Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on July 2, 1952 · Page 9
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 9

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1952
Page 9
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Personal Mention Bicycle Riders Warned Aof To Ride^ Park on Sidewalks RldinR bicych'S on sitU'wiilUs in llio buslnrss district is oily ordinance, city police roniirnlnl today. Also bicycle racks hnvo boon set up In the city parlt for riLiors to Pliniinali' pari«inp on the ::iilt- Wiilks. Orfendrrs will I jo i.rouclU before Mayor Dan Howard, polico warned. Multi-colond (•.ip,-' r.\i<!- inK "I ride my hike s.itely" arr being provided by Motor Inn and distributed at the city poliie .-^tatieii Younjrstcr.s may drop in at tl'.e .-^ta- lion to obtain one tree of ch.u-e llcnilrickson Funeral sir\: Hindrickser. . Hondri>k.-^en of belli a; - I' r.- t.utlii ran cl -.ur.- Hondrukser. d c,s lor Mr. o '.'.Ma ef i-:...-.h. !i: h in K.i;r::-.o:i; Draft QuoJa Tour New Car.s Lict^n .stMl ' E. \V. Jones. Rinc.^t. d. C!;< vr..!- : 32^990; Maytha DorrKk^on. F-.-^Hv ervlIJe, Vlodpc. 32-499::^id H,l-. KinRsted. riymouth. ."2-4?'.'0; Alto-s Clabaueh. Esthr-rvillo, Pivmoir.h, 32-J994; ZaiiL-i;. K.^ii-.orv-ne Plymouth. 32-4995: Porry \\:-..;e. Esthcrville. Oldsniobilo ."IMS'VKv i' Madine Stillman. Dolhvd. i\ r.:i- ac, 32-499S. nio! eiv.i I nour .ci d : I men will • leave .I;-.:! ah.1. vo s.-r\-.o. Kirk Hitos Toinorrmv Fun.r:.! >.:v .o. Kirk, wh.- d ace of 4." V. ;:i ^.• torv .orro -.v :,: •.):• F. V K.rk c : ?0 p, n- i:: th. : .rhurch H. v e:fi,-:a'.:r.c < f.-.: }icr.., hen-., C r.:> falh- ' Sur.Tier .,r..i a; ;uV.r:or ^^ ;hod;s; Released on Bond GcorfTu Thompson w;u- r.;oa.-,d on an appcaranc- bond of $,W' charped with operating a mo;or vehicle while intoxicated on May l3. The bond was fixe<l by Justice of the Peace Eupone Pet- r.«on. who said that no arripnment ha-; taken place. Arre.«t:ni: officfr.* were Policemen John Koeve? ar.d Clarence Hackett Petersen rave out information today on th- arrest To Vote on Beer Issue Taina. Is. .P—The c.:y of 7.,.-r.i •^-iVi vote in a special ck -c-.:or. Ju;y ^ 14 on whvth-rr to r-.T-ral .^n orc-.r.-' ar.ce Uaiitir.c th«- r.urribr^r of t-t-rr tiverr-j here. Tee Charr.t>vr of Co.i-.rr..::^ which asked for *>c '.:or. UZ<-T. p-?tilion from i35 farmer* of ?ou-..-. Tama co-^ir-fv. a?:r-f-d to -jr.-i-r.vr;-.- , the co*t.5- A •ms.^oT'.-.y cf t.-.-- c;:;- "council point<-d o-jt tha*. s-.a:.- '.iw makes no pro-.i5so.-5 for the c .:y ;r finance such an e;*-.~tior.. Whea the ord ;.'-..-ince r^s r-,.---d last summer there werr t-;-r. tavrrr.s in Tama. It .'•p. cifi^d that th- ' number be reduced to or.- fcr each 500 persons The r--duct:on was to be made "• y car.c* U ;n2 ='jTr.-- of the exii-tinp as they came up for renewal. Plant" Crashes into 14 British Homes ' S a'.is I u:>'. Er .c './tr .d - .-V no> .il : .\.a:r Foroo f:chter-'*n-.h. r out a 1 flan-.'.nt: path thro 'Jch H .«r:;.i;:' ; hou*. s IT. a cra,«h en th.. eiit.tkirt.- ' of Sali.s! urv tCvi-iy, Or)v !l-.e • planes f.o .-i occ-jrsnts killed Th. p:ano rh:rced :n;o the nt:d- ; die of ,1 cov.-rr.n-.- r .t hou.='.r.c do- velopnient ar.d splritt t red th--' pr--\ fabricatid hu:'d;r.r? c.'ifolin.- ' All but r.;n- per-yrn? cot out of th-.: unharmed -,nd th-:- n;r .o we:e not scriot,?'.v ir.;ut-:-d Tlie Weather OFFICIAL TE.MPERATl RKS Nf a-\; rr: u .tr. \" • e r dv ^^ M:n:mum iast niirht er TODAV « KATMKK a. ni. NtHm IOWA KOKKtAST Partly cloudx™ ar.d hun-.:d th;.- aft^rxoon H]-h r.'^ar S^? r.or- th<-2.=t. 9i to southw.-,=t Partly clo-.^dy. -i-arr.-. and hur:-.;d tor.icrit with 5cafer ,-d -hjnd. r5ho^o. rr ' Thunderstorms i^.'-i:]y ^^w. r» -.r. <•••:- day part;-.- c".o-.idy '.^-x ?ho'x *TT e:...-.-*. not fjuit- .-o .varni w--t. :ov,- -onii'ht to 74 H;;:.-. Thur.-d-'i-.- to ^ .io:tr.-A-..-.-t :o i<5 fou-h'r,..-, F 'J !-.h-r out:ooK. tioudy Fnoay h h cooler nik-httim. t-n. p-r;it ur.-:^ Scattered nit-htm;- t.tu.nd'-!,-hc/-A-- er:. noith poition .MI.\.Nf,SOT.A FOKKt.AsI th->ind'r^toi.i.-. .-on.. locally s.'-vor.-, toniuht Thjr.--d;iy partly cloudy, Kratt^-r'd Ihund. r- shower." ea.=t. No i .mr .-onant r'r::- P'-raturo chani.-'-.'.. lyow tor,!:.'h» 62 to 6S. Hif;h Thu:(id.-iy 7* to ^5. TODAY AND THURSDAY KILLER OR HERO? YOUR FAVORnt STAR I'i « DRAMA STRANGER THAN FilliOT JAMES 1 STEWART AS JEAN HAGEN WENDELL COREY PLUS- COLOIi CAKTOO.N "ONK CABS I AMILV LATKST NKUS "Inalienable Rights'' Vital In America I>Oi;S ATTEND COl PI.E. Paul Ni ukom. ."0. jeuvo thi Ind . after Ihoir woddinit. Pefrjty and thfir pilot deit.-i, Kickoy and Tex. Poftsy Perry, 19. Columbus. O., and First church at Fort Wnyne. Paul, both blind, arc led by PIP Ctnni.ES IP. This little doe .-inUfe 'f,'U'd up to a tuWul of ice in Fore.<t Park, as owner stretches out on blanket with m (lood sup- pjy of w;.'tor on hand tryinp tofkeep cool a.s the mercuiy climbed to 104 m .St Louis. Mo , for the second day. End of the current hciit !s not yet in si{.'ht. "Our a.ssipnment as a free people c.'ill.s for the preservation o( those •inalienable rlghl.s" mcnlionod in the preamble of the United Statea constitution," the Rev. John Do LonK told members of the Esthcr­ ville Kiwanis club in an Independence Day address Tuesday. "At times," Reverend Dc Lon« said, "one may get disuppointed or disgusted with democracy, bu'., -after all," we do have the possibilities of freedom on every side," he said. * * * THE Sl'EAKEU urged thai Americans appreciate, but not wor- thip the heritage of the past an-I that they keep themselves close to the source of things—religion. Tiie founders of our democracy were brilliant people, the Rev. De hong said, adding that the gcniu.-! es who wrought the first docu- I'nienls of our democracy were cei- tairi about the ultimate realities of lite—uncompromising and willing to pay with their blood for thci convictions. * * TIIE CIVIL WAR period, the speaker continued, was a time testing to determine whether this "new nation" could endure. The present times are more perilous than those of our forefathers tor they are times of world revolution when our enomies are not nearly so clearly defined ua in the early days of this country. Further, Rev. De Long said, these arc times of labels, libels and patriotic hy.s- teria. He warned against Implicit trust in those who yesterday were communists and today are converts to the democratic way. And, too, he warned against some self- appointed guardians of liberty. A further threat lies in the fact that the country is becoming accustomed to a military setup, he added. • • * IN CLOSING. Rev. DcLong referred to Socrates who chose to drink of the hemlock rather than forfeit his rights of freedom. Edwin Thoreson was In chargi' of the program and introduced the speaker. Guests at the meeting were William S. Johnston, Dr. Dale Dun:i, new Esthcrville physician, and Don CurnalL socretary-mnnager of the Esthcrville Chamber of Commerce. .ASSESSMENT— ContiniJkd from pace 1 $91,300; 00 one-year stoeis, $7,000; 17 two-year steers, $2,550; 42'j bulls. $7,060; 155 swinc. $7,015; 286 sheep, $-J,290. Center; 50 horses, $1,815; 610 cattle in feeding, $77,930; 316 one- vcar heifers, $35,180; 166 tvro-year hclfer.s, $22,410; 879 cows, $118,665; 41 one-year steers, $5,125; seven two-year steers, $1,020 ; 42'.i: bulls, $8,935; 154 swine, $6,890; 150 sheep, $2,250. « • « ' KIX.S\VORTII: 57 horses, $1,750; 114 cattle In feeding, $14,675; 152 onc-ycar heifers, $16,958; 112 two- year heifers, $15,192; 577 cows, $78,073; 66 one-year steers, $8,215; six two-year steers, $900 ; 32 bulls, $5,700 ; 251 swine, $11,295; 156 sheep, $2,340. Emmet: 72 horses. $2,355; 333 cattle in feeding, $42,335; 186 one- year heifer.-i, $21,536; 61 two-year heifers, $9,585: 661 cows. $89,2.'i4; 74'... one-year stccr.s, $9,102; 55 two-year steers, $7,500; 34 bulls, $6,475; 197 swine, $8,861; 310 sheep, $4,650. Esthcrville township: 74 horses, $2,410; 29 cattle in feeding, $3,625; 321 one-year heifers, $36,330; 133 two-year heifers, $18,092 ; 758 cows, $102,358 ; 71 one-year steers, $8,i 875; 13 two-year steers, $1,875; 45 bulls, $8,521; 225swlnc, $10,128; 383 sheep, $5,445. Twelve-Mile Lake; 79 horses, $2,655; 285 cattle In feeding, $35,693; 398 one-year heifers, $45,121; 165 two-year heifers, $22,341; 831 cows, $112,915; 96 one-year steers, $12,000; nine two-year steers, $1,350; 35 bulls, $6,910; ' 179>i swine, $8,078; 402 sheep, $6,030. Assessment on other personal property in county: Farm Eatherville, Inc $1,275 Armstrong, Inc 9,587 Rlhgsted 9,463 Wallinpford 3,015 Oruver Dollivor 1,935 Denmark 347,424 Armstrong Grove 259,485 Iowa Lake 221,340 Lincoln 149,988 Swan Lake 244,564 Jack Creek 318,952 High Lake 194,653, Center 289,168 Ellsworth 237,692 Emmet 177,347 Esthervllle Twp 180,601 Twelve-Mile Lake 209,331 $100 600 400 4,960 4,560 1,000 600 1,602 480 Mer­ Oil urniturc chandise Stations $64,588 $3,220,010 $152,037 13,405 338,718 31,737 875 355,062 17.674 100 71,708 18,138 47,149 2.961 700 42,527 3,600 4,795 2,900 27,708 125 1,150 400 50 65,667 675 3,255 9,580 1,000 28,270 192 2,125 28,379 670 675.^ 4,100 19,049 200 5,071 Esthervllle, Armstrong, Inc. Race Riot in Convention Vicinity mo Rod, Reel Lost; "Found By Classified f.'tr.r'-.L'o *.!'> A dJ.sturb.'-inee hi ok- I.lit laM. niKhl- a few blocks trtjrn th- mo -tinj; place of the tw.) n ..i .ior political conventions—a.s lit •mi- 3.'>00 jjor.^ons smashed wiii- dov.and -^f-t fir'- to a home wher r Ni -;.TO "-ii roporledly weie trying to movi- in, J^'jlif.o .-^aid Iho crowd bloke a'l : th* ^vlndo•.v .s in tlif two-story fianit; 1 building at 4544 South Union Ave., in the south nidi- .stockyards di.s- tri't ni ar the international amphi- th'atrr at 4ind and Halsted stieet.i. I Th- Pvepubliean convention opens at the aniphilhealer ne.xt M<;nday. i Tfi 'r I>emo',ratft open tlieii meelinK on July 21, Poll!,' .said tho fiont poieh and two f.-onl door.s of tin- buildin/ wore d'-hiroyod and two fins wire ho-l on(- In tile home and one in tie* rear which spread to a storaKO ehed About 2W [j(>Iii;t.'mon wi-re j;i,'nt to tno .'• "re- ia.->l night. Tlio crowd wa.s dii-poificd after tiiiUing in tli- ai'-a for Hf-veral hours. A detail of about police reoiiiinid on duty throu;.-i,out th< night. A v.i,it(, family occujdoH ;» .soo-ornl floor -I ven-ro(iiii flat while the tv.o fiihi floor four-room flats an- v.ioani, police fald tho home I- oi ntl\ w:o-, puiehaKod by a .Vegru •Aoriiari v.'bo ha'l Ho-nt a riiitiee to . li.' I oof,„d floor oeeu(iaiit, Mr.! , iiorlba V' to vaoatt-. Ray Ricklefs has a resurgence of faith in classified advertising. "I never knew it could be so good," announced Ray. The other day he was fishing at Ingham lake and went home so relaxed from tho diversion that he forgot a new rod and reel ($40 worth) on top of the dam. Upon discovering his shortage he went back lo the lake hut the equipment was gone. He wrote it off as a total loss. But he decided on a clu.ssifled ad as a parting shot. Clarence Ingvall saw the ad and it was he wlio had found thii rod and reel. Next da.v the rotl and ixm^ I were on Ray's desk and bursting with glee he hastened to share the "" story with tlie Daily News cia-ssified di^- partment. Asked if he had managed lo keep track of his golf equipment, Ray quipped that he hiul, I'xeept for wrapping un erring mushlu around a tree. "Siii^iOHo the classifieds can do anything about tliat lor mi-?" l.o Angel an- K'-ivod iiv liiigalod vali Coai -t. h and .Sail l''raneiserj dairying areas in the Vh of the I'ai.'ifie Announcement The Etiuitabli! IJfo lnsui-ant:c Co. i, tions, now offors coiiiplL 'tc niiaiieiiil fessional men and thoso cnKaKcd in adrninislraih This incUuli's coniplelc linanfial scciirily for and your loved oms, in a coinpri'- hensivc program lo furnish: ' Iowa, one ol Aiiicrica's ;/,rcat liiiaiicial inslitu- ;)iol 'clion lo a wirlf lari^^c of hiisincs.s and [tio- and siipcrvi.s(;ry uccii|ialions. 1. Income to your 2. Ina)mi> aniily shtiuhl you dif. to yon at retiicnu-nt. 3. Inconii" to you if ytjti .slu^uld lii 'f.oinc totally di-salilcd, There are three hawirds; 1. Premature death. 2. Living loo loni^. 3. Total di.sabiiity. - 'I'h.- Kcoiiomic Death. Your Equitable Life of Iowa agent is [irepari'd tcj .S I KJW \(,U how you can sain com- pleteplete financial security in ONI;: policy. Stanley S. Vohs IMstrlel MiuittKer untl 8upt«rvlHor Tlie KfinitaWi! Mr« of lowtt ^'•'ylon, .MtniK'Huta GERM WAR— Continued from pixgo 1 ts and report it immediately to the counly agent, l-'runk Lown. Sus- pieiouH Hymi'loms of animal dlK- (.(.Me Mhoiild he reported immediately li> the nearest veterinary official. Producers can reduce materially tlie poHslbllltleH of cliiniiige from a lilologlciil warfare attack on rnt-ms by giving a little extra attention to Well-known practices of plant and iinlmiil husbandry - proven through llie yeiiiM, but (^'en more important in time of I'lnergi'ncy,' Lown addend. Among these pnictices he listed Hunltulion, tiealnivnl and Isolation of'a)ck anlninlB, oducatlon, (he planting uf dlBOUHo-roHlatunt varle- les of crops, Insect and plant'dis- eiise control with llie tlmuly use of liisectlcldcH and funKlcldoa and tho Euppiesslon of damaging rumors. Are You Saving For a Just think . . , wliile your new car fund grows it is drawing 2% inler- esl. In othdr words you are SAVING in- lerest, nol PAYING il. That's one of the advantages of planning today for tomorrow's needs. Tim DRUG STOKK YOUR PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 1 1 'hurmaolBtB on duty at^ all times. Bcrvlntr your preiorlptlon nobds prompUy and \ afftolcntly, VKRNE NYMAN, CHAia COLSTON lUtd J. L. IIOVB PU0B« U Deadline July 5 A savings o|)onod by will Arayv Iroai July 1. account July 5 int«rcst All dupoMlbi In IhU btink lniiur«d up to «10,000 Iowa Trust & Savings Bank Aiember of the I'VdenU lieiierve SynOeiu Moving Pictures Radio Pianos Jewelry Other ..$17,063 $45,356 $24,752 $70,560 $172,692 .. 3,280 6,075 3,605 4,565 62,802 .. 2,750 3,582 2,440 2,800 12,062 125 • 885- 510 925 • 3,655 5B5 470 595 11,163 112 795 290 375 5,431 275 4,190 2,445 2,470 33,787 460 2.840 4,200 1,190 27,572 525 1,893 1,374 730 24,755 115 1.680 6,55 645 16,623 95 2,306 2,365 2,155 25,326 ... 1,125 3,205 2,670 1,295 29,207 520 2,405 i:760 1,810 16,417 310 2,775 1,375 - 2,880 29,321 ... 350 2.905 3,350 2,125 22,025 585 2,102 1,245 2,970 17,380 ... 435 2.948 2,585 3,410 23,168 .. 630 2,048 1,163 1,405 18,535 Walllngford Gi-uvcr DolUver Denmark Armstrong Grove Iowa Lake Lincoln Swan Lako Jack Creek High Lake Center Ellsworth Emmet Esthervllle Twp Twelve-Mile Lake Building."! on leased land in the county show: $4,141 In Esthcrville Incorporated, $2,025 In Armstrong incorporated, $112 in Walllngford $504 in Oruver, $300 in Armstrong Grove, $800 in Iowa Lake, $500 in Jack Creek, $5,448 in Esthervllle township and .$400 In Twelve-Mile Lake. ' INSTALLMENT FINANCING Let us arrange the financing on your next purchase of: AUTO MACHINERY APPLIANCES Low payments, extended terms. Prompt and confidential service. Up to two years- to pay. Iowa Guarantee, Inc. 7 South 7tli i The boiling point of pure gold Is .•about 2,500 degrees centigrade. Fireworks Warning Des Moines (iT"!—State Fire Mar- .shal Zack Cook warned lowans against the Illegal use or sale of lireworka. Cook said fireworks may nol be sold or exploded in this I .wtatc without a permit and that violators can be fined up to $100 | I and jailed up to 90 days. He .said he had received reports of viola- lions, especially in border counties. Esthcrville, Iowa, Daily News Wed., July 2. 1952 6 GASOLINI This "An/mobi/e" was invented to give you « slight idea of tho wonderful things that happen to your car when you fill up with S TANDARD R ED C ROWN Gasoline! At regular price It's tills Summer's K ING -S IZE G AS B UY I ELLWANGER SERVICE STATION ATLAS TIRES, BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES East of Courtltouse Phone 177 4 -1 —1 GLEN WHITISH STANDARD SERVICE ATLAS TUtES, BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES' Pickup and Delivery Phone 108 ^1 GEORGE'S STANDARD SERVICE ATLAS TIRES, BATTERII^ AND ACCESSORIES Sa Central Phone 131

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