Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 17, 1934 · Page 5
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 5

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1934
Page 5
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AMIB PAILT TITBUKE-TIMES. AMEf, IOWA. FRIDAY. AUGUBT 17,1934. 'BUY BITTB1 DT AMU* HJOR CRUSADER TO SPEAK SUNDAY Miss Norma Brown at Baptist Church Mi» Normt C- Brown. Bloom- InftoB, 111., vice president of the Flying Squadron foundation and a chlMder in the "oncoming was with the liquor traffic," will ad- drew the. congregation of the Bap- tift church, Sunday at 10:45 a. ru.. it TTM announced Fiiday by the Rev. R. B. Davidson, pastor. Mlsi Brown's subject will be "Philip Drunk to Philip Sober." Th« public is invited. The speaker is a crusader of na- ttonal fame, with contacts with alt »«ctions ol the country. She has SfOken in every state, and has a «|de acquaintance with political •yd religious leaders. •During April, May and the first half of June, she worked thruout SJinnesota organizing dry forces in opposition to the .ounty option law ol that state, and made her efforts Hit in the result, of the primary •lection. She is editor of the National En- tltyrer,. a publication of the Flying Sjjuadron foundation. Questions wWch Miss Brown will UEwer in her address Sunday aborning -will be: Why was the eighteenth amendment repealed? What has been saved from the Can a nation drink itself into prosperity? u What are the requisites for vic- t«ry? 5 .DIALED FOR RELI ION STEUBENVILLE, O. (UJE)—When Rhymond H. Strohl dials for any program other than a religious one Mil. wife, Belva, turns the switch, «< testified here in a divorce action READ THE WANTS SUNDAY SERVICES IN AMES FIRST METHODIST Rev. Walter A. Morgan, Minister 9:45 a. m. Sunday school. 11 a. m. Morning worship. Sermon, "Bootleggers, Beer and Bunk." Special music by primary department. 6:30 P- m- KPworth league. 7 p. m. Vesper service at campanile on Iowa State college cam- pas. LUTHERAN CHURCH Rev. Amos W. Stolen, Minister 9:45 a. m. Sunday school. 11 a. m. Morning worship. S. B. Severson will speak on the subject "God Has Spoken." BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. R. B. Davidson, Minister 9:30 a. m. Sunday school. 10:45 a. ra. Morning worship, address by Miss N'orma C. Brown. Bloomington. 111., vice president of the Flying Squadron foundation on the subject "Philip Drunk to Philip Sooer." 7 p. m. Vesper service at campanile on Iowa State college campus. 9:30 a. m. Sunday school. 11 a. m. Morning service. Subject. "Soul." This church holds services in the city library auditorium. Midweek services Wednesday evening at S o'clock. The free reading room in the Ames Building and Loan building is open on week days from 3 to 5 p. m. COLLEGIATE METHODIST Rev. Jesse S. Dancey, Minister 9:30 a. m. Sunday school. 10:45 a. m. Morning worship. Sermon, "The Sin of Achan,'" by the Rev. Kenneth Morgan. 7 p. m. Vesper service at campanile on Iowa State college campus. COLLEGIATE PRESBYTERIAN Rev. Walter Barlow, Mini.ttr 9:30 a. m. Bible school. 10:45 a. m. Morning worship. Prof. F. E. Brown of the chemistry department at Iowa State college will speak. 7 p. m. Vpspei service at campanile on Iowa State college campus. ST. CECILIA'S CATHOLIC Rev. J. M. Campbell, Pastor Rev. Bernard L. White, Asst. Masses will be celebrated at 6:15. S and 10 at. ru. Coafes'.i- ns will be heard Saturday from ":30 to 6 p. m. and from 7 In S 1- m. UNITED BRETHREN (Fantz Memorial) Rev. J. F. Uhlenhopp, Minister 9:45 a. m. Sunday school. 11 a. m. Morning worship. Sermon by the Rev. L- E. Crippen. S p. m. Evening worship. Sermon by the Rev. Mr. Crippen. Wednesday. S p. m. Midweek devotional forum. ST. JOHN'S BY THE CAMPUS (Episcopal) Rev. LeRoy S. Burroughs, Rector 12th Sunday after Trinity. 7:00 a. m. Holy Eucharist. 9:00 a. m. Holy Eucharist. Sermon. "The Stories Back of Some Of the Prayers in the Prayer Book." ARE IN DISTRESS Weeds and Straw Are Stored for Feed ST. PAUL fl'.P' — Farmers of the once-fertile northwestern plains are facing the most critical period of the territory's history. Their crops are. doomed. Their livestock faces annihilation from lack of feed and water. Scores of farm families are on lelief rolls— a thing unheard of in the memory of the oldest inhabitant. Russian thistles, once a bane to agriculture, are being harvested, dried, and stored for winter feed. Every scrap or straw, burned or cast to the winds In prosperpus times, is being careful!) gleaned. Instead of using it for bedding, farmers are savin-, it for what little feed value it contains. Roughage never before considered of value is being salvaged, pigeon grass and common weeds are being put into granaries. In Lac Qui Parle county, Conrad Bolstad. who operates a 160-acre stock farm, obtained only a, single Announcing the Opening of the Ames Furniture Exchange (Between Theatres) We will handle only high class used furniture, purchased from Chicago Storage Companies, that has been unclaimed and repossessed. OPENING SPECIALS 1—Koehler Living Eoom Suite, 2-piece $35.00 1—Tapestry 2-piece Living Room Suite $29.95 1—Walnut 3-piece Bedroom Set $42.50 6—Dining Room Chairs, wal. finish, velour seat.$13.85 6—Dining Rooai Chairs, walnut finish, genuine leather seats ... $14.98 1—Dining Room Table, walnut-finish $7.50 1—Dining Room Tahle, walnut finish $8.50 1—Dropleaf Kitchen Table $3.00 1—Twin Bedsteads, per set $8.50 i-^Pull-up Chairs $5.25 and $4.25 2—Occasional Tables, walnut ... $3.85 and $4.50 1—Practically new Wilton Rug, 9x12 $19.95 t-Rug, Axminster, 9x12 $4.00 1—Dinette Set with buffet, green $19.95 2—New Pabro Congoleum Rugs, 9x12, each... $5.19 1—Kitchen Cabinet $12.00 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rev. Lura Thompson. Minister . If) a. m. Sunday school. . 11 a. m. Morning worship. Solo by Jewell Shelton. Sermon. "The Spiritual Sympathetic System." 7:15 p. m. Young people's society. Topic. "Christian Standards of Conduct." Leader, Edna Olson. S p. m. Evening worship. Solo, Feme Cantonwine. Pastor's farewell message. The Iowa district, assembly of the Church of the Nazarene will be held at Ottumwa August 21-26. Mission Dedicated, Clothing Donated The Ames mission at 113 Fifth street, was dedicated at the regular evening service Thursday night Numerous bouquets of flowers sent by friends adorned the mission room. Mrs. Bessie Neill. superintendent, said Friday that a number of clothing gifts had been 'made, and that she had school dresses for girls for school to give to parents. Atfy gifts may be made to Mrs. Neill at her home on East Lincoln way. or evenings at the mission. Calls for aid also will be received by her at home. Meetings are held at the mission every night. bushel of oats Jroui an entire wagon load of sheaves. His corn crop, seared and puny, probably will yield no better. The uaditioual "return to the farm" when things looked bad In the city Is being reversed. At Dawson, a'farmcr who has tilled the soil his entire life has given up and gone to live with two daughters in the city. Near Lisbon. N. D., Hans Sorenson harvested only 250 bushels of wheat from his 500-acre farm. The yield was no more than one might expect fiom a dozen acres In normal times. Dean \Y; C. Coffey of the Minnesota university agricultural farm, home from an air survey of the state, said: "This is ttip worst drouth In Minnesota's history." He urged farmers to reduce herds immediately and to conserve all possible feed. In South Dakota, H. M. Cass, administration welfare director, estimated that four-fifths of the state has no crops or livestock feed. Cass said that one-third of the state's entire population is on relief rolls. Alt ho the federal government p.r.fl the state have spent $2.000.00'"! in drought relief in the past few months, 5.000 farmers aeed permanent assistance. . ^ - I, BARBS A LOT of beautiful blonds have found that they can make more money telling stories to juries than they can writing them. • * » Some yachts carry cannon for their sunrise and sunset shots; on other.'; they manage to get along with cocktail shakers. * * * Considering all the turmoil about shorter hours, it's a sort of relief to see them steadily going into effect on daylight without the need I tor mediation. Lutherans in Two Sessions This Weekend OELWEIN <EP> — Nearly 200 pastors of the Iowa district of the American Lutheran church are he-re for the four-day conference of the district which opened with communion services for delegates Thursday evening. The conference will include a | public session on Christian e-duca- I tion and a concert by a chorus of 120 voices composed of the choirs of American Lutheran churches at Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Sumner, . Oelvein and Strawberry Point. Among visiting speakers are: the Rev. H. F. Schuch, Columbus, 0., stewardship director of the American Lutheran church; the Rev. G. P. Krebs, Lincoln, Neb.; the Rev, J. J. Bearmann, Readlyn. la.; an,d Dr. E. H, Ra.u«h and Prof. S. Salzmann of the Wartburg theological seminary- Dubuque, -Weekly Sunday School Lesson- Amos Denounces Self-indulgence Text: Amos 6:1-7, 11-14 The International Uniform English Lutherans Meet SPENCER (U£)T- Delegates from ' 60 English Lutheran congregations in northwest Iowa and southern Minnesota will meet here Sunday to observe the 400th anniversary of the translation of thj Bible into German by Maitin Luther. Dr. W. A. Maier. St. Louis, Mo., "will be the principal speaker. deepest law and way of security in the life of any people was to get bark to sound principles, to build Sunday School Lesson for Au?- j n( ]-;viduai character and social life 19. (upon integrity and fairness, man BY WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance DENEATH the sham and injustice *•* of life. Amos saw also the evil of self-indulgence. In the seem; ingly prosperous society that he observed as ht came from his fields and farm life, he saw not only the depth of social corruption, but he =aw also the debasement of individual life and character. He perceived that the character of men and women was being cor- .upted by the ease and luxury that | ' - n u djre rfL they had brought into their lives, j ... He challenged the worth of much i that every age has tended to call WHERE ,s the Amos of today? culture and refinement. He ques- "Possibly he is found in our tioned what could be the real cui-' midst, if we would but give heed lure or refinement of a people whoj'o him and listen to his counsels. cared nothing for the affliction of j We may be sure that he is no their fellow men. and he predicted more attractive and popular than the overthrow of those who had not I >n this ancient time. We may be established their lives in strength i sure that he has no honeyed words. and r'ght and truth. He saw the great houses smitten with breaches and the little houses but we may be sure. also, that unless we heed his warning the forces of ease and evil ihat havs- brought CHAPE of most-fall hats, says a ^ Paris style note, will be conical. \nd most likely comical. Important Notice! To Holders of Iowa Electric Light and Power Company Serial Gold Notes Dated August 1, 1932 This company is informed that persons claiming to be security salesmen, are representing to holders of the Serial Gold Notes of this company, that such Serial Gold Notes and interest thereon will not be paid. Such statements are false. Money is now on deposit with the Harris Trust and Savings Bank, Chicago, Illinois, for the sole purpose of paying in full the principal amount of the notes together with call premium and interest to date of call. THE MONEY IS READY FOR YOU All of the notes have been called for redemption. Noteholders should forward their notes to the Harris Trust and Savings Bank, Trustee, Chicago. Illinois, for full payment of principal, call premium, and interest. Send your notes through your bank or direct to the trustee by insured mail or express. This notice is being published for the purpose of protecting our security holders against unwarranted loss. I owa(EI ectrieJLi 9 ht and Power Company v_~—/ • An Iowa Company . . . Owned and Operated by lowans LAST ROUNDUP OF WHITE SHOES REGULAR PRICE This includes any white shoe in our store both men's and women's. This is absolutely our last offer on summer shoes. One can realize that Amos was not a popular prophet. What scorn j the sophisticated must have had ] for his rough dress and his simple ! ways! What scorn the city has | always had for the rustic and the farmer, in spite of the fact that he feeds them all! Yet it is the man from the wilderness and the country who has come again ar.d again to warn of dangers and to save society, when its own false ways and practices with clefts. H* saw ruin and de- disaster in the past will continue pression settling upon the nation j their story of disaster until we that had been building a luxurious j establish things aright, superstructure and disregarding | It is interesting to observe that the foundations of simple verity jail through the period of our re- and right. ' cent prosperity, and the later de* * * ' pression. there have been some men H E warned the people against'here in America who have rightly their fafse security, and he j appraised the Tacts ?.nd who have spoke of 3. preparedness of a dif-, given counsel, little as their fel- ferent sort, thai was essential to allow men were willing to heed, nation and people I What tragedy and sadness in the He did not tell the rich to secure j lives of millions of our people their ill-gotten gains, and the j might have been spared, if in our luxurious and cultured to defend jdays of assumed prosperity we had their easy ways, by building up been building truly and wisely and great armies to provide even henv- conserving the wealth of a vast ier burdens for the tax-ridden .country for the welfare of the masses. He told them that the I whole of its people! Have you noticed that Rite-Way offers m sak of well-known, nationally-advertised brands at »hort intervals? Well, that doesn't "just happen". We deliberately plan these sales, featuring products that you "can't keep house without", about once « month. Many of our customers have formed the habit of laying in a supply during our monthly sate. Experience has shown them that they save. Here are our current specials RITE-WAY FOOD STORES Marshalltown Division FRIDAY & SATURDAY—AUGUST 17 & 18 Post Toasties Large 13-oz packages. Get the new Mickey Mouse cutouts! 2 pkgs 21c CHEESE, Land o' Lakes Araer., 2-lb loaf 49c CHEESE, Jack Sprat fey Longborn, lb.. 18c SUMMER DRINK, pkg 5c - Jack Sprat, 6 flavors GRAPE JUICE, pint bottle 21c Welch's or Jack Sprat TICKLE JELLIES, lb '. 12c Fine jelly candies. 7 flavors TEA, R Grocer brand, Japan, y z -lb pkg 23c COFFEE, R Grocer, Mb pkg 25c The popular blend SALAD DRESSING, quart jar 27c Jack Sprat, no "oily" taste MACARONI or Spaghetti, 2 pkgs 15c Jack Sprat SHRIMP, J. 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