The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 1, 1938 · Page 13
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1938
Page 13
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1 tf" ! THURSDAY, DECEMBER" 1. 1938 Want Ad Headquarters. Court 4900 THE riTTSBTJKGH PRKSS Other Press Departments, Court 7209 THIRTEEN HOLLYWOOD By ED SULLIVAN Standouts Studios, Cabaret Bar Hitler's Girl Friend By The United Pres get her into the studios and naa spokesman for Warner Bros. HOLLYWOOD. Dec. 1 Lem Rie- been rebuffed. jsaid th3it a request had been made fenstahl. one of Nazi Germany s; one major producer, JUtn -fn-. diQ and t foremost motion picture experts ana; rury- ox. saia snewowa ; u , rtn other 'nftpn rpnortpii a ' snrl mend oi: cornea as any otner cusuuguiiiicu: it nam ucai imuvu The scene in -Alexanders Ragtime and." when the theater audi-'Adolf Hitler, left the film capital j tor-but only if the consulate re-ence suddenly reali7s thai- tv, tniHierc wv,i,r, vrv, tv,e cta-P today after having been snubbed quested it. trough thnalsle 2"h MissRie ahlbeen hunby cunvejea il au m a cioseup oi oecu wesioas;--- - That -narmtlv She sDent most of two days here I was all she was going to see. One. denying she was Hitler's "girl night club had "no accommodations" i friend" or an agent of the Keicn. for her nartv. one studio barred its "ivo welcome - sign was uui doors to her. and several others let I to her at Universal Studio, which it be known she was unwelcome. ! employed her in a role in 'S. O. S. The German consul. Dr. George iceoerg," rumed in ureeniana nve Geysling, " denied he had sought to years ago. Eli SULLIVAN face . . . The indescribable terror in her eyes was a composite of all the faces of all the mothers in the wdrld. The delightful scene in "The Young in Heart," when Roland Young stands with hit- ton, Douglas Fair-banks, Jr., at an excavation where men are laboring . . . Constitutionally opposed to any form of work, Young and Fairbanks speculate seriously on the motives of the men who are work' ing with pick, shovel and wheelbarrow far below them . . . Had they played it tongue-in-cheek, the scene would have been ruined . . . Director R-chard Wallace had them play it seriously, andtit was magnificent farce. The scene in "The Buccaneer." during ;. the British siege of New Orelans . . . De Mille held his cameras on the Scotch troops, decimated by every blast of Lafltte's guns rnntiniian . in scots closed ranks continuously and nioU JZZ? -2rryfnS their battle standards proudly, the bag-SSftured ! n tl ne V CouraSe ev" thrilling, and this scene captured all that was gallant in the conduct of brave men. . "f!siers," when Gene Lockhart, having betrayed the boy to the police, knows that the card game into which he has been forced is the prelude to his death . . That scene of mounting tear,caacadnS "?o Panic may win him the Academy Award for the best supporting performance of the year. fftrr.rjwPilTVWhen Clark Gable Ses te the funeral chapel and v tn- wldow of Gable's rival, to accept the prize money ;.';-2ire"05 Vlc emin? had so many grand scenes in this one that it i3 difficult to recall 'em all . . . Tracy, stickine the wari of emm nn the plane s fuselage ... Or Gable's scene with Landlady Marjorie Mains. , "Robin Hoot" the color was so superb that you could choose any scene at random and come pretty close to scoring . . . Standout from the point of color, however, seemed to this reporter to be the scene in Sherwood Forest, when the King's men-at-arms drove their horses through the stream at a gallop ... The steel foam of splashing water, the detail of horses and . riders and the shadow-laced glade were breath-taking. Mickey Rooney's "man-to-man" talk with Lewis Stone in "Love Finds Andy Hardy," when he tells his father he likes girls, and asks him if he's normal . . . Along the same lines, Jackie Moran's scene with Herbert Marshall in "Mad About Music" ... Or Deanna DurbhVs scene at the boarding school, when Marshall gets up to address the school, and Deanna, fearing that he is about to puncture her story, closes her eyes and crosses her fingers. "The Citadel," the unusual love scene which King Vidor Worked out for Robert Donat's proposal to Rosalind Russell ... He was standing at the fence abashedly ; she was in a second-mtory window of her boarding house when he yelled his proposal tip to her, and she accepted. In "Nothing Sacred," when the Madison Square Garden wrestlers in response to the plea for 10 seconds of siler.t prayer for Carole Lombard, "freeze" in motion, and then resume wrestling from their frozen positions immediately the timekeeper has banged the bell for the tenth time. The wrestling scene, too, in "Hold That Co-Ed" ( one of the best college comedies ever made in this town incidentally) , when Marjorie Weaver and the wrestlers close a deal to play college football . . . One wrestler throws the other through the ropes and he lands at her feet, where she submits the deal . . . The wrestler returns to the ring, informs his opponent of the proposition while they're in a clinch ... "Okay," says wrestler No. 2 "' throw you out to her again and you can close the deal." mm- He does. Other studios reported that any requests for a tour for her would not be honored. Phil Selznick, owner of a popular night club, said he had, refused reservations for a party of 12 when he learned that Miss Riefenstahl was to be guest of honor. The Anti-Nazi League, whose denunciation of Vittorio Mussolini, son of n Duce, during a visit two years ago resulted in his being picketed, led the attacks on Miss Riefenstahl. . . . , ANTIPATER, of Palestine, is tion of . the "Seven Wonders of th American PnntS SrlOWn thought to have made the selec- World" about 200 B. C. Fifty American prints, circulated by the American Institute of Graphic Arts, are on exhibit in the University of Pittsburgh's department of fine arts gallery. The exhibit will continue until Dec. 10. according to w. R. Hovey, head of the department. WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT 10 c I'll. i3J'i:i-ir 11. a IFILiaEID)A from CES'CLNNATI The Southland . . . daily at 8:00 a. m. Through mUrping car Im acksanviU, 5t Prntmrtburg and J amp, mnA beginning Dae. IS to Miami and Sorasoto The Flamingo .... daily at 9:00 p. m. Through giping emrt to Jacksonville, and beginning Doc 15 to Miami To All Points in Florida . . Both Trains Completely Air-Conditioned oWAik about our All-Expense Tours to Florida each tceek during the season LOFISVIIXE & ASII VI LL.E R.R. H.t. Porter. D.F.A..L.4N.R.. Uonird Vort, T. P. A. L. i V R. R. 407 G?nn Bldf. Oincinnsti, O. rn-te 1 .. . tlmVxJt'mt u If I ' W 1 DEC. 2nd to24nd Sensational price reductions and values that make your Christmas money buy more and bet' ter ifts.We duarantee- More forrourMoney ..or Your Money Back BROADWAY o o By GEORGE ROSS That Are SAF-10NGER WEARING TINY TOT TOYS Built wide and low for non-tip safety. Sturdy, eaey to handle. Choice of SB. 10 ".kV at similar tC Choice of X ITSImW Horn. Knife or parchase rf REDFLYER $2 Streamlined TRIKE Sturdy, safe, speedy 10" front wheel. 12" S3. 15 16" S4.I5 .29 Wheel Toy saving . ROLLER SCOOT 2Sxl9" DeLuxe SCOOTER 40x3" $235 Sail best WHEELS tfwea Western Flyer Use Our Lay-Away Pan Take a1vanta?e of low sale prices and better selection . . . avoid the rush. A deposit holds anv article until Dec. 24th. Balance weekly or in lump sum. I JnrvrlTr.rl r r t.. Pr yuauty, features and feriormance Snv . j t ft t u oil "1 A ffiOdfl tr pacemaker" k tup 'gjTti ;B:- $T1 (o.95l Z,i ii ''"M throueh-out-they incorporate every comfort, beauty and Ion Others 517-95 to $75,95 "Mis America Trade in old bik. XmS "Deluxe" Informality The lives of those backstage at the Metropolitan Opera House are not as tensely social as the lives of those spectacular spectators who occupy the Diamond Horseshoe. Opera singers, for the most part, abhor plush places and elaborate ceremony and places where they are well known to lay patrons. We know a little rickety eating place in the Fifties, where the table d'hote dinners reach their peak at 65 cents, and which receives its chief patronage from the great names or the Met. Its proprietor is an ever-smiling, shy little Neapolitan, Joe Re-mono. He is an ubiquitous restaurateur, presiding over the dining room and kitchen with but little assistance. He prepares, to our notion, the best bowl of spaghetti in town, and in this estimate we are suDDorted bv the best vocalities of the Opera House. His furniture is plain and ancient, and his decorations consist of no more than hundreds of autographed pictures, tightly nressed against each other on the walls. Such an atmosphere naturally breeds informality, and since most of the customers are singers and well acquainted with each other, there is no gaping, such as you are bound to see at most celebrity- hunters' salons. i We always wondered how operatic stars attend to keeping their corporate holdings around the midriff down until we ran into a new member at the gym we visit with less frequency than we should. The new member is Lauritx Melchoir, who, in sheer body construction, is a Man Mountain, and who is one of the greatest opera singers of the generation. Now Mr. Melchoir's capacity for fine dining and wining is - well known; next to singing, it is said to be the chief passion of of his life. Then Melchoir's avoirdupois caught up with him and next we knew, he had applied for membership in our gym. ' Nowadays children get their thrills in reverse. David and Armand, twin sons, aged 11; Renee, 10, and Heidi-Ann, 6, all children of Armand Denis and Leila Roosevelt, the explorers, are home from an 11.000-mile airplane trip about the United States. They have nothing exciting to report but a short journey on a railroad train! The children flew with their parents on a good-will tour of 30 American cities alone with the motion picture, "Dark Rapture." which the senior Denises filmed in the Belgian Congo. So the air-minded junior Denises brought along their pets, white mice, flying squirrels and pink snakes, and a movie camera to keep from getting bored on the lone flicht. And they almost were bored, save for an incident that saved Ch triD from beine a total loss for them. At Omaha their plane was forced down by bad weather. The family made the short jump to Des Moines by train. Wildly excited by this novel mode of transportation, the Denis kids wanted to find out what made the enjine co ride with the engineer, shovel coal and blow the whistle. And they came home as entnused fans of the railroad. Now they are looking forward to a horse and buggy ride, prom Ued them by the village doctor near their home at Putnam, Conn.1 Here's another thing that happened to Wynn Murray, the ' happy, fat girl of "Boys From Syracuse." Wynn plays a clarinet solo in that great musical, and the other day a chap ashed if she is a member of the Musicians' Union. Wynn laughed and said no. "It's no joke," said this chap, who insisted she would have to join. ' Well, the upshot is that Wynn now is a member of the union. " She's just paid an initiation fee of $SO. Incidentally, a guard has been set near this girl to see that she doesn't resume her reducing ' diet. They need all the avoirdupois she now tips the scale at for t thi 'how. j since we"re catching up on Samgoldwynisms, we ought to toss this one in too At a conference with his help a couple of weeks ago Mr. k chiding a studio head about a tactical error in a film produc-2f" .v.rHv. took his bawling out and then charged Sam with ilu"v. " Mn,i Munrisr himself. "Well." syllogized Mr. G-. "two HI a .1X1 ail w.tKi""'" - wrongs don't make two rights. m ' Lannv Ross tuas snowed in at his farm near Millbrook just ' before his broadcast and couldn't drive out nor obtain a tax.. So hi started to shovel the snow away himself. Result was a severe - , t..thit He arrived in town in an ambulance. ... Taf t rrnlll i. thinking of the Rebecca West role in itri rnat . i - .... w- - - - WIZARD Electric Mixer Cetttpw eg. la Does everything mixers at double the price will do. Mixes, beats, stirs and juices. Adjustable epeed motor. WIZARD Automatic IRON . t.martholm. nt - t? li .m Hart grizzled hero of the silent Westerns, is playing T.tor two vorif: night clubs . . The report went out the other t ,u that Marc Connelly was feuding with the author of if. new stay tnat jrd. As a matter of fact, this notion was 600 watt, pounds. J iustable h control. Chrome finish. $0.49 2-Slice Toaster $J.I9 Modern design, chrome finish. Doora turn toast. Kitchen Queen' Coffee Maker $285 Makes perfect coffee every time. Big- S-cu'p size, attractive chrome stove. Kvery Western Auto metrical ap pliance Is full-v Underwriter approved and fully guaranteed. Satisfaction or Money BacK tor one lull year "Standard' Elec. Grille 99c Toasts, browns, broils. fries. Open makes double grid. Polished nickel finish. Tray Base WAFFLE IRON 1.78 2 S treamline Chrome finish Heat indicator shows when greaseless grids are ready for batter. Sporiinq Goods These shown and many others in our stores. Professional models, styles for youths and be ginnersevery one fully Guaranteed: FCNCHIXG BAG full size professional model. Pebble crain cover. Rubber bladder $f.69 BASKET BALL full regulation size and weig-ht. Durable cover. Ready for play! BOXIKG GLOVES Well padded. Set of 4 elo-es for youths. $215 FOOTBALL full size. Toufh pebblo cover Also Baseball, Softball. Tennis and Fishing Tackle at Similar Savings: rais a i ll U-Tube "DeLUXE" The ultimate in performance, features and beauty. Automatic tuning. Exquisite massive "Easy CAI Eft Tune" cabinet Qfef!l'U of matched wal- fJ& nut-veneer. B Attractive booklet showing the complete True-tone line in natural c o lors, latest mod els, designs, features. A radio for every requirement. 1939 TRUETONES Offer you Unexcelled Beauty and Performance TRUETONE one of the oldest estab-' lished lines in the radio industry has consistently been among the leaders in bringing new scientific achievements to the public. When you select a Truetone you get a modern radio ... a proven radio . . . a fully guaranteed radio. More than half-a-million now giving superlative service all over America. Before selecting your Christmas radio, consider TRUETONE the radio that gives you more for your money. Big $ L 6-Tube "CHALLENGER" 50 Long and shortwave. Attractive 40-inch walnut veneer cabinet. Lots of radio for little money. fill The marvelous performance, tuning ease, exquisite grace and beauty of the "Supreme" make it today's outstanding mantel radio. $34 .50 Bsaigg' as.. P 0 FREE HOME TRIAL Here's the fairest proposition we know of an opportunity to really know what you're getting before you buy. Try and compare any Truttone under actual home surroundings. If you're not entirely satisfied, the trial costs you nothing! I 6-Tube "COMPACTS" Compact ... yet offers every new feature for greater enjoyment. Pushbutton tuning! AC-DC. Attrac- km 8 Tl 3.9S LtWUlCW. "Walnut" ill A tlfOLD 4 Com Other Truetones $8-95 to $58-50 "Ivory" S1E.45 HORN-LITE FRfE Lief n-iV 100 Hour (P'ut3ft.;292. tee? 2.19 Ball-Bearing SKATES ilba '4 ' Vir Pee! J,tVHAVEN $ D Per USfeeli buojs an 15 YKOJITR g 10 Unbreak- )ble Crysra PopuI. CIRCLE if GRlll "UARD 1.69 CfifOi r at srr wr , m tm Connelly and Sundgaard were over- acquirer manner tnav to charter a tvoewriter rfauarrellno aoout i" r- ' ... ,. u. kftirt Well- f Um wrntm 1 . . I he waiter uir.. - - - Holiday music) nave oecome a pair or - Lefir the "Knickerbocker - chummy couples. . as : Help keep your haads .-Sth. oft. lovely -ith 010 0 SALVE. NOSE OS0S relieves COLDS, Favir and Hiadaches 1a to Colds Try "Bab-Mr-TUm," Wonderful Linimtnt Compter: TABLE TENNIS SET a MONEY-BACK TRIAL Try a Hot-Wave Heater in your car for 20 days. Compare its performance -with any heater. If you are not 100 satisfied, return it and we will refund every cent, even installation charges. 5 Other "Hot-Waves" Styles for every purpose and prices to suit everv purse. $3-95 to $j.85 For Quick Warmth and HomeLike Comfort in Your Car . . . Hot-Waves are first in Performance. Appearance and VALUE with hundreds of thousands of motorists everywhere. They five warmth and comfort in the coldest llizards. More Keatures and MORE HEAT than you'll find in other heaters at twice our low price 1 - TWIN-FLOW g . . ivj M Fit. unowa ai hid All Can 3-W a y Controllable heat strGng blast of warmth for entire car interior, windshield defrosting and passenger's feet. Complete with fittings, switch, etc. Expert installation, small extra charge. Thermostat, if seeded, additional. CPs $1 Per Week BUYS IT -rrzv4. All'WINItR Qfi-itmi Protection Gal. WIZARD SUPER msmz?. JT on-Poisonous Harm-leB X unpleasant odor Definite 4-Foint Guarantee assures protection against damage from freezinr. rust, eloggin and eeepajge. AS Plate WIZARD DeLuxe 5 Mora Plates . . 25 More Potter . . Than 39 plate stand ard equipment batteries. SJ.95 And Old Battery itbfe INSTALLATION Guaranteed 2 Yearsi I 0 micro HORN Powerful djutcbteTon Mall Ordara Add I $ 909 LIBERTY AVE. 5928 BAUM BLVD. 917 FEDERAL ST. Open Evenings Till ACE Golf Balls 2K Each 3 for 69t m

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