Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 17, 1958 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1958
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JULY 17,1051 ALTON EVENING TELfiGftAPH Outdoor* wlti Wood ffest col- ' ,.. Hi plans in running his boat to Lake. PWi ; it th* first hauled their five*allai cans fftte if two of hit col* Chester. «nd then back to the the tee-boat, win be Friday or "t looked Saturday, impoftitt up casually at the jorsepower Johnson motor and a 32-gallon gasoline tank. much gag would wo need to reach asked: Why jfton't we go to Kentucky Lake in our boat over the ,' she answered. 'I'll Fourth?' " 'Fine, with accessories and some shorts, blouses, a new swim suit and... '"Okiy," 1 teterupted; 'Da/aft bother me With the details, Get what you need, but don't charge anything. Pay tor it with this.' "With a generous flourish, I handed her three crisp $1 bills and I immediately began plan* inng. "Other persons had made the trip, so why, couldn't I? So they were'experienced and knew what to do When their motors suddenly stopped. Maybe my motor wouldn't stop. Probably we coulc go along with another boat and we could help each other out Employment Ft^liitf Hits Recession othcf iflfowiiatton, Doll told IBS of the difftctrtty of gettiflf gal at Chester, of going over a KM* wall and walking to a shack along the railroad track where he phoned for a cabr 'Then ,he and Latty KllnkB "Our boat is a 19-foot fcuro Mrs. (FRANCES), searing he* and Chester, the longest stretch? According to my calculations, I average about 20>31 miles an hoqr, loaded with a lot of gasoline, luggage, my wife and two boys, LARRV 11, AMI ROSS ALLAN need-about three new dressesa, and 1 used about six gallons fll. — of toirtftis varsity fotrtball fifty* eft, who wsuaHy turn to manual iaftor in teuwttifliUftic to iflOtlCy ana In good physical condition, have found .lobs rtore difficult td Obtain this year. However, many of Coaeh Ray Eliot's Hopefuls have found e^tojtateiit. Sifc fflnii had no problem Ron Hill, Rbchellej* Bill Butteil, Che* banse; Dave Ash, Alton; Dyke fraveiflt jfcst SfWts $, Aem« 1 Aces 1. Wobblers 2, Waggoners 1. Suits 3, Perns 0. Miss Hhs 2, Red toppers 1. ifitttes - rtanei 211, G. Bowling Results Waikinawn 200. A. Williamson 202, L, Lftfldre 205, K. Crews 210. •OWL INN Ladle* of fuel an hour, To be secure, 1 added two five gallon gas cans and a six gallon tank. "About two days before we were ready to leave, I awoke to the fact that no one else was going with us. The buddy system was gone, with all the security that it provided. Maybe I could provide insurance by taking along a small motor as a reserve just in case. DEL WEBB graciously offered us his fishing motor which always started on the first pull. Got Exercise "I put it on ray boat to try it in case of trouble — the old buddy system.,Then I recalled some of the comments I had heard from others who had made the trip: Worrisome Remark* " ••'• I had a wonderful time but Boy!, that current is swift." "The waves must have been five feet high.' " 'We went right over the 'They raise your boat 70 feet in Kentucky dam.' . "'Just before Cairo, the channel is narrow and the barges crowd you-pver-ir-.y . '"When we anchored at Cape, the waves tossed us around and the anchor wouldn't hold.' "Maybe this, tiling was too big for me. At least it wouldn't be too bad with another boat along. I talked to BILL DO1L, LARRY KLD4KE, DICK SMITH, DR. DON'MORGAN, and GENE KASXEN, all of whom had made the trip. ,. Logistics "They lined me up with-.maps, information on where to get gas, (the most important feature) anc 'or 20 minutes and the only thing that started was the blister on my hand. JOB CHALCRAFX took a few pulls on it and announced " that the motor .needed a „ new water pump and he couldn't get it in time. So my: last bit of insurance was gone, no buddy, no spare motor. "The night before we were to leave, we noticed in this column an account by RALPH GOULD concerning his difficulties running his cruiser to Cape Girardeau. Was this a final last minute warning for us to call off the trip? The perils of the river loomed larger, the mouth of the river was open waiting for us. "My wife looked at me and said:. Galesburg, and Larry Lavary Decatur, are enrolled in a United States Marine Corps platoon leaded* course/at <&»antico, Va. Construction is the prihcipa occupation of other illlhl grid- ders. Gerry Wood, Mendota; Bob Al lew, Tucson, Art*.! Cliff Roberts Philadelphia, Pa.; Dick McDade, Urbana, and Darrell DeDecker.l Atkinson, arc employed on con-1 structton, jobs in the Champaign|l area. Working on construction hi or|| near Chicago are L. T. Banner, Zion, and three Chicago students, Richard Kreitling, Bob Hickey, and Ernie McMillon. Bruce Beckmann, St. Louis, Mo., senior end, has been work- ing'in a corn field near Champaign. Capt. Jack Delveaux, Chicago,] is a truck driver for an automotive supply company. George Utz, Cicero (Morton 1, is driving a dairy truck, and also has a visit j to ROTC summer .camp on hisf schedule. Other Illini attending ROTCll camp include Bob Henderson, |[ Cambridge, Ohio, and Tony Danosky, Lincoln. State and county highway de-| partments are employing several Corfiatis wcm 2 from OMen. McCoy won 2 from Harrison. Mai- com won 3 from Buford. High game—Harrison 178. .1 HBSflBty fllfrli You Oughta Buy Now won ' from Lovers, Jerks won 2 from Pick Pockets. East Alton Legion won 2 from Slickers. 200 bowlers— Benson 221, R, Harrison 201-203, Smith 221, Baldridge 224, Pape 211, S. Harrison 206, Althoff 216, D.-Harrison 241, Patterson And D'AmatoAftei Big Stakes Field A ntfvice promoter, SfMyftt WHlw SAN FRANCISCO (AP)~ Texan Roy Harris collects HOO.fJW but ftosen- forttieT clcrtw tirctjlt TV guarantee of his share of television and the gate. The television letup, contracted by Patterson's official, testified rtwr* than. «manager, Cus D'Amatb, to tele hour. He sw»« A! Welfl wouldn't get a nickel frWB him and drew a. plaudit from Gommisskm Chairman Dan Wlroy tor "stralghtfop ward answers." Weiii; who wasn't present, tar- ed far worse. Refused a proniot er's license to ,stag% the Patterson-Harris fray during ft hearing on June 24, his manager's license heavyweight bating cham-iwas lifted this time on a tern- pion Floyd Patterson grabs for far more when they battle in Los Angeles on Aug. 18 for his title. California's Athletic Commission heard part of the unique financial arrangements of the bout Wednesday before voicing final approval to the setup for Wrigley Bracht 202. Western Miked Jokers won 4 from Scampers. '"Do you think we ought to go?'. "I swallowed real hard and tried hard not to show that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach and with an attempt to make my voice'sound confident, I said; " 'Certainly' ". ' Editors note: The Trattlers made the 600-mile trip which will be described in his sequel column. Mike Spinello Jr Field Narrows WAUKEGAN, HI. (AP) - The field ;<in the Chicago District Golf Assn. Junior Open Tournament at the Glen Country club will be reduced from 66 to the low 30 scores and ties today. Leading the way into the third round Wednesday — in an original field of 128 — was Mike Spinel lo Jr. pf Mount Prospect, a junior at Northacji 'Illinois University, Spinello-_;8fi'ot a 73 to 'his first round one-under-par^ for a 142 total!" ..•'•'' / !: " The 19-year-old Spip^llo leads his nearest rival 20-year-old Day- id Heiner of Watjkegan by thrte strokes. Heine? Wednesday shot a par TO to. ,§o with his,,Hrst round 75. " •' • In third place-)• Joseph Burke. aUKKof WauKegan whose total is 148. Burke Is the fifth man on the Industrial Golf In Industrial Golf play Wednes- ay, Roger Yenny, Sinclair 1, »ot a 34 at Rock Springs and ernon Prosser, Westerner 2, hot a 36 at Muny for low scores. The team standings are: Sin- air 1, 420; Shell 2, 305; Onized 405; Shell 1, 389; International loe Co., 383; Sinclair 2, 377; tandard, 373; Onized 1, 371; estemer 2, 386; Westerner 1, 60; Onized '2, 346; Shell 3, 339; 1. Power' li 236, and HI. Power 213. University of Wisconsin golf team. Tied at 150 are Jack Thoring- on, Joliet; Marty Gharrity Jr., lawano, Wis.; Frank James, rinnell, Iowa; Paul Earle, AVin- netka and Edward Menke of riossmoor. . • WITH ALLSTATE >:#=; (^ vvv^ DOMT WAIT! OHOOSE NEK DIAMOND ENIAOEMENT RINI OR MATCHED WEDDINI SET NOW FROM HURWITZ JEWELERS 11 Diamond Kef* M«» value $ 1 Only ft weekly t» $1000.00 EASl CKCOIT TKBMS Kvarv JM«"*»«fciui WP»^»g[ ^^^MjF^^P o«r WrMlM MEYEtt COMPANY CAUP AT '" w - M0IT ' » ^BEH^I^IK ^^V" ^^_L .^^^H ^1 • .• •k^.^.^.A^^^^B Afck^ak * lEEHVflf^B ••' B^B^BJ ''EV^BI •• ••••BBiB^BiBHHaBl •••••••H ^r'™.*j*^^, ./^ ™"^ ^fi W;'WP ^^'- '"- . ^|njir^»flpE^fjpfpi»jpi» -.^np*^pi/ Iwdwf Iturfliii la fiputiwn lllitoii iv Ow if Ywu Sure Shots won 3 3 ,i from Llnettes. Sputniks won 3 from LucKy porary suspension. \Veill, who managed former heavyweight king Rooky Marcia- iro, said he'd fight the suspension Commissioner* felt he hadn't giv en an adetfuate explanation 'as' month of his acquaintanceship with Frankib Carbo, shadowy boxing figure from New York Now they question the honesty o: some of his answers. prompter, Inc., give* Patterson's ;ttnlp 60 per cent trtth the other 4fl per cent to the TV outfit. Rosensohn, who resigned as a vice president of f elebrompter to promote this fight, estimated the TV setup would do a million dollar business. "Teleprompter guarantees $210,000." Rosensohtt said, "of this, $130.000 it a flat guarantee with $60,000 more to assure Harris col lects J100.000 if receipts fall Abort of expectations. But it just can't lose. "At the gate. Patterson gets SO per cent and there's 50 per cent for the promotion." Bretittatt That New Rule Cheapens TD LOS ANOELES (AP) - Notre Oame's football coach Terry Brennan, says "I don't care for the new try-fof-pdnt rule — it cheapens the touchdown." Brennan, en route to Santa Barbara and a coaching clinic, told reporters: "t have an idea we'll see more passing for the 2 points than kicking or running." r ABtJI ttl-llfHUttiP ftfeW is bUWstlttg National Saving* with six Hew stamps, hi Budapest. One diftgtt illustrate* the fable of the ant and grasshop* per. Others: a bee collecting honey; a mother wrtth baby; oM witft OOVS8 ; 6MMWH savings stamps, and a wad of banknote* changing hands, New football rules gives the scoring team the option of kicking for 1 point or passing for 2 after each touchdown. Although Switzerland has long; been known as a land that keeps! out of wars, its mountain brigades Strikes. Splitters won 3 from! Outlining financial arrangements!train constantly. Trainees keepi Whizzers. 200 bowlers—B. Becker 230, .T. ttellrung 206, C. Emerick 210, C. Ewen 211. of the bout to newsmen following the commision hearing, Rosensohn gave these highlights: Harris will receive $100,000 on a their guns in their own houses, so the Swiss mountain army can start moving for defense in less than 48 hours. WOMEN BOWLERS Individual and TMNH •owkrt tor Utfut vOfnOHIUOf M iMrOOfl nlVOf Opcnlngi: TiiMday, 6;4S p.m. W«dnttday, 9:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon, 1:00 p.m. Friday, 9:00 p.m. Crfl 4.1 102 football players, including Bob Lanzotti, Taylorville; Russ Martin, Carbondale; Lindell Lovellette, Eldorado; Joe Wendryhoski, West Frankfort; Jim Brown, Mendota; John Austin, Effingham, and Joe Rutgens, Cedar|[ Point. -Carl Johnson, Lockport, andll Pat Lennon, Joliet, are both working in a chemical company || plant in Joliet. Gene Carr is cleaning out steelll company furnaces in his home[| town, Peoria. Richard Anderson is working]! for the City of DeKalb, his home|| to\vn, Dave Cadwallader, Uncoln, ls| a mechanic with the Illinois Pow-|| er Company, Roland Pearson is working injl Rockford with a roofing com-|| pany. Ken Chalcraft, Maroa, is a car-l] penir's helper. " Tony Fioravanti is ai» Mttend-JI ant in his family's gasoline sta-][ tion in Chicago. Donald Bush, Chicago, works || as a janitor. Ohio, is working as a night watch-|| man in Champaign. Wet Grounds Cancel Games Because of wet diamonds the only games played Wednesday night were the games at Annex diamond and the East Junior diamond. All other games were cancelled and will be played at a|| date to be announced later. For liWiW EASE In The KITCHEN! 'Utility DO-ALL' Serve 'n Store WORK CABINET HEAVY FELT BASE M«ndy Tabl* Ftldi Aw.y Your silent step-saver In kitchen, basement, utility room or garage. Contour f tyled of heavy - gauge steel In pink or white enamel. Stove-high, handy porcelain work top. Full- width utility drawer, cabinet with built-in extra shelf space and appliance and appliance outlet REG. 39.95 VALUE CUT FROM FULL ROLLS TO YOUR MEASURE 9* Widt Vinyl Surface SUPER STORAGE • SUPER SAVINGS SQUARE YARD BEAUTIFUL PATTERNS & COLORS ALL STEEL ENAMELED KITCHEN STEP STOOL STANDARD WEIGHT YARD' AGE—Alto Cut at *Vf|c Sq. Economy Prieei... • ™ yd. I 9x12 ECONOMY KIT BASi RUGS $4.It .Sptcldi .... WITH RUBBER TREADS POSSIILE ONLY AT GARRETT'S YOUR CHOICE 10" XW SIZE At Garrett't DOUIU DOM UTILITY CABINET 2«" Wide, AU gteel. Regular tu.»S Value At Gmrretl'i 24" high. Form fitting back, t non-skid "tuclt-«w«y" *t«p«. All §t»«l construction. Rtd ory«U low with whit* trim. 34-INCH CENTIR SECTION WALL CABINETS Double door, all steel in gleaming white enamel. Ideal storage for foodstuffs or linens. Recular B11.M * 9$ VAM- ANY OF THE THREE 5-PIECE BEAUTIFULLY STYLED DINETTE SETS BXTEN. TABLES 'AOff WH* MATCH. CHAIRS NOW ONLY 200 MILES FREE DELIVERY I CHICK THESE CASH AND CARRY SPECIALS Cboict pf Colon POLYETHYLENE LAUNDRY BASKET Light, colorful, durable, with comfortable grip handles. Accommodates' ample load of was,hables.. Always remains clean. Will -never rust, chip, or dent. Cookie JAR CLEAN! OUST! WAX! THIS EASY MODERN WAY Full size, top quality cellulose sponge for easy, thorough cleaning and long service. Easy dry-wringing action keeps hands clean and dry. YOUR CHOICE Jl $ YOUR CHOICE IB 12-OUART POLVITNVUENE UTILITY HU. The pail of 101 uses. Mad* of flexible, un- bj-eakable polyethy- lane. Heavy wire handles and plastic grip, Ideil tor dlaptrst Ruitproof! Chip proof 1 conn lAUVi v VMP — «v mm* MM* «• 4H» •••• The House of Better Values FURNITURE CO . v, i •, i bKt)AL>WA> j'^.'M^.lIIWJ Al IOIJ Included) NYLON REVERSIILE DUST MOP Covers a big floor area in a Jiffy. R* ver<iible to give double service with doublntwffwt. Cn* not to ihtkMi tana from band)*. Cww» paw with tt/88 quiil- ityl TrwJy M wt» ftuodlng vfJiw, EAGLE STAMPS YOUR EXTRA SAVINOSI

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