Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 16, 1941 · Page 16
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 16

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1941
Page 16
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16 OAKLAND TRTBTJNE, THURSDAY, OCTOBER-16, 1941 MAKING THE ROUNDS With ''Kip" ACCORDIONIST -I. It's never wise to pass up El Cer- rito's ?lub Kona in making the L rounds. For one thing, quiet nights ere few and far between. And a . lively crowd elways gels the best out of any florir show. Then again; Phil Molino might quit playing the M.C-. straight and put on a turn And if the Rayburn Girls, six shapely chunks of oomph, can't ttike your mind off your income tax, t"you have too much money anyway. ' ...Welcome news to Oakland stay- f ups is re-opening of the Hotel Lake " Merritt's beautiful lakeview room . to dancing on Saturday nights. It's 'dinner dancing without the dinners with a new entertainment angle ''each week. Sandwichesi drinks, "'maybe ham and eggs in the morn-' ing hours. Jimmy Wood's orchestra stakes the kickoff night. Chinese 1 cutie service. Very new. Could be ijvery good. Better see.. ..Joe Court-r'ney centers the spotlight on Oak land's San Fablo Avenue wun xne ''- opening of his Zanzibar Club in the '' California Hotel. Joe is going first - class, with top Hawaiian music, floor show and the works. The dec- Verating and remodeling job Is something.-Looks like a few Jiundred t.Qaklanders are going to have fun Triday night. . .Taste tickling tip -cf the week is the Sunset Suprise Cocktail at the Claremont Hotel .Terrace Lounge. It goes into color f.in a big way. The idea, of course, is to drink your sunset and have It too, Clever. . .Another timely Claremont innovation is the Thurs day nighttfinner dancing, two hours with Don Kaye's orchestra and the I three Cromwell Sisters in the pic-turesque Terrace dining room, j BEACHING BACK There are few things more Inter-tine to the curious than the remi niscences of a real old-timer if the club business. Did you know, for Instance, that the first night club In the United States Was opened in San Francisco by Frank Dunn? If you doubt that, Dick Richards of El Cerrito's El Hio Club will bet anything up to a thousand dollars '( on it. Dick was a contemporary of (-Dunn, of Tim McGrath, Red Kelly find Spider Kelly, way back in pre earthquake days. He ran the old Cave the even older Mineral. A ihalf-century behind the scenes of 'night life produces a lot of off-the-record stories. If you can get Dick to talking it's the big kick of an evening out. Imagine reaching 'way back to Revolutionary War days for a club page story. Why, nite clubs were coffee houses then! The reason is painting behind the bar in Oak-Jand's Don and. Ann's. It was, ac-cording toDon Edwards, painted by Bauch, dead these 132 years. Three were turned out. One is lost, one hangs in a Washington, D.C., gallery, and the third starts arguments nightly on Mountain Boulevard. It is insured, however, for a sum that hints strongly at authenticity. Ask Don or Ann about it. If they like you, and feel like it, they may talk . First, stop this week-end is the inimitable, " Bimbo's" 365 Club, San Francisco's unending success story. A" omplet -new show - Mart - to night. Promises to be good. More on it after the opening. Practically a must call on me sray-ouis usi, if past percentage of hits is any criterion... The Duncan Sisters' Music Box has the makings of a top show. Should he rounded into shape this week-end, with the opening whim-whams out of the way. A really beautiful room, two famous sisters and added talent to spare; . .Marimba offers Lydia, Spanish dancer, backed, of course, : by the longstanding entertainment hit of San Francisco nite life, the Hurtado Bros.' Marimba Band. . .Finocchio's has just screamlined a new revue, Always better than average enter tainment here, playing to a crowded house. Notice Walter Hart. His mother was a top-flight star of English music halls, and a lot of her training appears in Walter's turn. . A hand to Joaquin Garay of San Francisco's Club Copacabana. Joaquin reached the top the hard way, wants to make the climb easier for some youngster in his home section. A girl, pretty and able to sing Span ish songs with sriilcient verve to fit into the Copacabana atmosphere. If you are such a girl, have such n girl, or know one, phone the club for an audition. A nice break, with a nice guy in one of the Bay district's top spotsa. Remember Ed Margett, rajah of rugs some years ago? And remember Herberts on Powell .Street? Soon the two will merge into the Backstage, The decorations call for old stage flats Seems that S.F. is fresh out of such flats. Can Oakland theaters do bet ter?...The Tahitian ; went ancient American fin a big way last Saturday night with the arrival of Rio-lama, drum-dancing Sioux Indian from South Dakota. Her Sacrifice Dance, and Dance of Revenge are worth catching... Charlie (Forbidden City) Low is answering to the name of Po-Low now, on account of he is the only Chinese polo player extant. Tip there is "reservations ini advance," if you don't like stanal ing. ..Gossip note: Relaxing in Chinatown's Jade Palace last Tues day night. RUSSIAN SILHOUETTE . If you are one who prefers symphony to swing, like to hold your gaiety under wraps, an evening at D. D.'s Russian Room in San Francir.co is indicated. If, on the other hand, "Tchaikowski ' suggests a sneeze Instead of music, you might appreciate the cuisine more than the entertainment. Sue-Zanne, mezzo-soprano, is the very decorative Mistress of Ceremonies. Ervin Li Ninety Club.fo Feature Dinners SONGSTRESS Olga Sbrajia is playing now at the Riviera, San Francisco. Maulner. violin soloist, was re cently an eastern concert, violinist, Petroff, pianist, is worthy of an appreciative audience. Sonia and Yurik's gay little Russian dances are effective. Suggest for an off-the-beaten track evening out. Oakland's Gaston's Rotisserle French as the name, with a "soup-con" of this and that adding an inimitable flavor to salads and entrees. .. Simple in dor-oration. A bit out-of-the-wav. rot too larec. a snot to visit when vou can dine at leisure. . Stanley Parsons has changed his Ninety Club in El' Cerrito into a dinner club. He's mak'ing a strong Ibid for popularity with steak din-,ncrs that pull stny-ups from all over the 'Bay district, The nftcr-theater- itea-who prefer-to-do -their sleeping on a full stomach especially appreel- i i ate the open until 2 am. angle. . . , Remember Arqhic Archibald? Drop' into the Club Casino on San Francisco's Mason Street and you'll see him. . . Old Timer Alex Horton is behind the bar in Oakland's brand new Zanzibar. ' Sun dodgers will remember him from way back. HAWAII TUNES STREAMLINE Ml I id x. x rh, Ruth Craven is the singing star of the new 365 Club show in San Francisco. , Nancy, "sweetheart of the gardens," Is one of the hula dancers at the Hawaiian Gardens in (San Jose. Order Entree, Cafe Will Do the Rest Bohemian Grotto: Some time phone Host Luigi Cabialll, select your entree from his list and give him the hour of your arrival and let him do the rest. N,ot expensive, but good... Tientsin Cafe: Chinese and American food. Just now featuring some thing new in a Chinese family dinner. ProRressive dancing. Each member of a party of. four or more can enjoy dishes that would cost a single patron much more. If you like Chinese dishes (and who does not) try this system some evening. For a steak dinner there's the Cali-ente Cafe. Dancing on the side. A low price for an excellent steak Is quite an attraction, so make this an early call... Out in Hayward is the Castro Villa, homey and unhurried port-of-call for people who dine around. Just a hint as to what turns up in making the rounds. . Fun Abounds in 12th Street Places If you like a little unrehearsed' fun with your floor shows, spend an hour or two along Oakland's 12th Street. Soldiers, sailors, dime-a-dance cuties, stay-outs from the hills and flats, crowd the sidewalks and the" bars." Catch-the"act T of r Ray Francis and John Lonas, perennial favorites at Louis', Drop into the tnlvcr for Mary Locky's comedy danceor the Wonder Bar for Easily and Easily 's magic-comedy turn . If you enjoy a good dance floor and a quiet drink, try Ed Mason's Red Lion, just around the corner on Franklin. The combina: tion of old English Tavern and mod ern American bar has an atmos phere all its own, while Ed Mason and the boys are always good for a laugh. V ,.: -.v DANCER W;y'Z'i"A" SliSplilll? i, ',. 4 ' ? - - .. - . 9 NEW SHOW D. W. Low, owner-manager, discusses the new show at the Club Shanghai, San Francisco, with the Hinton Sisters. ' ACROBAT Here is one of the stars of the Fong Wan All-Cbinese .Troupe af the New Shanghai Terrace BowL mmm infill!' I!I!1B!!II!I!!! mmm wmmwmmmm ii;!!i!wwi!r:!iiii Featuring the 3 Cromwell Sisters Lidya, rhumba and conga dancer at the La Marimba, in San Francisco. Lotus Lee is presenting her bubble dance at the Chinese Palace, in San Francisco. HEADS CAFE LkZJ OPEN SUNDAYS t R 1 1 1 NT I rut ' UIIHTS f - - nUHIHVW V DROS. rr CUAIIMAU MAKIMM' ORCHESTRA m Tony De Biasi is owner of the Capri Italian restaurant 'here. SETV .EL CEWUTO. bp sifch dinners- world, c T F. A K S iYAh4SAS CITY STtAtv Lamb Chops - ;.ws, New York Cuts and Filet Mmons Something New Every Saturday Night! TABLE DANCING 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. . HOTEL LAKE MERRITT $1.10 '.'- I Per Couple JIMMY WOOD AND ; HIS ORCHESTRA " Telephone Reservations Given Special Consideration Pnone: TE-2300 ; ; Ask for Dining Room ' I Featuring the 3 Cromwell Sisters t , 1 . : : i . : i 1 : ; i : ! . i . M -: i j . ' 1 1 : - -: : : i 1 1 . i : n . ! . I : -1 -; i . i l ; : : l . 1 1 . , i . i i : i 1 1 . i : : i : 1 . i , . : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . : l ! . - i i : 1 i l , 1 1 . ! . i ; : : : i ( : ; ; i : 1 1 .- : . I I , i . i I ! I i : l ; : 1 1 ! ; . . , i , r . I . ; , 1 1 : uniitiiun Smmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm VV :i',;iWi!l!l!l:i!l:fift; I ::!!!lil!!Ui;,;!;!;.liii;li:ii!;i,.i1,iaj;,!:iiii:il!,,i,!;iii!; ;!l, . il! ! : itidsiti iiltl: ! i.iiil n ilm IJilTM'JIl liilirittiiiil i iiiijIUii! i i:i iiJ Usi THURSDAY - 6 10 10 P M. Dinners 75c to $1.25 (No cover charge) FRIDAY - 8- P.M. to 1 A.M. Cover charge 50c or dinner and dance, $1.50 - iniiitiiitiiiiiiniiuii i - i 1 . SB ... K?'!yi:ll?!N!liii!liiiiF!ri:iC' SATURDAY - 7:30 P.M. to 1 A.M. Cover charge 75c or dinner and dance, $1.75 SUNDAY - ft to 10 P.M. Dinner 85c to ,$1.50 (No cover charge) PLAN TO VISIT Ol'R TKBRACE LOUNGE The Eastbay'g Moit Brsullful Cocktail Rnom Telephone BErkeJey 9300 lor Reserviuons. mommmmmmmmmmmmmmm . i. :':':& in.jili.lili.nl.lii'.itiNeJ.. Ba-MI'jlilll', ll!l;,.n,.Jll..,.;i:li;.-liih'l. Hi-ll,.:lll,llllllilllk I1 1 1! HlNllSlhiillli.JI.,ltl!;il;i1rllli,ill,!.'r,-ll'll-,NI 233 UNITED ARTISTS 125 East 12th Street CENTURY CLUB 1'unce to Muic of ELMER QUILICE and Hfi Orchestra CLUB KONA T H K f! A T B A- Y ' IMAHTKIT .MGIIT CLIIII FAU' lll:Vt E Featuring JACK ind TRI1DY LE CLAIRE Stenpmr Hlh OIL ROBINHON Cavalcade of Start ' BEEBE AcrobHtir. Dancer DORIS AI.I.VN Horn strllit THE RAYBTjRNOIRI,(l "6 De-lluhlful De-Ixively' front Hollywood. Mniile by JOnNNY S1RANGIO and HI FOJ'R KONIANS. Dinner De I-iixe, $1.75 Apcrlallxlnr In Banaurta ' and Wrddlna. Partlei For Reservations; Phone LA nriarniie S-dBTl 311.1 Pan Pahle At El t'errltn Hi :rinraail I I.Hb !., ,. Tr!hna.. Hlaatf .' I i j V A quK-t H' ti'i't 'ioiT-.a f I CtHJd I'oort.' A'ler Theirtf Fenrievoiit R I.anh Ir. IHanar . taadai Ma I l)a II la Ordtra U TiU Haaat 9 I '23 tast IZth street ; m ir mm villi imui i h. ,a,ciii. . mm KV WTiV HRWAlLSTAt ;AN I 1. Yftrl Cuts and I II Anncurgan. U : Authentic -CS?.CH' I I NewYOrkU" M n Aimc CUITU B- j J'L Tropic Drinks I Mnr wehk -sSsl i 1 cipr Mnons ,.hari;e for H CLAUDE SMITH If 8 Jl, k I v fcjLai ; L, : t Sc,;, . J;,;,, maria king L I I in ""7 'f-' '' I 1 LA ndscape uui liiile -j IEjW n' wn sr-" VyXS 1 0PEN M0NDAYS: v Continuous' Entertainment JlUf' 1 LI : -WM' THE JOINT'S JUMPIN' ,;. , SifACK I , , -s?;f ' -w-r . i i . a. . -a.M , ir - ,. .,Bin mimnnnia i j ni f ti m iia II Sf?S C ttTMB J w-yJrStom Richards' (Co-Owners) Dirk Ki ltarls? 'X i I VSJ'LSilS!? il-St I uL-ft ni . . .w . if a4 ill SMQF&J&ri- h n JSKlfJ J - SHANGHAI 'LOWTf"t "'.'"rJKJ-l lrJ-.tM fl -'.IW&Z!- N B -fO-T Ml LOJ II tei--' -"V ssd -M W:" Mf m TERRACE BOWL THEATRE RESTAURANT i TW-2300 Held Over! RROL FLYNN - FRED MacMURRAY RHlph BELLAMY in "DIVE BOMBER" Slitnf y TOLER - Mary B. HUGHES and Cohlna Wright Jr.-"Charlle Chan In Rio" Al.o Norman Rper's 'Football Thla Week' & March ot Time-NORWAY IN REVOLT FrtY Tlf University & Shattuck UA U V BLOSSOMS in Ihe DUST GREER GAHSON & WALTER P1DGEON and "PHKPHERII OF THE HILLS" with JOHN V.'AVNE and BETTY FIELD Shaltuek at Channlnd . "O IT R W I F E" Melvyn DOUGLAS and Ruth HUSSEY also ELLERY QUEEN'S PERFEC T CRIME TW Inoaks 2300 Continuoiifi Darlv HENRY FONDA and JOAN BENNETT "WILD GEESE CAI.LING"-Ona Munmn Jane Vithers-"A VERY YOl'NG LADY" BERKELEY CALIFORNIA OAKS Solano at The Alameda I'-N-D-E-R-G-R-O-U-N-D" JEFFREY LYNN and KAAREN VERNE ' "POT O' GOLD" Willi James STEWART I 4-STAR CAMPUS 2440 tw-mob Charlns Bnyer Trone Dnnnr LOVE AFFAIR & THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO with ROBERT DON AT and EI.I9SA LANDIS Exrlusive Associated Press and Full United Prcsa Services in The Tribune STATE Telephone Richmond 2331 "BILLY THE KID" In Color -Robert Taylor - Brian Donlevy Also 'PEOPLE VS. DR. KILDARE' With LEW AYRE8 and LARAINE DAY FOX Telephone Richmond 684 Continuous from 1:00 p.m. Frank Buck's "JUNGLE CAVALCADE." A- The Great Walt Disney Festival of Hits SNOW WHITE THE SEVEN DWARFS and FOUR COLOR CARTOONS fi DTTYM Foothill Blvd. & Seminary OVTl 1 VSlj TECHNICOLOR Hits! SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS' ohn W A YNE-Harry Carey-Betty FIELD "BLOSSOMS IN THE DUST" with GREER G ARSON & WALTER PIDGEON Blvd.. & E. 19th .aurence OI.IVII.B Vivien Leloh-THAT HAMILTON WOMAN and "DANCE HALL" with Cesar Romero PARKWAY Pi,i, CHIMES Restaurant and Lounge STEAK b CHICKEN DINNERS MB. STEAKS CORN FED STEER BEEF DISJOINTED CHICKEN Biff Portions of Young Tender Friers We have wines and liquors 5 to 100 years old. 2820 MOUNTAIN BOULEVARD On Ih Way io Jnanutn Miller Park I I It Veacocr 9 15th St. iff 4 s . Hpiff n Brnatfwar ana I'ranMir a I liL-a.a HUfii II a m in I a m Sh until a m Servtr.a t'hmase j Antartran liiLnea at Mxlrat I'run, An Icier, t Placa lor Alter Thaater Kenctaivoua Oiotcs Is Tka Hut Mwciaity. mm IN FINOCCHIO'S BIG, ALL STAR STAGE REVUE The only male Coloratura Soprano .'i .' ' i i i i rnar can reacn men u aoove v. ,4 .Hi-- CfMTlNUOt)S jHOWt IVIy 1 5C3 CH0ADWAY COjtinuolis shows iviy MCHT START AT MM P M TERRACE BOWL THEATRE RESTAURANT 42110th Street, Oakland GL encourt 8838 The Only Theatre-Restaurant in the East Bay Region Presents An All Star Floor Show . F0NG WAN'S POPULAR ALL CHINESE ACROBATIC TROUPE In a New Sensational Trapeze Act. The Creates., Most Sensational Act Ever to Come Out of China! This act alone is worth a dollar. One may see it without extra charge. Held Over for Anoihcf "Week , ANN O'NEILL Doner Piphis'icile SAMMEE TONG ' Our Genial Master of Cergmrinies ' Contrail.. Acrobatic Xarclly INEZ . Uratic' Bubble Danger" . . GEORGE WRIGHT Console A'in LTED THOMPSON AND HIS ORCHESTRA Minimum charge per person week days 75c. Saturdays and Special Occasions, minimum per person $1.50. May be con-' Mtmed in frvod nr drinks. . ., NO COVER CHARGE 4 Hoo- S'-ows on All Wrrl- End For tl 'i.e wtio di not care for'. entertainment delicto " food at, Mim1 low prices ii sorvd in original section ef Stiangiiai Cafe. ' 425 1 0th Street. Collrgc al Shatter ''SHINING VICTORY" James Stephenson & Geraldinfe Fltirerald will be shown once only, at 8:50 o clock AlPO "DRESSED TO KILL" With Lloyd Nolan, starts at 7:00 and 10:10 Anna Ncagle in "Information Please" Will be shown once only, at 8:40 p. m. DIMOND Fruitvale Ave. & Hopkina GINGER ROGERS "TOM, TIICK AND HARRY" 'SHINING VICTORY'- James Stephenson FAIRFAX Foothill Blvd. & Fairfax HUNRY FONDA Joan Bennett-" WILD GEESE CALLING" will be shown at 7:00 and 10:15 n.m. Also "A VERY YOUNG LADY" with Jane Withers, once only at 8:50 o'clock FRTTTTVflTF e. Htn st & 37th av. 1 ituit vnijb MirKFV nnov-FV 'LIFE BEGINS FOR ANDY HARDY" "SINGAPORE WOMAN"-Brenda Marshall Stanford OLOR HIU! -"PTIFPHElin OF THE HII.I.S" lohn WAYNE-Harrv Cai-ev.Bll FIELD Plllt "BLOSSOMS IN THE DUST" with GREER G ARSON Ac WALTER PIDGEON GRANADA E, 14th & !)th Ave. GINGER ROGERS ; "TOM. DICK AND HARRY "POT O' GOLD" with James Stewart PALACE, 2.1rd Ave. and Fast 15th THAT HAMILTON WOMAN Vivien LEIGH and Laurence OLIVIER H U.IIT FROM DESTINY - Jeffrey I.ynn Lacffes! BLIIF, RIBBON OVENWARE Frea RIVOLI San Pablo near University GINGER ROGERS "TOM. DKK AND HARRY"-j. ii - - , , , i a. r- i. . Ac Olivia de Havillancl k George Brent in GOLD IS WHERE YOli FIND IT (Color) flATFWflV SanPahlo&f 1 Ij Y 1 2 TECHNICOLt Adrllne at Alcatraa THAT HAMILTON WOMAN Vivien LEIGH and Laurence OLIVIER Sc "DANCE HALL" with Cesar ROMERO LORIN DEL MAR SAN LEANDRO F.. 14th & F.uclid-TR-25St1 A WOMAN'S FACE with Joan Crawford & Melvyn Douglas, once only at. 8:45 p.m. Also "THE BIG STORE" with The Marx Bros., starts at 7:00 and 10:30 HAYWARD- 5 1 Castra. JACK BENNY Kay FRANCIS In "CHARLEY'S AUNT" "A VERY YOUNG LADY"-Jane Wither 13 Solano at San Pablo JEFFREY LYNN FROM DESTINY ALBANY "FLIGHT Ac Bob Crosby In ROOKIES ON PARADE SrbtFirioiu vc-nm 1 J "TORRID ZONE" . JAMES CAGNEY and PAT O'BRIEN Cowboy & the Blonde-Mary Beth Hughes Last 12th Street at th Avenue THERE'S MA Olf! IN MIIKir Allan. Tones Susanna Foster Lynne Overman MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF -Brian Aherne RITZ I 2ITTRFT Hopkins near .18th Avenna lfJ tlUi. "SECOND HONEYMOON" TYRONE POWER Ac LORETTA YOL'Nrt Also "LUCKY DEVILS" -with RICHARD ARLEN and ANDY DEVTNE TONIGHT! NEW VICTOR BLUEBIRD RECORDS Season's Latest Hits! Also All Volumes WONDER BOOKS. ENCYCLOPEDIAS and DICTIONARIES P & QTMflVT Phone TR lndad 7021 I l'lJl 1 1 JOAN BENNETT "SHE KNEW ALL THE ANSWERS" THEY MET in A RGENTINA-James Ellison FOOTHTT T Phone FR uitvale 4100 . JOEL McCREA "REACHING FOR THE SUN" and "PLAYG1RL" with Kay FRANCIS QUEEN ELIZABETH CHINAWARE Free DOORS OPEN TONIGHT AT 6:45 phone FRuitvalc 10121 "UNDERGROUND" JtEFFREY LYNN and KAAREN VERNE s VEGAS NIGHTS" with Phil Reran FREE! QUEEN MARY DINNER WARE! HOPKINS JtEFF "LAS GRAND LAKE JZnTel SS MICKEY ROONEY -JUDY GARLAND "Life Besrlns for Andy Hardy" at 7. 10:15 Also "WILD GEESE CALLING" at 8:50 Henry Fonda -Joan Bennett-W. WiIliam EVERY SEAT A LOGP 41dc! Piedmont Ave. I-hone PI edmnnt 2727 "BLOSSOMS IN THE DUST" Greer Garson and Walter Pideeon "DANCE HALL" with Cesar ROMERO P-I-E-D-M-O-N-T Telephone HI gale U80U I fT DfV an Pablo Ave. nr. 35th " Ijii "DARK JOURNEY" VIVIEN LEIGH and CONRAD VEIDT "FREE AND EASY" with Rnth HUSSEY OIHT Tf UUUilW "LIFE WITH HENRY JACKIE COOPER as Henry Aldrich RIDE ON, VAQUERO with Cesar Romera mrm TOWER (SENATOR End Tontte-trrI Flynn OUvta do Hit. Hand In the Technicolor Hit Adventure tf Rebin Hood also "Jot t Llvini"-Irene Dunne-Doiif las Joan Bennett rairnniiKs jr.-1 omorrow-Hamiiian wmn V. Leih-L. Olivier: & Blondte in Snriet T LA kehursl 2-44:1.1 rV"f l.i .' fl T R Mt n R UrWlUUt) WHEN LADIES MEET Joan Crawferrt-Rnht. Ta-lor-Greer t.arsan tMIISlllMi IN HIE DARK-Red Skelton I MM. ' POt FIKY NIGHT M T I N I K T1 A 1.1. Y AT 1 30 P M. XirSCIlt' Phone LA Vehursl S-7.1.17 ' WVlUAj'sl N VAI l.tY aRaV AI.' SfN.IA HFNIE ans) JOHN P A Y N F "PRIVATE N(Rt" with Kraada Jasta MFPTUNr TWlnoak'i1 i3oo HENRY FONDA WILD GEESE CALLING" Jane Withers- A Very Fount Ladyl Neyeaj 7 Central at Webster J AMI A ROOAEVn.T' "PASTOR HAH." wi'h Nova .PItBFAM AtiRuhy Kceler.aievlheait al Ik tantaue Stcanaa A li ?etn " hv Jhn Rtsj. ery day in The Tnhur.e

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