Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 12, 1949 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1949
Page 7
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Phone 4600 for m WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1949 "SEVEN- Garrett Couuiiaus Win Potato Prizes ) Annual Sho-w Held Al. 1 State Bureau Mcclhig Four Garrctt, county farmers walked-off-with-honors In the-annual - potato show held yesterday in Baltimore . to...conncctlon with the annual meeting of the Maryland Farm Bureau.:,.:-.-.-.-.. ? The -winners, were William, Richard and- Robert DeBcrry,, Oakland, and .Robert.-Harvey, Swanton. Other winners- were J. Wlllard Toadvlne. Salisbury: \Valden and Leroy Burther. Boonsboro; Carl Smith, Salisbury;. .'Leah! .Jane Toadvine, Salisbury;" ^Riciiard Bolter, Jefferson: ilrs. Kobeft "Williams, Salisbury, and Calvin'ATKUMplire.vs, Salisbury. At the convention the president o! the American Farm Bureau, Allan 3.Kline,.told.the stale Farm Bureau, convention- that the "fixed" price Due Word Led To Another * & The South American Weigh By ARTHUR "BUGS': BAER They buzz me you can buy a bedstead dinner, in the Argentine for thirty cents of the realm. I am templed to rnak-c that trip Just for the pleasure of seeing the -waiter wading i_n the-gravy. It has been a ionf: time 'since I crossed a T-bone v/lth enough authority to antagorJzE Emily Post, Meat is so li]gh these days that only a giraffe can afford to link its chops. • In the old days when 'we.'uscd to shop lor dyspepsia I remember when you could also tie on a beefsteak nose-bag lor thirty cents'. .That In- Argentine steak with the I.orns and tai! on. I'd turn loose some of the finest table manners you ever saw in a trough. (Copirlsht. 1.110. KlnK Feature* Syndicate,-Ir.c.) . - OTppOTts,In,,"effect could lead to dudcd | rer , ch ' fcijed co g cc and a stabilized poverty. He outlined an •-• • • • • alieraaie_" sliding scale of supports recommended to Congress by his He told the fanners that "it's all right to ask for wings, but, let.'sitnrow them away when we iV'Taeed <"tbem any longer." : He J Quit-while some fanners want the, government to "tow them all the^TYay* {<> jshore," the same ones •wa£t~to''jtOTp" right back 'in when theyJearn <>f ,the complicated and expensive .procedure' involved. "" " that "govcrn- b,' do not furnish goods and'servjcef s to the people. Govern- -•- ' ' r',<Ustribute. The people fdVthe ' people only gee vrhnt-aheT-produ ce." -""•" •*"-' v on. State 'Bureau for opposition to of farm pro- farm programs and controlled by ^anners-^and"-that federal cm- plojes'rHSTishinston should be our ssrvanjs-yad^ot our bosses." He^coniected what he called a Jalse Iniprsssta that high food.costs vrvi&aiaedvljy the price, supports. miera'^Jiie^J50t price supports on cattl»-oi"sheep or hogs or poultry or miBuor-.vegetables except potatoes,"'he said. "The high prices for meat came about because there,was too much city money ..." Another convention speaker. Mrs. Hayaiond-ijSajre of Iowa, recommended tower: tariffs. Mrs! Sayre, president of the Associated Women of the American Farm Bureau, said "In this world of economic Interdependence, it-is important that we bny 'rom European nations, ns well as 10 sell to them, if the world is to be put-thackvon its feet." Good News For, Hoiks Who Suffer From ' STOMACH FOOD TASTE INDIGESTION ^o TOU Sr*& blo».t«l und Talwr»ble jtftnr ?T mr«J. tt«« sour, bitter food? If •?".•* ** 'W-T'OU znar set binned re: lief trasCttrlKasfCrouii.dmrwii. Efv jumt.lfood en ten* tiae utoroncb * - Tjtal gwstrle Julco m-utt How normally to ' te*»k-up certain rood particles: else the Jood snjjrfepscnt sour food, ncld tndl- C«aoa and CM Jrcquently CAVUI» a, mor- ola, ".ouciE, Ji^tful, pfevlah. ncrvoiu apptdtc, . . To eel real relief you must IncreMo the aow of .this vital piatrlc Juice. Mcdl- <aa a-umortilM. In Independent laboratory tesl».oa Sudan stomachs, have by jx»icv»:jirocirjhown that SSS Tonic .la amaslatljc -elective In IncrcusltiK this 2ow when it 'is toQ llttln or wnnty duo to a non-orfraalc Hotnach disturb/men. Thlx li due to thr> SSB Tonlo Jormula contain* jpcclBl »od potont uctl- i build-up non- orir»nlc,- UTRK/ walcry blood in nutritional unemia— so with a (rood Dow of thl» Knittrlc diE«tite Juice, plus rich red'• bleed you ihould rut better, sleep bettor, Jert bftie^. jpork better, piny butvrr. A-roldi poiiiablncr yourself with ovcr- ^o&es Q?«?i3Ga- and other nJlcnllzern to counteract RU and bloe.tlnc wben what yo*a ?o dearly send Ij SSS Tonic to help yon dlecst Jcod for body strength and repair. Doa't wait! Join the host of iapur.^poopJ.iivSSS Toale ha,x helped. . iillUonj of iottlct sold. Qet a bottle o! SSS Tonic Hroni»your dniK storo tod»T. SSS Tools aelpj Build Sturdy Health. Adyprtlyemtnt if |al<fl . rl p 'j nd, OrgonJ bf Hommo MUSICAL FUN amazing Solovox to piano, instrumental effects — rio/in, joxop/ione, clarinet, cello, iluii, *<ani inaitf others. • Pltrf the mrloJy on the Sohrox v'rtb-four.-fisht hand, piono occom- -.,,^ «... panimeni v'rth four left hand. • Come In today lo hear and plaj tA* Solomti' Fret Lesion. t terms if you w/j/i, Sold in Cumberland and Vicinity Exclusively by Pianos £/Furniture 13-17 Frederick St. Today tliat combination would set you back three'dollars and eighty- five c.ents. What makes me sorer than a reversed porcupine is w_e had to whip the. world twice to do it. We arc feeding Europ*, we are feeding Asia and if we could grow bananas we would feed 1 the Bushman of Australia. We have shaken the tablecloth out of the window so much that crumbs constitute our biggest crop. • We give away those big steaks'.in Europe and Asia with, the astonish-1 ing suddenness of rain in the tropics. So when -you pay three smackers for a slice or beef you are also host to five Europeans, eleven Mongolians and a-'coupie of unscheduled Hindus. • • ' • A big laugh in oldtime burlesque was when the waiter tells the guest that corned'beef and cabbage cost one dollar and a half. The guest upsets the .table, wallops the. waiter with a chair and yells,. "You can't! carry a dollar ano a half- worth of corned beef and cabbage." Well, boys, that was true in 1910. But today a waiter can carry It In the'back of his •watch.'• And also give you the 'correct time. To the' thirty-cent sirloin .in the Argentine you must afid the.price of transportation and six rhumba, lessons. So the wine of the country! isn't all gravy. This is no complaint Hank. It's a plain statement of facts. No matter how high, the cost of living it is worth it. . But'I still -would'like to calibrate I my . famished astigmatism at ,an Local Industrial-Group Has Ron line Session The Cumberland -Industrial Promotion Committee heard a report on progress with the printing of the promotion brochure, Howard M. Smith, chairman, said, following; a meeting last night in City Hall. Several inquiries" have been received regarding Cumberland and information requested lias been sent out with follow-up programs plan-r n-ed. Smith said. The brochure Is -at the printer's, engravings have been, received and delivery is expected iin a couple of weeks. Plans havo been! made to display, the completed j booklet in the windows of the' Liberty Trust Company, Baltimore and Centre Streets. ' - City Phms Survey For Filler System •'. A survey will be conducted witnin the- next :'ew weeks at the water plant nt Lake Gordon in connection with plans for modernizing the filtration system, Water Commis- sioer William J. Edwards has" announced. A. Russell Vollmer of the Baltimore engineering- firm of Whitmnn, Requardt and Associates, is expect-, cd to .come here to make the survey. . Edwards . pointed out that the firm completed plans some-time ago for the. proposed expansion of the clear well, or sedimentation basin, at tlic plant, which would .be-part of the overall project. The two partners in the firm, Gustav Requardt and Ezra B. Whitman, inspected the plant ycs- . terday afternoon with Edwards, Mnyor Thomas S. Post, Andrew G. Bender, water superintendent, and George M. Hitchcock, superintendent of the Evicts Creek -Water Company. ECZEMA? 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Boy's -JACKETS, Ail Wool or Capeskin Men's Capeskin Leather JACKETS Men's All-Wool SWEATERS fT. $14.00 ........ t .SS.95 Value ..$7.00 ?2.88 Boy's AH-Wool PEA-COATS ?6.49 Flannel SHIRTS Sizcs6 toi s ;....: .. ",._ $1.59 Boy's All-Wool JACKETS ^^^ ?5.00 The New CARRETT'S 325 Virginia Avenue ..Phone 2716 How to pay $130 worth of old bills for $10.89 monthly (on .15 month plan)* YES MAN. soys • Get $100 from Personal to pay . old billu, medical or dental expenses, etc. . . . repay in: amounts you select. $6/72 monthly repays SlOO loan in lull on- 20 month plan (depending on the.purpose). Phone or. see-'the YES MAN today. He says YES to 4 out of 5 loan requests. IJ25 to 5750 or More on Siffn^turc, Furniture, or Car 2«. U.S. j>«t. Off! Faulty one -yc'l. often a factor in automobile, accidents. *. study of California drivers showed. THAT TO SAY YES" FINANCE CO: 2nd Floor • LIBERTY-TRUST COMPANY BLDG. s. w. Cor. BALTIMORE' & CENTRE STS., CUMBERLAND Phone 721 • C. L. 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REG. 51.00 5T Gougo 15 Denier,, NYLONS Pr. 51 Gauge 30 Denier NYLONS Pr. KEGTJI/ARLY J1.3S LONG LENGTH, OUTSIZE, RUN-PROOF, BLACK-KEEL NYLONS, COTTON AND PURE SILK CHIFFON AND SERVICE WEIGHT ALL PROPORTIONATELY REDUCED. Nature Dried Large lb. 4 A Wump & Tender Size . pkff. JoC Chetk Our Fine Line of Tempting, Sparkling DRIED PRU1TS Hob-Ford Extra Choice Evap. i. nv? A f*UlTC swQct lr£<X'A%[*AA<5^9 PJujnp'fc Tender California Seedless D Vf Cf fcIO -Healthful. For II/«lalPl 3 Quick Energy Sun Dried Evap. MIXED FRUITS P k S s J.I-nz. Enjoy n Hot Breakfast Tlicsc Cold Mornings .. .'Try GOLD SEAL Sii; e Pancake Flour 2P ° k T I2c or Buckwheaj Flour Covered iviUi Extra Delicious Syiojps ' , ' • , » Ideal Cane and Maple Syrup Fancy California CARROTS 2 s ° 25 C Danish Cabbage .*™* U. S. Xo. I Tclluw Cooking Onions U. S. XD. I 1'ciiitn. Itlud Liibi-l Potatoes Fancy Ciinudhin Rutabagas TJ. S. 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EVERY ORMOND SCARF PUKE SItK OK WOOL $1 e;^ so • -«-•*'«' KCR-. $1.95 ' *>•. '•*' RcC. $3.95 EVERY ORSWOND GLOVE DOUBLE WOVEN COTTON, WOOL, GLACE, DOESKIN', PIGSKIN Itcff. $1.35 ItCRT. $2.50 .75 >2.35 Kcsr. 55.95 .Kcpr. 52.95 Every Ormond Sport-Sock WXE GAUGfi COTTON ^ AND PURE WOOL »>*|c • >~**' KCT. 35o 39c 55 C 79 d RCiT, 6!)c Keg. SLOO . . EVERT ITEM OFFERED IS FROM OUR REGULAR STOCK, NO EXCHANGES --NO REFUNDS -ALL SALES FINAL / ON JANUARY 29th WE CLOSE OUR DOOR PENDING THE REBUILDING OF A NEW AND GREATER ORMOND HOSIERY SHOP TO BE LOCATED IN THE SAME BUILDING OKfllOTlD fw4*eM~<4*i*>— 103 BALTIMORE ST.

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