Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 30, 1952 · Page 7
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 7

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1952
Page 7
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Enjoys Week End at the Farm My srsAN FUA Slirnt tlif uiil end out :il U\c fium siml cnjovi 'tl it »o much. Sundiiy after clion-a iind chiiri'h, U>" boys woio nv,-ny for thr iliiy, HO I wa.s iilonrv 10MI|,I that in llip afternoon scvcrHl carH diovc in. wilh folks wl^o read the columns. :inil wlio just \v:inti 'd to say hello. Ore car of visiiom had ii liidy in a wheelchnii i:i the car- .shi! wns hoidlnp twu nf the crnndchildrii) on lier lap. and the baik .leal had been reninvii They were from South Dakota and li.ul been ilo«;. to West Bend. The Indy in the wheelchair had e>ip. ied some i-e /'ipe .s down ior nie fioni her moUu't'ii cookbook. She .'aid the cookbook was yellow with nnd the wrlUnR wa.s done with pencil. They »;<i' her out of X\\v ear and we .sal in (he yard vi .sil ir.(,'. « « t' SOMK I'OLKS Irom Manknto had been <in a pi'.'- nlc and a .sked if I eould make o( a cake whiili they hadn't potten siround to eat, and they wer,' afraid it would t;et aquaahed, as the children weii; setting rcstlci.'!. It rerta.nly did come in' hantiy, like manna '.ron. heaven. I never seem to have CT- ough cooked, .since iivin^ part lime in the eounliy. Another family from near Easton stopped briefly They have 10 children. Five boys and five plrlB. The oldest is fifteen, or is it sexteen? Anyway it was a car full of goad-lookir.g, smart-looking younsster..; and I ccvtaiuly envied thai ftnher and mother. vVliat wonderful times they must havel wi.Kv i;i.sKi.i: AI.OI .S BUOl'tJIlT hntiie ,1 bi)Uf|ii >'t of wiioly-looi:- loM white fli.wer.s. If I nni not, they ai: (if the iiianirake plant. ,'in <l .slriUin(;ly lovely. I'm thini in an .\i|U;' in the baywindow .-ind jutil ?a( and liioK'ti al them. Want to get a 'lound a bit tonioridv.- before the fields and roadsides are irioi.'- id. and pick a sw odds and ends of wilil llowrrs Arnold inform^• nie that theie are noing to be lot^of black I aspbiTiies. Ib ^'ll pick them if I 'll can Ihi m. he said. This iiateh of ras |))jerries has i;oni' wihi and is more < r les< of a «ieal thicket, sind we w.inleri to have it duK oiil this sprini.;. but llie boy.j said let it slay ti)ls yi'HV yet. .Seems like bl.aek raspberrie.s enjo}' ^rowi '-.j; in abandon atui if you don 't ntini the puryator 'al piocess of picking them, yau ,'IM- riehly rewarcied. :;; i^. IIAVK A .SUUDICN VK\ lii jju gmisebei r>- pickin.:. Wonder if tiiey are all gone oi if it is to <i e.n (y yu .' Think j;oo.seberry jam atid j^oosebeny fiie are jni^r,- ly Rood eatiOK. Arnold f <pund f;oine little bl.-iek lull's no .1 thi.stle jKitch not loiiK omo. He saUl the Ihislles seemed li. be dyiuR and w <>ndered If llie but;s were reKponwi- ble. I InuKhed at him and said don't be silly, wlu) would eat thistles? But that seemti to be is happening'. And row hear of otiier folk.s .sayinwr th'. same thing. Would like to see what the inside of tiie little black bug's stomach in made of, wouldn't you': Sox Lo^e, Doubleheader Here Tonight "It's Yours—IF You Can Lift It" ComblnlDK the Vindicator and Repulillcau. PuWUbed Every Evcnlnc Except Sunday and Principal Uolldays. Bnten-ed as nccond class matter Oct. », 1930 at the ponlotflco at Kam- ervllle, Iowa, under ttiea act 0/ MarcO 3, 1879, 4 Men., Jiuic 30, 1952 Owned and Publlahcd tjy: Deemcr trf«, Editor and PuMlnher, Kobert N. Lde, AdvertlBlDK Manatier. The Associated t >refl8 ta entitled exclusively 10 tbe use for roputillcatlon or aJI tna local news printed. tn Ilua newspaper aa well aa all aP nowa dia- patchoa. 8UBSC1UPTI0N TKltMS By mall In Emmet, Xoitiuji, Palo Alto, Clay, DlclUnaon, Jackaon .tnd Martin couDtlea; one year $8; six niunths 11.23; tbree months $2.25; S wcoKa $1. By mall out/ldo atMJvt coonUcs one year 110; six m<mth.i }5.',it<: tbroe montlu J2.75; one month iil.OO. By Little Mcroiiant ;urrlar; per weea 30c; one year tit; six munUu tliree monlba J3,70. Member ot the low.-i AsaoclaUon, Iowa Dally I'reas Aaaoclallon, National Editorial Association and Inland Press Aaaoclation. RRPRESKNTATIVIJS KtxcbanEC, Omabji; also Atlanta anA Qerfterat advcrtlslns reiiresimtallvcs; Inland Newspaper RcproflcntaUvca, Inc, WrlKley BIdK., Ctilcaeo; 612 F fUi Ave., New York; Security BldR.. St. Ixiuli, 1012 Baltimore, Kansas City, 428 Oram Dallas. 1952 Record of Red Sox Name Bill Mosser Jack Kaley Bill DutidiiiK Gus Freeman Joe Barritigcr Mike Boettcher Gordie Winkel Jim Woltz Wally Soderstroni Milt Ardvey Roman i Don Hall Lou Rosin BATTING KECOKDS Games through June 28) AB R II 2B SB IIH Ki;i 5 13 2 1 0 7 56 16 23 1 2 0 4 4U 7 15 0 2 0 U) ,5,^ IB 19 3 (1 0 14 13 '.> v> 2 0 0 u 0 55 8 \l 1 1 0 3 m 13 16 1 1 5 17 13 12 1 3 0 6 1 1 0 0 0 U 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 52 14 12 4 0 2 9 22 3 5 1 1 2 7 tt 0 1 0 0 0 0 .419 .411 Jaundice Strikes Down Aiithoiij- Etlt'ii London i/I'i .luundlce has struck down another leading figure in Britisii public life Foieign Secretary Anthony Kden. The foreign office announced last night lie' will not be iihle lo e;iriy out full duties of his office for a number of sveeks. ! The Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Klizabeth II, has been confined lo Buckingham palace wilh the same ailment for the past week. .227 Name Don Hall Bill Mosser Lou Rosin Wally Soderstroni Milt Ardrey PITCHING KECOKDS IP R H SO BB G W L 35 1 3 17 32 38 22 4 3 1 33 15 35 28 5 4 4 0 2 IS 1 3 12 15 11 9 3 0 0 2 14 2 '3 9 19 9 11 2 1. 1 9 0 5 5 3 1 1 0 GRAETTimER Mr. and Mrs. Hal Hesh and ilau- Rhtcr, Phyllis of Richmond, Calif., arrived Friday evening for a vacation visit with Mrs. Kesh's mother, Mrs, IjOUlHti Oddsen, and many other relatives of both Mr. and Mrs. Kcsh, Mr. and Mrs. Uentiel Thoreson and children, Bonnie and Toddy, bekvc returned lo GraeUinger from Florida to spend the .funimcr months. Mr. Thoreson is proprietor of Our Own Hardware in Graottin- ger. They are making their temporary home with Mrs. .Martin Myhre, mother of Mr. Thoreson. As Iho anniversary of Mrs. J. A. Spies' Dlsl birthday fulls on June 28, a Saturday, she Is lnviting«all friends to call on her on Sunday Rfternoon. June .29, when "open hotiso" will he held in her honor, gbo is quite spry and enjoys her friends even If quite advanced in years, Mrs. Frank I'uyton entertained a large group of youngsters Wednesday afternoon In honor of her granddaughter, Mary Ai\n I'aylon t>t Belvidere, III., who liad a birth- flay anniversary. Mary Ann is making an extended visit in the bpmo, of her grandpaieals here. Tlicy received many pretiy and useful gifts and all hei guests en- Joyed the afternoon of games and refj -oshments. Earl Sturdevant and daughters, Betty and Huth of Ft. .Madison, no FUKT were out-of-town guests at the open house observance on Thursday, June 19, of the birthday anniversary of Mrs. J. A. Carlson, mother of Mr. Sturdevant. Mrs. Carlson received many useful gifts and lovely cards. Bountiful refreshments were acrved to over 30 guestti. Crop8 "Growinj» Coulesl Al Slulc Fair Des Moln<ss (A'> —Iowa fariiicr .T have been Invited to compute tor the state's 1952 individual farm championship in prize crops-growing contest at the state lair here Aug. 2.S to Sei)l. 1. Fair Secrulury Li. B. Cunningham said each cap- testant will he given an Individual booth 111 which to show Ills products. Cash crops, in addition l .i novelty and special crops grown on individual ftirms, will be foature:l. It is onl>- in comparatively recent times that It was know there is no Antarctic ocean. Jim Gibhons Shuts Out Red Sox^ 4 -0 BV IIOVT I,tJJTIILY Six-hit shutout pitching by Jim (Jibbons. Spencer right-hander, and lliree untimely boots on the R(><1 .SON infic-l(l let the Cardinals even the 1952 series between Spencer and Estherville at two gami-s apiece last nighl tit Spencer, 4 to 0. Bill .Mosser suffered his first loss of tln' campaign although he pitched sev(-n-hlt ball. However, faulty eonlrol in the second frame helped the .Spencer run column. Despite three walks dished lip that Inning, all of Spencer's three runs in the second nnd their single counter In the opening stanza wore unenrnod, coming after the side should normally have been retired. ic * « SOMK FANCY defensive work out in center field hy Jim Woltz was an important factor in keeping Spencer runless in the Inst six Innings. Woltz participated in two double plays from the outfield, picking up two assists—something better than par for the course. In the fourth inning he came in on the dead run almost to the edge of the path at second base to make a glove-handed snare of Gene Eckcrt's sinking fly ball and then throwing the ball while still at top speed doubled Gibbons off first. In the eighth hn snared K. C. Wiso's liner and whipped to second lo double up Bob Wolff, who wn.i past third base thinking the drive was a hit for certain. In fact the six double plays wore the highlights of the evening. Four were itianufacturcd by the Rod Sox and two by Spencer. Catcher Jim Hansen engineered the first for tiie Sox easily throwing out Hugh Wise on an jitlrmpted llicft of second and then tagging out Bill Stenger al the plate on the return throw from Mike Boettcher. Stenger was roosting on third when \V\ac started his try at base stealing. The fourth Fled So.v twin killing went from Mosser to Boettcher to Bart Bartkowski. Stenger started one from shortstop for Spencer and K. C. Wise initiated the other from second base. >'.! !'.: !* Sl'KNCKK GOT its first tally in the first inning when Eckert, lend- off man, wn-s safe on Gordie Wlnk- e''s boot and Stenger received a iifi' when Baitko\ dropped the throw at first on Slenger's .sacrifice. This put runners on first and second and Hugh Wise rapped a -single into centerfield to score Eckert. The home-to-second-to-home double play eased the Sox out that inning without further damage. The raids galliei-ed their remaining thiee runs In the second Inning. It started with a Walk to Frank Martuino, who reached second on a I)assed ))Ull. K. C. Wise tanned hut Stan Malec was saf<> when Boettcher muffed hi8 sharply hit bounder. Bob Cole walked to load the bases and then Gibbons got his first of three free tickets for the night to force in Marmino with a run. Eckert grounded to Bartkowski who forced Malec at the. plate luit Stenger then drove a sin-' Box Score K.STIIKKVII-LK al, r It po a Kaley, If :{ 0 i 0 II Boelleher, ss 1 0 1 •> •) Frcemnii, Vh 3 0 1 -i <l BurfkowsUI, ill 1 0 1 I! i Uliikcl. Sb 1 0 1 1 11 Uiiddliig, rf a 0 0 1 0 Hansen, e 0 0 » 1 Woltz, If 3 0 u 3 '.; .MoHser, p 3 0 0 0 i Totals 31) 0 (i iX I! Sl'KNCKK ub r h pi) u ICekerl, .lb 5 1 0 :2 1 Slengcr, NS 3 0 1 1 I U. Wise, ef •1 « '.; 3 0 ^Volff. rf 0 0. 0 3 ,1 .Marintno, <• 2 10 0 1 K. Wise, il) 4 0 0 3 4 Mah'c, If •» 0 2 1 U Cole, lb 3 t 1 K 0 Gibbons, p 1 1 1 U U Totals '.!!» 4 7 :.'7 10 000 000 000—0 Si'K.NCKn 130 000 OOx—» Summary: K, Bartkowski 2, U'inkel, Boettclii •r; HBI, Sleli- ger a, H. Wise, GlhlionM: .SB, JIalee; 1)1', Hansen-Boetteher- Ilanscn, .St <'iigiT-li. Wisi-Cole, Woltz-Bartkowski, K. t^lsn- Stfiiger-Cole. Wolt/.-ITeeman; left, Ustht'rvlllc J5, .Spencer !). BB, IVIONser 8, Gllibons S: SO. aios.s<'r 7, Oihhon.s (j ; Bk, Mosser; I'B, Hansen ; winner, Gib- bonN, loser, Mosser. Umpires: i''orb(?s and Mac- Cormlek. glc through short lo bring Cole and Gibbons across. THK I.,A.ST six and one-half innings were scoreless. The only thing that resembled a scoring llircat on behalf of the? Red Sox came in the fourth when Gus Freeman and Bartkowski opened with singles. Winkel fanned and Bill Dudding hit into a double play. It was the only inning in which the Sox got more than one runner on base. Jack Kaley was the only local player to get more than one safety. He got two for three in the game, gel ting one of Gitalions' two bases on lialls. The Sox mix with Carroll to night in a twin hill and the locals must win them both to get hack into first place. Chances are Bob Ketchell will hurl the seven-inning first game anil Milt Ardrey will go In the regulation-length night cap. Carroll probalily will throw Lefty Riedesol and Wayne Paige, Sox Need To Win Two for First Place IO «'/V .STATK I.KAtHIK Team (Carroll I'.sfhervllle .Mason f^ily Spencer Wall Lake W K (i IVt. .727 .001) .flOO .455 .250 3 a'it There are no red-haired races of man. Kesiilts I.iiNt Night Spencer 4, KsthervUlc 0. Carroll 8, Wall Lako I Saturday Night .Alason City 4, Wall Lake I. Games Tonight <Uirroll at KsthervlUe Cil Spencer at .Mason City Tomorrow bright Spencer at Carroll KHthi-rvllhi at WaU Lake U'cdiK'sday Night Carroll al Wall Lake Mason City at Spencer The Carroll Merchants arc coming into Estlierville tonight with a game nnd a half lead over the Red Sox for the Iowa State league lend. For the Sox to regain first place it will take two victories in tonight's doubleheader which gets underway at 6:30 at Joyccc field. A seven-inning game will open the bargain bill with a regulation nine inning contest to follow. A split will give the Merchants a big edge to keep their hold on first for a few days and represent the circuit as the number one team in the all-star game. A sweep hy Carroll would all iiut cinch the honor .'ipot for the Merchants. Consequently the Sox are determined lo take both ends of the doubleheader. Carroll hiked its lead last night with an 8-1. victory over Wall Lake while the Red Sox were bowing to Spencer and Jim Gibbons, 4-0. The Merchant.'?, who have been strong in all departments but pitching, came up with some well-pitched games bust week and this sparked their return to first place. II isn't known exactly who will go for the Merchants tonight but !t (irobably will be Lefty Rlede.sel, former S. U. I. and Southern Minny league pitcher, and Wayne Paige, the Dike curvehaller. Manager Gus Freeman will have Mill Ardrey for certain as one of his starters and he may go with Don Hail in the other game in an effort to grab both ends of the twin bill or he may give Bob Ketchell his Turn to page 6, column 7 Dodgers and Yanks Add To liOop Leads .NAriON .M. I .KAtill-: W I,. IVt GB Brooklyn 47 17 .7.'it New York Chicago 4L' .'i7 22 3(1 Am s .152 I r St. f^ouis ;',7 ^4 .521 i:!'. Cincinn:iti ;!! 37 .456 i.H Phil.idelphi 11 'J'.l ."!« .446 1S>, Boston L'7 40 .40.'! 21'; Pittsburgh bS .12 .257 32 Sunday's Uesiilts: Bi ooklyn t>. Boston 5. New Vori 1 12 I'hilad.l- phia 3. I'ittsbiirt;;) 2 .St. Louis I i5 innings-rain postponed second ganiei, Chieago i)-l Cincinnati .S-i) Tuesday's Schedule: New York at Boston IJ:3U p. lu., Philadelphca at Brooklyn 11:20 a. ni.. Pittsburgh at Chicago 12;30 p. 111., Cincinn.iU at St. Louis 7:30 p. m. AMKKK'AN LKAOUK W. L. Pet GB New York 39 25 .609 Boston 36 31 .537 4:: Cleveland 37 32 .536 4j Chicago 37 43 .536 4'-.- Wasiiington 34 30 .5.34 5 St. Loui.s 32 37 .464 9'-. Pliiiadelphia 27 32 .458 9'v Detroit 22 45 .328 18'j Sunday's Uesull-s: New York 5 3 Washington 0-1, St. Louis 3 Detroit 2, Chicago 4-9 Cleveland 2-9 (second game lO-inning tic—darknes.s). Philadelphia at Boston, both games postponed rain. Tuesday's Schedule: Chicago :r. Detroit 1:30 p. m.. St. Louis al Cleveland 6:15 p. m., Washington •Il i'liilad.,lpliia 6 |>. .m., Boston at-' .Vew York 6 30 p. ni. " WK.STKBN LK.\GL'E Yesterday's Kesult.s: Denver 3-5- Colnradd Springs l-,3. Puejilo' 6-9 Wicliita 4-4. .Sioux City 6-» Lincoln 0 7-.Oni:i!ia 1-3 Des Moines 0-2. To Compete for Canada Maiiiiltoti. Ontario (,P> - Rich Ferguson. I'niveisity of Iowa distance runner, and Jim Lavcry, flake .sprinter, will compete irv Ciinada in .^tlie Olympic track an.t field games at Heiintki. They w<ie n:inied to the Canadian team lol- luwing weekend trials here. The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan IS.AH but surrounded h,Y tSfiypt, Libya, French Equatoriar AfHca. the Belgian Congo. British-protected Uj^- anda and Kenya, Ethiopia and Efi- itrea. THE DRUG STORE YOUR PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS I Pharmacists on duty at^ all times. Serving your prescription needs promptly and efficiently. VEBJOE NYMAN, CBAIG CO^-STON ana J. L. HOYK Phone IS We Believe NO HEARING AID need sell for more than $75 NOW SHOWING HOEUilFf¥»/^ ANDERSONlcALLus -SCHENCK; 105 S0.61H 0LAS5 "Tor;'" il NOW GUARANTEE If any $200 Hearing Aid IN YOUR OPINION in any way outperforms a $75 Zenith, YOUK MONtY BACK. {i/iie/er otir iiiicoiu/itioun/ lO-eiay return pr/n'/ese)-\'OV ARE TIIE SOJ.EjUDG£., By Ih* Molicri of Wprld. famouj Zepllh Koilloi, FM and T«levlfion S»)i. .. ,,. TH£ HOYAITV Of HEARINO Bout! Conduction Devices Available at Moderate Extra Cost Estherville Drug Co. "Vour Corner Drug .Sfore" ^ QUITTING BUSINESS SALEiii CROWDS ARE JAMMING THEIR WAY IN FOR THIS GREAT SALE NOW GOING ON! C2 THANKS FOLKS PRice CUTTEHS AX FALLS AGAIN THE GIFT GARDEN M6'5 AUU SOU (?«i aoc. -s/ VOU MAKE A BLU6MT TJ£C Ul^ L'f POt * WatvjyiOANfe SOU N«e ASIC? oa^ETTy. / PA-TIEMT: UUNV. W&Ll., TWANKS TOMSi 5TUTT6Klfg<«, PRISMP IKJS.' HP, TiEt? THe $6 SAV/WUBKB PIP TieP THI5 6UVUP? ©-ftROWL IN, ITELLYUH.POC, ^" I '^^_9He OWORg 3HE RIGHT TO VOUR /VEH... ^\HAD /S LINE ON FACE.OOOLA.'©^PANGER0U9 \ THE QUEEN OF ON A WILD I PLACE,THAT )6HEBA,..AND WE G0O6F. CHASE! \80UTHE«N ycOUl-D DO WITH ills >RABIA! SOME OF HER TREASURE,' WEU, AT LEAST WE CAN SEE HOVV*!5HE'5 OOIKI' BV TURNIN' A DIAL) HEY, THIS hraiJKB 16 THIh)GD /OOR DIDN'T DEAD,' f vtXJ KNOW? IHAT'S WHY I OlONT WANT HER TO GO/

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