The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 15, 1935 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1935
Page 6
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*»? • A*-,' Delton Bouse Died ienly at Home Early lurday Morning. LONG RESIDENT -. Lorejozo Delton Bouse. 60 years •Of^ageJ and a life-long resident of the colnty, died at his home one - mile .wpst of Atlanta Saturday morning; at 2:30 o'clock, death being flue to a sudden heart attack. Jfr. Bouse had not been in good bjealth for sometime, suffering (from high blood^pressure and hejm trouble, but the fatal attack jwas unexpected as he had been no worse than for some time. Following the death the body was bnjught to the Voung parlors lor preparation and will be taken back to! the home to lie in state Until tl|e hour of services. ^Delt pouse, as he was known to his many friends, was horn an 1 reared 6n a farm in the Goldsmith commuttity, his parents being John apd Jane (Smith) Bouse. With tlje exception of a short period ofi residence in Hamilton tounly he lived in Tipton county all of IDS life. The Deceased was a man held IB esteem by those who knew him CONDITION CRITICAIi. Miss Evelyn Hankley Operated at Elwood Hospital Friday Night. Miss Evelyn Hankley, 20-year- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hankley, residing southeast of Tipton, was rushed to the Mercy hospital in Elwood Friday night and underwent an emergency operation for appendicitis as soon as admitted. Surgeons found the appendix had ruptured and that gangrene started ami stated her chances for recovery were not so goo . Miss Hankley had been complaining of a severe pain in h-sr side for some timo but the tronbl-? was not located until her condi- ion'became serious. Two Change* of Venae front-Local | Court; Mailed Out Friday. Churches at Sandbank and Hobbs to Have Entertainments Sunday. PUBLIC IS INVITED President of Organization Urges That Agreements Be Formulated. PROGRAM IS PREPARED best. possessed a jovial disposition! and although in poor health (or some time, he never made a! complaint. He wis born Feb. 2G, 1S75. and on Feb.; 20, 1902. was united in marrlagfe to Miss Bertha Wiggins, Wasliiftton, June 15.—American business last night was urged to turn to the .Federal Trade Commission for codes of fair practice by Harper Sybley. president of the United States Chamber o£ Commerce. Indicating a new course of business action to follow the abandonment of most of NRA, Sihley advised that the Supreme Court decision be used to point daughter of David L. Wiggins. ST., former Tipton county com- thn way which hmijness co-opera- miseioner. The widow and twn tors may travel. Children; Glenn Bouse of Detroit.' Thn chamber president spoke and Sar»h Jewell Bouse, at home,] after a day's mooting of tho cham- The Sandbank Christian Congregational church northeast of Tipton and the Hobbs Methodist church will present special Children's Day programs Sunday evening and the public is invited. The program at Hobbs will start at 7:30 and the one at Sandbank at 8:00 o'clock. , The program at Hobbs, which will be presented by the children has been directed by Miss Lela Good and Mrs. Allon Johnson and is as follows: Legg. Prelude, piano solo, Eileen March. Song by all, "Juno Comes Smiling." Invocation, Rev. Davison. Welcome, Eva Lou Lewellen. Recitation, Mary Lou Clifton. Recitation, Nannette Heflin. Piano duet, Hubert and Martha Johnson. "Ton Tiny Tots." Recitation, Phyllis Mae Simms. "Gladly Doing What We Can," five boys. Recitation. Norma Legg. Recitation, Beverly Black. "Jesus Loves l r s," group of Friday; afternoon County Clerk Simpson mailed out the papers and transcripts in which changes of venue had been taken to other counties. ; The case of Ethel Graham against Opha Graham and'others was sent fo Hamilton county for trial, and that of the Farmers Loan & Trust Company against the estate ! of the late Losada Jane Hobbs. to Clinton county. ISradrtock Gets Offer. n«y United Press). Amsterdam, June 15.—Walter Rothenburg, German promoter, announced yesterday that he had cabled Heavyweight Champion James J. Braddock a guarantee-of 5100,000 to fight ex-Champion Max Schmeling at Amsterdam on August 17 for the title. nillUIT I IlLIJflllL Starts^ olNSEil „: ! i • Rallf the Continent. Announce New Air! Units to Be Immediately VReady I for War." SURPRISE TO EMPIRE enrvive. , bcr's hoard of directors, which to- Mr. Bouse, engaged in farming day, will release a statement out- all of his life, was known as a lining a program for organized progressive and industrious citi-! business for the coming year, zen who: was a good neighbor and i The board adopted a resolu- Btead faut friend, always willing to assist others. His passing is :i matter of sincere regret to the many friends he leaves behind. PROBE OP FOOD. lion recording its "gratification at the whole-hearted way in which business enterprises generally have proceeded vo-'intarily and in reliance upon thei.' 'own efforts to maintain orderly *.nd just conditions in their relations with their employes, with one another and with the public." If Sibley's advice is generally followed there exists the possibility of widespread Development of fair business pracl-ce agreements, jnore tha.n 200 FERA workers on w »>ch would cover much of what Food Poisoning nt Indianapolis to "Be Invest igntcd. jndlannpolis. June 15.—A thorough Investigation of the causes Of food -:polsonlng that struck at Tnrsdat/ was launched yesterday by stater and federal officials. Six, Join remained in the city hoi >ital.; The 34 others who toad •bee i senf to the hospital were dis- nii led during the day and the ap- pro was in the NRA provisions. except labor ' LOST HIS Al'STIX. Minialuro Auto- of (Jnrliind Slur- drvant Burned Friilny. ;lma$ely 100 who had been 'n b4tis in the relief headquar- at J227 North West street. I The Austin automobile bclong- teri wete suffering the effects of thetolstm, but were able to move aboat. ' Home From Hospital. \ i _ Saturday Lloyd Cole, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Cole, residing ldsmlth was brought to e of his parents. He was near ing to Garland -Sturdevant was burned Friday night, the owner being able to save only a spare tire. The blaze occurred on the pperat. ">-. weeks : go Thursday at the Good i and was destroyed in a few mln- Range Line road,• near Orchard Inn. Mr. Sturdevant was' on his way to- Kokomo. and the gas line clogged. He stopped to ascertain the trouble and ivhen he raised for appendicitis two 1 the hood, the car burst into flames Samaritan hospital in iKokomo and $• Jaf bee i at the hospital since that "time. V hen operated the append!^ ••Jfff to ind ruptured and lor a 4: B condition was extremely bnt he is now doing nice- fould [Mi*—like very much to j flgijire on" new win•shades for you. s's real satisfac- in having such shades as we i here. Little utes. It was covered by insur- A passing motorist brought Mr. Sturdevant to Tipton where he secured another car -i'br his trip. Emergency Operation. Friday night '-about ; 9:30 the Ogle & Little ambulance rushed Helen Werner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Werner, to the Beechwood hospital for an emergency operation for appendicitis. The operation w%s performed soon after she reached the hospital and latest rep >rts were that her condition was ' satisfactory. Tribune Want Ads Pay. For Eefrijeration Seeth« NEW AIR .CONDlTHHfED REFRIGERATORS At LowPtlcfls and small children. ".My Derision." six girls. "Spoiling Love." song by eight Sirls. Recitation, Ralph fiinn. Pageant, "Saint Christopher's Children," with characters: St. Christopher. Rov. Davison; Mr. Brown. Dallas Ressler: tho' soldier, Darst Jacobs; messenger, Herbert Hoover; woman, Mrs. Ray Black, and pastor, Allen Johnson. At Sandbank tho children have been drilled by Mrs. Basil Parish and Mrs. Jossio Achenbach, wii'j Dorothy Bollo Hoover as pianist. Tho program at Sandbank is as follows: Welcome Radiant Roses, Intermediate Prayer. Rov. Schwyhart. Recitation, Welcome, Marjorie Schwyhart. Recitation, Betty Boyer. Solo, Jack Lee Achenbach.- Recitation, Gretchen Hoover. Recitation, Billy Boyer. Recitation, Marjorie Hoover. School singing. Forward Face. Recitation, Clara Bell. Recitation, Fanniel Schwyhart. Recitation, LeVein Hoover. Dialogue. "Things Worth While," Juniors. Offertory recitation, Vaunita Schwyhart. Song, Betty Jo and LaVein Hoover. Recitation, Roberta Jean Hoov- . Recitation, -Evelyn Hoover; Piano solo, Miriam Haskett. Recitation, Betty Jo Hoover. Recitation, -Jack Lee Achenbach". Duet, Esther 'and Evelyn Hoover. Recitation, Marjorie Boyd. Doll's Day, little folks. Recitation, Joe Haskett. Motion Song, little folks. Recitation, Phillip Hoover. Solo, Fauniel Schwyhart. Recitation, Graydon Haskett. Recitation, Freddie Boyd. Solo, Wanda" Mae Aehenba'ch. Recitation, Maxine Comer. Lollipop Song, little folks. Bunch of Daisies and ' Rose tableau. FIGHT PLANNED Will Organize Every County in Campaign Against Governor McNutt. BATTLE IS SERIOUS Is Improving Rnpldly.. William Harper, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harper, residing. south of Sharpsvllle, who has bee.n seriously ill with 'pneumonia, is reported Improving, nicely and will soon be able to be out of. the house. . The young man contracted a severe cold-while setting to- znatp plants by working in the rain and pneumonia"' developed. For a time his condition .was serious, but he is now mending rapidly. • . i WBA.THBR — Local thunder* " J ""'""' ble tonight and Washington, June 15. — Senator VanNuys soon will name a campaign committee, a member from each district, to perfect an organization that will have for its objective the injection of "democracy" into the Democratic party organization in Indiana. "But I don't now plan to announce the names of those who will comprise the campaign committee," said Senator VanNuys London! June 15.—The war office in ai surprise announcement last night! stated eight battalions will be created immediately to form an [ anti-aircraft defense force "ready for war." The war office announcement of Britainjs preparation for wartime defense came out of the clear sky. i The announcement said five units will!be transformed into searchlight battalions and the other thre^, including the famed royal fusiliers, will become antiaircraft brigades of royal artillery. !. Making what the Herald described as |"this grave announcement," the' war office stressed the necessity that the new force be "ready for j action immediately on the outbreak of war or even earlier." 1 (By United Press). Union "Air -Terminal, Burbank, Calif., June 15.—-Wiley Post, one- eyed Oklahoma flier, began his fifth attempted stratosphere flight to New York at 4:25^a. m. today. Dressed In his | \feird. "man from Mars" flying suit, the veteran flier lifted his little cream- colored monoplane, the Winnie Mae, from the ground easily and pointed its snub nose eastward in an effort to rocket through the high altitudes in a record time of eight hours. Weather bureau officials said he was favored with good flying conditions ainog the transcontinental route. The flier expected to maintain ground contacts through his radio compass which may be tuned with commercial radio stations along the route. The plane, associates said, will not be visible until he reaches his destination because of the high altitude at which the aviator will attempt to fly- m. .Lunaz and|iaJ3fi5 jree^ Armsfi'ong's Congol Quaker Rugs Suite 6* in II' eum An NBA Appeal. (By Unlteil Pr.ess). Indianapolis, June 15. — Observance of NRA wage scales was demanded of Indiana canners yesterday in a resolution adopted by the Indiana Canners' Association in convention here. PURDUE CROP REPORT. Wheat In Indiana Expected to Average 17 Bushels. (By: United Press). Lafayette, June 15. — The total wheat: yield in Indiana this year is expected to reach 31,824,000 hushels with an average of 17 bushels per acre, the U. S. department of agriculture here announces. Wheat was reported 84 per cent normal throughout the state> in a crop report jot June 1, M. M. Jus- last night. Those the senator de-j tin ' of tne department, announced. signates. to serve on the state "The condition of oats on June campaign committee will select a county committee in each county of their respective districts. Senator VanNuys intends personally to lead the fight against one-man rule of the Indiana Democratic party. Those he names on a state committee will be his lieutenants. "We need in Indiana a Democratic organization that will consult with the rank and file of party members. We can't have one man ruling the rank and file. We intend to form an organization in every precinct to gain rights for the rank and file—the grass roots boys—of the party," he commented. Senator VanNuys has received 1,000 letters since he announced a week ago his intention to offftr leadership to those Democrats "who believe that no man is bigger than his party." DELUGE OF BEER. Truck Loaded With Kegs for tlic Thirsty Wept Into Ditch. A beer truck of the Universal Beverage Company of Indianapolis, north bound and heavily loaded with kegs of beer, went in the ditch near the Richard Foster home on Road 31 at 9:30 Friday night and turned over, unloading a large .part of the cargo. The driver, "Jack" Spratt of Indianapolis', escaped injury aside from a few minor bruises, but the truck was badly damaged. During the excitement attending the accident a half barrel of beer disappeared, it being believed that a passing: motorist loaded it in, his car and made his getaway. ' ~ It was necessary to send for another truck and transfer the cargo. The ope which overturned was still in i the ditch | Saturday morning. ' I It was said -the accident was caused by bright lights from an oncoming, tijupk. blinding Spratt, who-got off I the pavement and in trying to get back, ditched his car. Helen la Defeated, (By Beekenhaln, Bag.; June 16. — Helen Wto Moodr 'Buffered the flrrt-dfefeatj it her comeback earn. ^« _J_j?C— ^.*J» *Lt~ MSCAwtvi.. *._JL_ V 1 was reported at 78 per cent which was : a 38-point improvement over last year," he said. "Pasture eondilions in Indiana on June 1 was shown to be seven points higher than the 10-j'ear average. Tame hay also was above average." j Found His Pnp. Otho Ryan, residing northeast of Tipton was here Friday afternoon and secured a fox terrior pup which jhad followed some workmen into Tipton. Mr. Ryan, who resides on the Heath farm, stated the pup was a good one and he was glad to regain possession of it.-The men had been doing some work northeast of Tipton and wh'en they left the pup followed the truck down the road for quite a i distance. The animal was exhausting itself and one of the workmen stopped and took it in and brought it to Tipton. NO CHAXGE IN PRICES. Saturday Hog Market Steady With Friday's Close. Indianapolis, June 15. — Receipts on hogs, 2,000; held over, 135- cattle., 100; calves, 100; sheep and lamba, 300. Hog prices early today in the local live stock market were unchanged, with the top. ?10.10, Tor best selections'; pigs and light weights, 100 to 160 pounds, sold at $8.55 to $9.80; 160 to 235 pounds, $9.90 to $10.00; 235 to 300 pounds, $9.75 to $9.85; 300 pounds up. $9.60 to $9,70; sows, $8.50 to $9.00. Cattle were steady to 25c lower, calves were off 50c to $1.00 at $8.5.0 down, lambs nominal. Chicago, June 15.—Receipts on hogs, 4,000. including 3,500 direct to packers; held over, 1,000; early prices steady; cattle, 500; sheep and lambs, 2,000. ELWOOD MARKET Phone 53. I. DUFFEY & SONS CO. No Commission - No Yardage Elwood, June 15..— Hogs, 160 to 180 Ibs., $9.85; 180 to 200 IDS., $9.80; 200 to 225 Ibs., $9.70; 225 to 235 Ibs., $9.65; 235 to 250 Ibs., $9.60; 250 to 275 Ibs., $9.50; 275 325 to 200 Ibs., $9.50; 300 to Ibs., $9.40; sows at $8.65 Cunning ! Tfc Chevrolet Co. "/ Always JFinest Selection of i Used Cars '34 Master Chevrolet Sedan, only 8.OOOj miles. i '83 Chevrolet Coach. '88 Chevrolet Town Sedan. '83 Che^h-oiet DeLuxe Sedan. '31 Chevrolet Coach 'SO Chevrolet Coach. '29 Chevrolet Sedan. '39 Chevrolet Coach. '29 Olds! Sedan . '31 Ford Coach. *29 Fordj, A-oach. •39 Ford Sedan. 'DO Buick Coach. '27 Bnick Sedan; ; '28 Chevrolet Coach. : '27 Ford Coupe. '30 Chevrolet Sedan. ' -'at Dodjre T/rnck. : '33 Chevrolet Sedan..: ;>A Polish Light j Household Oil Auto Polish and Cleaner •Oloths down; calves and lambs Wednesday and Thursday. Local Grain Market Wheat. No. 2, 70C; No. 1 ___ 71c. Oats 30c Corn, per 100 Ibs. $1.10 Local Produce Market. (Uoore & Moore) Eggs, per dozen —;__ 20c Indianapolis Frounce Prices. Eggs—Indianapolis jobbers offer country shippers for strictly fresh stock, 18c at country points, 19c dolivered at Indianapolis. - Poultry — Jobbers paying for heavy hens, 16c;. Leghorns, 14c; broilers, 2 Ibs. up, I6c; Leghorns, 2 Ibs., 15c; cocks and stags, 4c; geese, 3c; ducks, 4c;"guineas; 15c. Butter—Jobbers' selling prices for creamery butter, fresh firsts, No. 1, 26-27c; No. 2, 24-25C;' in quarters amd halves. Ic more. Butter Fat-dBuyers paying 21c a pound; delivered at Indianapolis. The Almighty Dollar Inflation or no inflation, that dollar bill looks mighty big. Especially when you are in ne6d of one. That dollar will do big things for you. If you need some of them . . .for any purpose ... let us serve you. You will find otr loaning policy extremely broad, being confidential, fast and very useful. Lea veil & Bates Tipton, fad. Phone 16 ft! Your Hennery Brown: — -. — — Sic Hennery White . _____ ____- 31c Firsts ____ '; ---- u_^ — ~-_ 19c; Hens __ 1— '- ___ i ___ — -- 16* Bens, Leghorn --- -—. — IBo Roosters __, ------------ -7c We CU1 tog yam Footer at These Price*— He Mow Per Poand Delivered. Batter Vut't ___ li -------- 28C, - U«. MMJ^WO BED 00MB Co. More than 80^ of all men's shirts, stockings, j underwear, neckties and handkerchiefs'are purchased by women. Why? Men prefer to have their wives and mothers do the shopping because they realize that women are better shoppers—that they have a .sixth sense for quill-lcs and values. '< \ How-do women keep themselves informed? They have formed the habit of reading the fldvertise- ments in the newspapers. And they read them regularly, whether they want to buy anything or not. Then they know exactly where to go to; purchase what they need, and they know to a penny just what they will have to pay. ! From the advertisements any one can learn wher? to buy better clothes, better foods, better household goods, better EVERYTHING. Bead thett; carefully. They have news and suggestions for ypul j ; innnn ; u-T

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