The Republic from Columbus, Indiana on July 20, 1989 · Page 7
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The Republic from Columbus, Indiana · Page 7

Columbus, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1989
Page 7
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The Republic. Columbus. Ind . Thursday, July 20, 1989 A7 Fair Results Results from the Bartholomew County 4 H Fair Open Class Decorated Cakes Champion Pam Artist. Reserve Champion Jannette Robinson Professional Blue: Cindy Slachter. Paula Read. Pam Artist. Margaret Stewart. Margaret Miracle. Non-professional Blue Missy Whiteside, Michelle Artist. Jannette Robinson. Open Class Vegetables Blue: Bertha Shuttz, Matt Garritv, Shep Easterday. Helen McKinney. Patty Whlpker, Joshua Lamb. Red Rith Ziegler. Alison Hittle. Charles Littlken. Julie Burbrink, Pal Dodd. White: Carol Romine Cucumbers: Blue: Charles Littiken, Sheila Wade. Wendy Flint, Patty Whipker, Susan Arnholt, Jeff Hoeltke, Larry Hoeltke. Red: Pat Dodd. White: Joyce Fisher, Carol Romine Onions: Blue: Jean Fiesbeck, Berneice Arnholt, Harold Hutchison. Beet Collection; Blue: Joe Bush. Largest or by Weight Vegetable: Blue: Lewis Mensendiek. Red: Jean Fiesbeck White: Imogene Mensendiek. Miscellaneous: Blue: Elma Rouse, Jennifer, Meyer. Wanda Vanest, James Vanest. Red; Wendy A. Robbins. Tallest Corn: Blue: Roger Glick. Red: Adam Wade. Best Topped to 12 Inch: Blue: Ellen Wade. Pat Dodd. Red: Adam Wade Miscellaneous: Blue: Joshua Lamb Red: Teresa Reece Tomatoes: Blue: Alison Hittle, Teresa Reece, Adam Wade, Sheila Wade, Imogene Mensendiek Red: Ellen Wade. Heidi Flint Squash: Blue: Carolyn Schroer, Ruth Ziegler, Kevin Ziegler, Aimee Eckrote. Jenny Whipker, Coral Mae Whipker, Megan Meyer, Kevan Pence,. Larry Hoeltke. Mary Jane Hoeltke, Jeff Hoeltke. Red: Charles Ziegler. Julie Flint, Brian Hatton. White: Lillian Rothrock. Rhubarb: Blue: Adam Wade, Lucille Kestler, Joyce Fisher. Potatoes: Blue: Kenneth Arnholt, Bernice Arnholt, Scott McGuire, Louis Mensendiek Red: Jean Fiesbeck. Cabbage: Blue: Elma Rouse, Teresa Reece, Bill Littiken, Carol Romine Red: Pat Walters. Broccoli: Blue: Larry Detwller Sweet Corn: Blue Allison Hittle Carrots: Blue: Julie Burbrink, Imogene Mensendiek, Sam Romine Red: Carol Romine. Beans: Blue: Ruth Ziegler, David Romine, Charles Ziegler, Helen McKinney, Pat Dodd. Red: Cale Romine, Ellen Wade, Matt Carridy, Julie Burbrink. White: Lynn Detwller, Adam Wade, Carol Romine Open Class Fancy Quick Breads Champion Mrs. Evans Hoeltke. Reserve Champion Mary Jane Hoeltke Nut or Fruit: Blue. Kathryn Carr. Emma Behrman, Teresa Spurling, Sue Eckrote, Patty Unrue, Edna Ahlbrand, Irma Glick, Audrey Littiken, Karen Lruse. Peg Shireman, Melissa Peftce, Mary Jane Hoeltke Red Noni Crowe. Barbara Walters, Joyce Fisher, Catherine Bahnsen, Dale Eugene Robbins, Betty Roupp. Muffins: Blue: Noni Crowe, Candace Crowe, Donna Harper, Jean Fiesbeck, Joe Carter, Dena Dudley, Nancy Meyer, Shirley Carter. Red: LuAnn Arnholt. White: Melodee O'Neal. Coffee Cake: Blue: Dena Dudley. Red: Noni Crowe. Miscellaneous: Blue: Mrs Evans Hoeltke Red: Melissa Robbins Open Class Yeast Breads Champion Nancy Meyer. Reserve Champion Donna Harper. Homemade Loaf: Blue: Aimee Eckrote, Imogene Mensendiek. Red; Donna Harper. Corrections Please report errors that require correction or amplification to the city desk, 379 5474. Luretta Clark was a blue ribbon winner in the 18 and over division in the Open Class Collections or Hobby category from the Bartholomew County Fair. Her name appeared incorrectly in fair results. The sister and brother team of Jamie and Jeff Sharp won grana champion (Jamie) and reserve grand champion honors in me raDDii show at the Bartholomew County Fair. Fall" Highlights Decatur Tonight 3 p.m. Livestock Sale. 6:30 p.m. Mud Bog. 7 p.m. Family Fun Events, Headquarters Building. 7 p.m. Talent Show finals, Farm and Home Center. 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Entry of swine only. Friday 8:30 a.m. -- 4-H Swine SEE US AT THE BARTHOLOMEW CO. FAIR REGISTER TO WIN A CHINON 35mm Auto CP-9AF 35,0month Four Focus Mode -Motorized 35mm Electronic SLR Introducing the best autolocusmg SLR vat on the nwket May1 9 afferent exposure modes Phis '4 locus modes allow you to gel the ' shot - fust me way you want it1 Package price m5 Dinner Roll: Blue: Donna Harper, Pam Whiteside. Nancy Meyer. Red: Annette Heath. Lena Pardieck. Coffee Cake: Blue: Margret Curry. Sweet Rolls: Blue: Lena Pardieck. Miscellaneous: Blue: Donna Harper, Linda Cleland. Open Class Cookies Champion LuAnn Arnholt. Reserve Champion Gladys Embry. Drop Cookies: Blue: Betty Roupp. Noni Crowe, Candace Crowe, Carolyn Trueblood, Emma Behrman, Dena Dudley, Lynn Detwiler, Lela Corya. Brenda Frady. Gay Whipker, Terri Risley. Red: Marilyn Martin, LuAnn Arnholt, Amber Owens White: Shannon Johnson, Bar bara Walters. Plain or Fruit Bar: Blue: Penny Jacobus, Barbara Walters, Carrie Burbrink, Sherry Bonnell Molded: Blue: Lloyd Stewig, Annette Heath, Melodee O'Neal, Laura Jacobus, Leona Pardieck. Lena Pardieck, Penny Jacobus, Pam Hartley. Ice Box: Blue: Leona Pardieck, Lena Pardieck. Red: Nancy Kistler. Party Plate: Blue: Penny Jacobus Iced: Blue: Penny Jacobus, Amy Pence. Decorated: Blue: LuAnn Arnholt. Miscellaneous: Blue: Gladys Embry, Karen Worden, Mrs. Evans Hoeltke, Martha Davis. Open Class Cakes Champion Jeannie Sitterding. Reserve Champion Shirley Ann Carr. Chocolate: Blue. Shirley Ann Carr, Robin Henderson. White Layer: Blue: Robin Henderson. Red:-Terl Risley. Miscellaneous: Blue: Patti Porter. Audrey Littiken, Jeannie Sitterding, Linda Rapp, Robin Henderson. Red: Sue Eckrote, Bill Littiken. Brenda Frady. 4-H Corn Grand Champion Jason Engeiau. Reserve Grand Champion Jeff Hoevener. Stalks 10-12: Jason Engeiau, champion; Jenny Hackman, reserve champion. Stalks 13-15: Edward Engeiau, champion; Darren Otte, reserve champion. Stalks 14-11: Stacy Shireman, champion; Louis Wischmeier, reserve champion. Shelled Corn: Jeff Hoevener, champion; Cassie Finkel, reserve champion. Division 1: Blue: Jared Burbrink, Nathan Burbrink, Jeremie Dunn. Jason Engeiau, Justin Gelfius, Jenny Hackman, Zane Harden, Daryn Romine, Scott Shireman, Andy Speer, Melanle Unrue, Adam Wade, Ben Whiteside, Ben Glick. White: Steve Sense Division 2: Blue: Joe Burbrink, Justin Burbrink, Cassie Finkel, Doug Hoene, Matt Shireman. Red: Matthew Barker, Jennller Meyer, Marcus Speer, Todd Unrue. White: Mike Bense. Division 3: Blue: Patrick Barker, Edward Engeiau, Jeff Hoevener, Shawn McNealy, Max Mensendiek, Stacy Shireman, Doug Tempest, Beth Wetzel, Louis Wischmeier. Mark Meyer. Red: Tim Robertson. White: Jason Sitterding. 4-H Forages Grand Champion Steve Bense. Reserve Grand Champion Karen Kru. Alfalfa 10-12: Steve Bense, champion; Karen Kruse, reserve champion. Alfalfa 13-15: Jennifer Kruse. champion; Todd Unrue, reserve champion. Mixed Hay 13-15: Stratton Settle, champion; Kyle Kerkhot, reserve champion. Mixed Hay 14-It: Shawn McNealy, champion; Chris Jordan, reserve champion. Division 1: Blue: Cliff Burbrink, Nathan Burbrink, Lora Claycamp, Karen Kruse, Megan Meyer, Daryn Romine, Mike Bense, Ben Glick. Division 2: Blue: Kyle Kerkhot, Jennifer Kruse, Miranda Leeson, Jennifer Meyer, Stratton Settle, Todd Unrue. Red: Jason Arnholt, Darren Otte, Carla Finke, Maria Flnke. Randy Finke, Julius Shoaf. Division 3: Blue; Shawn McNealy. Chris Jordan. Red: Beth Wetzel, Jenl Bonnell, Mark Fear. Division 4: Blue: Randy Strietelmeier. 4-H Wheat Grand Champion Brian Crane. Reserve Grand Champion Beth Ann Wetzel. Beginner: Brian Crane, champion; Ben Glick, Reserve champion. Intermediate: Matt Shireman, champion. Advanced: Beth Ann Wetzel. Division I: Blue: Brian Crane, Ryan Grin stead, Ben Glick. Red: Steve Bense, Adam Nienaber, Scott Shireman. ' Division 2: Blue: Matt Shireman. Red: Mike Bense, Doug Hoene. Division 3: Blue: Beth Ann Wetzel. Red: Tim Robertson, Stacy Shireman. Qa$ w 10-12: Melanle Unrue. champion. 13-15: Jennller Meyer, champion. Show, Show Arena. 9 a.m. Demonstration and Public Speaking Contest registra-j tion, Farm and Home Center. 9:30 a.m. Demonstration and Public Speaking Contest. 3 p.m. Arena. Swine Sale, Show Jennings Tonight 6 p.m. 4-H Sheep Show, Arena. Handyzoom 500 ALL YOU DO jSlSMILE It's that simpierme Handyzoom sets the exposure, the film speed, the focus even zooms the Jens for the Ideal picture composition all ' with the touch of one button Package price $29995 " '27"month 4-H Veterinary Science Grand Champion Julie Not ting. Reserve Grand Champion Jennifer Reynolds. Division 1A: Benji Hoene, champion; Amanda Jones, reserve champion. Division IB: Rebecca Cravens, champion Division IC: Julie Molting, champion; Heather Lyklns. reserve champion. Division 1: Blue: Lesleigh Feltner, Amanda Jones, Heather Lyklns. Julie Noitlng. Paula Swengel, Benjle Hoene, Becky Cravens, Kristi Walls. Red: Susan Shireman. Tiffany Turner. Division JA: Jennifer Reynolds, champion. Division 2B: Paula Swengei, champion. 4-H Potatoes Grand Champion - Max Mensen dlek. Reserve Grand Champion Adam Nienaber. Division 1: Adam Nienaber, champion; Nathan Allman, reserve champion. Red: Kristi Walls. Advanced: Max Mensendiek, champion; Aimee Eckrote, reserve champion. Red: Evelyn Blackburn. 4-H Tomatoes Grand Champion Doug Whipker. Reserve Grand Champion - Kris Whipker. Sliced: Doug Whipker, champion; Kris Whipker, reserve champion. Cherry: Max Mensendiek, champion. Division I: Blue: Tammy Adams, Jessica Hackman, Adam Nienaber. Red: Eric Ellison, Matthew Taylor, Todd Unrue. Division 2: Blue: Aimee Eckrote. Division 4: Blue: Max Mensendiek, Doug Whipker. Red: Evelyn Blackburn. Division 7: Blue: Troy Whipker, Kris Whipker. Red: Jamie Thixton. Division : Blue: Shawn Mahoney. Richard Rogers. 4-H 10-by-10 Garden Bush Beans: Teresa Reece, champion; Pat Barker, reserve champion. Cabbage: Aaron Hatton champion; Jenl Bonnell, reserve champion. Onions: Linda Mensendiek, champion; Max Mensendiek. reserve champion. Zucchini: Aimee Eckrote, champion; Jennifer Meyer, reserve champion. Tomatoes: Richard Rogers, champion. Cherry Tomatoes: Angle Hoeltke, champion. Egg Plant: Tammy Adams, champion. Division I: Blue: Tim Kistler, Michele Thomas. Patrick Barker. Red: Hillary Blair, Danny Keller, David Kelly. Division 2: Blue: Julie Lowe, Linda Mensendiek. Red: Megan Meyer. Division 3: Blue: Tammy Adams, Aaron Hatton, Valerie Hatton, Jennifer Meyer. Red: Elizabeth Hoeltke, Daryn Romine. Division 4: Blue: Angle Hoeltke. Division S: Blue: Richard Rogers. Red: Jamie Thixton. Division 4: Blue: Jeff Hoeltke. Teresa Reece. Division 7: Blue: Aimee Eckrote. Division I: Blue: Jeff Hoevener, Jenl Bonnell. Division f: Blue: Max Mensendiek. Red: Simeon Carson. 4-H Garden Grand Champion Brian Bush. Reserve Grand Champion Troy Whipker. Division 1: Jeannette Bush, champion; Adam Nienaber, reserve champion. Blue: David Gates, Lia Haro, Mark Johnston, Stephen Kistler. Clint Merkel, Becky Mulder. Red: Mila Radovanovlc. Tim Robertson, Ellen Wade. Division 2: Chris Kiel, champion; Joshua Kestler, reserve champion. Blue Joshua Kestler. Chris Kiel, Mlcah Sasse. Red: Tracey Thompson. Division 3: Megan Sasse, champion. Division 4: Doug Whipker, champion; Pat Walters, reserve champion. Blue: Brian smim, Patrick Walters, Douglas Whipker. Division 5: Brian Bush, champion; Troy Whipker, reserve champion. Blue: Lyle Garrity, Kris Whipker. Division I: Blue: Shawn Mahoney. 1989 Pedal Tractor Pull Class 1 First: David Bush. Second: Alex Helf. Third: Seth Baute. Fourth: Stacie Reedy Fifth: Tressa Hoffman. Class 2 - First: Kyla Pardieck. Second Andrew Phillips. Third: Beth Sylva. Fourth Kyle Romine. Fifth: Jon Best. Class 3 - First: Monty Best. Second: Matt Knapp. Third: Tlmmy Joefields. Fourth: Eric Llndblom. Fifth: Dan Llenhoop. Class 4 - First: Wendell Thomas Fields Second: Charles Armuth. Third: Ellsha Hoover Fourth: Barton Romine; Fifth: Joe Fiesbeck. 6 p.m. Midway operts. 7 p.m. Jana'8 Jump Shop, Community Building. 8 p.m. Donkey races, Grandstand. 8 p.m. Kingsport Blue-grass Music, Activities Tent. Friday 6 a.m.-2 p.m All non-sale livestock removed. 5:30-6:30 p.m. 4-H Band and Choir, Activities Tent. 6 p.m. Midway opens. 6:30 p.m. 4-H livestock Auction, Arena. 6:30 p.m. Tractor Pull, Grandstand. GENESIS ' Package prlee !36?!i 34J4month Now!! SLR Creativity With Polnt-and-Shoot Simplicity. Come see the Future of Photography. The Chinon Genesis bridges the gap between SLR's and . 1699 64Mmonth Only Chinon providn "ROCK STEADY" Homemovlet. Let us show you how with the Chinon E2 MoviePro. compacts. ' Hiiiiiii " VkewiMsAiujii.UK Ml .:- :. . Iff -f . ' fv v- i 1 .'.! J3TV it.:' " . ' 1 ' Hi in- .1"! .11 i " j jjua. j,wjj.)-i.4.'-v r s'-' ' ' , TC The Republic photo by Darron Cummings mmm .mm mi . f .to i The Republic photo by Darron Cummings Wheelin' around the fair A mud bog fan, at top, makes his way through the track Tuesday night at the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair Mud Bog race. This is the first year that the fair held such an event. Above, Dave Kelly carefully backs his trailer up during the 4-H Tractor Driving Contest held Tuesday morning. Kelly was competing in the junior division. At right, Seth Baute strains his way to a pull of 35 feet 7 inches during the Pedal Tractor Pull held Tuesday afternoon. JULY 17th-21st GL CAMERA And with Automatic Image Stabilization Multi-Zone Automatic Image StatHhution Virtually Eliminates Camera Snake 10X Two Speed Power Zoom Lens Captures AH The Action. Technologically Advanced HQ Circuitry and Flying Erase Head For Stunning Picture Quality Plus Noise Free Scene Transitions r linear nWor AF SvsWlr Even Functions in Macro High Speed Shutter System Icf Sharpest Action Images Automatic White Balance For Vibrant Color Chinon Unique Double . Protection Warranty - QuaMy You Can Count . On' CV-T80 95 ,. c n I - 5 txjr. More! (SALE LIMITED TO STOCK) 90 DAYS SAME AS -fP4n. 1.1 4fLT JULY 21 rVqifter r ' at our booth Building K6 " fi l:il'-llirr;.mitDS-ru n I I J 'mm 1 y Central Ave. LVT . -T I H dPkf Columbus " I H fk. .Ne.l to B.g Blue) V VT1! Pr3 I I I 376 0220 VII jf 'B'lLA'B D R Von F 11 9 8 Sat. 9-6 I ff f ff - Wnrt-Fn. 10-9 Sal 10-J and Ihiteft -Jij V..V-rtr I sVKT ', cm n in m e a 9 . . - ,! i i II- 2L dial-) CASH! y r I " n Ml O 'ajfje--m-- i , .v&P0. chinon GRAND PRIZE Lni

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