Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 16, 1958 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1958
Page 18
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PAQS EIGHTEEN ALTON fiVENINO TELEORAPM X0H Bun Hfn ttfff _.,,.,._,«.,....„ ..,,..., — jt .jjiL* AiOU couuwt THQUiSMT 1 THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE l -'i tMBTABLE CHARM MRbWt CHILD UTTRW «WOPPlN6«MtT*/*rnrW6 MTS A CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner BIO BfiH BOtf we, BELIEVE i«u us ?»»» •rEN Trlfe W%^W PJI^^^T WHO 1 WKPNB80AY,JtJLY !«, IflBt Color Glamor RIVETS By George Slxte THE BBRRYS By C«rt Orubert THERES A LOT OF I HORSE^AYINT/J DO MDU KNCW WHY A POLO GAME IS LIKE A WESTERN MCVIE? HOU.V! MOW I WOW HOW ims §At>Y, THI» IS CAPTAIN TPA UA, ARMY*. STWlOMftO N tTM.Y, KE» IN PORTO OOLWMO < r AWSCK» POOR •AflnwNKS- T H*M«. A CMP 50 MtMRAtUk TMt ]QM» )• aBTTIM MOR» OMB*!* UNDetmV OH TMft ARt MtRKMa TWWMCl HVOWIWWOJMA YOU KNOW! By Cnrf Anderson By Mr. And Bin. George Smith THE SMITH FAMILY By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK By V. T. H»min ALLEY OOP CKHf. fOOCf. ff X3UR /, WEU..YEH, WIFE WCNt LET. VOU 1 Rt6HT.BUTSEE, so newN-.THEN MOuV DO \ou HAFTA MOUCAME ALONG/ EVER GONNA TELL ME I CAN 60 AW WHEN/ HSHIKt TWSALL Junior Editors Quiz on True Life Adventures NEWSPAPERS OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE HOME WRECKER ? 6OOP 6O5H, SOU SAID ON ACCOUNT OF 1STAVEP OUT TOO tSTE LAST NI6HTI COULPN'T LEAVE TH* HOUSE TOPAV AN' THIS AIN'T EXACTLY i-BAVIM' THC HOUSE, IS ITf I'M J1S TRVIN' ID 6ET A LITTLE WELL, VOU JUST HOIST VOUS- SELF BACK THR0U6H THAT, WIKlPOW OR I'LL. SEE THAT VOU <3ET TANN6P WITHOUT KNEFITOF SUN" NO WONPERTHE PASSERS-BY EgE5NICKEK- AMP TH& OP HER BROOP BV MOTHBR HORNED ID BB VANB WE'LL ^ET YOU UP AT /vgAcK\\/At6R NllLLA I BUT ONU/ «BMOVIMd TWB ON6PK2UOU6 NB6T, WHICH HA6 rr» HEK BAWI» HAVP ENOUGH HBROBS ARC MABG • MOT BORM QUESTION: What is an editor? THpM 6MPB FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blower CARNIVAL By Dick Tamer ?W WORRIED A LITTLE ! L THINK SUES <3ETTIN' SERIOUS, ITS QETTIN' SO IVE <50TTA WATCH EVERY WORP 1 SAY SO IT CANT BE MISCONSTRUED A 60-STPAOV OVERTURE/ Goo-Lee/ DOES ANYBOC^ KNOW SPE&DYS SO CLOSE ' YOU AMD VALERIE •PRETTX BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin ANSWER: The number of perwn* necMaary to prodiwB • newfpaper varle* greatly, Small weekly paper* may feavB only «n« or ( twj» man or women; daily paper* In medium*. •lH eltl** may oav* 300 or KH) employe*, and large metro- politaa daille* ypay h»v*,M many M 1,909 p*r*oa* orgaalsatf Into largo and complex ataff*. ; Such a *tatt, headed by » publisher, U divided Into thra* deparunenta>editorial, bu»lnea».and BioohaAioal, The adi- tortal department 1* reapontlblo for gath*rlng« writing and •dltlnc the new*, feature* and editorial* which go into tho paper; the bminee* department 1* oooo*niad wttli idvartlclAf and circulation, and the «e«hanioM department with print* tag" th* paper. A large newspaper ha* many aditor* who *up«rvUB virtoM phaeea of the new* operation. At th« head of the editorial department I* ah •diU>r-i»-«hl*( wb» dlraatf th* 0v«raU new* and editorial pollolM^ Heading (k* iBWf fltfif 1* • managing editor or • new* tdltor whoa nt tMelfttf; Undtr the managing editor <or t*w* editor) *jr« ttt fltytdltor, IB charge of local new* «ov*rage; tit forelp (or «abl*) fdttort tte telegraph oditor, in charge «f ne'wf «tf tb* pr««* wire*]i<J^ aport* editor and probably «(B*r«dttorB Pjfc-.*'-" ro» YOV TO DOi Art your teacher If you MB tow your local nawfptjwr. Yovll |M B«B»*J •» low »«OB work goe* lato getting out a paper^ ^ «f CUvtltM ItotgMf, OWo, receiv** 111 for thi* auutlon. If mu nave Bna Band it on a noateanl ta •^P ^WMPV ^m w IP HI V** * IBB /• f^^H BPBlTW , ^"HBB/ . IBnVJBBHl BP >BJB|| BJ* !B?BHBflBW*IBf B* BW VI«lBt Hoar* MlffiM, AF HtwiffAMurtli <• *ir« B| thli v Tomorrow. CM njMMttarf rally MWI MtoD Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Dramatize your'bedroom with he brilliant spendor of this peacock design. Combine vivid blues* greens, bronze; accent with glh> ering metallic threads. Fascinating, fun to embroider. 'attern 893: transfer of motif•« 3ttxl5 and 15x18 inches.. Send 36 cento (cairn) for Milt pattern—add five cento, for each wtterit for first-claw nailing. Send to Alton Telegraph, «•, Needlecraft Dept., P.O. Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York 1 11, N. Y. Print plainly Patten Number, Name, and Address. As a bonus, TWO complete patterns are printed right in our JVURA WHEELER Needlecraft took. Dozens of other designs you'41 want to order—easy fasci- tatjng handwork, for yourself, your home, gifts, bazaar items. Send 25 cents for your copy of this book today! Dress or Duster PRINTED PATTERN w-fl* •7 ffliiift fnl**t\ New as tomorrow's headline* free and flowing shape of fashion's- smartest Chemise. Wear it one day as a dress-next day as a duster. Easy-sew Printed Pattern—2 main pattern parts (collar in one with dress). Printed Pattern 4733: Misses' Sizes 10, 12, U, 16, .11. Siie 1C takes 4% yards 35-inch fabrie. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Bend » «•«*• to coins for thl* pattern—add five cent* for each pattern for first-class mailing. Rend to ANNE AjPAMS, care of Alton Telegraph, Patter* Dept., ft! W, Hth St., New Vork it, ». V. Prtot plataly Nwm. address, Slse and Style Number. One sure way to quiet tht life of the party li to let him pick up the check, CITV wAwmp or nwro INWSOT INVASION AnthorUhi* in Bristol, England, have bean warned of too danger of «o invajoflvby jupar inwcts. P. J, RediUme, of the city's health com* rolttee, exptained that hou»elliei and otbjc UuacU from countriei where they bave become immuno to new IniaQtloldeB may be brwtgbt In the air. Straini of housefllei immune to DD-C, emerged abroad several years ago, he said. Bristol health authoritie* are recommwding flypapw. 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