Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on July 2, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1952
Page 4
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' Tlie Weallier ^ Cloudy, warm. High yesterday 86, noon today 73. Full Weather InfonnAUoo Pa«e 6 BY FAR T H K I, A K G E S T CITY. R IT R A L, 84th Year; No. 228 Combining the Vindicator & Republican Esthon-iUe, fknmet County, D'i PAP \ \ . CIRCULATION IN K SI Jt K T CO I N T Y Wednesday, July 2, 1952 An lij(ii'|>cnilrnl Nr'W««i»ap«<r Week SOti Cm H £MBABKING IN A canoe are EsthervlUe Girl Scouts (front to back) Diane Huntslnger, Margaret Hcywood and Judy Brazec with an assist from other EsthervlUe scouts on dock, (front to back) Karen Perkins, Peggy Bowyer, Barbara Sternborg, Mary, Bauman, Roxannc Jensen, and Marsha Sapdin.' They are part of the 82 scouts. (Dally News photo and engraving) 64 of thorn from Esthei-viUe, attending camp this week. In addition to their favorite activity, canoeing, the scouts take part In swimming, boating, archery, casting for fish, handicraft, rope lashing and tying knots and first aid during their weeklong outing at the Prairie Gold Boy Scout camp on West Okobojl lake. Reds Hold American Tourists Force Them into Soviet Zone Berlin t/P)—CommunUt police arrested three American clcrsymap and a Qerman girl today and for<$- cd them Into the Soviet «ono of Germany at gunpoint. The U. S. army demanded their Immediate rcleaae, but they wore still in custody at nightfall. U. S. army liaison officers said the three men arc Catholic pricsta from the Frankfurt office of Catholic Relief Agencies Operation in Germany (CRALOO). « • « THG PROVOST marshal said the homes of tho three as obtalnOii from tho Rusattins were: Martitt Borowczk, George Gorskl and Bro- nlslaus Sokolowskl. They arrived in Berlin only this morning, U. S officials said. Tho girl wna Identified as Miss Kathcrlnc Wlntzlcr, an employe hero of the national Catholic Woi- faro conference. Tho girl mot tho three Americans at tho railway station and drove them to tho American community area in suburban Zehlendorf— where the American sector of Berlin touches tho Soviet occupatloit zone. WKST BERLIN police said cast German people's police, armuid with carbines, made tho arrest at the border point when tho Americans pointed a camera at a Russian border guard. Police said tho Americans violated a number one rule for safe living In the tense border area— don't point a camera at a Russian, especially If he has a gun. American officials believe Miss Wlntzlcr was taking tho visitors on a slghtscoing tour In a car belonging to CRALX)0. (In Wnahlngton, the national Catholic welfare conference said the three priests wore all from the Cbicago area. They bad attended _ tho Barcelona cucharlstlc confer- Jafihervilio Twp enco and from there had started a. ifive)viy>M)lo Uake tour, of various places In Kurope) ' 14 Ike Delegates from Georgia Disqualified 1952 Assessment is Highest on Record Tho 196S as-tcssment rrocntly completed by tho ICnimi -t rouniy assessor's office Is the litiihrst on yocord. Assessor Ervlu K. Christ- tianscn n-porls. Statistics from hlH office jthow am Increasi- over your of ia'i.- aM for real estate, HIIOWIUK : fur ))Ulldlng9 which have boon turn down or otherwise dostroyiil. Por- ponal property shows liioroiiso of $337,479; moneys ami erodlt^, 11,507,181; ond bulUllntiM on IOUHIII land, J*,D17. Moneys and creiUta In F.itimot bounty according lo Iho liisi an- icsamcnt totaled $,^.209 ,051, Now )Ulldlng8, 7"29,576 In . nunibor, iil lOO per cent vaUiiitlon, loliil $10,1103,8^9. AssenNod valiinllun, which ft 60 per cent of "loal value," jaquals $6,'<82.387. 4 Buildings on loiins tutul tH.'.MU tor the county. >!; w MVK8TOCK, AS porBoniil prop- orty, was assessed In the county as follows: 7&8 horsoM, $'J ,'i .2HU «r about »33 each; 3,352 urc« liidlrnto pnrtnomhip) cntllo In iVidltiK'. J4.V>,8.10 or »i:«H»() ouch; 2M2'u ono-ycar holtoiK, JMH.WH or JU2,70 onoh; 1.073 twoycnr Siolf IK. JHT.Oid or Jl,17 ouch; »:.m coWK, $l,i;i8.ie7 or $n.%.70 ouch Otiior tlvt'stuck Incluilon l,Ui)>v ono-s*i'ur Kloors «» I»OK«OII itt $i:tH,'Jtl3 or J12I..'M) each; 173 two your Htoors lit JW.W .'i or $m 10 i -Hch; UK hulls III |»^,^&S or |1RH.70 oach; 2,271 suino 111 J100,»1B i.r $H.10 ouch; 2,fl«7 shocp at $IO,r>,V) or $1.'>.10 ciuh Tho fiM.xi 'wsoi'K offlio cnlojjorUoil lit hi r poiHoiinl proporl.V im (nnn niivchluory, crnln. fiirnlluio, nur- chiimilsii', oil .itnllons, miivInK pic (.urrs, iiullo .i. Jowolry ami olhor priipi'ity Kiirm nuichlmry In Iho rouniy In UHsoHHoil HI ja.HM.720; »,riilii. $ll,:foi'; futnltulo, $1IX).»I)3: mof cluinillso, $4.2fHI.»0,1; oil HIHIIOIII' VJ27.i:il; iiKivltiK pIcturi'M, JVH.T.'i.'* niillDH, $KH,ft^^; [iliinoa. J.'P7,2.'I4, Jowolry. JI02.00.'i; ittlior, Jfi,')l.»Jl In liiliulaloil form fur oiiilt lii«n nlilp. Iho /iHBoHiiniiiil U biukoii fcailhurNillc Inc. Armslrong Inc. Jtlngstcd SVolllngford OruVor boUlver penmark- Armstrong Grovo Iowa I -uko Mn ^oln SWan Lake Jack Creek Wafh Lake Center Bllsworth Briimet ('.• flR- iloxvn tlui.i: MunovH i\i> N'on 100", AflHCHUCll ClollitH lUillillnKK ViiUii' ViiUlo $l,fl7t,»lfi $IS)*.821 t:t,774..'>7» »2.',!(l 1,747 ;u;t,i,xi 47II.73U 2H7.K.53 •nv.ei.i 27,702 4in.H6:i 2l0.f.lH I(i.270 »,'.!» lIl.miH fi(l,K,Ml 8.(KK) 2,0t.'-( 63.R42 ;!K.12.'| 21.m II, 1120 MM:> 33,r>l!) 26,(Mi2 3.1.011 042,e»3 3H.'i,t)l.'i <0.3(iO i2.:i:)3 .')22,:)«() 313,415 4,700 41M..').'>3 'i,'. 1,012 riK,62fl .'i,.')2H 312,018 lH7.r.7l 4 (.200 13.784 5.'>U.600 3:i.'i,7nr. ril,H8 10.1,'i7 002,273 3ft 1.364 e.' 2.40(1 41,T2B4 •24tt,lft« 32,920 0.80!) 3H 1,600 3.708 23,4411 4r,D,01» 273,371 30.r>oo 4,l»H5 404..330 24'ii,800 81.000 34.014 441,000 2B4,«IMI . 0.832 «.m. 403,368 ^ 21)6,410 TBNTS PITCHED AT th^e Prairie Gold Boy Scout camp have served 'as home for 82 • Girl • Scouts this week. Linda * Hansen (on cot) and Donna McDonald relax after a swim while Janet Langfltt,hangs out a towel to dry on lines strung between the tents. Nine counselors accompanied tho girls. They are Mrs. ptto Harms, Mrs. Wilbur Mickolson, Mrs. J. P. Betty, Mrs. P. G. Gray, Mrs. Herman Jensen, Mrs. Georgo Hagerroan, (Daily News photo and engraving) Mrs. Don Loftus, all of EsthervlUe, and Mrs. Helen Mikes of Algona and Mrs. Kitty Otts of Algona. Camp will end Friday night following a court of awards around a floating campflro where badges and awards for the past year are given to the girlsr A water carnival will bo presented by staff members In the afternoon and families of the scouts will hold a picnic supper. Germ War Def^pse Is '...••fi • •• ,, Organized The , poportment of Agriculture has undertoken, at the request of the Federal Civil Defense Administration, tho national' responsibility for devising measures necessary to protect against the Intentional introduction and spread of diseases and pests of livestock, crops and forests, o6unty Farm Bureau Agent 'Frank L«wn announced' today. "The fact that our crops and llvestotok are healthy and productive makes thetii 'particularly vulnerable to attack with foreign diseases and Insect pests," Lown said. "However, a good organization and plan for dofenso-can reduce mo ^^u-ial^ the {)as^^ of such an , Vt9Ui >i;r;TUISi }]JfeniUnd ti)« department of ugrlculturj^'ts .taking thAiftfllowlngsiepa^f » The department maintains spec- ially-troinod inspectors at 'border, sea and airports to prevent the ac cidontal introductto;) qf, plant and animal diseases, harmlul (nsects, and'othor pests from «broad. However, it '• must be reocjihized. that pur^aeful introduction of disease? and pests would be much more difficult to detect. '• • The defense that has proved successful against foreign animal diseases many titnes in the past is a po)nt-four pro'tm^t: (i) cmaran- tine of the InteQied areti^o prevent spread of the disease, (Z) inspection of all animals surrounding tho diseased stock, (8) slftughter and burial of Infected and exposed apt- mals. with fair Indemnities to own- •f ers. and (4) disinfeettqp. gleaning, and testing of .Uieii^oUd area. : • ' . . *,...m •y^f-a- -., s' .J. Tlf£V AAIS CAiXING oii'aU ^ (armors and Vanchc^rs to wat^i ^or evidence of disease or peat of plan- ,t Turn to p«i[f0* 6. column 4. Fireworks At Country Club July 4 A fireworks display is scheduled for 9 p, m, Friday, July 4, at the Esthorvillo Golf and Country club, which the public is invited to witness. ' Committee chairman said that unfortunately there is not space to Invito the public's cars Inside the gates, duo to the narrowness of the lane and the large number of mcm -r bors' cors. AiTy driving on the course Itself would result in scri- oua damage. There will be considerable space to park cars along public roads to tho north and west of the club and OS the display will be entirely aerial ^t-was pointed out that all will bo jtble to qne equally well. Tho Chamber of Commerce is a Joint sponsor with the coiwtry club' in purchase Of tho fireworks display. 'I Boys Must Take Pasteur Treatment Des Moines (/P)—Two Dcs Moines boys are going to have to take Pasteur treatment for rabies because owners of dogs that bit them refused to comply with orders to keep the dogs tied up for a 14-day period. Dr. Abraham Golperln, city-county health director for Des Moines and Polk county, said Tuesday the owners, instead, had the dogs destroyed. Now' there Is no way to tell whether the dogs had rabies or not, Dr. Oelperin s^ld. , "This leaves only one alternative —the children must take the treatment-" Dr. Gelperln said- "This U on expense to their families and on top of that the vaccine Is not always 100 per cent safe," MARION BBINOLE. » • • To Go as Missionary To Japan Marlon'Brlngli^'ltougbtar o/.Mr, and Mrs. A. T? >i |j:lngle. will be commissioned as a missionary ti Japan at 3 p. m. Sunday at the E^sthervllle Lutheran church. Her term of service in Japan Is seven years. , ' Dr, Rolf A. Syrdftl. executive secretary of tho boifi of fo|r«Jgn missions of the Kvangelicai Lutheran church, will perform the commissioning service. Others assiq^lng in tho service will bo tho Rev. L. O. Hinderaker of EstherviUe, Rev. C B. Uunderson o^ Wollingford, Rev. R. A. Olscn of* Petersburg. Minn, Rev. C. M. Hanson of Mlaneapoli* and Rev. A. J. OrlfigU: (her uncle) of Randall. MISS BRINGI4S sails Aug. 2 from San Frawtsoo. Calif., on tha B.8. President >l :i«vetand and wilt dock Aug. 1 »V Ifokehama, Japan. During her first'lieveii years* term of service, she will be stationed in Tokyo where »b4 will be attending tangtwge S4^O0|. The mission field Turn to, |HiKf 4^, «9lliUl S Patriotic Concert by Band July 3 A patriotic concert'will bo held at 8 p. m. tomorrow, the night before the Fourth, by t'ne municipal band In the city park. Ronald Knutson. young vocalist who graduated from EsthervlUe high school this year, will sing two tenor soloi with the band. Knutsen, who received a division one rating at the state music contest this spring, will sing Romberg's "Desert Song" and a Hoi Leonard arrangomcnt of "Because of You." Patriotic marches and other selections to be played under tho direction of Woodrow Ferguson are: National Emblem march by Bagley, I Ijove a Parade by Arlen, Gypsy Princess overture by Yoder, American Patrol by Meacham, Silver and Gold by Bob Crosby, Maj. esty of America marc'n by Bennett, Irene Overture by TIcrney, and Night Beat by Walters, • k • CARL WUX Is to direct tho band in playing the Under the Double Eagle March by Wagner and Leon Krafft will direct for Stars and Stripes Forever march by Sousa. Tho city band Is composed of 43 members who rehearse once a week to prepare the summer concerts every Thursday night. Personnel of tho band Includes: Flutes: Mildred Johnson, Lola Lymahi, Janet Sidles and Mary A. Vodder. Oboe; Janice Demoney. Clarinets: Elda Knolts, Marilyn Knotts. Mary Harms, Marilyn Wclr, Kathryn Obye, Donna Roache, Myrna Simpson. Elsie Hoak- onson, Carol Borchenbritcr. Carol Hoffmeycr and Gloria Scott. Bass clarinet: Kathleen Wclr. Alto soxophonw; Loon Krafft, Richard Hasbrobk. and Nodtne Heyer. , ' • • • , \ . •• TENOR SAXOI'IlONKt Nodlne Oustofson. Comets: Milton Davis, Carl Will, John Moo, Romaino Gardner, Don Hasbrook and Gary Oemrolll. French horns; Lora Christiansen and Oeorgo Brunsklll. Baritones: Edwin Demoney, James Forssetl and Don Johnson. Trpmbones: Gerald Johnson, Lo- rlmor Olson, Tom Stoery, Hsrva Grebe and Wayne Schenck. Basses: Dwayno Olson, Liorry Kirkegaard and Bruce Brown. Drums; Craig Sidles, Fred Blake and George Stavros. • • • RSTUKRVILI.K Incorpo r ii I o il has 18 horses nsscsscd ul $l ,18.'i; one one-year belfcr. $110; six cows, ?810. Armstrong Ineorporntoil livestock OMWsment includes four horsos, fSN; one one-year holfor, 1110; 31 cows, $2,835; pno two-yoar steor, $IB0; 13 swine,' $585. Rtngsted has six horsos at $180; one one-year heifer at $110; eight cows at $1,080; 22 swlno, $1,000. Wallingford has nix horscH at $180; 16 ono-ye'ar heifers, $1,760; elgbt two-year hclfors, $1,080 ; 44 cows at- $Q,9iOi ill ono-yc«r steers at $1,378! four bulls at $6.'i0; 12 BWino at $640. Gruver has ono cow at $133. No livestock is listed for Dolllvcr. Denmark has 42 horsos nt $1.260, 719 cattle In feuding at $93,060 ; 230 one -yoar heifers nt $2«.- OtS; 23 two-year heifers $3,145; 639 cows $86,763; 168 ono-ynnr steers at $20,864; one two-yoar steer at $160; 4,'i bulls at $7,102; 180 BWino at $8,100 and 79 sheop at $1,186. « * « ARMSTRONG GRUVK was Assessed for 62 horses nt $1,590; IKO cattle in feeding at $25,175; 241 one-year heifers at $28,5 ,35; M two-year "-heifers at $7,470; 765 cows at $104,140 ; 43 one -year Htoors at $8,375; nix two -year Mtocrs a $900: 48 bulls at $9:i2S; 125 swine at $8,828; and 260 sheep at $3,960. . AsBCBsmont for Iowa Luke llvo-Tum to p«c« t. column • sloCk'Wiis $1,080 for 34 horses; $9.- m tor DO'i. cnttlo In feeding; $18, DlVi for 17JH ono-xonr holfors; $4,320 for .32 Iwo-yoiir holfors; $97.lilt for 713 rows; $14,500 for 116 om- yoiir Htoors; fi.MO for 17 two-yoar; $8,200 for 32 bulls; $7,784 fi»r 175 swine and $3,430 for 222 slioop. In I/liieoln 72 horses wore as- HOHsiil lit $2,320; 185 caltlo on feeding $29,780; 120 ono-yonr heifers 111 $13,200 ; 7» two-yoiir holfors III $10,921; 447 cows nl $01,705, 49 ono-yoar sloors nt $6,126; olghl two-yiiir steers at $1,200 ; 24 bulls nt $4,825; 103 swine at $4,635; l.ia shoVj. Ht $2,010. Swim I.iike: 67 horsos, $2,.31tO. 221 ciittio In feoilliig. $28,108; 251 iino-yeiir holfors, .$20,180 ; 7!) two yoiir hi-lfers, $10.B65; 748 cows, $102,305; 128 one-yonr stoi-rs, $15, 7,'W; ,32 two-yoiir stoors, $4,8r>0, 331; bulls, $8,824; 2.38 swlijo. $10, 915; 100 sheop. $1,785, * • • .lAfK <:i{KKK.' 42 hors. s, $1 200; 4112 cattle In fo. illiiK. $82,171, 257',: ono-yonr holfois, $27,510: 43 Iwo-yoiir hiilfors, $.'),805; 595 /•ows, $K0.K.30; IBI ono-y.iir sloors. $23,980; one Iwo-ycnr sloor, $l.'iO; 31 bulls. $6,226; 251 swine. $11,296; 214 Hhooi), $.3,210 Ilit-'h Lake; 83 hors.s, $2.5»0, 100 ciilllo In feedltiK. $13,610; 299 ono-yoiir heifers. $33,294; 119 lwi»- yeur heifers $16,005 ; 87& nown. Major Victory For Taf t Vmwn ^Tio IJI Running the Show Chlfnito, n'—T»n fott*t koweta* e <i 14 G«oriU dcl«g «(M fro« 0«n. DwiRhi D. KUanhowcr^i ¥»<laC strrnithth today snd put IT of th«4f own mm Into nomlnatlnt eowvw tlun scats. This wmM hy far the grtatest v1o> tocy for Arnslor Rob«rt A. Taft. nnd the blBjr ««t defeat for Kis«l»' ttnwrr. In this weak'* b «lt)« «v*r nrKunluMon of next W««k's MkUOAs al convrntlon. It r«(abllih*d b«y«nd any AmM that Tuft •! the moffltnt (• rtt«»- nlnit (he ahaw—wllh fiva mot* 4L»* puto* i»<tw««n Tsft «nd BUenbaw. rr d<ilrgati <s to com*. • • • nV A VOTK of «3 10 S«. tho lU- publlran national commltteo tMa «4 (Hit of thft convsntton O«or(ta*a soir itnsrrllird "regular" d«l«t«Uo«V which hna b «cn reprvtwaUag th« stnte alncr 1944. and ord «r«d • solidly pro-Tsft dalegalton scatsd la Minn Holivill/.. ii (..iinoi Ksthorvlllo j , ^ ^ . brred 14 Rtavnhowsr silpf>s»t«M. twn Tsft m«n and one uneoBiaiNr toil lldDRItl*- 1'hU ntvant a n«t g«ln of ai t«wt 15 ronventlon votes (or Taft, fMnir» Inn hn «lready had two lathedeto- Kutlon thrown out and n«w gsts tT from the succfMfut detofimo*. In the Asso«|alad PrtM ta^itl*- tion— -i>si»ed on avowed aad f»» ded doleglUo WlM—ilM vM«fy V«Pi T«ft ahead of Rta«»>i«««r. 4W t* 410. with IM YvMrn. MMM «• «t» th« PresldMtl^ BOi ^liMiltwv TIIRRK WA» no tf«uM ttm angcrrd CU«ah«w»r baokers would appPAl today's national c«oimHt*« fiction lo the convention er*d«»tiali cuminlttee and flirht It out 9* tho convention floor. If necessary. Thn Taft forces resumed their occupitncy of (h« drtver'a seal at thn outset of today's SMuilefl. Tko nitttonal committee •gr<«d to co»• Uler the case of the wtMie 17 (iooritt* d «l «gatcs~not just tk« four delegate »-at large who pr*vt- ousiv had been the b«n« of eoo- tontion. Risrnhowar 's 0««rti« bsrckvfa cAliod thi<lr rivata' move "potttkal trickery and double daailng." <)l',\l, .IKAN S4 HI I.T/, • • • ISvw Home Erononiisi Employ rd (»|nil .liiin Siluilt/ V "l luin oiiipliiyod 11^ I'jiiin llurortii Imiiir iinoinisl. it NMin iiiitiiiiiiii cil liiility uhl. wiis lioiiio It iinoinlhl horo fur a slim I llnio In lOI.'l. 'I'lio Knrin lUiroitii hiis not hint ii hoitn- ociina- nilsl nlncc llii- rinlKnnllon of .Mrs Don Hunilo In .Miiich, ll>5l Mlns Sctiiiltii; wiis K>''t<lu>itoi| from tho KsthorvlUo hiKli siliool and lok one yonr of Junior COIICKO work horo She rooclvod hor U. H. doirroi! in Homo Ecnnumlcs Eiluca- lion (rout town Bt»l(' cnilrKr and hiiM been Irnohlnx In srbmila In town nnil KiirrounillnK slatea since. Mho eoinos hiTo from Pownors ilro- vo. 111. "To I iirry InfortniilIrn of Inlorost from liiwii Sliito ei>lloj{e to llir fui-m wonion of tho county Is the prl- tnnry duty iif the Hmtio Kconry. misl." Miss Hcliultr. stntos, Hho will work with 4-11 ulrls snd women's family llvInK Kroups throUKboul the county. Tlie lilKKest project now, sill- says. Is itotlliiit tlio innny 4-11 Kill's illHpliiyi ri nily fur (ti<- cminty and »t«lo fnlrs this full ftlio iiIsM will itrrnnKo for sponkers rruiii lown Htato colloKo to speak bofiiro fiiinlly llvInK groups. Kails in Attempt r<i Hoh Bunk I-'urt Mndlson. Iiv., Dennis .Muyniiril Murphy, 29. « pnlntor om- ployoil III West Point, wtis unrtor iiri'ni. IHTO tndny In cunnof tUin Willi iin uJisticcoBsful iill'iiipt I") liriMk lull) tho vnull of lli.. Hl^iio riiilnil H/ivinBS bunk ul West I'liint . iiily Tuosilny 11. W NiliorKsll. iHtK'liir nf llio lowii Kiiiinu of ('rlinlniil InvosllKii- li ..n 111 111/, Molno-i s'il<l Mutpliv riimln u wrlKon »t<it>inont In sl.-id- ii^onls iinil tho l^'o couiily slierlff 's office iiilnilllInK 111 l.roko Into tlio bank l»ii* Wiis fri;:lil<-no(| off iM -furo hn coiil'l upon the vault. No Appobftmeat San Francisco, {/n—A m«|i made an appointment to see Dr.'H. H. Brady, a 4oDtist who advertises "no appointment neceasary." Ho showed up on time yesterday, poked a gun in the face of the re^ ceptlonlst, MUs Clalro Monahant cleaned oat the cash dramr of IHO in bilki and t2ST to «l>eeks, ana thi. 2 Gennan Pacts Are Ratified \V«»hln »loo. (y»V -Tha senate has uvxrwhrlmlncly rstlflad tws pacts dralRnrd to bring the potcMtaJ ntU> Itury «nd Industrlsl powar of western avrmsny Into the free VorM defrtuiivn alliance. On* of the pacts, apprered T7-4b end* (hn Occupation of (he Qmna- nn republic and largaty reetorcs H to Iho family of sovtralgn natiOM. ThB other, ratiftad by a T»« lirInK* western Ovrmany under U)« • nm<i rrctpro^al sarurlty gtiaran- tTs now hatd by all tha t4 North At Untie Treaty OrganlsaUoA (.NATO) partnrra. But It do«s mi nrtunlly admit the rapubUo ta NATO. Thr t/ntted Btataa Is tha ftrrt nation to art on the Waat Oermaa pacta. Tho admlnlatratton hopes thxt the lopaldad aenate votes, lak- rn after about srvan hours f>f d»- i.«t» yi-aterday, will speed r»tltl«»- tlun of the whole network of treat- Ira In Kuropc. By Its votea. the seoata gave Hs InfeD-ntUl hleaslng lo the new st»- nation International army to be set up In wratem Kuropo through tb* Kuropean Defenso ComiMMlty (EftCt treaty. Thia trraty Is to «ome into effect when ratified by the elx memben^— Franco. Italy. IMvlaRi. the Hether- litiidai. Luxembourg and Weoteni Germany. Tbi NATO protocol ratified by the arnate takae In w«at«m Germany by extending the NATO gtiar- antwra lo the KDO. Alt of the stx IS DC members are in NATO «a< cepi tha Oerman repubile. "itrr ^^OTjW PAKKINO »IKT*:BH were InstttlUd on both iklas of South Sixth street from Contrul avamia to first avenue south and on the south •tda 9t Cehtrml from Sixth lo Seventh atrrel. In- atalUng tba new motors are Herb C. Weber, city «mpk>yei (Qurtls Lee DilU, Storm Lake polic.- nuMt iui4 meter maintenance man; and Pollccmsn 'I'rvnpia Bolmooson. Tb« lO -penny. two-nlckle. (Young's iitudlu |>hoto, t>«lty Newa engravlni;! t»ohour tnuchiiios are fully ac< uniulittlvc In IIDID tut nuttter In which avciuence colni* ur<< drvppiil unil lire itdJu .i 'taLiUt to irarluua tlm>- and coin t-um- binutiun.-t itUluiut addltiuQitI ir<(Ulpuient- The m»- chlnos will not ucci 'pt eoim whi n nut of order, ihw MaKcollal- IVrk o-Melisr ijtupuny. from which they were purcliused, aay«. The metera »r« bulng InaUlleU lor a. 6<>-day trial period. Engle, B«ch Get LeavcH of Absence Iowa City. la.. /P—Paul Sngiek wrtter. and Marcoa B««h. sekotar In r«llxion. have been granted teav> ra of absence from the Valvetatty of Iowa faoulty. tSnicle will do ereattve writing at a «veral caatern uatversittea front Sept. 1. 1W3 to May 31. IMS. under a Ford foundation soholarvhlB. Bw^h wtn study wtth Or. Albert Scbweitier. noted Christlaa taadar, fur a yw baglnnliif Sa|*. t>

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