The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOITHIKAST MISSOURI VOUJMK XXXV—NO. 2,'i. Blythevtlle Courier Mississippi Valley™ Lender "" ~~" : cr * U1 _ _ my 111 "'" 1 " B«»y News HIATHKVIU.R, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, A Hill, H, IMS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ' URGES HUGE LENDING Power Service Cut m Arkansas-Missouri Power) Corporation Discontinues B « Service Early Today TUAVER, Mo.. A|)l'. 14. (UP)— i The Arkansas-Missouri Power com- 1 pony itl 8 a.m.. today turned off all clectrlic .power service to the town of 'ihayer ns the climax of a two- year legal fight, over construction of a municipal plant. The action followed resumption of work on Uic municipal plantl. Major A. R. Reef said the town was "satisfied .without the utility's power" and predicted that the municipal plant would be completed in three months. Portable generators will be set up to provide electricity for the business district, Reef said. Candles. lanterns and old-fashioned coal oil tamps will be used In residences. be said. "All we're asking is that' the Arkansas-Missouri power corporation get out of town." Reef declared. Tha.ver residents bad been stocking up on candles, lanterns, and lumps since the first, threat to turn off (be electricity was Issued last Denies Increase In Fares For Passengers WASHINGTON, Apr. H (UP) — The interstate, commerce commission todny denied the request ol eastern railroads for passenger in IT increases. '11m roads had asked permission , to increase their rates from 2 to' 1 '- 2 Cf - |lls ]>« mite. 1 Railroads had estimated the ln-| w ' vmip! Falldn Cianl Defend San Mateo Sector Against Powerful Insurgent Drive WITH THE SPANISH LOYALIST ARMY, SAN MATEO SECTOR. April M. <UP>—Anil-Fascist Germans, backed by French Held guns, made their last stand near Sim Matco today against battalion infantry and Ilaliiin and German ail-planes in defense of the Span- is!] republic on Its seventh birthday. The Germnn units of the famous loyalist international brigade u-ere the backbone of the defense . in the hills outside San Mateo, 11 • week by ci. E. Pox-ton, district.'miles from the seacoast. manager of the power company. Their own dead and the dead Musi of Hie .stores hod sold all of thflr old time lighting equipment. It. II. Williams, president of the oily council anil publsher of the local weekly newspaper, sad the ncllon was the result of arguments between the city and the power company over plans to erect a municipal light plant. > Hill Confirms Discontinuance A United Press dispatch from Tliaycr. Mo., stating that the Arkansas-Missouri Power corporation Dad dlsominued service there this morning was confirmed at the corporation's general office here by James Hill, president. "That's correct," he said when informed of Die statement attributed to the head of the Thayer round! that Die discontinuance followed arguments over plans to rri'i 1 !, a municipal light plant. of tlie Spaniards they fought with lay unburled in the sun lliat bla/.- ed from a cloudless sky. Men stripped their shirts and undershirts as they fought and young boys carried water in buckets to coo! off .(lie guns. The guns sizzled ( and sent steam clouds into was thrown • The German units of '(lie "defense are composed of German emigres, Austrians. Poles and Jews. The nationalist artillery fire seemed uncannily accurate • ami the loyalists occasionally had' to more a gun which (lie rebels had spotted. the !elr when water on them. To Make Waierworks De-j cision, Hear Hospital. Protest Toniglil 'I'he Blyllteville city council tonight will pass on protests agnlnst opening of Hr. J. M. Walls' hospital til Division and Heaiu Btrecl;;. possibly consider an amendment, lo the city's zoning ordinance known to have been drafted, and give it.s final decision to W. J. Herrin and company of Little Rock, Us agent in the negotiations for purchase of the Blythevllle Water company. The council will Ikely formally notify the bonding company that It rejects the proposal for purchase of the water company plant and system in view of informal disapproval expressed several months ago after same city officials, representatives of the owner, S. 1C. Johnston of Oklahoma City and the bonding company bad virtually reached an agreement for purchase of On.' waterworks ul $300,000, provided agreeable interest rates on revenue bonds to be floated for purchase of the plant, could be obtained. However it Is understood that a bond schedule and amortization program will probably be presented to the council by W. J. Herrin and company, based on a -I'-j per cent interest rate. A chamber of commerce committee submitted an adverse report on the purchase proposal to the city some time ago. holding thai there was Insufficient} margin,.qf_,.sa,fety_lp Income over' bond retirement and interest ret quiremenls to lion expense, contingencies. provide for opera- depreciation anil '.The protest of several property owners .against'opening-'of Dr. J, M. Walls' hospital In the former Dr. 'C. B. Elliott residence on the r _ . northwest cornet 1 of Hearn and 131- rorum tmerlams [ vision streets will again bring the' ordi-l Refuslng an offer of private transport it Lion and "taking II," with chin up to the bitter end. Richard Whitney, once wealthy socialite broker, is pictured above ns lie walks erect, undismayed by flashing cameras, on hts way to prison, lie was handcuffed to two other prisoners-one, a pretty extortionist (shown hldfol behind a bundle) and the other a negro' convicted -of-,nsssnlt, -W/rffiiey, live-time president of' the New York stock Exchange, head of [he nationally known brokerage house of Whitney & Co.. was K iven n 0 to 10 year sentence in Sir," Sing Prison at Osslning. N. Y.. .after confessing- (Hells of several hundred 'thousand dollars placed In his custody. Keck, Kiltough Are To Seek Reelection Judge O. E. Keck of this city has filed his corrupt practices pledge with Secretary of State G. C. Hall D «>«.... n .L U T J city's much discuissed zoning KOtary UUD Here 1 Oday nance Into controversy again. Uttle Rock as a candidate fort April 14, Russell Pan-, jr., talked ut re-election district. Miss Eflie I,ee TerreJ. Instructor In the city high school and three members of the Fellow Forum club were the program guests of tlie Rotary club today at tlidr weekly luncheon meeting. The Fellow Forum club, Its purpose and program, was explained by Miss Terrel, sponsor of tlie or- ;anlzatlon. As Pan America day is in the second judicial H is understood thai Judge Neil Klllough of Wynne will also be a candidate for re-election as judge of Ihe second judicial district. Driver Files Pledge For Congress Race LITTLE HOCK. Apr. 14. (UP) — Congressman W. J. Driver. Osceola, loday filed his corrupt practices pledge for renomhiatlon In Hie secretary of state's office. Driver's pledge was first lo be filed in the first congressional dls- Irlcl, which he has on "Pan Americanism," following which Cooksey Dodson spoke on 'Anti-Americanism" and Eugene Ifood discussed "International Relations of American Republics." Guests of the club today were- Robert K. Johnson, of Oklahoma City, Godfrey White, of Osceola, Dick Weis of whealley. E. V. Byrd. of Fayetlcvllte. -Sam Coble, of Osceola. Crawford Green, formerly of here but now of Little Rock, the Rev. H. Lynn Wade, and the Rev. G-. W. Bell, of Memphis. Vnrtf IOTK Tt Is understood on reliable authority that a draft, of an amendment to the ordinance has been prepared and will probably be submitted tonight. Owners of certain property In Ihe vicinity^of tlie recently opened hospital liave .protested, claiming that the hospital reduces the value ol their property. No application for a. building permit was made for remodeling in connection with the opening of the institution and It Is understood that the owner has been advised by legal counsel that the ordinance does not apply, ob- jeclhij; property owners have also retained counsel and an ultimate court tight over the matter appears probable. Nominate Reeves For C. of C. Presidency 14.— James M. . Reeves, local attor- NEW YORK, April 14. (UP) — in congress for the past 10 years. BSfLt SlLT€LL YOU l-l>nri>tr>nlMl "^>» «u«iv, « ji u 14. .stTovcarc cou «» c losert very steady. BY BOB — BURNS _ At heart, most actors are Jest real folks and would like to live a simple life, but every time they do or say anything the publicity people start weavin' some deep romantic drama around It. Not long ago an actor's little son was born and some publicity people culled on the actor and says, "I 'ipose you'll name your son after something that's very dear to your heart?" and the actor says, "Yes, I've named him Homer." They all got out their pencils and said, "We'll write a wonderful story here about you beln' an ardent, follower of that great Greek poet, Homer." The actor says, "I don't know nothln' about any Greek poet . , . I keep homing plgwns." May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open high 870 895 878 902 911 914 910 918 886 890 E96 low close 868 892 075 806 885 88fl 89fl 894 905 900 910 9IT Spots closed steady at 898, up 27. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. April 14. (UP) —Responding to bullish developments from President Roosevelt's mcfsage lo congress, cotton futures soared $1.30 a bale today, open high low close 883 906 883 904 889 912 8&S 908 896 920 895 917 899 921 897 919 901 925 901 921 907 927 907 927 May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. -ocal Committee To Solicil Funds For National Foundation's Program Financial support for the Cotlou Research foundation's program for developing new uses for cotton ivill be sought |u Dlythevtlle and nearby Arkansas and Mteourl communities hi a campaign to be opened Friday by a committee of local cotton men. authorized by the foundation fo solicit contributions for the furtherance of its work. The local committee ts especially anxious to Impress on tilts section tiiat the foundation's work Is permanent and on both a national and international basis tind that CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. April I business leaders of the nation arc ' giving freely of botli llicir time and funds to the work, It was announced after a meeting yesterday. Farmers, Dinners, and business men,—all directly or indirectly dc- hns p,. cs!d ency of nominated for the the Caruthersville Rotary club by the club's board of directors. Reeves lakes office July 1. and will serve for one year. He pendent upon an adequate market for cotton—will Ue asked to contribute. Two thousand dollars will K sought In Blythevllle and Mississippi county communities. Quotas for Missouri cotton counties automatically becomes a member of the Board of Directors, of which there are seven In all. Harold S. Jones was re-nominated for the secretaryship, having held this office several years. Chas. G. Ross, Ihe retiring president, will automatically become vice- president of the organization. Stock~Prlces NEW YORK, April 14. (UP) — Prices rose one lo more than Iwo points on the stoclc exchange today In response to President Roosevelt's message to congress asking for a, .prompt priming program. AT&T )28 1-4 Anaconda Copper 28 7-8 Associated DO. 6 Spots closed steady at 914. lip 28. Livestock Beth Steel 48 5-8 Boeing Air 27 ]Chrysler 45 1-2 EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Apr. 14. (UP)—Hogs: 7.000 Top, 8.40 170-230 Ibs., 8.30-8.40 140-160 Ibs.. 7.85-8.15 Bulk sows, 7.25-7 50 Cattle: 3,000 Steers. 1.65-8.90 'Slaughter steers, e.75-10.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7,00-8.50 Slaughter heifers, 8.00-fl.OO Beef cows, 5.25-8.25 Cutters and low cutters, 4.K-5.25 Cities Service ] 1-4 Coca Cola 170 General Electric. 343-; General Motors 33 Int.. Harvester 63 1- Montgomery Ward 32 3-8 N Y Central 12 1- Packard 4 (. Phillips Petrol ]. 343^ Radio '... 6 SCliottlcy Dist 20 Simmons ',__ \g socony Vacuum '.'.'.'.', u Standard of N J 47 3-4 Texas Corp .....,.', 397.8 U S Smelt ,. 66 1-2 u s steel ..;;;;; 46 M Education Commissioner lo Announce For Governor Tomorrow, Friends, Say LITTLE ROCK. Apr. M (UP)W, E. Phlpps. education commissioner, who leaves his office tomorrow, will announce his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for governor authoritative sources Indicated today. Phlpps, after a conference will, school leaders from all sections of the state, declined lo comment on the reporl hut confided to some newsmen thai a corrupt practices pledge he obtained last wok fro-^ tlie secretary t>f stale's office had been filled out, "Conferences scheduled for this afternon and tomorrow morning by Mr. Phlpps will decide his candidacy" n- spokesman for the .retiring commissioner said. Close friends of Phlpps, who was deposed as education commissioner on April 19 by Ihe state board al the request of Oov. Carl Bailey, said considerable pressure was being brought on the educational Savs Rales For Such Users Musi Equal Individual Meter Users Ulylhevlllo wnlcr consumers with iiultlple connections to u. tilngln alter meter will huvo to pay (ho ame rates as consumers with lull vkliml. wnlcr meters, Hid Ktiitu itllllles commission slated yesler- lay in nil order siundni; (tic Bly- liovllle Water company authority o continue providing service for uultlplo meter users but rctuilrliiK ncreased charges. Previously, In 1D30, the commission had ordered tho company lo llscontlnlic the jjracllco of multiple isc of meters, followed here for nany years. Investigation showed hat approximately 300 customers were served through 117 meters. 3fllclals tiskod reconsideration of he oitler, saying cmtoinw! were 'unable to understand" Iho necessity of having Individual meter connections. Under Mio commission's latest order multiple meter uscra will be given 30 days notice of Iho pro- joscd rate changes. According to B, N. Allen, resident manager, Ihe company will provide trco service connections, from tho wnlor mains to the. meter, for consumers whtj desire lo change from a inetei used by several consume*™ lo an Individual meter. Regardless ol whcthcj 1 consumers bi»ko tho change or continue to. use a joJ.n,lly_UieyjvJll ba charged on tho anmn basis us consumer on n slngli melei'. Claims Discrimination In other words, Mr. Allen explained, If three families are ob- thclr water through one service connection and one .inetor the mlnlimim ralo for such service will ', be $3,115 or three thiicn 'the $1,25 cbiu-gp for; the- " user. Consumption''above tiia'rhlni- mum must bo on a "block consumption" basis to prevent discrimination against- Individual- meter consumers, the commission lias ordered.' The state J commission )md olj Jected 'to the multiple use of meters, claiming that It enabled several customer!! lo obtain service through one meter lo obtain lower rates, because ol heavy consumption going through the tnclcr, lliau customers served through Individual meters. Also tl;c water company has claimed thai certain customers, by allowing other consumers to 11.50 water through n single meler and making charges for the use have been making a monthly profit on Hie consumption of water through a single meter. Crack Passenger Train Ditched In California 1 i.os ANCII<:IJ>;H, Apr. H tur>>~ A broken mil cent four cnra of Iho Union Piirlllc's fast passenger Irnln, On 1 "Challenger", into u dltrh near Uio Ncuiiln-Cnllfomln lino curly lodny, The railroad of-, i!i>ic .salil n number of person.'! wnv. hurl bill not seriously, | MrmlX'iM of « dlnlny «ii' crow ufiVri'd the most serious Injuries, he Union !'uolfl« dispatcher mild. Three cms overturned. 'ilio wreck occili'ied shortly sifter fi:3ii i. in. 'i')n< Limited wan t>nroule to htcago, P PRIM III t lESuRIPTIOiT Rooscvcll Says Western Hemisphere Will Not I'ci'Jnit Aggression WASHINGTON, Apr, M <UPI — President Roosevelt warned the world (oday lhat (hi! peoples of tin) American will not permit aggressor nations lo threaten Iho pencil of tlic western hemisphere. in an address before Uio governing board of Iho Pan-Amorlcan union, broadcast uy sort wave radio throughout the world, In observance of Pan-American day, he rx- scrtcil lhat Uic 21 nation, 1 ) ",ire Ilrmly resolved" to maintain peace. "H (pence) ehnll not bo endangered by controversies within our families nml ive wilt not neriiiK It to be endangered from aggre^ors coming from out.ilclo of our hemisphere," ho saul. Ifo reiterated thin country's "good neighbor" policy In Its relations wltii central and south American countries and cited this hemisphere's successful "demonstration that the rule ot Jusllce, and lav, can be subslitiiled for the rule, ot force." ..:..- '•; • -•'•••;•'•"• :,•'• Boy Hurt Slightly When Slruck By Car John Paul ahlnp, two-ycnr-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Shlpp ot Lcachvllle, who was struck by u cur yesterday .afternoon, was dismissed from, the lilytheville hospital this a'fternoon. The child was badly bruised and X-ray pictures were mndc to dcler- nilno Internal Injuries but none were found. lt To Make Radio Spc<:ch Tonight Sup- •porling His Program WASIIINCITON, April li, <, President Roosevelt proposed to today u $4,512,000,000 lend- hil!-speiidln|{ credit expansion pro- Brain In tho Now Deal's ; second. great pump priming cimpalgn n^nlnsl depression. I His plum would revive Ui6 tactics by which the administration alde^ business In 1033. but associates said Iho net Increase in the national dcbl would not exceed one billion. Tho program would Involvo use ol the administration's $1,400,000,000 gold ncsl egg-. Mr. Roosevelt, working until 2:45 ix. in. today lo reshape his pltuw niter n conference with congressional leaders, will go on the air ut 10:30 <e, a. t.) tonight to rally popular support for Ihe New Deal u» economy-minded oppo- sllion, which somo iiersons believe. Includes Vlco President John N. Gamer. , , General objective of the new plill was to Increase national Incomo in iho next couple of yeara from tlie present vala of $50,000,000,000 '• to around $80,000,000,000 a. year. The plan fell In three general categories! 1. Maintenance ot relief, 'i. Expansion of credit. \ 3, Revival of public works and additional funds for certain active Nuw Deal recovery agencies, > Mr. Roosevelt told congress; that beyond this program there were "certain needs" which should -ba considered: i. Elimination ol future lax exemption of bonds ol all govem- Jails Ex-American agencies, i 2. Bubjocllou of ail government salaries and wngea from any source 'lo"TeaeVftl' ali'U"slalh"liScome tiica^ lion. . . 3, Solution of the railroad monop- ol« and nrlce fixing problems. Mr. Roosevelt asked for a united iu tin) recovery He pointedly congress and called attention ot the country to the have been established as follows: comml «loncr to prevent his an- Pemtscot, S800; New Madrid. $600; Scott and Mississippi, $600; Dunklin and Stoddnrd, $600. The general committee in charge of the campaign In the Blythevllle torrlory consists of B. G. West, E. C. Palton, Fred Rutherford. Adolph Meyers. William Crawford. W. I. Osbome. Loy H. Welch. J. E. Hasson, C. C. Langston, Louts Applo- (Continued on Page 2) People Forget Slelnmclz ST. LOUIS (UP)-Babe Ruth and Kate Smith are greater heroes than Normpn Thomas Socialist leader, and Charles Sleln- melz. sclciiiist, In tne opinions ot non-tnterimtlonally - minded persons, according to a survey niade by the Character Research Institute of Washington University. Chicago Wheat May Jul. close 843-4 Chicago Corn open high low dose May 601-8 605-3 691-8 CD1-J Jul. 611-2 621-4 611-2 62 nouncement. Advisers of R. A. Cook, former Pnlaskl county Judge, advised Phlpps not to run. Cook's supporters were seeking lo prevent Phlpps from running on the theory (lint his entrance Into the race would reduce the former county Judge's school support in the gubernatorial race and not affect, the Bailey vote. Pemsicot Equalization Board Meetings Listed CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., April 14.— The Pcmlscot County Board of Equalization, which has been In session at the couithouse here for the past two wrcks, yesterday announced dates for considering town property within the county. County Court Clerk said it likely would to near the end of the month before the board had completed considerations on farm lands In the county. The dates for coitflderalion of town properly are: (TQiEHllQ, April 10, Stecle, S'lU April Former "Welcome House" Moved To Marian Park The "Welcome house", creeled at the Mls.sourl state line as n part of the centennial celebration, has a new home today. It "arrived" at Mahnn park, adjoining the courl house yard, where H Is to be used by law officers for the new short wave radio .station and as headquarters for Ihe state iwllce In this area. 'Ihe building \va.s placed directly In the center of tlie park, behind the monument. The radio lower is to be erected back of the building. Work of moving the building across the bridge at Yarbro was a tedious one because of Its height, making It ncce-ssary lo remove the structure from tlie regular moving rollers and to place It on lower rollers for the crossing. However, the house was not damaged except slightly at the corners of the roof, which scraped the top of the bridge. A fireplace was originally built so that 11 could be torn away when the house was moved nnd this will bo rebuilt at once. Money for moving the structure was taken from the fund being raised for the purchase of equipment necessary for tlie new short wave radio operations. contention that his legislative rec- ommendatlons since January 1 had not been of a'type calculated to disturb business. "The record speaks for itself,", he said. "No other measures affecting business have been proposed." ,C(il)|ng for a truce in the wars of. labor i ana: i capita^ with pointed suggestion [hat all Interests devote themselves to tho common cause, Mr, Roosevelt said: "Amid tho voices wlilch now seek to divide group from group, occupation from occupation, section from section, thinking Americans must Insist on common efforts Ui n common endeavor and a'common fttltli In each other. • : "Lei every business man set out to use his strength of mind a'nd heart, nnd his confidence In Ills fellow man and his country." Frisco Transportation Company Enters State 'Ilie Frisco Transportation company, a Delaware corporation, subsidiary of the Frisco railroad, has field notice with the secretary of slate of entry into Arkansas, with Its headquarters at Blytheville. Details of the business of the company were not available today but it Is understood that the company will operate freight trucking service for certain towns and communities In n tie-up with the Frisco railroad system similar to allied operators of other railroad,systems and subsidiary truck lines'in other parts of tho state. . ."' .'.: Mississippi County Oil Dealers To Meet Members of the Mississippi County Oil Dealers association will meet »I the Hotel Noble Friday night, 7:30 o'clock, for an election of offl- ' cers and to hear W. P. Scarborough ! of Little Rock, president of the ! state group, speak in belialt of .the •group. E. M. Mccall is chairman of the county association, . Museum Keeps ^rno.U,,. ' Arrested only a few days after he WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy tonight and Friday; occasional showers in TAwqrK/- HIM, (rip) wiiiiin' had renounced American citizen-' west portion Friday. the sedate conflnes o? Ihe" state sh| P " b "° me a naturalized Rus-i Memphis and vicinity-Increasing Museum here is an empty beer Ela ». Albert M Troyer, top photo.'cloudiness tonight, Friday cloudy, bolUe and an opener. Printed to 71-year-old scientist, hns started Jo owedI by showers alAnight, not the museum curator as a joks In « 10-year prison sentence for al-.«"* change In emperature; '«•», , m t muavum tui nvui no u jufktj *ti — -- ^ -- — * --- — -- -- — ----- - — """! . 16; Caruthersville, 1917 by a newspaperman who said 'fB«l sabotage. His wife, Mrs. Elva' 051 tonight^ 62 to 66, 22, las an authentic relic. help. ' off!c[»rwe»iher '

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