Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 17, 1934 · Page 3
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 3

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1934
Page 3
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Kit 11 SrJ' AMES DAILY TRIBUTCIS TI1WBS. AMES, IOWA. FRIDAY. AUGUST 17, 1934. 'BUY BETTE1 IK Boy Thrown From Bicycle; Truck Crathef Into Car Two minor automobile accidents w«re reported to police Thursday aifbt and Friday morning. Ronald Dlxon, 8. of S25 Clark •t*mi«, w»s thrown from his bi- ey$l« »* he ran into an automobile 4r|vcn by Jay Hutchison, on Lin- cfljltt way at Oak avenue, about 8:45 *. m. Friday, according to the report filed at police headquarters by Mr. Hutchison. An automobile driven by Mrs. Marval'Axelton, 2612 Knapp street, was damaged when struck from the rear by a truck driven by l'*e Hartmass of Oskaloosa, at Main street aud Grand avenue, 9:15 p. in. Thursday. about Light Plant.Pay. All City Expense COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. <U.R> — Columbia City taxpayers will not be assessed a civil city tax levy in 1935. City Clerk E. E. Erdman announced. City expenses will be paid entirely from profits of the city's light plant, he said. in other years the city council's request for levies running sometimes as high as a oollar. have been cancelled by the board of tax adjustment. This year, hov.-cve.r. the council decided to take credit itself for the tax reduction. Suit I* Filed For Accident Damages j NEVADA — A suit lias been filed in (he court of Dallas county by Mrs. Frances Logsdon and her father. C. K. Airy, both of this place in which damage of ?19.S50 are asked in two suits- broi against the estate of Koy V. Randolph, deceased, and the Iowa .'ackitis company. These suits are the results of an automobile acridi tit on Lincoln highway between Ames and Nevada on the morninp of December 7. in which Randolph suffer^! fatal injuries, and Mrs. Logs.lcn, Mrs. Voogd and Miss Ann.- H"imz all were seriously injured. Final Period at Boy Scout Camp Tue*. The final period of the 1934 caaipin/c season at ("amp Mltlgwa. boy scout eami 1 on the Des Moines I river south of the Ledgw state j lend the final period may roinmuui park, will optn Tuesday and continue out- wee'*, to August 28. It was announced by the Des Moiues boy scout headquarters. Friday. Anv Amt'S boys desirlns to al- i-ate at once with H. \V. Kichey. Ames chairman, for full <i< tails. A ia iw number of scouts and cubs, the group under !-' years of ;iK<\ have attended previous camp periods this summer. RUSSIANS FIND GOLD MOSCOW, <l'.E>—Two sold nuggets of unusual sine and value, one weighting 1.05 kllosrams and the other 3.663 kilograms, have been discovered by mil.erf in the Aytai sold nelds. according to reports. I rubles. i GOLD DIRECTORS SENTENCED ; SB.MU'ALATINSK. Siberia. d'.P) —'1'wo dlnctors of the AlUi Gold Trust have been (liven long-term jirisoii sentrnecs for embezzling »;old and woods valued at 20.000 NO. 3 2508 LIN. W. PHONE 219 I •i PAST VI I VIP- :jui«; FAMOUS TOR FINE FOODS, •JP NO. 2 200 MAIN PHONES 2388-60 Because of the general drouth, the cost of most canned foods is rising rapidly. Money spent now in anticipation of your fall and winter needs will prove a wise investment. Select Fruits & Vegetables ARKANSAS ELBERTA PEACHES, No. 1 bu $1.59 BLUE MOUNTAIN ITALIAN PRUNES . . §4C The finest grown. Full 16-lb. lugs SUNKIST ORANGES medium size 2 doz CALIFORNIA HEAD LETTUCE Iare9a \f e IOC WASHINGTON ELBERTA PEACHES . . - . .. lug 99C The finest peach available Small basket for table use 20c Finest Granulated SUGAR 10 Ibs $26 Pure Cider VINEGAR gallic Red Double-Lipped JAR RINGS 3 dz qc Boone or Nevada BUTTER lb I9c Fresh, Fluffy Marshmallows lb 1§C Royal Gem CATSUP a ^ s 25C Jersey Cream FLOUR fully guaranteed lb b $1.59 SALMON 19c 31 c H5c Libby's Red Alaska Sockeye, 1 lb tin .. Fancy med. Red Alaska, 2 1-lb tins. Fancy Pink 2 1-lb tins New York State Black Raspberries 48c No. 10 tin Marshall CANNED FOODS PEACHES . . 2 No. 2^'s 350 In heavy syrup, Doz. $1.95 St. Elmo Cut GREEN BEANS 3 No. 2's 25C Dozen 99c New Pack. Tender JUNE PEAS . . 2 No. 2's 23C Dozen S1.33 Marshall SAUERKRAUT 3 No. 2's 25C Dozen 98c Marshall or Nugget SPINACH. .2 No. Dozen $1.60 Van Camp's PORK & BEANS . Dozen 56c Cottage Evaporated MILK ..... 3 tall tins Dozen 67c No. 10 Tins PEACHES sl ^ dv es or each4§c No. 10 Tins CHERRIES repdittse 7 each 430 Mb MAGIC WASHER large package MACARONI or Spaghetti 2 lb box ... 15c PEP Kellogg's, pkg and a book of swimming instructions Free COFFEE 5 more lb .... 19c MATCHES Palmer's Strike- A~Lite, 6 boxes LAUNDRY SOAP Prouty-Bowler 10 bars QUALITY, VALUE, VARIETY IN GUDAHY'S PRIME MEATS li's unusual when buying meat to get all of these advantages in a single shop. Bui it is by no means unusual here. In fact, women who shop here' know from actual experience that we excel in the quality, value. and variety which they seek, and never fail to receive, as our customers. FLANK STEAK beef ROLLED RIBS Cudaby's Puritan ribs, boned and,. rolled SWISS STEAK Cudahy's Puritan, choice beef Puritan BACON Cudahy's Puritan, sliced Bacon Vo lb VEAL STEAK 4 C ^ ib IOC VEAL ROAST - C-. ib IOC PORK STEAK 4 C -. ib IOC PORK ROAST -C-. ib IOC PORK 4 l\ 1 SAUSAGE, lb lfc2W SPARE RIBS 4 0 1 j* lb 1 t 2 C BEEF LIVER 1 /[f* PORK LIVER 4 ft^ ib IOC BEEF BOIL I" ib OC BACON 1 C*k SQUARES, lb IOC HAM SALAD 4 ft-. ib iyc MINCED HAM 4 |" VEAL PATTIES pQ(t SPRING ORr* CHICKENS, lb.... C.VW ROLLED ROAST 1 C|* DRIED BEEF OC{* GROUND 1 Or BEEF, lb 1 WV BEEF OKr TPNTYRRLOIN £9v 200 MAIN PHONE 68 QUALITY, SERVICE AND SANITATION. YES SIR! Red Arrow Markets 2508 L. W. PHONE 210 Beaman's Grocery 2422 Cash and Delivery Sc. - - Phone 247 FREE TICKETS TO RIVERVIEW PARK \ViUi the following purchases: 4 cakes Camay, for ................... ^ v 8 medium Ivory, for . . : .............. * <c 1 larce O.v.vilol. for .................. .,_'~ 3c IHirinir the week of Aug. J>* <<> A»K. 23 LARGK IVORY FLAKES (one small package KKKK) ROYAL JKU. POWDER, all flavors HEKSHBY'S COCOA, half pound FOLGEK'S COKKKK, drip grind. 2-pound lin BL'TTER-MT COFFEE, pound CALUMET BAKING POWDER. one pound 01'AL VINEGAR, (juart OPAL FINK CREAM CORN, per can SCHOOL G1KL CUT BEANS, 3 for KING OF OZARK No. 2 SPINACH "" IOWA MAUD RED SALMON. choice, l-pouud 01'AL LIGHT MEAT TUNA. half-pound tin JACK SPRAT TOMATOES. No. 2! b tins JACK SPRAT GOLDEN BANTAM CORN, whole firain. No. 2 tins, 2 for - 25C Sc IOC 33c ISC lOc 29c IOC So.2'/ 2 can I9c 17c 3 for FRUITS & VEGETABLES 25c lOc 15c 19c 15c 7c BANANAS, 4 Ibs SEEDLESS CHESTER GRAPES, lb ORANGES, med. size, doz 28c; 2 for &5c LEMONS, 300 size, doz *£ PLUMS, large size, doz LETTUCE, 2 for TOMATOES, home grown, 2 Ibs CUCUMBERS, each • • • • GREEN PEPPERS, CELERY, CARROTS ICE CREAM CUPS, all flavors, 3 for lOc PRESENTS FOR THE KIDDIES! ROLAND WEST MARKET PHONE 247 *• ROUND or SIRLOIN STEAK, corn fed. lb .... 22c CHUCK ROAST, tender and juicy, lb 12c VEAL, Round or Loin, lb "3c VEAL ROAST, milk fed, lb 13c LAMB CHOPS, lean, lb LEG OF LAMB, lb LAMB SHOULDER ROAST S lb Full Line of Cold Meats — 23c 15c 325 Main GROCERY Phone 222 FAIR 325 Main MARKET Phone 223 CLARENCE IDEN General Delivery Service W. I. GUSHING COFFEE, Opal Brand high grade, lb OLIVES, 24-oz. jar fancy pack TOILET TISSUE large rolls, 4 for 25c 37c 19c 25c 14c SHREDDED WHEAT nourishing, 2 for PEANUT BUTTER Opal Brand, Ige jar. MUSTARD, plain or Horse Radish, qt jar FIG BARS, fresh, 100 lb container, 2 Ibs... CHEESE, Krafts Brick Pimento, American, lb LETTUCE, fancy Calfiornia, 2 head? CABBAGE solid, lb Fancy Pink SALMON 2 tall 27f% cans fc I V TOMATOES home grown, 2 Ibs.... FLOUR, Sunny Home, fully, guar. MATCHES 6 box cartoon ... I3c $1.69 25c Green Beans Extra Standard Cut 3 No. 2 tins GINGERALE bottles returned, 2... SPICES, all kinds 3 for 25c 25c PEP, Kellogg's and Instruction book on 1 Of* swimming I U I* 19c MACARONI ut 17c Short Cut 2 Ib box PEAS, choice Opal sifted, 2 cans 29c BUTTER, fancy creamery, Ib .... zqc CHEESE, Longhorn cream, Ib 17c SWEET POTATOES 4 Ibs GREEN BEANS 2 Ibs 25c 29c CAULIFLOWER head 19c •POTATOES, No. 1 red o.r white, pk .. 31 c PEACHES Washington Elberta buy good QQ/% fruit, box.. ilvV BANANAS, yeUow ripe, 4 Ibs 25c ORANGES, Sunkist med: large, 2 doz . . 39c GRAPE FRUIT seedless, 4 for 25c APPLES, for pie or sauce, 7 Ibs .. 25c PEACHES, last call at this price, basket $1.69 PRUNES, fancy Blue Ribbon pack 85c MEAT PORK LIVER lb 10c HAM LOAF, fresh ground, 2 Ibs 35c PORK SAUSAGE all pork, lb 15c BEEF ROAST, good young beef, lb 12c ROLLED RIB or Rump, lb .. 17c SHORT RIBS to bake or boil, lb. VEAL ROAST l2C lb BACON sliced, a 4 7 f* good buy, lb * I ** DEPARTMENT SIRLOIN STEAK lb SPRING FRIES fresh dressed, lb . 20c 25c PORK BUTT ROAST lb GROUND BEEF 2 Ibs 18c 25c PORK LOIN ROAST lb 20c BUY FOR LESS! Everything Cut Rate! Dixon Cut Rate Drugs his book for boys and girls is FREE i!> 111 Win a Prize at thelj STATE FAIR \ BAKING | CONTEST "» i Using J; Omar Wonder || Flour || '' J See Your Grocer for Details \ \ > • \\ Absolutely Fresh POTATO CHIPS Made from New Potatoes 2 qts ISC BUTTERCAKES, assorted, ea PECAN ROLLS, pan BUTTER ROLLS, oach 1C Buy the large SLICED LOAF and save money! 8C Ea 2 for ISC Melburg Bake Shop Main Phone 254 Your grocer will give away the Kellogg SWIMMING BOOK with the purchase of 1 package of Kellogg's PEP, EVERY bov and girl vill be thrilled to OMTI the Kellogg Swimming Book. It's full of experts' advice for beginners and for those who can swim. Learn to swim and dive! Improve your speed and form. 48 page? with 50 illustrations that show exactly what to do. Get your copy today from your grocer. FREE with each purchase of cue package of Kellogg^s PEP. PEP is a grand cereal for summer appetites. Crisp and cooling. Digests easily. Packed with the nourishment of wheat. Plus extra bran. Mildly laxative. Kellogg's PEP is always ready to eat. Delicious any time with milk or cream. Enjoy it often for breakfast, lunch or supper. Go to your grocer today. Buy one package of Kellogg's PEP. And HonH forget to ask for the Kellogg Swimming Book. This offer is good for a limited lime only. So act quickly* INCORRECT Hip your head to the side for breath, Don't roll the body. Rolling slow* you Here's the front Here's the tuck po- The swan position. in gainer dives, jack. Legs straight, sitlon. It's used for Good divers do your feet precede hand* touching forward and back- somersaults laid you as the dotted tae» *»rd somersaults oyt '"<« **«« line shows Keep going with PEP Toasted WHEAT ... Plus Extra BRAN . . . Rcady-lo-cat

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