTir o n tmrnmr""" r Film Will Show Wiedemann Sailing The departure of Fritz Wiede mann, Nazi consul-general, and his entire staff for Germany highlights the para,de .of spot news events in the inaugural. program .starting -at 7 o'clock at the Telenews Theater tonight.. winsion cnurcniu delivering a bitter denunciation of German fascism and the arrival of Army chiefs from" the Soviet Union in Engjand will be shown. The first local film is "Salute to Oakland," a review Of the entire metropolitan area here, showing in dustnal plants, air, sea and rail terminals. beautiful scenic spots, such as the Woodminister amphi theater imd Oakland parks, ... the inbune building and several departments of the paper, including me wnce ot Joseph K. Knowland and. the publisher at work. .Wendell Willie, who Is currently yjsiting the bay region, is a guest of KGO's "Information Please" among the list of special short sub jects. Another interesting featurette is "This Is England" presented by tamuna Murrow, foreign radio cor. respondent. WORLD'S GREATEST ASSOCIATED PRESS Exclusive for Metropolitan Oakland CHICAGO DAILY NEWS FOREIGN SERVICE Exclusive for Metropolitan Oakland A.P. WIRPHOTOS Exclusive for Metropolitan Oakland UNITED PRESS Plus N.Y. HERALD-TRIBUNE Nty$ SERVICE THE OVERSEAS NEWS SERVICE TRIBUNE SPECIAL NEWS SERVICE BY LEASED WIRE ' .3 . miht ... am iMa Metropolitan Oakland's Great Newspaper lOCaOOOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOODOOOOOnooonqflqoe Les Allen Manager 'i Of Telenews Here , Les Allen, widely known theatrical personality, has been appointed resided manager of the. Oakland Telenews Theater.. Allen has been associated with various theatrical projects, and brings to his new position many years experience in serving the theater-going -public. . 'I I A 11 - (ft 1 iA7i v if Ul m Downtown Property Owners Association, Inc. : ' W, C. Tait, Inc. .General Contractors i 883 Mnrkct HU 8.F. , Norman Ogilvie Co. 1024 Bronilnn, Onklmid Robert J. Crossman Co. 336 Krarnr HI. S.F. Ceorge J. Brown Robertson Bur Workl 10.12 With St. Onklmid National Theatre Supply Co. Complete Theatrical Eaulpment 259 Gulden Gnte Ave. , S.h: Colonial Cafeteria An Abundance of Good Thinis to Eat Franklin St. Mr. 15th, OnkJand Miles & Scott, Inc. Dlreet Mall Advertising- 800 Snnaonia St. S.F. Fulton Fountain Lunch j Three Doon North of Telenewi 152H Franklin SI. Oakland Bear Photo Service Frank Vail Path Newi Ran KrniK'laco Typewriter Guy 15th and Franklin, Onklmid The Wenrworth Company General Inmrance Broker 200 Jllmh St. H.V. Fulton Parking Station ' Paul Rnbadne, Manarer A Few llo'ori North. 1(100 Frnnklln SI. Onklmid Harry McCune Sound Systems 10 Brndr St. g,f To TELENEW m ;me$ to A.hSa time when for every ican to keeix M ormet! . . The ws Theatre will be df service to the j - unity in complementing newspapers duT stations in the dissemination of visualizmzJiismrv-makinff events on A). ". ... . cuy as tftey naDoen we believe Jtetter equipped to significance of these time iniusto extremel L. Am Telei coi and news, our scree: that tne public w interpret for itse A new form Mint Julep Adolph and Archie 1530 Franklin Onklnnd Pischoff & Sellers Blim IBS Golden intr Ave. S.F. Oakland Furniture Mfg. Co. iBOfl Snn Pnlilo Herkelry Motion Picture Service Co. Gerald L. Karskl, Manacer ' 125 Hjile St. , s.F, E. E. Monson Co. Oakland') Odly Exclusive Cutlrry and Authoriied Schick Shaver Service .'.Next Door to Telenews Frnnklln Ml. S.V. Schreiner Photos Commercial and Ncwapaper Photoaraph 4710 Mnrket St. Onklnml Employees of Telenews, -Theatre Snn Frnni'fMco Rucker-Fuller Company Office Furniture and Equipment 1510 Frnnklln St. Dlrc.lly !ext Door Onklnnd Wobber's Stationery & Printing Co. 77i Market si. s.F. Coney Island Red Hot 15th Frnnklln and 12th Frnnklln Oakland American Building Maintenance Co. 504 lntk St. . ' Onklnnd most epochal times. PROUDLY we present this most unique theatre . entertainment and enlightenment . .. . in an atmosphere? of utmost comf or! with distinctive innovations . . . a radio broadcasting sttidio . . . Associi D-. J! lt 1 - " a. l.i l'. .i v iiC . . i coo uwpaiviics icvcivcu yia leiciype macmne in tne lODoy .... wire photos and telegraphic flashes displayed"?"! . progressive war maps changejf as news warrants ... completing the trinity of press, rtidio and screen. tor your convenience free parking in the block bounded by 13th, 14th, Franklin and Webster streets. rivnvAivio commuous irom 11 each mpnungj compriS' 50 screen events including special ihorts, 1-hour shows . . . new show every Friday, starting 6 p.m. . Oakland welcomes the Telenews . . . Telenews nM it arklin 7S Joe Rucker Paramount Newi 2415 "Gulden Gate Ave. S.F. Post Office Smoke Shoppe Elmer Harbrrt IBIh A Fr ii nk I In, AriJnlnlnK Pnat Office Onklnnd Walter Ba'rusch Advertising Ag'cy 25 Taylor St. S.F. Dunaway'i Radio Shopr SalcB.-. Service 1507 Fmnkllii SI. Onkliind Tom's Smoke Shop . Candles Clrarettes, Cisari, Marazlnes 15;te Frnnklln St. Onklnnd Women's Exchange Food Shop Cakes, Piea, Jelliea. Jm. '. , Lunehei 1422 Frankllu.St. Oakland SflTURDflY TlflTinEE Stomj 416 15th St. Mae Smith, Milliner Oakland Long's ChicKen rie 5 nop 143 Franklin St. Oakland Percy's" Smoke Shop Just Aorosi the Street 1515 Franklin f Oakland Peacock Cafe Chinese and American Olshei 419 151 h m. Oakland Leda Ferguson - Beaotr Salon 1524 Franklin. A Few Door North Oakland Van Camp Cigar Store ust Around the Corner -300 15th St. Oakland Wenrworth Hat Works Complete Hat Service 1429 Franklin St. Oakland Maxie's t Acroie the Street at 1517 Franklin Oakland .!.-tKUi. 7tee DOWNTOrVN MERCHANTS 0AodaZunx 14U FRANKLIN ONE HOUR SHOW 50 WORLD WIDE NEWS EVENTS A N D SHORT S U&JECTS MATINEES 20 ISiig-EVENINGS 2StVSi CONTINUOUS DAILY ACHON SCENES THE WAR -on AIL FRONTS , 1 I .. BSsr I 1ft .ITJOBLD'T r v & a "lAjP:- .'j lWab-aJ?' i pi 3 JI m Ik 7J ft i cmt exclusive M'CRARY'S WN&SIDE SfftT TO LW0RLOW1RS' mmw& & ffizi staf m loci. Nallenal and World , - C J wu 'Kwa Erente and Short I j Sabieeta. fa. TWIaaaki tlta. "SALUTE TO OAKLAND" MelroBolltan Oakland la Review with Commentary hr John Tobin. Complete Picture Rtorr ot German CONSULS Departure from U.S. ICKKS BLASTS LINDBERGH) Army Planea Craah la Madera. RI'RSIAN OFFICERS IN LONDON ROYAL NAV SINKS NAZI SHIP. .ARMISTICE AT BAGDAD! NAZIS BOMB ALEXANDRIA CHURCHILL'S DEFIANT SPEECH . U.S.8.R. HEADS CONFER U.S. NVRSES IN LONDON AFTER - JRESCUC , ' " . Exclusive BEGAN TEX" McCRASY'S "RlMild Seat to World War V WENDELL WILLKIE I KGO-l "INFORMATION PLEASE" EDMUND MURRAY Report! from Europe i "THIS IS ENGLAND" Other World Newi

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