The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on June 15, 1935 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1935
Page 5
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u --' - - - "•'" TBBWE FOB SALE OB TRADE RSAL ESTATE KOR SALE—The Mrs. Afflerbach 21 acres, road 28, one mile east of court houke. L, W. Fuller. '. c-22.0 FOR SALE—80-acre farm, half mile Kempton;- 40-acrea farm. 2-% miles Kempton; 40-acre farm. 1% miles Kempton. See J. W. Kemp. c-Sat-237 FOR SALE J PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR S.4LE — Work horse. Ray Quellhorst. c-219 FOR SALE — 4-year-old Jersey cow with heifer calf; 21 ewes. John R. Nash. c-222 FOR SALE—C-melody saxaphone. Hal Bridge. c-lf FOR SALE—Dunfield soy beans. Phone Sharpsville. Russel Salsbery. P-219 FOR SALE — 3-piece overstuffed suite, $50.00. Mrs. Floyd Ram- Bay. FOR SALE—Arsenate of lead for hugs. l7c Ib ; at Rexall Drug Store. . c - lf FOR RBlfT — Modern heated rooms at. low as $S per week: Miller Hotel. Tribune Bids. V. FOR SALS—Royal portable typewriter, In excellent condition; price $26. Tribune Press. 219 WANTED WANTED—Place on farm for a boy, age 17, more for home than wages. Phone 1642. c-219 WANTED — You to know that Dutoz !•"• best for bean beetles, at Rexail Drug Store. c-tf WANTED—Married man to work on farm; must give good references. Floyd Ray. Phone 9X7. P-220 LOST AND FOUND. LOST—Velvet rug, 11.3x12 toot between Clyde Coffin's and Windfall.. John Shaw, Phone 886, Windfall. c-219 LOST — Jacket between George Watson residence on Walsh road and Hobbs. Call 4604. c-221 MONEY TO LOAN FOR SALE—30,00d native Baltimore tomato plants ready for setter or resetting at a very reasonable price. R. C. Constantino, Ekin. c-220 FOR SALE — Tip-Top chicks, proven the cheapest for farmer or poultryman; a few started chicks. TIpton Hatchery. c-tf FOR SALE—Good used ice boxes, all sizes. 50 to 150 Ibs. Phone 231. II. J. Schrader & Co. c-219 roll SALE — Hoover vacuum cleaner, good running condition. Trittschuh Leather Store. c-222 FOR SALE—Tomato plants, Edwin Andrews strain, 37 years certified seed. Bert McNew, Phone 2152. p-221 KtiK SALE — Several thousand ;-->K>d sturdy tomato plants: 3rd house south of New Hope i-hurch. Seth Smith. p-219 FOR SALE—'25 Hudson coach, run less than 13,000 miles; perfect condition; sell cheap. W. R. Shook, end of! North Main St. p-224 FOR SALE — 6-year-old horse, Fordson tractor and Oliver 12- Inch tractor plow; 2 I. H. C. rotary hoes; 9-in. Letz burr feed mill; 7-ft. Osborne binder. Butz Implement Store. Phone 33X3. c-t£ FOR SALE — Aster plants, snap dragons, calendulas and ageratum, big and stocky; rock plants, pinks and many other perennials in bloom; don't fail to see them. Blanche Illges. p-219 JCNE HATCHES — Each , Tue.s. Large tyjic White Khorris JR.55 j>er 100; |JG.7r, In 500 lots;' SC..50 in F 1.000 lots. Ilcavya $7.45 per 100; 57.25 in 500 lots; $7 In 1,000 lots. Light Brahamns JS.43. Heavy Mbci-cl »7. Add Ic per chick extra when lots of 50 are shipped; 2c when 23. Chicks slartcd 2 and 3 wire, as npecial orders. Order In advance for date, breed and 1 number. RalM.* Hummer chicks—they will mean reaJ profit for table use this fall. Hoo^ier Hatchery, Mlchlgantown, ind. FOR BENT FOR RENT — Suburban 6-room bungalow; one acre of ground, plenty of shade and fruit; good water; garage; chicken sheds and other outbuildings; growing garden; all new and in fine condition. J. N. Russell, p-219 MAYTAG SALES and SERVICE SEW AND USED WASHERS Used Gas Engine For Demonstration Call 88 SERVICE MOTQB 00. TltMe tracks are all with cabs and ... la I ._ _M_._ _JB^ FEDERAL FARM LOAN AGENCY —Interest rates reduced to 3% and 4 per cent. 108 W. Jefferson St., J. W. Kemp. c-S-237 SEE US for new plan of farm loans; 6, 10, 15 and 20-year payment plan; low interes rate. Fielding & Fielding, c-t NBA EMPLOYES. Probably Two-Thirds Will Bi 'Di; missed Shortly. (By United Press). Washington, June 15. — Al NRA employes in Washington and field offices were notified today b. the nation-M industrial recover} board ftiat their employment is "continued until further notice but not beyond April 1, 1936." President Roosevelt meantime worked over the draft of an exe cutive order prescribing the foni of skeleton organization which will be maintained under the NRA extension resolution. He signed an order continuin; the national labor relations board which, under previous orders would have expired tomorrow Pending passage of the Wagner labor bill, however, the board wil have little authority. .— •«» WAS "F1BED." WILL 60 FREE Woman Who Murdered Her Husband's Sweetheart to Leave Prison. A SENSATIONAL CASE Pickets Stage Fight .and Soldiers Are Caned Oat. Assistant Secretary of Commerce Is Let Out. (Bx United Press). Washington, June 15. — Ewang Y. Mitchell of Springfield, Mo., was ousted today from his position as assistant secretary of commerce. Presidert Roosevelt nominated John Monroe Johnson, S. C., tj succeed Mitchell. TO SEAT SENATOR. Scnutor-EIcct From West Virginia :{0 Years Old Wednesday. (By United Press). Washington, June 15. — Tho senate privileges and elections committee today voted to seat Rush D. Holt, senator-elect from West Virginia who becomes 30 years old next Wednesday. Burned to Death. Weatfield, June 15.—Mrs. John Hinshaw, BO, was burned to death today when her clothing caught fire while she' was tending the furnace. I THE DAILY WHEEZI Edward. "Am I the only man who ever'kissed yon?" Florence: "Why will every man ask a girl-that same question?" A spelling crank has figured that thera are no less than 613,978 dlffeftont ways to spell the world "ttprtsh." we rather believe that^li ot them are needed (By United Press). Los Angeles, June 15. — Clara Phillips, whose ferocity in the murder of a rival for her husband's love brought her the name of the "Tiger Woman," will be released on parole from Tehachapi women's'prison Monday. She will have served 13 years for the' crime. Now a shapely matron of 35, she entered prison at 24 after having been convicted of baating Alberta Meadows to death, with a hammer and mutilating her torso. The body was found July 12, 1922, in a lonely spot on Montecito Drive. Mrs. Phillips was arrested in Tucson, Ariz., and brought to trial the following September. Convicted after a sensational trial which packed the courtroom daily, she was remanded to the county jail pending removal to San Quentin prison to serve 10 years to life. From the jail, believed to bo escape proof, Mrs. Phillips dropped through sawed bars of her cell, clad only in a lavender slip- on dress, wearing no shoes, and with only 51 cents in her possession. Months later she was recaptured in Tegucigalpi, Honduras, but tho mystery of her escape never was solved. Sent finally to San Quentin. she did not.see the outside world again untfl two years ago when transferred to Tehachapi upon completion of that institution. The prominence of Mrs. Phillips' crime, the sensation of hoi- escape, her beauty and fiery personality made her a leader among the women in San Quentin. The " "tiger w o ma n" had brought a saxophone to prison with her. She organized an orchestra. These accomplishments and her training as a one-time chorus girl made her the star attraction when prisoners were permitted to give programs of entertainment. The leadership which Mrs. PHilllps built up In prison was never challenged until Mrs. Louise Peete, Los Angeles woman who killed a prominent oil man, staTted a feud. The "tiger woman's" emotions again gave way, and she attempted to kill herself. She has not been allowed to talk in prison. Her plans for a life of freedom, subject to the usual rehrictlons of a parole, have not been expanded publicly since she first applied for release. Then she said: "I want to go back into the world to be a useful citizen and a model housewife, and to have babies." The exact hour of her release has not been announced, although it is known that she will seek to avoid publicity and slip quietly out of prison life. Her sister, Miss Ola Weaver, plans to meet Mrs. Phillips at the prison gates, and take her to a home in La. Mesa, 26 miles from San Diego, where the sisters plan to care for their aged mother. The whereabouts' of Armour Phillips, Clara's husband, is not known. He dropped from sight a year ago after announcing in Philadelphia that he was prepared to welcome her back as his wife. Since that time he has been reported in Los Angeles, but friends have been unable to find him, and the Weaver family professed not to know wfiore he was. It was not known whether or not he would meet her at the prison, and officials refused to say whether he had attempted to contact his wife. . (By United Pressl. Freeport, 111., June 16. — As four companies of national guardsmen patrolled the streets, the Stover Manufacturing Company today invited its 400 striking employes to return to work .Monday I morning. Strikers were to meet later today to consider the offer. ^ The majority of the strikers were expected to refuse the offer.! Freeport, 111., June 15.—National Guards patroled this city today to check violence which flared yesterday in a pitched battle between strikers and deputies outside the plant of the Stover Manufacturing Company. Troops were ordered from nil MM! ' ^**Sf . P»**F III (IE HI DEFEAT 'Stare the Wealth" Plan Is Not Favored by the Ad! ministration. NO FIGHT EXPECTED TO MIDWAY ISLAND. Clipper Plane Leaves Honololi fir* Rockford, Dixon, ' and Sterling, 111., after clashes resulted in injury to seven strikers. One, charles Reedy, 55, was hurt seriously when struck in the face by a tear gas projectile. Pickets, apparently angry because several members of deputy sheriff squads were former shop foremen for the Stover Company, confronted the officers as they attempted to enter the plant which has been shut down nearly six weeks. As strikers made a threatening movement the deputies fired tear gas cartridges. The strikers retal- Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Crnm will go to Indianapolis Monday morning, their son Bnell being; a member of the class which 'will be graduated at Butler at the commencement at 10 o'clock. He will receive his degree of bachelor of arts. Bnell Crum is principal of the Liberty school, having been located there for several years. Washington, June 15.—Senate Democratic leaders today predicted defeat of Huey P. Long if he attempts to write any part of his "shire-the-wealth" plan into President Roosevelt's social security program. Long wants the senate to adopt his iproposal to pay all over .«0 years old a $:iO-a-month pension by ; levying heavy taxes upon wealth. He said the admiiiistra- tionfs play to tax payrolls and make states share in the cost would bo exposed to' 'rotten politics." Word was passed to administration! forces that Mr. Koosuvelt wants no changes in the present program. ' Senator Pat Harrison (Dem., Miss.) iu charge ot" the legisla- iated with cobblestones and clubs. j t j on sai ,i Long would be given When four companies of Na-| am pi e opportunity to obtain a tional Ouards arrived last night| vote OIl n ,- 3 j,] an- ] m t that it had they were booed and hissed by 2,000 strike sympathizers. Major Warren K. Aldrich. com- 1 no chance of passage. I The- senate was culled into session today to act on ot i would offer his proposal on Mon! day: He no indication of mandant, was at first unsuccess- ver jj a i committee: amendments to fill in an effort to address thc| thc - sg-pagi- bill. Lou? said he enraged crowd but a flash bayonets brought silence. "You will he permitted picket," he said, "but there must \ al) . )r0 val be no disorder. All but deputies, j' ; .j ln (mlc] . t() raiso soldiers and foremen must stay at: least 50 yards from the plant and c to ! making an extended fight for its tin- money. said Long. "I'd levy n one per upon all porsiuis who own wealth that is more thuii IOC I times greater than the average barricaded within the plant, wero !fan |. lv fon , liu , alu , ru sl . :ll i,,. lto crating farm machinery, small hardware and gasoline engines/ keep moving." Meantime, deputized workmen. lit upward so that the man who finished products of the plant, which are to be shipped today. had $5,1)00.000 or ?i>. 1100,000 will i pay more accordingly." SEKEUKAL HEMOKKHAGK. Mrs. Anna M. Graham in Critical Condition Following Stroke.. THE IJXDIJKKGH LAW. Will Be I'si'd t<> Try the \Vc\vc-r- Imcusc-r Kidnapers. Mrs. Anna M. Graham, widow of Henry Clay Graham, suffered a cerebral "hemorrhage Friday evening since which time she has bene unconscious and little hopo is held for her recovery. Mrs. Graham has been ill for ; iriy I'nilcil rrrss). Tacoina, Wash.. June lf>.—United! States Attorney J. Charles Dennis said today that Mr. and Mrs. Harmon M. Waley. confessed kidnapers of George Weyerhaeuser, will he prosecuted in the federal court here under I ho GOLDSMITH. Church notes: (Rev. J. A. Land, pastor.) Sunday school, 9:30. W. E. Aldridge, superintendent. Evening worship, 7:30. Children's Day exercises June 16. Hopewell church notes: Sunday school 9:30. Russell Collier, superintendent. Morning worship 10:30. Normanda church notes: (Rev. Donald Hoffman, pastor.) Sunday school, 9:30. Carl Tyner, superintendent. Tetersuurg church notes: (Rev. McClure, pastor.) Sunday school, 9:30. Roscoe Samuels, superintendent. The Hopewell Foreign Missionary society met this week with Mrs. Nettie Foster. Mrs. Ethel Foster, president, conducted" the meeting which opened by singing "Rescue the Perishing." Prayor was offered by Mrs. 'J. A. Land. Mrs. Elphia Smith had charge of the devotionals. Mrs. Clara Sumners gave a splendid talk on Roots of War and World Citizenship." Leona Dawson gave a^talk on Japan and Tea. The business session was held after which "I Love to Tell the Story" was suns by the group and the meeting was dismissed by the society repeating the Lord's Prayer in unison. Mrs. J. A. Land was added to tho membership roll. Their next meeting will be with Mrs. Neva Wai- son assisted by Mrs. Elphia Smith. Mrs. Angle Small and daughter Mary Francis of Owenshoro, Ky.', are here visiting with the former's sister-in-law Mrs. Ves Wilson. Anita Afanadore who has been a student at Ball State teachers college at Muncie taking a course in art has returned to the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. Afanadore at Normanda for her vacation. Harry -Watson and family of Kempton have moved to the George Bauer property in Teters- iiurg which was previously -occupied by Hiram Lockridge and family. iSTrfi^^-^jf pnaca .* Tiptop Gijeerrcastje, KoS West Lafayette were -present t ' Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Clark were Sunday dinner guests of Mr.; and Mrs. Lawrence Clark of Indianapolis. •' | . 'i •; • : Paul Stewart and family 1 and Mr. . an'd Mrs. John Harris i of Frankfort were Sunday dinner guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mortord. Robert Reese returned Sunday from a two weeks' fishing trip along Deer River, Minnesota,- Others in the party -were Parker Dunham and mqther Mrs. Wilbur 1 Dunham and Mrs. O. D. Weed of Ft. Wayne. Wm. Hornback who was in- to the; public. ALCOI MISSION OS ••'•• i |By R. 'A. 213-219 I PAUL p. F ! EzdeteAd mm9-'::Lf* first ten' In sue, soWnd 4*d stock! companies. Chas. Warne, Bojreiary. ... .T.W-. ., .. Opera Efons* • : Ground Phones 271 and) Bloc* Flour 1 ., 188 i Itp^tm jured a few weeks ago In Tipton, while working with the wrecking crew has been suffering the past few days wjth [ severe - pains thought to be caused by gall duct trouble. ; « • 9 . Notice of Sheriff's* Sale of Rcnl Estate on Decree. and a levy made a cause of action GIFFORD, OIFJOED APPLBTON • ' Lawyers ' Bin 13 }4 Court St. some time at her home on North L ilm t )e rgh kidnaping law "as soon Main street and the late attack | as ! 1)osslulc . : . A federal grand jury will be impanelled June 19. Although Federal Judge C. C. may prove fatal. Mrs. Graham, whose maiden name was Anna M. Vair was _for many years a resi- j Cu! | ]lmaUi who will lrv , nc tase . would not. make any statement, it was believed the Waleys might go to trial as early as June 25. dent of Prairie township, was j born in Fayette county and cain-r here following her marriage October 2, 1874. Her parents were Samuel and Martha (Carey) Vair. Her husband died October 11, 1931. The atending physician givas but little hope for her ever being any better, and it is believed the end is not far distant. Card of Thanks. Received Saturday County Clerk R. W. Simpson received notice ' of the final discharge of Benny Evans who has been on parole from the Indiana reformatory since June 7. The notification stated tho young man had complied with all requirements of his parole for the past year, had a good record at the reformatory and since being out and was fully and finally discharged. i The family of the late Mrs. Etta Davis wish to express their sincere thanks and appreciation to jtheir many friends and neighbors for the many kindnesses shqwn during her Ions illness and aft^r her death. They wish to personally thank Rev. C. W. Morrow ant} Rev. W. Cunningham for their messages of comfort: Mr. Leath- errjian and Mr. Morris the funeral "directors; Mrs. Robert Smith. Mrs. Fayo Smith, accompanied by Miss Dofis Vandevender for the excellent music; tho casket bearers and flower bearers, and' all who expressed their love in the beautiful; floral tributes.—Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cloud; Mr. and Mrs. Ollic Dai-is; Miss Clara Davis; Mr. and Mrg.i Ralph Walker. KKMPTOX. Christian Church Services. (Rev. John B. Clark, minister.) Church school, 9:30 a. m.; morning worship, 10:45 a. m. Sermon, "The Victories o£ Jesus"; evening services. 7:30. A Children's, program of songs, recitations, dialogues, drills and a pantomine. Mildred Laurence who is employed at the State School at Fort Wayne visited Sunday with her mother Mrs. Louie Laurence. Alice Laurence of Kokomo visited the week end with the latter. Minnie Burgett who has been very sick for the past three weeks with colitis is slowly improving. The Jolly Stitchers Club were royally entertained Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Guy Or r with thirteen' members present and five guests'. Lois McCarthy of Hammond was an out of town guest. The afternoon was spent in doing fancy needle work after which the hostess served refreshments of sandwiches, strawberry short cake- topped with whipped cream, iced tea and mints. The next meeting will be ! held in two weeks with Mrs. Earl Reese. Mrs. H. C. Clark who was taken very sick a week ago with a heart attack is slowly improving but still confined to her bed. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Park of Muncie were Sunday guests of the darks. The regular meeting of the Eastern Star, No. 52V was held Wednesday evening in the Mai sonic hall with a large crowd attending. The Worthy Matron Marjorie Spencer presided over the business meeting after which the initiatory degree work was conferred upon a candidate, Prencea Spencer. Donald Barr as Worthy Patron presided during the degree work. During the initiatory services a trio composed of Mrs. CliftopdiLlnaback, Mrs > Ntrtt v anfl McCool accompa^V apah>.by Mrs. Trueblood all 1 several songs. Notice is hereby given that by virtue and authority of an execution and decree attached to me directed by the Clerk of the Tiptori Circuit Court, thereunder in pending in said Court wherein Foltz Lumber Company, a corporation, is paintiff. and Clifford C. Boys and Eva Boys are defendants, the same being Cause No. 2609, in said Tipton Circuit Court, requiring me ta make the sum of 5469.18, with interest, costs, and accruing costs, all as set out in said decree, I will by virtue and authority of said execution and decree, expose at public sale on Monday, July 1st, 1935, between I the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and' 4 o'clock p. m., at the north door of the court house in the city of I Tipton, Indiana, the rents and profits, for a time not exceeding seven years, by the year, of the following described real estate in Tiptoa County, Indiana, to-wit: i Lot number three (3) in block) number three (3) in Kimberlin & Webb's East Addition to the town, now city of Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana; IE such rents and profits will not sell for a sum sufflcaeijt to pay and satisfy said execution a.nd decree, interest, costs and accruing costs, I will at the same time j ind place expose at public sale the fee simple of said real Restate or 30 much thereof'as may be necessary to discharge said execution and decree, interest, costs and accruing costs. Said sale shall be made with- 3Ut any relief whatever from valuation or appraisement laws and by virtue of m foreclosure of a Materialman's Lien on said described real estate. Dated June l[ 1935. REUBEN A! CARDWEL, Sheriff of Tipton County, Indiana. GIFFORD, GIFFORD & APPLETON, Attorneys for Plaintiff. c-207-13-19-25 TITLE GUARANTY 1 ABSTRACT CO i *•' Fanners Loan '& Trust BI4g. j Phone 390. C. A: TAXIA&l lone aft! CULVER & PICKERING Attorneys and Abetrscters > Office Phone 107. ' Residence Phonte: S. A. Culver—W«e. H. I). Pickering—840O i John P. Kemp Chas. A. KEMP & KEMP ! Attorneys-at-Law I Citizens National Bank Bldff. -. Phone 20. DR. V. H, COOPER Veterinarian Phones: Office, 138; Residence 1138 Notice to Non-Residents. ?tate of Indiana, bounty of Tipton, ss: Benjamin F. Leavell, et al. vs. Herschell L. Lawson. Lillian Lawson. Tiptou Circuit Court, Ind. Cause No. 2742. -•The plaintiffs in the above entitled cause having filed their Complaint together with an afllda- dants, Herschell L. Law-Son and Lillian Lawson j are non-residents if the state of Indiana;' Now,- therefore, said defendants, Herschell H Lawson and Lillian Lawson.l are hereby notified and ordered that they be and ippear on or before the first judi- ;ial day of the September term of the Tipton Circuit Court to be held at Tiptonj Indiana, at the :ourt house and which term begins on the lethjday of September, 1935. to answerj or demur to said complaint, the same will be heard ind determined i in their absence. In witness whereof I have here- -mto set my hand and the seal of '.his court this ilst day of June : CLARE & MINER CO. Abstracts Ipsnrance Real Estate Farm Loans 108 W. Jefferson St. Phone 6 Fishing- Headquarters "Tlie Most Complete Stock in the iCounty." ' H. J. SCHRADER & CO. Mume 2»7 J.C. PENNED 110-118 South 193B. (Seal) RAYMOND! W: SIMPSON, Clerk of Said Court. c-207-13-19-25 Legal Notice of Public Hearing.' Notice is hereby given that the Local Alcoholic) Beverage Board Df Tipton; County, Indiana, will, at 9 a. m. on the 24th day of June, 1935, at the commissioners' court' room, court house, in the city of Tipton, in said jcountyi begin investigation of the applications ot the following named persons, 'requesting the issue, to the apppli- cants, -at the locations hereinafter set out, of the Alcoholic :Bev- 2 rage Permits of. the classes here- 'nafter designated, and wfll, at mid time and place, receive information concerning the fitness of said applicants, and the propriety ot issuing the permits applied 'or to such applicants oremlses named j Mrs. Mary Woods (Woods 1 Cafe) Railroad street, Kempton, beer retailer. Carl StiegliU, Lewis Speckbaugh, 122 E. Jefferson St., Tiptta, liquor dealer. Loyal .Order of Moose No. 1590, VJs LEATHERMAH FUNERAL POM* | Ambulance Serrioa Furnace Coils Beplace-Voor ' - •• i a de' GAS WATER Public Servile Co. «f \ BREAD— 1%-Ib. loaf KROGER Bait art!

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