The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1931
Page 5
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TUKSDAY. JANUARY C, 1931 BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COUIUBK NE\VS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word tor first inieiikm and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement tikcn for less than OOc. Count the words nnd scud the cash. Phone 300 FOR SALE m:i:iv m:ni: TODAY Sl'l:i IAI. INVUSTtliATim l>t'>- s' 'im.'i"i>i:vn:ii sriiici i: \. ITC- Inn I, lnsrdvrvil liceaukf llirj \vi-rr inirliu-r» t" I, lillirknlnll hdii LIII-. ulilli- Hir imllcr Ihl-urj l» llnl Itu'* >\i-ri- killed In nirni:r "MVAI.l.llVVTAIl. SAMMY" SA- Vi:i.l.l. tvlinni Ml" l» • linititril lu Used '1% Horse Motor For Sale Will make a good motor for 21/2 to 5 horsciwwcr load. Needs one new bearing- Will sell cheap- COURIER-NEWS FOR SALE—Small rooming hous- ci 1 Its contents. Call C(I5. &P-KO TWELVE HEAD of goo:! mules for Sale. S«c Sam Thomas sit First National Bank, Blytheville, Ark. 7P-K10 FOR KENT IN DELL—FOR RENT—3 roon house. S7.03; 4 room house, $11 L. Fowler, Phone 888 or -150-J. 18C-TT FOB RENT — Front room, will meals. Mrs. R. M. Sanders Phone 252W. 2P-K FOR RENT—Furnished apartmen 110 Chickasawba, Phone 295. 3P-K FOR RENT—Four room apart mciil, 810 West Ash. Call 510. 5C-T FOR RENT—1 rjoom stucco bunga low. Garage. Modern c-nnvel icncit. Apply GOO N. Fiftli St.. P-K. I) K MAIISnxl.!., ill i-iti.i.v IIKAI-I: ,,,,d ri.ivn HAS;Mn\U win, r,it,rrli-ij • uililrnly ilf'.rr SlirilHIK''" 11,-lHlil JOHN im.iKi-:. JAM:T IIAYIKIVD. i,, lint- uhli Siirnsui-. ntiil l-M-Olt.'. niinniHt l-'h":i. II*- lirllf.C" It <"'"- lii'il r«lil ln-r linibnnil. I ml I'V. nl *nn,e «,'nn,l:il InvnUlnu lirr. ntiil Hinr Tr.-N-rv kllli-d Surnpuo I" pr;l,rt-l Itli ivlfp frum 11 .-tinrKr <'f lil'trjiT. Ill- l-:mi. tl,,,l I'li'in riiiihi-,1 Tr:,ri-T In," innrrlriur. m, tluil h?. M "mail- \\:illll'mi-r.-- ivi,.. - llilnKt »vni lirr I;IN liinialil In ilim u»i 1 ?' tn Ihr | lipri- nil IhP ivo Slio tuck the lead In our UIIIIIMI ilicr out of sdiool rl^lit In Hie Urister \il:iy In 1913. niul Just Invlillc of a Icrm ami Inuilfil her on In "" Serena Ilarl euiupllinenied licr aiu! lolil her she waa almost as Kooil as a protcfslniutl—-" "Seiena Hart!" Dundee wonder- Insly- reiieaicd Hie name ol 0:10 ol America's mont popular anil be loved 6tai;e, slam. "Yes-Serena Ilarl." Miss Ivirli- repealed Vroudly. "She was a syie girl. too. and of courri' sue so Into Hie chorus hersoll. nlti-r she urn'iiiaicil in —let's see — I'Jlf Iwcnusu II was the second ycai allei I'd come lo work here—ami Ml PAGE FIVE OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aliern Uuropo tor a whulo year! . . • And Janet looking as lieallhy a,' any oilier slrl In tlie school, excepi | lhat tlio was erylim half iho (tine. "I mid sniiiEiilluc special delivery lei I ' ters In ami out liy 0110 of tlic'lnui maids-" i llr-i -Did i'Dii lelj Nlra lln'se ftnrlcM I h:i. • nnd |iolnl out (he plvtnrcs of tliojcit ^ nil Is?" Dundee htid lo rl='< nskluK In ! Miss ICarlo froze liis'.auily. "Nai-1 i; urally sl:e was Inlcri'.ili'd In lli.-iK.i. si-Loot, and 0:11:0 when Khe said 111 in:- n j:vaiofull> , inrtil It) Ir. Von t" I'lill iu I'Jll :iurn ti'aruom or |iieil Ilio tis LI U i'.i "Hut i' iii;t til IK Hi,.- if always tnaclo licr mail the wuy Penillelon nearly died, bfi'ause sue clmnis slrls were run down. I told In . was afraid Forsyte's im'i-lous prca ; her tliai 111 ny opinion soi-icly sirla 1 were worse Iliau ncli'essi-:i, ami — v.i'll. ul «>;"•.«? ' i:?.vc her s,min I In- mil u,i,l t . MCI. :i lot ot llieui irirso ilianiki In would lie l'.)wi"cil: ii'.i 1:1 lif;^ a star i-v,i was ei-niid. of course, and j was proud to claim licr. . ' way. .Serena comes u- die I |i!ay every year sl.e run. • Issi'i lu a r.niadv,\ |,':D jo! i-ulirsi'. :llld- i>, slic ".,*' l-'l-na ,ai-llnn In tin- Ku.lor iilai In lul!' .- liisu-iiniii. wlili-li ili-r'i,ir, d nvldly. ;vlil:r rln,; M Uli nrr |!ow n[ LI <vn, oi-nlnc, tin 1 [jli'hi IhimK-o un^ nld, 1 iii tr ^ 1,1:1.' 10 I lie ilvtrl!i:C'iit Miss i llu t!nli:. n rid .. Iirn- Mm " n11 iltrrrtnr 1:1 Aliv-* I'trilJ" l.lllfp ntil m:il-l. I ,-.!•„ ,--i- rMn-iurl? fiilul ..I Ml 11,:,, XIin l,,:i! ""' ''f',' "Hvnri-i mi .1-iiK liy tlir i>pnlllij initpiil. i,r llit- X(I\V CO <>V WITH Till! STtliU CHAPTER X1.1I nOS'Ni Uul lie forced softly. "1 Eiippose, ally, "a fnslilonahlc f.ihoel like ihlj! has plenty of carefully liiishud-up Ecundals — " "I'll say It lias!" MIST narle rt^ torlcd luelcsenlly. and «tth elwul- tsh satl^faolion. "Money can tlo nny:liinsl It malres my iilooj sim- lily hoil wlica 1 think of how ihoso anything I've told you alioui Klura Min-kell ami .fanei llnynioiid. . . . ,e ' 1 iiupi'. 11 ^!ie iiilik'il viciously, "lint ;. ! NII:I d,n|i]!fil ;i hint or twu if Kinia lor Jani-l In,! ihe nerve in liiKl) inn liv. ..hen sin 1 was In Hamilton!" I "1'i-rhai'H BliQ did." Dundee '. aiircdl sillily "Hy Iho v.ay. hoiv ;did Mm l:i:]-|'c:i ID jri-l till- |,ili nere ml ill- cllus tli« taster plays'?" "'!' 1 ::ii'.-i M'lial llse repo:t"rr I wanted tn knmv." Mls-i Karle|polt. D UNDKB'S Heaii Uegtird him lu .sinliod. "Hut Miss Pcmllctr.ii. -You're ask for more deialls ol I'l-nny's i wouldn't lei! them, tor fear Stn-jia 11U]ri ici-?" Unit j wiiiiStlu't lli:e 11. ft 1 .:-! ["..tyljo be MlK? I Ui;i\i.» iiiti; Mi;-- ac.indiil. v.-Jir-n evev>li::dy Knows slio's as slial^ln I anil told ;isr slit w.u awfully z••'••' She v.'as. inn. liui iiiu Mult tin ! when she I::.,; Hit- I-.;. 1 .! 1:1 ihc [ib) ' four or five ye-ivs a^ p >-' ni:in n.ituip. II »;is i;caily lliri-.' !.c i:vt-su:,1nl hi.; vard ) :.-! 1,1 iin Tln'Siir off Mr.i:nln:iy Tliv.c -. and I .I ininnU'S l:di-r l ti- iui; ici'iivi',1 in ilu- star' in^ ii;uni liy Se,'ei:a IE ill m.-L- ! ti-lunnili. nut ilia lull 'S hearl le.iped. he keep thfi now lot) \..ilii(ilo hints self in pn j ''"arlo In the liolncss In l,=:i!t. ' ^ pronipled. "Well, tlio next ilr.y allcr play the Eustcr vacation t-esau. ilic von know, and Flora fornori a letter from her fallicr, uivlnf; her prmils- Sinn 10 Biicml l!ie 10 'laj-3' Kasler bolide? with one of Hie e'rla wlio lived tu AUanta." Miss E.irlc con tinned, v.-lth Breat rellsii. "Well. "Did Serena Ilarl jci her llu' job?" Dundee was amazed. "Yes. . . . Watt. I'll bno'.v you tile letter of rcconimcudatlon filie wrote for Nlta to Mlsa 1'onilleion." Mis» Karlc offered eaRerly. "He- nicniuer, now, you'ro not to tell on me!" She went to a tall walnut filhiB woi-Hlni; on pyir Mla'l ;.bo U'S-ni Klll-.u-ji I'i'i' r.mble, as slio sc.i:e,l li;-v--i-l( ;-,i !:or lUensln^ laMo find lnii!i-;ili--.l ;i di-i crc[,it chair lor thu ili-tri llv, 1 . "I 1 U-.T.S wcnderlni; liiiv.- iniioh IIIIV.T I could keep oul uf H. . . . (H course yo-.i'vo lieen p'.innili^ that loor, fcnllsh Ciladyj ilario. . . . Why K!I-|H win, louk like l!i;ii are ilwayj called (ilmlyB- Cml: |']S tired! Ue'vt- hi-cn at ll since lu this moinliiK. luit thank Hie we're tliron^li now for tin: diiy." Duinleo studied her wlt!i keen In- c,lr, right in tlic middle ot Hie tioll- jtablnct. nnd ijulelily returned wlt!i . , , , am! fiiolililsh •scuk-ty-mnst FOR RENT-. r i roo:n Bungalow, 605 Chlci;asawna S',. Apply Mrs. Walter Hcscathal, Phone 14D. 6C-Ktf FOR RENT—Good 5 room house. located Kovth 10th St.. Call at. DIG, Holly. Phono 2M. 6C-K9 WANTED llamilton-sn snuiL- idays. here ciiine her fatlier and, , , . . , ! mother— Nicy were uolli alive tl'.en . in tiieir luck w^' j __„„„ !lB!;oll for n of a: Tliey wired lie ninnliis Pcor',!,,, gjr] ln Allanln. and l-'ioial M;a down, no-.v thai she's dead nnd i-aii't defend Ii the liuth was nnly bnowii a!;uut suuit wasn't there, and the HacketW were j nearly crazy. liavo il Mr Hut as HacUett m „ luelc would , ran inlo a „,„„, allli WANTED —. Family Washings. Waslicd and ironed by competent while woman. Mrs. Brown. 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF POULTRY V.'AKTET>—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF WANTErh-Rclialile man Between "a'Jfe5~bf"25' and 50 to supply o!d eslabllsl'.cd demand for Rawlcigh Good Health Products. Surety contract required. Company fui- nuhcs everything hut the car. Good profits for hustlers. Write the W. T. Rawleigh Company, Memphis, Tcnn., or see me, Dave Edwards, Leachrille, Ark. 1C-K7 WANTED — To buy poultry, any anicunt. market prices. J. E. Fisher at C. L. Sennet', Co. FjeJ Store, 210 N. R. R. 6C-K20 spinster—she was making h)3 task i n cnoru3 a r • so eisy for him " A chorus girl!" Dunilea echoed. "I've met tiieia all. ,i£ course, taking care uol to show his dlsap- sinco v,-3. Selini was murdeicd." polnlment. | lie said -Jeji-ccatiiKly. "and I muai | "Of course they naliDail her right j =ay ilii'y sc'iu to be rcnmr!;aljly fine | out ot tlie sliow. hut Hint wasn't the , ft-o;iic-ti tin! girls-" lv or5t or it 1 ." "Uli. are li'.ey?" Mlsa Enrlc snoi-tci!. "Vlura Ilacketi — Mrs Tracey Miles she is now—didn't I "lit t'.ic word went hopiien lo loll you the nice little | school liUo wildlire iuss sho ki~Uofl up \viieii ?lie .here, did s>'.ie'; Oil, no! I I LOST AND FOUND WANTED—To ljuy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South First St. ' 23C-TF STRAYED—Ulack horse mule. G years old, cut on hind foot. Call 555. 3P-K7 STRAYED — Three black horse mule:., white noses. 1200 pounds. Reward. George E. Snider. Manila. 3P-K8 TAKEN UP — Four horse mules, three libel:. 1 tay. white i:oses. weight about 1100 c.ich. asc abr/.it 12 years. Route 3. Box CIA. Frank Bircheit. GP-KO Mi=s Karle went on ] dr.imatlcnlly and mysteriously. "They tried to hush It up. of course, through the that Flora't nnly In the chorus, but that she was living with an actor she'd •jiiji!"- been writing fan letters to Ions "She Inn!;-:." l)n:ii!cc airfoil. "likr>'heforr- the Easter uiay went on!" a air] who would have made "Did you hear his name':" Dn;,lively." j dec asked. "I'll sav so! Miss Pendlelon | "No." .Miss Earle a note, which she Ihnibt inlo I),in dec's willinu hanib. lie read: DCIIT Hiss I'cnillclon: 'I'hc boirrr, JrfJTiKu /.dyh, is rn[/irr lii'.'lly fn need of H job, UJKI I hare suggested thai ;lic a|i|Jliy lo ?;i:( /or ti c/i«?icc /i) (Itfcct the K'S^ler plait. I Jinic hnoirii .Wlsj t.cnjh iir.isomilltt. /or lu ucitrs, anil hnvf. Ihr. highest rcganl. both lor her character and Jor /icr ability. .S'iacc l/oit usually stays 7:::u-ical comcrfics, ( <M"fc Hiss'ih. uho IMS l> a specially fl']!:rrr us icdJ as an actress in T,:'.ixicul comcil'j Jor about /2 •juirs. ti-orild be admiralty suite?. far ItiC itor/;. Knc-icintj n\\j tare Jor t-'tirsyfc as y)u do. I do not hai-c to assure I/OH that I wotil'l suriycsl nothing which tcniilri be faiiw.r-At'jl lo I/JC sc?tO'iCs best Interests. t'O'lillrj yours. Serena Hart. ABO<J-f GO UP I Alki AIRPLAME Ar ' OAicE A WEEK AW l"TSf "TH 1 A^-TbR y^Aus-f -iHA-f MAKES AU- -iH T Moise A l\u i3e-r OCCASIONS;,. r Tfle ROOF j WA&O/JS'. WrtEfVi I 5AV -fHA-r-rrie. woisg {' Noil llgAR "FROM AIRPLAME IS / cAUi-'np BV -Trie { , PROPELLER! J ^/^f\.^S rcrcst, nnd decided ulinnst BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HAH!) TIMES AHBA1) By Marliii "Sl^ was wrong Hi eve. bul 1 know it wtisn'l Nliu'a fault," .Miss I-'urlc, wlio liail ticci] IjnkttiB over nearly had nervous prostration!' j renretfully. "lint I'll bet aiirthins I "' s shnnldcr. coniiaentert upon the i. then tear ii was the truth! . . . Why. Flo,a ' l: 'sl sentence fCarie plni:;4ed on. cf the letter. blanched liei "You knuw face for a inometil. ou'vc proiniFci! you'll Ilackctt v.-as so man-crazy she flirted scandalously u-illi every In loll Miss i'enillclon or Miss j main teacher in tlio school. The Macon that you talked to me!" "You can depend on it that I will prrncet ynu," lliinilec assured licr. "\S"hen did Flora flackett kjck up her little fuss?" golf 'pro' we had then got so scared of her bo o.uit bis joh!" "t LUPPUSC," Dundee prompted craftily, "she wasn't any worse lliau some of (he other Hamilton "Let's see. Flora graduated - yirls.' In .lune. 19"0." Mi?s I-:arle obliged. \vt!lin^iy. "^p it must liavo been In ID1D—ycy, because she t:ad one more year here. Ot course lliey let bcr con:cb.Tck! . . . Money! . . . "Well." Miss Earle admitled re- fuclniitly. "nothing ever cai::u out on any ot the others, but'it.looked thishly funny to me wiieu Jane' Raymond's mother came and look "Ib Mibs Ilarl appearing play now?" Duiiilci! asked. "No. fun che's rehenrslny in one —'YcmpialiorT— which will open ai the Vi'arbnrloti Tbealcr next Monday iiighl." the Fecretary answered. "At commencement Tuesday nlsln. Serena told Miss I'ondieton t:ow awfully sorry she was aliout Nita, and gave mo lickets for tlio open- Ing. . . . Von go lo see Her. bin don't tell her 1 lold you anytime. ... I know she's rehearsing at ilie (healer this afternoon, because plain tlioui;li i-ho s-,:i:i, she wn^ even more masm-tli- than wlii-n sei-n Iioni the toLitllKhls. . . . Hailier carelessly dressed.' lon^ hrnwn hair rather tiuislc*!. her f;ice vtry |;nlu and liansard without ihe miilic-up whicli wonlil s' v e It ip.ilianco on Monday ul^hl, Svrcna Iliirl \\:is > <-l •no nf Hie ntor.i niti-iicilvr- v.iuricn Jinidt'e iind ever met—and n:i.' nl 'ID . kindest, ho feit -ui:l,lonly sn re. . . . "When did [ first meet Nlta l.einli?" sl'.c repealed his iiiieslluu. "I.el me llilnli— t)!:. yiv! Thu lirsl ycur aftc-r 1 went on Ih-i slati 1 — IfilT. We were In Mil! i!,»rus to- tc-llier In 'TcasiiiB 'I'll!)-'—a rotii'ii Lllow 1 . l>y tlic way. 'illu otiici" tir*'J of Ihe chorus wore an fully snooiy to me, because 1 w;in Hint anathema, I a 'society r-irl.' hut Nila was a dar- i lins. Khe showed me Ihe ropes, . ami we liecc-.iiie iplltc Intlnu'.tc — I r.ruiinrl the theater nnly, linwoi'er, . |sim:o my launts ui-[,i an awUilly strict eye on me. The show waft Hreat hit-ian un intn 1'JIS. till l^eljruary nr M:ir;-!i. I liclievc." "Then i!<> you liii"v:. Miss Hart, w]n.-ll:iT Xl'.a i;ot married during the winter';" Uiindee nslicil. "Why, yes. t'ni' tild!" Herein Hart answei-ul. l:rr luow clearing a!i r r a frown of cinrontr.-nion. "I can't remember c\ai:tly when, oul ll win before the rliow closed—cerlalniy a few wee:is before, lii-cansu the r.uor child was a deserlcd brldo days liu- foro the closiiii; uolice was posted.' "Descried!" Dundco exclaimed. "Hid yon meet her husband, Mlsa IIart? : ' (To tic Continued) WOOVO I'M GWXl •\^-< -\WMK VtA U\CV\ •VROTrt -TVKV WOO^Wi'^C t\ VH HOW »At New York Cotton to Lieutenant Governor-dent gcltins; down to the business of S antl iiis election Is ixpccted by ac- ever to Lieutenant Govcrnur-dent gcltms; ao'.vn to tnc Daftness ot uii-; : r]aniition. ' Lawrence E. Wilson us soon as the yi-onria!iO:is ami lawniaking- | Licuteniint Governor Lee Cazort, • latter is sworn Into office. ', - as his last oflicial act, win open Organization of both houses is, The 5u |p| M ,i--l>otlon whale Is I : llu :-enate Cession and will prob.ibly . turn '.he irganiza'.ion of that body ' FRECKLES AND HIS '"" f The sulphm expected to be completed during the : t | lc largest, living animal. Some j o;:?ning day and little time lost in i specimens are 80 to 90 Icct long NOW VAt rt/ 1 .^ U^B OV TO ow VOYlA. WE. NEW YORK. Jan. G. (UP)—Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Lo-,v Close Jan. new 08G 1C07 982 391 .lin. old. Mar 1002 1029 Hay 1020 1057 July 1051 10K Ocl" 1071 IOH2 Dec 1036 1110 Spots closed quiet ai)rt imchan? cd at 1015. 1001 1028 1052 lOGii 1034 1003 101-1 1W1 1CC5 1070 1035 New Orleans Cotton NE WORL-EANS. Jan. G. (UP) — Cctlon clsoed steady. Jan ilar May July o« Dec Opni High 985 IOC5 1010 1030 ---- 1C33 1055 .... 1C51 1073 1670 icni 103C 1CM ti cb.«-:S ster.tlv Lo-,v 9.S2 1003 1027 1C« toss 1036 Clo=; M7b 1017 1041 1065 ioiob 100S-7b 972. up c. Read C.Tmicr News \Vant I.oral and lonj ilisl.-inrp hauling. Sprrial rales nn rariosil lols. Tram for Inral hauling. V. IS. WASHAM 1-100 {.'hickasawba TKAXSFER riinm- 851 Voluminous an<;l Coinpli-: cated Program Awailsj General Assembly e T.nTLE RCCK. Jin. G (UP)—. Whrn Arkansas legislators coil- : vcnes here Monday in the scs-; Finn cf tho irciicral aMOtiibly they : I he confronted by ]:rcbably tlie' iiujxt vcliiniinou!i antl c-'ntplicated! ir!alive |)rcgram ever cr.connler- e« by that astute body. i Tr ' s;lcns will be charged with' the solution by enactments ot laws; of vastly perplexing problems' which mnsl te disposed cf by the • moFt cconcniical methods possible.! if Jl'.oy ciicnbe to iollriw Governor | Havv:y's counsel. , It grv.rrally is uelieveil that the' chicS executive's ir.CFsagc tn the assembly will dwell at ]"ngUi on the necessity cf legislative economy.! Early ccnferencrs of rnuse anrt senate leaders leave every indica- j tion that organization of Ihe icgis-! lal.nrc will be carried out in record; time nnd will not be delayed hyj contests \ Hepiosculativc Irving Keal.i | l-'ort Smith, Eor.crally is concerted j i t-> have the f|ieakershlp oT thr-i • l.cuse "s:wcd up". Supporters ot the 1 ! Fcri Smith candidate claim more than 75 pncent of the lower honso' has Hsnificil their willinsr.efs lo turn the ieai'ersliip ovor to Neal. ; TAKJNC.; 7WATS FIUE..NIHAT EASY! _ .f/l W. m kt* MTOPJMIS. Uy lilossw IS THAT VOj.SOUi "AWMS IT SASY, MOW... VJC21Y ASOUT It Vo'J AREMT Q>J1T£ SACK TO tJORWM_ 011,^5 JOST VJc^JT COf. MOPPED A R'.DE SLSO^ SKATED AU' HAD A HOT OF ... GOT B'lUG^E MS.. I'Mi \.Kf]~ GOKIMA O-JBR. DO TILL X'N'i SU^S X'W, STROiJG >5 11 Save you Aufo Olns JACKSON 1 2020 Mai" Ai-TO I'AUTS Phone Cfi HAY One bale or a train load. FAU CORN', shuck on. 8Rc. hsi. Shuck off. 8Ge lie: bit., in car lots. Cotton Rtntes Sales Co., Inc. lllylhcvillc, A.k. Phone H4 or LU 1805. OI;T c OBOY.' voo suc'JL9f\ SEEM WL.' I'M IN! Thtt H-M-U, jt&, AMD OUT TritV COME. 8&MG-PAKG! I BROPS ^ BOZO Tn 1 FIRST SHOT, ^^^' TH' I'LACK Cran( UVDDiE, I'M VROUDO' TOU. BUT VM \ SllOJUD O' KF.\.'ER OOXF- OFF AND J, -(ou'Evr-w LC'FT THE POOR. opf-M ,)' \m- ^<~ PUT OONT / WOS' HE'D llMt ; I A VIT. J '*, m^;~\ itiHiS- Sag-; 5??^ LIlitLM WS 5EiVD 6V MOWl. FtlL.\ —MC GOT IT TAUU TH£ T. CDME.- OM> r-M.WOR.RitD 'BOUT TueT iftj^ W

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