Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 11, 1949 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1949
Page 17
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.. TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1949 SEVENTEEN 48—Roofing, Spouting Roofing-Spouting I*namE Warm Air Heat, Alp. Oondltlonlni J. Z. TWIGO 1100 Oldtown Road Phon«-459», 2DB5-J ROOnKQ ipouune, metal work. Koo painting, repairing and ventilating. Alu Schuto, 2258. Roofing-Spouting-Furnaces -Sheet Metal Work- estimate* Preei Phoao LoDaconm? 3343 WALTER E. REID * SONS TIN SHOP Ml&l&nd. Maryland 49-A—Typewriters, Scryic* . ADDING machines, typewriters repaired Cumberland Business Service. 2153 Frederick St. Phoat^SOS?, 51—Wanted to Buy WANTED—Babbits 4 pounflo up, Shobtr'i Rettaurant. Fhon» 925, 53—Wanted to Rent COMTORTABLE room -with or near batb lor quiet reined man,. near business icctioa. Write Box 805-A, o/o Times- Ncws. . . 54—Wanted Situation! PRACTICAL nurses provided, day or weeli Trl-Stato Employment Agency. Licensed. . W8G-J. . ' - ' • 54-A—Display Classified PAWN BROKERS Quick Confidential Loam On All Articles of Value KEADQOAHTERS TOR DIAMONDS Lotgo Stock of Unrcdemmed Pledget HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR OLD GOLD U Baltimore St. Phone 3770 For your Convenience Open to 5:30 P. il. Uaily On Baltimore St. near Mechanic U> HE STRAYS away, an inexpensive it! may brlat him back »»fe and sound. Ictt ad* nave a way of finding .does— tbej are Just M effective in locating losx JeTrelj, pocketbooka, watchon, keya, etc. AUTHORIZED SALES & SERVICE Wringer Rails All Wo»n«n CUMBERLAND MAYTAG li N. Mechtmic ?>"">• 2672 CARS WANTEDI WE PAY THE LIMIT Reliable Motors Co. "Thi Lot With The Iran Fenct" Cor. George & Harrison Srx. Phone 61 Evenings 3732 FOR EVERYONE! $50 TO $300 OR MORE QUICKLY—Without Rea-Tapc! Yonr choice of the followinf additional LOAN. PLANS. No worthy person refused. • . AUTO AND SIGNATURE LOANS $50 to $1000 Cub ImiaedlHriy on ->ny make or aodel. H you ow« on TOUT cur, nmr. vou em E»t *, md mortgaco »uto-Jo«n ot »50. »1DO. KOO. or aor«. Wlle'a signature aot necessarr. Brtof title, drive e^ray Trtth tbs cash. "Get Acquainted" . »PAY DAY LOANS »S — J50 '— »M on juM'your name :o tide you over. *50 lor 30 days. total coat, only J1.5D. FURNITURE LOANS $100 to.?500 or Morel Money M eonaolldato family bllla «ad rxpen&ea. Convenient credit wrmi to 0; your pocktbook. Com* In or Phone 5293 AETNA FINANCE CO. 7 N. LIBERTY (Opp. Fort >Cumberliind Hotel) 54-A—Display Clauifled MONEY LOANED On Arllclei Of Value Expert Witch JOHN NEWCOMER 2 ^" SALES HUDSON SERVICE Jenkins & Schriver Motor Co. 133 S. Mechanic St. Pbone 13 • INSIST ON • GENUINE FORD PARTS Jvrd ST. GEORGE MOTOR CO. ~rW Fritnrf/r foul Dvjltf S. Gcorgi St. Cwnborlond, Phaiii WO WHOLESALE PRICES!! LAW :OFFIOB . OF . ED WARD -3, RIAN Jotn Dellollo vs. liUllun 'Dellollo. No. !070 Equity. In -th» Circuit .Court lor Ueginy County, Maryland. ORDER OF PUBLICATION The object of this suit'Is to obtain » ilvorce A VINCTJLO MATTUMONH- o I the lalntlC Irom the Defendant, • This bill states that the parties hereto wero jnarrlcd on April 37. 1930, in New. . 1,8M 175 1849 Ford 01. Cpe ...... '..;. ' . RH-Ovcrdrive-Undercoat New Car Guarantee 1D4.1 Chrys. < Er. .......... 1041 Chcv. * Dr. .............. SM ld« Ford 3 Dr. ... ........... ra» 1510 nulclc < Dr. .............. 1,<HX> ,. low DodRO • 4- Dr. .... ........ •"" 5 . wo Ply. 2 Dr ...... ...;..,.. '«»» 1D3B Chov. 3 Dr ...... . ...... SW 1M2 Chrysler '+ Dr. 6«iian fojy Terms.'/ J&L Motors Co. George & Harmon St. hone 1852 '• ' Open Eves Join the Band! RENT a New instrument Inquire Now! 5 Baltimore St. — fhone 3230 .TODAYS BARGAINS. AT Steinla Motor Co. USED CARS «. Plymouth 4. Dr! Sedan 31 Plyroonth BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS CITY OF CUMBERLAND The Board of Zonlnjf Appeals of thi City of Cumberland,, will meet o.t-V:3' P. M.. In the City Hall, Cumberland Muryland, Wednesday, January IS, 104D to heiir the following appeals: Walter M. Gross, who has made appll entloa to occupy premises at, "part o first .story,' 481 N. Mechanic St.," a. ••ofTlwr and display of electric sweeper: sad accessories," said premises being located In Residential C zoning DJstric and belnfr owned by . Lcopoldlna Gross 408 K. Hcchanic' Street, Austin Bible, who has mode application to occupy premises at "1 room of firs story, '400 Columbia Street.", as, "wal piper sales und display," said premisei being located In'Residential B Dlstrlc and being'owned by .George D. Kennedy Joseph Boblnette, 'T7hO' has made application, to occupy premises. at Ho. 303 N Mechanic Street' as "used car lot,", aald promises bclr-B located In-Residential C District and being owncrf by John'^Etewart Donald W.-Thomas; who.-has made application .to occupy premises at "1 room of Brsf floor. 327 Bedford Street" ••»' "<!ry cleaning agency. (no -worK to bo done a! this location)," said premises being located In Residential B District acd'bcins owned by applicant. . ; • • D. B. Parish, who h»s made. application to occupy premises »t .Bear 600 DJlley Street (factag Palrvlew Ave.), as'^'residence on i. lot.50'by 50 feet.with' 12-ft. fron^ yard, 12-Ioot rear yard, one 10-ft. side ind 1 10-ft. sldfr yard," «n!d premises being located In Residential B District and 'owned by applicant. . . John IndolQ, who has mado-application to occupy premises at -434 Williams Street as "cleaning &; pressing agency—no.clenn- ng work to. be done on premises," 'said .ocition bclnc in Residential B District and being owned by .Jake Brown. At the said time and place,' oil pirtlM n Interest shall have the right to testify, s to any material. 'Joots in 'connection 1 1th the proposed'ut» of said'Premises. CHARLES PAUL ROEDER, Chairman R., J. SHEPHERD,' Secretary JAifES'.C. GARDNER, Mumber • ; BOARD OP ZONING APPEALS. . Adr,—N-T-Jan. 11 ' . • 'ork City, .New . Yorlc, ihlldrcn were born and that tour said marriage, amely, Prank Dellollo, 1<-years ol age; 'eter Dellollo, 10 yc»rs of ase; Nick Dellollo, IS years of. ace: and Angela, 8 years of age,' all. of. whom reside with the >efendant. That the Defendant on January 10, 1043, Mthout Just.oauso.or reason deserted and .bandoned the PlalntuT and hau declared ler Intention' to live with him no longer, nd that such desertion and abandonment jas been continuous and .uninterrupted or more tiJan eighteen (18) months nnd t deliberate and final'and without any •easonobte hope.-of "reconciliation;, that he plaintiff It « resident of the'State of .faryland. »nd that the Defendant Is a •esldent of Bridgeport, Connecticut. • IT IS THEREUPON. Tills 3rd day of •anumry, 1M9. by the Ci.'cult Court Jot Allegany - County, " Maryland, In' Equity, rdered that the'Plaintiff by causing, a opy • of this Order to be published In ome newspaper, once In encli of four (4) uceewlve weeks, before the 4th day of ^ebruary, 1943, giving'notice to the nb- ent Defendant of'the object and purpose T this s\llt nod warnins her to be and .ppcar In' this Court, In person or by lOllcltor, on or before the 21st day of February, 1940, 'to show cause, If liny »he us. why -a decree should .not b« passed as prayed. • • JOSEPH £. BODETT Clerk of the Circuit Court for Allegany • County, _ Maryland Test: JOSEPH'S. BODE*. Clerk. , • Adv.—T-J«n.'4-ll-18-25 EXEODTOR'S NOTICE THIS JB TO GIVH NOTICE, That the sMbEcrlber hits obtained from thp Orphans' 3ourt of Allegany County, M&ryltum. let- en Testamentary on the estate.of Richrd J. Splcer, late of Allerany County, iarylund,- deceased. All persons having latat .against tha deceased'are hereby Tamed to exhibit the same, with the vouchers .thereof duly authenticated, to he subscriber on.or. before the 7thday' of July, • 1S4S. They may • otherwise by. law » excluded from nil benent of the said estate. All persons ' knowing themselves ndobted to said' estate" are requested to make Immediate pnyraent. • Given under my oand thl» 7th. oay of tnUKfy,. 1945. • CHARLES -E, BP1CXH, • " . Executor, 802 Oldtown' Road, Cumberland,- Md. n. H-18-J5-Peb. 1 • 54-A—Display Classified Buy Vftfh Confidence— SPECIAl 1948 Plymouth ,Sp.DeL 4 Dr. Sedan . RADIO and HEATER SEAT COVERS WHITE Side-mill TIRES . (- A' Beauty) . New CAB GUARANTEE' USED TRUCKS 48 Boo with Dump Body A Renl.Barpaln LFT StACK TRACTOR A-l Condition C-40 INTERNATIONAL Chassis uid C*b Masonic Lodges Install Officers Four Blue Lodges. Hold Joint Rites • Joint installation of officers o four Masonic Blue Lodges was hel last night at Masonic Temple witl Port Cumberland Lodge No. 211 as host. Installing officers, were John Robinson, district deputy grand in spector; Allan C. Fisher and A Wayne Reed, district deputy gran lecturers; with Grant A. Weibe marshal.* 'Following the ceremon a buffet luncheon was served b members of-McKinley Chapter No 12,'Order of. Eastern. Star. Officers installed include: Potomac' Lodge No. 100— Burland Edward DeBolt, worshipful master;" William Tart Steam, senior warden; Edward •Robert Messmer; junior' warden; William Albert Darkey, Sr., secretary; Frank Allen Deffinbaugh,. treasurer; Edward Powers -Kayior, senior deacon George'.'Vernon.,Steele, junior' de.a- con; Wade • Linger 'Berg, senior steward; Frederick William Weber rr., junior steward; and John Bow- ior Dodd,' tyler. Ohr Lodge No. 131'— Carl Harry. Wagner, worshipful master; 'ames'CampbeU' Duff, /senior ward- n;- Arthur Edward Shafer, .Junior warden; Fred P: Keysef, .secretary; 'ohn Robinson, treasurer; Kennecn Scheller 'Hopwood, senior deacon; ra Ray 'Nine, junior 'deacon; Roti- rt Hull Rosamond, senior steward; 'irgil T. Wolford, tyler; and Rev. Frederick D. Oberkircher, chaplain. Fort Cumberland Lodge. No. 11 —John' Robert Earsom, wor- hipful master; Frank Ernest-Tepr er, senior warden;..Raymond Tilen Bete,' junior warden;' Arch M. Hutcheson, secretary; ' Thomas E. Gilchrist, treasurer; Arthur Leonid Brill, .senior deacon; .Wilbur Luther Smith, junior deacon; Virgil foreland Stemple, senior steward; Willis Edward Brown, junior stew- rd; Albert W. Carroll, tyler:,and lev.'Edgar S. Price, chaplain. '.East Gate Lodge No. 216 — Allen Smith, worshipful maser; Thomas Smith Gilford, senior arden; Harry Allen Smith,' junior varden; John E. Tritt, secretary; 'rank'L. 'Byrd, treasurer; -Curtis 'ackson Bloss, senior'deacon; Boyfi Lamar' Shaffer, junion deacon;' Thornton William Means, senior teward; Eugene Lester Fox. junior teward; Henry Loren Elliott, tyler; and Rev. Edward H. Davis, chap- ain.' Approximately 250 members of'the four lodges attended the ceremony. Baltimore Pike j. Firemen Install The Baltimore Pike .Volunteer Fire Company moved into its new Fire Hall and installed officers at a recent meeting. .Installed were Harold W; Valen- :ne, president; Martin M. Goron, vice-president;. William' H. lonaor, secretary; Joseph F. Burner, fire chief; Lawrence E. S'han- holtz, assistant chief; Leslie E. Hinkle, treasurer; James A. Michael, sergeant-at-arms; Perry ,C. Wilson, irustee for three'years; Theodore E. Bice, trustee' • for . two years, and Roy T." Gharlton, trustee for two year's. .Joseph Wenrich,- president of the AIlegany-Garrett Firemen's • Association, was .Installing' 1 officer. A committee composed of Harold Valentine and Martin Gordon served refreshments. ' A .guest at the "house' warming" was Harry C. Walters, past president of .the Allegany-Oarrctt Firemen's Association. Until the' completion of the new building' the company will meet in the. garage which has been con. structed at a cost of approximately SG,500. An .estimated $17,000. will be spent on a full basement and recreation room with kitchen facilities.' ' ' WE BUY, SELL & TRADE USED BUT .NOT A8USED CARS" JOS S. Cwrtrt St Phoiw.1444 WATCH' REPAIRING SPECIALIZING''. • Hamilton, Elfin. Tavunnes. BOtJLEVAKD WATCHE5 MARPLE'S 231 N. CENTBE ST. DeSoto STEINLA' PHONE 2550 218 S. MECH. ST. McDADE'S - FRESH COUNTRY EGGS O«F QOZi 316 Baltimore Are. Open Evening* Phon« 302 MONEY! ON 'ARTICLES OF VALUE rjnrtdomed Fledm Luimt. D.r««ln» CUMBERLAND LOAN COMPANY 11 H. Ueohnnto in... Phon* 4161 Opm.'o t:3D P. M. Dally for Tour .Ccnvmtncf 16 MM SOUND • MOVIE PROJECTORS Sold & Service POLING'S Phonfr 1055-W for Dimontrration. JANUARY CLEARANCE Sale Of Used Cars ,48 Chevrolet ToWn Seu'an, R & H .947 Dodge Custom Sedan, R i H 1947 Chevrolet Aero Sedan 1947 Chevrolet Flectmastcr Sedan, R & H 1946 Plymouth Sedan, R & H 1945 Chryiler Sedan, R «! H 1946 Chevrolet Sedan, R 4V H '' 1941 Chrysler Club Coupe 1940 Buick Sedan "1940 Oldimobile Sedan 1940 Plymouth Sedan 1940 Dodge Sedan 1940-Chevrolet Town Stdan 1940 Dodge Cooch 1940 De Soto Sedan 1940 Chrysler Sedan ~fr And Many Others . TRADES CASH . TRADES TERMS TAYLOR MOTOR CO. 218 N. Mcehnaic St. WATCH A JEWELRY REPAIRS 24 Hour S«m'cc SPEAR'S JEWELRY STORE 62 Balrimorr St. SCHADE'S RADIATOR! SERVICE ' COR N MCO'flNIC. Henry Ford startled the world in 1926 when he announced a five- day, work wceft .for' employes. TlfK STATE TAX COMMISSION' OP MARYLAND hereby RII-M notice tluit ARTICLES OI" DISSOLUTION DC Th? Eerly Corporation were received for record by It on December 7. 1D48, In accordance frith thi provisions of 5«o, BG of Art. 23 of the Code (1038 Edition). JOS. H. A, ROOAT." WILLIAM W. TRAVERS CommislonerB, Adv.—T-Jan. 4-11-18-25 FEDERAL WORKS AOENCTT, PUBLIC BUILDINGS " ADMINISTRATION, Office Of Thu Division Engineer, Km. S02, U. 8 Custom House and .Appr«ls«r» Stown, 2nd nnd Chestnut Streets, • Philadelphia 8 Pcnnsylvunliv. Jivn. 1. IMS. Sralnd bldul In triplicate, tvlll bft received At this orrico until 10 n, m,. .Ian. 20, lMt>, aatl tlion i'.utjllcly opened, for Jurnlfihlnn the ma- torlitld. und pflrrormlns thp worlt for Interior palntlnu, plaster rcpnlrH. lit tho 0. 3. P. O., Mcycrfidale, Pen vnnln. IP strict nccordnncc irllh the spccU)cnllo:i.i dated PB-Dli-,-2, Dec. 3 1H.1B, and tlrawlnfw (If itny) mcntlonod therein: nnd geneml conditions dated Sopt! J5, 1942, And addendum thereto dated Mivy 15,. IBM. SpKlflcatlc-rie other data may be had nt the, ofllce of the custodian of the building or the oflice ot the.Division Engineer, or PubUc Build. Inirs Administration, Boom No. MT. Lomon Building. WmhlnBton, D. C. - William A. Miller. Division Adv:—T-Jan. 11-13-13 • '• Cash-For-Your CAR Taylor Motor Co. 218 N. Mechanic Phone 395 Sales ic Service COLLINS G.M.C. TRUCK CO. Bonte 40 East Fhone 822-J NOTICE EiamtnsHon of Applicants lor position! for Police Officers, • Stcnotrraphcr In tbe Police Department, and Deputy Smoke Inspector. Jfoilei Is Hornby given that tho Board ol Civil Service Commissioners -for 'th*j city of Cumbarland. Trill meet.- at FOKT HILL niG« SCHOOL . JANUARl' 26, 1010 ,nt Seven O'Cloclc an* will conduct examinations ol nl! applicants lor the above positions- who present. themselves, properly cccrcdltcd at that time, -• 'Applicants for the Police officers »\ut b« between 21 to 35 years .of ase, »t least C foot 10 Inches • In height and weleht I proportionately. . I Stenographer, lor -Police Department; must' bo between' the ages o£ 31 to 35, fe- ; male only;' / ' . , Deputy Smoke Inspector must 'be not less than of ago,, and will bo employed by contract under probationary rules . and regulations. All of the above applicants must be resld(fttf of tho City of Cumberland for the past three (3) years.' / • Applicants can secure applications (it the City Clerk's Office after January 10, 1M».- A'.I applications must b« Jn the hands of the City Cleric properly executed and fllfed out with the Medical examinations report- attached, not later than Friday,. January 21, 1943, at 5 P. M. A fee. of $2.00 wlU be charged for medical ' examination. Dr. Arthur F.. Jones, 110 South Centre Street and Ur.- C)p.y E. Durrett. 235' Virginia Avenue will examine applicants at any. time by appointment. A school ol Instruction -will be conducted In the City Hall Auditorium, Frl- "d»y, January !1, 1040, at 7:30 P. M., In which we will hc»r J. It. Connelly, KMT- Snrinj-flcld Tire Company. His talk will be helpful to all candidates taking the examination for Deputy Smoke Inspector. City Attorney Flnan will explain your authority as Deputy .Smoke Inspector. THE BOARD OP • CWIL SERVICE COMMISSIONERS C. PHILIP JOlJjEV. Chairman H. CLIFFORD SPIKER. 3vrember DR. J3. C. UPCHURCH, Member Wallace Ullory, OUT OUR WA,Y By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HQOPUL WELL, REMEMBER " HAND-ME- DOWN CLOTHES IS SO FAR FEOM ME IN PLACES .THAT COULD HAVE A. FIRE AN' IT STILL WOULDN'T.BE IN M/ NEIGHBORHOOD-' CW/ 6ETTIN' WARM BY A BOWFIEE AM' HE POSIT KNOW HIS COSTS HAFF BURNT OFF.' WHY, SOME PEOPLE PONT COOK A ROAST THAT MUCH/ THE WORRY WART ESAQ,MARTHI\/ FT ADD 3QYTO VCW. TASKS IFITJ REMODEL YOUR VACUUM CLeftrJER?"~-r COULD BEVISE A' MUSICAL ATTACHMEhiT TO ErOD TriWT AhJD PRODDCE SOFT VOO COULO vJALTZ. I Kt40\N . 'EDISON.' JUST HOP.OP;AMD' 1 3 POSH THIS SA-DSET A : yJWtLt JOS BV REMDEElfJG A FEW BALLAtJS ij>i V&DR-i~i_^—£ PLA^IMG MILL' • BARlTOfOE WISHING WELL « * 75 G C O O "7 6^278 "S M U O W U r/ 2 S 6 V L E 275 O O I 73 8 U E T 2 46 U T C 62-4 K E S H ERE fs a pleasant little game that will give you a message every .day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of lettcri.U 8 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, odd 3. The reiult U your key number. Start at the upper left-hand, corner o£ the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. - . to WUIiwn 1. Miller, Diitributri by Kin* FotiMt. tor. Irll Ihanges Urged 5y Study Group Special Treatment Of Defectives Suggested BALTIMORE— (IP)— Par-reaching hanges In Maryland's handling of sychologically defective criminals re suggested iii a report of the tate Commission on Legal Psychiatry. In recommendations submitted to Governor Lane 'and 'the legislature,' he official study-group urged the rganizaclon of a special institution, pecial medical service to assist the ourts, and a system under which udges would not commit criminals o a specific institution but simply urn them, over to the department of correction. The 'commission was authorized by the 1947 General Assembly. • It said .that defective delinquents can be cared for properly only In a special institution, and added that segregation of such cases would also case the present overcrowding in Maryland prisons. • The medical court service envisaged by the commission would make Dre-trial examinations of all de- 'endants accused of serious crimes, in order to determine their sanity. In. cases involving a capital offense, additional examinations' would be made 'before, sentence is passed. A psychiatrist would direct the service at a, salary ol not less than f] 5,000 per year. The report recommended that Judges, after passing sentence, commit- convicts to the department of correction, which, with medical ss- slsinnce; would determine in what institution the sentenco would be served. VTelvin Dean Installs Officers of Owls Gub Melvin. Dean, past, president, installed the new officers of Nest No. 90, Order of Owls, at a meeting last night at the home. Those installed were Jacob Easton, Jr., president; Samuel Moreland, vice president: Geno Davalll, secretary; Fred'H. Smith, treasurer; Edgar Klrlc,« iuvocatov; Ernest Yuider, warden; Churles Robhicttc, picket, and Hugo McconI, sentinel. Need A Loan? • Come In or Phone Now! NATIONAL Furniture Loom AUTO LOANS IN 5 MINUTES Eosy Repay Plan 201 SOOTH GSOKCE STREET Lester ittllenson, Mgr. ['HONE con Mother, Daughter Drowned In Auto PRINCESS ANNE— (JP)— State Police report that a 'mother, and her daughter were trapped 'in their car and-drowned after'it plunged from a small bridge into Fleming's Mill pond near here. Police identified them as Mrs. Eva Dykes, 40. and her daughter, Doris May, IS. . • ; Driving the car when It went off • the" bridge 'Saturday.' was • 46- year-old Louis Bay Dykes, .husband and father of the victims.'He e_s- capeti through a 1 window ano" since he could not sv,inv clung to. a bridge piling until another- car came by some 45 minutes later. The family was' their home -in nearby West • Postofflee from their regular Saturday shopping trip to Pooomoke City. Dykes said Ihe'lost control of the car. • The 1 bridge has no 'guard' The pond is about 20 feet deep: Scissors Or Gold? He'd Take Scissor: ATHENS — (INS) — The trial of Demeter Papakhristos, a Law student accused of repeatedly stealing tailor's scissors, took place recently The 23 year-old Demeter hac been convicted seven times in the past for the same offense. . The Public. Prosecutor asked; "The accused has. been ..caugh- seven ' times in the act. of steallns tailor's scissors; but who .can tel the number of scissors ha stole without being found out?" Demeter specialised "In .tailors scissors. Any other type left hin cold. Asked what made, him 6tea tailor's scissors, of all things, Demeter candidly explained: "Well, I can't help it. They fascinate mel" He admitted he often stole the same pair of scissors over, and over again, sold them to'somebody re-stole them, and re-sold them to somebody else. i • In on eloquent speech.on behalf of his client, the Attorney for the Defense sold that, apart from his "sinfcular habit" of .'pinching; tailor'i scissors, young Dometor was an libncst follow and his police record i quite clean. I The defense attorney said Dei meter just suffered from "sclssoro- j mnJiia" — a disease nnd not \ punishable offense. ' i "Why," he pleaded, "just put my i client In a room full of gold sovereigns along with'a. pair of rusty jailor's scissors. What do you think he would- prefer? The scissors, of course!" Thp argument failed to convince the Magistrate. ... Demeter got one year." Sect'v to the Bonrd • . Adv.— N-T-Jan, 10-11-12-13 Blue Ribbon ENRICHED BREAD Guaranteed Fresh At Your Faoortte Food Store CHANEY Storage Warehouse 23 Howard St. Private Railroad Siding Phone 3258 Facilities For Household Goods or Merchandise Harvard College was founded by vote of the General-Court of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay in 1636. ' TRUSS FITTING By Akron Graduated Experts, also'Abdominal Supports, Elastic Hosiery and all types of surgi- 'eal appliances, private Fitting- Room. ' Ford's Druir Store Cqmberlnnd H M. Centre St. Engineer Anmvcr to Prtvlnmi HORIZONTAL 1,4 Depicte'd ' • aeronautical engineer, Dr. Theodore 10 Drunkard 12 Interstices 14'Goddes! of infatuation, 15 Men 1 17 Malayan , pewter cola ' 18 Microbe • 20 Ocean 21 Shift 22 Rough lava 23 Symbol for -irldlum 24 Bird's homo 26 Lampreys' 29 Natural power 30 Immerse -^ 31 Number 33 Negative reply "MGeraint's wife in Arthurian legend ' 36 Allowance for waste 38 Preposition 39 Whirlwind 40 Small wagon 42 Palm leaf • 45 Unclosed 48 Camel's hair cloth •19 Goes by steamer ,51 Before . 52 Fondlers 54 He recently received a Franklin —~ for his work !6Hate 57 Measure of cloth (pi.) • VERTICAL 1 1 Ballot ' . -2 Musical dramas . 3 Compass point 4 Type of cabbage 5 Scope 6 Legal point 7 "Show Me 1 State" (ab.). 8 Changed ••• 9 Nostril. 10-Label • - HReem. (ab.) 13 Organ of hearing: 16 While 19Entanglo' 21 Contend 24 Memorandum 25 Paradise . 43 Index 27,Row • . 44 Indian 28 Blemish. mulberry 32 Ester .of'.nitric 48 Makes «. acid mistake 35 Period. 47Diminutim' 36 Also ' Edgar 37 Abrogate . 49O6servt 40 Head covering 50 Symbol /<* 41 In bed • sam*rium 42 Rowing 53 Site of shot implement! 55 Pronoun 3Z 57. AUNT HEX . By ROBERT QCItLEN Tm clad when folks come back to visit the old home town, for it means Uicy are doln' well. The oncx tliat fall .ire ashamed to como back; Vacation Pay Problem Referred lo Reynolds Local 812, Municipal',EmpJoyes, asked the Mayor and' Council yesterday to decide whether Mrs. Albert W.' Middleton "would be entitled to the 1948 vacation pay. of her husband who died on« week befors Ms vacation was scheduled,. The question was. referred to Street Commissioner Reynolds. Only Ten Fire C«ll fi In Ridgcley In 194-8 Chief E. Leo Race presented the annual report of the Ridgeley Volunteer Fire Department ivt a mcet- liiK of the association last night. property damage 011 ten culls amounted to only $210, according to Chief Race. ' ' .Herbert Davis was elected vice president to fill the unexpired term of Robert L. Zimmerman, who resigned. Onto loam Christmas Bird Count Report To Be Given A full report of the second annual Christmas bird count In this area-. will be presented at the meeting of the .Allegany County Bird Club at 7:30 p. m. .tomorrow at tho Cumberland Free Public Library. Miss Nan Livingstone will show slides provided by the National Aiidubon Society and recordings o' bird 1 songs loaned, by the ornithology department of Cornell University. embers will give reports on their, individual observations of birds, and group .singing- will be led by Miss Helen Kreiilng. - Sew Quick $50, $100, $250 or More Drive owny with the loon, reasonable rate, easy repay. Service, right nway. M1UENSON CO. 10« (J. Liberty St. rhon« M7 '., IrrJnc Mlllenaon. MUT. ' Three Student Fliers Receive Pilot Licenses MORGANTOWN, W. Va.—Franklin M. Haas and Lee A. Strlmbeck, botll ol Morgantown, and Robert L. Bush of Burnsville, students enrolled in • the • West Virginia University pilot training program, have qualii'ied for pilot licenses. • George S. Henry, flight; instructor,, said students pay $100 tutltlon for 20 'hours of flight and spend O' class periods a week studying theory of flight, meteorology, navigation, and power plants. The stone road between Philadelphia and Lancaster, Pa., was the first paved highway in the-United States.. ' / Kathleen-Morris thinks out the scenes for her plays solitaire. novels while she Pint-stood glamour, for 1 your Tod-. dler! You can sew thi* ensemble to quickly! Frock, '. hat— ONE ' fmbric, piece each. . Jacket, slip/ panU*»— each, one main pattern part. . .: ., • Pattern 4732 cornes-'in.. -Toddles' sizes l; 2, 3, 4. 5. Si2f 2 dress'taad bonnet,- 2 yards 35-inch. This pattern, easy to use, slmpl* to sew, Is .tested lor fit: Has eoea- plete illustrated instructions., .... Send TWENTY-FIVE centi coins 'for this pattern to The Evening Times, 42 Pattern. Dept,. 343 West 17th St., New- York, 2T.-.T.. Print plainly NAME, •'- ADDKX8S' with. ZONE, SIZE and $TELE NUMBER. • Just out! Our 'latest Pattern Book 1 for Spring by Anne 'Adams! Do joy. . know the.'best lines; for -YOU— your particular type and figure? TJnd the answers here — a fashion guide for every age, for. tall and short,. slim,, and .not-so-siim and there'* B, HiBB pattern otffour. stoles printed . right in the book; Send Slteen cent* more for your copy, today! Local Recruiting Station- Enlist Seven Area Youth* .The local Army- and Air Force recruiting station today announced the' following ,?ulistm.eiits: • > James A; Morris, -Mi, Savagj, one yeai;.RonaW 3. Hess.^Mt. Regular Army,; three' years; Keller, 453 Bond. Street, three 3ms; ' Lawrence J. Simmons.' 545 r 'orta, Centre Street; .' Medical : Depatt-" ment, three year,s; Robert G. Star- : key, Wiley Ford, Air Force, thre« years;, Clifton Bolyard, Springfleld, W. Vd., three .years, and George'B. Smith, MaysviUe, W. years. ' .thret; John Harvard, after idiom Eir-~ drd College was.' ntimcd, left half iiis . estate and a library of aort' than'400 volume* to-the college. i

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