The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1966 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1966
Page 3
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B!ythevl1t« (Ark.) Courier Newg — Monday, May M, 19M» Pa|« Thm By Lines You (EDITOR'S NOTE: This column Is tor use by the readers. Material submitted will not be returned. All material should be typed and double-spaced and is subject to editing. Writers should sign their names and, in the cases of students, should give their, age. Names will be withheld on request.) Life's Secret Things shared cannot be forgotten, Love that's given with the heart Stays with one throughout a lifetime, Is never lost though It depart. Sadness never lasts forever, Prom the storm a r a in b o w springs If you find the secret blessing Made of wisdom sorrow brings. , Haiku Joy Is the morning dewey with' the hopeless tears ' shed'by the blind night. and fear, Touching his cap and silver wings, "Be careful, dear, be brave and true, Think BIG, don't fight the ittle things." "We're flying out," the letter read "And know not what tomorrow brings, But I'm okay, so don't you fret, Now, Mom, don't sweat the little things." (All of the above by) Kalherine Newman Echols Battle Casualty With head at rest upon the breast of earth as if he listened to its beating call, and snuggling where he fell Into its lap he heard the silence of the centuries fall. I Remember When on the distant hill the dust awakes or moonbeams dance upon the silvered spring. When shadows play hide-and- seek 'neath the trees or bright dewdrops to morning glories cling, I think of you. When gardens sprout like patchwork quilts spread wide 'round houses bound to earth with vines that creep, When the tired city breathes a grateful sigh and in the darkness settles down to sleep, ] think of you. When lazy summer days push back the spring lo warm cold waters shiv'ring in the brook, And like a thick down comforter, Hie air rests still and heavy over every nook, I think of you. When soft breezes blow across the plain, Ihe crescent moon holds star- dush in its palm, fragrant in the field, when each day dawns or dies with measured calm, I think of you. Don't Sweat the Little Things I picked him up and brushed him off And wiped a teardrop from his eye, Then kissed the wound and softly crooned, "It will (eel better bye and bye." I hovered near and watched him work, So tense with dread that testing brings, "Relax," I said, "Have confidence," Don't worry 'bout the little things." I smoothed the tassel on his cap, Caressed his gown with pride well won, "Now, don't be nervous," I advised, "It's only graduation, son." I watched him go with pride WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chick- ssawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. •Walter Davis, (Colored) Plaintiff vs. No. 16777 Dora Phillips Davis, (Colored) Defendant. The defendant,' Dora Phillips Davis, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Walter Davis. Dated this 13th day of May, 1966, at 10:45 o'clock A.M. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Betty Coats, D.C. Bruce Ivy, Attorney Mitchell Moore, Atty Ad Lltem 5-16, 23, 30, 6-6 Read Courier News Classifieds Find Out About This Is What I Saw By Charles A. Stuck Blytheville and Mississippi Countians are very proud of .he Mississippi County Union Mission and of what it does for needy people. But few have had ;he opportunity to see it at work and at close range. At the invitation of my good friend, Rev. Paul Kirkindall, 1 lave been living at the Mission 'or a week while holding a revival there. There have been services every night except Wednesday. Brother Paul will not hold services when other Christian groups are having [hem. I asked for the privilege of living in the Mission. Having worked with people in trouble, 1 felt the need of living side by side with them, of talking with .hem, of eating with them, and of working with them. Not every man at the Mission is an alcoholic. But every man las some kind of need. A job, a friendly atmosphere, or a temptation-free life; all of these reasons bring them here. And uiv der the Mission's kindly roof they find a fellowship that the world simply does not offer. But this is by no means the limit of the services that the Mission offers. Many more people are assisted in other ways. Here is a family of a wife and six children. Food is the prime Soybean Day? -Why Not! need they have Here is another and smaller family who are suffering from malnutrition. It is hard to believe that such conditions exist in this country, but Ihey do .. Here is a man who has had a bad accident and who cannot pay doctor bills. The two families have been helped with adequate food and clothing. The man has received first aid in having his wounds dressed between visits to the doctor. And of course there are I several men passing through town who have had a good bed and wholesome meals before Blytheville. I'll make a motion, second it, vote 25,885 "Ayes!", and set the day. Too fast, too soon, too trivial or unofficial you might be say- pot o' . added to every Blytheville citizen's ta- ile now and then would create a demand for several thousand additional acres in Mississippi County. Would you believe sev- ing. Think positive! beans... Soy that is . IN THE PROBATE COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF: ALFRED CLARK, deceased. NO. 4307 TO: NOTICE ANY AND ALL UN- Stuffed peppers are deliciously hearty and satisfying. Especially when you load 'em with Safeway top quality ground beef.., always fresh, tender, juicy and full of flavor! Excellent value today! (EDITOR'S NOTE: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Grieshammer of 1129 Terry Lane recently moved to Blytheville and Mrs. Grieshammer's imagination was fired with the prospect of gracing her table with a pot of soybeans. Here is her story.) By Eena Grieshammer Hey! Blytheville! Let's have Soybean Day. The South gives time and money promoting new uses for cotton. Kansas is forever doing new things with wheat. Florida and California have their oranges. All this is as it should be. But what about soybeans? • I found when moving back to Mississippi County a few months ago, soybeans growing where corn and cotton had once been. The next logical question was, "Do you eat soy beans?" All answers were "No, Never!" The cold glances and shrugged shoulders that accom panied those "No, Nevers!", ar- roused my curiousity. Surely someone bad cooked them. I went to work in dead earnest to find that someone. After a long while I concluded I had been talking to the "I'd - rather- be - caught - dead - than - be- seen-eating-a-Soybean crowd." crowd." Then I questioned the people whose purses had been fattened by growing those litle slanty eyed pellets. Here I heard in no uncertain terms that Soybeans were fine for selling but not for eating. From Kiere I went on to the tiller of the soil, the combiner of the combines, and the ladies in their kitchens. They all thought of. soybeans as truck loads of ware headed for the market to help diminish their year's debts. In short, nothing was said again 'em neither was one word said in their favor • wise. After this amount of soybean conversation I had implanted the little fellow so deeply into my mind that I had to dispose of it in some material way, or let is lay there and sprout. I found a generous farmer who gave me a bucket full of beans and a poor-sou! look. Even this failed to dampen my spirits. At home inside my own little kitchen I locked the door and started Hie cooking of a pot of soybeans. I felt like an astronaut must feel when he orbits tbe earth for the first time. In there alone I had frightening thoughts like to bring the temperature of a soybean above that of an August day in the fields might cause an explosion ... or to mix ham hocks and soybeans might cause a chemical reaction that would be fatal to all in this north side of town ... or from this day on the little children in the streets might point their fingers at me and, say, "there goes the bean wo-||»|*iy a »iw ^ArrTT man" Two hours and several |N\|AN| I llHTr thoughts later I came from be- 111 JI MM I VWI I Vfc ihind the locked door with as KNOWN HEIRS OF ALFRED CLARK, DECEASED. Notice is hereby given that a petition to determine heirship of Alfred Clark, deceased, was eral hundred? Come on, let's have soybeans for dinner! You know those "No, Never!" answers keep cropping into my mind. Maybe I should say, "I dare you." filed in the Probate Court lor the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 20th day of May, 1966. You are further notified that » hearing to determine the heirs of Alfred Clark, deceased, will be held at 10:00 a.m., Monday, the 27th day of June, 1966, before Honorable Gene Bradley, Probate Judge, Courthouse, Blytheville, Arkansas. AH persons claiming an interest in the property of Alfred Clark, deceased, as heir, should file an affidavit in this action within thirty flays from this date setting forth the details of his claim. WITNESS my hand and seal this 20th day of May, 1966. Elizabeth Blythe Parker Probate Court Clerk Courthouse Blytheville, Arkansas 5-23, 30 6-6 hememoer Pay Your f>per Boy Some 70,000 tribesmen takr part in an annual jamboreefat singing and dancing in N-e w-. Guinea. The date for 1966'i ] "sing-sing" js May 14 and 15 in Goroka, a small town in the if*' land's eastern highways. FASHION BEAUTY COLLEGE 214 East Hale Ave. Osceola, Ark. Phone LO 3-2971 "Beauty Culture Is a Rewarding -Career, Interesting & Dignified, Too" i"il Budget Terms Available Social Security Benefits To Those Who Qualify Discharged Veterans Are Permitted,. And Encouraged To Enroll. Call or Come In for More D*-" 1 tailed Information. ,TA NIECE FRAZIEK, Owner — ALICE LOTT, Instructor '•' Ground Beef Quantity Rights Reserved : Ground Fresh Several Times Daily at Safeway Tart and Tasty .-... 3-51.47 5 Set. Pkgs. SLICED BACON Smok-A-Roma 2-Lb. Pkg. . . $7.45 Mb. Pkg. MARGARINE MEAT PIES SOFT DRINKS FRUIT JUICES Piedmont. .. Full 1/2 Lb. Parties..:. Manor House Beef, Chicken or Turkey . Cragmont Brand Assorted Flavors Heinz Strained Assorted Flavors., 3 - 25< 5 8-M.-S4 Pkgs. I 2 £ 25< Bell Peppers ..*. For 290 Early Week Specials! Skylark Fresh, Hamburger or HOI DOG BUNS Mrs. Wright's Oven Fresh WHITE BREAD Van Camp Quality PORK & BEANS Bel-Air Florida, the Real Thing ORANGE JUICE 2 7-/fc. 2-oz. . Loaves .'1 431 6 I-Lb. $4 Tins I 4 6-oz. "« Salad Dressing NuMade... \ With S3.00 or more additional. 4 purchase, less beer and tobac- • Co products. Limit 1. they went on. The Mission also lends hospi-' mild and luscious tasting mortal beds, crutches, bedside |sel as ever came under the commodes, etc., at no cost, heading of beans. Over a hundred such articles are loaned out at this time. I have seen all of these ministries this week. But I have seen another and greater ministry. It is a compassionate interest in every person who comes for help. What a list of kindly deeds would be assembled in a whole year! Contributions to the Mission can be money or food or clothing or household goods. And every gift makes the giver a partner in one of the noblest projects that I have seen in my travels over the United States. To those who would like to cook some, may I say there is no big secret in cooking them. I use no magic. Simply cook them as you would any bean. With hickory smoked ham or bacon, a bay leaf, a small amount of onion, or a bit of garlic, if desired, and of course salt. Don't make them soupy. Water is fine for chasers, for running under bridges and to fill the cavity in the back yard called a swimming pool, but remember you are cooking beans not making bean soup. Now let's not .dilly - dally around about a Soybean Day in t /M MAY 24 1966 10-TRANSISTOR ROCKET »RTABUE \Ri£rjH~ m WOT 2. NOT 4, NOT fc WHO POWERFUL TRANSISTORS DETERGENT INSECT SPRAY Fab. Perfect for 3 Ib. 1 oz. Laundry or DisAes... u ... J! .,. L .... • Pkg. IK Pt. .fit/. ................. Jar 19 C Miracle Whip... With 53.00 purchase, less beer and tobacco products. Limit 1. 29< Keep Playing f ?>e Exciting Game of . . BONUS BINGO And Join the List of Many WINNERS! DAMON COOK IRA GRAY MRS. K. L. DODSON BETTY BROWN GENEVA HILL VACUUM COFEE isZSr ALL PURPOSE CLEANSER 1-lb. All Grinds ...... ... . Tin STRAINED MEATS US*.. ™z IJift/MniUr MAKUAKIN t Blue Bonnet Soft 1-Lb. and Easy Spreading ........ Pkg. 330 lit nt Liquid Detergent 350 Joy Quality 12-Oz. .. Btl. Gentle Cleanser Comet A 14-oz. 00 X All purpose* TinsVUj» Toilet Soap Lux 3% 3 Pack .... Bar* Green Beans Laundry Detrgt. Fluffy Mb.,3-oz. All ...... Pksr. Fine Valentines Firm and Tender Rich In Flavor... Corn 6 cars 29e Lb. 19 SAFEWAY Closeout On Spring Artificial Flowers! Values Up To 39c WHILE THEY LAST - Each *Prfct» in (bis ad effective through Wednesday at yourj Safeway Stort. )

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