The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1947
Page 14
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" >AGE FOURTEEN Home Buyers Protesting High Prices NEW YORK, April 9. (OP) — Consumer resistance to high prices is slowing down the homebuildlng sector; of the construction 'Industry;' according to a 22-ciiy Survey by the : editors of Engineering News-Record. 'Typical ot the high cost of IH- bor, the magazine remarked, Is.the f»ct_Jhat In ccrtaii\ area's skilled construction workers earn moro than do most prospective .buyers today. . '. -'-, The northern half of Ihe country is hardest hit by the construction, decline, ilie magazine said. white - the Southeast, particularly Miami and Atlanta, gives rid evidence in slackening of construction planned or underway. Denmark Regent Named On Illness of Monarch She's Nobodv's BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUK1EB NEWS . . April 9. (UP) — King Christian X, who is 77 years old.and suffering irom heart trouble, yesterday appointed. Crown Prince Frederick as regent ol Denmark. ' I • The : appointment - of Frederick canie soon after doctors ordered the' king to take tv complete rest as a result of a heart, attack Sunday; (Authorities cmpasizecl that the appointment dirt not mean King Christian had given up the throne. The king's personal physician reported earlier today that, his condition was satisfactory. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 1947' "Besides, if I get married, I'll have a chance to save money —1 won't have to be paying five dollars a week board!" With a bottle ol milk at her skle, this blue-eyed, hloiule baby filrl w;is nbnndoncd in a Chicngo church pew. Happily unaware of her plight, she Wfllrlies the photographer with interest Irom her piny pen in St. Vincent's orpli:inagc. TWte tho iLltip by Karen DeWolf Copyright by Keren DeWolf Distributed by ME* SERVICE. INC XXX CHERRY could feel herself pale and her head swam dizzily. *^ : Then the blood rushed to her face again and throbbed at her tcm^ ._ pies. • • No! It couldn't'be Tony! She ' couldn't see him just nil of n sudden like this! She had to brace herself and be prepared for it! She knew she was stariny, but •he could not help it. She thought. Oh, Tony! Tony! I've got to know if it's you or not! and the man turned around and looked at her. ; , It was Tony. '.'. His face lit will] deliglil and he got up quickly, but the waiter was coming with his highball and Tony had to tell him. he was changing tables. Sherry's automatic smile was frozen on her face. She clenched her hands hard and tried to breathe naturally. "You're glad to sec him of - ' course,", she told herself desper- '-- ately,."but you can't swoou in his arms, you fool!" Then Tony was saying, "I just tried ; to get you on the telephone! Jenny tells me you're working!" ' arid he kissed her and sat down. . Sherry said, "Yes, I'm working. How well you're looking! Did you i:_I?fce New York? How's Joyce';" ' She thought, That's it! Make a - blithering idiot of yourself! J.-r_ToB'y'secm'ed'<to be •excited-too';' " knd they both tried to speak at ^ ^once and laughed. . i--He said, "We're ncttnR like a pair of lovers! People'H be looking at us. I only got in this morn; ing, flew—a business conference en a new contract. I'm leaving by train tonight." Sherry's heart turned sickcii- • She said, "Oh, no, Tony! Not •O'SOon!" without meaning to say It, and they taught .each other's hands. Well, that was all right, she tol , they always had. iQNY said, "I should have wired, - but I wanted to surprise you." She said, "Oh, whnt a shame!" because it was the Ihing to say. "1 called you the inslnnt I was Virough," he told her. "How do •ou like working? Tell me all iboul it." They tiilkcci about the studios uul the people they knew and iboul each other's work. They nlkcd about Peter and the iieci- ler.t and why Tony hud not writ- en sooner. Sherry had another cup of tea md Tony smoked ii lot cC cigarels. ic had been given a feature, his first bis picture, and a grant! new contract. 'We'll celebrate tonight!" he old her. "What a rotten shame e haven 1 ! Henri's!" Sherry agreed with him, but she vas thinking, I can't stand it, hat's all! I can't talk about old imes and Joyce all evening! Tony was looking puzzlcdly around. 'This is Henri's" he saiii, "isn't I? I mean, where Henri's used .0 bo?" Sherry had hoped he would not .hink of that. The realization made her want to cry. She had to say something quickly so she asked jbout Kris, but Tony had nol heard anything for months either. 'But isn't it grand about San- tiro!" he said. "lie's one of the niishly now; did a swell job on hib last picture. I wouldn't mind having him for mine." Sherry smileci. She said, "And after the way you used to razz him!" "Well, we've all mncte the grade, sweet!" Tony said. "Funny when you think of it—the four of us doing the things we planned." He stopped for a minute, then his voice was quieter. "Only you were going lo do my stories," Sherry tried lo smile. She knew what to sny, but she coula SC' Tony and I'orsclf sitting in a .vim shackle yellow car while thej •atchcd the dark water and mado rciucndous plans. She shut her eyes because tha iclurc hurt. She said, "Don't, Tony! . . , Don't!" and turned away. * • » 'TONY was speaking very ficnlly. "It was Hullowu'en "iKhl and •ou wanted to go lo a parly ... You were such a little cirl .' . . o pretty with your hair blowing irotmd your face. ..." j Sherry swallowed a sob and tared at a fat blue tea pot. Tony vent on. | 'I told yo\i nil the things that ind ever hurl me. . . . We had a lot clog ... it was all the money had . . . nncl you made me feel ike a big shot. ... I loved you hat night, Sherry." I She said, "That night. You ovcd me that night!" Well, what difference did it nnke if Tony knewV As if pride nattered new. , He said, "And lols ot other I lights . . . you knew that, didn't •ou?" Sherry li/ted her chin. She said, "It 1 had, do you think .•on could have married me off to rclerf" but she did not look at 'You were so young," Tony tohl her, "and you'd been so sick md I couldn't lake care of you. We've been fools, Sherry, bolh of us. We belong, and we've always known and talked ourselves out ot it" H: found her hand and they clifng under the- table. Sherry leaned her head a;;::inst the scat because her lemples throbbed. Tony was right—they belonged. Her himd was in Tony's again. Time seemed stopped. She said, "It's loo late, Tony—Joyce-,-" His voice was quiet. He said, "Joyce knows. T told her before we were married. She'll understand." Sherry thought, "This is wrong! Wrong! Tony's married! Joyce—" And suddenly she knew she could not light it. There was only Tony and she in the whole world. It had always been like that. They had gone back to the beginning; nothing in between could mallei now. (To Be Continued) For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On innlium site and lursc tracts. N'II extras. Full repayment privi- ll'KC. SEP. UK FOR QUICK SKUVICE ON FHA LOANS For UuildiiiL; or Repairing. Alsu Auto Truck ami Tractor I.o;tns. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard's Jewelry Store Blythcvillc, Ark. Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. IMTTNEK THE 5~ABINE RIVER, RED (N (SEE/MANX HUN6RT THIEVES RECENTLY BROKE INTO THE RIO GRANDE. RIVER. ALL ARE A PART OF T> !E BOUNDARY OF WHAT _, STATE * AND 5LAUSHTERED A YOUM& DEER. T. M. SEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. If YOU HAD LIVED ON THE EARTH WHtfN IT WAS FIRST FORA\ED, YOU NEVER WOULD HAVE. SEEN THE SUN...FOR THE SKi' WAS PERPETUALLY CLOUDY F£?R " " ' '~ • — '4-9 COI'R. 1E>V/ BV NEA SLR ANSWER: They're boumJnties of Ihe s(;itc of Texas. NEXT: Do palm trees produce sugar? 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Williams DRW IT, CWARLEY.' THE LAST TIME C« LA.UMDERED AW DRESS COLLAR^ HE SAW-TOOTH EDGE CM IT ALMOST ' KPllKTED NVE.'-^AREiA'T YOU fxRe TUM -jfouR HAMUIWORK ISI»itrt£ POBL'C LIKV6U6H-V VWEIi WORN BV ONE OF TUB COMMUNITY'S IMfORTfthiT MEM HO.' CHARLEY CATCHOM"! I BtG GfVB MftNSY LCMG te.'-^-S'OU FLIGWTEM s E so i -rmuKee. You * MUST ee MEBB& BLIMG CLOSBY.' ~ l-to.' YOU COLL& SCLMCM FATTY NECK ? i ' SOLLY/TOO MfttAV i FLftBSY Ct4tM / let •m NOUR FLINT End of the Uide / OH, HELLO--I WAS / (^rOMWA HELP HIM. BUT OWE -TVMM& 1 CAM'T RESIST IB OLD M4,GA- Z]MES - - AMP LO AM' -«K 7, A MAMMOCK.' \5 >EAL EXISTEMCE :E MOR&TO E ,JDY BEFORE DIM' TO TH' DUMP THE LAST LOtfEK LOOt'. TIED WIOUND ALLEN'S NECK...HIS KEV ,., T di= WE.™ GO ™ S PKWlfl(3 RAIN HOLDS UP try LESLIE TURN*- 1 ' I CIVN'T HELP *f NO RE?\SON TO DOUBT HE'S OKM.? WORR.NIN6 ABOUT 1. ALLEN'S ACEOSS THE HULL fEOIA HIM PALE- MO LEU'S > AND !M MlAOST US ClOSg. SUT TIL "•"'""" WITH ?KEEftmt>OOE-ANDONEEVe-OPEHi EE.IW J-^&t JUST IH CASE! THE HOUSE -™* u **- HEb n vnwt- Sold! 1 FOILOVJSD~V HY V. T. HA Ml. IN CURIOrlTTSOnE-) \FTOU WANTED to TlrtEe AlrVt ^/ KILL ME,YOU'D HWS JOS?. U BEFORE r^ow-' YpL5'\JE GOT A REASON To' VlHATsYouR VPKOPOSITIOS!.' M^^B^^B^^^ 1-^?^ i v/ Sf if. \ ^ <ti& YOU'RE COOLER A1ROL>T > FROZE IKI ice, COWBO' loxrt USE Yoti isi THE OOP 'MY HUNCH 15 THAT PARROT'S STILL IN THE CfTY. WHAT'S WIR 6UE55, LI68Y? OH, (XCOSE IT--1 PROMISED MOTTO TALK SHOP THIS EVENING j OH, VIC, I KNOW TOU'RE WORRIED, AND I'M WORRIED TOO. NOT GO TO THE THEATER THIS EVENING! OKAY. DO YOU THINK TACKY MIGHT ENJOY SOME IC6 CREftM? S'HOT. AWFUL HOT. THIS 5H1GAR6T'S CHOKING ME.' RAJ.I'H LANE /HE'S DEAD. \ STUFF SURE WORKS FAST. MANV DAVS HWE PASSED SINCE AULEV OOP AND OSCAR BOOM FLED PftRIB,,. WE NOW FIND THEM DEEP IN SOUTHERN SPAIN. Doc Ts Hatting Again V. T. JIAMUN THERE SHE !5,,.TME MEDITERRANEAN! , SURE LOOK3 / GOOD...AM 1 DON'T THAT SALT AIR SHELL SWELL?/ A FEW OAVS REST WOULD HELP CLEAR UP TH£ TROUB1.E! BOOTS AND HER Jolt BY EDGAR MARTIN ' VOLl R.tOW-V

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