The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1944
Page 6
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r PAGE SIX BLYTIIEVILLE COURIER NEWS Chicks Defeated By Forrest City • Fourth Quarter Rally '.' Gives Mustangs 18-15 Conference Victory • Forrest City's Mustangs broke the "fetters of BIyUieville football domination .which extended * more than a i decade by trampling the Chickasaws, 18-15, here Wednesday night in' the season wlndup. The Thoroughbreds not only achieved their first gridiron triumph over a Maroon and White representative since 1933 Bad on)}VKlt) In the Arkansas High Sc!i6ol-Con- ference for the year, but sen led. the doom for the Chicks. It was the first.•' time sliicc'the Big 15 was organized back In 1938 that the tribe failed to break Into the win column within the ranks. Last year they barely gained admission with a 20-0 rout of the Mustangs in the last game of the season. The Chicks, who can show only two victories and eight defeats for their campaign efforts, can blnmc their last reverse on three people. They were, In order of prominence: Jerry Armstrong, fullback; JimmlQ Devazicr, halfback, and Sam Smith, all Mustangs. Fullback la Hero Biggest offender of the trio was this young fellow, Armstrong. Heralded as one of (lie finest triple threat backs in the state, Jerry lived up to .every glowing trlbulc as he set the blistering offensive pace for the';'visitors. Here arc n few of his outstanding offenses: Exhibit A—a spectacular 78-yard touchdown run in the second quarter which put the Mustangs out in CRY GOES III' iv» ^ui.t, >.. boys, the veteran bullt'a solid foim- Tlie din and shouting from the datlon on gridiron fundamentals, lie final football game Tuesday night, got them in shape first; strength- had hardly died clown before (tie encd their legs, ankles, necks, bodies, cry "let's do something tor Top' before touching a football. Wisely and his boys" went up. | he gave, them n couple of simple These enthusiasts meant, of i but fundamental plays and worked course .Sylvester (Pop) Mosley and diligently to master them. When the Blythevillc Junior High I'a- »">» !•«-/* -1.1- <- _ii.,i. *t — _/» ,.- DOPE BUCKET BY j. r. pooses who just completed the finest football season In history of Ihe local institutions. They won flvc of eight games, including one from the crack Joneslxiro Golden Whirlwinds, two from the Oscralu Sem- Inolc Reserves, one from the Marked Tree Seconds, and the Luxora High School Panthers. If ever n fellow and n buncli of kids deserved a plug and n boost "Pop" Mosley and the current band of Papooses do. "Pop" has (tone a magnificent Job assembling, coaching, and handling these youngsters. Starting from scratch with a bunch of green, inexperienced teen-aged waltz for the scoreless tic breaking touchdown. Devnzier's placement attempt was blocked, Poguc's pass Interception midway of the same round put the Chicks on the Forrest City 35 and in .scoring position, which tlie.v capHoll/,«l, lhanks lo the neat piece of strategy engineered by Delong. Billy covered 32 yards on the jiiiinl nnd put the tribe buck In the game, especially after Hood converted. The advantage was short lived, 1 r fumbled exhibition that stopped more than one promising Chick drive; Indom- inable spirit that was catching and generated his outfit to the glorious and well earned victory. " • was a close second. He . scored the second and the deciding touchdown mostly by sheer power of his 160 pounds anj twice pulled the game out of the fire with two. zooming kicks' that traveled 45 yards' and 57 yards, respectively, and came at the most opportune times, much to the discomfort of the struggling chicks. ' '; Losers Have Lights ''.Though defeated, the Chicks were not' without their shining lights. Firit call goes io Harvey (Cotton)' Poguc, busting fullback, who led his mates in yardage with 69, scored One of the'two touchdowns, intercepted a pass and nearly got away for a score,-and turned,In n remarkable defensive game. He was a constant threat. Then there . was , little Billy .Delong. Not much biggei than your thumb, this game youngster pulled the prized play of.the interesting game. Usej mostly to punt all year, Billy went Into the battle midway of the second quarter when it seemed almost certain that another Maroon drive was destined to bog the ball over :cl Dcvazlcr imiKclecl for tlie touchdown. . Boone tumbled on the extra point try. Chicks Take I.cail they were able to click those o(T he gave them another. By the end of tiie season he discovered that only a half dozen plays had been given them to learn and execute. The record proves they were enough, especially In view of the fact that he taught them how to block and tackle, the two muln fundamentals of, this football business. HOVS WORK JIAK1) The boys have worked hard, put in jimiiy bruising hours in order lo play. It is a big sacrifice, this training program. I3ut they piled in wit!) a vim and vigor that has deeply touched "Pop" and Prank Whitworth, who helped out when his business hours were over. They have » winning spirit, a will to learn in order to win. There was never any dissension or lack of harmony. If a boy got the starting call over another, it was okay. Above all, they had confidence in "Pop." been a pleasure to help out, though they did most of HIP work, They look to Instruction' like ducks to water. I'never saw such n splri 1 , 1 Pop added. The Juniors have Iwn the forgotten men here. They have Iwcn relegated to a secondary position, way, way behind the Iwys in Senior High school and it isn't fair. Actually, they tire the boys who should be given first place. If we are ever to have a perpetual athletic program we must start at least in Junior High. It should begin in the grades, from the sixth grade on up, and build annually, not just from one yenr nnd expect to come up with strong teams. It Is practical, sound, and just good common scir;e. What cnn be done for the Juniors? There Is plenty. First of all, they need equipment. If they are to play good football they mast have good shoes, uniforms for needed protection. There Is something stimulating and Inspiring about new things, llanddowns from the varsity, as lin.s Ijcen the case here during the years is all right as far ns it goes. The only trouble is it doesn't go near far enough. WANTED: 18 SPONSORS Then, why not give them letters and jackets in appreciation of what FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, Seminoles Lose To Marked Tree Injuries Hurt Osceola As Powerful Rivals Roll Up 19-0 Score OSCEOLA, Nov.. 30. — Osceola football fans found little reason to offer thanks on this Thanksgiving Day when expressions of rejoicing were In order. The reason: tlielr luckless Seminoles, plagued with sickness and Injuries, fell before ihc Champion Marked Tree Indians lit the renewal of their friendly rivalry to bring the 1944 campaign to a r.owwfuJ ending. The lfl-0 score of today's battle was almost, Identical with the results of their first meeting earlier In the season when the Indians won 20-0 In a spectacular mud Latlle. ScmlnoIcs Wage Fight H was fin- from a rout as many: ami JIICKCUS in appreciation of what c!( l>ectcd m the .face of the [>oor they have done this year? And 'i l jll >' s ' c!l1 condition of Conch Homer banquet is definitely in order. They I Umlrns> 8° ld shirted warriors and arc entitled to the same treatment ! " le ""beaten march of the title every year which is accorded the 1 "> 1[!el '-'>- Geared to a high fighting Chicks. The Red Peppers already i'i'ch, the tribe earned the praise have a circle marked around Dec. 5 nf (ll clr loyal subjects and a host for their annual football banquet . " f visiting Marked Tree fans as for t "'"" """••"' -* ~ ----- '--- i • -'- fiiapnerback, spoiled that budding drive with a pass interception on. the t'.oal line. 'Hie homellngs never seriously threatened after that. Marked Tree drove 60 yards for their initial touchdown. End Perry Clammi!) could have had the scoring honor had lie held onto a perfect pass In the end zone. As it was, Dave Dlckerson, hard running left halfback, "dood it" with a sweep around right end after taking a lateral from Shaw. Indians Storm Twice The invader.s stormed the Sem- Inole citadel twice before scoring touchdown No. 2 In the third quarter. They opened the second half by roaring to the Osceola one but ran into n stone wall and lost the ball on downs. Wilson's puiit out traveled only 20 yards. So on the next drive the Indians made good, Marvin Ward, a hard running little guard scoring on n three-yard reverse. Davis' Interception of Wilson's pass n. few minutes later, on which he racked up 41 yards, provided Ihe momentum• for the final score in the fourth quarter. Fullback lischal Hendrix covered the last five on a dash after taking a lateral from Shaw, who successfully booted the extra point from placement. The lineup ajid summary: for the tribe. Others will likely follow. Jackets and letters have been the customary awards. "Pop" has deslgnatec! 17 as eligible for loiters. I thinx ii would h? a very good idea for it local firm, or h ' ",,', B T, ' ' , V , , €nc1 , 1 ? ml ™' 'T Smarting under the 12-1 dtsad-1 vantage, the Chicks got busy, turned on the heat, and forged ahead. They picked lip two points on n safety by trapping Dcvazter behind his own goal line while attempting (o kick out after Caldwell's great punt put them In the hole. Score: 12-9. It wasn't long before Dlythcvlllc slipped out In front again. Taking the kick from the safety, the home- lings marched GO yards to score. With tile ball on the Forrest City 1C and fourth down Hood passed diagonally lo Joe Ferguson, left end, who scored with case. Poguc failed to add the extra point by placement, but the Chicks were In the bandwagon, 15-12, Armstrong and Devnzlcr were not — „_ _ „,.. a vury KU During the season I had an occa- ,,erson in slon to talk to some of Ihe boys. In '„' ,," f° fact, I was anxious to learn how the ^ " ^ ' , "ol- man" was getting along with on y atoit sio'lt ™uld 1/M . > his first real football assignment. I h V c,tme t thai V™?] V ^ °i ^ Sl wasn't afraid he co.ild not get the JshlutT the fuCe' S Al™n%' Jf lob done. I was cprlnln ho chnlrl ' Blythevlllc ""•"• <-i"«.iuy oi The line forms lo the right, boys, right behind the Courier News which steps out with the first sponsorship. And do crowd, puh-lecxc. Protest Application Of Motor Freight Line LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 2 (UP) — Five transportation companies have I hey waged a gnnie but losing war from start to finish. Never at any stage of the fierce but cleanly fought game did the homelings yield without n struggle. They were not benten. They .simply were outscored by a stronger, more power- .,.,. fut and well drilled band of In- wllscm to lie dented, not for game, at least. He and his pal look turns smacking the line and running the ends until they covered the necessary 08 yards and the payoff touchdown. Armstrong cut back beautifully for 18 yards to the two. He failed twice at (he middle, faked again into Ihe center of the Ihe Job done. I was certain he could, and would. But I wanted their reaction. I discovered with no amount, of surprise whatever that they were for him 100 per cent; would swear by him. "Gosh, I didn't know there was so much to football," one told me. "It I could only do what 'Pop' tells me, do It exactly as he has shown me 1 would do much better. 1 try but don't seem to get the Imug of blocking. 'Pop' told me to keep working and It would come to me." Prom that moment, which was early hi the season, I began watch- Ing him, observing his individual play during (he game. It was gratifying to see him improve and sharpen his blocking. In the finale against Osceola, and the Marked Tree semi-final, he was taking out his foe with the finesse and skill of a seasoned vet and with little eflorl. COACH CARRIES TOUCH Coach Mosley and "Whit" arc the loudest torch bearers for their kids. "Finest bunch of boys I ever worked with," were their first unison comments. "Not once did I ever have any trouble. They worked like a bunch of beavers all yenr. And the fad they won the majority of the games has keyed them to a high filed protests with Arkansas Comiiaratton Commission on ullt application of Arkansas Express, Inc., of Pine Bluff to operate a motor transportation line from West Memphis to Little Rock nnd over principal Southeast Arkansas highways. Companies protesting the application arc the Missouri Pacific Transportation Company, Rock Island Motor Transport Company, Hcrrlii Motor Lines of Shreveport, Louisiana. Ozark Motor- Lines and the Southwestern Transportation Company. The protesting companies sny adequate .service already is being rendered In the territory A nurseryman in Florida has ob- i VJll VU 11C VulS UCdllLlCQ IQ DDg " O i.»ii linu (in, KJlllUI Wl lilt. 1L It: down^ Getting/back'into deep punt wril 'e his mate strcnke,] wlh formation he called /or ilie boll, around end and over. The fact that, hesitated 'Just the right amount of Davazicr middled the placement did time'-then .took off around right not materially matter for the Mus- end .|ikc a, scared "rabbit in front ta "Bs stopped the final Blytheville 'or.a'Beagle hound. Weaving imand su rge on" their own 37 just n play out, side, stepping like a seasoned sllor l of the game, veteranr; he wormed.his /way 'down Blytheville PCS' Forrest City toyji'^ohe-xard.line, : ; just- a, s^ahl .Johiison LE Smith tTOvfeet;;a*ay/,/rom'.t!j0..g6ai ,'Jirio; Kemper. .'. , LT Perry It •waS^clps^XehiXigh'Xlori''^^^^^^^' /Ratcliff - ' ' LG Levin Blomcyer c O'Ncil Koonce no Campbell Wilson RT Tuylor Ferguson RE Kelly D. Sylvester Q13 Sulcs Hood HI Ilollowav Nicholson RH Boone Pogue FB , Armstrong Substitutions: Blythcville, D. Caklweil, Delxmg, C. Calclwcll, Lutes, Forrest City, Devazicr. Unrtsey. games has keyed them to a high tallied a plant patent on a new pitch. They should be up in liic' seedless navel orange that is ex- clouds by basketball lime, and pected to mature from Octobcr' ir to should go on from there.. It hns! Jfimiaiy. . o over on one try to'lie the score at 6-6, Stan Hood put them out In 'front'by'taking a lateral from Dan 'Caldwell and dashing wide around his right -wing for the extra point for a 7-6 lead at the halfway mark. '',' '. Dan Rich Well Dan Caldwell's kicking, which has been outstanding in his few appearances this year, was another Osceola (0) Cross J. Griffin Butler T. Bannister Kramer Jones Carlisle II. Griffin Waggoner Shaneyfelt dians. l''or almost three full quarters it was 11 8-0 game. Coach Kohn Bray's boys punched over a touch- clown in the first quarter and were unable to agnln break through the dogged Scminole defense until late in the third period. They added .mother six-pointer for good measure midway of the final round and iiiled on the only extra point of Ihe three tries. Marked Tree led in first downs, eight, to six. Their backs to the wall most of Ihc time, the Seminoles enjoyed only two hilarious prospective scoring moments. Late in the second quarter Tommy Bannister gave '.hern a starter when he recovered Joe Shaw's fumble of Denver Wilson's long punt. The offense im- Ward, Hcndrlx. Extra point—Shaw (placement). Osceola substitutions: Driver, Hart, Williams, Lillicrap, Sarlain, Hollifleld. Officials: W. P. Harlan (Miss. College), referee; L. H. Polk, (Arkansas State Teachers), umpire; R. K. Bollinger (West Memphis), head linesman. mediately slipped high gear. With Wilson, .Robert Clay Driver, Henry Wilson and Shaneyfelt alternating Ihe they down to the Marked Tree 18-yard line. But the visitors tightened and held for downs. The half ended before another play could be run. Driver Breaks Loose Driver provided the longest and most spectacular sprint oi the sparkling contest when lie took the kickoff after Marked Tree's second touchdown, broke through out into the open and down the field for what, appeared a sure touchdown. But Shaw, speedy Indian quarterback, overtook him on his own 33. Gfiiie Davis, fine Marked Tree Scoring I'os. LE LT LC C RG RT RE QB LH RH FB touchdowns: M. Tree (19) Gammill Puryear Ward Davis Carlton Mnyfield Walker Shaw Dickerson Vaughn Hendrix Dickerson, \Mighty Tigers Humbled By N. Little Rock By United Press North Little Rock football fans had plenty to be thankful for on Arkansas' celebration of Thanksgiving Day yesterday. Their high school eleven completely upset (he dope' bucket, spilling the previously undefeated and untied Little IZock High School Tigers 13 to 7 before some 8000 fans at Tiger stadium. The North Little Rock squad, now fighting for tile number two spot In the conference standings overcame a 7 to 0 deficit in the second half to romp over the goal line twice In the two final periods. Although the Little Hock squad is already the state champions, that loss yesterday knocked thorn off of tile high horse they have been riding since the season got under way, for North Little Rock and Little Rock, being across-thc- rivcr neighbors, are bitter rivals, And yesterday's game decided just who is champ of Greater Little Rock. An ( | here's how other conference games ended up in their Turkey Day classics. Pine Bluff nosed out Hope 9 to 6; Hot Springs downed Port Smith 20 to 14 and El Dorado R**4 Courier crew* Want MOROLINE •HEADACHE , Capudlne quietly relieves Headache! and soothes the resulting nerve ten slon. Acts fast because It's liquid mly as directed. At all dru 10c sizes. Liquid CAPU DINE Visit Us In Oar NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. Main St. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Parts & Service 121 E. Slain ' < •. Phone 2122 Select His Gift At Mead's highlight, He booted'the ova] three tunes.. His first was good for 35 yards out of bounds on the Forrest .City seven. No. 2 was just a yard shorter but rolled out on the Mus- • , , - , tang eight. The last, « yards Inr"' 5 "'" 5 '' length, rolled dead on the enemy i ' 14. Delong kept" up the line work' with a 45-yard boot earlv in the battle. • Eugene Kcmper, left tackle, contributed materially with a strong game on defense. So did Joe Neil Ratcliff, Gerald Blomcyer, and Silly Koonce, especially. After the Chicks had failed in their first scoring bid early in the initial quarter, losing the ball on downs'on' the Forrest city nine- yard line, the game rocked along on even terms until 'play was resumed to open the second period. It '.'as then that Armstrong did his 78-yard combination two-step and , YOU CANT BUY ^ Tnore in nepirin than the nssuranco ol quality and purity guaranteed when you buy St. Joseph Aspirin s -vorld'n brgcsl eclloratio;. DcmnndSt.'VoscphAspmn. , . . Scoring touchdowns: Dlyilie'viltc. Pogue (rushing). Ferguson (pass from Hood). Forrest City, Armstrong (72 yard run), Devazicr 500 nllin KOSARCH tooiv-an lint M Good I Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING WhiU it Is Available. PLANTATION) OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE OH3PO RANK LOTSI BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2911 GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service 'Abo—Vukanizinz and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. II CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 \i ';•'"" ! ———— JAQUARD ROBE I.el't: If you really want lo spoil him for Christmas . . . give him something as oul-of-lhe-ordi- nary, as out - of - ihis- worltl as this jjonfcous robe! Generously tailored of fine .iacquanl rayon with scl-in pock- els, shawl collar and wide bell. $17.50 SOUND SLEEPER Below: Perfect companion for the robe shown is a pair of luxurious, solid color rayon pajamas! We have them in four rich shades which are jtisl a .bit different: wine, bamboo, royal or passionate rose. Sixes: small, medium a n d large. $5 MEAD'S 322 MAIN 2 'Iropa in cacli nostril [ shrink membranes. Vou brcntho easier. Caution: .Usoonly as directed.Get PENETRO NOSE DROPS TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES Don't rely on makeshift methods of termite control. Let the world's largest (crmite control organization protect you against costly damage. Free inspections on request. BRUCE TERMINIX CO. Licensee of E. L. Bruce Co MEMPHIS SINCE 1927 •an over Camdcn 39 to 13. Non-conference scores included- Warren 13, Fordyce 12 Russellvllle 19, Clnrksvlllo 0 Urinkley 0, Stuttgart 0 Springdalo 38, Rogers C Bald Knob 20, Augusta 12 Jonesboro 31, Paragould 0 Clarendon 7, Holly Grove' 6 in the first five months- O f 1944 passenger train miles were up more than 22 per cent from the level of the months of 1943. ===5==^^^ RITZ THEATRE * Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Boi Office Opens T:IS-8how SUrU at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUND Boi Offlct Open* 1 Show 8UrU 1:IS Last Time Today "STAGECOACH" with with Claire Trevor and John Wayne Paramount News and Comedy Saturday "SONORA STAGE COACH" with Hoot Gibson & Bob Sttele 8th Chapter: "The Iron Claw'! Comedy " • •" Saturday OWL SHOW "NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th" with Robert Preston A Ellen Drew. Comedy Sunday and Monday "THE MASTER RACE' TRUE as the facts of life—TIMELY as the next tick of your watch— THRILLING as the dawn of peace. The Dramatic Shock of the Century —An Edward A. Golden Production With George Coulouris, Stanley Ridges, Osa Massen, Cart Esmond, Nancy Gates, Morris Carnovsky, Gavin Muir RKO NEWS AND COMEDY Friday and Saturday 'Hands Across the Border with Koy Rogers & Ruth Terry SERIAL; J'The Athcn_lurc& of.vthe Flyins Cadets" Short ' Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Saturday Midnight Show Starts 10:45 p. m. 'The Scarlet Claw' with Basil Katlibonc, Nigel Bruce i K;ty Harding Selected Shorts CHICKASAW W«»t Mala Ne»r 21«t BL 3*t itarte 1Z:45; Bun. ttsrt* 1:41 ' • Night ihowi 5:45 '< T Except Monday, open* (:15 Onttnuotu show* Sat and'g Friday and Saturday g Double Feature "OUTLAWS OF THE DESERT" ' with ' Hopalong; Cassidy and "A MAN'S WORLD" with William Wxight SERIAL: "G-5Icn vs. the Black Dragon." Comedy Snnday and Monday Gary's Most Exciting Aiivcn. turc Romanccl THREE\ WOMEN In C«il 1). (X-.Miltc Mijhilm Tcthniralor SpccucTc GARY COOPER CECIL B.iJEMILlE'S "The Story of Dr. Wassell" IN IfCHNICOtOK witk toreint Do, . Si sr « Kane «>«mi 0'X«f, . Carol Thur.lon Carl Etmonrf * Slanlty ftidgti Pioductd end >>» CECIl 1. Sunday and Monday "HI, NEIGHBOR" with Jean Parker Universal News Comedy New Theatre Manila's Finest What have you done today i some mother's son should die fo you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waiting We are issuing agents. Paramount Short Friday "TIGER SHARK" with Kdwarit G. Robinson •.'• Serial & Short Saturday "HIDDEN VALLEY OUTLAWS" A Republic Picture Serial & Short Saturday '-\ OWL SHOW "SERGEANT MIKE" with •' inrry Parks & Jean Dates Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday "DOUGH GIRLS" with Ann Slicriilan & Alexis Smith Fox News & Short

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