The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 12, 1997 · Page 16
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 16

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 12, 1997
Page 16
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J4. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12. 1997 LIFE THE SALINA JOURNAL HOUSEHOLD HINTS Odd Shoe Exchange helps amputees HELOISE King Features Dear Heloise: My young grandson has to wear two different-size shoes. His parents buy two different-size pairs each time. Is there anyplace a person can send these extra shoes instead of the trash? — Mary B., Springfield, Mo. Dear Mary: Yes, there is, and they can help others. The National Odd Shoe Exchange (N.O.S.E) would be happy to take new, odd-size shoes. N.O.S.E. is a nonprofit organization that has been providing shoes to its members for over 54 years. Their mission is to distribute shoes to amputees and people with two different-size feet. They provide new and unused shoes to members, adults as well as children. The shoes are donated by members as well as large companies. The shoes must be brand new and in excellent condition, then they are matched into sets and inventoried by size. Providing members with properly fitted shoes helps them save money. For more information and-or to become of member, send a self-addressed, stamped, legal-size envelope to: National Odd Shoe Exchange, Attn: Information Request, 3200 N. Delaware St., Chandler AZ 85225-1100. My compliments to this group for filling a real need. — Heloise Dear Heloise: 1 have noticed over the months that paper towels have increased in price while containing fewer square feet of towels. Some of the "giant" rolls are some of the worst buys. The advertising makes them seem like super bargains, but, in reality, they are super rip- offs. My yardstick in buying these towels is that if the square footage of the roll (shown on all rolls at the bottom) is more than the price of the roll, I don't buy it. Another towel-saver is to hang a clean bath towel in the kitchen. — George, Hickory, N.C. Dear George: And a hand towel. — Heloise Dear Heloise: I wanted to recycle, but I couldn't fill the container and then lift it. My clever son got 1 a plant roller, attached it to my recycling bin, then made two holes for a little rope. Now 1 pull my little recycling "wagon" very easily. — Jacquelyn Driesslein, San Antonio Dear Heloise: If you see a picture or news item concerning an acquaintance or their child or grandchild in your newspaper, why not clip it and send it to that person? It makes a nice point of contact and they wouldn't mind having an extra 1 clipping. — Mrs. John Gifford, Springfield, Mo. It's a nice gesture because they may not have seen the clipping or don't get the paper. Also, please remember to include the date on the clipping. — Heloise Send a money- or time-saving hint to Heloise, PO Box 795000, San Antonio TX 78279-5000 or fax it to 210-HELOISE. I can't answer your letter personally but will use the best hints received in my column. T GARDENING Mum's definitely the word in fall flowers LINDSEY BOND TOTTEN Scripps Howard News Service Oh, why couldn't the taxonomists leave well enough alone? They fiddled with the genus Chrysanthemum until they finally « broke it. As a result, "Chrysanthemum" is no longer. You'll now have to decide whether you want * a Dendranthema, a Leucanthemum, a Nipponanthe- mum, or a Tanacetum in your garden. Phooey. Isn't it like botanists to decide what's best for gardeners, then leave it to horticulturists to sort out the taxonomic shambles they've created? I feel even sorrier for the Japanese. The Chrysanthemum has been their national flower and a regal symbol for centuries. Try explaining to an entire country that they now have to "pick one." ; What the botanists could no longer abide was the classification system that placed chrysanthemums and daisies in the same genus. Botanically, the two were significantly different. But rather than retain the name "Chrysanthemum" to describe the well-known species and simply create a new category for daisies, they eliminated "Chrysanthemum" entirely and split the genus into: • Dendranthema: This group contains all of the traditional autumn-blooming varieties we recognize as chrysanthemums. (Note the suffix "ma". All of the others end in "mum". I swear it's an attempt by the botanists to abolish even the hope of retaining the affectionate term "mum". Botanists hate nicknames.) • Leucanthemum: Included here are the shasta daisies, familiar names like 'Alaska', 'Becky', 'Snowcap', 'Snow Lady' and 'Switzerland'. • Nipponanthemum: This is the new genus name for the nip- pon, or montauk, daisy. This large on the HOME & GARDEN TELEVISION ass the mayo and ashes: To clean white water marks off of wood, make a paste of mayonnaise and ashes (from cigarettes or the fireplace). Spread it over the stain and yse fingers to lightly scrub the mark. The ashes will help scour the stain. Leave on for a couple of minutes and wipe away. Repeat if necessary. • Photo memory: When looking for a new home, take along certain items to help you out. Bring along a camera to take snap shots of the house, a pad of paper for note-taking and a tape measure, the latter to be sure your favorite pieces of furniture will fit in the spaces provided. • X marks the spot: A good tip for storing rubber stamps is to lay a piece of paper down inside your stamp tray and stamp the paper where the stamp will be stored. • Perky smells: If your drawers smell musty, place a dish with some fresh ground coffee inside. Close the drawer and let it sit for a couple of days. The aroma blends very nicely with wood and gives a fresh scent to furniture. Tips and tricks gleaned from Home and Garden TV. Your Child Will Face Lots of Tests This Fall. Make sure you've done all YOU can do to make sure she's prepared. * UMCPHPJtlPMOIL LPVt * * CPM«18te.HCy * HtdUt-H CClRt * GiPOD ROU Let us know if we can help. Confidential, caring. Committed to the people of Central Kansas. tl Kansas Helping Make Ufa totter 823.6322 white daisy has almost succulent leaves and blooms twice a year. • Tanacetum: Costmary, or bible leaf, joins tansy in the already-established genus Tanace- tum. Its species name, balsamita, will stay the same. I have no problem with this switch. Costmary doesn't look or behave like a Chrysanthemum, anyway. Quite frankly, I won't miss it. Whatever the name, no other flower equals the garden mum for autumn appeal. Shapes and sizes are practically endless, the result of decades of intensive hybridizing. Even opposing colors seem to blend harmoniously, similarities in form mitigating disparate shades. Just add white mums to a mix of other colors to tone everything down. I grow Dendranthemas... maybe if I practice, I will get this ... from rooted cuttings each year. Like annuals, in other words. It's both economical and satisfying. They take up space in the cutting garden for several months, but, come fall, it's awfully nice to have them to fill gaps in the perennial border. Mums transplant easily anytime, even when the stems are in bud. Just move them before the flowers open. Choose a cool cloudy day, get them in the ground quickly, and water them well. Blossoms will open on schedule. Technically, mums are perennial, but I've never had great luck wintering them over. Coml • Theme Baskets • Seasonal Florals • Paintings on Wood Beautiful Selection Must See HOMEMADE HAPPINESS THE SHOP WITH A HEAR! 10-5 Mon.-Sat. 102 E. Iron Salina 825-6515 "Why didn't we do this ii long time ago?" Escalating funeral costs are as much a part of our life as are increases in most of the purchases we make. A major reason for pre-funding is to allow you to protect your I resources from the impact of I inflation. By pre-funding, [ you determine your funeral arrangements at present day prices knowing that funds will be available when needed. Contact Diana Frobenius at Roselawn Mortuary. Call 825-8231 for further information or to set up an appointment. | a representative of Homesteaders Life Co. anil other financial institutions. ROSKLAWN MORTUARY 1307 S. Santa Fe Boy Scout ANNUAL TI|«Ctti,BM October 11 to November 10 ORDER TODAY Available from your neighborhood Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts FRAMED ART October 13-18 r 15% Off All Prints ',;. FOREVER OAK • HtHicnfM CM Furniture 6 Accent! • Eliiiore Center 1-800-864-4429 823-9729 Rerijtef to *rin a FREE PRINTIt 619 E. Crawford M/F10-6 Sat. 10-4 °^ •*"* KAREN DOERRY, M.D. Dr. Doerry, Associate Director at Smoky Hill Family Practice Center, is now accepting new patients. Dr. Doerry has both a.m. and p.m. office hours. Call 785-825-7251 to make an appointment. Weed The Weather In A Hurry? Read The ALMANAC. For All Your Weather Information Salina Journal c Salina's Silver Needles Quilt Guild presents: Handing Down the Memories from October 18-19 Bicentennial Center, Salina 10a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday (1 p.m. miniature quilt auction) Nobn to 5 p.m., Sunday Admission: $&\> Merchants Mall both Country dancer twirls ballerina's heart. Dance the night away with romance. If you're too busy to meet someone special, our Connection Une can help. If s completely confidential and your ad is FREE! Mail, fax, e-mail, or call us with your free 25 word personal ad today! ECTldN <'OU" f i; CQNNECTld * \ LI N 333 South Fourth, Salina, KS 67401 • 1-800-827-6363 Fax:785-823-3207 • E-Mail: • Call 785-823-6363 \

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