The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 24, 1969 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1969
Page 8
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Page 8 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1969 U.S. SALT Delegation Sees Small Meaning In Attack HELSINKI (UPI)-.The V.Sl delegation • at the Strategic Arms Limitations Talks (SALT) said today they saw little significance in a Soviet newspaper attack on a new American, weapons appropriations bill. The Soviet Communist party newspaper. Pravda accused. the United States of responsibility for a "dangerous arms race." Pravda said the $20.7. billion arms ' purchase and development bill bore out U.S. intentions. U.S. negotiators in Helsinki said the Soviet reaction was routine and would almost certainly not hinde r progress at the talks, which bugan Nov. .17. The Soviets, appear cautiously interested in American idea for a mutual freeze on testing the new multiple warhead missiles but have remained noncommittal so far pending high-level consideration inside the Kremlin. . | The United States let it be known Thursday itj to the Russians moratorium on may propose a . mutual testing the multiple-headed, nuclear rockets. The Soviets the U.S. idea bfct nothing on it yet, jare aware of have said CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES TO Bride Groom Wedding Date Vicki Voss Victor Sowders December 13 Persons interested in Gift Presentations to tbe above couples . may select gifts at Compton's Gift Shoppe where their needs are registered. Future Brides are invited to Register at Compton's anp receive a valuable gift. No charge for this service. CALL US:- YOUR FRIENDS MAY REGISTERED BUT NOT LISTED BE COMPTON & SON HARDWARE, INC TIPTON, INDIANA Acj-oss from Post Office enneu% ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY THIS WEEK ONLY* Pencale white cotton percale sheets at Special tow Prices 186 count combed cotton Twin 72" x 108" flat or Elasta-fit Sanforized" bottom. . . Full 81" x 108'flat or Elasta-fit Sanforized "bottom. . Pillowcases. . 3 fo 2fo 4 for 2 *5 50 SAVE NOW USE.YOUR PENNEYS CHARGE ACCOUNT PENNEY'S .116-118 So. Main Tipton, Ind. CHARGE IT! • - LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REVOKE CERTAIN CORPORATIONS . Notice is berety given by WiUiaraN.Salio,Secretary of State of Indiana, that certain corporations organized under tbe lavs or tbeState of Indiana anl fearing their principal office within the Coonty of Tipton, have failed to file annual reports for two or more full years In compliance with the Indiana General Corporation Act, as amended. The corporations concerned are listed as follows: SECRETARY OF STATE-CORPORATION DIVISION DOMESTIC CORPORATIONS DECLARED DELINQUENT AS OF 10-28-69 the following corporations have not filed a returnfor any.year after 1966 CORPORATION LOCATED IN TIPTON COUNTY on the lighter side ID. NUMBER CORPORATION NAME 4492-056 10 Acana Food Inc. 4267-136 07 Alcan Corporation of Indiana 4012A093 08 Arcade Roller Rink Inc 4105A143 06 Atlanta Telephone Company In 4171-151 09' Beck Manufacturing Corporation 4444-114 01 ' Becker Homes Incorporated 4522-019 OS Bob's Automotive Parts Company of Elwood Inc. 2S99A030 01 Bob's Automotive Parts Company 3054-175 07 Brewers Theaters Inc 4310-002 04 Builders Products lac 4434-0B4 02 Cisco Steel Inc 4436-146 05 Conventional Builders Inc 3073A042 02 Coi Brothers Gas Service Inc 2667-036 09 Edington Paper Company Incor 4492-059 04 Food L Fiber Refinance Corp ' 4528-058 06' General Farm Supply Corp 4396-100 10 General Farms Inc 4450-046 09 . Gias-Crete Construction Company Inc 4464-080 00 Gold Tip Soil Service Inc 2883A043 02 Goldsmith Lumber Co. Inc 4457-071 01 Greenbrian Furniture Inc 2467-035 04 Harper 4 Co Inc 2SS1A124 02 Head Knotts Inc 4154-067 05 Hemlock Lumber and MiUwork 6810-351 07 Hepco Inc ^ 30S0A005 07 Hy-Gold Inc 3059A078 03 Indiana Food Service Corpora 4120-073 00 Jack Barnes-Incorporated 4128-117 •02 ' • Jaqua Packing Co Inc 1968-037 09 . John S Mitchell Incorporated 4487-150 08 Lacey Grain Company Inc 4434-038 09 Lacey Grain Terminal Inc 4032A016 01 • M L B Service Company Incorp 6806-223 09 Nevada Feed And Grain Company inc 4168-027 08 New Castle Fogging Service I 3077A132 10 Orestes Telephone Company In 4160-069 07 Peoria Oil L Gas Corporation 4409-045 03 Pleasant Living Inc 4434-098 02 Porta-Port Inc 4067-100 10 Products Exchange Inc 6807-306 10 Ray Goudy Inc 2852B125 00 San-Ess Corporation 4463-127 06 Sepco, inc 6803-325 08 Staler Lakeside Cottages Inc . 4350-127 00 Smith-Watson Enterprises Inc 4425-009 06 Smoke-O-Ring Corporation 2834-139 01 Solar Petroleum Corporation 28UA002 00 Sportsman Pickup Coach Inc 6812-567 05 Swlnford Hog Farms Inc 4192-015 08 Ti'Co Industries Inc 3037-006 ' 04 Tipton Amusement Corporation 3084A050 01 Tipton Auto Sales Inc 4184-088 09 Tipton Builders Supply Inc 4265-053 01 Tipton Candy Kitchen Incorpo 4190A057 10 Tipton Cicero Township School 4532-105 08 Tipton Community School Building Corporation 4321-106 01 Tipton County Business Servt 1583-005 02 Tipton Furniture Company 2889-172 04 Tipton News Corporation 4319-034 03 Tipton Securities Inc 4338-111 05 Travel Air Inc 4466-116 04 Union Holding Company Inc 6806-418 05 Walsh Farms Inc 4450-058 02 Whisler Wholesale Company-lnc 2904A072 10 Windfall Lumber and Mill Wor . 4253-016 04 Woodiawn Trailer Sales Inc 4126-062 02 Woodruff Canning Company Inc .. SECRETARY OF STATE - CORPORATION D1VBION . CORPORATIONS DECLARED DELINQUENT AS OF 11-18-69 THE FOLLOWING CORPORATIONS JJA VE NOT FILED A RETURN FOR ANY YEAB-itf TER 196S CORPORATION LOCATED IN TIPTON COUNTY ID. NUMBER CORPORATION NAMED 4196-0C2 08 Associated Indiana Labor Co- 6805-114 03 3acon Cemetery Incorporated 2913A0B0 10 Beta Omega Chapter of Kappa 4075-099 07 Charles Sturdevant Post No 4 4360-081 02 Christian Crusaders Inc 6805-100 09 The Christopher Club of Tipton Indiana Inc 4071A033 05 Circle F Z Trail Riders Inc 4016A021 09 The First Church of the Naia - 2895AD14 01 First Presbyterian Church of 4045-008 02 Goldsmith Gun Club Inc 4491-029 0B . • llobbs Christian Church Inc 3075-018 03 The Indiana Oxford Down Shee 6803-138 06 Kempton Christian Church Incorporated " 4525-160 00 Kempton Area C B Club Inc 6809-202 10 Kokomo Commodity Club Inc 3062-099 02 Madison Township Tipton Coun 4175-154 01 Owls Club Inc of Sharpsville 4502-109 10 ' Pilgrim Holiness Church of Tipton Inc 4107-022 00 Products Exchange Inc 4296A036 02 Quarter Miter's Aulo Club Jnc ' 4406-06C 02 Sharpsville American Legion . 2847AO06 - 01 < Spiritual Israel Institute C 6806-382 00 ' Tetersburg Christian Church Incorporated 4409-055 00 Tip-Toppers Square Dance Clu 4270-014 01 Tipton Community Drainage Co " ' 4284-092 05 Tlplon County Beagle Club In 4435-019 07 Tipton County Charitable Ass 4021-048 06 Tipton County Conservation C 4121bi46 05 Tipton County Jefferson Club 4186-082 09 Tipton County Tuberculosis A 4096B0U 06 Tipton Friendly Club Incorpo . 4231-085 00 Tipton Junior Chamber of Com ' 3000A079 02 Tipton Lions Club Inc ' 4105A073 0: Tipton Utile League Incorpo 4351-038 04 Tipton Service Club Inc 400I-II7 05 The Twilight Social Club Inc 4272-043 04 The United Church of Jesus C 4056A021 03 Veterans of Foreign Wars Pos 4107-023 09 Wildcat Labor i Consumer Cor 6808-166 05 Windfall Church of the Brethren Inc ' ' 4193-021 07 WindtallLabor Co-ops, Inc 4055A119 03 Windfall Lions Club Inc The Secretary of state shall, within thrity daysof this Notice, revoke such corporations unless annual reports are filed in substantial compliance with the Act All persons concerned should notify the Secretary of State, Room 201 State House, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204. By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) -The trouble with most "how to" . books is that' they are written by experts 4 , and thus are of little value to the average reader. Arnold Palmer, for instance, might write a book titled "How . to Break Par." Bully for Arnie. Arnie breaks par frequently if not often. But the average golfer isn't likely to break par no matter how many books be reads. The average golfer is going to be lucky to break 100 occasionally. So what the average golfer needs is a book written by a mediocre player and titled "How to Break 100 Occasionally." . ,| -V- i.' The same thing is .true of " those books bearing such titles as "How to Play Tournament Bridge" and "How to Make a Million' Dollars in the' Stock Market." ;.!•-. They are | almost always written by tournament bridge players and persons who have made a million dollars in the stock market. Do you suppose for a minute that if you read one of those . books you could win a bridge tournament or make a killing in the market? Don't make me laugh. What .you need is: — A book titled "How to Make Two Clubs When You Should Have Bid .'Four Spades," written by some dingaling who has spent all 'of his life trying . to squeeze out wrong bids.; — A book titled "How to Keep From Losing JYour Shirt in the Stock Market," written by someone who has lost his shirt in the stock j market and may _ help you avoid a. similar disaster. j 120 Indians at Dated this 19 day of November, 1969. L-553 William N. SaUn Secretary of State of Indiana' 201 State House, Indianapolis Indiana 46204 C-357 SAN FRANCISCO (UPI>Instead of [aposse of U.S. marshals, badly needed food and medical supplies arrived on •Alcatraz Sunday for 120 Indians demanding the former prison island as a .. cultural and educational center. One of those present at the dock to greet the "freedom boat" *was j island custodian Glen Dodson. [He and agroupiof the Indians, pho have occupied the land since Thursday, loaded the parcels on Dodson's weath- erbeaten pickup truck and drove up a j steep roadway to the crumbled prison where the peaceful but determined Indians are encamped. j "I'm 100J per cent) with them," Dodson said. : "These are wonderful people." ( Federal officials withdrew a Sunday afternoon deadline for surrender of| the island by the Indians, whoj had vowed to hide from U.S. marshals in the 12- acre maze of old buildings and .:aves. j The' officials— who denied they. had ever issued . an ultimatum—said there would be no attempt to recapture the island until, after Interior Secretary' Walter .Hickel re-' views the Indians' demands. The invaders issued a proclamation from, "Indian territory" • demanding Hickel come to the island personally, and surrender it within two . weeks. Richard Oakes, ,a Mohawk and one of the group's leaders, said the Indiana won't talk to Hickel by phone or through': intermediaries. Meanwhile, Coast Guard cutters maintained- a .partial . blockade of the island, stopping boats with potential reinforcements and . interested sightseers. The Coast Guard did allow the supplies boat to land at a dock flying a "red power" flag—a red pennant emblazoned with a broken peace pipe and a teepee. cmnetft ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY m Charge It! TOWEL SALE THROUGH SATURDAY! SPRING GARDEN A modern flower pattern woven cotton {acquord in brilliant colors. , INFATUATION. Elegant tone-on-tone'woven cotton jacquard with • fringed ends. Hand towel reg, 95« NOW 77* Washcloths reg. 55< NOW 47* BATH TOWELS , 1 O'T RECr. 1.75...NOW I. 0|/ A 675-4300 Jjuuvu TONIGHT & TUES. Show Times 7:00 & 9:05 DICK VANDYKE ANGIE DICKINSON I SOME • KIND0FA NUT Starts WEDNESDAY! AIL WALT DISNEY PROGRAM! 4 BIG DAYS!** It's Leprechaun Magic! TICHHKOM WALT DISNEY'S FLASH, theUMsrhage TECHMCOLORT.oMCMUaMtDBMyhadictias The thing that got me into this tirade was the publication this month of a book titled "How to Get a Teen-Age Boy and What to Do With Him' When You Get Him," by EUen Peck. I didn't even have to read the book to know it was mislabeled. I could tell that the moment I got a glimpse of the "authoress, who was in town recently on a promotional visit. Miss Peck's book should have been titled "How to Get a Teen^ Age Boy the Hard way." The easy way to get a teen-age boy,. or an older one for that matter, is simply to look' like Miss Peck. V. I mean, here is" a young woman who obviously has had • boys baying at her heels ever since she first, set forth in a stroller. So what does she know . about snagging a boy friend? • The points she makes may even be valid. But if I were a teen-age girl, and I wanted to get a teen-age boy,. I would seek a less comely adviser—"' someone who has had to work at it. A more valuable book, I submit, would be'.'How To Get Asked Out on Saturday Night goccasionllh gin ghvoi gpvlh gnvoir CVARDS GRight, 'Because Believe Me, Honey, You. Ain't Exactly Raquel Welch and A more valuable book, I submit, would be "How To Get.. Asked Out on Saturday Night Occasionally if You Play Your Cards Right, Because Believe Me, Honey, You Ain't Exactly Raquel Welch and Boy Friends, Don't Grow On Trees.". TheTipton Daily Tribune By Carrier In City——---————— 45$ per week By Hall: Tipton.and Adjacent Counties l year $11.00 ADVANCE - NO MAIL < SUBSCRIPTION ACCEPTED WHERE CARRIER DELIVERY IS MAINTAINED. Member: United Press International News Service Entered as Second Class. Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, Under tbe Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTAGE PAID IN TIPTON, INDIANA PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. INC. 221-223 E. Jefferson St. Tipton, Indiana 46072-675-2115 'Bound Town and The Clock With the Tribune By R.O. Mcney NOW LET THEM ALL; BE SILENT! SPIRO, the man they (the jokesters) said DIDN'T EXIST... and at whom multitudes of cracks were .hurled by the punsters, , finally had his- SAY. v -.or rather, several of them.. .and when he spoke, they, became aware, that he was ALIVE and WELL... much to their DISDAIN. NOW THAT HE has his say, the TV.. .and the several 'highly regarded' newspapers (?). . .have had theirs,: let's allow the general public to form their own opinion about matters. ..and get down to brass tacks. PERHAPS, ,as he said, Spiro.'owed it to the people.. .and.him­ self, as Vice ; President. . .to have his say, and we believe some of the'. TV EXPERTS .(?). . .and so called press powers (?) had it coming. . .but let's-aim/at helping the country in this time of stress.. .and forget the incidents. THE VERY FACT the matter was brought to the surface will bring about a better, relationship. . .for the people, once aroused, will fathom these great problems out for themselves, without the help of either the spoken word, by top echelon reporters, from either.the tube or the printed page. BUT.. .we must remember,. it is the duty of the press, as well as the, duty of the executives, to allow the public, for whom they work, you might say, to hear what they have to say,. .and read same. POVERTY BLAMED FOR EVERYTHING . PERHAPS IT B. correct that the United States has the highest crime • rate of any of the so-called STABLE Nations. The National Commission on the causes and prevention of VIOLENCE reports this. . .and who is to say they are wrong. They blame POVERTY. . .and maybe, just maybe, this is where the fly is in the ointment.; There are many so-called STABLE NATIONS who have more crime. . .for it is from them that we 'borrowed' same. Our rate didn't seem so high until we borrowed some of the dress, linge, movie type.. .etc; from some of the EUROPEAN nations. The declaration.. .that one sixth of this nation could be ' classified as SLUM INHABITANTS seems rather far fetched, if not a downright LIE. Perhaps the Commission's ideas of POVERTY. . .and those of the average American.. .are wide apart, at least it would seem so. . .for the 'HIGH, WIDE and HANDSOME SPENDING of a certain group in this country would indicate they are certainly not much" bringing things to a normal setting.. .and helping.alleviate the situation. What you. and others might consider a 'fair-living' standard, might be construed by the members of the Commission, as rather LOW. IT SEEMS to us, that POVERTY is being cast as the VILLIAN in this case. . .when lack of understanding by some people- in charge of .helping the poorer classes, might be the real reason. • VIOLENCE breaks out.' ...POVERTY is blamed. Then how do . they account for the fact that yiolance in RUSSLA.., .and some of the red countries. . .poverty does not seem to be the basic causes of crime? . CERTAINLY crime is on the Upgrade here., .and will continue . .until we have courts which will in the correct manner. . .stop CODDLING the CRIMINALS. . .stop MAKING FOOLS of POLICE OFFICERS .in performance of their' duties, etc. Even the HIGHEST COURT in'this "land cannot get away from the FINGER that points them out, *. .as contributing to the , crime in the land;", .for some of their decisions have certainly HAMSTRUNG the authorities.. A LIBERAL may be O.K, in a . certain sense.. .but LIBERAL seems to be a word that stretches until the word LIBERTY seems tobe in danger! STUDENT JOURNALISM RECENTLY WE CAME .ACROSS some news that brought some real belly laughs. It concerned "college newspapers. , .and an Editorial in. one that appealed for reporters and editors to work on the newspaper that came out TWICE a week, WE QUOTE: "Our campus newspaper is presently staffed by 15 steady reliable contributors; nine reporters and six editors. We are tightly knit, but we can no longer produce two twelve page (tabloid) editions each. week. The situation forces : EDITORS to" take on duties in ADDITION" to their ASSIGNED tasks. On any production night, the Managing Editor may assist in COPY EDITING, REWRITING, LAYOUT, or maybe PHOTOGRAPH REPRODUCTION. If an editor is forced to take on other than his assigned task, both tasks will reflect the loss... "HOWEVER, prevailing conditions preclude scholastic involvement or achievement. Consider that four seniors are virtually flunking their semester's course loads. Six hours of sleep is a luxury. Nineteen work days is common. Eating is considered' a waste of time. Leisure activities are a luxury. None of the editors and reporters accepted the positions because they enjoy the grind. Journalism is should be fun." END OF QUOTE. WELL» . .if this is the condition" AT THE BASE.. .it is rather mirthful. •. .for every newsman," ad man, etc; on a small newspaper has ENJOYED(?>.. .this same experience boys.. .so unless you really LOVE it.. .you'd better latch on to another profession. . If you want a DULL-UNEXCITING news job- get one where you just look up records* . .copy same. . .don't know ANY OTHER • PART of the business except your own job! That oughta do itf We cannot remember when we did not have at least two or three jobs on a small daily. . .but we wouldn't trade places with" the boys in the IVORY TOWERS, as they term them. YOUlearnby DOING! - STICK RIGHT IN THERE KIDS, maybe they'll pass up the CHORES when you graduate.. .and you'll automatically be named -CHAIRMAN of the BOARD I ' . AMBULANCE SERVICE anytime' DAY or NIGHT OUR TWO AMBULANCES ARE FULLY EQUIPPED WITH OXYGEN Young-Nichols FUNERAL HOMB^ 216 W. Jefferson Phone 675-4780

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