The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1951
Page 11
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?«t»AT, XTTOTST 17, BLJTHRTTLLH, (ARK.y COURIER IflEWS ?AGE ELEVEN Our Boarding House with Ma|. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams FRECKLE* AND MIS FRIENDS - By MERRILL BLOSSEB Special Entertainment •STOP THAR * OOrl'T LITTLE FlfJGCR .'Ahir ME TO CLIP THE MAIL. PER Ye/ x kitow Ye LIKE IVY, HOSV MSfJAB. i CAKVT gee POT X CAM 666 YPUR ARGUMENT, AND IT'S I'M NOT fJOSY M<^8, VslE CAM POSTPONE DEBATE OKI TH&.T.' I'LL 6OALOM6 30ST DOM'T SET A HOP Ofv> PULSE.' /WHY, THEM LAW 1 MOULDERS LEAVE f SO MUCH SAND AW DUST IN THERE CAWT BREATHE- SO TH VJELL, IT LOCK. LI K6 A LAUNDRY WID TH' WASHIM* LIKE THAT i Be CAUSE IT RUINS TH" DIGNITY OF THIS BIG INDUSTRIAL So LAccfe GOT THE KETTT.E OM 7i<3E(? WANTS TO SEe FORTWe. US? VJHiT ) GUESTS/ ABOUT? YEAH ONLYSMH OOESM'T <5O FOR HIS BRAND Of A LITTLE TOO FULL.' Tb EMTERTAIN OUR GUESTS, I'M PU.MNIM6 AN AFTEftNOOM OP INDIAN Sf>OB.T EVEMTS.' THESE UXAI- IMO'AWS WHO OWE THE WEEKLY CEREMONIAL OANCC HAVf AGREED TO POT OMTHfJ CONTEST/ NOW I THE DUST BOWL „:.",:"•"•. d much more recently than my ther. In fact, I WPF there a re»T Count your calories every day. Eat good bread that's the way To look your best and keep In trim, ' Meyer's Bread ii full ol vlml THE GILA MURDER • 9Y WUVS LONG • What Don't You Need? OM rickety furniture, worn elothM, fllhinK equipment. Anjthlns on earth that yon don't want is worth money In trade* and swapi at H & M Sales Co. Bring it down— find something ycM DO want! H&MSalesCo. U'7 t- Main Phone BHS9 h4o More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home \DISPOSALL Install It Right Under Your Sink Out of Sight! Shr^dft food waste to small bits Wash» it Kafel? down the drain Simple as A-B-C Flu almost an; sink. Se« It to dij at HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE CO TOR ftTOftTi t.mmrm r»n«». . •lie* of • hr«rt attack after •>«!•« binm b? a Gll» Ma»ler. which Paul Bakrr. county *r<n«ca1or, • t-Ht ef brr «r far ttkt p»rp0*# uf mardrrin* h«-r, Tkrrr h» »t- rent? brr* * *fcnrp rxrhnncr^ irf word* hrtvro«> Baker &A*i tl»at CMICAB, (fc* wltlvvrer. \ OCKED tn hw private offlce, behind his desk with nit race sped in his hands, Paul Baker wa» aware- of the public dissatift- faction over the inqueM verdict. The death of U*ura Colton. realized, might break him as prosecuting attorney in the county It behooved him to dig up the lowdown oo wbat had actually Happened. And so he told his secretary that he did not wish to be disturbed Then be locked the door ot bis private office and sat down to think. He tried to think of motives and suspects and how tbe crime wu done. But all he could think about was the practical eflect ot Laura Colton's death. Her estate would be UM largest In the olatory at the county. The attorney fee would be almoct enough for a lawyer to retire on. Johnny McAdams, the Col ton attorney, would get the tee but be wouldn't retire. Johnny wa 100 ambitious. Someday tic woul probably marry Laura Colton' daughter Pat. and take over th town pretty much a* Laurm oad. Paul Baker felt envy for John nie. Pat Coltorj was a prize In her self, even it she didn't have dime. He regretted thai at na never had a chance to Know Pa The simple truth was that Laur Colton had run things social t Coltonville, and she • had never taken official notice at Paul Bak< who was an outsider anyway. He was'getting nowhere. Bake decided. He got up, went out the reception room and told b secretary that be was leaving fi the day. Maybe he could think nee he got behind Hhe wheel of 5 old coupe. It always cleared s head to drive aimlessly through ime back country road. He had Just left the building hen Pat Colton bobbed up out nowhere. She bad struck Baker cross the mouth before he was ware of her presence. "That's lor trying to make my ather out a murderer!" she said, er eyes flaming with anger. Then he hit Baker again. "And that's or not minding your own busies*!" She really packed • wallop, tunned, Baker could only stare t the girl. Then he turned sharply, he had heard Johnnie Mc- Vdams 1 laugh Johnnie came for- ard, grinning broadly. "Have to apologize for Pat's emper," he said. "H I'd known she .'as going to take your interrogation ol her father 90 seriously, ] •ouldrTt have told her about it,' Baker hadn't known Johnnie t was In the courtroom, "WeH, tbanks, paL* • » • LTE turned on hte heel ant L * walked to his car. Just as he •cached it a rather weak, thin voice catd: . "An uninhibited 1 type, my «l»- :er." Baker turned. Lawrence Coi ;on eyed him through thick-lenset glasses. His expression was tha of a youth who knows that he IB not well received and does no expect a friendly look. Most o Coltonville resented him, and h icnew It, He had a way of iookin at others as if they were labors tory specimens, and not too zoologically advanced specimens at tha 'I must say that I find TOUT ported questioning of my fat he quite uncalled for. The sugges Uon that he, might have secret maintained a live Gila , Monst£ contained an obvious and repui nant inference. Vou might subpoenaed me for the inquest an asked me the same question. 1, too have tra veled much to Arizoi Lawrence CoHon- paused for ef- ct. "Well, arent you going to ask e if 1 brought back a Gila Mtxi- er?" "Should I?" Baker found him- If resenting the way thi* un- >pular youth was leading the mversatioh, patronizing him and general making him fe«l like a mntry bumpkin, "Please do.™ "All right, did you bring back Gila Monster?" "Why do you persist in saying Gila Monster? 1 Don't you kno* iat Gila Monsters travel in pairs ke other reptiles?" Baker was rocked by the lougbt, "Do they?" he demanded. "Of course. They are usuallj aught in pairs, for where you fma ne such lizard you are very apt o find its mate." Baker reflected, then said: "Are ou suggesting that there's very kely another Gila Monster in thu icinity?" "1 certainly am. If 1 were • ijnion of the law, T most certain- y would keep an eye open for it** • • • "JVEHCOMING his resentment at the youth's expression, "min- on of the law." Baker asked: "Do you have any Idea? about where I should start looking?" "You might check with the Iocs) express and freight offices." '1 have. Tm not quite the dul- ard you think I am." Lawrence Collon Lifted his brows slightly. •*! apologize if thai ts the mpression I gave you- I'm afraid I have a very tactless manner of speech. I was only trying to be lelpful. It may not Interest you. but the fact is that 1 want to see my mother's murderer brought to book. My. intered la more than academic." "Of course It i«, I'm grateful fot your suggestions. Any more?" "Yes, I have You might ^flcd out who has been collecting " worms. centipedes, frogs, and bird eggs. Such are the food ol the Gila Monster-" (To Be Continued) "Take a good look. It'i the closest view of iteak thii family will have until we come this way again!" PRISCILLA'S POP Proof Positive BY AL VERMEER v** .Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—CulTerts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Block* cheap-' er than lumber for barns chicken house*, pump houses tenant houses, tool sheets. W« deliver. Call us for free. estimate, OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691 At Hiwa; 80. Blythevllle Check Your Speedometer! It Will Sare T«. Monry Ar» you sur« youi speedometer •eads correctly? It's no excuse foi speeding Com* In tomorrow Jne day service for all can and lruck». T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Ckl7»ler-ri7m««th Dealer 12] e Main Phnne 2122 REPAIR SERVICE All appliances: refrigerators, t freez*r*, ranff*% and washers. 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IT'S BROUGHT WE LUCK ALREADY NONSENSE, PRISCILLA!. 1 THAT'S JUST A SILLV SUPERSTITION No f.uck in the Files BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE THE FINGERPRINTS- ON THAT F»l_*» N06E, IM- SP6CTOR, ARE- OF A CKOCX KNOWN A* "STUPID" LUMPEN. 6OT A RECORD A& LONS A-fr SOUR ARM IT'* A BLOWN-UP FRAMfr FROM THE FILM THB TELEVISION TRUCK MAD6, 6HOWL. TH1& FELLOW TO BE THE HEAD CROOK. GOOD BOY, FUSfT/ WE'LL CHECK AND see IF HIS PtCTURS'4 IN OUR FILES. NOTHING ISJ HERfr. THIS GUV PROBABLY NEVER EVEN SOT A TRAFFIC TICKET/ THAT TO THE WSW4PAPER* AND WHAT HAPPENS/ CAPTAIN EASY ATVo-Hour Start BY LESLIE TURNER WOr VET. WE HNJEWT EVEN FOUHD HIS CMtl irCftN'T [ IS GONE FOR BE FftK FROM TH'OECUS I GOOD! I FE£L TRS.1K), BUT HE NWSTMTO IT V IT IM NW so's HorroTip OFF HOW A SOMES! HE GOT AWfW 1 fO WcTISO H*5 A TWO-HOUR SrkKT BUT WO REfkSOM TO SU5PECT HE'S BEEN TK»«:EP TW5 F*R HE WOWT G6T WITH THE WHOLE M?EA BE-| wa COHBEP roe A PLUMP WAKI, •0 81UE5EROE, WHOL1HAP51. 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