Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 20, 1943 · Page 20
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 20

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 20, 1943
Page 20
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VJ. ' Oakland Tribune, Wednesday, Oct. 20, 1943 IS WOMEN WANTED - t omen! Want a Good Paying Job Near Your Home? Safeway, Offer You ' Clean, Interesting Work as Retail Food Clerks, Butcherettes Sewy tries wherever possible to place you in aturt near i your residence No Experience Needed W train you and pay you full salary while learning. Work under Union condition. Automatic salary increases. The work la pleasant and interesting. . , if ' Importantly -Vital, Too! Apply Now lit YOUf Nearest Safeway Personnel Office In Oakland 1439 Alice Street In San Francisco T263 Market Street , Interview Hours: I a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily Saturday It a.m. to 12 noon i 1 J WOMEN WANTED Aastaa r Women Wanted for essential war work, no x-perience necessary, minimum pay $230 per month ineluduig overtime iur 4 hour weak. $200 month while in training Apply at once, we need your help at our refinery to produce gasoline and other petroleum products lor our boys at the fighting front. Applicants should b beiweeii the as of 20 and igivtwt orei 100 pmnuis" and must be willing to work shift work. High school education desirable but not essential. Apply at personnel office. Administration Building, Richmond Refinery Standard Oil Company of California Persons ..sow employed In war production industries need not apply. 11 DOMESTIC HELP (Continued) WOMAN for general house work to assist with eare of two little girls; private room and bath; good hours; - $75. Phone evenings,' LA ndacape 5-1835. WOMAN fur general housework; nice room, private bath, board and salary. MVT eetwond 6131. WOMAN for general house ork room, board, good salary; adults; TH ornwall 36i8. 14-MEN, WOMEN WANTED w omen ' for Steady Work Full or Part Time 16 to 40 Essential Industry SHredded Wheat Bakery 1267 14th Street NURSE, hospital lidtuea, Uiy Mini maintenance. Phone SW ret wood omeni We Need You to Help Distribute Food Essential Work Pleasant Conditions . Good Salary Apply Now At Your Neatest Safeway Personnel Office In Oakland 1439 Alice Street Tn San Francisco 1263 Market Street Interview Hours: 8 a.m. to j p.m. Daily Saturday . ft a iii to 12 noon Standard Stations, Inc. Men 16 to 50 Women Full 18 to 40 assploy- NURSE, Aft-ret Ji , doctor oif.ee general practice: state experience, reference's. Box VH.iU.i.l, Tribune. OPERA TOU, manaeri license, good guarantee; five-day week; small downtown shop, Hi ghgate 1971-. Pharmacy Delivery Girl Assistant: must have driver's license. See Miss C o n a u 1 J y at Peralta Hospital. Office Work Reliable woman for general office work in linen supply plant; steady work; 44 hour week. Apply Union Pacific -fcaondry, U;10 28th -Street, Oakland, between San Pablo and Wet. Saleslady Ladies Ready to Wear Steady position, good salary and commission. Telephone I II ghgate 21.64 part tima inent Good Salaries, plus Commission (Automatic .Salary fUlsM) Outdoor Work Desirable Hours Widespread Locations Our Stations Make Possible Employment ,Near Your Home Excellent Opportunity for Rapid Advancement with Salary Raises No experience necessary Pav while training laundry allowance .Apply Any Standard Stations, Inc. Di msion Offi ice l0a Financial Center - Building GL encourt 240 Ope Daily Until cm. Inclnding Saturday w oncers JN.eed INet AddIv Tar 14 MEM, WOMEN WANTED PANTS maker to make sailor pants at home. 400 13th Street. WHIT, couple fur janitorial duties; mau 9 part-time; furnished apartment and salary. Phone I, A kehurst ' 15-A8ENTS, SALESMEN . Salesmen I am a salesman myself: I ro out every day and sell from 5 to 10 or ders a day, for which I receive 15.50 commission each. I will train 1 o; II men to do the "same, start ins? im mediately. Call 9 to 10 a.m. Se3 Pay Taber. 4704 East 14th Street 20 APARTMENT WANTED (Continued 17 POSITIONS IT MEN A mainteiawea maw tor small -4ae- tory. elecUieal and mechanical; have own shop, t welding equip ment and lathe to repair unobtain able Darts: 3 hours each evening: will consider maintaining small fleet of trucks. Piedmont 5L1SJ INSTRUCTOR In Armstrong College. Berkeley, with wife, experienced in apartment house man-aKement. wants furnished apartment, Oakland or Berkeley, hi exchange for 'services. AS hberry 2500. IN nice st.tft.du small unfurnished or furnished apartment, flat duplex-, by refined middle-aged counle: excellent references: per manent. Name Burr us, HI ghgate 64H:i. J4 "FURNISHED ROOMS . ALAMEDA, men only; near ship yard and all transportation; reason able; some witn cooKing privileges. LA kehurst 2-0W2. ALAMEDA; two rooms, twin beds; breakfast and lunch optional. MIDDLE aged couple, emploed, wish two or three room furnished apartment or cottage; East Oakland or San Leandro; garage, if possible. Phone TVV iaoaks lyja.-from. a to U p.m. BUILDING tradesmen seeking steady employment as well s jobs or contracts, advertise under those headings. (Painters, etc. ClasuUi nons ioi to io. TT BOOKKEEPER; full ciiaue; small office. TE mplebar 5fKH. CAKkENTKH work, all kinds; IB ear&Xpjjience; wanted also, 2 or 3 room burnished, apartment; references ; can exchange services for part of rent. HI ghgate ?0Hfi LAUNDRY supply salesman from South former laundry owner wants work traveling or managing laundry. P.O. Box ft44. Oakland. TWO experienced union Diesel truck drivers fox line Job to Los Angeles; ready anytime. Box AlitJl-112, Tribune. 15 ear experience, pipe fitting and service work, can read blueprints, wants position that requires initiative and ingenuity; draft age 4H. KE Hogg 2-;ya4. MOTHER and apartment; 3 -t.i soon as possible. or children 4 rooms r want near KE Hogg 4-0752. MAN and wife need turm&hed housekeeping room or apartment; must be near transportation; references furnished. Call HI ghgate Ofi92. Needed Urgently NAVAL officer, wife and 7-month baby- desine fumlthefi- apartment or house in of near Alameda. Lieutenant Grohnke, LA kehurst 3-2200, Extension Ulj, between It a.m. -4 urn. ' BERKELEY. 24X2 Stuart Street: lovely furnished room, twin beds; couple; $J2.50 monthly; heat; trans-portqsin; no drinkers. BElVLEVIEW Avenue, 376; sleeping aom; 'exclusive transportation. location; close o 2fr Boardinf (Continued T 1 HfgrT . Hensit Furnfslirt Wa4 VACANCY: men. women, any shift lunches packed; $11 week. 1j21 Madison Street. " (Contlnuedl lul 1ST Avenue: twin beds, con neeting bath; excellent meals transportation: busines Kirls. EERKKLEV, Ashby 2iM. iooiu, men, near transportation; refer ences, rj. rKciey .jvuvv EAST l:lh Sireel, 718 Small bed--room' only, for working couple, non-drinkers: private home. KE 1- h.B :i-liai. LASV 'Jolh Street, twin beds; pii- vate entrance, private lavatory; gentlemen, $5 each. KE Hogg 2-0791. GRAND Atenue; room, priale home; block transportation: gentleman, reference; t20. HV mboldt OS87. NAVAL, officer, wife desire 2-4 rooms, furnished, by November Uth; no children, pels; Alameda or East Oakland pre 1 erred, l e. mule bar 8213, after 6:3(1 p.m. Lieutenant NAVV doctor and wife, nx weeks old infant, desire furnished house or apartment; East OaKland. an Leandro, Hayward for duration residence; maximum f 1U0, I K inidad o;ii NAVY wife wants i or 3 room, furnished .apartment; year old baby; will pay up to Sf5; clean and careful tenant. Mrs. Keller, LA ke- hVirst 2-080:1. IMPOSITIONS BY WOMEN BOOKKEEPER, full charge, stenographer, experienced, wants position small office, short iwurs. Box M2:i232. Tribune. BOOKKEEPER., vasiuer, tpisl; experienced, accurate: lion-essential' S17.r. Box M237212. Tribune BOOKKEEPING, account ing, ail service Box M2'!ti4a6, Tnht.ne CLEANING.- experienced colored girl; day work, or cooking, l.oU hour; TE mplehar DANISH w o in a n, miudie-at,ed. straiglit cooking ur cooking' and downstairs in snidll family. iu laundry or heat v cleaning : reteit ence; salary 125.tW. AN dovei :mm5 NAVY officer needs 3-4 rooms fur-nished; no children, pets or vices; iraiisDortation essential: Lake' or Piedmont district; OL ymp.c 25u! at t er 7 p.m. HAMILTON. Place, t2 Lake District, suitable - Jor-xoupie Wjuonthiy. TE mplebar 2H8H. HIGH Street, iVlfl Spacious corner room; near transportation; 25;, ga rage. 2 BOARDING WANTED BY father and daughter fourteen, vicinity feraita Hospital or Lake- snore; ULenroTirt. 5711. 28 Childran Boardsd YOUNG woman will care for two children in own home, days GL encourt 7036, 6 to 8 p.m. dr 34u Portland Avenue, Apartment l 28 ChildriR Boirdtd Wantad JAYNE, Jiia, 2 gentltiinen; - u e a r Lake; shower; garage. TE mplebar PIEDMONT, 4U Manpr. sunny corner room, transportation,' gentleman. i-i eamont zwszj. POPLAR Street, 13iii ; basement sleeping room; man, white, non-drinker. TW tnoaks 2570 PERKINS Street, 214 Sunny room; private family; gentleman. HI gh gate. 3041. WALKER Avenue, 8uti; small outside room, suitable tor man, f3.50 week. TW inoaks 1032. 11TH Avenue, 2700; a room, private home; KE Hogg 4-04H6 ' large front reterences. NAVY man and wifv dene ;-mall apartment; no children, pets; nrm-drinkers or smokers; Lake district preferred. HI ghsate 72tf.jM Ak for Mrs. Damam between 9-jf NAVAL oiticers' wites, emploedt desire two bed loom furnisned apartment, flat or house; np chil-dren ur )-rt-: Call GL enc-ouit 7 1 B2 I.AVL doctor and wite deMie one lied room, furnished apartment; ureter Alameda. LA kcliurt Z 774. .. , (COLOKKDi practical miiif, ii pita! experience; will accept priv or hnvpital duly, di, em-onrt i van KXl'KKlKNt'KD; niticncw.-; pai t-time: salary, room or hour work. GL encourt 43it. Office Clerk General offiire; experienced; light slenoRraphy; good opportunity and steady position: in an essential industry; fi'a day week. Apply Doughnut Corporation f America. 1255 67th Street, Emeryville; Piedmont fiS22. Shoe Saleswomen We Teach You .GallenKamns ' - Corner 19th and Telegraph ! i 932 Washington Street Help Wanted By Railway Express Agency ' An Essential War Industry -t Oakland Men and Women Full and Pait Tim. Men bet ween ages 17-55 ears Women . hei.en age. .r-'i-i : 1H-4.V jcars as drivers, clerks and assnrtpr. Good Waiies Apply Emplbymerit Office 16th Street Depot. Oakland PAKT-time j.tengrapner-clerk; penence tinnecessary. Koom r)al7iel Building. ex-517. QUALIFIED woman, church sec retary. First Baptist Church, Hasle and Dana Street. Berkeley. AS h-berry S8:t8. Apply Monday, Thursday. Fridav. Sal Registered Nurse Small rest home. $175 to start, live in; also 2 practical nurses at SI25. Hayward! W)4. READ "Employment Preparation" (Class 102) and be sure to look your best when applying for work.i Head "Besutv Aids" ICIass H' RELIABLE lady foe-'Vlain and waiting, lunch gland, from 4:30 p.m.-9::t0 Y in., evenings. KK llnse 4-L'Jtift ItiuklliK Monlc: $5. Call RKlvItr' clel-b., and elev ator: pleasant work. City Hnlfl. 142 Alice Sireel Club "woman for Ladies Ready-to-wear department. Installment experience helpful, but not necessary, rull-time, part-time or short hours. Phone Gi. encourt S80:!; Mr. Lenls. tt UMhN wauleu l.n essential war work, no experience required: da shift or sw ma shift; liiiht work. ifuod woikuik contiitions. Klrtrical ft 't ud iitt rpora nil. 50 .'llllh. Stenographer " for War Plant Light stenography and gei.eial office work. 48-hour week, 2 da Satin-1 days. Well established firm. Close to transportation, near Court House. . Ages Ifl to 35. See Miss Jones. j Pacific Electric Motor Co. I .M Tenth Street, Oakland I leinalc, one liiH'ni:li'i'. one allirt piesser; eperienced or uncx'-perieiu-ed, color or while. BF. rl;e-Jei lltlii A.lihv fhniei- I. .in. ui. v WAl'lKtJiS m allied. OJu 1'eiK lte-taurant. 1416 iiutvaie Aenue. (laklund UAIfRl.SS wanleU ,-lun I iioui-, lilis. Telephone TW inoaks 2944. I'I'il Fast I4ili street , WANTED, diet kitchen workers and salad makers: lull time and part time AS hhrrrv .?"72 F'tcnvior. 25 UAITKf.ss. .mailt smii. in pni -, a.m., board fur husband and wife V-'.. TR inidari intfi M en an EXPEHIKNCKD child's nur.-. h c in; good education. Box A1231Ui!2, Tribune. NAVAL Hospital patient and wife want two or three rooms near MacArthur Boulevard, ANdover zku tnurnin.t and ev enitnjs only. NOKTU Oakland; three or more rooms; soldiers wile and infant: permanent residence: $40 maxi-niuin, PI edmoht i'AtiM. 12TH Avenue, 1726; nictiy furnished, clean sleeping room for ladies. J4TH Stieet, 610; iatge room, twin beds; private home: telephone. gentlemen. 3jTH Stieet, 411; f ul room ; transpoi latiun PI edniont 1041W. cheer- servicea. Jul li 4b4, fiDiit sleeping room for primeman. rt eomont tmiJ. o2D Street, 87 J- Convenience; all 1 transpoitation: gentleman pre-' ferreel- Si'U: garane WANTED; foster home for two amall girls, ages 5 and 6; and room for father. Must be refined home in surburban Oakland o Berkeley. No other boarding children. Prefer house with yard. Re numeration open; references. Box .renins, j riDune. WANTS board room,' child 6. or month. - Fritttvale, 1410 Avenue evenings. 41st 33 HOUSES UNFURNISHED COTTAGE, small S-room: adults. 1!i7lWt Mauhevt. Sar Leandro. In" Concord New 3-Room $50 Per Month ' Restricted'traot: Ideal climate, laige lot. Green Del Acres . ' Adjoining High School Concord 83ti days. AN dover 8177 evenings. LAHGE. three' bedioom home. 7BV. utilities furnished. 1134 3rd Avenue; H1CHMONO. l.t w duplex; ilUH month Income, $7500; terms; owner .leaving. GL encourt 3671. lYlKEE bedrooms. large living room, near transportation and University, $110. AS hberry 6730. roam, STREET, 76, Uie front cioiiiije tica. f 1 edmont 74itiJ Apartment Mddcrn, three blocks from town; private room free to girl who will stay nights with lady. TE mplebar 5l4t;: call befuie 12 noon NAVY oJficer and wife, quiet and refined. deire.s suitable apartment. TU edu 412t JANlTliESS. H to t.3U. PI edniont gflRl.W. 4U a week. NAVY inaii wants apartment furnished: no drinking or Miioking. TH midad- H301. B (.ALNESS mil, newly furmThed room: near all transportation. i77 3L'nd Street. COUPLE, laifce sunny , Iron!; blocks from C. rand Lake Theater. OL encourt 0174. " . ' CLEAN. men. $fi- nnnv fiout -joom, gentle-8')8 20th Street. Oakland. NEAT appearuiK .miiifcf lud :; gttjtl character: daughter 6; wislies huuekeeping . nuUiierle-s home; counti y pi eterred. liux M2317jO Trihuiie NAVY ofiicer and wife, o,iiet and refined, desire suitable apartment. TU edo 412. 1'AifT Unit arja'rtmeut, h.M.ie Ri.oM w .i k t:L-hrtllgr cjre of banv KK HoV 2-M7;lo I'llrtCTlCrtl. mu -iii,;, conv.ilet eOl , lelhilile whole oi iait tune. PI ed-Mioiit 779.1 Ol.UEH couple want.-. turn apartment;, close in; federal tm- plo.vee; permanent to SaO.iMj; nou-Uiinker: con-uler house. TE mplebar 7ti;.U, Extension 2H4, davs; 7Eniplcbr j7)K). Hoom 370, evc- "'11;- E.MPLOYEl) iceiuieman lo share lai'fje sleeping porch, living room; bath daily; with gentleman, board optional, American Jewish, near lrjti:-porlnlion. PI edniont 1454. 33- Htutn Unfurnlsh( Wiotid ADULTS, highest reference from previous landlord, desire 5 or 6 rooms; Lakesnore district, lan Leandro or vicinity. TR inidad 4321, Extension f33; evenings HI ghgate 25. Extension 1038. NAVAL officer and wife, boy need a or 4 rooms furnished or unfiirnished. Rl chmohd 6406W, phone collect. " 41 HOUSES FOR SALE NOW druikina refined couple with baby needs furnished apartment or bouse-immediately; references. KElloeK -3189. . NICELY' turnislied two or three bed room home in Eastbay area; 4 adults; responsible positions; top rental. Call Piedmont 3442J. - (OH partiv furnished t, apartment, flat or what have you? Suitable for husband, wife, father; father prefers yard to care for. KE Hogg 2-10fi4, 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. RELIABLE couple desires 4-5 room Xurmshed-partly lurnisnea nome. fe SWEDISH couple and" daught,14 wish clean quiet house r apart-gI04. After 6 p.m. cpM PI edmor.t 4.MHW. ask for Fredrickson. WANT to rent 2 or 3 bedroom furnished house immediately; for Navy doctor stationed at Pleasan-ton mobile hospital: going overseas and- anxtotnr to have -farntty with hun for Z months; boys 3 and '5 years old. San Leandro -or-- Oak Knoll district preferred; maximum $125. HLF-mboldt -2312. - WILL pay six months' rent advance. lor furnisnea or partially inrnisnea 3 bedroom home; permanent East-bav familv. two adults, bov junior high, girl 3S yrwr. TR inidad 4234. 4 adults; near Key trains; $.0 maxi mum unfurnished,- $60 maximum furnished; good location. 967 35th Street. Ana lament 2. 3 S BUSINESS LOCATIONS DOWNTOWN second floor' oUiiev two room suite. 339 litn street. HHST class offices or rent in the THIBUNE TOWERV Telephone tne building manager at IE mplebar buo for list of available soace. rental price, etc. THE TRIBUNE. TOWER. Franklin at 13th Street, Oakland MONTCLAIK bu.sine.s dl.-tucW cor ner La Salle and Mountain Boulevard; desirable store; suitable any ousiness. itu mDoiai utiuu-UL, ym Die 6443. 39 RENTAL EXCHANGE WILL exchange 3 room furnished apartment San Francisco for furnished or- unfurnished apartment house in Oakland. UN derhill 1845. ADMINISTRATIVE assistant; per maHentj - draft deferred; wife, I months daughter: quiet, decent unfurnished or partly furnished house or apartment; East Oakland preierren. AN flover 37.3. A naval officer desires unfurnished huncalhw. TH ornwall 8505. BUSINESS executive and f'.mijy. permanently transferred here, need 6-rnoi house badlv: maximum $75. Call TE mplebar 2237. u i uLiN 1 LEii AN ; private room, ga rage av a liable; near -shipyards, LA kehurst 2-2VU0. 2L4Q San Jose A fiiite PART in inn. bo Tribune. ikkeepiiifc. at . line; l 1VI23IH10, PART tiu.e imc-: til, n 'run i:o OiNE hedruMiU opui tilieUt, i nrighboilioud. Lieu tenant mander U.SM.S, Plume h;ien 8-26HI li eluud LOck- G ENTLEMEN; huge room; entrance; no dnukeis, $2b. aie 7107 pi ivite Ul gh- COLOltED couple want 5-6 rooms; best references: rent with option to buy. TW tnoaks 3H2t. COUPLE need unfurnisjied 4 or " rooms: must have yard; inference: OI, ymplr 7071. ESTABLISHEO Oakland piuessioual man. wife, two school girls, desire 3 bedroom home; excellent references. HA yview 2206 or GL encourt 8MB t.ENTLLMAN, mce house, ptione. near ttfrt 4 tih Street loom, pnv ate transportation. oAKLAiML) lut .bed api. Ltd 'i3 , wile want lui-cluldien, pets. LA1-..1W di.-tuci-- Lo lady. einphved; KE llot't 2-03 ." eiy room for priv ate home. Swedish Collide 4' " And 4MfchfTrflf"J4: winIi euiulpyment in gentleiuati'' ur bu-Muess couple's home; wile full time; husband, and daughter part time. AS hberry -8 I 'M. After 6 p in. call HI edniont 4olUW. a-k for Erettriik'on ... . Pfc.KAi ANENl Puij American reentative desires two or three furnished Up to $70. Mr. Lesher. C.A ifietd, 3ti45, Exteiifciuu -(i or KE llov.r 2-(i2.)5. LARGE double lruat bedroom; suitable lor two or three girls. Phone LA kehurst 3-3278. PERMANENT tumished apartment wauled by newlweds in Alameda; SOfi; long time Alameda residents. XA kelnut :? TiHUyipnnjgs. MI DOLE aged rvfmed lady; lovely loom, kitchen privileges; East Oakland, Box P933;1. Tribune STENOGRAPH Lit clei k ; tail loud, legal experience, niuture refuted woman, citv or counlrv ; references. Box M233374 Tribune WANTED hillins or oi Tvp-nu. Iher !7tW. oooKkcepm. work at home. omen Help Move War Workers Operate Streetcar, and Motor Coaches Essential war work No experience needed We pay while you learn Good after the war Pen. so, J litfi Broadway. HI ghBflte 4127. YOUNG won tan w 41 its job w ith future which requires initiative, re nons 1 b 1 1 1 1 y : to 1 1 eue k rati 1 ir. t e ; retail, mail ordr experience, some tpms. Box" M:,:U44;; Tribune PERMANENTLY employed dexiies small aparimeiit or liouie; re lei- enre-. TR imd.ui 1 :H. NEATLY' furuibhed room lor ored couple: bathroom ; 232) Avftuif: KE lloiig H-SoL'S. ' " ELDERLY couple, retired executive, five room bungalow: best reference, and cure. Mr. ilnck, Piedmont Hotel ELDERLY couple wants permanent four or five-room nnjurnlshed house In Oakland. lll!hii:ile 7199 FOUR, live-room house wanted by October 10; couple. 5-month-old child. KK Hoc 2-fl?K. col- FUHN1.SHED or unfuinislicd 4 or 5-room Imutie. by October 25: 1 baby, venr old. KFJIii'! 2-SfiOfl. 39 GARAGES FOR RENT GARAGES FOR RENT at 29J6 Ellsworth, Berkeley; month. $5 39 Miscellaneous For Rent Wanted .. WANTED, place to park" trailer iprivate homei: 2 ariuIM. both working. Box M23190S, Tribune. 39 HALL FOR RENT CHFERFITL social lecture hall, furnished: central Oakland: reason- ablf. Hit mholdt 210. STOP A $3500 Furnished rive room Diinp.iuw. i" .- ditlon. funiLshed with all th main pieces necessary to fnrnlsn a nome. tiarKaiii a. wjw owu terms to suit. Drive by 933 62nd Street, just north of San Pablo Avenue. If interested phone our office. Do not disturb occupants. Might trade. I,argelot, basement, 3 garages. ' STOP 4 Bedrooms $4950 Comfortable, well birth f room "bungalow; all" good sized riKins7 One bedroom all finished In knotty pine. Ideal home for large family. MighJ trade for smaller home. Some terms. Located on 71st Avenue, near East 14lh. STOP) - Above MacArthur Possession 15 Days Cute as a bugs ear: 3 bedroom stuccq with all hardwood floors, tile bath and sink, fireplace, basement and double garage. A reasonable down payment and per month will handle this. Act at once for It won't last long, Robey Ccu, Realtors 4622 East 14th AN daver 1128 We Pay Cash ' Homes f or A Dutch Colonial 6 rooms, $1,0,750 Restricted Lakeshore Highlands, on a beautiful quiet street lined with trees and shrubbery; large living and dining room. 3 spacious bedrooms, all in perfect condition; full basement, central gas furnace, landscaped garden; near Key trains and shopping. Mr. Lindh, GL encourt K004 evenings. PARKERrfSCOTT 536 Lalje Puik GLertcourt 5128 Attention Music Teachers This older home east of Lake Mer-ntt is ideal for a studio; living room 26x30. new bath and kitchen, three bedrooms, corner lot; furnished, including a lovely rosewood square Brand piano. Charlie Greene LODGE ronjns; banquet nails; offices; ballrooms. Odd Fellows Temple, 11th and Franklin. TE m-piebar 940S. 56 LOANS ON REALTY FLAT Installments: old" or new properties. Listen to "Trader Fred," KROW. dailv. 12:30. or see L. B. Frederick. 4712 Fast 14th. KB 1- loeii 2-SH78. . - QUIET couple; no children or pets; wish f u r ni s h e d apartment or house, Alameda or vicinity. LA ke- Hlir:t Kooni'2J, MCE, alter iuiiij-lieu looms lor rent. Call mj AS hberry fi:W!. REFINED apartment. Mr. Minlr ouple desire furnished duplex: price no object, n, TE mblehar lf'n PLENTY ol rooms, 41.50 suuile 01 double; families welcome; $2 and up. BE rkeley 1,1(17. PK1VA1 E home. Kentlemen Oi v.orkinii couple; Krultvaie district. AN dover IS04. 20 APARTMENTS EAST 15th Street. 2017 -Available Friday, October 23, 5-room coni-spleielv furnihed apartment; arid electricity included i' adults fnK-r r tr.TT;nnrt.ition: Si?.W., f El- I.NED laav with child to .shaie small home, in exchange for care of my two-year-old bov; nice district; near Klills ColleKe. AN dover 7iS I SEiiVlCE man. wite. baby , desire 2-3 rooms furnished; . prefer East k Oakland or -ban Leandro. MA rket 47 1 1'HiiEE rooms, unfurnished: walking distance. MacArthur or Grand Ave nue from Fruitvale Avenue to Harrison Street ; local; employed middle-aged couple; references. GL en-rourl 2tift. HCJOM Central Berkeley couple or two young ladies; swine shift pre ferred: kitchen privilege. BE rke- Irv 0124. SUNNY rooms, kitchen privileges, utilities, linen. 217 Santa Clara. Oakland. ITVE-ioom huusc wish East OalT lahH:' adults. ArV dover 8773. HOUSE or flai; 5-6 rooms for 3 adults (permanent Industrial executive!. Prefer Rock ridge, upper Park Boulevard, Local references. OLvmpic 7981. HAVE clients with complete inferences, financial anfi former landlords; pay $75 to $250: no expense tn you. J. Harry. Smith, PI edmont 2777. KAISER Oakland office executive needs unfurnished 2-3 bedroom home; excellent financial and rental references; up to $100. F. .1 Schurr. fiL p-nrnurt O.V.4. Loans; lowest monthly payments; prepayment without penalty; prompt service; no btokerae or inspection enwee. b. E. Forbet, Loan Correspondents, Northern 'Irife Insurance Co.. 2154 Center Street; BE rkelev 1TW vollege at Kroaaway hu mooiai von HOME loans, pruniprppfaisil; " inspection charge; monthly pay ment may include interest, pnncl-pal, Insiuance and taxes. Fidelity Guaranty Building and Loan Association. 2323 Shattuck. Berkeley. TH nrnwatl 0iOO. LOWEST cost. ifMiUMife and apart men loan. 4'a'. and 5rf. lavout no brokerages Home Loan Finance Company. 1203 Tribune. GL en court fiiV5. PHIVATE money. s,ino0 t, lii.oi; flat nr installment; .W and 6'- : will purchase deeds nf tnist, Henry 7., Jnnes. 359 17th Street. GL encourt 3fi;)a. THUEE itoni auaituieiit atvailaUle: must buv furniture, excellent condition: $400 cash. Box P95878 Tribune THKEE-ioom .inhuman fi-B p ni . HI I'hgule i!;"4 d. pi.. TWO ai-i'vue invn's wives. 2 thil-dren; 2-3 rooms; East Oakland preferred: S40-S45; permanent. HI ungate UHU2, Juauita Elryd, between 3:30 p and n c! n i M h t oe 1 WO OiiiMmo prole.siuiuii gu 'Is want a or 3 room apartment Lake district: good icft-rences. TC mple- hi'.r U (i7. ain-i 5 p.m. .MUVKHS (Cla.s.s 132i like laiKe loads, but ou can reduce oui.s. sell what you dti not need: advertise in Clashes tin or Hit. To sell call TE fiiplebjr 00. THIiEK jU sire honf , I, A nd'-cape SWING .-hi ft men mily. close Ut all transportation, reasunahle; GL en-ennrt 0457. I PSTA1PS bedroom, bath, home privileges; reliable women, swing shift worker rrcferred; 2 blnrks Alameda bus; $12.50 week. Box r!452. Tribune MOTHER employed Unlermi dec-uatnn . koii in play school, desperately needs 5 rooms; have own complete furnishing-; permanent; responsible; Lake district ; lower Piedmont. , HT ehg;t t;fi9. Permanent Tenants Ward Executives Us couple, nn 1H. di-- aiiaitmcnt. dunl M32. i 'I WO i I loom: ; M 2:113 1 (Min ii u isfi ap.ii tim'iil lake di-tnet preferred, J Trrh'Uie. 527. 'i Lawlon Avenue; room with bath ; gentlemen; transportation. PI edmont OIHU. 24 Furnished. Rooms Wanted, EMPLOYED Marine's wife wants) room: private home or other: will ; Protect vour home wilh desirable pay reasonable rates. Box M2330U4 it-nants. We have several high cali- l t ihune - i bf.r executives desinne 5 and 6- 20 APARTMENTS WANTED furnished, fir Supervisor for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Retail Stores A?e W to 4t; good wages and future for the right girl: apply in per-nri' at Ootden West Cleaners, 3R22 Manila; also offtee nirl for light bookkeeping n nrk WAITRESS and fountain gin wanted. 1113 Solano Avenue, Al- WOMAN for dav work in gupt home; also girl after school. 1.S21 Madtvon. WAITRESS wauled lor experienced only. 2R14 YOUNG lady lor jtw, it sales experience. $135. Hers. 1703 Telegraph. day shut . Broarl'.vav Stenographer . 1 13 domestic help trcnerai oitice evperierice. srme knowledge bookkeeping helpful:, must be neat and have a pleading 1 personality; good .salary to the right! person; small busy office. Seminary ; Avenue district. Box MJ31K44. Tribune. ABLE pensioner or unencumbered; cum.ortable room: boaid. nn hoii'-ewovK; rare two chilclrfn- or casionally n.ti.-t ha ue of ail faculties. OaK Knoll District SW eft wood 7a4 School or College Girl ASSIST -toki(ig Pi edriu hoti ev, ui k. i white, hve in; nt :V'!4':.I t w.ishmg. iood salary Part timeL -Irani ewelry; a job with a pay. K rane ) ' Bru luture, goud Cl SAMUViril snd di S,-r Mi (XJK S t. .ip work H eiper traigbt for new cot lee shop: alo waitresses; top wages. Cad. at an? American Trust Building, Beike-ley. between 9 and 10 a.m. SALESLADY. experienced, tor ready-to-wear. Millinery: steady position. Jennet te Shop, lilll Broarivi y, Oakland. : LttAAltJlLli- maid:, ,d)1ed wages. Apply housekeeper, LcirmneTuii. ELDERLY SEWERS, iull Oi pail tune, on childten'g cotton underwear; apply tn person. l?th Street, ronm'l. SALESLADY, experienced, wanted dress shop, 3280 East 14th Street. ladv for littiii h ing icr room and board; p.m.. TH tmdad Hi7l iiMki call a Men and Women Wanted to work at ' Wards. Montgomery Ward 29th A venue and Ea.st 14th Stieet ep- t ter I APARTMENT inaiUMit hoi and w if; no fer Lake' or 1 1 irt (""raig per- lllUll childi en or peU ; Pa i k Boulevard AN dover tiNOO, THREE in It apariment of B.i : PR ospn home, oMn 1 1 1 .- h ed ; East ELDERLY quiel man; cornh room, beat : elderly family M 21744. Tribune, ..I .it-Box Urgent ARMY .if .t i oi'siu's siritt- .4'-iil-men'. preferably Lake-hnre. TW in-oaks 5IL':t. extension 3X1, or KE 1-locg ?-107rt evening-- A 2-3 rooms, M-rvire muplt, f-mnnths babr: permanent dutv; prefer Lake District: maximum $"0. Box ';:tq.?l Tribune APARTMENT. 3 jtHirn. puvale' Dalh. tilt VnnoH' Mi.rth Oaltlanri 1 Young Navat officer, employed wife need fiiriushed 2-3 room apai liner:? ; fii.'iMinum tit. CiL encourt a.'l'Hi. evU'11-.ion 2i!i. fi to 3. Mrs. Hut. wfckflr.vi o- KF, Hogg 4-0403 ' WA..TLD t) i iiui.k t-ot-ii cituplr i 3 or 4-room f u rnished apartment : 1 near t ranspnrtation; drafl de-fci led: non-dnnUers and smokers: no children or pets: references fui-nhed Phone TW monk. :VJ(tH , MIDDLE-age man, neat, non-drink-er.t desires limited use kitchen; v ei y brief occasional telephoning, garage, room in private home; adults, with refinement and quiet . radio appreciated. Box M237942, Ti iImihp. MAN wishes room or room and board m downtown Oakland with nice, quirt Spanish family. P. flMtv , 40 lHlh Street ng room houses, furnished tir unfurnished; must, be in good condition. Phone KE Hogg 3-LiOu, extension 373. SIX or inor pe rmanent LA kehm-vi room.-; bank eiuployct : residents; references. 1-420! 56 MONEY WANTED WE can -place your money on good first deeds of trust at interest in amounts to suit. L. B Frederick. 4712 East 14th: KE Hogs 2 r.f7 $4.no; fi"n on well located residence property; close to all transportation and sjores. TE mplebar 2n37. TITLE SEARCH SAVB 10. Bu.adv.sv: Pacific Title Co.. Ill Kll(Slr a;2.ri A Mediterranean Home On a Gorgeous Knoll Near Claremont Pineso Beautiful reception hall with tile floor; lovely living rooms; guest suite on main floor; also maid's suite; 3 grand sunny bedrooms, 2 baths on second floor; outdoor living room and patio; oil furnace; magnificent marine view including bridges; price $22,500. 3Jtta M. 0rlimit CulleBe t Ali-alrs HV mbiilrlt 4T44 A Trestle Glen. $12,500 Beautiful Spanish residence; spa-clous living "'and dining mom, large b rca k f h st room , 3 bed rnjii s . 3 full tile baths; 2 garage, lame level, tot; loc.it and Key trains 2 blocks."" Mrs. TAogrrs. AN dover jM? evenings, PAR KERr SCOTT 536 Lake Park Gl, encourt 312fl . A FurnishpH Diamond District Near Knntvale and MacArthur, near everything. Rig 50 foot lot 4 rooms, extra large living room fireplace, washing machine, sewing machine. Krigidmre. che'-tcrfield set dining set. 4 pot mahogany bed Bcauiyrest mattrecq and box pprmgs Bro.idloom rug PUe new. Fu IP price onl $42.'iO. N I'd good down pay 40 LOTS FOR SALE BIG corner lot. Tiffen and Water-house Boad, Oakland. LA kehurst 2-072.V COKNKlt vacant lot. U4xll8; 1 block off Piedmont Av enuc; apart m en I or .duplexes, MOO0. Charles T. Cox. H lT mboldt OHM. A PA HTM EN' furnished fnrr GT, et WOBKING lady alr.ne partly furnished or 2 n i s h e d: permanent PI edmont R. !.", H de-uts 2-3 rooms fur-references. TWO busmen women desi i e cen t rally located room, with twin beds, private shower; non-wmoker or drinker: HI ghgate 7315; iMke rii-tnct preferred , r htiijsf unfnrnis court f7 4:V APARTMENT w an permanent couple; PT chcae R"n ed. flirmlied: maximum (). AP for MiTMLNT r infe Ho T2."91ft. Tribune UtiliKLNG cnupie, one child ear old; want, house, apartment or flat: brst references. Call TR mid ad 4P2R. .-trr ' mx. ' Willi KING moiher, diiugntcr, 3. v ;ints furnished apartment in North Oakland. HV mboldt 43ff7. TEAt.'lf Eli and child wanl rmm with houekepmg privileges; San I.etmdio ot Oakland; child attends vrhoot Hilt MI ghrate 5M4 l.i7 McOt-e lAvi'nue, near B"se -Street, large, attractive room in pn-'Htp home; gentlemen. UliA.vf) new, untui m.-hed 3 mmns in Siin leandro; equipped with gas stove: suitable for two adults; to rent to defense worker unlv; $'i0 month Renting of ' 'ice. 17'M Web --lei. BLSINESS v., .n, an de.-.ue.- 3-4 hhhii unfurnished apartment or duplex : teM retprerrrrv-.-- TIT m'filef.1r 44--" ecenirtt'-. :if'er ti All d.sv S.mda W ANTtl). smgie apartment; i dle-d ladv, references. HI hnlrit H7M. - YOUXG niuplc , h uUaJ m iloiiul dix-hai ged from Army ; 2-3 rot deirahle krt-ation: rxumanent; 5-'k. HIt;lu:jte 30ml, Boom i, S, lant 24 ROOM REGISTRY LIST yonr varant rooms, apartments, home on Breuner'a rental bulletin boaid; consult it if you need a place to hve; no charge; no obh grit ion, Broadway. at 21st Street. SIX oi se en roimi iiou.se. good li-trict, Berkeley; rent or buy. Write ?t"l Wool-ev. o? Fruit- LEVEL piece of prnpt suitable for .six lot Location and owner, 8 1 1 . l.0x2(MI. reasonable. 8 7.th Ave- ment. S now. Pete ien cArlhur: 8c Russell KE Hogg TWO bed room house. 'ast vale Avenue: for two adults and ! 27 Ifl one srhool bov: KE llopg 3-.S04R TWO beautiful view Jots hdls; good investment. , Montci.ui HU mboldt THPE.E or toui-room house or duplex, with fire place, stove, small yard. HI m hold I 2?2 nfter 5:30 n m. Urgent Native Oaklander. wife.'anrf 2-vp'r-old daughter must hove 2 bedroom bouse, flat or duplex in nice district immediately; permanent: will lea:i; reference!-. KE Itogg 2-3074. L'NION OH Company petroleum engineer and wife desire one or two bedroom unfurnished apartment- or bouse; permanent ; no children or pet; - rrrfeT Berkeley or Albanv. Call PF rke'ev flORt. extension 1 V. BL SINEWS cut pic :-j it. in VOLMj imi.v vvtyiild life ,i DKIiim 4r uiutirnt-hi-d du.irtuieiit ui ho ne;i) S.oi Pa Imi Avenue. TH inn 25 HOUSEKEEPING. , . .. ADFLiNE. 1;K4 Clean, sunny room lor reliable man; all utilities; $12 ..ii,;.;.- .j oeg 2-1 Typist Clerk General office work : pleasant sur- roundings: experience in automo- l v repair gmd but not essentia 1 ; days week. Don Gilmore. 3fl Castro Street. Havward; TK midad 4H33: Hayward 374 He Typist funeral office typing; 8 or 5 day week; time and half over 40 hours. Apply Air Heduction Sales Com .t n teeT. r.men-viiie. TYPISTS, work until ChnslmHs. 40 hour week. Irving 1. Singer Company, M 201 h felreet corner Grove. Oakland. PING and Kent-raj office work. light stenography, good hours. ;e over 30. Plume 111 gliKate 6tkiB. phone before foiir-tluHv p m. WOMEN buridi workeis Mauled for .Naval Ship's Service Laundry Maximum' tallowed wag cm paid Board and room at very reasonanie rate. Contact Ship Service Oixi cer, U.S. Naval Hospital, Pleasan- tO' California. Housekeeper Responsible, reliable woman for general housework and light cook-nig: help with 2 children; private room and balh; salary. Hi 5. Piedmont soirt - ff ousewnes Can you spare 2 hour dailv? If m. taking oiders tor Real Sjlk Hosiery and diesses will average s-l'd week; samples ire. Apply aOlf S- nrtutp BuiKling. f ' HOL-'SEKEEPEli ; light dul,e. Wuv f semi-iuvahd: no laundrv; no ; children; Sunday and hohdavs on Satarv StA monlk. LA iidscioe S-0fa,4 after P ' liOUSEKEEPEK foi vAu. loved coupe; permanent hbVie fur right 'o; care oi Doy, 1; board. noni 13 weekly. KF. tlftpg 3 4t ;(;. dnvs, HIGH M-hool gui. housewotk, few hours ? or 1 limes weeklv: new home, good pay. Or experienced woman. HI edmont fi:t?fl HOUSEKEEPER home; boa rd. :ir:. two Call enudren: moiuniK, mm. tile ilrsS S )6. room. I E mpleuai Waitress 99 ahiftt tip. meals, uniforms. Pleasant auiroundings. Chance for advancement in national oiianla tion. Mayflower Keiaurant, 1317 pfoadwav. WOMAN for work in dress forai department, to learn finishing and moulding; stead v employment Singer Sewing Machine Co., lt32 BTiadwav? GL encourt ?''2I, cioiu .AOY to vaie (oi iigni nouseworn: good hums. pa open: local referents -L Avenue Tt r-race District., klWi 2-X:ufi be-fore 10 or afier aeU wuumu tor liuu.t-keeper and child care: working Parents; Smi per moinn. KE Hogg --8)173. , union Hotel Male. teadv Clai idge, t34 MAIO wanted work. Apply lSth Street. RELIABLE woman to caie for l--months-old child; light bouskeep-ing: hve in. KE llopg S-3.v4. WO.mEN 3i lo wuik wall super visor: tho now employed aver se gftO week Iv ; experience un-peressary; apply 3 o'clock. W2 tth Street. Room 517 W AITKT S6ES and fountain girlf. dv shifts, no Sundavs; good wie. Arrly l(t2 Franklin. TW inoaks .vAiulSS. cwk, cooks her. f;d wges; Sundays tff. 14'i3 carkhn. WANTED Woman under middle age. experienced cook: assist maid with house work: 2 adults, 1 children: I blocks from ear line; in or out: ltx; Piedmont. HU mboldt nun. Men and Women Wanted Steady Work, Overtime Experience Not Necessary Essential War Work Auto Lite Battery t Corporation 2125 Wth Avenue I Oakland We are also s post-war Industry XOMBIiNATlON cleaner ar.i for country plant:' " also CULPLE. bitli eiiipUivt-d, need' 2, -'A riom tumished cottute or apartment; maximum !t. OL ympic Votf-NLj buuit-.v9 won u.ii w i three or four rot fins, furnished unfurnished' references-. Ca. ulihlio r.tion tmeui. lui in; hed, t nil ed- j j)M,in; kitchenette: gentleman; ulili- -r lie. CHIEF and wi apartment: no rirtnkmfe. Bov If Oleiie ll.llil-children. pets M:;li2?.. Tnb'in presser. raWt A ' EE rkeley 0ti2CW; poller hand 2113 iu- D1SH WASI.EK imachmei. white colored; hours and mels; $4 week 22in Milvia Street. BE rke lev snn COLPLE i apartment; references. r'ish MitdJl luinihhed housekeeping rooms: HI ghgate 572. Ol NO couple dt-.-iie 2-3-ruoin furnished apartment r house before . October 22, maxiliuim i.ia. Tit uu- drd 10'iQ YtJl'.NG ii.iv al tiiu'er and w ile vnt fiirmstied 2 or 3-room. nice resirientinl district; urgent. GL en-(-.,v: ' e-.teion WW.' park ing ; Avenue, two bed" lt.2.V 1 wo defen.se ; kitchen privilege- W ILL pay b months or more rent in advance, lease, 3-4 bedroom, clean, reasonable modern home; level yard, central heat, good district; permanent. HI ghgate ' OfMHi. daw PI edmont 20.i7V. evenings. 40 LOTS WANTED A Lower Oakmore Near Tiffin Road Modern w n i t e stucco bungalow: large living and dining rooms, two cheerful corner bedrooms, ex'ecs tmmtllv nice kitchen and breakfast nook, big finished basement room, rlnnhlsi i'.i'rai( central cas furnace I large lot ; owner occupied. Mr. j Bteiic!. GL encourt 5387 evenings. PARKER SCOTT I l-jl-e Park GL encourt SI 23 LA RGB corner. East Lcffetd ro : rest ricted ; haven 8-l?"r4. Os-klanH. San cash. LO ck- 41 HOUSES FOR SALE . joom ui iiu nohed; pie It-. Oak limd. SW eetwtod 3riM CROCKER Highlands district. 3ut lor the two months of November and December, including complete tut n is lungs, all utilities, gardener and cleaning woman twice weeklv : 2 or 3 adult only. Piedmont 2777. 201 li Mieel. f.iH. nice utilities, parking, $17 mnn clean rooi month; one COAST Ouaid ensign and bi nn wants furnished apartme.nt, one-tv-o rooms. f0. AS hherrv ,2 ol II nuim f in nihht ti u 1 1 1 iilt : I I tie influent emmle" rievneratelv ; 1 B needed Phorti i2MJ Street, :.i enetle, garage; man i; nice room, kitch-quiet Kingle gcntle- EMPLG ED couple w antft tnree iom luon apartment, convenient to- tnspor- inanent tatirm facilities; wife employed evening with air-line, hu.-b.ind with creamery. TWinoak lbttl. A.sk for Mis. one BE rkelev 2102 j--room, kitchen. - - - ...I.. .... pets or -chtldri nisJu-a; O.iKian.i: per- nionfh in.-iuriin 1 ladies. TR inidad 3HH9 2022. housekeeping pn-ate bath; no ren; references; f. utilities. . 2 oi 3 icMti, for couple. i apailiut-nt. iuiiU: LA kehurst J-til EMPlAVEO uiiu.iie aged Oakland f 91nunl,v A n art men! Flaft couple, no children, m. pet: 3 or 4 -"UUP'tX PinHltllf HI if room unfurni'-bed apartment, LaKe fTfllTCQ ntMnn. van aner m.io p.m., SW rev ond Ofifin. - ARE y EMPLOYE!-)' couple. WauU Uil'ee- ifMHii apartment; furnished: nea transportation; no children; "i:o pets tr- rti'lnk ing; maximum $j(. Iff mboldt 1474 EXPEK1E.NCEO icl.nl gu.Aei. ex cellent waues for capable man u WiMnaii: , peirriufieiit. ie-?pouibl position with a future; m ideal luwvieru ore 'nd range; transportation con enieiit: lu Tinles .iitn downtown Sa.n Pranciscn, one mite soutti ot cemeteries on El Canmio Heat. E W. Mc LetUn Comn.mv, Colma. Phone ili Mtee, ELk- ridi'e 18 m all llu i LL clerk, good apearance, CI. encourt ?4S3. oe. imcllinf ni know P.B.X MAKKIEO couple to work on chicken ranch: hnu furnished. Rmite 1. Box 231, Peialuma; Peta- hmia 57-13 SEXTON for Aiameda church; man or woman: will consider part time worker Beply. giving age. salary enected Bos r -VSJ02. Tnhune. W HITE woman tt cook and s.mi with housework in family J duttri in Vallejo; no washing; board, mom. $0 per month. Post Office Rox 2ffl. Valteio. WOMAN or girl to rare for baby. twi or three afternoons week tn C a rem on t District; salary open. OL ytTipw 42V I. - T" ' 2 Fry Cooks, Clean, fast and 3 'efficient $ 1 00 per week. Defense Diner, 5th and Cutting, Richmond. E.Vi'ABLlMlEi.) buMiu- cxev utive and wife desire 4-ntont unfurnished apartment In select neighborhood no e. Piedmont H7iK. nt particular about vour ten- ant? Middle-aged couple, permanent, no cfiitdren. no pets, appreciative Ttl giid surroundings, regime furnished apartment or duplex. Lake district; walking distance preferred imt will take other if desirable r a rKims. garaue: references gladly. Box M2J1432, Tribune E.ui'LWi Kb f ui mslied 2 small ttoii djuitnni B .'ouple need h-i iiidiiciii beilimmi apartment ur . intuit-- no pels ui M2'ti;7':R 1 rrt. une . L.ke d.a-no cdiUtien H'UMSllfiJJ apultiuel, irict; Jivo riving couple or te Phone KE iloer 2 pellv oll.cer aotl Wile lut-d 2 betlrcMHii furnished house ipartment ; . no dunking or pet-; maximum Box M2.irO, liil- .lilhi I J ur 3 r auai 1 1 iiMs-BLl) apdi iintrot lot tei inanent resident by responsible couple vv ith no eh ltd ren Ahie--ry -if-.i ECHMSliEaJ apartment hou.se, tbiee adults: pennanenl; Army ofiicer. fit, encourt tti;i. I'lltMaiiKD i(ine neevted Ioi leb-abte peiuiaueut tenants: two bed-iifiiias preteried: house, duplex, flat or apartment; reference. Call LA kehurt 3-2.17, Extension lal. S'iU-24. single, uiiliiies. man detense worker; :;u monthly; transportation. 25 Houstkttping Wahted GENTLEMAN de-ires room, khchen-ette and hath Vaowntown. Box M:':M7:t7. Tnhune. LE aged lady, permanent, w tints 1 or 2 housekeeping rooms: reference. Phone GL encourt fiJH'ifi. itjlIEf imti-eKei-pjng room tit; I ween 1st and kth Avenue; quiet refined gentleman, no bad habits. Poi Office Box 491. Oakland. 2S Boarding CHEERFUL rotim. good board for Christian woman: day wot kr. non-di inker-smoker; all irauspoilation. AN dover MH44 ELOEi:LY ladv. , gill, exchange liCmbo'dt pari lone for light kCtiOol duty. EL'ii-MSilEO auartinent ui hou.- by quiet emploed couple. Mrs. Hall. PI edmont 0311. extension ! Fl KMSiiEO ap-itmenl ur flat Uit young couple", permanent. HU m- rnrldt VWI. EUKNISBEtJ ui uulutiuhed apart-nifii! or fiat: 2 adults, references. Ml gheae QO70, nfer fj "!fi GliiL wisJie with.- refined Vr-.- -.T!7. lo share business apartment SU 1. KE 1- HOMfe. Mail, cinioie v. isne Mnad anartrnent: own furniture: no drinking; neiir btupe section prs- frrrri KF, t'orc 4 -ft'? PEK i A N E N TLY stalioned upply officer Navy, wjie desire small apartment or houe. furnished, unfurnished: no child lien, pets; references. CL encourt 3M8. Boom 3nl. k EiiM AN EN i' couptr. no pets, no children, wishes desirable location; go-wf reference Ifl' mboldt 8"'n4 TlIHf E or tour room funu.siied apartment or flat; with garage; relined young couple, both em-ployei; no childien or- pets; aief-e-eiwes. SW etwivx1 W."7. 1 hKEE or 4 room. aparUnciil tut or duplex; permanent: centrally located. OL vmpic 9123. NAVY man and w de. 2-3 room apartment. Pi edmont tut.2. HOTELJ EAST 14th. I; 91 25 daMy: WW weekly, KK Hogg 2a750; transpor-tatton. EAbi 14th. lJ,ij-Nue douhie room. eveePnt meaK. !nnehe -nnct-ed GliANO Aenue. IXriH, iotin tu aliare with gentleman; home cooking and transportation. GL encourt 8.124 HAKB1SIN, 377i Boom, boald for servicemen's wives or women ahip-yard worker : Southern -cooking. Piedmont UNWOOD Avenue. 4015 Paik Boulevard ditrict; young man share room with young man; us of entire home: ft -to per month. KE 1-)oe 4 17. MAN aid w ife. swing hifl, kjvel sleeping apartment in lake-district; reasonable. GL encourt IMS7 OS E loom, douhle bed. tnree niealf and laundrv KE Hogg S WT! - BOOM and board, jnoil CnT-a1 A'epui SANTA Ciara Avenue one room cottage; parking, portation. by the week-, AtmeHa JM. Oakland. CASTitO Valley three-room furnished house: one-half acre chicken house, rabbit hutches, $43 per month, near San Leandro. GL encourt 7fn. L..GY lo shate twoom mociein home; furnished: man and wife working: no children or pets. Pi 15 fW'h Avenue. WILL exchange small lurnthhed cottage, large yard, on bus line, for 3 rom furnished or partly furnished apatment. KE ltocc 3-n'"t 5 room -liou.se; owner would like to keep one room: references. Couplfi with child, or two ladies: TH ornwall nr write 1209 Channing Wav, Berkeley. 34 Niitii FvrnUhitt Wanttd A furnished house, duplex nr apartment; maximum -Mr. Iong. TW inoaks 2V13. davs TR inidad Ti?9. nights: reference CHHISTIAN Science couple with child 7. reeri fum'-ed liv U quarters. PI edmont 4437. A-Only $3975 4Large Rooms On small corner lot. north of fiat 14th at stores and streetcar?; ver" cute place, all hardwood floors. 1 bedroom and wall hed, cabtnrt kitchen. . breakfast room; garage; very clean: vacant in -to davs; pomp 'terms. Peter Meplty Co . 4724 East Hlh StrrcL-Kfi llot J.iW.,, Fiuhi. tuie cxtia if desiied. AA- Lakeshore Highlands Large two-s.ory stucco home, eight rooms; 'a baths, large sleeping norrh. tun-car garage, large leel lot; H addon Road near Trestle Gten; near transportation, .shopping; il2.-OOft. terms. Dunn. GLeneourt 032, HIGHLHJ1D REflLTV CD. Lake-hore A-Year-01d 5 rooms and knotty pine rumpus room; l'a baths. 2-car garage. 2 heat units, thermostat control; tn'--age basement; large rooms, plenty closets; Jot a3xl4fi, among trees; upper Maple district, above MacArthur. Onlv 2W0, dom at t4B4.SO. Kirkwood Watson, 306 MacArthur. A Furnished Cottage $420D A good four in nice condition; two bedrooms, living room and kitchen; agreeable tenant will show. See and make proposition. C. 0. BARNHART CO. 7625 MxAfUtur 3WtwooJ 5500 EL'KNLSilEO house, wai plant engineer, wife and 10 months baby, 9MI. Orinda 21N HAVE client w ah complete iefer-eiues, financial and fonner land-tordKT pay SM?5 to 175. no expense tit ou. J. Harry Smith, Pt edmont 2777. HviL'SE. luiiu.shed. iniinntuiu 2 rooms; responsible Government engineer: pav up to 12."; local references. EX biuok 6374, Extension 127. - ' LOCAL resident, .voting couple, bov 2, wish 3-4 rooms, fairlv close in; S40 limit. HI ghgate fTTM MAN and wite desire iwiiall furnished home, Plea.se call aiter p m.. PI Mmont 07 ."iJ. NAVAL Lieulenant, back iiom uver-aeas. desires a furnished house -or apartment in Oakland or Alameda for wife and 5 month old baby: will pav up to $1. per month, Call Senior BOi NAS, Alameda An S'ntion. .. i NAVY docior. wile and 2 v-i!-bc-haved girls. desire furnished hoii or apartment; mavimu m $100 We own a hniw. o know how to take xare of one I SW eetwood S40Q. fvtpimi 77A. 5 or 6 rrwin. TW inoaks 4o4g. toil, tiiree adults. 1 An' English Colonial Lakeshore Highlands ma. Larkspur Road, off Sunny-hills. A spacious sunny borne. Close .to San Francisco tran-portatmn and schools. Knur bedrooms, two haihs. maid's room, bath. Tvo car garage. Oif furnace. Consider smaller home exchange. Anderson TW m-r-4-.c nvto iakeshore A Upper Owner occupied. rinft(l Large 3 bed ron m s 1 1 ice n re idenee . big lixiiig npri dining room, .bcautt-44'4wt7pe "Eai'dcnV short Icm?! walk "to Kev Ira i ns and Lakeshore shopping. Mr. Dickson, GL encourt 4-4.:uj evenings. PARKE ftVSCOTT ',(! Lake Pnrli fil. enrmirt 512H A Dandy S rooms, near Fremont High School; 3 bedrooms; fine little home close to bus and -schools; oak floors, garage, basement: with little hou.se in rear; all for $47.10, terms. FRED T.WOOD, INC. 4036 iro.Jwty HUmboltft A Striking English Lakeshore Highlands, four bedroom. two baths, maids room and nam. enclosed sleeping prch, doume gjj rage; . oil furnace. Near trains Crocker School. F mines, Mr. Mr, Pherson, PI edmont 3M24W. W A RADFORD CD ATTENTION, colored, vciy cln.-e in town, home and income. 6-rm rustic bungalow in fine condition on 200 font lot with fruit trees and hemes. 2 rear rottaurs present income $90 month: price onlv M750. Call rtnine'. GL eneourt ABOVE 14th, 8tun Avenue -Immediate possession: attractively -furnished ; immaculate five la i ge rooms, breakfast room; tile sink, shining hardwood floors, many , built-lns; laundry fn full cement! basement: double garage; work! fiho'p; 2-room cottage for mother: j fim pond, fruit it. How-em. shrubs: i 1(,."KK). substantial payment Fuil information, Bernesky, Tn Imda res A Foothill at Fruitvale Asking S.jOOO; nice HMinis, garage: close to all - ti rrsprtaimn:- 2H2ti Foot i it 11 Boulevard. Harms, GL encourt yo&; evenmev KE llogg ?-m!n. AA $2750 3-room hnusp. larce lot. double s raue. north of East 141 ri glrft: cutr lull place for couple: substantia! down payment, balance le.sa than rrnt. This ore won t lait! Miller. Realtor. Ea.t Hlh Street, KE I-li.ee .14747 A Home and Income ' ' Full Price $4000 Six roonia anrt bawment flat, elo in. See todav. M.1 2Mb Street Harm.. OI, encourt SOW,, evenings. KKH"t 8-W - ALAMEDA bungalow, sleeping porch: newly LA keh.frt I-.Vi.i7. a rooms, decorated. A Full. Price $3500 ' Close in fire room cottage; garage, big lot: tiHO - 29ih Stieet. Harms, GLeneourt 0085; evenings, KE Hogg 2 Ofilft A Full Price $4000 . . North Oakland Si room, high basement, garage: term. BIR4 Vith Street.. Harms, GLeneourt t083; evenings. KEllogg AA Central Piedmont Immediate ptssession; 4, bedrooms. 2 baths, library: level patio garden, double garage. See this fine buy at once. Mr. Da vies, HI ghgate $410; e' rtvves HI c-ee 4SV ATTENTION: Mu-t st-ttle rotate immediately: income ?70 per month; 5 large rooms upstate,, 3 rooms downstair; full sue cement baement. garage; best offer takes, information AN dover g1ti. i

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