Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 30, 1952 · Page 9
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 9

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1952
Page 9
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I ^ricfft in lltV News Junior Life Sariiifj^ Classes To Cel Underway July 7 Junior I.ifi' HMviiij; 1 ' Httirt ill llw HWlniniint' • .July 7, it V .-I1H '.mTiftunf > fi tifir Viir ihllilrcn 11! thioin.'). 1.1. ili lAnKsiH Will 1,1- h.lil y ;;') ,n inorninB Morxluy, T 'j 'Mi;,.- Tt.ui^ (l.-iy, Friilay. ,-in'J .S;it'ii cj. v .July 17. Kinior el :;:.B <-i f'.r 10 y-.^ olds and •jv<r v.iii .-'ar' Jjiy I'l Tho tlni" /'/r thi-^- (•.^•ul t- iinni >uriC (.d L.'.' r " Snilcrs rractiircU Anklf MI H:IMV I.T,:;/!!:'.- t,f K.-th. r- , .-ill, v. .-i ' t;o.-|'l'-<':Z' 'I ' .r.j: hon. - in h-r anki- i Kov Brown's Sist«T I>i»'s E.-.v.r. <i. Fr. 'i la.- ho.':! Marriage Licnsf-s Issued T.'.< I'.',-. B.­ Robert HJ-:?.' and MarE< n: L.i^''^> and *!'.-.=•:< M;.-"^."' - Itarolc V'j-. _ Hi. F. .. Tn o- Fined in flavor's Court Threie Traflk- Accidents L-i Ktii .s :>mi. 5.-. r *t. t.iii l>'T:r.t--r;j: ". S-jir.i i.tic AiJr.-.-x wi-' ol ti.« Kvii.'Ti •:•<-• • int.'. vi t -f.» Ai.' -i '-r VI.' en "KLi.":...-J":; JC'i I'-...- ri^iiM'h v1 Zrl vtj •.iiL\-A.\z-s a parkirjr tr.iJ. J-.-i"-(;.£.> HT-^'in « i:SS J- i-_ r;:-.<:.ii -u-;i«- r.— car c<iilJ4«.4 ••rrui -.t" jii.-r.>'i • •.' %-:U<', Tb. r->i-:r ; • th«: R^-iiSCh ••'•.••vi-; -.1- f"-nd«'r I '-[/ort<-d Ca.'i -i* • hi'l O'-IicTft ire }-r Kon, borh 'jf K> 10 a. m t.yiay ?- :iv<-nui' non.T o.'i T.'^ Mr«, OdVn:!! i.-J.-.i- Sixth •whi-n h' r '.ki •: . •: Danlili^or)>- \i--.K¥.\r.Y Th<- rl^ht f<ar f. • mate ha#* f/.-'n ',^j;'.--t sr. •.. ':• r.. dor.r .1 miner'." hi.'? <ars with . >c' n'Sms: for '•ior. trip '.r.rouirh a or--r:cr. Kiruna- In;'jr»^ by IJo'- Drive In Each Other* Ai'iii* in Fire SL'AINTS— ^^"SP^ Contlnnril rruin pac» 5 curvp dof-.'in't brf^k flo .-iharply in the high altitude Rockies. * « « Pel- Wcc Wenger, former ISL hurlir with Storm L.ake, Carroll and LakpJi. has won five out of his la-st six starts and boasts a record of 6-4 for the season after being out of action almost an entire month with blisters on his pitching hand. Wenger has whiffed 96 in 87 inninps of work and has walked 59. He Is plajinff for Daytona Beach in the Florida State leapur and I." property of the Cleveland Indian.s. One of Wenger's lossfs wa.i a 16-inning game in which he allowed only five hits. Ed Lind .Ty. big S. U. I. chucker. has joined Owatonna of the Southern Minny loop and Paul Giel, the ar.. Minnejota pitcher. Is throwing for his hometown team, Winon.i. • • * Waldorf coU<-gp has hired Od .il Forslund of Forest City for its football coach. Forslund will woik With athletic dirp<:tor Rolf Lund. For.tlund is a graduate of Luther college and has coacht-d 11 years in Iowa hiph schools inciudin P .^ke. Buffalo Center and Foreft ' City. At present he is engaged ;n j the drj- cleaning business at Forest j City. The Warriors intend to fiU ; a complete schedule of jrame 5 as | .«.oon as po5siMc. one of which wiH j be with Coach Jack Kalcy's WO'A - | I Hike Newspaper Price ' Davenport C^i—The Davenport ; \ I>aily Times and the mom:np j ' D. mocrat each ha? increased th-- I I price of lis newspaper deiivercd ] by carri 'T m the Davcnport-Btt-1 tendorf area five cents to S5 cir.:-' I .-1 week. Both ne\v.»paperf said : incr^a -'e was the ] publication costs. result of t.r^ S?ne said th- j a toy train { Wa.-ihington <,1»i--Iowa's r'ai-nted at- 1 republican representatives hisrhe: Vote with MinontA- voted gone up to j ...^j, jj,,. minority when the house e:r train , Saturday passed and sent to President Truman a compromise wage- price-rent control bill. o: e« ' eau%.'.d th'-n p?jir.t. eaut>- Mr i.r.'i Mr> f l^v- M irr -Ji Jr ecting an- r.« >.nv day .'aid r.-i Edward to bed r t-.o older ehild- :r.wn 'o wat' h the When ice floats on water, only about one-ninth of its bulk is above the surf,ace. PERIOH aro F i'.;rv.:,;d Kumba, :ty K:jrriba of [,-ike, to Cedar 1 -.••'re yr,i- -A ill .'Intend the ••r'-.t,rj' ',f Iowa Stati••• r'lU'ni- Klain" v.-ill (each •.'.< corning .school year. K'l ' ro^H and ixjn. Earl, ar- :!t j.d:.v from .S'ormal, 111., to •-••.-r.ti daVK In the Covn- r.or;:' Mr.s. f.'ioss if .Mrs. 'f. '. '•• k - -d •. :i-itoi- in the O. V Itr. horn- v.Kre Mr. and Mm. C. Ki'.i 'r, .M, 'itid .MIS Pjjbert .-rf,.'b .Mi and .Ml.", Jake Smith, ai) of l,ak' Mill.-: .Mr. and .MrM. Ix/i'- Hain^i. Jirn and .lovce, of L.nd Minn., and Mr. and .Mrs S. .'-'li.ii); of Iowa FallH .'.!; and Mrx M'rcer DavlM enter- •:iit,.d rit a ^howe^ in honor of Mr. .Mn- .Mi-lvln .JohnKon of KM- I iiff vill'.. whfj wJiM rnfiiiied May ^, at 'be LiKle Hrown chuich. A beau- lifiil wedding cake w;in the cenfer- f/ief e .in (he table. The presentH V . i" ...bieb .d in II beautifully decor. iN-d V. ti<clbai (ow. ThoMi- iil- t '-fidirij' were Mr. and MCH. .[olin Jotins 'on, parentH of the groonn, Mr. and .Miii Iver .InhnHon, MrH. Viilor- liiK ./obnMjn, Mrn. UiiMRr -ll Kiirl, .MI:- .M -rle I '.arker, . MIHH .Meruh Mllln :ind .Mni (Jonlon Ktirne, all of Teirll; .MiH. '''harleM DavU iinil .Ml! .Miii %'in riiiviH of Itiilhven. ,Mr, and .Mil' t-ewly lohnnon of Terrll, .Mr itnd .Mi-^ It'jv .fohnMon and eblPlien of Ktmli I, .Mm. AMII Ion Almond of Hound (,ake, .Minn., .Mrrt, Kdwln .)eiii;en of Spirit I ,iiki and daugliler f'.lindalene and Mr iiml .Mm Waller DMVIK. Keveral i<ent 14111:1 thai eijuld not conie |ei cieiirn anil iiiiie wan aiTVed foi re f reHliinenl«. Tlic Weather OIIK lAl, TK.MrKUATlJKKH Miixlmiim yeiiliidiiv: Hit .Minlmiiiii laiil iilglit; (10 TOUAVH WKATIIMl H 11. in. Ntiiiii •ln|iei 111 iiren- '12 H7 Wind, illiiTlloii; HK HK Wind, velocity: 11 \2 llairiineler: '^HM 2\).M IOWA I'OUKCAHT I'liiUv cloudy IIIIH iiflernoon, 11 w hlio'.vem In lull' iifti ^riicioii In ivetil iind leiilMil poi'llonn, IIIKI iidny Hti llorl llellHt, lieiir 100 MOlltll Willi CNilitildei able I 'liiiiillneKH lie;illeled idlOWeIrt (lllll Dllllllll'l Kloiiiin nniili iiiid went limlKht iim Tiii'Hiliiy. Not iiiinli I'liiiilue In l<'»l peiiitiiie. I.ow loriiKliI (16 north lllll, 7h hoiit liweid . I Hull Tuemliiy KH III nn l''iirllier inilliiDk; I'liitly cliMldV (Hid I rilinillied Wllltll Wed lieHilllV. lll.NM.NOrA I'OUKCASr .MiiMtlv eliMldy Willi iiliiiwerH lillil lliiiiidi I nl III iiiM IIIMIKIII IIDII 'I'm liiy. A llltlii wiuiiler loillKhl, low ri.'i iiiirllii'iinl, tiri Hiiiilliwi'Hi. IIIKII •rueH .lliy h(» III 110 exO 'lll mlil-70'B iii'iii l.iiUe Uiiiiiii'ior. Is She Ready for College? This little gal't even started kindergarten yet, but NOW is the time to start nn education sjivlngs account for her college days. lie Heady by /tovtng « Submntlul Cash liulance on Hand, Our bank pays 2% jxir uiinii()i l)il«>ri'»t HiMui-iiniiuully uii .luiiiiury I unit <liiiy I You may open a savings account anytime by July 5 and the account will draw interest fi'opi July 1. Voiir iii>|iimlt« In UIIH huiiU liiMiirtiil U|i (u $10,000 Jowa TriiMl & SavingH Bank l''l•<l(^rHl lli«Mtiirv«« H,YNt«i|ii RUPTURE BASEBALI^ Continued from page 4 first start of the 1902 campaign in the seven-inning opener. Spencer and Mason City will battle it out tor third place tonight at Mason City. Whichever team wins will be assured of third spot in the standings. 171 New Casualties Washington /P—The defense department today identified 171 battle casualties In Koron. A new list (No. 5961 reported 22 killed; 123 wounded, six missing and 20 injured. EstherviUc, Iowa, Dally Ne«r«| M OD .,' June 30, 1952 6 1 11 N. 6th Phone 298 J V.MES STKW.ART .-\ND Jean HaRen enact husband and wife in •C-iib-.o Williams." M-G-M'.s RrippinR drama, which comes to the G-a-d theater Tuesday throufrh Thur-sday. The new picture is h=i^ed on the hoart-tuf;prin<r story of David Marshall Williams, who iir.der-.v.nt an ordeal in prison to emor)?e as one of America's out.'-.^ding inventors. Professional Directory Riigtiv Dr. A. N. Dentist Phone 143 Above Robinson Jewelry Dr. Leland F. Bunge VJiTKBINARIAN Office—-Phone..46—Home C. S. Kirkegaard, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Parkview Clinic Phone 272 Rea. Phone 1361 Sat. Evenings 7:30-10:00 and by Appointment Dr. E. L. Willey CHIAOPBACTOB 916 First Avenue N. Phone 194 Dr. K. L. Johnson OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted Gardston Hotel Bldg. Phone 72 Dr. G, E. Tomhave CHIBOPBACTOB Pbona CSC Residence Phono 754 Dr. Wm. A. Boies IJKNTIST Olficu In Grand Theutru Building Phone 237 Dr. R. E. Lester DISMTIST Phone ISM 214 North 6th Street First House North of Fostofflce John L. Powers, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON 220 N. 6th Office phono 191 Reatdonce 1093 M. T. Morion, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Purk View Clinic Phono Res. 123 — Office 171 Dr. J. B. Osher DENTIST Phone 159 Stairway Between Roxall and Coost-to^^oast Stores Dr. N. R. EllsvvorUi DENTIST Phono 71 Over EathervlUe Loan and Investpaent Co. Richard G. Coxson Certified Public Accountant Guurdo Building Phono 139 Dr. FrQdcrickseu DKNTIST PHONIS 105 Over L. M. ChrUtens«u Store N. J. Lee Phone 89 OcnQral Law Practice Office over Cbristonaen store HIIII'll.ll-KXI'KU'r, n. I.. UOI<'JI''MANN of AIIUUCUIHIIIN, Minn. >vli/ ili'iiionHtriilK, wUliniit chtirirc liU "llupliiro ShU<liU" In ICSrilltlUVIU.K IIOTI'a. OAliUSTON TUKSUAV. JULY 10 A, M lo a p. M. PluftHe como iiiirly. Mr. Hoffniuun wiiym "1 liuve HpeutulUixt In thu fluUI of Rupture Corruotlon stnuii 1038 mul iieiwoiiuiiy fiKud wu|I ovor ton Ibounund cuses. When skillfully done inoHi Uiipliirii oiiunlngs will couti-uol In a short time. Above uU, you oun jfo It) worH tminodlijfcioly without fear or pain. Tlioro nri> many of my NutlHfliHl cuMtoDiurH rluhl huru in this community. OAUTION; If nogliiotMl, rupturu may cause woaknesf, hackuchu, nar- vouMiieHM, Mtiiniauh luul uus piilnH. Poo|ilo havlnir largo ru|)tu^0H, which have I'utui'iu'd (iftir o]>ui'ullons tfr injection trcatmunts, uri; es- liiieiniiy IMVIIKU. "If YOU wttiu It dono right, don't oxperlmont. Beu ItOITAIANN." If unulile to seo him at this timo attdresa: IIOmUANN'H SUnUICAL APPUAKCe CO. 400 Lincoln Bhig. At,liim<iivuU* %, Minn. Dr. A. L Reed Kye, ]C«r, Nose and Throat Olassea Fitted SatUtaoUon Guaranteed Offloo Hours: 0-12; 2-0 Office over Roxall Drug Store Roa. Phone 497 Office 83 Dr. L. L. Sliarp Chiropractor 805 Centna Phone 1681 PRICES CUT RUGGED RIVERSIDES FOR SAFER HOLIDAY DRIVING 10.95- 12.55 6.70.15 I'lus federal Tux and jour old tiro EVERY OUNCE FlUST QUALITY FULL NON-SKID DEPTH — FULL TREAD WIDTH — l-TJLL SIZE KIVEKSIUE AIR CLSHIONS Si7.(< «,40-l.% 6.70-15 7.10-15 7.00-15 ».0O-lS U.70-1JI 15 I'rlco* Tube Price** 1"..45 2.25 12.55 8.55 13.25 3.65 16.95 2.80 18.75 S.SS 13.25 2.60 ' ' ' I Dr. L. F. Hoffitmn . VISTIDIUNARIAN Lobtttod FlMt Door West of D*X Btution on East Central Avenue Tel. R«8. 615 Office-181 Dr. Terry L Anderson Optometrist Successor to Dr. R. C. Biggs GiASSKS nrrBo Emmet County Bank Bldc< Phon« 433 RIVERSIDES KOR OLDER CARS 630-15 0.00-18 6.50*10 1.VS5 10.95 • t5.K5 2.65 2.80 2,60 *l'luii Fed. Tax and your old tire. **l'lm* Fed. T«« ONLY 10% DOWN ON TERAIS SALE ENDS JULY 5tU

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