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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 1

Reno, Nevada
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$20 IF YOU CAPTUKE BONNIE: MR AT GEM, HE, CO. TOQRBOw' THIRTY-NINTH YEAR RENO, NEVADA, FRI DAY, MAY 7, 1 9 5 0 I II il -i III SIEUB beiihit mil; 211111 Cunard Company Announces That Passengers and Grew All Have Been Saved; Rescuers Are Hastened to Scene, Which Is Viewed from Shore Lighthouses; Great Anxiety The liner Lusitania was sunk by a torpedo eight miles off Did Head, Kinsale, and 12 miles south of the entrance of Cork Harbor, Ireland, at 2:33 o'clock this afternoon. Assistance from Queenstown and Old Head asumed fo the scene and nd including 1 88 Ameri-, cansTwerTsaved with the crew, although the steamship was" afloat only 21 minutes from the time she was struck. The 'Lusitania left New York last Saturday after warning had been published by the German embassy that she ran grave risk of being sunk by German submarines in her voyage. ALL ABOARD RESCUED LONDON, May p.

The Cunard Company has. definitely ascertained that the lives of the passengers and the crew of the Lusitania have been saved. 109 Covernment Realizes Hopeless Situation and Willing Now To Yield on All Points to Demands of Tokio Meanwhile Foreigners Prepare Jo Meet Eventualities Not Knowing That Negotiations Have Come to This End PEKING, May 7 There is good reason to believe that China is prepared to concede everything demanded by Japan, realizing that the-situation is hopeless. This possible outcome to the present tense situation is not generally comprehended in Peking; consequently a number of foreign residents, as well as Chinese themselves are today packing their personal belongings and oth erwise preparing for ALLIES DROP BOMBS TURKEY First Attack of War Is Made On Constantinople; Three Aviators Fly Over City PARIS, May 7. The first attack of the war on Constantinople is reported in an unofficial dispatch from Athens.

It is said three Russian aviators flew over the city, dropping severaj bombs which are believed to have caused extensive damage. GLENN IS RECOMMENDED WASHINGTON," May 7. After an investigation, an inspector of the p-it-office department has recommended the appointment, of John H. Glenn as postmaster of Lurline, Elko county. This case will be "decided on May 25.

GRAND THEATRE "TONIGHT The Funniest of all Funny Men Victor Moore In a picture version of the funniest of all -Society Comedies. 99 Imagine what a poor milkman would do if ho suddenly becam a duke, with plenty of money and wanted to' live up to the part. See what happens in this comedy cream. ON CAPITAL 0 AT DOCK IN NEW YORK LAST SATURDAY ELUSIVE GIRL ADMIRES KANE'S CAFE Li 11 AND COMMENTS ON SIERRA BESIDES DODGING BIG CROWD LUSITANIA. CHIEF HAWGROFT'S in Lusitania Passengers Included Relatives of Head of Fire Department J.

P. Gray, connected with the San Francisco Board of Trade, and uncle of Fire Chief R. B. Hawcroft of Reno, and Mrs. Will Gray, a cousin the chief, were on the Lusitania.

They were on their way to Edinburgh to meet Mi s. P. Gray and Mrs. H. Beach, her mother, who have been spending several months in Scotland.

J. P. ray and his wife are well known in Reno, having spent several weeks here at different times. Chief Hawcroft and bis family have had no advices as to whether their relatives have escaped. uncle on board TO BE Permanent Receivership May Not Interfere with Work On Property As Conditions Remain Unchanged Receiver Johansen Is Said To Have Made Statement Jhat He Would -Continue Operations BY R.

L. RICHIE Special to the Gazetto GOLDFTELD, May 7. The decision continuing the Merger receivership pending trial of case on its merits is likely to cause some decline in the market, but according to the best authorities it should have no material effect as the condition simply remains unchanged and Receiver Johansen has stated that if the receivership continued he would have operations resumed on Merger property. George Wingfield says he rather expected this decision but cannot see why it should have any depressing effect. He declares' there are several other -moves to be made before the trial.

The decision was unexpected here as the camp has been hopeful of definite termination to this litigation and finds it difficult to understand how an exceedingly small minority, on what is termed a miserable showing and claimed to have been palpably actuated by spite can indefinitely tie up valuable preperty interests to great injury of a large majority and an entire district. I am reliably informed that Sprague was asked by wire by the Erickson faction to go to San Francisco where minority interests are said ta have asked Jumbo Extension for two hundred thousand shares of the increased capital on condition of withdrawing (Continued ro- Pace Two.) HASCALL RECOMMENDED FOR NARCOTIC INSPECTOR WASHINGTON, May 7. Senator Newlands of Nevada has recommended that Dr: C. A. Hascall of Fallon be appointed narcotic inspector, under the new Harrison drug law.

The recommendation is made to Commissioner of Internal Revenue Osborn, under whom the office falls. George F. Bowers, Reno druggist, is also a. candidate for the office. Wants values to stand CARSON CITY, MAY 7.

The troubles of the tax commission and the assessors in Nevada have started afresh. A petition for a writ of prohibition1 against the district court of Humboldt county is being asked for by Attornev- kJeneral Thatcher. The state or the commission Is asking that the rulings of the lower court be set aside and that the valuations as set by the commission beallowed to stand. 1 BUILDING MODERN HOME CARSON CITY, May 7J Charley Smoot, one of Carson's progressive is building a modern home in this CitV. In RnitA nf tVlA nrma nf i HTWVB V- iihe past week his contractor has" the na on ana jar, smoot expects to move into the new home -within a few weeks.

It is to be a modern cottage in every, particular. i L. SUFFRAGISTS SURRENDER i Lewis, Jr, and Mrs. Harry. LowV enDerg, two Philadelphia women suffragists who have been besieging the White House neraonallv tn ask Ptm).

dent Wilson' to address some of their number in Philadelphia Monday, gave Miss Bonnie Burr Discovers Attempt to Capture Her By Old Tactics and Eludes "Smarties" Successfully at Second And Virginia Streets Last Night; She Expects to Have All Her Ingenuity Taxed at Gray, Reid, Wright's "Come at Once" LIVERPOOL, May 7. Lands Und wireless reports distress calls made by Lusitania as follows j. "Come at once. Big list. Position 10 miles west "Kinsale." A third: cable dispatch read as V-' "QUEENSTOWN, May 7 All available craft in harbor dispatched to assist." Deported Beached NEW YORK, May 7.

The Dow and Jones Company ticker service, in a re port from London declares the Lusitania was beached and passengers and crew, according to Lloyds, were saved. Washington Thunderstruck WASHINGTON, May 7. News of the torpedoing of the Lusitania struck official Washington, like a bomb. WThile disposed to await full details before expressing opinions, all administration officials realized that the incident was probably the most serious Washington has faced since the beginning of the war. Number of Rescued Unknown LONDON, May 7.

(5:55 p. A dispatch from Liverpool to the Exchange Telegraph company says it is not known how many of the Lusita-nia's passengers were LIVERPOOL, May 7. The Echo has been informed that; a message to the Cunard line reads as follows: "The Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk at 2: 33 this afternoon off Kin-sale. "There is no word of her passengers or crew, who number over 1900. Confirmed in Liverpool LONDON, May 1.

The manager of the Cunard company has informed the Liverpool Evening Express that he received this afternoon the following message from the wireless station7 at Old Head, Kinsale: "The Lusitania was sunk by a submarine at 2:33 o'clock this afternoon, eight miles south by west (off this 3 NEW YORK, May 7. The Cunard Steamship Company announced today that it had received from its agents in England an unconfirmed report that the steamship Lusitania had been torpedoed-off' the coast of Ireland. Sunk Off Kinsale of the line here have announced that they would promptly WHEN AND WHERE MISS BONNIE BURR WILL APPEAR TODAY A ND TOMORROW AN EFFORT to bring the BONNIE BURR feature to end, THE GAZETTE requests its readers to fix the salutation more firmly in their minds and to keep a close watch on all appointment, places that are advertised in the columns of THE RENO GAZETTE. EVENING the SPARKS citizens will have their chance to test their skill in running down the mysterious MISS BONNIE BURR, fov the elusive maid has agreed to visit their city TONIGHT on the corner of TENTH and STREETS between the hours of 7- and p'clock. Should the mystery girl evade, capture at SPARKS tonight be on hand TOMORROW and visit.

GRAY, REID, WRIGHT CO.where one of the best opportunities of the week will present itself, for the GIRL OF MYSTERY has accepted a deli to visit the above named store some time TOMORROW between the hours of 2 and o'clock- and proposes to make a purchase of some kind. Should MISS BURR be apprehended on the inside of the store during the hours of her visit; the person making the identification will receive In addition to the $100 in GOLD offered by THE GAZETTE a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR MERCHANDISE ORDER given by GRAY, REID, WRIGHT providing the captor has in his or her- possession a SALES CHECK of a purchase made during the HOURS OF MISS. BURR'S VISIT. In order to be positive that you will be able to identify MISS- BONNIE BURR, visit TRANTER VIRGINIA and FRONT Sts, Reno's most popular MEN and BOYS outfitters and there study the "LIFE SIZE" photograph of MiSS BONNH5 BURR whjch is now on display-in the SHOW WINDOW of the above named The words that will spell SUCCESS -for some one in thir chase, are as follows: "PARDON. ME, YOII ARE THE MYSTERIOUS MISS BONNIE BURR OF THE RENO EVENING GAZETTE, NEVADA'S GREATEST r- V- (Wr- )V 'A i- i M--- I'll I ri il I -i-'-'-V 9., MIES BURR RETURNING FROM AQUIET HER FAMOUS REO By BONNIE BURR This is Sparks day for me.

As' I promised, I will visit Sparks this evening between 7 and 8 and it remains to be seen whether citizens of this neighboring borough are as wide awake as I have heard, if Sparks f0jks do not capture me Renoites certainly should apprehend me tomorrow, for. If free, tomorrow will be my busy day. I will have no time to exult over evading Sparks folks At I dd elude detection there. My whole time aft attention will be occupied in planning two effective vitssuises lor tomorrow. Tomorrow I will make two visits to the big department store of Gray, Wright Company, between the hours and 9:30 p.

m. This; will require two separate and clever disguises, one to be worn in my visit during the af t- (Continued on Psjpb up loaay..

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