Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 16, 1958 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1958
Page 12
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ALTON EVENTNQ WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, I9M AMKMCA* BrtJ»|-W*W«lwi wmeday must »h««^^ theater or else It will have %««<**, prophesied Tyrone GttlhriS w*«f *W producer. »n feeffiMi n ft<B.C has been lor funen the theater, oswg at lists who have been trained there, he said, ft the United States, froti which he had just returned, "ther is virtually no theater outside Ne\ fork, and there never was," h said. "The American province living have very little culture ol an. fond." WNKN rr'» SIMMER CLEANING TIME "SIPERIOR" to Th» HwMhoM Wtrd In QiMltty HUQ Ml CARPET CLEANINQ syse tt 9 * Votir Money Couple Will Get Back More Than They Paid B.v 0. B. (Q^ "At 72, my husband applied for and was awarded his monthly allotment Irom the U.S. Insurance Company, the following year an insurance premium of $189 was cbllect- cd from his earnings of $4,200, half of which was paid by his employer. This produced a $5 Increase in benefits lor him and $2.50 for me. "With the low life expectancy, this $189 will pay the increase of $7.30 for about two years, so the company will stand a chance to realize a cash profit on this premium. "The following year he earned $1,280 on which he and his SUB? BOILS u PBID SALVE Drtwt, promotes healing - minor out*, tcraichet. bruises, wound* tSe end Me at drug More* Mill MMCOV 00, «l. l»Ml* *4 MIM*«r employer paid a total of $86.18 premium, for which he recftlv- ed no credits. It any private insurance company would col* lect a thin dime without giving any credits -* in some form, somebody would go to jail. That is why this account oft my books is headed: 'Government Insurance Racket.'" Mrs. E.M.F. (A) We understand of course that you have reference to Social Security. It does seem a darn shame that some folks get such a from what you call the U.S. Insurance Company. Let's Illustrate with your husband's case. Assuming that he paid the limit of what you call premiums beginning with 1937 through 1936, he would have paid Social Security tax of $837. For 1956 he received monthly checks totaling $1,182, with an additional $596 for you. Then for 1957 he was pail by the U.S. Insurance Company $1,242, with .another additional for you of $621. Again for 1958, the first six months' payments for the two of you totaled $931.50, or grand total 19 to July, 1958 of 4,5?2JO, tm an original invest ment of $83? plus premium* of 94.50 and $41.08. But as that feller on the re hunt said: "That's not all." or each month you both are on his side of the divide, add $155.30. hen should he die, add another 255^ Also, starting with the month f his death, you would start to et $77.62, My friend, there is just one part f your story that doesn't click. 1 any private insurance company ere to try to do what the U.S. nsurance Company has done for our husband and you, they would- 't go to jail, they would go broke, lease understand, we don't mean be asking, we're just stating acts. Learn what you should do 7 now nstead of learning later what you should Have done to protect your octal Security earned credits. Our Social Security Booklet gives his Information. Send 35 cents in oin (no stamps) to Social Se- You can afford more of the good things of life when you save with us This could be your family ... having more fun, getting more out of life, enjoying more of the things they want. The way millions of modern Americans with incomes like yours are doing it is simple,,. and wholly rewarding. They save regularly at Insured Savings and Loan Associations like ours, not only for family security but for shared family pleasures. And here's why the best place for you to save is with us: 1. You get friendly assistance in working out a personal savings plan so that you have the money to enjoy the things you want-when you want them. 2. Your money works hard for you... brings excellent returns, 3. Your savings account is insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. Visit ut now. Don't wait-it's too important for that, THE NEW GERMANIA SAVINGS BUILDING OFFERS YOU CONVENIENT LOCATION DRIVE-UP WINDOWS LARGE PARKING AREA PRIVATE CONFERENCE ROOMS ELEVATOR SERVICE AFTER HOUR DEPOSITORY PLUS • A FRIENDLY, EXPERIENCED STAFF TO SERVE YOU AN P LOAN A S S O C I A T I 0 N Ml IAST UOAQWAY MTOM MOM LOOfl if tt» fHtybtfi * IJUM Fttundattou, !««» Mjxuiwn «f tWa •df*>rtikeni»nt In Look tu4 8*»unta> Bventof f«tt. GREENFlELt) •• Members' tfr the ¥1eur de Lis dub, thelf fnis* bands and guests met in the treas- Woodbine Country Club cottage of tyr. and Mrs. J. M. t>arks for their annual fjicnic Tuesday evening. Among those present were Mrs. Cleta Marr, a former mem- bpr who has returnetl to Greenfield to reside; and Mrs. Marry fainter a club member, and Mr. fainter of Alton. Robert Rives, 15, son of Mr. Greenfteid curlty Booklet, Alton Evening Telegraph, Box 344, Grand Central Station, New York 17, N.Y. the and Mrs. Leroy fUves, n«l itivitcu to (jartic}(J8-te in Wtoury League Sasebtfl .,„_elation all-star gatne at fittseh Stadium, St. Louis, July 19. Mrs. L. C. Tendick atlrl daughter, Mrs. Robert Ford, and Mrs. Tenrlick's mother, Mrs, W, M. foams of Chesterfield, visited ..._i their cousin, W. L. Towse, hi Grafilte City Sunday, Mr. "oft-se is quite ill. Mr. and Mrs;- Homer Muff thd son, Ronnie, of East Alton, spent the weekend with Mrs, Muff's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Armstrong, Mr*, R. G. Secor is spending several days in the home of her Panoramic* WlielslileMs fe>r All Can Wt , Wffliftffi SaVWtev In Ai- John Under of Wood River te mtiti% part of htt vacation Iftre Wth his tnothehr, Mrs. 3. f. Liftder, and will le*ve ne*t week for a visit with the O. G. Tlpton family in Boulder, oCio. Mr. and Mrs. Robert tenser atrd daagWer, An*, I* tM>tni ire spendhig several wtefca twttt htt parents, Mr. a«d M«. Lywi Kttfter. Kinser is a graduate Hit* dent at the University of WH» nois. A b-ade fair hi 1959 will celebrate Singapore's self-government. Stops Constipation Due to "Aging Colon" New laxative d!*ov«ry retrwatet 3 for normal A» J»u fww older, the internet mut- tits of yoof colon will etsrf «ge, lose the strength that propels waste from the todjr.Stagftaflt (towel contents become to dtp attd atirnfikett tfeat they Mi w ttiitrolata the urge to purge. Relief, doctor* lay, lies to • new laxative principle. Old-style bafts and moistenert may create fat, take 3 of 4 day* for relief, OkHtyle Mitt .ml w and 0JM ih» entire regularity. (1) CotowAffi moisturize* dry* hardened wait* for easy passage without pain at ttrtta. (2) Coto«*»'l unequalled tebidkint action help* relate flabby cotea muscle*, a) And GotOfum act* geafly, M the n*m refttM* AM tthmdate the thai "fflase t your towet iwvkn. relieve* even _ OftUl^l •»"»:- lyMm, Of aU latatwet, only new COLOHM» §hr« you Hi ipeolal 3-w»y relief that worto only on the lower colo« (area of constipatkm), wu bonritei pan* »•«• twn fet And GoLomm won't tottrfeit ebtortrthMl «rf vttaflriM M other fo«4 autritntt. det Cotomtt, today 1 Biedermans C UT P RIC E S BACK to 1947 LEVEL General Electric DIAL DEFROST REFRIGERATOR with Magnefic Door Made to sell for $219.95 1947 LOW PRICE That's right! A thoroughly dependable big famify sized General Electric Refrigerator at this fabulously low July Jubilee price! It has magnetic door, seal* ing the heat out ... the cold in! No mechanical latch to wear or get put of order, and it's SAFE (can be opened from inside). You'll love the full-width freezer, chiller tray and door shelves! YOU DON'T PAY With our FREE •'Family Security Finn" A You don't pay while you are ill or when you •re injured. * You don't 'pay If you are laid off work temporarily I A- Entire bill cancelled In canto of wage earner'* death. • (Subject lo contract) General Electric AUTOMATIC Washer Regularly $199.95 This wosher saves you up to 20 gallons of water during every complete cycle! You may stop, skip, extend or repeat any washing cycle, add to or remove articles! Fully Automatic, fully flexible controls! GE's exclusive Activator provides 3*zone washing action. 1947 low priced! $158 O.E. Malchldf DRYER . . . . (124 Higher TRADE-IN Allowances Than in 1947! WESTINGHOUSE 5249.95 'Streamliner' AIR CONDITIONER 1947 Low Price NO MONEY DOWN No fid* vents. 16" thin, 19" low (no bulky hangover). 6,600 BTU'i. Will fit anywhere, iniide, outside, through tho wall, even in castmont windowi! Adjustable no-draft cooling, Set the thtrmoitflt for dotirod tomperoturt and forgot it! Op. tratoi on houwhold «urr«nt, requiring no special wiring. 5-yr, Guarantee! O P t N MONDAY AND t H I D A Y I 1 1 I V f> OPEN FRIDAY and MONDAY NIGHTS B k O A O W A Y A N 13 P I A S A - A L 1 O N 1 1 I I N O S S

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