Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 12, 1949 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1949
Page 15
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Phone 4600 For a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, .MD., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1949 FIFTEEN Radio fttoundup •News And Notes On The Network* The/11 Do.It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo , NEW YORK—(INS) — A Hooper rating may not mean nuch to the average listener, ,^ut to a radio artist it's practically a matter ol life and death. •Of it Roes- up, he's in clover. If it Goes down, he may be out in the street. Since the greafc battle between CBS and NBC started, the public has 'heard a lot about Hooper ratings. Since the public itself is what those figures represent, it might like to Snow what they mean.. There arc 37,623,000 homes in the United States which have radios. A "point" in the Hooper ratings means one per cent of those homes, or 376,230 homes. It is estimated' that an average of two and two-tenths persons listen to the radio in each home, so that means that each "point" represents about 827,700 listeners. That's the number of listeners a radio program -gains, or loses when the Hooper rating goes up or down a point. Tht biggest switch of .listeners in history took place on Jack Benny's first-CBS broadcast. According to the." "Hooper ratings, CBS gained 2S.142.000 new listeners for the period between 6:30 ..nd 9 p. m. (EST) that evening. Incidentally, CBS is still confident that-it will soon get the Phil Harris- AUce.'Paye Show. It's reported that there have been a lot of 'long-distance phone calls between Harris and-CBS headquarters in New York during 1 the last week or so. NBC, on' the other hand,' is reported cooking up a few surprises of-its own. Now that the" smoke has cleared away and the dust has set- tledmetwork officials are said to be concentrating on long range plans to retrieve the .lost Sunday night prestige. ' ' ' . Most of the planning is aimed'at aeit'FaU, but some of it may develop earlier. MBS Commentator John Bosman wrote a poem the other day, descrlb- ing'that post-holiday feeling. Here it is:- • The bright red tie is out of ~ sight, .' And so's the lighter that 7.Twouldn't light. The tree's long burned and turned to ash; The last of the turkey's gone to •hash. And as Christmas departs for another year And we drink the drugs of our cup of cheer, Comes now the time when the bills axe due And the notices read: "This means you." WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12 Evening i:00—XOTTS Report 33 Mln.—nbo . .Xewscast Even' Bay—cb» Nutwork Silent Hour—»be-..ast > Kiddles Hour (r*p«»l)—ibc-WMt N-tworic Silent (1 hr.)—tubs-east Kiddles Hour (repeat}—mbs-ivtst .', t:U—STWrti: Music Time—nbo Discussion Serlts—cbs - 1:45—NewscAJlX by Three— nbc TjOWfcll Thomas (repeat 11)—cb« . 7:00—Sapper Club—nbe-bailo Tie Beulnh Skit—cbs , Ne^n and Commentary—»bo Fulton Lt-ivls. Jr.—mt» ' T:15—Xe-w'S iwd Comment—nbo . -Tack Smith Sho-w—cbs D«Jly Commentary—abo Dinner Date—rabs —7:30—Smoothies Trio—nbo Bob Crosby Club—cb« Lon« Ranker Drior.a—abc News Comment—mb* ...7:45—News Comnjemt—nbo Xew» Broadcast—cbs Of Elsa's -Sporta Comment—nibs health? •1:09—Blondle & Darwood—nbc . ' >1r. Chameleon, Dnma—ctn - The Amatsur Hour—abo Can You Top Thli—mbs . ,*:30—Great Giluersleeve— nbo - Dr. Christian Driraa—cbs HlKh. Adventure Drama—mb» »:ii—Hy Gardner Sa.ys—mbi ' »:(X>—The D\!fly Tavern—nbc - County Fair Quiz—cb» Milton Berle Comedy—abo Gabriel Hoatter Comment—mbn 1:15—X»w» Broadcast—mbi «:30—District Attorney Drama—nbc JamosMflton Concert—cb» Croucho .Marx Quiz—ab<: Family Theater—mba »:S5—News for 5 Minutes—nibs 10:00—The Big Story Drainu—nlic E«»t the Clock—cbs Bins Crosby Time—abc Playhouse— mba 10:30—Curtain Time Drama—nbo Capitol Cloakroom—cbs . Meredith Wlllson Show—iibc Dance Orchestra—mbs 11:00—News, Variety, : hrs.—co» Kewj & Danclni; Hour—abc 1 News; Dance Band - hrs.—:nbi 11:15—News £ Variety to 1—nbc K.'OO—Da-iclnc Continued—abc-wt»t O.K:,CATS/ DON'T STOP/ THIS OIGHTA VOJ JCIMPIM' FOR ANOTHER -HOUR IT.' THAT LITTLE' <3u/ LOOKS LIKE HE OJ6HTJ\ SIT THIS ONE OUT IN A REST HOME-' WE'LL HAVE TO PICK HIM UP WITH A SPONGE '' SHORT/ TCTES TOMS OF.MAIL ALL PAy AT THE POST OFFICE-MOW HE'S GOT TO POSH A ' TON OF FEMALE OH, scocy.' I WAS AFRAID' THIS DANCE WAS OVER-1 COULD THIS IS SRU5SOMER. THAW THE /MATCHES TELEWS/OA.' PLAVED 0 THANXAMA wor HATE'S ~TROMSbtJE.VER.By-K> corn. in". KING rrxTuxts sYvotCATi:. w, WOULD RIGHTS RESERVED. Ll'L ABNER By Al Capp Mary-.Htticorth's Mail Editor's Not?: Woman asks^help for her daughter-in-law, who recently told her- to mind her business when she •offered to entertain lor her mother. DEAR MARY HAWORTH: I have two flne sons and five lovely grandchildren, but my elder son's wife Elsa has become quite nervous .and tried to persuade John" that med- only more recently has found courage to express it. I daresay she feels tilings couldn't be worse, so why not put her cards on the table. Nine New Senators On CBS Cloakroom Bj- C. E. BUTTERFIELD NEW. YORK — (ff) — Television's four networks, making' up their Consider the fact that you are' schedules for newly combined, east- •stlll obstinately insistent upon | midwest picture . circuits, expect to "wanting" to entertain Elsa's mo- provide 1 about 70 Hours of programs ther desplte Elsa , s «* *«* rejection ago. What does ,....,,. . , this signify; if not that you are a leal attention is Imperative for her tireless-pest in family relationship, out he shrugs off the importance ofi and comp iacently heedless of any ' H»rmil*l*Al*C t.V^ I' i-r\ii rtan -f r\r>n{ MTI- .Her.treatment of me is indicative, and I believe the problem might be readily .solved with the help of yqjjr insight made available to ELsa through your column. She used X) be sweet and receptive to me, now she is harshly recentful, and last month she even told me to mind my o\vn business when I merely offered to entertain her mother, who is expected for a visit soon. Of. course.I forgave this "slap," but .her attitude toward me is consistently bitter and I don't know why I'm the object of her spleen, I've always been as kind as humanly possible to both daughters-in-law. demurrers that you can forcibly override or plausibly discredit. Your mind - works deviously to undermine opposition and support your delusion of magnanimity.. And tills of course would madden a. daughter'-ir.-la-w struggling to defend some comer of privacy from your irrepressible meddling. For instance, it's not literally true that" you forgave Elsa's slap. Had you forgiven, you wouldn't be writing a slyly recriminatory document with'intent to-put her in wrong. Rather, your expedient reaction was to ignore 'her thrust, if by so doing you wene -able to perpetuate .your preferred position of being always in her-hair, figuratively speaking. and helpful where they will let me. My husband and I are lavish with Real Foundation AUNT HEX By ROBERT QUELLLN _-.' A/a There -wouldn't bo .so many divorce* If more women felt Ilko I do. Pa ain't perfect, but I fljTUre he's about as good ax I dewve. gifts, and even provide the children with a free vacation bungalow next to our own. Mother-in-Law Lavishes Love After all this love and tinder standing, so freely given, Elsa's cruel attitude sometimes seems more than I can bear. She Is an only child and dJdn't go to college, although she'w-ent to- night'. school for a year, while working days, before she married my son. .Her fa- ther'dlcd five years ago.' "". Perhaps more religion in her life would help. I'm confident sh« wouldn't consider psychiatric aid. Please answer 'soon, as I still want to entertain her mother. I'm sure she'd enjoy it and I'd love to; but of course if Elsa interprets it as interference, it may be better to Ignore the mother's visit entirely. What Is your opinion of this? And behavior and state of H. 3. Mother~in-L<nc'$ A Tireless Pest DKAR H. B.: SUCh. insight as I Mary Hawor'.h counsels throuch must in honesty-SUggest should come ' column, not by mall or personal Inter- as no surprise to Elsa. As I see the ! ^- s WrUc hcr ln "« ° r "^ ' Evening (Copyrlltnt rtK washir.Rton Po.,tt (Distributed by Kinu Features syndicate) For Wife's Ire Also,' the . undercurrent, of your reference to Elsa is meanly disparaging, though adroitly sugarcoated to the undisceming auditor; and I'm sure this, is your habitual pitch in discussing- her with John, especially now. that she-is flghting Back, in a punchdrunk way, against your "mom"-drive for • domimmce of John's married life. Elsa's strident bitterness is linked to awareness tha't you've smothered her initiative from the start, so that she's never had a'chance to develop a mature, sacrosanct, bonafide union, but can you •such was your of forces with Joim; the fact that •$' unconscious aim? If you can, and in all humility will revise your performance for the better, her former sweetness may revive. About Elsa's mother, be receptive to becks without butting in. It were catty to ignore her, if not encouraged to fete her for your own glory. .It's Elsa's-.prerogative to be mistress of ceremonies during such visits, an^d you're wrong in trying to confuse the issue. M. H. her picture, she has mple non-neurotic jutlflcatlon for resenting you, and The Worry Clinic ;Ey Dr. George W. Crane: Editor's Note: Men nnd women -will try to dress properly and artistically, but often fall to .clothe tllclr thoughts In charming apparel.' A girl who wouldn't think ot wearing «.n old Mother Hubbard to a formal parly. may 1 parade her thoughts In equally' unattractive Barb and apparently wonder why she loses her boy Irlcnds. CASE S-2G3: Harry F.. agccl 22, Is copy writer in an advertising agency. ,"Dr. Crane, I'm. anxious to have you look at some of our new. layouts," he informed me, and of course I was very glad to see them, e^pec- ially. since I have been teaching courses in advertising and selling; for many years. You will observe,' however, that Harry Illustrates a common .misuse of the word "anxiq^s." He reajly meant to say that he was "eager" or "desirous" of having me pass Judgment on his ads. While I do 'not. wish to appear oetty or picayune about this matter a good vocabulary, I do. wish to point out the fact that words possess distinctive personalities. Sometimes words arc so much n!ikc that they arc 1 verbal "twins", in which case we call them synonyms. But even synonyms have- shades of meaning' which arc not exactly illke. "Sharp" and "keen" are synonyms, whereas "sharp" and 'dull" are antonyms. Mow To Clothe YOTJF Thoughts will often spend large sums ofvmoney trying to clothe their bodies' atuactively, yet fall to dress .up their thoughts in proper words or phrases suitable to the time and ace.' Many men and women have lost social prestige, salary increases and customers or clients, simply because attired in threadbare, smutty or trite verbal Ain't but the. dough -to live at swell Joints like tills 1 one." Even college graduates will parade their, fraternity or sorority pins and show ofl their honors, as a college loitered sport sweater, while their language is often 1 a disgrace to a truly educated person. ; Arc Your Words In Style'.' . ' In . his excellent volume on advertising copy, G.. B. Hotchlviss has effectively brought.out the personality' distinctions between words which are classed as synonyms. Notice the following quotations: "We can speak of a bunch of flowers, but a. bunch of girls is a bevy: a bevy of elephants . is a herd;'a'herd of thieves Is a galls; a gang of angels Is a host; a host o. r wolves is a pack; a pack of geese is a flock: a. flocjc of acrobats is a troupe; a troupe of bees Is a swai'm: a swarm of pigs is a drove; a drove cf horsemen Is- a-troop: -a troop of fish is a school; a school of partridges is a covey;- a covey of police Is a squad; a squad of editors is a statf; a staff of salesmen Is a crew." *Vnd the above synonyms do not exhaust our Engllsli words descriptive of a group. Notice, 1 moreover, the unfavorable "feeling tone," as we call it in advertisinj;, with regard to a "Rang of v nnge!s." New Tailoring- For Ideas '• "She was a skinny maiden'' also violates proper phrasing or verbal feeling tone. The adjective ."skinny" has n masculine flavor, '-reminiscent of freckle-faced boys, dirty and disheveled," as they play ball on a vacant lot. The word "maiden", however, has n. distinctly romantic, feminine connotation. So "skinny maiden" Jars' our sensitivity. When • attractive girls- employ Inng and .vulgarity,. profanity or "ain't," they also -produce a verbal discord In the otherwise harmonious ensemble of appearance, clothing, and conversation. It requires very little effort to tailor your ideas in keeping with the. - demands of cultured modern society. Slovenly speech and verbal vulgarity have cost many, people salary Increases. (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, inc.) A U." S. Public Health- Survey on trie'eyes of l.OQO.OOO persons showed that 20 .per cent of those in the 17-18 year age .group had visual problems; 39 per cent of those at tlie age of 30: 71 per cent of those at 50, and 80 per cent of those at' GO. POOR PA By CLAUDE CALLAN AH REOECTSYQ VAN LUMP.'T''—YO'ANJ'.YORE FAT, < SLOPPY MILLIONS.':''—THAR'S 1 NOTHIN'PERSONAL. IN THIS— / BUT, AH HATES EVRYTHING r RUSTY RILEY STOPHER'sHErs THt LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORU>.1' r " RACIW5 WNS, IN A FEW SECONDS THE SELBY CUP WILL BE HISTOSy...BIS BLAZE ANP tlKELY UP HAVE LEFT Th'E PEST OP THE AY BEHINP... IT LOOKS RAL LENGTHS, STEVE CANYON By Frank Godwin uooRAM^r./ a week between them. The new hookup goes into regular operation today after last -night's opening'. |, Most of the shows will be of New; York orgin, with the others to come out of Chicago. Quite a few of the ( planned productions run an hour or more. Because of space limitation the time is being divided among the users. 1VTBO HIGHLIGHTS. TODAY 4:00 Enckstasc Wife (NBC). < 4:15' Stella Dalits (NBC). 4:30 Lorenzo Jones (NBC). 4:<5 Your.R Wldder Brow. (NEC). 5:00 Jive nt Five, 3:30 News. 5M5 Th'. ¥ Sonatcers. S:00 News. CMS Hawaii CaDs. G:30 The Sportsman's Corner. 6:45 Adventures In Research. 7:00 The Supper Club 'HBO. 7:1.1 News of the World (XBC). 7:30 TJ. S. Navy Band. 7:45 H. V. Kaltenborn (NBC). 8:00 B'.ondlc (NBC 1 8:30 Te- be Announced. 3:00 Duffy's Tavern (NBC). 3:30 Mr. Dlstrlc: Attorney (NBC). 10:00 The 3!(T Story iNBC). 10:30 Curtain Time -(NBC). 11:00 News,. 11:15 Music lor Moods. .11:30 Meadowbrook Club Orchest.-i (NBC). 1 12:00 News iJJBC). TOMOHR01C 6:00 Breakfast on a Platter. ' G:!5 New;,. 0:20 Breakfast on a Platter. 7:30 News. 7:35 Breakfast on a Platter. 5:00 .World News Hound-Up (NBC). 8:15 ' The Mlr.ute Parade. 8:45 Morning Meditation. 3:00 Honeymoon .In New York (NEC). 0:30 Music for Thursday. 3:55 News. 10:00 Fred Waring Bho»- (NBC). 10:30 Road or Life 'NBCi. 10:45 The Brighter Day (NBC). 11:00 Tills Is Nora. Drake INEC). 11;15 We Love and Learn (NBC). 11:30 Jack Bcrch Show (NBC). 1IM5 Music at Mid-Day. 12:15 Mid-Day News.' • 12:25 -The Bandstand. 12:45 a. F. D. 1:00 concert. Airs, 1:30 Sows. 1:35 Cadence 120. 1:45 Here's Jack Kilty (NBC). 3:00 Wnltcr O'Kccfc's Double or Nolh- ' Ir.B (NBCI. 2:30 Today's children (NBC). 2:45 Interludes. 2:S5 News. 3:00 Life Can he Beautiful (NBC). 3:15 Ma. Perkins CNBC*. 3:3C Pepper Young's Family fNBC). 3:15 Rlsiit to Happiness (NBC). WCUM -HIGHLIGHTS TODAY •4:00 Melody Ballroom—Sports Parade. 4:2! CBS News (C13B). 4:30 Robert Q. Lcu'lN Show (CBS). 5:00 Treasury Bandstand (CBS). 5:30 The Cliicagoans (CESI. • 5:45 Meet The Band. 6:00 Eric Sevarcld ,t the News (CBS). C:15 Speaking Of Sports. • 6:30 Dinner Music. 7:00 Ncvcs. 1:05 Night Ride. 7:30 Melody Tlrnc. • 7:45 Y.M.C.A. Series:8:00 News. ; , 8:05 It's-Danco Time. . . ' 8:30 Music For You (CBS). 9:00 ..Western Variety Show. 0:15 Guest Star. B:30 Skyway To The Stars (CBS).' 10:00 Beat The Clock (CBS). :o:3D Cnpitol Clonlt.noom (CBS).' i::00 World TonlRht '(CBS), 11:10 News Analysis (CBS), :j:*.5 Guy Lombardo Orchestra. (CB3), 11:30 Speaking Of Sports (Repeat!. . 11:45 Ray Robblns Orchestra. (CBS), , 12:00 News. . ,'• 12:05 Joe Hclchman Orchestra. (CBS). 12:30 Tex- Eenekc Orchestra. (CBS). 1:00 News (CBS). 1:05 Sisn Oft. TO-MORROW 5:55 Sign On—News. 6:00 Uncle Jack's Mus'.cal Clock. 7:0fl News—Weather Report. 8:00 World News Roundup (CBS). 8:15 J^r^s Hnve a MuMcitl Roundup. 11:30 Cliapel In Tlie Sky. »:45 Marc]-. Time. 0:00 News of America (CBS). [);1S Bnrnynrd Follies (CBSt. 9:45 Western Variety 6how 10:00 Music j"or You (CBBl. 10:15 Music From The Blue Room. *• 10:30 Arthur Godfrey (CBS). 11:00 News. . . 11:05 Mornin? Moods, 11:15 Chat with Rerun. 11:30 Trl-Statr Dntebonk. ' 12:00 News—Weather Report. 12:15 Sweet Swing. 13:30 Luncheon Melodies. 1:00 World News. 1:05 Melody Ballroom—Sports Parade. 2:00 New«. 2:05 Melody Ballroom—Sports Parade. 3:00 News. 3:05 Melody Bn'.lroom—Sports Parade. 3:30 Yo:ir Lucky Strike (CBS). 4:00 Melody Ballroom—Sports Parade. •By-Miltoii..Ceaaff. RIP KIRBY DOPE WHO WALKEP \ OUT.' f I'M STEVE CANYON! WHERET. I&.THAT STliPIP CXZOOP WHO JAyiVAUCED IN FRONT OP US'? IF H5 UMreESTANPS ENGLISH / 1 WANT TO WARM HI* EARS}/ DO YOU KNOW WHETHER. AKYOUE HAS EVEE. HITCH-HIKED 335M H3ZE &ER1H& STRAIT TO NORTH AMERICA By Alfx Raymond l5=,MCTr!=R... I OH, H= DID, DID HE 1 KIRSY TlKNSDj-' DID YOU TSLL HIM ' ME DOWM / EVERY7HINS ? THE NAME BUGS BUNNY HE WOULDN'T LISTEN T ...aJT / L OFF ... TACTICALLY THRS\V • MR. KIR3Y..THI5 OJP?IN£..;I..Z SHCULD HAV5 SHO'.VU ITTO-WJ 3EFOSE... IT'S FRCSA3LY 57 A SILLY RLMCR THIS NEW POLDIN 1 BED IS GONNX SAVE ME PUHLENTV O % SPACE N\l TH 1 GUY SWD T 1 PUSH 3\ ^il TH' BUTTON A.N' IT ' WOULD POUDUP,.. HMU,.,MUSTB£ OM TH'OTHER SIDE.'/, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IT'S SUPPOSED (V BE AUTOMATIC...") , By EdgarZMartin TIM TYLER'S LUCK By Lyman Young IP WE OON'TFIND ADAM EVERTON'S CAVP GROUND SERPENT LAKE, TIM, WE'LL RETURN TO OL'R BOAT AND RADDLE BACK TO V/ATOKA VILLAGE— FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ay Merrill Blotter I r-i-i. I really intended to let Ma know that I sent my.sister Nan ten' dollars, but when I saw the hip washin' Ma, did that very day I forgot to tell her. -The word "mile" is derived from Latijiiwords meaning a thousand LARDSY, AMD . YOU'LL FIMD our' LEARN TO STAND AROUMO LIKE A SKIER. THEN/ MYRTLE [slow, WATiCH ' • CLOSELY.' TMIS is A KICK TURN' OH. ME. WHY I TAKE UP- By-Dudley Flake* IF YOU DC.N'T GET A HAIPCIJT PPETTV SOON 1 , SOMEBODY WILL SHOOT VO'J FOP A REDHEADED B5AP 'AMD 1^S3E WERE CL WAITING TO GET SHAVED WELL.IJUSTCWAE PAST TJE BAPBE5- SHOR AND T^Ef?E Jf O H WASN'T AMYBODY r.OODIE I HOPE SOWE-TIME YOJ FOPCET AND CO

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