The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 18, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1935
Page 1
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1 Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, 1895, at post office <at Tipton, Ind., under the act ot March 6. 1879. „"% >.4 VOLUME XL, XO. 221. Delegation Visited at State j House Tuesday in Interest of Road Plans. BELIEVED GOOD 'MOVE pointed Out That Saving in Upkeep Will Be Big Fac- i tor to County.. Tuesday a delegation from thi- coiinly visit«d Ihi 1 stal'' highway t-iimmissiiin at Indianapolis for the jinrposc of making sonio arrangement with the slat for taking over til ("ranilon's "Moon" Wanes as Permit t<tf Legal Still Comes TIPTON, INDIANA, TUESDAY EVENING, June 18. 1035. Cramlon. \Vis., June IS. •— Tilts town, which was reputed to turn out HIP highest grade of moonshine liquor in the middle west during the prohibition era, will be "good" immediately. A government permit to build a legal distilloy lias been received. The still will have an output of 1.1)1(0. gallons a day. During the closing years of prohibition C'randon "moon" really became de luxeliqiior as the wildcat operators became expert at their profitable illegal trade. A whisper that it oamo froni Orandon mad.; doubt fill guests feel much better about the liquor poured out of unmarked jugs. boar.l ! 11! miles of I road, north and south through: the county for the route of stn.e rnnd 21."! and the four miles south to the Hamilton county line, for route of stat" road If. In the del- f'ountv Auditor .Toe j PETERS AT THE LIBRARY State Director of Federal Housing Program Will Give Address. IN NAVAL PACT Berlin Wins Right to Build Up to 35 Per Cent of British Tonnage. VICTORY IS IMPORTANT Mattinxl.v. County Atiiirney A. \V. I'.olton. Frank Smith. C.-orgc P. Summers. I>r. K. I!. Mosor and nth. rs. Tin 1 :-:a!e highway commission is artrnz <ui ;i< ^tair- road right of way at this llni" and will soon !>.> int'or:ii'-(l as to just how much fuli-ral moiv y is available for Indiana rnad work. The commission i< that counties, where \viiii-iiiug is ii<-ci-ssary. sieuro tho light of way before th'-y will take (,iv,-r iU-.- roads and to do this for tin- -" or inon- mi'-'s of road, ill this (-(unity, 'will r'Miuip. 1 in the neighbdrliiiod of sin.nun. Ther-? is no sum available at ihis time for pun-busing the right of ways, but a proposition was submitted wln'ivhy the state can take the highways and permit the county OF INTEREST TO ALL On Thursday evening of this week R. Earl Peters, state director of the federal housing program, will speak at the Library and a great crowd should be present to hear him as he will explain in detail and authoritatively this important gcvernment program, designed to aid those holding distressed property or those who wish to make needed improvements or do some new construction with federal money at low interest cost. This meeting will open promptly at 8:00 o'clock and.the public Conversations Will Continue to Complete Details of the Treaty. London, June 18. — Great Britain and Germany have reached agreement oh relative naval strength, it was announced officially today. The agreement is based, it was announced, on the concession to Germany of a fleet 35 per cent as strong as Great Britain's. There are to be further meetings on technical matters in '.he next few days. The conversations are expected to end Friday. The agreement provides that ; n no circumstances shall Germany's fleet exceed in total tonnage more than 35 per-cent of Britain's tonnage. The same principle, in general, applies to each class of warship although a certain latitude is allowed Germany for transferring tonnage from one class to another in accordance with her needs. Any transfer would always be inside the 35 per cent limit. Fees Paid With Ransom Money? Strong Opposition to Measure and Lukewarm Support Brings Impasse. Two well-known! criminal lawyers, Ben Laska of Denver, left, and James C. Mathers of Oklahoma City, ar? pictured in federal court «t Oklahoma City watching proceedings of their trial. The lawyer* •re charged with accepting ransom money as payment for attorney** fees 'for defending the abductors of Charles ^. Urschel. Matherf OTj James M| Mathers, who also is a criminal lawyer, is defending his son in the trial. O|>ern! ion. V Tuesday morning the Young ambulance rushed Mrs. Pat Bick- i'll from her home in Tipton to the Roechwood hospital where she installments, spread | is invited to attend. All sections j , mnerwent an emergency opera- of the county should be well rep-j tjull for apl)en <iicitis. The appen- ovi'r several years. Hotfc the county council and th* 1 •• omity commissioners qre on rer.;ird as favoring the proposition to S'-cure Ihr if I In- matter can right of way resented. All interested in promoting the financial betterment of our city and county should arrange to at- be finance-!, j tend. Mr. Peters will explain how They helieve that the expenditure ' persons needing to refinance .pres- would be repaid in two years by ent loans on their properties may not having the 2n miles of road to ] do so on the easy installment plan car>' for and are anxious to hav" ) and also bow money may be ob- action. The route of 21" through the county is partially over the tained to finance building of new homes or for improvements. I dix bad ruptured before the operation could-be performed, and it was necessary to place a drainage in her side. Although not yet out of danger, latest reports from the hospital stated she is getting along as well as possible. Mrs. nickell is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Walser of Kentucky avenue. Windfall, pike and it is said north j Everybody should take advan- of Windfall two bridges will have| , age of tll)s opportunity to help to be constructed within the near , ho rommui , lty Bet the benefits future. The fuur miles south to the Hamilton county line would entail the opening of one milo of new road to eliminate the many turns in the highway. If the proposition is exrepted. work of securing the right of way will start at once and Tipton county will be relieved of the upkeep «>f 2tl miles of highway, which is costing a considerable sum annually. Tin? state had several representatives before the board o£ commissioners at its April session asking that some action be taken, but so far nothing definite IHIS been done. The commission is taking over roads in counties where the right of ways are secured and doing nothing in counties where it is not looked after. Summer is already getting along and supporters of tho movement for the roads say that action should start at once if anything Is done. that are now obtainable. Ohio Visitors. Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor and Paul Taylor of Newcomerstown, Ohio were the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Leavitt and family, and Mr. and Mrs. George Leavitt and family. Mrs. Paul Taylor and son. Richard Allen, who have been visiting here for the past three weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Leavitt, returned home with them. Improving Nicely. Mrs. Robert Keeler, who underwent an operation Saturday, is reported to be improving nicely at her home, 925 North Independence street. Mrs. Keeler is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vllas Woods of North Main street. EfSETTLED Costs Paid on Dismissal of Mandade Proceedings Against Treasurer. WARRANT IS SIGNED Suit to mandate the county treasurer to sign a warrant for $2,500 drawn in favor of the Globe Creosoting Company of In- Group Entertained hy.Mem- bers, of That Vicinity ; Monday Night. ATTENDANCE IS LARGE Charles Sturdevant Post No. •16, American Legion was entertained' at Windfall Monday night. NOT YET IN SHAPE Senator Glass, Opposed to Bill, Continues to Hold It in Committee. they facing. Tho Eccles bill has been ill- Telcphono Girls' Voices Will ' Be Heard in British Contest London, June IS. — Four .telephone girls from London exchanges have been chosen to compete with five girls from provincial cities in a "golden voice" contest, organized by the British postofiico. In the contest the girls had to announce various times in hours, minutes and second.* over the telephone and read passages of Shakespeare. A permanent.record will be made of the voice of the winner for the automatic telephone clock system, which is to be placed at the disposal of subscribers later this year. PEA PACK ON AT SIOP PLAN! First Run of Season at Local Plant Tuesday After noon Went Smoothly. AN UNUSUAL YIELD (By United Press). Washington, June 18. — Administration leaders. agreed privately today that there was strong likelihood of abandonment'of the Eccles banking bill unless strong white house pressure is exerted in congress. The bill, which would bolster federal reserve control over the national banking and credit systems, has encountered difficulties, which were said to have been aggravates! by a lukewarm administration attitude toward the measure. New deal leaders, seeing a possible chajpcc to speed adjournment of Congress by sidetracking the banKjng bill, baxe reached a virtual agreement calling for its abandonment unless they receive white houso instructions to prolong the session until it can be enacted. Sponsors of the bang reform legislation have not given up hope, but admit the difficulties crop. Reports brought to The Tribune from farmers from all The IS 35 pea pack, predicted b'y many to be the largest in the history of the county, opened at the Stbkely Brothers plant in Tipton Tuesday, and if rains stop the factory will be operating day and night for some time. A small run. secured under great difficulties, was facing the employes Tuesday, but with anything like nice weather this factory will handle a mammoth pea sections are that the peas this year Senate Committee Favbr% Government Ownership! ' • and Operation. FORMAL REPORT FILED Merchant Marine Act Cojn- demned and Its Repeal Is Advocated. i "' starred from the beginning. 'The!are in splendid condition and that nomination of Marrinerr S. Ee- H=e yield was going to be a his- ] the members of the post from that j at about tne same time as cles as governor of the federal reserve board was sent to congress tha tory making one, if water does not mar the crop. Peas are cut with a. mower and dianapolis, which had been allowed i vicinity extending an invitation hil] alld action „„ botn proposals' 01 ' account of the soft condition by the board of county commis- two weeks ago and it was accept- was held up by Senator sioners, was dismissed Tuesday ed. The attendance was larger | c;lass (]3em w Vil and the costs paid. It is believed the controversey which has been hanging fire for 1 several months is now ended. Charles E. Riffe, county treasurer, who refused to sign the warrant issued by tho county auditor after the claim had been allowed by the board of commissioners, stated he was not going to sign until he knew just. that qnjoyed for some time, and] G]ass . chairman of the senate the delegation which left t»ej appropriat j ons com mittee and armory here at 6:30 was a large j chairman of • a specia i. hanking On reaching Windfall the mem- stih-commltee, had control over both the nomination and the bank Carter i or tne ground, a mower can not i operate. Many producers and the factory management and field men as well as hundreds of unemployed persons in Tipton and other parts- of the county were watching, the skies Tuesday bop- ing for clear, warm weather. where he stood in the matter, not! ing room and there was a real hers went at once to the City Hall re for m bill. He did not begin where, a short business session ! COIlsideration of eitllor nnti i Ilc more rain comes, it will be nee was held and Ray Peters was' 1)ad complete( i Ili3 long-drawn- ' p ssary to get into the field with awarded the jack pot. The meet- ....._.- . ...- ing then adjourned to the din- Arc Back Home. Ifav Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tolin returned to their home In Muncle after visiting for the past several days with the former's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. William McLucas. northeast of Tipton. Pay Soared During Chain Letter Fad; Denver Overtime Was 1,400 Hours a Day IB Improving. Mr?. Bernie Lee, former Ekln girl who has been In the Mercy hospital at Klwood in a serious condition of a baBy which died, was removed to her home in Elwood Monday. She is reported as improving slowly. • borne case 9as Glandular Trouble. Co irad Lane is confined to his near flhiloh, with a severe Denver, June 18.—The chain letter has gone the way of miniature golf, but It left a deep Imprint behind It. Here Is what It did In the city of Its birth: • Made 268 regular mall carriers work a total of 360 hours overtime daily for about three weeks. Caused 306 regular clerks tb work 260 ho'urs daily overtime. Resulted in ninety substitute clerks and carriers, whose work- Ing average .is generally six to seven hours a day, working ten to twelve hours daily or '400 boors a day overtime. Gave eight to ten boars work per iday to forty-three about 1,400 hours overtime daily at an average pay of 70 cents per hour, or a total of $980. The total extra pay earned by Denver's postal workers because or the "chain" craze was about $20,000. However, tbfe government did not lose by the additional pay checks as postal receipts for April and. May were estimated at $60,000 above the same period in 1934. In .the first fifteen days of the fad the volume of mall was 2,000,000 letters above normal, Postmaster J. O. Slavic said. wishing to engage in any litigation. Two protests had been made against tho payment, one by n member of the board of county commissioners, and one by the Mitchell investment corporation, one of the heaviest taxpayers of the county. The claim of the Globe Creosoting Company was allowed by the board of commissioners, after procedure recommended by tb.3 state board of accounts had been followed and the'county council had ade an appropriation for t\in amount of the claim, which was originally about $14,000. The- claim has now been cut to about $9,000, and with the payment of $2.500. will he down to about $6,500. This claim was [ for blacktop- out controversy with the adminis-1 scythes to harvest the crop as j ping county roads in various townships and was made at the request of taxpayers who Insisted they have their roads Improved. Whether or not the improvement was worth the cost Is still a matter of argument, but the hill was ade and the state board of accounts sanctioned: its payment. feed gerved by members of the auxiliary of the Windfall district, the menu consisting of fried chicken, new peas, potatoes, strawberry shortcake and every thing heeded for a real meal. Following the splendid meal th$ Legionnaires were treated to a program of entertainment much out of| the ordinary. Wayman Dragoo \^as in charge of this part 'of thp program and introduced the persons who furnished the numbers. Omar Martin opened the program with community singing. Special numbers were furnished by Ml-s, Carl Scudder, accordion and Mrs. Clarence Crouch, guitar, riay Peters, vocal solo; Bill Eaglet- specialty numbers on the piano! tap dancing by Miss Johnson and a young lady friend, both students of a dancing school at Indianapolis and a vocal selection by Mrs. Crouch. Mr] Dragoo also called oh several ior short talks, former Judgd C. W. Mount. Commander Leroyj Plake, Judge Prank B. Russell, George Cline and others responding. . Following the program a pa- tration over its work-relief program. The' Virginia conservative, voic- otherwise it will .be spoiled by age. T'>e peas, to command best ing bitter antagonism to some of I Prices, must be gathered ,it just tho bank bill's features, held protracted sub-committee hearings and now is engaged with his subcommittee in a leisurely review of the testimony. At the speed Glass- is proceeding it probably .will be another fortnight before he ' passes the measure along to the full bank- Ing committee,; which in turn must consider it and report to the senate before that body can act. Another complication is the expiring date, July 1, of the temporary federal deposit insurance Continued on Pagn 2. " the Tight time as after forming, they harden rapidly, especially in hot weather. The vines have an uniisual growth this year and this is causing another source of worry, for fear they will start mildewing if beaten into tho ground any more by rain. With good weather hundreds of persons over the -county will be furnished employment by^the tac^ torles handling peas, and business increase will be noticeable as soon as the first pay day comes. Everything is in readiness at the local plant. Quite HI. Mrs. ported to be quite Josephine in fine baa The circulation ot chainlet-1 Anemia and] other complication* .4.«M*;tura'n .fn n front' *«i<.' v «»&li-.^^W»l- ; *«-iiin>:.*Btniuied —years. affect Fisher is re- 111 at her home not been well suffering w: ith Visit ofMacDonaldto U. S. Is Hinted, But Believed He Would Not Aid Much London, June 18.—Responsible American quarters have • : heard unofficially that the government Intends to send Former Prime Minister J. Ramsay MacDonfcld on a good will mission to Washington, i ;.:,-' No official! intimation has been rade.j headed by the drum corps j received that MacDonald ; might was itaged through the business ' dlstrlbt and the members! came back each expressing the sentiment that it was 6ne ot the best meetings held forisome time. short business 'session ^tfelfflstrfotttv visit the United States, and authoritative British quarters .de^ scribed reports of a possible visit as fiction. It was understood in American serious American doubts whether a visit by the former prime'min- ister to President Roosevelt could effect in concrete form the desire of the cabinet for-closer collaboration. . ; ' -It was pointed out, for instance, that MacDonald: might be doubted to be qualified to discuss cur-' rency stabilization, 'and! moreover, American officials are con- vlnced that Great Britain is unwilling to risk the i prevailing easy money by entering an agreement rnv Ilnltcil PITWI). t Washington, June 18. — Congress, after months 1 of investigation, swung its forces today into a double-edged attack on. the. ; complex problems pf the .subif- dized American merchant marine, once pride of the seven seas, j Rapid fire developments canae on several fronts, i ; . They were: ' ; . ; 1—Senate commerce committee voted to hrar Ewing Y.. Mitchell, ousted assistant secretary of commerce, on his sensational charges of "graft" and "corruption" especially in connection iwith shipping matters. .Secretary jof : Commerce-Daniel Roper also was invited to appear. : : 2—Special senate airmail aid ocean mail investigating committee released a scathing- attack: ia operations under the merchant ; marine act of 1928 and urged re-; placement of subsidies by a. gojr- ernment ownership isystem. •.; ;•—Mitchell renewed and elaborated his charges ; against (ftp commerce department and aske^J : appointment as special aide u> the department of justice in proaectjt- iug frauds. • \ (By United t'rrs.i). Washington. Junfe IS. — Government ownership ;and operation was suggested today by the special senate commute^ investigating ocean' and air maij contracts as the best method of building an adequate American merchant marine. ; , The committee strongly condemned the 1 Merchant Marine Ajct. of 1928 and urged its immediate repeal. The act,: it said, VHas produced a plague of unconscionable exploiters, iintent nppn wringing every possible pennX from the public purse, while git- ing an absolute minimum of serjr-. ice in return'." ; J In a preliminary, report, DOftr pared in connectiojj with the ajfr • ministration's ship; | subsidy bill. ~ the committee said the 'one &&• ample of governm^it ,6per- M> — that of the! United! States showed a prpflt for.'the year of $404,017i j The committee said, howe it realized there would be objection to such .'a course.'*si suggested as an aUernatlvej^^ ernment oynershlp with 1 vate operation. ' . : ' Tho report said" nnisut private ownership .sjnd j of would be superior to either, i ^ther two plans, btit thjat perience^of ithe lasij 10 jyeaw"] shown It to be imjposs Ible;'/g The rep4rt was] slgnedST Chairman I^ugo L. placl c. Pat McCarran, D., NeT. liam H. King. D., Ctah. Republican members,., Austin, Vt., White, Jr., I Me., djil nit|| whether they would:offej£i Ity report.. | - !;-'"• King recbmmendM^ Quarto* here that if the sugges-1 before the r parttajmentaw by '---^''--^^ all subaidie's. He - B * once great fleet war the sea by and that would tie rational' \ [to, -' kl its Ided hj [ft

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