Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on July 2, 1952 · Page 8
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 8

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1952
Page 8
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'fWili you so into tk« water, MUt? We're trying t6 cl««r tbe be«ch for « few minutes 1" THESE WOMEN —Local Markeu— Corn Cent Down; Beans ;^fire Higher Corn; closed one cent lower today, oats were steady and soybeans advanced a cent. Cream prices wore a cent up.. GRAIN Old corn New corn — Soybeatis $1.60 $1.62 $2.96 Oats (36 lbs.) 73c •tta*',. _...$3.70 H^, Gr »vM Orala Comp«ny j OrnVCT, HuaUngton. Maple BlU ;V , PBonocE Sweet cream 75c 1 „ : 73c N«,;2 71c I^ehnertes 1 _ 37c „ 2tio 24c ..293 tt's Easy to Place Your Classified ad«- Call !^33 Automotive u FOR SALE—Used parU from IMO S-cyllndcr Pontine. Ph. 1670W. Ray Jncobson. 2?7-3x -ll FOR TIRE MTliEAOE have ua switch tires and cheek wheel alignment to help cut down tiro wear. THOMAS MOTORS 226-3-11 WE RAVE speciall«t«. ifactory trained, for distributors, carburetors. Ignition system, front ends and general overhauling. HEKAMAM MOTOR CO. 226-6-11 LET US take care of your automotive needs. Bumper to bumper Bervle»—all makes. See us. Robinson Motors "Pontlao" 8th and Central Ave, 227 -tf -ll 4RMSTROm ,=;nm., „..„..; 293 2VSi lbs. and up ..... 22c Hons.^ndor. 4W JBk'. 12c Hehs,'4 %'lb8. and; over IBc tfeavy coickii 10c I ^eghoriSii legiton cross cock* _8o Sioux City, Livestock ..siQ\»c.CitK, July 2 iP—Cattle sal- «iM «N,i »0; calves 26; slaughter steers and heifers uneven, largely *tronfe:>Hh'^dull ^'eie(W Tuesday, of alM 'at' steady average; cows iti6w,;r-barely^'(t^ady; stockers and f^edei^-miklnly steady; several sal- 08:K6Kotp«S t^d steers 80.80-$32; choice 107$'lb; jlrfarUngs S2.2$S; commercial and goii^$2!B-29:S0; short load most- IX'jfilgK'ittOilce lOdO'lb. heifers 32.50; (mice.>iOOO lb. mixed steers and >j.eifers,^95.;'^commercial and good hei/erB;.|85-28.50; utUlty and com- HJerclilxjows $18.21.60; few $22; minority eannera and cutters $14$17;,some light canhcrs around $13; mqditiina to good stock steers $26$29; flashy 800 ]b. steers on feeder account, ^i. Hog^ salable-7,6p0;-fairly active; bari-ows and gilts and sows strong to, i5 higher; advance on barrows and, gilts showing mainy on weights atro^nd 280 lbs. down; choice 1 to 3\barr9W8 and ^Its around 190-240 20,5 ()f -^.75; oho small lot choice Ho. i.light weights 29.86; packer U^iit 90.60; medium and mixed wel- gnt.;chblce offerings under 240 lbs. ,19.«hS0.26; some unfinished light ligptavdqwn tfx around J60 lbs, $18- 18,|S0.; arPVnd*'240.1b^. to 270 lbs. M4»T :«r ,7p! 310-300 lbs. 1^76,19.76; few iat^^ltrdund 310-325 lbs.;/ $18- 18.SO:„io>me around 3|^0 lbs. i7.B0; DtffijiSi iplgs lacking reliable o\|tleta ^ at $15 and down, choice sows around 380 lbs. down 17.28-18.28; few choice light weights 18.80; 360400 lbs. 18.50-17.80 ; 400-480 lbs. 16.2516.76; few around 526 lbs. 15.50. — —t Chicago Livestock Chicago JP —Live hogs turned steady to mostly 26 cents a hundred pounds higher today. Cattle recovered swiftly In a steady to 76 cents higher ;trade on a deep out In supplies. Sheep were steady. Taft Denies He InXlueneed Barring TV Chicago tffl»)—Sen. Robert A. Taft denied emphatically today that he influenced the decision of the Republican natlontU committee in barring television from Its hearings on disputed delegations. "I didn't Influence the committee in any way," Taft said. I told Guy GabrleUon (chairman of the national committee) several days ago that whatever the committee decided was all right with me, that I'd abide by their decision. "After that, they didn't consult me any further on the question. Taft said he felt yesterday's tole- graih from Gov. Thomas E. Dewey to the committee "made votes for the antl-tolevlslon side." Dewey's message urged throwing open the contest hearings to television, and the words"! advice and direct" IwereTtohtained fh tH&'in^ssage. I can't understand how such a telegram could have been written," Taft said at his morning news conference. Bntertain for Son. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Larsen entertained at dinner Sunday In honor Of their son, Dick, who was confirmed recently. Their guests were Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Galo Larson and Corylls, Mrs. Honfen Pedorson and Jill of Grove City. Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Larscn and Bcrnlco of Swca City, Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Larscn, Nor- mif" Jean and Mary Lou of Rlng- sted, Mrs. Howard Larson of Anoka, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Bill Larson and family of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Jens Ellnt ahd family of Emmetsburg, Leo Larson of Ames and Mr. and Mrs. Ruebon Larson, Roger, Clifford and Marilyn. For Roilt FOR RENT—Modern 2-rocro house. 6-rooni houso 4 miles north of Esthcrvinc. »-room modern house In DolUvcr. Simon Frey, B^sthorvlllo. 228-«x.« FOR RENT—Threc-room unfurnished downstairs opartmont. Ph. 56. 228-2-6 FOR RENT—Small modern apartment. Reasonable rent. Phone E:8thcrvlllo 49J61. 238-8-6 SAVE ON Floor Finishing. Do thts work yourself with a sander rented from Wards. MONTQOMERT WAJU) Esthervllle, lowu 228-3-6 FOR RENT OR SALE>—Three- room house. Automobile. Corrl- son. 1270J. 327-ax-6 FOR RENT—Cottage on east shore of Big Spirit. Ph. 1612. 227-3X-6 ' FOR RENT—Upstairs apartment, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room bath. All modern. Outside entrance. Ph. 661VV. Frank Hutchinson. 227-2X-6 4-II Club Takes Tour. The Eoglc boy's 4-H club hold Its annual club tour Monday with a picnic dinner at the Sam Larson home. Beef judging was done at the homo of Gallen and Earl Johnson. The club projects Include 17 baby beeves, one sow and Utter, one dairy heifer, two sheep and one agronomy project. FOR RENT—Business building In Esthervllle. Ph. 1287W or write 614 So. 9th. 226-6X-6 FOR RENT—Large xinfumlshod downtown apartment Wogen's. Phone 88. 220-tf-5 FOR RENT— 3 -room modern apartment above Gift Garden, 119^ N. 6th St Ph. 306 or 62. 201-tf-8 Help Wonted s WOMAN WANTED—Ooncral office position. Permanent, pleasant work with employee benefits. Typing and ability to work •with figures necessary. Apply Honeymead, Inc. 227-tf-2 Circle No. 1 Entertains. Circle No. 1 of the Methodist church will bo hostess of the W. S. C. S. meeting Thursday afternoon, July 3, at the church. Camp Fire Girls Meet The Elltsehl Camp Fire girls mot Monday afternoon at the home of Joy Place and then wont on a nature hike. Wild flowers were collected to press in the nature books the girls had made. They enjoyed a sack lunch beside the river. WANTED—Woman to make her home with me, help with housework and caro of children, Mrs. Cloronco Kurtz. Ph. 202. 237-«-2 Jobs Wanted WANTED-Sewing machlne .i. any make, to rr>pjiir or ronvrrt Into electric. Snli.«f«ctlon ).'"ftrnn- toed. BrlnR sewing mschlnc to SANBOR.V Fl'RNlTfRE .STORE EsthorvlHo Phone 2 228-2-3 CUSTOM BALING New Holland wlro balen. Will pull tratlem. 4 ml. W. and Vi N. of Esthervillp. Don Egeland. I»h. Superior 6P8 collect. 306-30x-3 Serviees LH5AKY ROOF? We recommend Rubcrold roofing-an economical and durable solution to your roofing problem. Phone 244. we'll estimate vour needs. JOYCE LUMBER CO. 228-3-fi POULTRY DRE.SSEn In my homo. Call 1288LW, 228-2-9 PORTABLE RADIOS REPAIRED Experience and training have no subsitltuto. EsthervlUn Radio. IIIU N. 6th, Ph. 284. 224-6-0 FOR FREE PICKUP and delivery. Ph. 49. PAG Cleaners. 2 &e-tf-9 228 WtMl.. July 2 1952 !i XatvM M tevtta asm Miiir ott. *, l*SO tt tJM vvitofftM kl KMMr TtD*. lowk. MxMr IM Mt 01 MM«« S, tSTt. For Sole II 1 or 1 Thm d«|r« fyiur rvn frt —. Om w«*k ia« p»r wowl BMb •duuaaal 4»t inatmuB M »ee. MtM aoBMenttn iBMrtloa* or ctaMifM uu »r« OAm wmt ORDER. BookkMtMC ctert* uf IM tor CT *4lt. ftO« Mrrle* eMrn It r»- C w* Ukon by IMty N««* MM to If curtM tadriM or plwao BUBAor bat not •dinrtlMT't . T* p*r ir«r« Ihtir adtTMttMBoaU la Um Itrtt MM tkn aPHar •»* ropor. «ai trror •« ooM u BO allowaacM mm attw Um On Form HKli CKDAR !4HtN01.F.8 CiooxX Mi|i |)K now on hnml for overnJofinK. Adit« InnviUtion. navi'^i muuey. eonjiervi'ii fuel Caw In -vnil Ret ftff eoUmat,- COMMANDKR ELKVATOKS MundnKton In. MW.V tU llirrvlH<' \V K S .«t >m»nn. iunn.ij:rr 12* S 10 ovn »i<; HAi.K will r»nlliui>< Ihroiiith July 4 wi 'i 'k nnriiAln ()fU'.'» on man) Horn* Rood for hollil«y oi fvrry- <lny. SfRPLl'S .•^TOHE 228-3 10 FOU FI.'^UKUMKN Vriftn ^i \V» i|.>n«. .S M. L. loiiKh, fiflslble ItXt per cent w<»tiT)irii>of, Onlv $7 98 nt FlnESTONK STORER BOTTLE OAS SALES-SERVICE Znatallattona — Regulations HILL'S CORNER. Ph. 49J61 16l-tf-9 PBTIQRSON'S Radiator Bervio*, Just east of Vandy's, 1714 Central Bxperieneed tn all types radiator c«palr. 116-tf-8 HELP WANTED—Kitchen assistant at Esthervllle Country Club. Ph. 1003J. 226-3-2 Car Waxing Bring your car in for a wax job. Kurtz Painf Shop Mrs, Clarence Kurtz, Prop. 202 South 10th 227-6-0 WANTED—Man with car to give 46 samples a day for $86.60^ week. Write P. O. Box 57MF, Esthor- vlUo. 222-12-2 KiUed by Lightning Ottumwa, la. ta")-Russell Harlan, 66, a farmer living seven miles west of here, was killed Tuesday when lightning struck the tractor with which ho was cultivating corn. The death was discovered when neighbors noticed his tractor running wild in the field. Raid Moose Lodge Des Moines (A>)—The police vice squad broke upia card game at the Moose lodge yesterday, seized $100 in cash and' some decks of cards, and filed gambling charges against the four participants, Kqreans "Malie" Money Tokyo ^flP—Four Koreans were arrested today for itfaklng counterfeit Vi S. military scrip in downtown Tokyo. Police said. 700 bogua $10 bills were confiscated. WmV'S CROSSWORD^ PVZZIE 4^«unK horkc W 1 I ;M|l|>iR>l«W .If|:(iatrit >ute8 »8llit)>'>cry Antwtr to.' Pr«vlo(i« PuuU < sr ^tbaUfitlds ,41ntHlu«, 3* 1 ii tSfiim 17 Ctiropmn ..PWilMUl^. -TUatber strips ;'«niho*i , nan IdtiCj Ich i2iTtii*|kin, 27THt«n*w ' 2lPirsian fairy , 39 Indian 40 Cock's comb 41 Peel i2»,Hiindlc 42 Snare , 31 O q« who cures 43 Demigod SaTbis . four>footcd friend • f provides Ibeefsleak 44 Always ^ 46 Foot parts 47 Operatic solo 4aApim») lat SOThus ';|ttfhtioR of rand: Armstrong Personalii. Mr. and Mrs. Art Cassem spent the week end visiting Mr. and Mrs. George Cassem and family at Dea Moines. They wcro accompanied home by their children, Dorothy and Lowell, who hUd spent the pant week at the home of their uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. John Thtel of Ankeny announce the arrival of a son, Douglas John, June 19, at Iowa Methodist hospital, Den Moines. Ho weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Thlcl and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johnson are grandparents of the Infant. They and Kathryn Thiol spent Sunday at Dea Moines making the acquaintance of the new member of the family. Mrs. N. W. Mart was hostess of the Iowa Lako Road club Thursday afternoon at her homo. Mrs. Willis Harris and Mrs. Ransom Harris were in charge of the enter talnnfent. Guests last week from Monday until Wednesday at the George Beck home wore Mrs. Beck's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Rath and.. granddaughter, Laurie Joan of Cedar Falls. A plc- nlo supper was served Monday evening at the Beck home in honor ot their guefits which was attended by the Bock'R thildrcn, Mr. and 1 Mrs. Roy Lyle and son of Esther­ vllle, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Henrlk- sen and famUy.^.^d Mr. and Mrs Jamta Beck and spp. Mrs. Lee IShgewN^ entortajned at A birthday pajtty Fridikr afternoon •honoring her daugftei;, Margaret, who was eight yeare old that day. The out^Mown gUMts were Mrs. Sam McaUsh and children and Mrs. H<irlan Marlowe and children of Lone Rook, Mrs. James Bowers and children of East Chain and Lu cllle Livermoro of Fairmont. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lytle and Duane were vacationing last week at Waupaca, Wis. Dr. and Mrs. Archie Whitlow had as guests during the week end, Mr. and Mrs. William Seeger of State Center and Mr. and Mrs. Don Coylo and family of Clear Lake. Sharon Opsal returned Thursday from Mftnkato, Minn., where sho had visited a week at the A. R. Maur|tad home. James Pfell spent Sunday and Monday in llinneapolls. Mr, and MrX^Saia Mangold of Cherokee visited Saturday at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Mangold. Salesman Wanted For Local Territory Salary and Commission Transportation Furnished. Good References Necessary. Previous Sales Experience will be given preference. To arrange for personal interview write SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 423 Grand Spencer, la. 227-5-2 Entertflinnient • • • PLUMBING. HEATING INSTALLED Warda will arrange expert Installation of quality plumbing and henting at low cost. Phone, come In or mull the coupon below for free enll- matc. Buy On Terms. No Money Down, Nothing to Pay Until October Int. G-O-U-P-O-N Please scond mc information about the llomH checked below: STEEL KITCHEN Sink, Wall, Boso Cabinets BATHROOM OUTFIT Tub, Lavatory, Closet CONVERSION BURNEnS Gas, Oil FURNACES Gas, Oil, Coal IF voir muKt buy a farm for next .March jioBseimlon sen uk now; we have Ik ISO and 240 for imle nboxit 8 mllen east of St. Jameit, Minn, lao same difitnnce NE of Butterfield. Near Wadena, Minn.. 400 acres with good buildings. 200 clear Koo<l crop land. 200 timber, some livestock and all farming equliv ment goes, together wHh n SR- Inch threshing mochlne. Ford Ferguson tractor with 8 larxn implements, lumber sawing outfit, hstchcry nil complete and other Hems all at a sacrificed price of St2,800 with terms to suit buy?r after $3,000 Is pold on the eontrnct for deed. Owner Is single, was wounded In oomlini nnd must return to Vol- eran's hospital. DeWall Real Estate Sk Ins. Agency St. James, Minnesota 22R-2-7 FOR SALE-OenernI Kleetrle com lilnnlton aulomallo rtUh wnaher and sink. Write IJo\ ftTI'P. care Enthervlllf Pdllv Newn. 85« iT-lrt FOR SALE —Clean and thrifty feeder pigs,, delivered to your farm within a few days. 38 to 66 lbs., from 112.60 to 114.80. Contact Ernest Chrlstlanirn. Phone 10F21, RIngsted. 238-lx-7 FOR SALE—Feeder pigs, hatchery raised. Johnson tc Enge, Pig Hatchery, St, James, Minn. 22R-2X-7 ASK FOR Sanders Ic" Cresm at your fn\-orll" "tore. .HANOBRS ICK rREAM CO 32(ltf-)0 LADIES' raynn knit tcawnn. values to $349, special this wreh nt $1.69 rnch, KHLERH VALUE STORE J2JI-3-10 Reol Estcfte PAY t.tKK nKN4 ;hi-ilr <H >ni, living room, kltch'n. fill! hajienient. Oa.* h»at. tl Sm «liiwn and $S0 a month. F^STHKRVTI.LE REALTT Ph mo or m»J r<\K SAt.K i «t> m. ana TO-vre f.'^inii Ileal gfWMt farmn, .-nir"« inrhidrd Prl<'*'d to niPOtT REAL RSTATK Ph l«8rt or tT» W7-l-« FOR SAIJ! ft-room h«n*e and 4 lot* tXtOO 8th A»e. N. Ph. 1073J A J. Andtiwon. S9M<-« FOR SAI.K Tbr^e room modern hou«e on S tUh. Ux>4 f«><»t rage Ph MT9W 32*«t-« OOOn MINNESOTA FARM BtTTS rAROL imOCXMAN. R»»ttor reylon. Minn. FOR SALE Twt>.b«>dro««n mod »r« home I'rIeiHl for quiek iwl*>. Elmo tlartleman- Ph. «»a3W. 33«-«-» Sale CcrienddT SAIJC t!Al.CNDAR Monday. July 7 ~t «0 A. farm. wrttB for dMMrtriton to Waltar Carlson, Triugnptt. MliMMaoU. FOR SALE - Trailer, '51 Roycraft nuKlorn, uleepn four, never pulU-d. l4ko now, K. C. Bevard. Em- melHburg, Ph. 798J. 236-4-10 FOR SALE- 1800 Mftmp. White pullets, 4S rnonthn old, Aluo 4 lb. fries. Robert Fay, Phone MWS. 338-3x10 FOR SALE 1039 Plymouth with '42 Dodge motor. Hent offer tBk«s It. Ph. t72«. 22H-2X-I0 Hurry! Hurry! Red Tag Hal« end*. Hnttirdny, July 8. SperlnU gnlore. WESTERN AUTO AH8UC. HTOHK 23»-tf to FOR HAI.K Living room suite, Kood rondlllon. CrII 6t«J. aaw to FOR SALE Outnlde (ullet, Joaoph llrown. 4 miles iinuth of (Jruvrr. 33»-« 10 NAME FORSALK -7 -n cut Massoy-Uarrld combine. Extra good shape. Frank Weeks, IMi. I698J. 22«-flx.7 mn MASSEY HARRIS 7-ft. Clipper, with motor Alwnvs a square deal nt VIKING MOTORS Mniuiey Harris-Oliver EHthervllle, lown 227-2-7 POULTRY, CREAM. EGGS, it will pay you to trade with us. Highest market prices. Prompt courteous service. Drive up. P. O. GRAY 227-3-7 FOR SALE-360 WhTte cross pullets, a months old. Ph. 3VVe. Maurice Uirson. 227-2x-7 ADDRESS TRUE LIFE STORY James Stewart takes the role of "Carbino Williams" Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at tho Grand theater. 226-3-1 PHONE Let us celebrate July 4 at Hand's Park. Ball game Mason City vs. Bancroft Lions. Family night at the club. Smorgaslxjrd from 5 to 9. Square dancing lil<e on TV, 9 to 1 a. m. Sat. Horswell orchestra. Smorgasbord every Sunday. 22*.1.1 TI»tE OR DATE TO CAI„L . Montgomery Ward Esthorvlllo, Iowa DANCE Saturday Night Henry Frederlclc and Orchestra Skyline Clwb FOX LAKE Friday, July 4 Lynn Kerns Saturday, July 5 Vikings 227-3.1 226-3-9 ON HAND Chicks, 1 to 4 weeks old. Pullets straight run and males In 7 weeks. HAMII^TON HATCHERY Bancroft, Iowa 21 »-tf -7 CURRANTS FOR Hurnt. Ph. 729J. HALE J, W. 328-3-10 FOR SALE-Threo to four-pound spring fries. Will deliver In town. Francis AWll. Ph. 20W7 227-4X-10 FOR A CLEANER, cooler kitrhen Insliill a kitchen pxhnuHt fnn In \UM new home OLSON KLKCTnU- 227-3-10 FOR 8ALB~l»-fl. J 'hllco rcfrlgera' tor, almost now. (!nloric Oos range, nImoKt new. Priced to sell. Hee at W 122 Srd Ave. H. S34-6-10 Wont To liiy WANTBD-Wa will pay 7«! •Mh for i>mpty siird corn and ft*kl feed bags that ar« >•» food eofv dlilon. Ooldta Run Mitllag Oo. Phone t9« or 397. 337-3-20 WANT TO IttlY -Oarden fittwvrf. The Orrhld Shop. 2»-lf-30 PARIS cr .RANKRJl eU>»ni for vacation July 4 to July 14. SIT-a-* WK WIU.. not d «ll »er mUk t» tto« homes on tho 4th of July, Kliv- nard's Dairy. 227-M NOTICE SKYLINE CLUB Opon 5iaturday nnd Sunday Onljf during July (»xc*<»pt for private pnrtkii LIVINOROOM SUITES Very good selection of new sultss, reasonably priced. SANBORN FURNITURE 23«-3-t0 Personol BLESSED EVENT? Then see us for Birth Announcennenfs Prompt Service Esthervllle Daily News Northwest Iowa's Largest . PttOtlnf Plant : , • . 226-3-0 Otm RECENT snd loss leaves us with grateful hearts toward neighbors and friends. Their comforting expressions of sympathy and thoughtfiilnesH will always he remembered. We would especially like to express our grntltuile to Dr. C. Smith Klrke- gaard. Kev. Thomas O, Melton, Rev. W. O. Harper and Rev, James Warren. Mrs. Beverly Christiansen and Terry and the Brvin E, ChrlRtlnnsen Family. 228-1-4 FOR SALE—One 46-bti. metal hog feeder. 4 Individual concrete hag feeders. One Chevrolet cy|lnd«r hnad with valvi< assembly. Ph. 974 or sen Vt. E. Iluckaho. aae^icio DOBBINS TANK SPRAYBItS, 2V, nnd gals. $11.90 up. ESTHERVlU.B ItARDWARE 234-3-10 FOR SALE-Trailer hou»«f. Mm Cora Palerson. Can b« itetn at 633 South lOlh or call )I3TW. » 23 *-«K-t0 FOR SALE CaponeMs for ftima. Dressed and delivered. $1^ each. Ph. 3«JX«>. Mrs. Dewey Hocking. 23 &-4 -10 BEEF TE.VDERLOIN TIPS on toast, mashrd potatoes. DUTCH MAID LUNCH 228-W WE'VE SAID IT, you've read It. FJna Foam tops for cleaning rugs and upholstery, Martin Furniture. 22M-4 Loans and Ins. 18 CASH LOANS (50.00 — 1260.00 and up on your algnaturt, auto or furniture. Repay in small monthly amounts. Our service Is prompt. Phone or come In! IOWA GUARANTEE, Inc. a2«.3.18 Oregon has the fifth largest per- centago Increase In population In the nation during the 1940-SO pe.r- tod, according to Department of Commerce figures. Attention Farmers! For dependable insured livestock haulinCf to the Public Market at South St. Paul, where prices are established phone 2161 *-* Dunneli Live- $tei ;J( Ass'n. DunntUi Minn* LISTEN TO THIS! Savings Deposits made at the Iowa Trust & Savings Bank on or before July 5th will 4r8w interesttfrom July 1. ,2.% Inteitist, Payable Seml-nnnually. ^ l^wa Trust & Savings Bank Yci^iflt^fit^to in this bank insured up to $10,000 Bfember of the Federal Reserve System FOR SALE — Spring frlM. V«fn Julius. Ph. 4 «W7. 22«-«Ji-»0 RAWLBIOK PRODUCTS. B. T. Banmann. Ph. S«3J. ao-U-lO MITOHBLL Air ComMti«n«r. Wortd'a flnast room air contU* tionor. B^Iuslve ovaporator design ttiat Incorporate 24 tubos. Mlcro-flltar—W.9 per cent acrMa* ing. HSIDKB ELECTRIC 20S-U-tO No Sale the 4th Next Sale Friday. July llth —Esthervllle— —Auction— Wf-3-« CLOSED July 7 to 19 J. Hansen, Cleaners 231 3-« Fourth of July Weekend Special One Half Galkin Ice Cream (apy flavor) 7fl^ July 4, 3 and 6 CLARK'S HARDWARE AND GAS WaUinttfom. It>wa Merlin Clark, Prop. $2.00 Opens a KopakKig Canddy Savlngii Account Accounts opened by Juty 9 will draw Inlareat trom July 1 2% Interest PayabUi 8«mt>AnnuaUy Special HopaJooc pbol» lu each cluub ra«mb«r. Iowa Trust & SavMBf B«i^ iii>mb«r r. a t c. Mrmbcr ot th« y *<l«r«) Raarrvo KyitUm »M4l Announcing Opening City Cab Conr>pany Phone 340 Local and Long Distance Service 35^ for one pamctiSE» 104 for each additional Anywhere In Esthervllle William Hansen, Jr., Prop, Office located at Hansen 66 Service, 221 Central Ave.

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