Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on July 1, 1952 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1952
Page 6
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Winston Dunlavey Training For Position in Foreign Land « * « Winston Curt Dunlavoy, of Estherville, was graduated May 30 from the American Institute for Foreign Trade 4t Phoenix, Ariz. Dunlavey is a graduate of Jackson High scbool, Jackson. Minn., and attended EstherviUe Junior college. During the war, Dunlavey nerved with the U. S. navy, spending six years In the Pacific. His wife, the former Lois J. Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Ciark, of Esthervllle, has been with him at Thunderbtrd, where she has had the opportunity to learn the language and custom of the country lnji*rhlch her husband plans to workf Mrs. Dunlavey Is a gi^uate!!pf EJsthervlUe high school, and Eistherville Junior college. .r;' The coursaiot ^tudy at the Institute concentrates techniques of international business administration, foreign languages and characteristics of foreign countries. Speclayalng In Spanish, Dunlavey has completed the school's Intensive training course in preparation for a career in American business or government abroad. Mr. and Mrp. Dunlavoy, who have been visiting here, left yester day for Madison, Wis., where Mr. Dunlavey has taken a position with AlUs-Chalmers'.' He will have a two-year training period after which "ho -^li he sent abroad by the company. THr. Mid Mrs. Roy B«ndizpn of Scarville, Wis., were visitors Sunday at the Darbid Griffith home. lAtretta Galvin bt Hsittnc for a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Michael. , >Ir. and Mm. L, I.. Clones are now living In their new home at 1103 N. 13th St Mrs. A(M«h«in' AaUiorg of Cedar Rapids spent the wbek end in the Joe Aalfaorg honye. Mr. ttnli JStn. SUnard Swanoon of St. Paul,. Minn., spent the past week end In ' Esthervllle with the former's. mbtHcr, Mrs. George Swanso'ni • • • Mrs. Claude McDwalne and three daughters, who have been visiting friends in Esthervllle for the past few days, left this mornlnR for their home In Ogilvle, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Auguiit Schapvr and family will sftend the July 4th holiday In Sioux CJty with Mr«;. Schaper'a father, H. H. Rhodes. He will return hoipe with them for a month's visit. Mr. and Mrs. lloyt Lulthly, BiU and Paul, left today for Richland, la., to visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E.'Lulthly. While there they wlU-attend'the wedding. July 2, of Hoyt Lulthly's brbther. Lisle, of Columbus Junction. Mrs. Charles Mltchelt and daughter, Arlcne, visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin and Charles Seeliger. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Anderson and Mrs. Max Barnett of Worthington visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. WIU Schnrlepp. Mr. and >Irs. Gus Bendlxen of Tcrrll were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trlggs. Irma Wintor of Superior, sister of Mrs. Trigg.^, waa thorp for a few day.«. GRAETTlS'GEn Masters Family Visiting from California BY >nis. L. yf. Yotrxr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mnstcrs and family from South Gate, Calif.. I are vacationing In tho parental Fred Masters home. Mr. and Mrs. Prod MnstiTS plan to movo to the residence being built for Ihrni in the noi-thwpst part of town. Irvin RIorson has leasod their 12n-acre farm southwest of OradtlnRiT for this nnxt year. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Naab of Coni- stock. Neb,, have spent the pnat few days with Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Woodley. They will leave tomorrow morning for a further vacation with other relatives. Mr. and Mm. Wirt Culpepper and sons, Wirt and Kuran of Crow- Icy, La., and Mrs. Fred Nlssen and son, Peter of Menomoncc Palls, Wis., arc visiting with the parents of Mrs. Culpepper and Mrs. Nlssen. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wcrllng. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin French aitd two children and Mr. and Mr». Robert Gapp drove to Cherokee Sunday to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nelson, parents of Mrs. Gapp and Mrs. French. Sharon Nelson returned with them. Mr, and Mrs. Harold Dltsworth received a call from their son, Sgt. George Dltsworth of the U. S. Air force, last night from San Francisco, Calif. He had just landed in the United States after serving in Japan and Korea for the past two years and told his parents that ho would be home in a couple of days to spend his 40-day furlough with them. Joe Shaw.^on of Mr. and Mrs- Carl Shaw, has returned from a year's study In Europe. Ho will attend school In St. Paul this fall, completing his seminary studies for the ministry. Ho is In Minneapolis today with his father visiting his brother, Lyle. A Shaw family reunion was held Sunday at the Everett Shaw home. Present wore Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Larscn and children of Port Dodge, Mrs. Anna Shaw, Miss Caroline Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Shaw and Joe. Vl.^ltUig at Home. Miss Wanda Knutson, who i.s taking nurse's training at Fairvlosv hospital In Minneapolis, i.s visitlns in tho parental E. P. Knut.spn home. Oit Vl.sit to Mcsdnmcs Jorgcn Paulson and Esther Slmonsen are ut Topolta, Kans.. visiting In the Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Paulson homo and in Valley Falls, Kans., whore tho Dr. Raymond Slmonsen family lives. They are accompanied by Mrs. Thomas (Mlnedva) Russell and children, who are visiting here from Chicago. Mrs. Russell is tho Paulson's daughter. Another dnugliter. Holen Jean Paulson, also is here from J/b8 Angelos, Calif. Ur^in SorlintJ Applications For TV Outlets Wasliinijton <.Tt The federal coniniiinlcntlon.i commission (FCO today began sorting out 315 nppll- callons for now tolovislon outlets, with pro.spoct.H some may receive grants boforo the ond of the mon- lli. This was tho first step tow.ird n ro.sumpllon nf giants which FCC au.spondod in October, 1IM8. In ord- pt to proato 70 now channels on.1 deal with intorfpronce problems. Under tho procedure announced wlipn thp commission rnded th'" 3'-.-yp»r-old freeze In April, first con.sldprntlon will bp given thoso arpas which have never had any TV sorvlco and to those communi- tlo.s which will pioneer the use of ultra high froqupncy tlJHF) chnn- nols. The staff sorting Job consists of sifting out those applicants without competition for a given channel and the grouping of others contesting for the same fncilltiea in a single community. Admittedly, the "no-confest" oases will got the first grants. Calendar of Events To \Mc ;»( s „br Tonifiht founlrj- t'liih lamlly I 'lonlp. 6 :M p. ni .\Iis \\ I 1 i:u and Mrs. M Nuln.'n. i >> chatrmen Hnnv i-iM.- .-iv;. and Silver Reb4 <k*h Loilco. «:00 p. m. At tl \p I001-- liill XI I« Rny .Miller pr.'inim)! nionts. M'odtwsdoy IliintinKtnn W.s.c.s. 2:00 p. in MPP(S vvitli t<\t'.\ ryn WPUOT Mrs K .iin.lli son. as.slxtniil lioslisn I Thursday I l .adii-^ I )s> At I.lilt ' Kiul ('oiiii(r> <"liili I 11? \^ p I.mi. h."11 it 'll. (Wt.i i t>v liruU'.- .in.t 11..•(.•.-.,. .Mix .(Mnirs K,nn..l> .ui.l .Mi Il !iri\ H:<Uni;lM .1] spr%lpp Star l.t-ulon »i "0 p, Ann\uil pi. nu :\l KIN . I M.if p;lik III i.Ktr „( i..,ir. ph !!!.• will I).' .•:U.I1 .'il .Itv ll:ill I. • 1 nam nn.l ilrinU f\ii i\i<h. .1 .Siifu/«y tlolden Wi-ttdlnj t1li>M>rva»rp. I' (Hifl (111 p ni AI till- liDiii.' Ill Ml mill Mil AUiiit Mjitthl.ii .1! lluiiti. 11 Ki. I- wi'.lilini; iluni. .'it l'*ii\ l.aki" l ':iiJ( (n ilw I'lf-ntnt.' Kiiiii.t^ unit i.l,iliv.-( iiiMi.d I !•• M.tinpn .1' Til.- tiBtioniil !,i \\.-t«f.r 1 ,t\ l> f A I ! Ix.t !.-!.\llon« > .••itTil i\ 01 ..KI l..n>.i I 'liif • -tifurrl» twi-V, l.l.t.-! \ 'p.-. iTil .-!., I.. : .. :•. :l \<ir".". I iii^' -.liV-i I;. ,:t-in.!p!%r- III .liiH ?S fiir 111. n."irlv >'Hj.nt< .is''' tml. • ivti. .i( liPr'. i<>.'! 111 .1 lit. nirtk.i'. It Ml. tw^i .<*> .li..^*ii..l M'.'.ti, .11 'V \\ . b«t.^r it; lll.iifl pl»n!i hri.- Tt-.. .111-11. .I'd . . i...'. i! n |.i...i Thi- 1.'- "i;; Mill- wP.iHiri t»i.-\ .l.iif- p.... . !. .!\ A i.- 1 <>.if n i 1 .1 I.. 1. pi 11! i-ii in t-Hviinmi; 1 A f--- ..^ ^ ». t iM-.-h-r 1 t ;nini..-f. il'r rml.-il TiNil in.I 111.- 11 l:r'..t'i ' . ! vr l- in ii.l-.l Tti" I .'.(• Am.It. 11 iiffilii.f. .1 uiDi'il-.- .N 1 I: ui 1 ^^. ' Tu-. .1. Ih.> Iii.l. p.jii|.-i!. .• fiiion I'.iuii.i! £1 «i - r.'. loi-iil lii'rt ii( 111.- Int.-ni-illiinul A-" , I ii.iii I.I Ml..! 111.-. . V 1- o( ,.. 'K>»«horvHI.'. loHTi. IhiWy .NVw» ;i'r 11.111.. Tii.-i.. tuh I. I'XVi 3 Visits Mrs. Minnie Sehublie. Reginald Schubbe of Owatonnn. Minn,, came last week for a visit with his mother, Mrs. Minnie Schubbe, and his 8ister.s, Mrs. Nettie Kathman, Mrs. Francis Flanno- gan and Miss Viola Schubbo, all of Graettlnger. The diameter of the rim of Chubb Crater in Northern QUCIIPC averages 11,500 feet. The circumference is 6.8 miles. Her<''.s Warning to N. Y. Hitchhikers Nownik. N. J. t^i - Claude Hammond of Now York city was trying to hitch a rido yesterday near Newark airport. Finally, a sedan carrying three men stopped. One of the men asked Hammond to show some Identification, and then hp would got a lift. Out came Hammond's wallet, which he promptly handed over 10 the trio. They took out $7, returned the wallet, and then sped away, Hammond reported to police. Continued from par<> t ring .-'Pt Of iliiui-stuiKs, ulfl . f 111.' liridpgro<in\ M.-i;.. w.i^ ..I led roses ami liiitili-s Ini-iitli, n.t with ptpcos of I'lci- and K"I<I I IMio' Mi .SR Joyce ("III istl'IlHi '11, Risli'I (11 thp brldogroom. was ili.> lniili's 11.'- tondnnt. She woro .1 pink aiil while atriped di esH of iivlun wtili lilto aeop'"<'i!i'K. Her only j.-w.-l ry was a Kpt of rhinestoiie i••.ii'rini;s 1ft of the lirlilo. .She li!iil 11 put IffUm- Salt [nds IHiUnight July 5'*" Mr, and Mnt llennaii Olsen wid family, Mr. and aSr^,. Donald Thompson and two fchlldren, and Mrr. Bertha KniitMn of St. James visited Sunday wjth Mr. and Mrs. Reynold Bloomqdlst. They enjoyed .T picnic at Fort Ocfltoce. Mr. Md'Mr*. Purl N. Bulson rtv- turned xesterday from, a two-weeks trip during which tKcy "attended the North Iowa Methodist conference at Davenport. They also visited at Deerfle;ld, 111., with Mrs. Butson's rolativca and at iPlattvillo, Wis., with relatives of Mr. Butson. Mr. and. Mrs. John Clampitt and Mrs, Russell Eveleth spent last week end' In Mitchell, S. D., whore on Satui^day they attended funeral services for Mr. Clampltt's brother, 0. L. Clampltt of Mitchell. Mr. Clampitt had been a druggist there for 80 years. Ho died suddenly from a )ieait attack. tt and MI*. Melvln Scott visited last Week'with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Scott of Armstrong and al- s6 Mrs. Scott's parents, Mr. and Mrs..Louis Egemo at Cylinder and other relatives. Lieutenant Scott has been stationed at George Air Force base at Victorvllle, Calif, aad has been transferred to the 6th Radar Calibration Unit at Pope Air Force l>a8e at Fort Biagg, N. C. lA. Merle, Sunde arrived Thursday from Fensacola Na'vy air base to spepd a leave wit)\ his parents, Mr. and S(r*. Neir Sunde, He was Joined here by his wife and. daugh^ tera from Long B«ach, Calif. At tfie termination of his leave, Ueu- tenant Sunde will, report to San Diego for re-assignmdnt. Lieutenant Sunde is a helicopter pilot for tho i Oat«f-t»ini relaUvea attending funeral gerviees last week for W. I, Bryan weife G. 8. Bryan. Mrs. A. P. Howell,'O. Lb Sharp, Mr. and H^ra. Howard Jenkins. Miss Alberts Bryan, Mrs. Dorothy Olson. Mr. ud Mfa, Ray Alber*. and Mr. and Mrs. Irving; Sharp, all of Mlnneap- oiiR; Harry Bry4n of Manombnee, WiB.;!,lfni. B, H. Bryan and Mrs. wlllmar Anderson of Hampton: Mr. and Mr^. C. W, Brotherton of I ^ke Hubert. M(nn. and Mr. and Mr0. Fred Saul of Cedar Falls. At Holy Family Hosirttal 'Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Troff nf Swea City are parents of a daughter born yesterday, * > >fr. and Mrs. Duaiie Laffey of ^i'ngsted are parents of a son born yesterday. 'Anthony Kohlor of Bancroft was admitted yesterday for medical ca're. ^^ •• ,'. / y'Mnt. £velyn Anderson of Esther­ vllle entered tho hospital yesterday for medical care. .Mrs. Emma Moller of Esth<«rvtUe was admitted yesterday for mcdl- cd.1 care. Mrs. Walter Zlt)U>rieJi of Ks- ther'villo entered the hospital yesterday for surgery. Mer^Hn Mlkkelson of Forest City was admitted yesterday for surgical treatment. Mr^ Walter CroweU of OkoboJi otitered the hospital yesterday for surgery. iMsmiiMials yesterday wero Mrs. Warren Chrlstensen and baby boy of Graettlnger; Mrs. Thomas Trlggs and baby boy of Esthorvlllo; Mrs. Henry Probst of Tcrrll, medical; Mrs. Leland Wlkert of* Osgood, medical; Mrs. Lyndon Opsal of Armstrong, medical; Patricia Dale of Armstrong, medical; Mrs. Maurice Salyers of Esthervllle. medical; Mrs. Ray Kennedy of Esther\ille, medical; Harold Elmers of Fenton, surgical treatment; Mrs. Virgil Nelsen of Ringsted, surgery; Dorothy Rezao of Dolllvcr, surgery. Extend Crop Storap;e Loan Program Washington, UP) — The government's loan program to farmers for constructing storage facilities for crops has been extended another year, through next June SO. The original program by the agriculture department's commodity credit corporation began in Juno, 1949. It already had been extended twice, through June, 1961 and June, 1962. The department said that through last May, 29,898 loans of approximately $34,367,000 have been approved for farm storage structures having an aggregate capacity of more than 122.000.000 bushels. The department said that beginning today tho loans will be avail able up to 80 per cent (previously 85 per cent) of tho cost of the ^truc^ure. Interest on' loans will bef at i per cent a year. 'B\ioc*p«<ir,to Dr. R. C. • Over J9a(Ha|«t ^ouoty Bank pl^ niwa 439 . a«i;94 0ftt»r<U)r Afternoon TRB, DBVG STORB YPUR PRESCRIPTION SPEGAUSTS kPbarmaeista on duty at' all times. Serving your presoil|>tlon needa prtaiptly and 'efficiently. VERNK NVMAK. CKAIO oounroN aiU|-i.I*HOVS DURING BIG Famous for Value Champions Reg. Price SALE PRICE OTHIK SIZIS ^•OPOaTIONATIir LOW 6.70-15 Sare OtKr We* <13 95 EXCHANGE nUS TAX SAVE — SAVE on this high quality tire with all the extra value features that have made Firestone tires famous for over 50 years! Safti-Sured Gum-Dipped cord body for greater blowout protection — "Plus-Mileage" tread rubber — wider, flatter non-skid tread. Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. SAVE — SAVB TRADE TODAYI STORES 16-18 S. 6th Phone 120 FDNNy BVSINKSS sMK'' ol v'll"^^ . irniitli>ii'« mil it I Tli>' hi lil. ^:t.»i>ni \» .Ml' iiH mili lMt> unifoim 11.' iM .1 mi-i »t "'i llu' An l''iu» 1' :»n<i 1:« now ii.'HUttif'.l i\l Ktnliiml .Mitm uiih nuit.ll.- ilrntril i\M\u Til" l>iu|.' !>n.. ;.r;Josroom l-'M j 111.' fi'llowtnu iliiy (»>i' a himi-ymonn j ill It .^uninirr renin I on Lakf Svipir li.i iMiiinK Ihi'li trip .hi-y will VIK il C\in:ul;i. (ht* iion i an ^t'«. Hrnin iiil, IIIIKUII Kititi' p.'irk iind ninnv ithiT I'litiits nf Inti 'M'St A fi 'tiinli. hoiim-riv can \n\ l.t^xl cir mm.. I'KBS (n hvl- llfrllnii-. OFFICIAL NOTICE I .aiul iiwniTs aiul n-nti'i^ ,if<' rt'tiiiiHlcii .ill ,'iUl-ii "''Mi I'o ids iiuist ir.(iui'<l licf(in> 1 1 (Jiristiansvn I 'jnnu 't <'oiinl> WiN'*! liis(^H'fnr *i wohdtrrt why your brother a«k«d ut out lor tN Wtok'onfil"' Pt/cts for t/ofq ^ " ^ 'Do </o(/f shoffptnq for th€ FOURTH on Thunt/^t/. CAMPBELL'S CHICKCN N SOUI> SUPCRO-Thft thick ^ieh m^mm ROQD-ROSS^ Plaiii or chunK^ ^ mm imui^$5( FRESH SPRING FRYERS f 99( FRESH SIDE PORK liy tin- I'iccc PORK LOIN ROAST BACON ENDS, SLICED BIO BOLOGNA (Oriole) 8TAII <:KI,I,<) SKINLESS FRANKFURTERS HAN.VKH IIONK.I.KSH YISKING HAM ROLLS BEEF SHOULDER ROASTS BEEF UOINI) CTC A l/C Oil SIKLOIN 3 I CMI\3 I h 23c ih 43c —Fruit and Vofir tables— POTATOES N«». I Cullforiiin .Shnft«-n« 10 Is 59c N«. 2 Cnllfornlii Khnftrrn 10 Us 49c Your Clmin- CANTALOUPES .I UIII IK) L; II-V;C Otl^ rnesH LEMON ll@RNe!i^a.ic groRES YOUR FRIEN AT MEALTIME

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