Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on July 1, 1952 · Page 8
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 8

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1952
Page 8
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"Cenfidentially, I Ure Ihem myself I" STRICTLY BUSINESS -^Local Markets— Hen Prices Cfese Lower Here Today Hens closed trade one to two cents lower in prlco here today, lighter weights dropping to 12= and heavier kinds to ISc. GRAIN Old 51 .67 New corn $1 .63 Soybeans *2.B5 Oats (36 lbs.) :: 73c •FlWt . »3.70 draTek Ormln CompAny Oraver, Bunttogton. M «pla Hill pitonvoB Sweet cream 74c No. 1 72c No. 2 ..: 70c HennerifM 3C.c No. 11:....^:...:.. ..; ......2sc No. 2 „ : 24c: Straight run : 293 Springs,; 2% lbs. and up —_— 22o Hens, under .-tH lbs. 12c Hens,. lbs. and over IBc Hei&vy. cock*. :— lOc Leghorn, leghorn cross cocka —8e es 20.50-20.60; some, mixed weights and grade light weights lB.50-$20; few light lights 18.60-$19; choice 1 and 3's around 240-270 lbs. 19.2526.50; heavier weights scarce; few loads 270-290 lbs. 18.76-19.60; some around 330 lbs. 17.50; good and choice 100-150 lbs. 17.50-18.26 on feeder and serum accounts; sows around 360 lbs. down $17-$18; choice light weights to 18.26; 36(W00 lbs. 16.26-17.60 ; 400-450 lbs. 15.75-16.50; 450-526 lbs. .'$16-$16. Chicago Livestock Chicago (^^A 10 per cent boost in hog supplies overnight was enough to give the market a weak to 50 cents lower price structure today. Cattle were mostly steady to 50 cents lower and 'sheep steady to strong. The surface of the lake In the crater bowl of Chubb Crater in Northern Quebec is 500 feet below the rim's top level. The moximutn depth of the lake is 826 feet. The'Weather OFFIOIAI, ijraiPERATUIiES Maximum yesterday; 92 Minimum last night: 68 TODAY'S ^VIOATHER 8 n. m. Noon Temperatures: 75 84 Wind, direction: Calm SE Wind, velocity Calm 2 Barometer: 29.82 20.82 Rain: .45 IOWA FORECAST Partly cloudy through Wednesday, scattered showers and thunderstorms west and north central this aftcrnon and In north and Siitux City Livestock Siovx City, July 1 Cattle salable 6,500; calves 50; slaughter steers and heifers early sales steady, to 25 lower; steers under 1050 lbs. least changed; moat steers over nop lbs. flow; some bids. 60 or more<4offer^,caws.duU,.weak to 50 .|jve8t tonlght.ond Wcdnesday.,Higb low6i!r'Stbckersand feeders about steady; several sales choice fed steers . 3b.60-$32; choice around •aXOhiilB lb. weights Z2.iS; some held considerably higher; commcr- cita':,^nd go^ $26-29.50,<- choice ar'aunA 775 lb. heifers 31.75; commercial and good f25-$28; scattered sdilbs utility and comn\ercial cows $11^22; few canners aYid cutters $14-$17; sbmo light canners bid' below $13; small showlilg medium and good stock steers $26-$28; some con\mon lots below $2l. Hogs salable 8,600; opened rather sl6i^; closed htoderateiy active, light^eigl^t barrows and gilts steady tib, 26-60 lower; full declirio main- lyV:OR,choice and 2 's suitable for sKipmenlt: heavier butchers and 8o;w4 largely 25 lower; instances 50 lind^V Monday's best price on ear­ ly'rbUhd.'ohoice 1 and 3 barrows a4<ii.|rlUB° around lSO -240 lbs. 20.26- 20.7Si latter paid for order buyers for. choice uniform 1 and 2 's around I lbs. with other similar grad- today 85 northeast to 98 southwest. Low tonight .62 to 66 east, 66 to 73 west. Somewhat warmer east Wednesday. High Wednesday 88 to 94 north, d4 to 08 south. BHirther outlook: Partly cloudy and continued hot, decreasing thundershower activity Thursday. SONNESOTA FORECAST Conslderablo cloudiness, scattered showers and thunderstorms south and extreme east tonight and over most of state Wednesday. A llttla warmer near Lake Superior tonight. Low tonight 60 to 66. High Wednesday 80 to 88 except near 90 extreme southeast. IOWA FIVE-DAY OUTtOOK Temperatures will average 6 to 7 degrees above normal. Normal high about 85, normal loy{ about 62. Warm Wednesday and Thursday. Turning cooler Friday and Saturday. Warmer again Sunday. Rainfall will average about onc-third of an lnch,''occurrlng as scattered showers Wednesday and again Friday and Sunday. TODAY^S CROSSWORD PUZZLE Sinking Sisttrs f AntWair t» Prtviout Puiilt^ jinbBfao^lrXLladntiii of the theltartd lidc < 3 Huge 4 4Suthincr (IV.)? € Memoninda 7A)>ftraclb«ini ^ a Placard! itteh SePalm ItavcB' 87 Paca ptxi 40MaKl*trata *8 SUIT 41 Ood ot mi iimmM.. V <<«»»>. lorrtk) as Ut it <l«nd SSikLrt /ah \<iP«W»n river WCuWtwetei^ . 4aStAn |^r •Su!!^" ^"'rtUnce . 3SUte comer atf (comb.form) aocrjnuon ^naity 3SnroitCR 24 Apportion 28 Fruit aplity . •< 44 Matt 34 Ever <contr.) 45 Plexus 36 Happienlnis 46 Angered 3700 back to ail 48 Female saint topic ^ (ab.) 39 Girl's name 49 Compan point It's Ed$y to Yoiif Classified ad-Call 333 Real Esfqfe ' FOR SAI.E—160. 80 and 70-ttcrf fnrni.<(. Rpal good farms, crops Included. Priced to aell. Phone 1680 01 1759. 227-1-8 Jobs Wonted FOR SALE— 6-room house and 4 ] lots. $5,600. 6th Ave. N. Ph. 1073J. A. J. Ander.son. 226-3x-8 CtraTOM BALINO New Holland wire bales. Will pull trailers. 4 ml. W. and ZM N. of Elsthervllte. Don Egelond. Ph. Superior epS collect. 206-30 bc- S FOR SALE—Three-room modem house on S. 11th. 16x24 foot garage. Ph. 1179W. 226-6X-8 GOOD MINNESOTA FARM BUYS CAROL BROCKMAN. Realtor Ceylon, Minn. 226-3-8 FOR SALE—Two-bedroom modem house. Prided for quick sole. Elmo Bartleman, Ph. 1623W. 224-6-S See This Today 3-bedroom, Hvlng room, dining area, attached garage.nice yard, newly decorated^ North location Es+herville Realty Phone 1340 or 1638-J 227-1-8 No Sale fhe 4fh Next Sale Friday, July llth —Es+herville— —Auction— 227-3.6 Serviees PORTABLE RADIOS REPAIRED EXxperlcnco and training have no substitute. Estherville Radio, lll'i N. 6th, Ph. 264. 224-5-B Automotive " i y^i,trtiiie paiiy Ke^^. ; For Rent FOR SALE V»«'d part* from IWO «-cyllndor Pontlfir JVi leTOW. Ray Jncohson. 327 -:\>i -ll FOR TIRE MILEAGE have uR switch tlr«»!< »nd check whrol ; Rllgnmrnt to help cut down tlr<< j wear. THOMAS MOTOR."^ 226 3 -n FOR FREE PICKin* and delivery. Ph. 49. P A O Cleaners aoft-tf-tt BOTTLE OAS SALBS-SERVICB Installations — RegulaUona . HILL'S CORNEa Ph. 49JM 151•t^9 PBTBRSOirS Radiator Service Juat eaat of Vandy's, 1714 CeattmL Bxperleoeed la all typea radiator repair. UMM Car Waxing Bring your car in for a wax job. Kurtz Paint Shop Mrs. Clarence Kurtz, Prop. 202 South 10th 227-6-9 GMC To Suspend Production in Truck Division Detroit (/P>—General Motors car- poratlon announced today It will suspend most production Thursday at its GMC truck and coach division at Pontlac because of the steel strike. Roger M. Kyes, general manager of the division, said minor layoffs would begin July 3, followed by layoffs of approximately 6,200 GMC employes by July IB. The division produces military and commercial trucks and aluminum-bodied coaches. The steel strike already has idled about 76,000 Michigan workers. Ford is scheduled to shut d/iwn all of Its 14 assembly plants and three of four Lincoln-Mercury plants tonight. Idling some 27,000 em­ ployes; GM already has laid off about 46,000. Only Chrysler Corp. of the big throe has announcefl no layoffs. Senate Lops Budget of Armed Forces Washington A^thi senate last night approved a $46,403,000,000 budget to run the armed forces for the fiscal year starting today, nearly five billion less than President Truman asked. The measure, the largest money bill before congress this year, car- rloa a provision Sen. O'Mahoney (D-Wyo) said assured the air force it could finance a, buildup to 143 wings by mi4-1965. The present air force 1b a little over 90 wings. In approving the arn^cd forces budget on si e6 -to-0 roll call vote, the aenato completed Its version of all njoney legislation ^ept a 10- bllUon-dollar supplementary fund now before tho appropriations committee. A vote on this is expected Thursda:^. However, both tho senate and House win have to reconsider eight appropriations bills—In addition to the military budget—which are in conference committees. MAINAGE— , Continued from page I tlon technician for Emmet county, says the construction of surface drains "will relieve* existing tile drainage systems and make new systems more of^ectlvo" in fields In vhlcb, tile drains eannot Handle all the water from a heavy rain. PLUMBING. HEATING INSTALLEUD Wards will arrange expert installation of quality plumbing and healing—at low coat. Phone, come in or mall the coupon below for free estimate. Buy On Torm.s, No Money Down, Nothing to Pay Until October Ist. C-O-U-P-O-N Please scond mc Information about the items chj'cked below; • STEEL KITCHEN Sink, Wall, Base Cabinets • BATHROOM OUTFIT Tub, Lavatory, Closet • CONVERSION BURNERS Cos, Oil • FURNACES Gas. Oil, Coal NAME ADDRESS PHONE TIME OR DATE TO. CALL Montgomery Ward Eathcrvlllo, Iowa 226-3-9 FIRESTONE .SI^SHK.S PRICKS during W r July 4th Tiro SiUo PIroRtonc Champions. Rrg $U 60 —Sale $11.95 (.Hi«r 60016, exchange plu.1 Inx.t Othrr proporllonntelv low. FIRRSTONK STOrtF -S CarablBini lb* VimiK-ktw kiui luputiiiMui •R.I rrlfi.-ir«\ II .lid«>» 221 Ttii 'M., .Ihily I. T«52 S «, l»so ki ttu p.«ii>trifl» at riiB «r nil*. law*, aihiar tlw krt u( Marra a. 1ST* I or 1 itLft Ttan* dAj* - OM wwk tc p*r «rar« Te |»|- wwrri _. »c wor« WE HAVE specialists, factory trained, for distributors, carburetors, Ignition system, front ends and general overhauling. HENAMAN MOTOR CO. • 226-6-n LET US take care of your automotive needs. Bumper to bumper service—all makes. See \ib. Robinson Motors "Pontlac" 8th and Central Ave. aai -tf-ii BLESSED EVENT? Then see us for Birth Announcements Prompt Service Estherviile Daily NeWs Northwest Iowa's Largest Printing Plant 226-3-9 EnterMnment TRUE LIFE STORY James Stewart t^ca the role of "Carbine Williams" Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at. the Grand theater. 226 -3 -1 FOX LAKE Friday, July 4 Lynn Kerns Saturday, July 5 Vikings 227-3-1 Attdrttion Farmers! Foi- difii|)dible insured livestock hauling to the Public Markci^t at Sot^th St. Paul, Wh^rQ prices are established Ktil ^ge 2\h\ — Ddhrilll Live- The Wise Old Owl Says . . . "Don't gamble with motor tuno up». Lot UH tunc up your motor using ii>'w Allen tuno-up «>qulpmiTvt." Open 7:00 a. m. to 9:30 p. ni, Sundays InoUiilisl, SHELTREN'S Master Service Junction HighwnyR 17 iind 9, W. 227-1-U Personal WE ARE sincerely uriilofiil to friends und nclKhboiH r<>i- thiii- many kind acts of sympnthy ilur- Ing our sad boronvrmrnt. Siwh klndnessoR unJ iii'l(,')ii>oil>- thoughtfulncRH rivn novrr he foi-- gotton. Mrs. \V. I. Bivnn ami family 227-1x4 KMth tddlUoMi «»3 tt ptr iroM MUilmum tot. tUiM *r» pw onn«*ciiim iBMrtliiDJ ot uaM •<!. CUMinM ada «n CASH with ORt^KH. BonkkMpmii rbar** tif tM for tt*iu. BOe urriM ta«r«* if r». pIlM An tkkfB br D*ll]r N *n MM SBC U etuirirMi It M nuTtt* xliltM* or piKKM BuHbar but not BdnttiMrt CIBMtnM *d uMn nwald Ibctr •drtrllMBimti In Uw tint luu* lift appMir aad r«ti>ii» bbt trmt •< ooe* u IK- •))»»»««• WD k afttr UM ftnt MtMt Loans and Ins. CASH r .OAN.S iMOO JJSi) 00 and up on your ulunntiiio. nuto or fiirnltufc. Rrpiiy In itninll nionihly nmountn. Our bitv I co In promnt. Phonp or ronir< In! IOWA r.UARANTKi:. tn.-. 2'.'rt 3 l!S Farm 1P4(t .MAS.SliY MAnitl .S 7 rt. CllpiviT, with motor Alwnvn ft miuitr*> di-nl .-xt VIKING MOTOna MtiBXry Hiirrla-Ollvor KflthiTvDlc. lowii 227 2 7 ^. POVI.TUY. CRICAM. FGOS It will piiy you to trmlo with \m. Kluh- cfit tii!iikc» prlcm. I'lonipl roiir- ti'Diin siTvlciv llrlvp up, 1». G. GHAY 227..1-7 KOn RAI.t: aw) Whlti- rroMN piil- 1<'(M. :t KionlliK oW, I'll. 3\V0 Miuii-li 'c Unmon. 227-2x-7 HOT BAKED HAM SANDWICH, mashed potatoes nnil kiiivv, 50e. DUTCH MAID I.,UNCH 227-M WE'VE SAID IT, you'vn rrnd It. FIna Foam tops for cle.TnlnR ruitH and upholstery. M .irtin Furniture. 22«-4-l Legal Notice • NOTICE TO J»I»nKBH Petersburg Consolldatod School Will receive bids until July 3, 1flS2, at 9:00 p. ni. on new 42 or .18 on^or school bus to meet «tiitf specifications and to be pqulppod with two-speed axle on two-Ion chassis, such bids to be predlcnted on the trading In of a 1M6. 36 piiHs- enger Ford bus. The board rcHcrv- CH the right to reject any und nil Nds. Bids rocoivcd by clerk, n. }. Petersen, Rt. 5, Estherviile. R. L. PETERSEN, Clerk. (Juno 10, 17, 24; July 1) Help Wonted WOMAN WANTED-OenrrnI office j)osltlon. Permanent, jileiiH- ant work with employee benefits. Typing and ability to work with figures necessary. Apply Honeymeod, Inc. 227-tf-2 WANTED—Woman to make her homo with mo, help with housework and cttpo of chlldren.-Mrs. Clarence Kurtz. Ph. 202. 227-6-2 HELP WANTED—Kltchen assistant tfl Esthervlllo Country Club. Ph. 1003J. 22»-3-2 WANTED—Man with ear to give *6 samples a day for $86.S0 a week. Write P. O. Box 87MF. Estlier- vllle, 222-12-2 Salesman Wanted For Local Territory Salary and Commis.sion Transportation Furnished. Good References Necessary. Previous Sales Experience will be given preference. To arrange for personal interview write SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 423 Grand Spencer, la. 227-.V2 KAllM UKI'Allta Voii'll rinil all iimti'iliilK vovi nreil lieri' for ii'imlr of iiilm, Hiileu, fjirm liiillilliiKH. Wi- Hloek liirKi' line of liHuUviiri' supitlli's. Sei» uh! YOV'U KP,.NCINf; NKKna f'ri 'OMoli' lino mill iinihm pofitK no«- 1(1 Klock AI ho Unilled miji JiUeq flelil friu 'i', blirbi-il wire, Ktei'l |ioKt!<. i ",i 't our prli'in! Phone iAWa. I'>tliervll|iv rOMMANOKU r.l .KVATOna lliinllnclon W. I'', .'^eerniinn, M ki'. 220-2 7 von SAl.K 10 Hpotir cl tiroorl bowm. (o fnrrow flrnt wnM lij September, Frank Kllni;!"il, 1'- iillleii north of f.niver. 226-2-7 rUHTO.M HAMNG with trailers. New llolliinil Imlir I'll. flFfl Hitrold Iiiivenporl. 220-2-7 TOR HAI.IO Vdrejnnle,! f Irr plK". I.iiwrenee Greenfield. Swell (Mty, low.i. 2253x7 SWATHKlia ron SAl.R R foot left iinil rlKht hnnd. Opens field (i« e »Hy it« wKli « mower PellveiH nwiith to eenter. Muni have tnielor with wide front end. I'AUl-SO.V .MACJUNK .SHOP Ph. 5.i:u nAund l.nke, Minn. 2l«-t2x-7 ON HANP ChleWn, 1 to * weeks old. I'liUetH Hlr.vlKht run and niiiles In 7 weeks. HAMILTON HATCHERY Hnneroft, lowii 213-lf-7 Mr. Farmer! PROMPT CUURUOUb SfRVICC IN PtMOVAl OF YOUP Of Ah CRIPPLED OR DIStASfl) STOCK CHAN '.AMI AU * Ik j( • : ARMSTRONG OOLLIVER OU^^^ ESTHERviuf rnone GRAETTINGtK suptRioR 7nn rtPRiL f WAI LINGFOI'D Es+hcr/illc Rendering Service I. Mil -nil.! r.-iv:' Foil RKNT on SALE Threr- Kwm tiovi«> Aotoni.itill.- I'.Arrt- ion i ::f \J Z2'i\ .1 KOIl UKNT Collae'- on nwl ol Hi,: Si<Uil Ph tut; 22'. .t»S For Sd« KOIt SAl.K Thr»- tn four poim-l »prlni« fr».'« Will d»llv»r in (o«n Kti»ni-l« A.VII Ph. SOWT C77-«x-l> yon IIK.VT rp«t ilr« .tpirtment. 2 tu'droontx, kitrfien. dinini.- room, tialh All nic'nt,<rn Oul«lJe nunc- rvi Ki'\nk Hnleh ln«on 227.2x 3 UKFINISH your own floor* at HlK .'Ravines' Rent n hi(rh -ipe<-,l floor nnnder from W ,-»nl< MONTGOMF.nY WAJin RMheiville. town 2J« 2 5 KOll IIFNT nvii.tne«, bulldlnR In K.'tlh.rville p)i K'.^TW ??«6* .'N FOR UKNT twirk-e onfurnlnhril downtown np.^rtmenl Wojtrn'K Phone M. 23tVlf 3 Ktllt A n.KANKR. rool *r kls.-hen '.n»!.-ill <t klt< hnn r «hi«iu( f*h In (h!»! n-w horn.- Ol«in Rlorfrw 5» YRAim A«'.0 July 1. l*M. l>an Pivrkor. .V. Y. «• rlh«« born lo«l«y. \\\* «r»*t<-«t thrill' • U.»tw Uulh'« "33 World «.r*,-". Nimer off lloot'• SA.vnt :ris icK c 'nEA.\t fxi lied T»« Sp<-elaU Thireoal gtllt, $2P»; Trnnl* rittk<-«)i, Wlhon, M :5; Tennl. h«l!«. \Vlt«on, <p«el»»il>. 3 for KT^ WKSTKPN AI'TO A."»,«»OC RTOWK Foil IlENT' -3-room modern apartment abovn out Oartlrn. U »»4 N. eth St. Ph. S0« or 83. 201 -tf .a M8-1 7 LISTEN TO THIS! Savings Deposits made at the Iowa Ti-ust 4(: Savings fiank on or before July bxh will (Jiraw Interest from July 1. 2% interest, Payable Somi -annuHlly. Ipwa trust & Savings Bank Youif-depoBita In this bank Insured up to 10,000 J^ber of the Federal Resers-e System Sole Colendor SAM5 irALENPAn Mondny, Jul.v 7 180 A. fiirm. write for dmcrlptlon to Waltef Ciirl«on. Triunipli. Mlnnmota. Wont To Buy WANTKD—W« will pay 7o each for vmpty »<>«1 eorn Md flrld fi<<i>d biLKti Ihnt urn In irood condition. Ooldrn sun MillInK Co, Phone 2M or 207. 32TJ2il WANTED Goofl'd Knrmnii H Trnotor Will tnke In on n new Knrmnll 11 SWAN.SON A CLARK C«\vloii, Minn. 357-1-JO Notices •AUI.S ri.KANKIl.H elnned for vJT ration July 4 m July U. 227-2-« WK WIM. not deliver milk to |h. lioMien on the 4th of July. Kln- iiriicl'ii Hairy 227.1.* FOll SAl.K »ft rhllt**) ri'frHt'ra for. almiuit new ('«lorle n»» range, nImtMt new l*Tleeil to »ell Hre at W 123 Ird Av» S FOn SAI.R tl 23 I'h mrk. Hprtng fries DrMimi Siri« .Mm l >o- «t>t 10 KOJl .»«AI.K I.Arre Wm S Johniitnn. elTirlc f*o. Ph »U. J».3x-t0 FOn SAt.K no«>a ut*d tdlK Hi»ur vaeuiim rleaner. Ph lIHftW. urVINOTlOOM StriTRII VMy itoftd n^lvtHlon of n*^ •uiie*. frAimnitbly prtcnl. sANBoiiN FimNrrtmB S3»4 -tO FOn HAI.K-Onn 4ft-l >u. m«tiU hoc feedrr. 4 InrttvlrfuoJ concrvtii hoc feedrrn. On«> t*hrvr«l»t cylinder hend wUh v«lvn sMi >mbty. I'h. 07* or nee M K, Uuekah*. »M» 10 mnniNH tank npRATRrui jh and 3H $AM up. KSTHKHVUXR lUHDWARBl 1 LOT •ummer wuh (OOd* pique*, pnmel r«yx>n falU*«, «»»r- nuekm, etc. Value* to M« yd. Special Ihlii vtrr-M kl J yd*. $1.00. KHI .RriH VAI .iri; STORC m-a-io Fori HAI.K Tied rlovt-r hnjr. In field Vern Jutltw. Ph 4IW7. port 8At4-: Trailer ho\n». ittm. Cora Peteriwit. Can txi e««n at •.13 Houtli lOlh or .all «2W, CLOSED July 7 fo 19 J. Hansen, Cleaners 227-341 $2.00 Optms a lIopnlonR Cnssldy Savings Account Arcounl» opened by July B will drnw Interenl from July 1 2% Interest Pttyalile Heml-Annually Hp<•<^lnl HapalonR phnto to eiieh r I uu I i member Iowa Trust & Savings Bank Member of the F P r C. .Member of the Kedenil Ile»er\'e .Hyiitem VOW HALF l^dle-a iilir M Drawn f'owboy fliark null. Ph. UftiW, 23^0-10 FOH MAl.K Caponalla for flita. nrenaed and d*llv«>r*d. II.SO each, Ph. 3«JX«1. Mr*. r>^«>y iiotking. aa»4-io VOIX Hprinc friM V»r» JyllH" I'h. 4(I\V7 32ft4« to llAWLeiOK PIlODUCTfl, K. T. Baumann. I»ti. SMJ. aiMf-lO MtTCHKLI., Air CoiullUott#r. World'* (InMt room mit roodi- ttonor. Rxetiulva •vaporator d#- *lcn that Incorporate* M taH«*. Mlcro-rili*r—W.I p«r cwt •er»i»n- ln«. RBIDKtS KLIOCrRIO 30 »-tM« ?«-4.fl Fourth of July Weekend Special One Half Golkin Ice Cream (any flavor) 79^ July 4, 5 and 6 CLARK'S HARDWARE AND GAS WnlllnRford, Iowa Merlin Clark, Prop. Announcing Opening City Cab Company Phone 340 I>ocal and Long Dliitance Service Xii for one pa «8mger 104 (or each additional Anywhere In Ejrthervllle William Hansen. Jr., Prop. Office locattHl at Hansen GT, Service, ^21 Central Avp. Thero will lx« a Service School GRUVER SCHOOL. WEDNESDAY, JULY 2 A factory repre«entative will be pi'«sent to explain the operation and maintenance of the Case A,-6 Cbmblne. —Everyone Interested in cordially invited— B and 6 Implement we SERVICS WHAT WC SStt Phone 197 Ertharvllte

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