Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on July 1, 1952 · Page 9
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 9

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1952
Page 9
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Briefs in ih'c Ne^a .Star Route Off Road; Truch Mail Is Goes Del axe The Dcs Moinos star route liiiil: went off tho road noar Cylindi -r early this morning and mail from the route into Estliervilic was di- layed, Postninstcr Clara Kinnid\ said. Tlio truck Is soln-dulrd to arrive in Esth<>rviIlo at 7.10 a. ni. tlirouph the Emniotsburi; nnitf. It arrived on the Rock Island abou! 10 a. ni.. too late for tlH' larly morning (S:30 n. ni.) business d- livery which heRnn today but oaiiy enough for the ]1:;5 a. m. dolivir> along with the mail on the St. James and Spencer star routes an i the Rock Island. One Game Here The Red Sox play only one tann' at JC field the n'.st .>f the u.-.k Paullina plays here tonionow mi;ht in u non-league tame. Tb.e Re i Sox hold a 7-o decision over Paullina in a Kame played then two weeks ago. Paullina his a strone | ball club, holding a one-run d. li- • sion over Storm Lake. Bob K. leh, lL >0 or Lou Rosin will prcitiubiy li the mound for the Red Sox. Workiiij; for Rll!l-,v . if I/ivoiine Uanr.; Kan \^'ork as srert *. ("f. Jiou.ehrrty s otfu'e of s fare .ami aid to dipfi^i. r.t la t.. \ ir. 1 \A\ W. : hr.>i:ev Miss Ilanna is r.-plai inc Mrs .ta. Pittnei wlio is SI litMiii'i .1 fo Irc work soon in tl-.. Knuv.. ; .oua assessors otfu Miss -.A i.:,. ualed fiom Kutlu. u i'.iul; svi -.o last May. Will Show rictiire Abor.f ?0 CO Baiilanos Hl .u \:r dan-.s will I s.->iool .;\;d:!ovi day Tl-.. p.:; tenil and tin -.f cl-.aro' or coiU 'i showini: ^*i;l f.i ,"0 niinuNs Ti;. ken by Bi!! S-.or. Thori-sor. on ;h. ; tli<- Bia.-k H;:;s Hi: .i i-:!! be re a.i:-.-.:.ssior. ' '.irrs w r re ovr.: KFA tr-.t- Incited To Be on Panel Ervin 0. Christiansen, eo -.m se.ssor. rece-ved an tcrday to take part in or.< of t\^.> panel discussions on penscna! preip- crty assessment with e.T .ph.i.-is or. the determination ff tl-.e vilue of inventories Oct. 6 throuirb ? :r. D, s Moines. On the first p .Tne! wii! bt ropi-:- sentativps of various ti'-.d. assix-:a- tions in the state who wiU p :is .-f briefly vjews on rrojHr:/ »-a]ustion. Chri.sfjansen wsi; t^- a member of the second or qi;;: p.^r.- el to ask questions of th-. f:r,-. group which are cocsid. r.-d \-:t >.! in making persoi^al proptrty ;vs- scssments. Other naembirs of the sv panel will b^e Jim Scci.'iro of C Rapids. William Stadlman cf Ciiy, P^lph Ciaik of Kr -csauqj-; Arthur Harris of Mistr. C Hugh I .Hartcr of T HS M. : Klrrtion Rt'forni i KxjH'cttMl This far .1' s, V.,ive b-ir. wc^ lorn^ b;i?;.^:! hope of i-' .• pres.s ;r. •..r.-.,- f,-; Ch.%:rm.<in C:V.< per. ::s h.-w-v. r a r-.-.(-1,-urc T.^-rs. u '.-if icr.s ircv-rr.;- o:h-r .i:f;^.f.<s p.^ ;£:-.= Ust- ;-..s!• i:;.-;.i:..-r. f. r.< \: 5- -ssicr. Box Score KIKST C.AMK Carroll Johnson, 'ih BiHtrosinn, If K NPDH U O, »» KuKtnrirrook, cf Slicchan, c Uciinirke, i-f Evans, Ih DeckiT, 31.. Ricdcsel, p (jottlii(f, p ab h po 0 3 0 2 1 0 I I 0 t 0 0 Totals Esth(!C\111c Knley, If Bnettchftr, HH Freeman, 2I> Bartkowskl, WliikPl, 3b Ouddine, rf Hansen, c \\oItj., ef HiUI. p lb 22 ub' 4 4 8 4 4 3 4 3 22 5 4 21 h po 2 1 FRANK STANKKSON. I. ft. is shown as he re- t-.-r..-.i froir. a Mi'-nule -pHr -liour ride in a naval •.: f 'la.-.i- and i.- using new escalators installed re- r.f.y m aircraft The picture was on cover of tho •-A .irpac Bulletin," publication for •.:-.r Prictfic fleet naval air force. Sti.nerson was -.4 (Daily News engraving) home on a l.'wiay leave recently visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Stnneison. He left lH .st Wednesday for Seattle to return to his .ship. His address is P'rank Stanerson, 3239»?7. OA Division. V. S. S. Kear.sage (CV ?,3> c/o Fleet Postoffice, San Francisco, Calif. Iron-. Lt Ar.J- rs:.r. n B:>: -5 H k. Os :^-r Deeds Rcorded Carney. Ed J. Martin and Edith O. P. Armstrong Christiansen. Forres: Christiansen. Genevievi ' :r. N\V«., 22-98-31. 't ^-'J Hansen. Robert .M srd Carm-r. from Hansen. Donald C 0 2."5 .\ ' in NW comer of -VW. SW . * 99-34. I Hindman Alice from Browr.-. ! JJc Earl H. & Rosemary. N" 5J' of ? : :04' of Lbs. 3-J and 5 of Blk 44 O P F- r:.- Twito, Lewis from Johnson. '•^••^ \' Johnnie and Thelma. Lt H and E 12' of Lot 13 of Hartungs Add. ' Klein, Henry C. from Hi'liiason. i John A. SE', of SE', 15-99-14. | tio :: •. Lair, Edith from Wilson. Ma'- 1 ''• and Verb N'-j Lts 7 and 8 Blk. i; °< sii.-.v: Doollttles Add. • W - i! Nielsen, C. E. and Anna C from didn t r Rochester Packing Co. Lt. 2 Blk e, Paulson's Add. i i 'Ji Rickc, Loretta A. from Sandv:..', Continued from pase 1 "Deatll Zoiic" r^crU^^ ' ' "Being Cleared .l.l ' Ai'oiind Berlin .N'..i : ir.c I SmellMl Different Hfio I; ad (Oi .'.i;z' : Hanlin . and Nora. Paulson's Add. Lt B!k. I Governor's Stand-in Dcs Moines .-P-AUjutant G-r.. r- al Fred Tandy went to C da.- FilS Tuesday to repr-s-nt Gov VVi::.*.-.: S. Beardsley at the C. r:a.- f centennial cekbra'ior. E -i .-l->y is attending the co.-f. r-r.-.;- of governors at Ho-^nor. T-.. K'^cajH's, fJet-aptured o! Ctui-cv, I.; ; rck-' K-ok_k •••t:i Z'.zr.', of or. E-::in '.^'.-West Berlin polic- .s.i-..d tvKiay tire t -tist Z'»ne conimun. ist-- have .started clear a strip .'O t-.' yards wid-.' around Berlin, be- .;:.-.r.;r._- v.;- at looks like a •'death z:r.-' around th.- city. V.'.. s; Berim n^ wspapers said •.^ atfhto-.v. rs h :iv> boe.n erected to : •<,>k dc.« n on the an-a. wit .'i ma.--h;r..-tun.- mounted, ready tv .?.-.o:.t do'\ n ar;%" p*-rs<'n crossin^.' !;r.. ir .to thi- no-man's land Tb- strip ei.arid of tiees along v.^^-J<J••d Itnd bordering the E.-.t-sh -• 'tor at .Spandau. was said rh*.' r..o-man's land c <tn- ••-'rjr.i: li..- iron curtain b-iwe-r. th..- Sovnt zon>- G.rmany is a.n sland 10*j mib's in- s.c*- til- .S •.vi^t occupation zone in G-r.T.i-ty, By a .=eri( s of t.(.::: ir.- p-j .st month, with pn-s- E.-.'bn constantlv increa.s- ;r.^- ;h- r-sidei.ts of the allied-hel-J •.••••.-•-•-rn sector.-i have been ki.-pt out of t.'.- .Sovi .t zone by communist auth '.jnu-s. Obituary Eniniet Counly Farmer for 50 Years Is Dead a.-.-i w. B- rlir. Sign Maytag Contract Off In the glas..>rwar-- '•.'^-i:r.-- blown" i.< a .T PT r..-:or. blown by huma.-. KV>\-f:f.-'.lii\X .Senator HumJ >*Tt Dies N- .vtor., la., ^>—Mimbers of local yj'. Unit'd Auto Workers. CIO. v'jf d to a< I • pt a ni -.v contract with thf- Maytag'r company her" Monday, union officials said. The n'-w contract includi-s an : osi.^.t f-,<--Vrfjard wa^e increasf of ar^fjji h t'nt .s an liour. ri troaetivi- t'j Ju.".< 1 Tie 15-niontb contraet will txpir" .Sipt, I, If^fj.'l William Irving Bryan, son of William and Susan Bryan, was born at Hampton in Franklin county. Dec. 14. 1881. He died at his farm home June 'iO, 1952, at the age of 70 years. M I . Bryan attimded the Hampton schools, and moved to Emmet county in 1902 where he started farming with his brothers. Ray and Ernest. He wa.s married to Josie Hanson on Aug. 23, 1911. They continued farming in the Maple Hill-Gruver vicinity. .Surviving are his widow; three daughters, Mrs. J. R. (Shirley) Weight of Fort Dodge. Mrs. Clifford (Mary) Saul of Estherville, prohibi-] Mrs. Maurice (Leona) Drew of Swea City; two sons. Robert of Terril and William at home; six grandchildren; two brothers, Ray of Estherville and Sherm of Minneapolis, and two sisters. Mrs. Winona Howell and Mrs. Olive Sharp, both of Minneapolis) He was preceeded in death liy hia parents, tour brothers and two grandchildren. Mr. Bryan was baptized in the Lutheran faith and was a member of Immanucd Lutheran church. Pallbearers for his funeral were A. K. Olson. H. L. Domlny, William J. Reed. Robert Woods Sr., P. G. Paulson and J. O. Johnson. Kidney Slow-Do wn May Bring Restless Nights Th grave of .N'aney ffank.-i Lincoln mother of Airaham Lincoln, is at Lincoln City, Ind. Th.' I'risident of the United States had to pay for his own transportation up until the time of the automobile. folks eompI*ift o/ f *irr."< •chei, dUiifif'-i iir.4 t ' Don't aufftr m'.A-i r.-r-.'-* • comfori* if Tt^'^]t< t-ci^; ting ><.u d'jwn^ > V- i -•*.*. • J hlrese fcr.d , '-••'^ •-• - . , - . • ur*- UJ coi'i. >!;•-*..' b.irC'>.- •! c .-t tu c«»ld or wi'-; ^ »* -(* xt*.:.;M nitflitt or f-fcvj ptfuz*" • Uon't ncKler', ro.-r ln-ir.'M j/'-^-t lions hfAhrr yi,\i. *i r/ I> *r.'t I*.. i.-..,^ diurt-lic. Ut^d r^'X*--^'-u'r.j b> j/ ;. c.r t f'-r over/jO yeiit.^. I*.'i> (./r.kiir.i: tzr»' y \.!r*> ^ l>oan's ifive haupy fujru t;j^»* >i.'" rn. forts—liflptVit 16c iltiior ki'lri»-y tyU-\»t.'J tjl- terft fluAU out WM *(-- U'Jbit'i I'lib u^Uyl }J*-ut Is Fatal IT'S PICNIC TIME • Here's How to Make the Best Tuna Sandwich You've Ever Tasted! NOW THRU THURSDAY A life story...and a love story ... as wonderful as "The Stratton Story!" Use day old bread of a firm texture and slice vith a very sharp knife. To bring out the flavor of any sandwich, cream a few drops of lemOD iuice with the butter. To prevent soaking.bring butter to room temperature, and spread a thin layer on BOTH slices in- tftead of just one. For tfie best tasting tuna you've ever tried, use 8TAR.KIST TUNA- the tuna with the flavor *preferred over all other national brands 3 to It Tuna sandwicheB are a picnic favorite, and in a sandwich, tuna flavor really comes into its own! That's why it's more important than' ever to choose tuna with super flavor for your sandwiches. A recent test proved Btar-Kist Tuna's flavor is preferred 3 to 1 over til other national brands tested. Kttf h •» band far ibM "laU-m'mi$tt/" fltnk luMCbts... luy PAMCY 90UD <x CHUNK STYLE/ both or« the sam« fine quolityl Force Will Make Reds Give up Tokyo <T'~Rear Adm. Ruthven K. Lihhy. retirinK V. N. armistice talks delegate, said today the communists will "holler uncle" in Korea after the allies "hurt them militarily," Lihby said he does not e.xpecl an early settlement. He told the Pacific Stars and Stripes the Reiia don't want an armistice "simply because they are not being hurt enough. The only understand force." The 51-yenr-oId admiral leaves today aboard the USS Anderson. He will report to Washington fo.r reassiKnment. I..ibhy described allied air bombing ol North Korean power plants last week as the kintl of lant'uafre that will make the Reds "iioUer uncle." Totuls 31 4 10 21 7 Carroll 100 Oil 2—6 KsfhervlUi- 001 000 2—4 Sunttiiary: E. Bofttclier S, JohiiNon; RBI, K.spoHlto, Slicc­ han. BurtkowskJ. Haiifum 8; 2B, BartkoWKkl, WolU 3, Shor- han; IIB, Hanson; SB, Bcdroti- iun, Kspoxlto; Sac, B<NlroN- Kvans; DP, Esposlto-Johnson- Kvaiw; left, Esther^lUo II, Carroll 7. BB, HaU 9, nicdesel 4; KO, H«U 7, OetUiiR 1; II aitd R, off RiodeHPl, 10 and 4 In 6 2-3; off GettlnR, 0 nnil 0 tn 1-3; 111', Riedesel (Kuley); wlniipr, Rle- iles«>l; loser. Hall. Umpires l'"orbes nnd l^nslng. RED SOX— Condnucd from page 4 ninp apain was a thorn in the side of the Sox. The So.t hope to break their tour- l^ume losing streak tonight at Wall Lake. Bob Ketchell •will start his first game this year for the home club. The locals are home on Wednesday night to the Paullina Lakers. Judge's Mother Dies Council Bluffs, la. — Mrs. Battle Dclehant of Lincoln, Neb., mother of Federal Judge John W. Delehant of Lincoln, died late yesterday at a hospital hero. She was 83. Mrs. Delehant suffered a heart attack while visiting relatives here earlier this month and had been hospitalized since then. 8BC0M) GAMK Carroll John.<>on, 2b Bedrosian, If K.spo.<«lto, »•! KnHt<>rbrook, of Sheohan, e RennJcko, rf Kvan.s, lb Dt-ckiT, 3b Garner, p Getting, p Rtnaldi, p Totals KstherilUi! Kaley, If Budding, rf Freeman, 2b Haiifion, c Wlnkel, 3b Bartkowskl. lb Boettchcr, s» Wolti. cf Ardrcy, p ab 5 4 3 S 6 a 4 2 36 ab 8 Q 4 3 h po I 2 0 I 1 0 1 2 2 ti I 1 0 14 0 I 1 0 0 0 0 0 7 27 14 h po a 0 2 0 t 2 0 4 0 I 0 4 0 3 Totals CarroU EHthcr\1lIc Summary: cttcher, U'oUz; Bartkontikl 4, Klan, K.<ipo.<ilto 33 6 J()\27 12 030 010 OOl—8 000 021 003—« , I-Yccman, Bo- RBI, Hansen, Ardrcy, Bcdro- 2, Kasterbrook, Shei^han, Garner 2; 2B, Garner, }Ian«en, Bartkowskl, Bocttcher; HB, Bartkowskl; SB, Wln­ kel. Woltz, Johnson, Esposlto 2; Sac, Kaiey, Boettchur; Dl', Boottchcr - FrcL ^man - Bart- konski; left, Ksthcr\iUc 11, CarroU 7. BB, Ardrcy 4, Garner 4, Get- Unjr 3; SO, Ardrcy 6, Garner 2, Getting 2, Rinaldl 1; 11 and R, off Garner, 6 and 2 in 4 1-3; off Getting, 4 and 4 In 4 1-3; off Rinaldl, 0 and 0 In 1-3; HP, Ardrey (Ksposlto); WP, Ardrey, Getting; Bk, Garner; winner. Getting, loser, Ardrcy; umpires. Lansing, Forbes. Farmers Jailed Vienna, [/P) — Radio Bucharest last night said a Romanian court nt Nassud, in the district of Rodna, has sentenced 22 farmers to prison terms ranging from one to four years. The farmers were accused of sabotaging the communist-ruled country's agricultural program. In the t,os Angeles area, insteaA of giving cowa wide pastures, In which to graze, herds arc sometimes kept In the e.lty limits and their feed is shipped In from farms farther away, says the National Geographic society. In the early 18th Centurj', the bulk of the world's paper was made wholly or partially from rags. Estherville, Iowa. Daily News Tues., July 1, 1952 6 Baked in Esther^'iUe — Sold in Estherville HAROLD'S PASTRY SHOP Deadline July 5 Look Ahei Save Today for The Home You Build Tomorrow! Start a fund for that new home — earmarlc all deposits in this account for that special purpose. By saving in advance for your new- home you are SAV-., '. ING interest instead of PAYING it. 2% Interest •) Payable semi-annually ^ on Jan. 1 and July 1 You may open a savings account anytime by July 5tli and the account will draw interest from July Isl. Your Deposits Are Insured up to .flO.OOO ill This Bank Iowa Trust & Savings Bank member of the Federal Reser\o System With these 4th of July PRESERVES BRUNCH MA BROWN ASSORTED Fine TOBIN'S Ready-Xo-Serve lor Picnic or Lunches 4 3 Tcxa.s Red Ripe Guaranteed WATERMELONS 98c ORANGES Culifornlu Sunklst 288 Si/u Doz. 25c RED GRAPES Jtcd Cardinnls >'civ Californiu Lb. 29c Gorlwr's Baby Food Crcumy)Whip Peanut Butter Borden's Assort4.<d I<1ttvors ICE CREAM SPRING FRYERS strictly Fresh Cut up Ready Var the Van each GROUND Maltes a Delicious Lout JLB. SKINLESS FRANKFURTS Tender nnd Juloy SUCED BACON ItHtU MullMrry 85c '49c '45c 33c Cor\'elot—Sliced or Piece Summer Sausage No. 1—Sliced or Wece • Braunschweiger Tondar—No Bone—No Waste Pork CUTLETS m Alt'ut^One of the Best Minced HAM V. S. Good Beef Club STEAKS We will I N» dusod on July 4th FREEZER Wo can ffivo you the town's best buy on half carcass U. S. Orudod Beef U. S. CHOICE U. S. GOOD .b 56c No Charge for Cutting and Wrupplnir ECONOMICAI. FOOIl PISTRIBUTIOK' July «. 8, 5

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